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[USA] [H] Tons of complete, new, and loose for all major systems (NES through Wii; PS1 through PS4; Xbox through Xbox One; Sega; Gameboys, DS and 3DS, PSP and Vita) [W] Very specific wants

I am looking for items on my want list primarily, but I will take offers. Thanks for looking!



* Bubble Bobble
* Mega Man 4
* Mega Man 5 (some label damage)
* Metroid (two copies)
* Punch-Out
* Super Mario Bros
* Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt / Track and Field
* Super Mario Bros 2
* Super Mario Bros 3 (three copies)
* Super Sprint
* Tecmo Bowl
* Who Framed Roger Rabbit
* Yo! Noid
* Console with controller and hookups


* Battleship
* Donkey Kong Country 2
* Killer Instinct (label damage)
* Nigel Mansell’s World Champ
* Oscar
* Street Fighter II Turbo
* Super Mario Kart (Player’s Choice)
* Super Mario Kart (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Super Mario World (label damage)
* Super Mario World (Player’s Choice, **Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (label damage)
* Tecmo Super Bowl
* Super Metroid
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time
* Console with one controller and hookups (yellowed top)


* 1080 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Conker’s Bad Fur Day
* Gex64
* Mario Golf
* Mario Kart 64
* Mario Party 3
* NFL Blitz 2001
* Pilot Wings 64 (**Complete** with box and Instructions)
* Rampage World Tour
* ReVolt
* Rumble Pak (Box and Inserts only)
* Star Craft 64
* Star Fox 64
* Star Wars Episode 1 Battle for Naboo
* Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (Box and Inserts only)
* Super Mario 64
* Wave Race 64 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Wayne Gretzky’s Hockey (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Wheel of Fortune (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* WWF War Zone (Box and Inserts only)
* Zelda: Ocarina of Time
* Console with two controllers and hookups
* Red and Black controllers **complete** in box


* Alien Hominid
* Resident Evil 4 (Player’s Choice)
* Super Smash Bros Melee (Best Seller)
* Zelda: Collector’s Edition (Box and Instructions only)
* Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest (Disc only, needs resurfacing)
* Zelda: Windwaker (Player’s Choice, missing manual and needs resurfacing)
* Purple Gamecube with controller
* Gameboy player disk


* Kirby’s Dream Collection (Case and Manual only)
* Mario Kart Wii (two copies)
* Metroid Prime Trilogy Collector’s Edition (missing slip cover)
* Super Mario All-Stars (Case and Manual only)
* Zelda: Twilight Princess
* White Wii with Gamecube ports
* Blue Skylanders Wii, CiB (missing one Skylander)

**Wii U**

*Bayonetta 1&2


* Captain Toad (EU edition, works on any Switch)
* Bendy and the Ink Machine (New)
* Street Fighter 30th Anniversary
* Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 (no code)


* Earthworm Jim 2 (label damage)
*Gunstar Heroes (label damage)
*Mutant League Hockey (**complete**, manual damaged)
* Sonic 2


* Console with controller and hookups


* CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder (Case and Instructions only)
* DaVinci Code (Case and Instructions only)
* Dark Summit (Case and Instructions only)
* Ed, Edd n Eddy (Case and Instructions only)
* Haven Call of the King (case and Instructions only)
* Ico (Case and Instructions only)
* Ico
* Lego Batman (Case and Instructions only)
* Lord of the Rings the Third Age (Case and Instructions only)
* NBA Street (Case and Instructions only)
* Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (GH)
* Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (GH)
* Silent Hill 2 (no manual)
* Silent Hill 3
* Sly 2: Band of Thieves
* Sly Cooper and the Thievus Raccoonus (Case and Instructions only)
* SOCOM (Case and Instructions only)
* Sonic Mega Collection Plus (GH, Case and Instructions only)
* Spider Man (GH, Case and Instructions only)
* Star Wars Battlefront (Case and Instructions only)
* Star Wars Starfighter (GH, Case and Instructions only)
* Tony Hawk’s Underground (Case and Instructions only)
* Twisted Metal Black (Case and Instructions only)
* White slim console with controller and hookups


* Katamari Forever
* Killzone 2
* Killzone 3
* Last of Us
* Mirror’s Edge
* Uncharted
* Uncharted 2
* Uncharted 3 (new)

**PS4 (all new unless noted)**

All Limited Run Games

* Aqua Kitty DX
* Broken Age
* Curses n’ Chaos
* Dariusburst CS
* Dragon Fantasy
* Futuridium
* Gravity Rush Remastered (opened)
* Lone Survivor
* Mutant Mudds
* Mutant Mudds Super Challenge
* Octodad
* Oddworld New n’ Tasty
* One Way Heroics
* Oxenfree
* Risk of Rain
* Runner 2
* Runner 2 (PAX Cover)
* Saturday Morning RPG
* Stealth Inc.
* The Swapper
* The Swindle
* Thomas Was Alone
* Xeodrifter


* Brute Force (Case and Instructions only)
* Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Case and Instructions only)
* Conker Live & Reloaded
* Crimson Skies (Case and Instructions only)
* Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
* Grand Theft Auto Double Pack
* Midtown Madness 3 (Case and Instructions only)
* Psychonauts (Case and Instructions only)
* Star Wars Battlefront
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (disc only)
* Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II
* Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (Case and Instructions only)
* The Warriors


* 2K6 College Hoops
* 2K6 MLB
* Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
* Battlefield Bad Company 2
* Bioshock 2
* Bioshock Infinite
* Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition
* Borderlands
* Borderlands 2
* Borderlands Pre-Sequel
* Call of Duty World at War
* Dishonored
* Far Cry 2
* Far Cry 3
* LA Noire
* Left 4 Dead
* Left 4 Dead 2
* Marvel Ultimate Alliance (New)
* Medal of Honor
* Need for Speed Shift
* Need for Speed Most Wanted
* NHL 07
* NHL 12
* NHL 13
* NHL 14
* NHL 2K6
* Red Alert 3 (New)
* Red Dead Redemption
* Risen 2: Dark Waters (New)
* Sims 3 Pets
* The Orange Box
* Viva Piñata
* Wall-E
* You Don’t Know Jack

**XBOX One**

* Battlefield One



* Metroid II (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, GH)
* Pokemon Blue
* Pokemon Red (label damage)
* Super Mario Land
* Super Mario Land 2 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, greatest hits)
* Tetris
* OG Gameboy (broken)

**Gameboy Color**

* Dragon Warrior I & II (**Complete** with Box and Instructions)
* Metal Gear Solid
* Pokemon Silver
* Quest for Camelot

**Gameboy Advance**

* Alien Hominid (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, European version)
* Butt Ugly Martians
* Chronicles of Narnia
* Doom 2 (**Complete** with Box and Instructions, European version)
* Dynasty Warriors Advance
* Lego Bionicles
* Max Payne (box and instructions)
* Mega Man Zero 2
* Metroid Fusion (**Complete**, box has some damage)
* Metroid Zero Mission
* Monsters Inc
* Pokemon Leaf Green
* Pokemon Ruby
* Pokemon Video (I choose you)
* Power Rangers Wild Force
* Star Wars Episode III
* Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
* Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island
* Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3
* Yu-Gi- Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters
* Zelda: Link to the Past
* Multiple Gameboy SPs (mostly the 101 version, reshelled)

**DS (All complete unless noted)**

* Animal Crossing: Wild World
* Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
* Elite Beat Agents (case and manual only)
* Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story
* Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
* Mario Kart DS
* New Super Mario Bros
* Pokemon Soul Silver (no outer cardboard box or Pokewalker)


*Azure Striker Gunvolt (complete)
* Cave Story (cart only)
* Pokemon Omega Ruby
* Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
* Zelda: Ocarina of Time (case and manual only, sun faded)

**PSP (complete unless noted)**

* Daxter (GH)
* Killzone Liberation
* Resistance Retribution
* Syphon Filter Dark Mirror
* Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow
* The Warriors
* Twisted Metal Head On
* White PSP 2000 with Darth Vader (rough shape)
* Black PSP 2000 (turns on and goes to menu, will no load a game from disk)


* Stranger’s Wrath (new)
* Volume (new)
* Dariousburst (new)


* Bartman (box and inserts only)
* Monster Truck Wars (box and inserts only)



* Original Gameboy black play it loud version or box and inserts for the original grey version
* Famicom GBA micro complete
* Any rare Gameboy or GBA carts


* Advance Wards Dual Strike (complete)
* Wario Ware Gold
* Kirby's Exra Epic Yarn


* God of War Collection (complete)


* Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
* Pocky & Rocky
* Sparkster
* Super Smash TV
* Wild Guns


* Mario Strikers Manual


* A Hat in Time
* Astral Chain
* Crash Team Racing
* Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and Lion King
* Yoshi's Crafted World
* Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection
* Ring Fit Adventure

**Master System**

* Fantasy Zone
* Penguin Land
* R-Type
* Sonic
* Wonder Boy (any from the series)


* Diablo (complete, black label)
* Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (complete, black label)


* Voodoo Vince


* Bully (complete)
* Burnout Paradise (complete, non-greatest hits)
* Borderlands Triple Pack (complete)

**Xbox One**

* Control
* Halo Wars 2

**Other Stuff**
* Boo Amiibo
* Piranha Plant Amiibo
* Famicom Classic (Complete)
* Old Lego Sets (think 1989 through 1995).
submitted by sperrypt to gameswap

[USA] [H] Games and accessories for Nintendo / PlayStation / Xbox / Sega [W] Lists, Stuff from my wishlist

Updated my list a little bit. Added a few new things and took away a couple things that sold / traded. New items are in bold.
Here’s what I got :
Chrono Trigger (loose)
Super Turrican (loose)
Super multitap
Mario party 6 (complete)
Official gamecube disc holder)
Super mario sunshine official guide
Mad world (sealed)
Last story (complete)
Pikmin 2 (complete)
Ys VIII (cart + case + map)
Pokémon leafgreen (cib)
Pokémon trading card game (cib except it’s missing the card)
Double dragon advance (loose)
Doom II (loose)
Cobalt blue gameboy advance SP system (AGS-001) with Charger
Aliens thanatos encounter (loose)
Mega man battle network 6 cybeast falzar (gba, loose)
Dragon ball advanced adventure (gba, loose)
Shin megami tensei devil survivor 2 record breaker (box set. soundtrack cd is sealed, decals are missing)
Pink 3DS system (has decals)
pokemon diamond (loose)
Harvest moon back to nature (complete)
Grandia (complete)
Street fighter collection (complete, rare fighter’s edge variant)
Resident evil directors cut (complete, rare jewel case variant)
Bugs bunny and taz in time busters (complete)
Parasite eve 2 (discs and case)
Lethal enforcers 1&2 (complete)
Gex enter the gecko (complete)
Ace combat 3 electro sphere (complete)
Road rash (complete, black label jewel case version)
Sealed emerald green ps2 controller (2 available)
incredible hulk ultimate destruction (complete)
PS2 fat console complete with screen (intec)
Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 (complete black label)
Mortal kombat kollection (complete)
PS2 fat console with hookups
Spiderman edge of time (sealed)
Fate extra limited edition (sealed)
Akibas trip undead and undressed (complete)
Psychonauts (complete)
Logitech wireless controller with receiver
Sega genesis :
Castlevania bloodlines (loose)
Sega dreamcast:
Madcatz brand light guns (2 available)
Pokemon Trainer Guess game (new)
Funko an afternoon with eevee and friends figures (eevee, glaceon, and vaporeon. NIB)
Boxed microvision console (includes boxed copy of connect 4)
That’s what I have at the moment. As for what I’m looking for, I’ll consider offers. However, I’m not interested in anything new gen (not looking for switch / ps4/xbox one stuff). I’m mainly looking for games but I may consider other items such as special colored n64 controllers, boxes and manuals, etc. here is a more detailed list of what I’m after though:
NES :Snow Bros, sword master , ducktales 2, SCAT, kick master, krion conquest, power blade, toki, whomp em
SNES (high priority): pocky and rocky, Castlevania dracula X, sparkster, space megaforce, final fight 2/3, lufia 1/2, run saber, Joe and Mac 2, ninja warriors, dragon view, super bonk, musya, ardy lightfoot, death and return of Superman, pirates of dark water
Genesis (cib): truxton, beyond oasis, gargoyles, alisia dragoon, Batman (sunsoft), valis, Allen storm, adventures of batman and Robin, Ranger x, toki, etc.
Turbografx (cic or cib): show me anything
Saturn (cib): panzer dragoon 1/2, clockwork knight 1/2, mr bones, astal
Dreamcast(cib): mars matrix, tech romancer , gunbird 2, power stone 2, elemental gimmick gear, fatal fury mark of the wolves, kao the kangaroo , super magnetic neo, street fighter 3rd strike
Gameboy/GBC: Bonk’s revenge, mystical ninja, Amazing tater / spuds adventure (I know it’s a long shot), toki tori
GBA: Ninja five 0, pocky and rocky with Becky
DS(CIB): Black sigil, drone tactics, super robot taisen, etrian odyssey (all), Avalon code, sands of destruction, nostalgia, suikoden tierkries, nanostray 1/2, okamiden, etc
PS1(CIB): adventures of lomax, batman forever arcade, street fighter ex2 plus, psychic force, tail of the sun, mobile light force, point blank, Bomberman fantasy race, floating runner, gekido, bushido blade 2
PS2 (CIB): wild arms 5 box set, Suikoden V, robot alchemic drive, steambot chronicles, Sakura wars box set, ar tonelico 1/2 box sets, graffiti kingdom, gradius v, Magna Carta box set, atelier iris 1/2, gungrave, magic pengel, monster rancher 3, metal saga, Suikoden tactics, valkyrie profile 2, psychonauts, tales of the abyss, guncon bundles (vampire night, ninja assault, time crisis etc)
PSP (CIB): ys oath in felghana premium edition, legend of heroes games (all), metal slug XX
Xbox 360 (cib): raiden IV, raiden fighter aces, deathsmiles
Thanks for looking!
submitted by Oxide-SSB to gameswap

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