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[Hallows 7] Ghost Story

Going to throw this into the Hallows 7 competition, under The Reaper cathegory. I seriously doubt it fits in, but hey; the prompt inspired me to write something so why not go with it?
Humanity's first contact with a sapient organic species were fraught with tension as fleets of ships danced across the system CV-11G6-9. A G-type main-sequence star sporting a respectable eleven worlds, with a much sought-after solid planet in the narrow goldie-locks zone. The Iron Pact had not encountered a species so hostile, fractious and vicious before in their history. The Terrans, represented by the fledgeling Empire of Tears, were weary and suspicious having just barely managed to pull through their war with the seemingly mindless hordes of the Automaton Syncrasy.
Both sides had their own warhawks, desiring to crush this new foreign power before they had a chance to become a threat. Cooler heads prevailed, however, and slowly negotiations settled differences and worked to bring the two parties together. The Pact and the Empire would cohabitat the system and the habitable world as a sign of friendship and as a test-case for further cooperation and integration. The Pact would contribute their material wealth and advanced computational tech. The Empire would provide their expertise and experience from the terraforming of Mars and Venus and their superior gene-tailoring, to turn the world from a cold thundra-like planet populated by lichen to a paradise for them all.
Colonists and specialists were carefully wetted to weed out potential problems to the stability of the multi-species colony. Communities were strategically located to allow the various species groups some privacy and isolation, though leave them within convenient distance for visitors from the others and daily interaction in general. The new colony world, collectively renamed Harmony, was hailed as a bright spark of hope in an otherwise dark and scary galaxy. A miracle in the making.
Of course the more cynical elements on both sides said it was a tragedy in the making.
The carcass of the skybus laid broken deep in a gorge, amidst rushing waters. The hull had shattered from the impact and a good number of the rotor blades from the six turbofans that usually lifted it aloft were embedded deep in the chassis itself. The rear-section was mostly gone as the powerplant had blown out, leaving the elevated rear-end open to the thin air. The pilot compartment was submerged underwater.
Within the groaning and broken hull Penny groaned groggily as she slowly sat up. The world feelt a mile away, blurry and as if at the far end of a dark tunnel. For how far the world seemed in her eyes the groan of the hull, the rush of the water, the electronics sparking and fizzing all seemed to scrape directly against her brain matter, sending stabbing and nauseating ripples through her.
She hurt, as if bruised all over. Worst was the stabbing pain starting at her left hip and stopping somewhere under her rib cage. The pain was intense enough to make her feel like she was about to vomit. But it never came.
Vague memories of the mandatory first aid training from the war told her she should put pressure on a wound to help prevent herself from bleeding out. At least she thought that was it. She braced for the pain as she touched her side, but it never came. Penny was unsure if that was a good sign or a bad one.
For the moment she just needed to stay calm. Remember the first aid drills and the training she'd been given since, well, her whole life. Keep calm. Don't panic. Be aware of your surroundings. Fight that animal instinct that wants you to do... to do something, anything.
Her breathing was slow and shallow, making her worry about the in-craft atmosphere. They were in trouble if that was the case, especially the Awun in the class. Like Athnum.
Trying to draw calming breaths didn't work, they were too shallow. Instead Penny steeled herself, turning her head carefully. Mindful to pay attention in case she'd suffered spinal or neck damage.
She found him sitting next to her still, head bowed and hands crossed over his chest in a silent prayer.
Kind of.
Her eyes were wide as she looked at him.
And seeing straight through him to the far side of the fuselage and out into the rocky canyon beyond.
Bellow Anthnums translucent shape, slumped in the harness of his seat that had been sheared through by a rotor blade satt the bottom half of his corporeal form.
The sight crashed over her like a wave of ice cold water, flushing the confusion and shock and paint away and leaving a dread clarity in its wake. Her head snapped down and around and she gasped. The rotor blade that'd cut through Anthum was still lodged halfway through her.
The seat in front of her was the colour of rust from her own blood.
The floor underneath her seat was crumpled inwards, her legs a broken mess of bone fragment and flesh.
Her left arm seemed to have, heh, wandered off somewhere after the rotor hit her. She couldn't find it when she threw a glance around, anyway.
The pain, the physical sensation of pain, was gone. Drowned out by the rising tsunami of conflicting emotions. She was panicking, not knowing what to do. She was crying over it ending like this. She was raging at the end. She was laughing at the absurdity she found herself in!
"Hej, Penny, you..."
Penny jerked upright at her name, practically shouted into her ear. She could feel a hand on her shoulder, the strange five-fingered with two opposing thumbs hand of a Awun.
"Penny are you... How are you...?" asked Anthum uneasily, his four eyes far too large and wide as he looked down at her. She'd curled up in a fetal position at... some point. Her cheeks felt wet despite her no longer having any. The thought made her giggle.
And Anthum squeeze her shoulder as he reached over and turned her face towards his. "Penny. A-are you... I have never seen this reaction in anyone that's d-..."
"Died?!" she asked. Or shouted, she wasn't sure which. Her insides felt all twisted up (and hey, who knew if they really were?) from anguish. And fury. And fear. And confusion. And the manic giggles. "Of course not, because dead people are dead!"
Beyond Anthum she could see her classmates, their subdued silence blown away, looking in her direction in confusion and murmuring amongst themselves. Anthum placing his other hand on her shoulder brought her focus on him. "What? No I mean... yes that. You're scaring me, Penny. It's like you don't..."
"I don't know what's going on, Ant!" she wailed as she lunged forward, wrapping her arms around him. "W-why aren't we dead? I'm a ghost! Why am I a ghost? Why are you a ghost?! Why?! I... Crash. Boom. The End!"
She was pretty sure she was hyperventilating at this point. Or would have been if her lungs weren't a decimeter and a half behind her. She could feel him squeezing her to his chest. "What's a ghost?" he asked. "And what do you mean? We a-are dead, yeah."
He sounded sad, worried. It made her want to hug him tighter. So she did. He didn't complain about it, like usual. Humans were smaller than other species who were taler and capable of producing more force in movement. They were less dense than humans though, with less endurance and unable to, say, keep hugging so fiercely for very long. "C-come on, Ant. I d-don't know why I am talking and... and I am freaking out. Just... just keep talking to me, s-something..."
"Uh..." Anthum went as he glanced around the wreckage of the cabin, at the worried and concerned faces of their classmates. "R-right, right. So, um. I don't know why you are all... freaking out, honestly. We are dead. And that, well, sucks but it's not the end of it all you know? Right? Um, kinda... sounds like maybe... you don't?" he mumbled, uncertain now.
"Y-yeah! Right, that. How do you not know? I mean, you guys have so many texts and scriptures about it!" chirped Ssin, one of the Quochrit. "You die. Something-or-other gets all caught up in the emphatic field gobly-gook, making you linger. And you move on to whatever comes next." Her feathered crest fell and her eyes dulled for a moment.
"It kinda sucks. I don't want to go, yet..." she mumbled, getting agreements from across the wrecked airbus. "But it's nothing to, like, freak out about. Everyone's seen this at some point. The lingering dead, and the Guide. It's a..."
Ssin trailed off as she looked down at the small human curled up against Anthum's chest, shaking her head.
"N-no, no no no. No... That's not... You die, the end. A-afterlife? S-spirits?" Penny sobbed. "That's not r-real. This isn't real. I can't be... here. W-we can't be here!"
The airbus descended into silence, save for Pennys mumbling and sobbing as the class shared confused and worried looks. Did not humans know this? Could they not see, with their own eyes, the spirits about them? Or did they really... just end? The thought was sobering and disquieting, silencing in turn the small groups of students as they talked amongst themselves.
Finally, there were only sobbing and the rushing of water.
Then there was something else as a dark shape rose out of the waters, a mass of swirling darkness equal parts living shadows and smoke and black fabric, followed by the spectral shape of the pilot. Everyone's attention, save one, turned towards it as it strode slowly down the center of the airbus and offered a helping hand and a soft word.
It was time to go.
The dark shape found itself, finally, standing over Penny and Anthum looking down at them with a look of concern somehow written across the crystal skull within the folds of it's dark form. Finally it reached a hand down for them.
"Penny," Anthum said as he rubbed her back, voice heavy with sorrow. "It is here. It's time to go. C-come on, we can't stay. It has come to take us away. I wish we could see our families again, but... I don't want to go, but we have to."
He flashed her a smile as she looked up, her eyes wet with spectral tears. Those amber eyes of hers darted from his face, towards the outstretched crystal hand.
"I'm not ready to go..." she hiccuped, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.
"IT IS TIME," the Guide spoke with a voice ladened with the void between stars. They all knew of it; the voice of eternal rest beyond time and space. Only one heard something else. Only Penny heard the voice of eternal oblivion.
The voice of real, final death.
“Penny,” sighed Anthum softly as he hugged her tightly, his voice heavy with his own sorrow and regrets. “It is the way things have been since before… We must go, move on. Even if we aren't ready.”
"I. Am. Not. Ready." she growled as she reached out, plunging her hand into the darkness and grabbing at something. A forearm?
Penny had been born and raised during the Automata War. Trained in how to survive if the worst came to pass. Taught to do her part. She'd been trained further in self-defence when it became apparent her family was coming to Harmony. She knew what to do with a forearm of a big, skinny alien creature. She pulled and twisted it, levering the things size against it as she surged forward with an elbow.
Shouts and shrikes of confusion and shock filled the skybus as she brought it crashing onto the ground. Planting a foot firmly on it's chest Penny locked both hands around a arm and pulled as she twisted her body. Something cracked with the sound of shattering glass and breaking twigs.
Arms of shadow and crystalin light flailed at her as the thing bucked and thrashed on the floor, maring spectral flesh with gouges and seeping darkness. The shriek was soul-rending, scraping not at the ears but at something deep inside. Her friends were wailing too and as they toppled, and scattered under the wanton and indiscriminate flailing of the Guide.
Penny shrieked in turn as clawed limbs and rending claws tore at her. A shriek of pain. And of fury. She was not ready to go, she was not ready to face the end. Her friends weren't ready to go.
The Guide could go. It could go fuck itself. And she knew how to help him do just that.
She liked her heavy outdoors boot. Good at keeping the cold out. Good protection from the sharp, jagged rocks. Solid. Sturdy. She brought one of them down atop the crystal head, throwing the entirety of her weight behind.
The skull snapped against the deck and something snapped, not just within the creature but in the very air around them.
"I'M!" Stomp.
"NOT!" Stomp.
"READY!" Stomp!
"TO!" Stomp!
Long arms with two-thumbed hands wrapped around her from behind and pulled her back, leaving her slumped against Anthum as she quivered in rage and terror. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked down at the thing that would have taken her, slowly evaporating away like a shadow exposed to sunlight even as the crystal limbs cracked and crumbled.
“W-we aren't ready,” she gasped. “I-I am staying.”
All eyes were turned at her, wide with shock, fear and awe. And confusion.
Penny smiled nervously as the door opened and her parents half walked half rushed into the room. From what she'd understood they'd been besides themselves since the news of the airbus' disappearance a day ago.
Then confused when they'd gotten news that she was okay. Of sorts.
"H-hey mom, dad," she said, voice tinged with worry, and gave them a little wave.
They stood there, staring at her silently with their mouths wide open. She could understand why she'd seen herself in the mirror once they'd brought her and the rest of her friends to the LawSec station in the capital. She looked... like herself, of sorts. She had expected long gouges and weeping wounds where the thing had clawed at her, but it had only left shimmering black scars on her... not quite body. Her spectral silhouette was full of swirling light and darkness, roiling shadows and glittering dust.
The way they looked at her would have been hilarious if she wasn't terrified they'd run out the door and she'd never see them again.
"S-so, um. Good news," she said with a nervous chuckle, "ghosts are real. Now."
submitted by GardenOfSilver to HFY

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