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I (28M) am at a loss as to how to plan for the future with my (31F) Girlfriend of 5 years.

Hello, this is going to be a long post it is quite a conglomerate of information. Also, this is my first post like this so I will do my best to get the details down and make it as easy to read as possible. I will be going into a little history about me as it pertains to the situation. I also want to mention that my girlfriend knows I'm posting it and has read it, although she doesn't understand where I am coming from with some of the issues.

This sort of starts about a year ago when I lost my job due to my bar closing down overnight. I had enough money saved up that I decided to wait a bit before looking for work. I was getting some money from Unemployment as well. I had been living on my boat when I worked (4 days a week) and then living up with my girlfriend's, Jade (fake name) for the remaining 3 days. After the loss of my job she offered to have me move in with her rent-free for the time being, which I didn't like of course but due to circumstances I accepted.
I chose at that time to start working on my self, I have a complicated history that I have been transparent about through the duration of our relationship. I grew up in a Polygamist cult in Utah that I finally got out of when I was 16 when moved out of my childhood "home". I have also been working since I was 9 years old, from 9-14 years of age I supplied all the money for the family (rent, food, car payments, insurance, etc) doing door-door sales.
After moving out I of course still worked and have been playing catch up most of my life. I even Transported dead bodies for a year when I was 19 because it was what I had to do to stay afloat. I have been in debt for the majority of my life due to an emergency dental work when I was 18, then after paying that off, I ended up owing the IRS $4,000 due to bad filing of the aforementioned job being a general contracting position and being 19 and not knowing what I was doing tax-wise.
I moved from Colorado to Seattle Washington in 2014 to try to start a new life somewhere I wanted to settle down, and I also wanted to go to college at some point, I was homeschooled my whole life and have had to deal with all the setbacks that entails. I wanted to go to Evergreen State College in Washington because it sounded right up my ally in the way they approached education.
I met Jade in February 2015 and we have been together since. I made it very clear in the early stages of our relationship that I wanted Kids at some point and that it was a dealbreaker if that was not something she wanted. There has of course been issues in the relationship but it has been stuff we have usually addressed together and made it us vs the problems. August 2016 Jade mentioned Aspergers to me, and that she thinks I may be autistic. She grew up with a friend having it and saw a lot of signs of it in me. This was sort of groundbreaking for me growing up the way I did, I thought I was just broken or was Bipolar, or a Sociopath, etc. I did a bunch of research about it and it helped me understand my self a lot.
After losing my job in 2019 we decided to find a Couple counselor and also at the same time get testing for me to see if I did have Aspergers. I wanted to take this time since I had some savings, to work on a lot of stuff I have never had time to since I had been living paycheck to paycheck since I was 16.
After two months and $600, I was officially diagnosed with Aspergers and PTSD. This was a pretty hard time for me and there was no way I could have coped with working and working on my self at the same time, Jade was so supportive and is the only reason I was able to make it through it all without feeling crazy. It was very necessary for me to learn this about my self and go through this all, I believe it has helped me grow emotionally and mentally as a person.
After the diagnosis, I spent some time visiting family as I hadn't visited them much due to them being out of state and me working so much. I had two jobs for a couple of years working up to 65-70 hours a week. I also went to Evergreen 2017 I lasted 2 semesters and ended up paying $7,000 to learn that It was defiantly not for me.
We also went on a road trip during the time I was not working, and a vacation to Costa Rica. I would also like to mention that I was/am still paying for all my own food, cell, streaming, etc. I did pay a couple of months of rent as well when I was able.
Jade communicated that she was feeling resentful about me not finding a job right away due to us planning a trip to Europe and other future life plans. We talked about it to our counselor and I made it clear how important it was for me to work on my self, and deal with a lot of emotional and mental stuff I'd been putting off for so long since I've been working for most of my life and just trying to make ends meet. Jade has encouraged me to do work that I enjoy vs the Bartending that completely and utterly drains me. She has been monumental with supporting me emotionally and financially to get where I am now, and I will be eternally grateful for that. She loaned me $5,000 to finance a better boat for me,(that I paid off in 6 months) and I would not be where I am without her.
It also felt so good to finally just have time for me. I had enough saved up and enough from unemployment to live off of and actually not work since I've been working for so long (since I was 9). In January 2020 I had a shoulder surgery that I had needed to use my arm fully again. and had planned to find work after healing from that, and getting back from Costa Rica, we got back in March 2020 when the Covid-19 started shutting everything down. Jade again encouraged me to find work that is part of my passion, so I started applying to Jewelry stores as a salesman, I got an interview pretty quickly and even had a second followup. Sadly the store closed down due to COVID-19 and I have been unable to find work now since my fall back is Bartending which all bars are closed at the moment.
I believe that gives you enough history about me and about the situation. Where I am wanting advice is planning our future together.
Jade lives for travel in her words it is one of the most important things in the world to her. She has been able to go to Europe three times and wants to be able to travel abroad at least every other year. She was even able to go to Europe in 2016 for a 5-week solo backpacking trip. This is where I know I have emotions that are unhealthy and it is one major thing I have been trying to work through in couples therapy and in my own therapy.
Jade comes from in my mind Upper middle class, she lived at home until she was 24, her job for the first 7 years out of college was commercial fishing on her father's boat which she worked 3 months out of the year. Her parents paid for her college degree, and her grandmother gave her 20k for a downpayment on her current condo that shes bought (in addition to her own money that she saved). Her grandmother also gives her 10k a year. I feel resentful and jealous of all this and I hate that I do, I still usually have to give money to my mother since she still has a hard time taking care of herself financially. It is definitely a serious problem that has come up multiple times in our relationship, especially since we have been getting more financially involved.
She wants to go traveling with me and I have always wanted to go traveling myself, however, I am about 15k in debt right now, (IRS, Tooth implant, and Debt to Jade for not paying rent for the last 10 months although she has said I can use what I owe her as a downpayment on a future house or even a trip abroad together) I will forever be at least 10 years behind her Financially.
I am trying to plan a future with Jade that includes getting a house within 8 years, and hopefully, start trying to have a child within five years. This is where our current situation starts. I would like to invest money into her condo, the kitchen has a fridge that used to leak and damaged the wood floor, and has a broken shelf, a stove that works, however, the burners are lopsided. A lot of the drawers are painted shut and just cheap, old and dirty(in a way I can't clean) I do most of the cooking and cleaning in our relationship and have to deal with stuff not working ideally (ie stove burners are tilted) or being irritating or less than ideal. Jade has always been a minimalist in this regard and is not bothered by its shortcomings. And doesn't seem to affect her daily as it does me. There is also just unfinished stuff in general around the condo, hallway lights that were never put in, and have exposed wires and such. In my mind, if we are planning a future together and planning on staying in this condo for another 5-6 years I would like to invest the time and money into making it somewhere I can be happy.
Jade does not want to invest in it and wants to save money for travel instead since she has not gone on one of her trips for 3 years now she has been partially waiting for me. I would love to travel but even if I start working 2 jobs again I don't think I can save enough money to pay off my debts, make our lives better, plan for the future, and travel.
Jade also has body dysmorphia when it comes to the thought of having kids and does not know if it is something she will be able to do, but doesn't want to try until we are financially secure. I totally agree with this however I would like to put a date on it since biologically she does have an expiration date in regards to having kids and I want to make sure that she will be healthy and it will be the easiest it can be on her body.
I don't know how to invest in our living situation, plan for the future, and make her happy when it comes to travel. She is the only reason I have gotten to where I am and I am a better person because of her. I want to make her happy, however, I also want to plan for our future together.
I am just looking for advice, If I am being unreasonable, or just ideas on how to move forward. Thank you for reading this huge post and I will try to answer any questions.
submitted by Attrus to relationship_advice

A little guide to "wtf is going on"

As many of you are already aware, the mainstream media is owned by six media conglomerates: GE, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS, News Corp
They have a major influence in what we talk and think about. This is not a conspiracy theory, but facts that can be easily proven with the Socratic method. Here is one example:
On November 5, 2017, hundreds of journalists from around the world gathered together to release the Paradise Papers, a compilation of financial records providing evidence of illegal tax evasion and laundering by some of the most wealthiest in the world, including the Queen of England.
On that exact same day, the Sutherland Springs Church shooting occurred and completely dominated the news cycle and the Paradise Papers was never discussed or seen from again.
What we are currently witnessing with the mainstream coverage of the coronavirus is a recognition of our cognitive dissonance which is why we feel as if something is off.
We are so used to believing what we are told that even when simple logic and statistics are applied, we will fall for the mob mentality (this term has a negative connotation when it can be expressed positively. A lot of our language has been twisted in order for us to fall into categorical thinking that leads to division among the populace. I like to use the term “The Hundredth Monkey Effect”).
There were nearly 140,000 people who contracted the common flu each day in the year 2019.
The total reported cases of corona virus worldwide right now at the time of this writing stands at 240,000, first discovered in China, December 2019.
Even if we take into account that this number is most likely underreported due to various factors such as lack of viable tests, it is still statistically insignificant compared to the seasonal flu.
This “global lockdown” that is taking place appears to be an over-exaggerated response when taking these numbers into account.
While people are busy preaching doom and gloom, disinformation campaigns and conspiracies, I would like to offer an alternative perspective that is rooted in reality.
Over-exaggerated reactions warrant over-exaggerated solutions.
What have these over-exaggerated solutions produced so far?
-An update to every company’s sick/leave policies. This has been a major problem for many years as employees always feared getting financially crippled if they have a prolonged illness. Expect these policies to become permanent.
-Many parents are switching to homeschooling to finish off the rest of the year for their children. This not only contributes to special bonding but a growth of true individuality. Prepare for this trend to stick around as we discuss ways to revamp our education system.
-Some of the first businesses to close were restaurants and bars. Many employees of the service industry are college graduates who for one reason or another, did not find an adequate job towards their career. Now with the furlough/unemployment stimulus package that will continue for months, this will provide the focus, resources, and time needed for these college graduates to reenter the work force with their field in mind.
-Many people are now cooking at home. This greatly reduces sodium/fat intake which will contribute to higher overall well being.
-Many people are taking on new hobbies such as art and crafts. I have always predicted that our economy is going to shift towards handcrafted goods/services as more and more things become automated. This is going to be a start of that renaissance as people now have months to pursue such hobbies.
-More family time. Many people are together with their families again spending quality time. -Second baby boom. Many people in western culture are in the preconception that it is better not to have a baby in today’s age for a list of reasons that points towards pessimism. But if one was to have an open mind and indulge in the idea that the world is going to be an amazing wonderful place, wouldn’t it then be sensible to have as many babies as possible?
-World peace. There are no wars at the time of this writing. In fact, the world is actually working together in harmony. This is arguably the biggest news story of the year, we have made a peace treaty with the Taliban and will be pulling all troops out of Afghanistan by 2021. I don’t recall the last time in written history the world was in a state of complete peace. This is absolutely monumental. These are indicators that we are not in a repeating timeline anymore but breaking the mold.
-More sleep = more healing. A lot of Americans are sleep deprived which makes it so your body never fully heals 100% from joint wearing, muscle tearing, and mental stress As more and more people get their much needed rest, they will have sharper focus, energy, and rational thinking which will lead to better decisions.
-Working at home is now being evaluated as a sensible efficient business concept
-Pollution rates have plummeted worldwide, mostly due to grounded flights as aircrafts create the most damage to our ozone layer
-Construction is still allowed during the lockdown which allows a lot of infrastructure to be rebuilt quickly without disturbing daily life of citizens
-Many pets such as dogs and cats will be adopted as people have more time on their hands
-Shelters are provided for all homeless people
-People are focusing on geriatrics and allocating sufficient funding for senior care and homes (something our senior population has been in desperate need of)
-Entertainment/pro sports industries are at a standstill, less distractions for people during this introspective time
In conclusion, we are preparing to reset the American economy and making sure everyone is on the same page to avoid any civil fallout.
Important news that was overshadowed from the dominant coverage of the coronavirus in no particular order:
And many more but these are the ones that have big implications to the current picture.
A spreading misconception:
-The markets are imploding! All the gains are gone! We are heading into a Great Depression!
Truth: One of the main reasons the markets are “imploding” is because of the shift in energy production and allocation that is coming very very fast in our future. The USA became energy independent as of last year. We are also now the biggest supplier of oil in the world. And this other part, I have no idea how this was accomplished but watching the sequence of it blew my mind, but we negotiated a deal to have Saudi Arabia leave the oil game. This has caused a huge scramble among international oil companies as they have to constantly lower prices in order to compete and cash out in order to jump to new industries. This huge gap left in the market is from this shift that is occurring. As Trump mentioned in his Davos World Summit speech, soon America is going to have “limitless energy” as we are already shifting our focus onto clean nuclear energy and “new technologies.” This is why gas prices are decreasing at such fast rates. In some states, gas prices are 99 cents!
Yes, the coronavirus is having an impact on the markets as well but there is always an expected stock market drop with every “major” virus spread. This is intentional as you can slowly start witnessing on the news that there were insider trading among corporations and politicians. It’s clockwork. They do this every time but our short attention span jumps to the next thing like Pavlov’s Law and we forget about it.
Everyone panics when the market drops 10% but gradually regains their senses when the market goes back up 1-2% annually since the crash. The stock market has always been a major pump and dump scheme with the insiders cashing out the most. It is no longer a dependable model to judge the strength of our economy since too many banks heavily influence the markets.
Why should we remain confident in the economy? Well, simply put, the USA is filthy rich right now.
As I am sure you heard, Trump has offered “$2000” as compensation. A lot of Bernie supporters jumped in mockery to claim, “Oh look who’s socialist now!,” but as usual, they could not be any more wrong (low blow, but I couldn’t help it XD).
A good question is, why is the news barely covering Trump’s proposal for “$2000” but giving headlines to politicians who are calling for “$1000?”
It is because the money that Trump is proposing is not from tax payer dollars. We are not going to have to “pay it back” in one way or another in the future as it would be if we used our own tax dollars.
The money is from the US Treasury and it is stockpiled right now because of all the new trade deals that favor the USA. That is our money. Plain and simple. Our collective hard work has been proven through ratified tariffs in other countries. Every country has agreed to our terms. Including China. We have already accumulated over hundreds of billions in cash from last year alone.
This is why Trump said $2000 and “much much more coming very soon.” The mainstream media does not want you to know about this. They do not want you to know that taxes are not needed to begin with when you have a GDP as strong as the US. There are many functioning states that do not operate with pay roll taxes and they are economically sound. We would be able to fund any democratically accepted policy in the US with ease from just the tariffs alone.
What we are witnessing in actuality, is the battle between the current White House administration, the Federal Reserve and the centralized banks. The coronavirus is more of a covedistraction as both sides make their chess moves.
This is why as soon as Trump approved of removing student Federal loan interests, the Federal Reserve responded by pumping the banks with $1.5 trillion. A few days later, Trump double downed on approving 0% pay roll tax, the Federal Reserve responded by slashing interest rates to 0% the next day which caused the latest market crash.
We are beginning to choke the Federal Reserve by removing taxes because we did not need them to begin with. We only needed them to manage our debt and inflation since we got off the gold standard. They are not even a government entity, but a private institution that works only to enrich the big banks.
These banks will not go down easily. The last president who openly criticized and offered solutions out of the Federal Reserve was John F. Kennedy and he was assassinated for it. They have a stranglehold on the market and that stranglehold has to be removed finger by finger as not to actually implode everything. Rest assured, economic failsafes have already been instituted and prepared. Funnily enough, it was funded on the Federal dime as we borrowed that spending in record amounts, which was intentional. The Trump administration has spent more on infrastructure on borrowed money than any other president. We are preparing to “default” on the debt we owe the Federal Reserve as we make a transition back to the gold standard. The US has already secured enough gold to make this transition possible as well as printed US Treasury currency ready to be distributed at a moment’s notice.
What does this mean for you?
We are about to witness an era of prosperity the United States has never seen before once we exit this momentary lapse of confusion and panic. And these are not delusions, or “hopefully it happens,” or “that’s not possible.” I have been carefully studying all policies, executive orders, and actions of the three branches of government and can conclude that great things are on their way as I speak.
Everything has been put in place. In a bigger abstract sense, it has been ordained on December 21st, 2012 by an energy force so great and pure. Some call it God, Gaia, Supreme Being, Mother Nature, the universe, positive energy, “solar flares,” magnetic pole shifts, Schumann Resonance, 5th dimension, whatever it is, has come to take over the timeline and funnel us into the point of inevitability. Right now is an amazing time to tune into your synchronicity. A lot of clues are being laid around you right now for you to reach your higher self, to truly push the boundaries of your potential as a unique individual spirit. You are at the right place at the right time.
-Removal of the Federal Reserve = Freedom from taxes, higher incomes, better benefits. As life becomes more relaxed and leisurely, companies will be competing for your contract. Many other streams of revenue will be accessible.
-Limitless energy: it means the cost of everything plummets. Everything will become very cheap and affordable. I would even recommend people to start designing their dream homes now. Japan is already working on a prototype solar panel that can be placed in space which will have super high levels of energy output.
-As energy becomes free, costs of travel will become significantly reduced and new technologies (Pentagon black projects, recently converted into “Space Force” to be placed under public scrutiny and to disseminate the new technology that has been kept hidden from the masses) will be introduced that will increase the speed of travel to one hour, anywhere in the world. This will jumpstart the true form of globalism as you can work in any place that you want and live separately in any place as well.
-Spiritual awareness - We will all be gaining the ability to astral project! Keep your mind in good shape! Brain damage can make astral projection difficult!
-Life span will greatly increase. As you might have read the recent headline, scientists have cured a HIV patient, the 2nd time we were ever able to do so. Expect a lot more successful headlines in regards to medicine/science. It is actually happening already and a lot of it has to do with removing toxic CEOs and board directors who undermine breakthrough research that improves the human race for their own self-gain.
Resignations of the following CEOs from just the past couple months alone: CEO of Disney CEO of Tinder (why do you think people feel more lonely than ever even with dating apps? Algorithms in dating apps set you up for failure and addiction to maximize profits, but fortunately the corrupt masterminds behind these algorithms are being removed as we speak)
CEO of Hinge
CEO of OkCupid
CEO of Match
CEO of Hulu
CEO of MedMen
CEO of Victoria’s Secret
CEO of Salesforce
CEO of Harley Davidson
CEO of T-Mobile
CEO of LinkedIn
CEO of MasterCard
Board member Microsoft Bill Gates
Board member Berkshire Hathaway Bill Gates
CEO of Lockheed Martin
(Many of these were on the day after Weinstein’s arrest. A “checkpoint” that indicates their next move)
+many more in the past two months. In the past three years, resignations of notable CEOs and board members totaled over 11,000.
Where are all these CEOs going? To be honest, I already subtracted a lot of information from this single writeup alone just to condense it as much as possible and will have to unfortunately do the same here since it is a long explanation in itself. Please ignore all other theories and hypotheticals from other people in regards to the CEOs as many of them are starting to spread online. Vast disinformation campaigns are put into place to combat the growing truth.
All you really need to know is that the “good guys” have obtained enough leverage to force them all out.
Those who refuse to comply with resignation orders have a hidden scandal of theirs blown up on the news. This is why so many scandals have been coming to light, not just in the US, but worldwide.
Points I do not have the time to dive into but good to be mindful of:
-High rate of celebrities/politicians contracting coronavirus (involves the bio lab near Wuhan which produced illegal human enhancing chemical compounds) Keep note of their rapidly deteriorating health as they experience withdrawals on a grand scale -Joe Biden’s voter counts (please keep in mind that in 2016, Bernie supporters filed a joint class action lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the primaries and lost on the grounds that the DNC is a private institution and can choose to reveal results and delegates however they choose to do so) -Google/Facebook/other social media companies are uncensored now. Search results are showing authentic results that were once censored or removed from the top results before. #Pizzagate was actually trending on Twitter a couple days ago. -Here is a video from “Event 201” from October 2019 hosted by John Hopkins Center that involves Bill Gates, WHO, CDC, and other nonprofit powerhouses who conveniently set up an exercise dealing with the coronavirus just months prior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoLw-Q8X174
Everything I have listed is verifiable and sourced. I am more than happy to provide any additional information that backs up any of my claims.
We are living in interesting times and things are just warming up! I could literally talk for days about the exciting things that have happened and are in development.
History is watching.
Where we go one, we go all.
submitted by mistahbang to C_S_T

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