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IDM Crack is the beginning of a new era. Demo] Virtual Succubus v0.11 (November Update) SuccuDev, Jun 14, 2020. The full-fat experience, simply called Football Manager 2020, now has a locked-in release date of 24th November on the Epic Games Store and Steam. Arrived in darkness with no indication of what to do. Assisted by visitors who had arrived earlier ". Blade of Darkness (US edition) - Free download and.

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This item, which costs 6000 Zen, allows yo. Sea of Thieves Free Download MAC Game. Serial number internet manager november 2020 darkness. The Traveler and The Darkness - Tales of the Aggronaut. Call Of Duty Mobile May Get 'Night Mode' In Battle Royale https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2958.

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A struggling teacher needs your help! Been unemployed because of religion related issues.

Hello. I'm a currently unemployed teacher and needs your help.

Some Backstory

In March 2020, I was a Sociolog Teacher and a Curriculum Head/Staff at a local public school. The headmaster was a female Christian. I had been working there for ahout three years. I can say, I love my job! School was good, people were so friendly and supportive, and I love my students so much!
We've been doing great for the past three years. I have two most memorable moments in this school. The first one involves a female student in an abusive home.
There was this student who was behind academically. While teachers and her friends felt she was hopeless, and more because everyone knows she had broken home, I didn't gave up on her. Fearing that she might have issues at home, I braved myself to ask my headmaster to permit a secret, uninformed home visit to her place. She permitted me with a recommendation letter. So when I visited her home, I came just in time: her father was physically assaulting her She was so surprised I burst the door open (I used to do Taekwondo so I know how to handle physically abusive situations). Long story short, I managed to extract this student to a loving foster home. She remained in my close watchful eyes for some weeks. Her mother then eventually came and picked her up. They had to go through this court process to be able to let the girl live with her mother. I convinced the school to help, and they did, we assisted this small family in court. I spoke as an eye witness regarding the domestic violence since I encountered it myself. Long story short, she was legally allowed to stay with her mother. Ever since, she rose up the bar, acing all classes, and became the top in class. She joined clubs and had close friends supporting her. I can't help but to feel happy for her.
Another story involves a male student...who was secretly a gigolo. I discovered this through stalking his social media account and decided to catch him in action. He was so embarrassed and scared he would be kicked out of the school when I found him out. But instead of reporting this to the school committee, I decided to take care of this student myself. For the next few months, I forbid this student from ever going to the night streets again, and instead helped him with his financial struggles by seeking a part-time job for him and sometimes pay a small amount of his needs, including school supplies and textbooks. He received terrors from his 'employer' but I kept reassuring him that he's safe under my watch. Eventually, this kid enjoys his new part-time job. He decided to open up to his friends and teachers, and everyone welcomed him with open arms. He had friends. He braved himself to join some school clubs. Sometimes, the teachers would join their money to help this kid financially paying the school bills (he came from an economically underprivileged family). Eventually, he managed to quit being a gigolo. Last year he graduated with decent scores. I still feel proud that I can help a student get out from his twisted dark life by dedicating my time for him.
All things changed in March. When I first applied for the job, I had great support from my family. None of them objected. It was just all smooth for three years straight.
But one day, a family member (I won't tell who) visited my school and met my headmaster. I didn't know she visited until my headmaster told me. Then after a few days, I was called by the school committee. They wanted me to explain a series of 'Facebook posts' and 'Twitter tweets', screenshots printed on a piece of paper, of me 'saying offensive things about Christian people.'
My headmaster and me, and basically everyone in the committee, were surprised by the posts. The security guard, who received it, said it was from someone who claimed to be from my family. Since it was widely known that I don't have any Facebook and Twitter account, and I could prove it, this issue was disregarded nonetheless.
Then another day, the same family member and her husband visited my school again. This time, she was even more direct. I was called to the committee's room. Then, in front of everyone, I was frozen and speechless as that family member, who was closest to me, suddenly stated that "My family doesn't support me teaching at the school; they demand to have me extracted from the school or else they will summon mob to attack the school."
I couldn't figure out a word. I was so speechless. I had no idea they could do such a thing!
My headmaster was also surprised, and so were the committee. The next day, I was called again by the committee. They told me that they didn't want risks so they regretfully had me fired on that very day.
Of course, it was a series of drama that followed. My family eventually opened up everything. They admitted setting up the fake Facebook and Twitter posts, making fake screenshots, and sending it to the school.
Their reasoning of doing all that, to the point it got me fired, was because they are afraid I would be converted to a Christian because the headmaster was a female Christian. In addition, they implicitly stated that they hate all other religions except theirs.
From that day onwards, I immediately know my family is a fanatic Islamist extremist.

After unemployment

Debts cripple me and I struggle to fulfill my daily needs. To make things worse, my family doesn't even help me at all. They reason that this was a punishment I need to suffer because "I have doubts in God" (they think my faith is tainted for working with a female Christian headmaster for too long). To their eyes, I'm a 'heretic' who needs to be 'cleansed'.
No financial help, let alone help in finding a new job!
Debt collectors howl like crazy each month. Not to mention life costs. COVID-19 makes it so hard to find another job, let alone side-jobs. I end up surviving through help from my professor from college, who was so kind to provide me a small amount of money each month in exchange of me part-time working in her organization as a website administrator and academic journal administrator.
But even with her support, I still struggle to pay the debts. I had some savings, so I could pay the debts from April to October...but this November, my savings run dry! (If you need proof, I linked an imgur post of how much money I have in my savings left.)

Searching for a new job

At the moment of writing, I'm currently applying for a teacher job at SMA Mutiara Bunda (Bandung, Indonesia) and SMP Global Nusantara Padalarang (Bandung Barat, Indonesia).
Things are going well for both schools. At SMP Global Nusantara Padalarang, I've finished all the application process, including microteaching and school principal interview. I have to wait for the principal's decision of whether I'm accepted to work there or not. It should be around the start of December.
In the other hand, at SMA Mutiara Bunda, I've finished interview and passed it. I've finished observing a class as required, and at November 26 I am required to do a microteaching session with the students.
In both schools, if I manage to be accepted, I will start working on January next year.

The Target

My goal is to raise about USD 800. It will be enough to cover all the debts and living cost for until the end of this year. I've linked how much debt I must pay in the end of this page, just in case you need to see them.
If I manage to raise more than USD 800, I plan to use the money to support teaching at the new schools I'm applying to. Perhaps there will be students who are struggling financially, either for school supplies, textbooks, or even internet quota (in this age of distance learning). The excess donation money will go there!
I plan to update this campaign each month to keep everyone updated on how I use the donation money.

Closing Words

Any amount of donation is much appreciated! If you feel like helping, you can help by spreading the word about this campaign to everyone, in any way you can!
Thank you for your kindness and time to read all of my story. May the best favor you.
And if you decide to donate to my cause, you have my personal thanks from the bottom of my heart. I pray you will get more than how much you've donated to me in the future!
Your Sociology Teacher


For anyone who'd ask: I live in Lembang, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
November 25, 2020: Make the post tidy and more detailed.
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