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ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

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##electronics IRC Archive for 2020-03-11

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Do adapters always limit the output settings?

[SOLVED.] The answer is "most of the time"
First, a bit of background. I recently got my hands on a Hitachi SuperScan Elite 751: https://www.cnet.com/products/hitachi-superscan-elite-751-crt-monitor-19/
To use it with the HDMI output of my laptop, I dug up an old converter in my garage. It's a funky thing with DVI/HMI inputs and VGA/YPbPr outputs, as well as a DC power requirement.
However, to my disappointment, the refresh rate is about equally limited across the board of resolutions. 1600x1200p only goes to 60hz and 1280x1024 only goes to 75hz. With the VGA output of my old laptop, that changes to 75hz and 85hz, respectively.
My question is: Are all adapters rate-limited like this? Before I tested the weirdo adapter I have, I ordered a Tendak adapter because someone tested it for no lag (though, he said most don't have lag and my funky one not having lag validates that): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B7CEOVK/?ref=exp_retrorgb_dp_vv_d
Will the Tendak have the same rate limit as my old adapter? If not, are there ways to tell (I couldn't see anything like what the MHz is in the specs)? Should I be looking for something like a usb c thunderbolt to VGA adapter for greater throughput?
[Answer]: After doing more research, I discovered a great many adapters have the output limitations.
Though, all adapters introduce some latency, depending on how not-awful the adapter is (think audio cable levels of quality-consistency (high)). But, this latency will always be less than any LCD at the moment (not sure about some Microled or OLED displays).
I'm going to snag an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti, which is apart of the last line of NVIDIA graphics cards to possess analog output (DVI to VGA is lossless). It'll be a big upgrade over my laptop's GTX 1050, anyway.
[Answer-Addendum]: The Tendak adapter arrived, and it's much better! The visual quality of my Hitachi is superior in all respects when using the Tendak instead of my old wacko adapter. I can read words towards the corners of the display much better. There are some colors in some images, videos, etc. that never stood out before. The color accuracy is seriously comparable to that of my Dell XPS 9560, which is no easy feat . Black levels are also superior, but, that's always an easy feat for a CRT. :) My father, who works in photo and video editing, didn't really like how the CRT looked at first. But, this adapter immediately changed his mind.
Perhaps more importantly than all that, the refresh rate isn't limited! Well, at least not inherently. By default, in the display configuration of my system, some resolutions are limited by 5 hz. I had to overclock using xrandr to get it to 75hz at 1600x1200. To my surprise and delight, the overclock works, with no visual distortion. Any overclocks with my old adapter caused visual distortion- the distortion getting worse and worse the higher the Hz of the overclock.
The Tendak adapter is also built well with this nice rubberized plastic, and has a 6 month warranty: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B7CEOVK/?ref=exp_retrorgb_dp_vv_d
And here I thought this CRT would end up being an excuse to save up for an external GPU that happens to have an analog output. :P
However, my conclusion that most adapters will limit outputs still stands. For one, the 1200p @ 75z of my Hitachi SuperScan Elite 751 is not the 1440p @ 85hz of the Sony FW900. Seeing as I had to overclock my Hitachi in order to get 75hz, and that the monitor consistently takes longer to switch to that scan rate at that resolution (even showing an "invalid sync" error in between changes) than any other output spec, I have my doubts this adapter would fully support higher end CRTs.
So, what have we learned? Be weary of junk adapters! Not only will they limit the refresh rate, but, they'll limit the quality subtly enough to where you can't tell it's happening! I plan to make a video comparing the adapters, while talking about what artifacts to look for that could potentially be caused by a bad adapter.
Of course, if it's an option, just use the analog output of your video card in order to avoid this whole mess. :)
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Amazon Halo validates the Whoop market right, so Garmin...next move?

I’m sure lots of you saw the Amazon Halo announcement, it seems to be taking on Whoop at a ridiculously low price point (for what is likely a pretty hefty compromise of your own personal data).
I’ve been really interested in the Whoop device for ages, the idea of a faceless tracker for my ‘other’ wrist is something I’ve liked the idea of for sometime. But Whoop was yet another ecosystem, and also pretty expensive IMO. My main wrist is a a FR645 if I’m running and a mechanical watch when I’m not...I’ve toyed with a Vivosmart 4 for this for a bit, but it looked like I was wearing a cat’s collar 😂.
I guess my dream device is monitoring sleep, HR & steps as well as a maybe doing the body battery thing while truing up against my FR using Connect. I don’t think I’m actually bothered about notifications, but I suppose it could vibrate...If it could look as good as the Whoop that’d be great. Am I a market of one for this? Anyone else think they’ll enter too seeing as Amazon seem to have validated it’s a product with demand?
Edit: Amazon Halo announcement in case you aren’t familiar - https://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-halo-fitness-tracker-thatll-measure-body-fat-with-your-phone-camera/
submitted by tektonnic to Garmin

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