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Age of Empires 3 CD KEY Labels: CD KEYS. As we have seen, Age of Empires is a series of historical real-time strategy games focused on events in Asia, Europe, and Africa, spanning from the Stone Age. Need a product key I dont know about some people but if i download a game for free and it says play. With this tool you will play Age of empires 4 without any CD/DVD or Cracks. Expeirience the power of the War Chiefs in the new expansion for Age of Empires III: the war Chiefs. I have all 3 discs but lost the box, and product key https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3149.

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Transmission 02: Player onboarding & skill floor

Transmission 02: Player onboarding & skill floor
You can read this post on my blog or here. In the previous post I wrote about settings, scale, heroes, social aspect, shareability. This post will focus on lowering the skill floor and player onboarding. Together with player socialization I see these as the most important areas where a new RTS can improve.
This is a good opportunity to organize my thoughts. Following ideas might or might not fit a particular RTS game, but perhaps some will be useful or shape further discussions.


RTS games are typically hard to get into and have a steep learning curve. There are a lot of things to learn and master before players can "play the real game", "engage in the core experience" or however you want to call that. In first-person-shooters you move and click enemies, in MOBAs you start with a single unit and gradually unlock abilities. That's a lot easier than making sense of UI and learning how basic economy, tech tree, production, and unit control works.
Even advanced players might not truly engage with the core experience until higher ranks. In StarCraft games macro-mechanics are so important that improving them might be your best way to advance to the next league instead of actively scouting, learning proper responses or controlling your army better.
Even the basic base management is hard in Brood War
This has led many games to oversimplify either micro or macro mechanics or both. However, I think that with good design it's possible to make a good game for a wide variety of players. Solutions will have to come from all angles – UI, UX, game design, art & sound design. It's important to consider players of skill levels when making any change. What exactly are players doing, and how engaging is the core gameplay loop? If we automate something, does the game become shallow or less engaging for them? Does the change reduce skill ceiling where we don't want it to?


This concept was mentioned on the Pylon Show. It refers to the idea that an army should be somewhat effective even without too much micro involved (80% effectiveness). The actual numbers might be a nod to pareto principle, but they are not important. In some cases additional effort expended will lead to smaller improvements (95–5), and sometimes to much larger ones (50–50). The core idea is to lower the skill floor of controlling an army.
An example that was mentioned is Nova in StarCraft II Co-op. She has a solid army that does "ok" when simply a-moved. This is not uncommon in Co-op. The great part is how much more it can do if you control it properly – siege Liberators and tanks, use Raven's abilities, lay mines, micro Nova, EMP with Ghosts, place defensive drones and use airstrikes. This broad range of options provides tactical choices and rewards micro. A new player might be satisfied with simply a-moving and using an airstrike, more advanced players will try to do as many things and as good as they can.
Nova's wide variety of units
Another good part is that many abilities can be "pre-cast". What I mean is that a players can siege Tanks and Liberators, place Auto-Turrets, Defensive Drones, and lay Spider Mines in anticipation of the engagement. This lets slower players to engage with these abilities even if they couldn't use them when the combat begins.


One of the approaches mentioned was a more common use of autocast on abilities. The idea is that slower players will leave them on autocast, while faster players might disable autocast and/or use them manually and more effectively. Results are:
  • Lower skill floor
  • Fights on lower levels look more like those on top levels
  • Players encounter autocasted abilities more at lower skill levels
There are some potential disadvantages as well:
  • Autocasted ability is significantly less rewarding than manually casted.
  • Too many autocasted abilities might result in unnecessary visual clutter.
  • If the autocast is too smart, the player won't engage in decision-making where and when to use the ability until the player can outperform autocast and overcome the opportunity cost of spending actions somewhere else.
★ ★ ★
I've looked for some good examples in StarCraft II Co-op. Ambusher's Blink might be the best one. Ambushers autocast blink to escape enemy fire, but players are encouraged to use Blink more aggressively as it provides significant DPS boost. This works very well because the manual cast is used differently than the autocast (defensive vs offensive usage).
Avatar of Essence's Devolution Wave is not as good example. It's an autocasted area-of-effect debuff. Manually casting it has exactly the same use, but you can affect more enemies if you use it at the right time. I would guess that more than 99% of playerbase has never casted it manually. Vorazuns's Corsairs, Zeratul's Shieldguards and Abrogators are in a similar position. Their abilities have the same use whether autocasted or not, and are mostly not rewarding enough to use them manually.
Swarm Host-like units are a better example. They do spawn Locust-like units automatically, but with manual cast you can send them to hit targets outside their autocast range, or you can spawn them in anticipation of the enemy attack. This option to pre-cast and different manual use case are what makes this interesting and rewarding, even if most players will not actually use it.
Ambusher's Blink can be used both defensively and offensively
I think autocast on abilities work particularly well when the use case for manual casting is sufficiently different from the autocasted ability – as is it with Ambushers and Swarm Hosts-like units. Warcraft 3 has good examples as well, namely Sorceress' Slow and Dryad's Abolish Magic. With these abilities you are not trying to compete with autocast AI, instead you might use them when the autocast wouldn't trigger at all (e.g., against summons or when chasing the enemy), or target the high-priority units first.
Disabling and enabling autocast to preserve energy is a skill in itself. However, if players are encouraged to change the autocast state too often, it can quickly become a chore.
★ ★ ★
Two more thoughts about autocast:
Using abilities in fights is engaging, and players should be encouraged to do it manually. It might be a good idea to first look at macro mechanics to lower the load on new players, then try to improve the user experience when controlling armies. For example having all abilities in one command card for Tychus does reduce the mechanical barrier to using active abilities. Only after that it might make sense to look at how many autocasted abilities are actually needed.
There was an idea that autocasted abilities would have different statistics. This seems highly unintuitive and inelegant. I don't want to see a fight where some Psionic Storms deal 80 damage and others 50 damage. It's better to make the autocast AI less good – doesn't react immediately, stacks unstackable effects a bit, requires certain game state, doesn't hit the most targets with one spell or the most important targets, etc.


This returns back to the 80–20 principle, but instead of increasing effectiveness through manually casting abilities, the effectiveness can be increased incrementally with focus on simple control based around moving and attacking. My thinking here is that you can more naturally improve your army control if it's based around simple concepts like moving, attacking or target firing.
This has few advantages:
  • Effectiveness is improved more incrementally.
  • Resulting battles are easier to parse – fewer effects, no knowledge of abilities required.
More focus is put on kiting, and army positioning – arcs and surrounds. Brood War did a good job by distinguishing units and interaction based on movement alone. Vultures or Mutalisks can shine with just movement micro. Warcraft 3 also heavily focuses on army movement and positioning.
Unit positioning is extremely important in Warcraft 3
These simple unit controls could include positional units like Lurkers, Siege Tanks, Liberators or heavy machine guns or cannons in Company of Heroes with their limited firing arc and setup time. All these can be very interesting and scale well with player skill.


The 80–20 concept could be the most useful with macro mechanics (economy, basebuilding and production). Most of new players will want only very few tech and economy decisions before going to play with the army. But I think that for experienced and competitive players there should be enough room to improve macro through high APM and multitasking.
In the previous post I mentioned that it's hard for me to return to competitive 1v1 due to not being satisfied with my mechanics. I believe applying this 80–20 concept could help with that. It wouldn't be helpful to just new players but also to anyone returning to the game.
★ ★ ★
How to do this correctly is a very difficult problem and will require a lot of prototyping and testing. StarCraft II's Chronoboost, MULE and Larva Inject work, but they can feel a bit forced. They do provide some room for decisions, and the inject raises skill ceiling as well.
Few other examples how to introduce some optional complexity to macro: adjacency bonuses in Supreme Commander, more efficient manual reseeding of farms in Age of Empires, transferring workers, overbuilding workers before transferring them to an expansion, collecting scattered resources or wrecks from previous battles, creep spread, switching add-ons in StarCraft II, updating resource drop-off points, and more.
In Supreme Commander adjacency bonuses reduce operating cost
It would help casual players a lot if repeating tasks were reduced, and macro was limited only to important decisions. There is nothing worse than watching a casual player making 20 Pylons without using the shift key. This could include limited auto-queues for workers, auto-hotkey for some production, etc. Repeating tasks can be reintroduced for more serious players, and as a player progresses through ranks these tasks would become more important. This is of course more easily said than done.


Now for some other things that might help with lowering the skill floor and onboarding. They might or might not fit into a particular game.
  • Already mentioned ghost mode would be great. However, it should not become a crutch for overly complex buildorders.
  • Hotkeys for select all army / all units onscreen / all army units not in control groups.
  • Global build UI similar to found in C&C games or Spellforce.
  • Shared ability command card similar to what Tychus have (no need to switch between units when using different abilities).
  • Easier default commanders in Co-op compared to StarCraft II where default commanders are not very casual friendly – especially Raynor.
  • Better after game feedback. In RTS games it's often difficult to see what you did wrong. It would be even more difficult to find this algorithmically, but perhaps some machine learning model could manage it decently.
  • Reducing the number of cheeses and rushes in lower leagues. Possible options could include a different take on stealth than in StarCraft games, free scout like in Age of Empire games, or something like Orc Burrow mechanic in Warcraft 3. It wouldn't completely prevent aggression, but the damage would be limited to not mining. Something like that could keep early aggression viable but not game ending unless one player messes up.
  • Good and engaging tutorials. They could be combined with a challenge providing bonus experience, other rewards and even leaderboards. They could focus on a variety of skills from basics to those aimed at the competitive mode.


I mentioned a lot of things, but I'm sure there are plenty of other ideas that could improve the experience for new and returning players. It's a difficult problem and solutions will have to touch and affect many aspects of the game. Thank you for reading.
submitted by Fluffy_Maguro to FrostGiant

Audio Drama/Fiction/RPG Debuts - October 2020

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio drama series that came out in October, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
Previous months are available here:
And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:
And I do a weekly podcast collecting a few trailers here:

10/1: Between Acts (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: https://www.betweenacts.show/
Synopsis: Between Acts is an immersive audio theater podcast experience. Each biweekly episode sets the stage for your imagination to freely venture through the works of newfound playwrights—from dramas to comedies and everything in-between. Subscribe now, so not to miss a single spellbinding performance.
RSS Feed: https://betweenacts.libsyn.com/rss

10/1: First Action Bureau (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Site: https://www.firstactionbureau.com/
Synopsis: Spy-fi audio drama starring Genevieve Gaunt, Sacha Dhawan, Paterson Joseph and Nicola Walker. From the worlds of Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson. Series Summary: The First Action Bureau exists to protect the Earth - near-utopian by 2068 - from criminal elements before they get the chance to act. Using decades of ‘big data’ and globally connected quantum artificial intelligence, the Bureau is able to predict criminal activity before it occurs. Nero Jones may be the best agent the Bureau has, but something strange is going on. Headaches and bizarre dreams are troubling this deadly assassin, and as her missions continue it becomes increasingly clear that all is not well... not just with her, but with the Bureau itself. But where do the lies end? And where does the truth begin? Join the Bureau and get extra content: https://launch.firstactionbureau.com It has been created and written by Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs, and has been directed by Nicholas Briggs, and is being produced and distributed by Anderson Entertainment. Series one is being released as an audio drama podcast consisting of 10x10’ episodes, hosted and supported by the team at Captivate. First Action Bureau was developed and recorded remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 Nero Jones - Genevieve Gaunt Benjamin Saal - Sacha Dhawan Zero One - Paterson Joseph Charlize Wilkin - Nicola Walker Eddie Hunter - Wayne Forester Angus Reed - Richard James Created and written by Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs Directed by Nicholas Briggs Produced by Jamie Anderson Sound design by Iain Meadows Music by Joe Kraemer Graphic design by Marcus Stamps Recording by Benji Clifford Distributed by Anderson Entertainment Ltd.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.captivate.fm/first-action-bureau/

10/1: Grimwell County (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://www.grimwellcounty.com/
Synopsis: A western horror serial set deep in the wicked heart of Texas. GRIMWELL COUNTY follows the adventures of Deacon Langley and the gunslinger, Church McMillan, as they encounter the nightmares of the dark Texan frontiers.
RSS Feed: https://grimwellcounty.libsyn.com/rss

10/1: Monstica (Dramatised - Erotica)
Site: https://fhpodcast.wixsite.com/monstica
Synopsis: Monstica is an LGBT anthology monster erotica fiction podcast.
RSS Feed: https://pinecast.com/feed/monstica

10/1: Monstrous Agonies (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://www.monstrousagonies.co.uk/
Synopsis: From werewolves in the doghouse to new ghouls at work, there's no problem too strange for this weekly advice segment, from the UK's only dedicated radio service for the creature community.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.acast.com/public/shows/5f72413b825fff45286ce0e3

10/1: My Parallel Life (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://www.jumpycatstudios.com/
Synopsis: Daniel Jones' perfect life just took a sharp turn for the worse. His parents separated, he has to move to an apartment in the city and go to a PUBLIC school (ugh!) where everyone is a TOTAL SLACKER and no one cares about his high GPA and PRESTIGIOUS WRITING AWARDS, and worst of all, his mom just up and left the country. Daniel is working up a plan to make his life more acceptable, when he discovers a strange door... A door that takes him to a parallel life where his parents hadn't separated. Episode One is premiering October 1st. My Parallel Life was created by Vera Greentea and Jasmine Brown, and co-produced with Mike Umile. Subscribe for an episode every Thursday.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1341517.rss

10/1: Running Sentences (Fiction - Anthology)
Site: https://anchor.fm/michael-honore/
Synopsis: An audio story podcast that brings narrated stories to life. The stories are all written and narrated by the podcast creator.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/377268c0/podcast/rss

10/1: The Martian Broadcast (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: https://themartianbroadcast.podbean.com
Synopsis: In 1938, a group of talented artists known as The Mercury Theatre on the Air, led by Orson Welles, created a spectacle that changed the course of broadcast history forever by terrifying a nation with a staged alien invasion. This is the story of how the infamous War of the Worlds radio drama came to be and how it almost never was...
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/themartianbroadcast/feed.xml

10/1: The Scriptcast (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: https://www.thescriptcast.com/
Synopsis: A podcast that transforms unproduced film and television scripts into radio plays.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/38992fa4/podcast/rss

10/1: The Way We Haunt Now (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://hauntnowpod.com/
Synopsis: Eulalie Elizabeth Reed is haunted by lots of things. Paths not taken. Failed relationships. Mistakes. Fears. Hopes. But she’s never been properly haunted before. That’s about to change. | The Way We Haunt Now is a lighthearted horror audio drama about female friendships, found family, and fighting the narratives that try to define us––even in the afterlife. Oh, and ghosts. Did we mention ghosts?
RSS Feed: https://pinecast.com/feed/the-way-we-haunt-now

10/1: The Woes of Whitby (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://woesofwhitby.buzzsprout.com/1348090
Synopsis: Whitby. The late 19th century. A thriving coastal town in North Yorkshire, England. Full of bustling streets, gothic spires, sweeping ocean views... and evil lurking in the shadows. When the young and outgoing Lucy Westenra suddenly falls mysteriously ill, those around her are thrown into a dangerous conflict in an attempt to protect her. To protect her from what, or whom, they don't even know.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1348090.rss

10/2: Aquinas College Theatre (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Site: https://linktr.ee/Aqtheatre
Synopsis: Content and Updates from Aquinas College Theatre in Grand Rapids, MI.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/3874ddfc/podcast/rss

10/2: Avistrum Academy of Sorcery (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://avistrum.podbean.com/
Synopsis: Avistrum Academy of Sorcery is the premier school of witchcraft and wizardry in North America. On this feed, you'll be able to subscribe for updates to the audio adventures in our series, Tales from Avistrum. We hope you'll join us to experience the magical world!
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/avistrum/feed.xml

10/2: Keepers of Alteria (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Site: https://podcast.keepersofalteria.com/
Synopsis: This is my journey to become one of the Keepers of Alteria -- a magical land accessible through a gate in the middle of the ocean -- after my predecessor vanished in what we suspect is an attempt to open the gate and infiltrate Alteria.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/podcast.keepersofalteria.com/feed.xml

10/2: Little Montgomery (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://www.newcityplayers.org/littlemontgomery
Synopsis: A narrative scripted series from New City Players. Megan and Kimmy are fourteen-years-old, best friends, and currently planning to commit grand larceny against country music star Rick Montgomery at his concert tonight. As they put their plan into play, songs will sung, secrets will be revealed, and teenage girls will find out how difficult it is to exact revenge.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/342b3dcc/podcast/rss

10/3: Dick Meteor (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://anchor.fm/dickmeteor
Synopsis: Calling all mystery fans. Calling all speculative fiction fans. Dick Meteor is on the air! Join us every Saturday for new adventures from Deep Space Nine 3/4!
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/35a95634/podcast/rss

10/3: The Bellow of Brittle Stars (Fiction - Science fiction)
Site: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1393600
Synopsis: A group of students are given the opportunity to study and explore a giant fossil found floating in the asteroid belt. A story about the awkwardness of meeting new people.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1393600.rss

10/4: Digital Radio Series (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: https://www.theviragocollective.ca/digital-radio-series
Synopsis: Performed by local actors, these audio plays are a nod to the days when families would gather around a radio for entertainment. During COVID-19, we're bringing you a new way to safely spend time together that doesn't include staring at your screen.

10/4: I Love Marsha (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: http://www.buzzsprout.com/1258049
Synopsis: “I Love Marsha” - A weekly, fictional comedy. Meet Matt and Marsha Wilson, a middle aged, married couple who are from opposite sides of the US, and their crazy friends and family! Laugh along as each episode proves love and laughter can bridge the differences between Pasadena, California and Waldo, Arkansas, and maybe anywhere else.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1258049.rss

10/4: Lem 'N' Ginge: The Princess of Kakos (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://www.forty-fivenorth.com/lem-n-ginge-the-princess-of-kakos
Synopsis: Two down-and-out actresses are on the hunt for some stage work. Failing that, they’ll take up a lucrative quest to find the local princess’ stolen voice. In this chaotic tale, Lem N Ginge encounter queer frogs, woke baes, and their first actual deadline.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.captivate.fm/lem-n-ginge/

10/4: The City in the City in the City (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://www.matthewcapodicasa.com/city
Synopsis: Two women, each marked by loss and linked together by a strange twist of fate, journey to an ancient city—a storied city without borders—in search of answers and escape. But what they discover there will change their lives in ways neither of them could expect. Two actors (Eboni Booth and Mary Cavett) play more than thirty characters on this wild ride through a city of doubles, monastic cheese, octogenarian vocalists, dizzying bureaucracy, ancient graves, and lives more expansive and singular and wondrous than found even in myths and legends.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.blubrry.com/feeds/citiespodcast.xml

10/4: The HeatWalker Radio Hour (Fiction - Historical)
Site: https://linktr.ee/HeatWalker
Synopsis: Capitalism. Racism. Masculinity. America. HeatWalker Productions Presents: The HeatWalker Radio Hour! Brought to you by Bruhmhill Cigarettes and Mammy's Malt Liquor. Join our hosts Johnny Sandtown and Doctor Robert Price as they regale you with another story from the life and times of famed novelist, cunning liquor magnate and American Legend: Tristan Milne.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1336042.rss

10/5: Dracula: A Radio Play (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Site: http://dracularadio.podbean.com/
Synopsis: A new adaption that attempts to counteract a century of pop culture distortion and adaptation decay to return to the fear and menace of the original Bram Stoker classic.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/dracularadio/feed.xml

10/5: Good Neighbors (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://good-neighbors.pinecast.co/
Synopsis: No one remembers the leeches in the coffee. No one sees the writing on the wall. No one knows that every cold spot, every bump in the night was a sign. Strange things happen every day in Louisiana, but they disappear just as quickly as they come. Everyone jokes about the gators in the sewers, but when the monsters come to Constance, you won’t need a professional - just a few Good Neighbors. Join Matt, Sera, Anna, and Soren at the table, and let’s play Monster of the Week!
RSS Feed: https://pinecast.com/feed/good-neighbors

10/5: Grimoire Nights (Fiction - Horror)
Site: https://www.grimoirenights.com/home/
Synopsis: Grimoire Nights is an occult and historical horror fiction podcast written and produced by Kay Halloran. Each original, feature-length, dramatized story draws listeners into a chilling glimpse of the darkest and most obscure recesses of history.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:885035362/sounds.rss

10/5: Henpire (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://www.crabandbull.com/
Synopsis: 3 women set out to create a women’s “media empire” and in doing so realise that their very different lives may just be the key to their success. Navigating themes of motherhood and other hood, sexuality, difference, sex and friendship, Henpire is a fast paced, irreverent comedy podcast written by Samantha Grierson Schwarz, an autistic and gay writer.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/3a1c7638/podcast/rss

10/5: Middle East Centre Stage (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: https://anchor.fm/golden-thread
Synopsis: GOLDEN THREAD PRODUCTIONS is the first American theatre company devoted to plays from or about the Middle East. For 25 years, Golden Thread has created artistic excellence with plays that defy stereotypes, and engage diverse communities. Initiated as a response to the theatre closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Middle East Center Stage is Golden Thread's podcast series of audio plays. We are thrilled by the opportunity to reach audiences across the globe through this medium.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/3a22cf38/podcast/rss

10/6: Anton Pavlovich's Garden Club (Dramatised - Adaptation)
Site: https://anchor.fm/addison-antonoff/
Synopsis: Anton Pavlovich’s Garden Club is our attempt to re-radicalize this Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. Using the backdrop of a podcast, we are exploring The Cherry Orchard act by act, bringing the specificity of Chekhov’s writing into the 21st century, complete with the anxieties and hopes of our day. Rather than holding up Chekhov’s work on an untouchable pedestal, we are treating it with irreverence, digging as deep into the play as possible, in order to rip it apart and put it back together again.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/38b34e5c/podcast/rss

10/6: Children of the Stones (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08sy3qx/episodes/downloads
Synopsis: These Stones can change people and they’re calling to you. Are you scared yet? Do you feel the shiver? Smash your speakers. Destroy your headphones. Whatever you do, don’t listen… The world depends on it.
RSS Feed: https://podcasts.files.bbci.co.uk/p08sy3qx.rss

10/6: Circles (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://circles.libsyn.com/
Synopsis: Something is coming. If you want to survive, you must remember this: Stay safe. Stay inside your circle. A new four-part audio horror series. Created by Brendon Connelly. Co-written by James Field and James MacDonald. Starring Tal Minear, Beth Eyre, Sarah Pitard, Bryce Cooke and Tom Alexander. Directed and Produced by Jack Bowman. Produced in association with AudioMarvels®.
RSS Feed: https://circles.libsyn.com/rss

10/6: Out of Place (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://midnightdisease.net/#/out-of-place/
Synopsis: Andrew Moss loved his anthropology job, until mysterious artifacts from a Mr. Havisham started arriving in brown paper bags. The artifacts are... Wrong.
RSS Feed: https://outofplace.libsyn.com/rss

10/6: Propaganda! (Dramatised - Musical)
Site: https://www.propagandamusical.com/
Synopsis: Rookie doesn't know much about his family business--but then again neither does the American Public. Nevertheless, he is tasked with suddenly leading the secret government agency in charge of covering up all political scandals, and his first assignment is the biggest scandal since watergate! With a clever idea, Rookie must come into his own and fight off the evil Agent X in order to save the bureau and protect the country from ruin! With a score teeming with energetic pop and jazzy elements, brought to life by a Tony Award winning - star studded cast, Propaganda the Podcast Musical is the antidote we need now.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.captivate.fm/propaganda/

10/6: Roll for Blank (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://rollforblank.simplecast.com
Synopsis: A weekly, serialized, role-playing podcast featuring an original campaign written and DM'd by Nate Ragolia, and played by Rex Roberts, Greg Corbin, Shannon Paige, Zamantha Joeh, Jason Ling, Eric Palencia, and Cory Palencia.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/vOLiuE3K

10/6: Seeds (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: https://www.nostonetheatre.com/podcast
Synopsis: Seeds, by No Stone Theatre, is a bold new podcast series inspired by the incredible true story of the world’s first seed bank and how the men and women who worked there protected the future of biodiversity through the worst siege of World War II.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:878636320/sounds.rss

10/7: Ella Oleander Mysteries (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Site: https://anchor.fm/ella-oleander-mysteries
Synopsis: Join Ella Oleander as she solves murders in this brand new fictional murder mystery podcast.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/3a451700/podcast/rss

10/7: Wardcliff Academy (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://anchor.fm/landon-powers
Synopsis: Welcome to the Wardcliff Academy, a school for people with very special abilities. Thomas Kane is one of these people, but his abilities are, shall we say, an anomaly. Welcome to the fully dramatized reading of The Wardcliff Academy, a story written by Landon Powers.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/10f7154c/podcast/rss

10/8: Bobbo Supreme (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://www.facebook.com/BobboSupreme
Synopsis: President Bobbo Supreme is an infantile, narcissistic lounge singer, game show hosting, narcoleptic racist; an unhinged id running for reelection and unwilling to cede power if he loses. The billionaire recording artist and leader of the free world is in the final push of his re-election campaign. Tortured by periodic dreams that range from glorious fantasies of his prowess as an athlete to nightmares of utter failure, President Supreme struggles to maintain a grip on reality. As the Election Day gets closer, chaos erupts throughout the country as right wing militias, aligned with the White House, clash with protestors.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.megaphone.fm/bobbo-supreme

10/8: Crypt I.D. (Fiction - Urban fantasy)
Site: http://cryptid.podbean.com/
Synopsis: In this audio drama, we see a seemingly normal woman as she is thrown headlong into the strange occurrences that most of the world is blind to.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/cryptid/feed.xml

10/8: Dear Liisphyra (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Site: https://anchor.fm/dearliisphyra
Synopsis: Broadcast live from the Towering Forest in the magical world of Grevelon, Dear Liisphyra is an advice radio show hosted by Liisphyra Lyndambar, where she gives advice to fantastical creatures with even more fantastical problems!
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/30177214/podcast/rss

10/8: Ghost Light Dice (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://www.ghostlightdice.com/
Synopsis: Welcome to Ghost Light Dice, where thespians meet TTRPGs! While times may get dark, our light is always on and all are welcome at our table. From 5e to Pathfinder, homebrew to module--there's always something on our virtual stage! So pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and let's get rollin'!
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1372858.rss

10/8: Make It Up As We Go (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://www.audioup.com/shows/makeitupaswego
Synopsis: Make It Up As We Go follows the story of an aspiring young songwriter, played by Scarlett Burke, and her pursuits to make a name for herself in the music industry. Encountering a number of characters along the way, including legendary Nashville producer Van Tyler (played by Billy Bob Thornton), and the voice of country radio, Bobby Bones (playing himself). Make It Up As We Go unravels Charlotte’s own personal journey navigating the writer rooms of Nashville, which is where the stories are told, songs are born, and in turn - finding her own voice along the way.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.megaphone.fm/HSW6742363909

10/8: Tess and the Pest (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: https://anchor.fm/andras-forgacs
Synopsis: Tess and the Pest is a three-act comedic play based on the true story of Esther Simpson’s friendship with Nobel prize-winning physicist Leo Szilard. Tess - as her friends call her - arrives in London in the mid-1930s to join the Academic Assistance Council, which is in dire need of a competent hand. As the Nazis are purging Germany for dissenters and Jews, Tess also has to deal with the resistance of pre-war Britain to welcome the refugees - personified in the play by the proprietor of The Daily Mail Viscount Rothermere through his personal private secretary William Outhwaite.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/36c57174/podcast/rss

10/8: The Terrible Misadventures of Trixie and Gorgon (Dramatised - Children)
Site: https://trixieandgorgon.com/
Synopsis: Welcome friend, to a dark tale for a dark time. The story of a young witch, a strange goblin, a demon-hunter with a thirst for vengeance, and the fateful Halloween night when one baby will unite them all. Welcome, to the Terrible Misadventures of Trixie and Gorgon.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/trixieandgorgon/feed.xml

10/9: Lifeline On The Air (Fiction - Anthology)
Site: http://lifelinetheatre.com/on-the-ai
Synopsis: Chicago’s Lifeline Theatre is known for telling Big Stories Up Close! Lifeline explores, interprets, and reimagines books and other literary works to create stories that move us beyond the margins of our own lives. With our partner Sound Concept Media, we present our new podcast, Lifeline On the Air! A new way to bring our one-of-a-kind stories even closer…right into your headphones!
RSS Feed: https://feeds.redcircle.com/31f89301-e42b-43f3-90e9-ef63ea5a1e4e

10/9: Venom & Vulnerability (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://vnvcast.podbean.com/
Synopsis: Venom & Vulnerability is a fantasy advicecast where Ella and Eustacia, two new friends and housemates, talk about How To Person in a fictional magical multiverse of quirky, creepy, and cool imaginary beings. The world is fiction, but the advice aims to be genuinely helpful.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/vnvcast/feed.xml

10/10: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies! (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://rfedpod.com/
Synopsis: Rocks fall everyone dies is a new homebrew 5th edition D&D actual play podcast, featuring teachers and students escaping the humdrum of quarantine into a twisted dark fantasy.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/rfedpod/feed.xml

10/10: The Kaleidoscope Project (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Site: https://thekaleidoscopeproject.crd.co/
Synopsis: The Kaleidoscope Project is an original audio drama that takes a deep dive into the world of mental illness. In this universe, individuals with mental illnesses have special powers or “Gifts” that separate them from the rest of the world. The government fears and labels these people, choosing to separate them from the rest of society. Over the years, a group of “Gifted” friends slowly drift apart, only to be brought back together when disaster strikes.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/38a13e88/podcast/rss

10/10: Unknown (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://roughhousetheatre.com/unknown
Synopsis: Unknown is a new verbatim audio performance written for radio, dramatising the story of one young person's journey from an abusive childhood to a life of homelessness on the streets of Bath - one of the most affluent cities in the UK.

10/11: Day Dream: A Radio Drama (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: https://www.daydreamseries.com/
Synopsis: Day Dream is an audio drama inspired by the life of jazz artist and composer Billy Strayhorn. It contrasts Billy’s journey, looking back on his life during a radio interview, with the journey of Andre, an aspiring jazz vocalist struggling to find his voice in today’s world. Day Dream is set in two time periods: Billy in 1965, and Andre in modern day. The 1965 time period looks at the musical genius, whom world renowned artist Duke Ellington called his “writing and arranging companion”, and the struggle to receive credit for many of his works. The modern day period explores a young man discovering his connection and understanding to music through the legacy of Billy Strayhorn.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1182674.rss

10/11: The Sulphuric Secrets (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://anchor.fm/between-two-worlds5
Synopsis: Barely clinging to life, a flayed man lies in a copper basement beneath a cornfield of a forgotten country in the 1850s. Why? From this weird and disturbing mystery begins the story of The Sulphuric Secrets, which spans the globe, and hundreds of years. This fictitious story entwines the unimaginable with historical events, which will delight occult and horror aficionados alike.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/36cbc0b0/podcast/rss

10/12: Finding Satan (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://findingsatan.com/
Synopsis: Good Omens meets The Black Tapes in Finding Satan, a Texas Gothic docudrama about a young woman searching for evil; she wants to see it, touch it, prove that it’s real. She wants to find the source of all evil and look Him in the face.
RSS Feed: https://findingsatan.com/feed/podcast/

10/12: Knights of Degradation (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://knightsofdegradation.buzzsprout.com/1382467
Synopsis: A Dungeons and Dragons audio adventure! Knights of Degradation takes a table top role playing game and combines it with high quality music, sound effects, and voice overs to create a unique audio drama experience. We also have bi-weekly discussions about various topics, including our own personal experiences with Dungeons and Dragons and how D&D culture has changed over the years.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1382467.rss

10/12: The Minister of Chance (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Site: https://www.danfreeman.co.uk/the-minister-of-chance
Synopsis: Epic Fantasy audio movie series starring Jenny Agutter, Jed Brophy, Lauren Crace, Paul Darrow, Philip Glenister, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Julian Wadham, and more.
RSS Feed: https://rss.acast.com/the-minister-of-chance

10/13: Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://www.tincanbros.com/wayward-guide
Synopsis: Wayward Guide is a fictional investigative podcast about the sordid world of local politics, backroom dealings, and werewolves. When an alluring corporate corruption story falls unexpectedly into their laps, twin podcasting-team Artemis and Paul Schue-Horyn are given the chance to prove themselves as top hosts at the American Podcasting Network. But opportunity soon leads to tragedy as the eccentric and divided locals they are interviewing in the small California mining town of Connor Creek start dropping like flies. With the threads of their investigation quickly becoming tangled and rumors of a bloodthirsty werewolf on the loose, the Schue-Horyn twins need to decide who to trust and the price they’re willing to pay for a juicy story.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/cgGduVSh

10/13: We Know None (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://linktr.ee/calliopicprod
Synopsis: Gwen Thomas' girlfriend, Frankie, disappeared two weeks ago. Following her trail, will Gwen find Frankie, or is she really gone?
RSS Feed: https://feeds.acast.com/public/shows/we-know-none

10/14: Absolutely No Adventures (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Site: https://noadventurespod.com/
Synopsis: Absolutely No Adventures is a fantasy (un)adventure podcast that follows Sig, the owner of Signature Eats bakery, as he aggressively avoids becoming embroiled in any daring quests or chosen one shenanigans even though the universe really seems to want him to do just that. Follow Sig as he chills with his friends and stays far, far away from the slightest whiff of adventure. And bakes. He also bakes.
RSS Feed: https://pinecast.com/feed/absolutely-no-adventures

10/14: Beyond the Veil (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://www.meadowlarkpresents.ca/beyond-the-veil
Synopsis: Two not-friends, an RV, and a magical Canadian road trip. Tennyson and Alder had known each other about six months when Alder's mysterious fae bosses asked them to set out across the country in an old RV, solving people's magical problems. Too bad neither of them asked the important questions. Too bad their secrets might be hazardous to their health.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:889589632/sounds.rss

10/14: Cupid's Arrow (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: http://www.buzzsprout.com/1414297
Synopsis: The year is 2003. Bruce O'Dea, a sixteen-year-old, gay Junior who is still in the closet, struggles to accept his identity as his religious-toting parents push to enroll him, without warning, in an out-of-state Christian Science boarding school for the upcoming winter quarter.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1414297.rss

10/14: The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett (Fiction - Horror)
Site: https://thehauntingsofelginbarrett.com/Stories
Synopsis: An ancient head starts to speak... A spirit pleads to be laid to rest... An immortal stalks the corridors of power... Just a few of the horrors that lurk in The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett, an audiofiction podcast, featuring nine gripping new stories for anyone with a taste for the strange, the spooky and the supernatural. From a derelict Welsh hill farm to an East Devon mausoleum; from a converted pub in London’s East End to the courtyard of a Cambridge college, these are tales which burrow deep into the psyche of an unquiet nation.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/thehauntingsofelginbarrett/feed.xml

10/14: Untold Virginia (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://www.untoldvirginia.com/
Synopsis: Untold Virginia is the story of a years-long relationship on the brink of collapse. Friends since college, Elizabeth and Ruth are starting a podcast. Their interest in local history entangles them with a mysterious, underground force that neither can explain, but only one of them wants to try to. Is this just what happens when two friends work together? Or is something inserting itself into Elizabeth and Ruth’s relationship, threatening both of their lives in the process?
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/5a632f4/podcast/rss

10/15: This Gun in My Hand (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://thisguninmyhand.blogspot.com/
Synopsis: Like an old time radio show, except it's a new time podcast and no radios have been harmed by it yet.
RSS Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/thisguninmyhand

10/15: This is Rage (Dramatised - Thriller)
Site: https://www.spreaker.com/show/this-is-rage
Synopsis: THIS IS RAGE is the story of what happens when you shine a light on the system that allows the rich to become the super-rich and the super-rich to get their own zip codes. As you can imagine, it isn’t pretty . . . but it does make for great drama. We have CEOs being kidnapped, Investors dealing unscrupulously, coders turning criminal, counsels breaching confidences, the public spinning conspiracies, and a has-been rediscovering his mojo. We even have a little romance. At the center of all of this are two people. Kimo Balthazer was once the biggest radio shock-jock in the land. But a series of spectacular flame-outs has left him sleeping on a bench in Golden Gate Park trying to salvage any semblance of his career broadcasting on the Internet with a laptop and a $10 microphone from Best Buy. Sylvia Normandy is a top executive at EnvisionInk, one of Silicon Valley’s most glittering jewels. Sylvia was once a public defender and she’s still committed to doing the right thing. But when Sylvia sees her company under siege on multiple fronts, she realizes she needs to bend some rules. And that means giving the story of a lifetime to a certain shock-jock she swore she’d never set eyes on again You see, Sylvia and Kimo have a history. A tortuous history. But that’s nothing compared to the future they’re about to create.
RSS Feed: https://www.spreaker.com/show/4622137/episodes/feed

10/16: Cashmere and Friends (Dramatised - Erotica)
Site: https://anchor.fm/cashmereandfriends/
Synopsis: Erotic Fiction podcast featuring stories from Cashmere and her friends.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/ca11204/podcast/rss
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