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12 Movies With A Hero-Villain Dynamic That's ... important source. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for America's Army 3 for PC. Democratic Republic of the Ostregals (RDO) Z OCT Soldiers, for the past two years you have been sharpening your skills in preparation of the order to deploy. Matches can involve up to 12 players on each team.

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How To Crack The Workforce Development System With. America's Army PC Game Awarded Five Guinness World Records. Rating 3.6 (184 votes) Add to Watch List. In America's Army: Operations, the player is cast into the role of an ordinary American soldier.

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Americas Army 2.0: Special Forces is an incredible freeware game where players play to reach green berret status by completing different missions from the Special Forces Assigment and Selection process. America's space agency. Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PC cheats we have available for America's Army 3. America's Army, the game includes a single player mode based on Major Jason Amerine's experiences in Afghanistan in 2020.

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There are 3 ways to get America's Army, first, if you have a good connection, you can download the huge full install. We love the Americas Army Deploy Client Free Download RTG program, but we are constantly found on the Americas Army. The US Army launched America's Army 3 on Wednesday, the newest version of the free-to-play multiplayer shooter that was first introduced in 2020. Please take a moment to review my edit.

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America's Army 3 can be really good if you have a good connection to the server and if you can find other motivated and cooperative players. America's Army Reviews. Americas Best Value Inn Fort Jackson: Dirty and falsely advertised - See 9 traveler reviews, 15 candid photos, and great deals for Americas Best Value Inn Fort Jackson at Tripadvisor. Right now we have 1 Cheats, 61 Achievements and etc for this game and every day we increase our collection with new America's Army 3 cheats If you can not find the needed cheat in our list, check this page periodically or subscribe for this game's updates!

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Reviewed on: PC; At best, it can be an unusually intense game that in many ways rivals or surpasses the top commercial tactical shooters. Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy visited Fort Hood to assess the embattled base after nine soldiers died this year alone, including 20-year-old soldier Vanessa Guillen. Review) With a pitcher collection we utilized blue plus white to create this impact, yet it may function with almost any color theme at all. It was released in the United States on November 17, 2020 for the Xbox.

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Since my first review, America's Army has continued to improve itself with a steady stream of updates and new feature additions. Multiple Platforms by America's Army. Steam Community: : America's Army: Proving Grounds https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3163. Debian 11 "Bullseye" Freezes Coming.

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The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. America's Army fans and new players alike can now. Mafia: Definitive Edition Review. We can also put the release date down for 3.0 as today (June 17th 2020), as it's available to download and play on Steam.

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The question now is whether this can be reversed. The game, which is inventively dubbed America's Army 3, will be available as a PC exclusive title and will be free to download and play, just like the other games in the series. Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Antrix 6 Pieces Tactical US. Prepare for the new SAT test and SAT subject tests.

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On your right, jump on the ledge, walk around the arch in the U shaped form. A web browser supporting multiple operating systems. Hangar 13 remake the 2020 classic, with a faithful and impressive cinematic crime epic. Added: 2020-12-21 Downloads: 29, 274 Size: 2.5 Gb.

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6 Weirdly Terrible Books By Famous Authors https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3171. The bad: Some bugs and laggy at times. Americas army 3 review hack. Nightbeast 21: 57, 11 Dec 2020 (UTC) The game doesn't use the term Terrorist.

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The list of alternatives was updated Sep 2020.

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The Valley Forge National Historic Park embodies the spirit and perseverance of Americans. The Terrifying Things You Learn In Military .... Download Free Americas Army Games - PC Game https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3180. GoArmy Edge Football comes pre-loaded with many example plays and drills for concepts such as formation recognition and RPO reads.

Since the Franks got reworked Culture Card Art, I went ahead and typed up a comprehensive mutli-paragraph breakdown (and a shorter tl;dr) on the Aztec's Culture Card Art, and how it (and the Jaguar art) can also be improved and corrected, as it's been bugging me since it was shown off.

EDIT AS OF NOV 4TH 10:15PM EST: I made some minor tweaks and corrections throughout the day after I posted this, but I just made a pretty major addition since I realized I missed something notable regarding the dress of ball players.
EDIT AS OF NOV 14TH 4:15AM EST: I fixed linking the Aztec male hairstyle image reference twice in the detailed clothing section instead of both the male and female image, alongside some other minor edits.
For context, here is the Aztec Culture Card art, and the art for the Jaguar Warrior.
It's been bugging me pretty much since it was shown off, and here and there on this subreddit I've noted it's got issues, but since I now know that some of the art is being revised, I figured i should do a detailed explanation.
Before I begin, I wanna go ahead and note that the devs actually DID do a much better job depicting Aztec archtecture and clothing in the Food Market art (the weird basket-hat and lack of painted accents on buildings aside). I'm not sure why there's such a discrepancy, but I think that the Culture Card Art might be a tweaked version of alternate/unused Maya art, as the motifs and archtectural style and color scheme is almost identical to on their Culture Card Art and the clothing and body paint shown in current Aztec Culture Card Art is drawing a lot of Maya (or rather, sterotypes of Maya) influences. The only distinctively "Aztec" thing in the main Culture Card art now is the Great Temple with it's twin shrines to Huitzlipotchli and Tlaloc visible in the background, and the roof comb on the other shrine likewise being in a style associated with Aztec architecture (taken from the Santa Cecilia Acatitlan pyramid, though apparently the roof comb reconstruction on the pyramid isn't accurate to what that pyramid in particular originally had!)
I'll do a deeper explanation of what's wrong with the current Aztec culture card art further down, but since that ended up being like multiple paragraphs/pages (And even then, i'm only reviewing stuff that would be relevant to the existing art and i'm not covering absolutely everything, so I link suggestions on further references on Aztec art/architectural/clothing motifs at the bottom), I'll sum it all up in short bullet point format, and people interested in the full breakdown. For the linked visual references in both the bullet points and full post, I'll primarily be using images from existing artistic recreations for the sake of making adapting stuff to the Culture Card art easier, rather then using images of actual surviving ruins, art, or images from manuscripts, but I can provide those upon request as well.
So, here's the tl;dr, bullet point feedback:
And that's the summary.... again, if you read these and look at these images, the Food Market art is MUCH closer to what I describe then the Culture Card art. I really think the Culture Card art was modified from one intended for the Maya or something.
If you want a longer, deeper dive into all this... then keep reading!
Contextual Preamble
For starters, I need to give a short preamble about what "Aztec" even is, as people use the term differently.
Humankind almost certainly means it to primarily mean "Mexica", the denizens of Tenochtitlan (and Tlatelolco, which split off from and was eventually reabsorbed by Tenochtitlan). They are whom the term is most associated with, and we see Tenochtitlan's great temple in the existing Culture Card art, and the Jaguar knightly order was an element of their military.
The Mexica were one subgroup of a broader culture/civilization in Mesoamerica known as the Nahua (which "Aztec" is also sometimes defined as) Other Nahua subgroups beyond the Mexica include the Acolhua, Tepaneca, Xochimilca, Tlaxcalteca, etc. The "Aztec Empire" as a political unit was an alliance between Tenochtitlan and two other Nahua city-states, Texcoco (of the Acolhua subgroup) and Tlacopan (of the Tepaneca subgroup) and the their various subject vassal and tributary states. Not all of these subjects were Nahuan (some were Maya, Zapotec, Mixtec, Otomi, Huastec, Totonac, etc), and not all Nahuan states in Mesoamerica were a part of that "Empire". (notably the Kingdom of Tlaxcala wasn't)... as you can see, depending on how you define the term, a LOT of things could or couldn't be considered "Aztec"!
I'm going to be primarily focusing on Mexica stuff when possible (and as such what I mention here may not be applicable to other Nahua groups), though at times I'll be pulling from broader Nahua sources when it's reasonable to do so, as there is very little surviving architecture and manuscripts from solely Mexica sources. For simplicities sake i'm going to continue to use the term "Aztec" unless the distinction becomes important, in which case I'll say Mexica or Nahua, etc.
Architectural Accuracy
For architecture, there shouldn't be much if any masonry and brickwork visible on the ballcourt, temples, and other fancy, ceremonial or administrative structures. Monumental architecture for virtually all Mesoamerican civiilzations, including the Aztec was covered in stucco and then painted accents and frescos, over the internal stone and mortar and outer brickwork. The only likely place you'd likey see bare masonry in Tenochtitlan would be commoner residences (which would be daub/straw or adobe brick) or less fancy noble homes, but even then some accounts assert even these would be covered in clean stucco even if some pictorial depictions show otherwise.... but for the Culture Card art that shouldn't be a problem, since that'd be showing large structures in the ceremonial precinct or even if the view is changed, probably fancier palaces.
As far as the painted accents, frescos, and murals on top of that white/biege stucco, the most common colors should be scarlet, azure, yellow/mustard, white and black, not the red and teal/green seen in the image, as those 4 colors (plus a base off white stucco) is what's seen in surviving structures and objects found in Tenochtitlan's central ceremonial precinct. To simplify it down further,the base white stucco, scarlet, azure, and yellow (like what the Scott & Stuart Gentling painting I linked above uses, though note that apparently more recent research has gleaned that the Great Temple had more paint on it then that, and that the layout they used for the precinct's structures is slightly out of date... though I don't think the devs need to go THAT far with accuracy). The white/red/green used in the Aztec Culture Card art currently is less "Aztec" and is more typical of some Maya cities like some structures at Copan, or in Central Mexico, Teotihuacan, as seen in a 3d reconstruction of the Cidudela complex and it's temples . If i'm going to nitpick, I'd also note that the square geometric pattern visible on the building on the far end of the court isn't something that i've seen in Aztec art, or even really Mesoamerican art in general (though if I had to place it i'd say it looks Zapotec). A safe bet would be a Xicalcoliuhqui step fret based pattern, which is very common in the art of virtually every Mesoamerican civilization; if the developers aren't interested in painstakingly making a custom mural based on actual manuscripts and iconography.
I'd also note that while a view of a ball court works, I don't think it really highlights the unique elements of Aztec society or urbanism when all Mesoamerican societies had ballcourts. In fact, (and I note this again further down when disscusing the attire of Ball-players) there's VERY little depictions of the ball game or players among Aztec art (even Nahuan art as a whole, not just Mexica) relative to, say, Maya art. A view of a palace courtyard with a garden (I'm not sure the "asian" style of garden here is accurate, though, but I don't think that sort of hyper accuracy is needed here), or of canals and chinampas, would be better (likewise I think these would make a better emblematic quarter then a sacrificial altar, but I realize that's not changing): The Aztec placed a huge emphasis importance on botany, herbal, medicine, using them to ward off misasma and the like, to the point where they had formal taxonomic systems for categorizing plant life and Tenochtitlan was largery built out of artificial islands used for aquaculture with canal,s between them, with many impressive aquaduct and dike systems; etc. This, especially the botany stuff, is what makes them unique; though keep in mind for the latter option that not many canals reached very deep into the city center, as the center of Tenochtitlan was natural ground, not chinampas, though according to various maps there was a canal close to the ceremonial precinct behind Moctezuma II's palace in front of his zoo/garden.
Clothing & Fashion Accuracy
For clothing of the spectators, things are entirely off. Both the men and women here are shown with random geometric tatoos, the women are wearing blouses which leave the shoulders and upper chest exposed; and the men just have loincloths and random collars on, piercings made out of bone, wierd headbands, etc. The hairstyles are off too generally (though I do see some signature hair-knots on some men). I noted before how the clothing and fashion here seems to have some Maya influences, but even for the Maya things are pretty off, and I'm sensing a lot of influence from Mel Gibson's Apocalypo, which... is not a good idea. The Women should primarily be wearing a garment as huipilli: these are blouses, but they cover the upper chest, shoulders, and sometimes the arms as well (note here the woman in the red dress is Maya, not Nahua/Aztec). The men, in addition to loincloths (sometimes a cloth tied to the hip was also worn over the breechcloth, but more on that in the ball player section), should generally have a mantle/cloak known as tilmatl, worn in different styles depending on social class. A basic huipilli and tilmatl should be white or biege with perhaps small color accents, but those worn by nobles had rich patterns: often with floral or avian motifs (especially for huipilli), geometric designs, marine or animal motifs, etc.
Nobles would also have a variety of jewelry: earrings, piercings (notably for labrets for men), necklaces, braclets, etc. You would NOT see the big feathered headdresses associated with Mesoamerican civilizations and Moctezuma in particular: The Aztec did use them, but not very often relative to other garments, not in the way often depicted (they were curved) and seemingly mostly in military contexts; nor was it a "crown": that was rather [a turquoise mosaic diadem, you can see this set of infographs for the typical regalia and dress of royalty. However, noble men DID often wear feather-tassel garments known as Quetzallalpiloni (the Jaguar warrior in the current art actually has one of these which is nice, as some were seemingly built into helmets though a bit of a fanciful one, but it's a game, so that's fine). For hair, men generally had a very distinctive "bowl cut" hairstyle, often with a large tuft or knot on the top, though the presence and style of said knot varied depending on social and military rank. You can see a variety of hairsyles and helmets/martial regalia in this image, but the typical civillian hairstyles and dress are towards the bottom. Women had more common variation in styles, but a variety of bulbous knots and braids such as along the sides were pretty typical. Body and face paint wasn't really used much in general everyday contexts, aside from some women using yellow paint, as that was fashionable.
The main exception to what I noted about hair for men and body/face paint was for priests: Priests often had black paint, and their hair was messy and unwashed (an exception from the normally stringent hygiene norms in Aztec society) caked with dried blood. Priests likewise had a variety of special ornaments and bits of regalia and various ceremonial outfits, much like what you see deities depicted with, but i'm not going to go into this much as A: I'm honestly not that familiar with the variations, function or names of these,other then a shirt/jacket garment known as a Xicolli, and a ceremonial (and perhaps sometimes secular-high status) garment for women known as a Quechquemitl, and B: as the art is now there's no priests shown, though it would make sense for a few to be present... in fact, they may have played ritualistic ball matches in the above getups, based on some pages of the Borgia Codex (though the Borgia is probably not Mexica).
On that note, in regards to the Ball Players: The current Card Art has them more or less wearing the same thing as the spectators (though the person at the bottom of the image in shadow seems to have one of those highly ornamented ceremonial outfits I noted). There's actually not a lot of depictions of Aztec ballplayers, even if you go by Nahuas in general rather then just Mexica, so I actually had to do a bit of research and asking around here. Based on what I was able to find, the few depictions we have (aside from the prior two images of priests in a ritualistic match) seems to just show players with a breechcloth, lacking the hair topknot., with some also showing some sort of hand protector covering the top of their hands.
That second image there (from Duran's History of the Indies of New Spain) also makes it easier to notice something I missed at first (and i'm editing in now), which is that they seem to have an additional skirt garment known as a hip-cloth in Indian Clothing Before Cortes in the first image (you can see another worn by the man on the bottom left in this depiction from the Codex Magliabecchiano), or thigh-waist protector of some kind in the second. I didn't think anything of these initially, as an additional cloth tied around the waist over the breechcloth is just something you see in depictions sometimes and is seemingly just something people wore at times without a clear class or context based association (The only real pattern I see is it tends to get depicted more often with a man who doesn't have a tilmatli on). But, in this second image from Duran, now that i'm looking close, clearly a different kind of garment, seemingly wrapped around each thigh or the waist, with the band of the breechcloth resting above it and likewise the tassels/ends hanging off the breechcloth's knot laid ovein front of it... I really don't know what this is, but in light of it's presence and that seems to be colored the same way as the handguards, I think it's meant to be some sort of protective garb, and perhaps the hip-cloth serves a similar purpose in this context: Some variants of the ball game did use the hips and thighs for hitting the ball, and a waist protector known as a Yoke is common in art of Maya ball players, though Maya Yokes were very different looking and were bigger, thicker, and more complex pieces of equipment.
Accuracy of the Jaguar Warrior art
The Jaguar Warrior, is, aside from the Quetzallalpiloni, almost entirely off. To begin with, the main garment/armor he should be wearing is a Tlahuiztli, this is a "onsie" suit which covered the whole body, from the neck or shoulders down to ankles, and was made of thick cloth, and then a mosiac of thousands of feathers, the different colors arranged to make different patterns, in this case jaguar spots. The colors need not be yellow and such as an actual jaguar, as we have examples of Jaguar patterned tlahuitzli in red, blue and white and potentially other colors. Some sources do suggest that commoners who entered the Jaguar order via merit would have had suits made from actual Jaguar pelts instead, but this isn't consistently stated. The helmet (Cuacalalatli) was made of hardwood, and may have also had feather mosiac coverings and impeded precious stone and metal bits. (Something I think is really neat and would be awesome if it was borrowed for the Humankind art is how the Blue Jaguar tlahuiztli art by Angus Mcbride I linked earlier uses the red and white iconographic symbol for the Jaguars's eye that represent eyes or stars in the Mixteca-Puebla style common in Central-Mesoamerican art),
Technically the Jaguars, and any other soldier with a Tlahuiztli would also have Ichcahuipilli, which is a padded vest or tunic (like Eurasian Gambeson armor) worn under the Tlahuitzli (or alone by mid-ranking soldiers who didn't have Tlahuiztli or the even more prestigious Ehuatl to wear over it) but I don't think it's that important to have the padding be visible bulging up from under the Tlahuitzli or anything; and just felt it was worth noting even it not necessarily relevant to the art. Likewise, while i'd like to note that the Jaguar and Eagle orders were actually the LEAST prestigious of the 4 Mexica knightly orders: The Cuachicqueh or Shorn Ones, seen here in yellow with the mowhawks was the most elite (there were other high ranking titles and positions outside of those 4 orders, some even of higher status, like the Tlacochcalcatl.) and would make a better Emblematic Unit, again, as I said with the emblmatic quarter, I realize that's not changing at this stage of development, and it's not that big a deal.
Aside from the colors and the proportions being a bit wacky and some other fanciful bits, the helmet in the current art is okay, it's within acceptable limits to spice it up for the sake of it being a game, I guess. I'd suggest that the shield pattern be altered to something that was actually used, though: We have dozens of examples of actual shield patterns, which I have linked both Mexica and other Nahua examples of here and here from Armies of the Aztec and Inca Empires, Other Native Peoples of The Americas, and the Conquistadores (which isn't actually that good a source but as a quick reference of shield and banner types it's useful), there's really no need to invent a fake one as the current art does. Shields, or at least the fancier ones used by Jaguars and other high-status soldiers, had either a thick woven reed or hardwood backing and then a padded/thick cloth layer over it, and then feather mosiac to make the pattern, previous stone/gold bits, etc. Shields often had a feather fringe around the edges, and the bottom edge often had leather strips/flaps or feather tassels extending from the bottom.
I'll also link THIS compilation of (mostly) back-mounted banners/standards. I don't think he'd NEED one for the art, but it wouldn't be unusual for a soldier of status like a Jaguar to have one, these were given to higher ranking soldiers or officers/captains of divisions for coordination, like the flags mounted to Japanese Smurai or the crests used by the Romans. Macuahuitl don't usually have engraved patters on them, but that's just me nitpicking, it's fine. Likewise, just as a bonus, you may also want to have some Atlatl darts/arrows held behind the shield, as that's where soldiers stored them, and it's very possible a Jaguar, even if he had a Macuahutil, would also have an atlatl... again, though, this and the Macuahuitl pattern thing aren't big deals.
Further References
For people interested in more or if the developers want more art references, I highly suggest seeking out the following, some of whose art I used for the above links. I know some of these people were brought up on Twitter and some were trying to be humble and noted their art wasn't perfect, but their use of art, architectural, and fashion motifs and designs is much better then the current Aztec Culture art and would be good references regardless of minor errors or stylistic concessions they make.
  • Paintings of Aztec Cityscapes and street scenes by Scott and Stuart Gentling
  • Art of recreations of Mesoamerican fashion (both clothing, hairstyles, etc, including Aztec) by Kamazotz/Zotzcomic
  • Art of clothing and building interiors by Rafael Mena (also here ) (be careful you don't mix up his Aztec vs Maya vs Totonac vs Mixtec stuff, it's not clearly labelled at times, read descriptions!)
  • Art of clothing and street scenes by OHS688 (note that his work is often anthro/furry, but the archtecture and clothing is on point regardless)
  • Paintings of Aztec soldiers and other historical soldiers by Angus Mcbride (mostly from Osprey Publishing books, note that while Angus's art is generally great, the information in the books's in terms of text or even descriptions of his art can be off)
  • Art of Aztec street scenes and building interiors and clothing/historical figures by Nosuku-K (see also here, they also have a blog and some other sites) (their art is in a manga/anime "chibi" style, but again, the actual designs are generally accurate, just make sure you don't get their stuff for other cultures such as Mesopotamia mixed up with their Mesoamerican work)
  • The Free, online Aztec Empire Webcomic, which is easily the best telling of the Cortes expediton and the fall of the Aztec, and is meticlously well researched for both narrative and visuals. It relies a lot on using Teotihuacano mural/fresco patterns for Aztec structures, worth noting, but IMO that's an acceptable crutch to lean on, especially when limited to floral and geometric motifs (The Aztec took a lot of influence from Teotihuacano art)
I also have a large collection of other art (such as some by the people I noted above who don't have online accounts/platforms or that only shows up in out of print books) and photos I'm happy to share; and i'm likewise happy to answer questions and give further information; if anybody is interested, please DM me.
Additionally, for more information about Mesoamerican history, see my 3 comments here:
  1. In the first comment, I notes how Mesoamerican and Andean socities way more complex then people realize, in some ways matching or exceeding the accomplishments of civilizations from the Iron age and Classical Anitquity, be it in city sizes, goverment and political complexity, the arts and intellecualism, etc
  2. The second comment explains how there's also more records and sources of information than many people are aware of for Mesoamerican cultures, with certain civilizations having hundreds of documents and records on them; as well as the comment containing a variety of resources and suggested lists for further reading, information, and visual references; and
  3. The third comment contains a summary of Mesoamerican history from 1400BC, with the region's first complex site; to 1519 and the arrival of the spanish, as to stress to people just how many different civilizations and states existed and how much history actually occurred in that region, beyond just the Aztec and Maya
submitted by jabberwockxeno to HumankindTheGame

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update November 10, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update November 10, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Note: Thank you to the people who have given awards to these posts but I do want to say: Please don’t spend money to give these posts an award or if you want to give then donate it here instead. These people need your help more than I need awards. I guess if you are just spending reddit coins that you already have then that’s fine but don’t spend new money, donate it instead. Thank you all!
Watch here:
  • 124,646 Cases (+2,120), 1,590 Deaths (+14)
  • New cases by county: 378x Jefferson, 187x Fayette, 86x Warren, 68x Hardin, 67x Madison, 61x Laurel, 54x Bullitt, 48x Nelson, 42x Daviess, 40x Boone, 39x Christian, 38x Floyd, 38x Henderson, 36x Hopkins, 36x Kenton, 36x Pike, 33x Jessamine, 32x McCracken, 29x Campbell, 27x Monroe, 21x Clay, 20x Simpson, 19x Boyle, 18x Boyd, 18x Rowan, 17x Lee, 17x Muhlenberg, 16x Graves, 16x Martin, 15x Franklin, 15x Grayson, 15x Greenup, 15x Knox, 15x Logan, 15x Montgomery, 15x Oldham, 15x Rockcastle, 15x Union, 14x Barren, 14x Harlan, 13x Magoffin, 13x Mercer, 12x Knott, 12x Shelby, 11x Bell, 11x Grant, 11x Metcalfe, 11x Scott, 11x Taylor, 11x Todd, 10x Adair, 10x Jackson, 10x Larue, 10x Lincoln, 10x Perry, 9x Carter, 9x Hart, 9x Lawrence, 9x Morgan, 9x Ohio, 9x Washington, 8x Johnson, 8x Lewis, 8x Whitley, 7x Anderson, 7x Bourbon, 7x Calloway, 7x Clinton, 7x Harrison, 7x Mason, 6x Clark, 6x Elliott, 6x Pulaski, 6x Russell, 5x Breckinridge, 5x Trigg, 5x Webster, 4x Breathitt, 4x Cumberland, 4x Garrard, 4x Letcher, 4x Marion, 4x Meade, 4x Wayne, 4x Woodford, 3x Bath, 3x Bracken, 3x Casey, 3x Fleming, 3x Livingston, 3x Lyon, 3x Marshall, 3x McCreary, 3x McLean, 3x Pendleton, 3x Powell, 3x Wolfe, 2x Allen, 2x Ballard, 2x Butler, 2x Edmonson, 2x Estill, 2x Fulton, 2x Gallatin, 2x Green, 2x Hancock, 2x Owsley, 1x Caldwell, 1x Carroll, 1x Henry, 1x Hickman, 1x Owen, 1x Spencer, 1x Trimble
  • New deaths by county: 69 M Bracken, 76 M Shelby, 84 M Bullitt, 91 F Daviess, 87 M Jessamine, 76 M Jessamine, 89 M Jessamine, 84 M Jessamine, 86 M Jessamine, 92 F McLean, 80 F Bracken, 87 M Marshall, 68 M Muhlenberg, 86 M Hopkins
  • Fast 4 Today.
  • So here's our guidance:
    • Avoid in-person gatherings with people who do not live in your household. I know this is a sacrifice, it’s a smaller sacrifice than having one that we care about or love gets sick, have a prolonged recovery, or heaven forbid die.
    • Always wear a face covering or mask. Always when you go out in public
    • Maintain a social distance of six feet or more. And remember, when you're out in public, it is both distance and the mask.
    • Avoid large gatherings of any sort, particularly those that are held indoors. It's warm enough, if the weather's good, and you're outdoors, we have come to learn that that is a lower risk, and a significantly lower risk, but please don't hold gatherings, don't participate in large gatherings indoors.
    • Do not host or attend crowded parties- sorry crowded parades. I would have said parties here but do not host or attend crowded parades. That would be Macy's Thanksgiving parade and all of those sorts of activities. So please, in small towns I suspect that there's a big part of this that could be on tap and so please don't do that.
    • As you go shopping, and you will go shopping, please avoid the crowded stores, stagger yourselves, space yourselves out. Please don't go into crowded stores before, on, or after Thanksgiving. This means Black Friday. It's got to be different this year. If everyone's all packed in there running around could take an otherwise relatively safe experience of shopping in a thinly populated store and make it a more dangerous experience.
  • The Kentucky Department of Corrections is reporting that we have an outbreak in our Lee Adjustment Center, which is a privately operated prison in our state system. There are currently 94 positive inmates and several test results are pending. We've arranged for mass testing of all inmates and staff at the facility.
  • We also have what appears to be a case and potentially an outbreak in our Kentucky State Police Academy. So here we've got a short video of our Acting Commissioner, giving us the details.
    • Video:
  • The Louisville Health Department announced today that they will quadruple surveillance of bars and some other businesses that aren't currently inspected to ensure that they're complying with COVID regulations. Is this something that you want other larger cities to replicate? -- Absolutely. Today's announcement from Louisville shows leadership and an acknowledgement of where we are right now. Stepping up enforcement can also help businesses out there by them not being able to look across the street and see somebody else cheating on the rules, while they may suffer from trying to enforce them.
  • Local 12 News WKRC in Cincinnati, what do I think about KHSAA’s decision to delay the football playoffs. -- So KHSAA notified member schools that the football playoffs will be delayed one week in an effort to provide schools and school systems time to review their situations and work with their health department's. The first round will now take place on the weekend of November 19th through the 21st. It is a good decision.
  • Given that we have no yellow counties anymore, and they're all red and orange, what will it take for you to perhaps go with some of the stronger White House guidelines that you've received, that you've been not going along with at this point? -- Well, what we want to see is how communities come together. This is just our second week of our Red Zone recommendations. We want to see how those counties do that fully embrace them, and then we want to see how many communities aren't willing to do what it takes to protect people around them.
  • Slides from Update
Full Notes
  • Alright. Good afternoon, it is 4pm, that time that we come together to remember that we're gonna get through this, and we're gonna get through it together. I want to start by thanking Goldsmith Elementary, the dolphins, for today's mask, for taking care of their students, and for Sarah Hong who is their PTA president for sending this to me. We support you in this difficult time, we know you are doing the very best by your students. Thank you to the PTA, to the faculty, to the administrators, to everybody working for the betterment of our children.
  • Today we're going to start with our good news of the day. I believe in the power of positivity, even in very difficult, and sometimes, negative times. Hearing about good news reminds us that the world hasn't stopped, we haven't paused, we're continuing to do important work. Even though it's got to be done a little bit differently, but we ought to grab on to these rays of light to make sure that we keep ourselves in a positive place, and we're all gonna have some scars once we get through this, let's try to do everything we can to lessen the number, and the severity, to ensure that we are at a good and healthy place so we can not stumble but sprint into our future.
  • Let's start with today some good news we announced earlier in the day. So every year on Veterans Day, we honor the men and women who have answered the call to serve and defend the United States of America. We must never forget their sacrifice, and their willingness to serve this great country. This morning, on the eve of Veterans Day, we had an exciting announcement that transforms gratitude and words into action and opportunity. Today leaders at Humana pledged to hire more than 600 Kentucky veterans and 150 of their spouses over the next four years. While we can never repay our veterans’ sacrifice, this commitment helps provide much deserved opportunity.
  • All right, second is, is an announcement, while it's a difficult topic, everything that we do to truly help people in their mental health, and to prevent the worst of outcomes is good news, every positive step we can take to help people. So in Kentucky, we're expanding crisis, and mental health services. Pathways, Inc., a community based mental health center serving Bath, Boyd, Carter, Elliot, Greenup, Lawrence, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan, and Rowan counties is accredited and serving as a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline call center in Kentucky. The NSPL is a network of local crisis centers providing free and confidential support to people and in suicidal crises or distress. Expanding Kentucky's capacity, which is what this does, is critical. On average, Kentucky residents call the lifeline 350 times every week. Calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by Kentucky residents have increased 3% in 2020, compared to 2019. NSPL can be reached by dialing 1-800-273-8255. That's 1-800-273-TALK. We request that everyone save that number in your phone, put it in there, because we know that this has been a difficult time for many Kentuckians, and we want everybody to know that help is available. And already having it in there, it'll just be one touch of a button to get the help that you need. Other Kentucky Community Mental Health Centers serving as call centers include the Adanta group, Cumberland River behavioral health, Four Rivers Behavioral Health, Life Skills Inc, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Pennyroyal Center, River Valley Behavioral Center, and Seven County Services. Remember in the midst of this, do those things you need to keep your mental health, truly healthy, and it's not easy; we all struggle. We have days where we're tired; we're on edge; we're anxious. It's difficult. It's turned our lives upside down and then more people are losing people to COVID than ever before, and so we add anxiety and change and difficulty to grief. And that can be really hard, so please take care of yourself. Take care of yourself.
  • Alright, and another piece of good news. Today, we learned that the Kaiser Family Foundation, which compiles information on testing nationwide, as of the last update yesterday at 2pm, had Kentucky sixth in the entire country in our daily tests per million. This is pretty remarkable given that I remember standing up here and saying “We don't have enough testing for Kentuckians”, and that we need you to wait on getting tested if you’re healthy, maybe even if you were symptomatic, at the time. We have built out our testing in this Commonwealth into something that only a few states in the country could claim, and we've done it, thanks to the work of people in this Commonwealth. Like so many things in Kentucky we did this on our own, but we did it together. We did it because of the hard work of different labs out there located in Kentucky. We did it because of our communities willing to come together and set up the testing locations. We did it early on because of Kroger and now UK and UofL and Norton and others, running our testing centers. So, this is something to be proud of and it also is something that's critical as we move forward to ensure that we continue to test at this level. So we're showing you some of the locations. The first one , this is the federal government supporting some testing, and we're looking at getting some additional tests here. That Louisville location is averaging about 300 tests per day. That's up since we last talked about it. There is another hundred tests per day capacity, we hope you'll take advantage of it if you're in the Louisville area. It's drive thru at the Exposition Center, there are a number of lanes so you can get in and out pretty quickly. Lexington opens up Monday, November 16th. Let's look at the next slide. So these are our other partnerships for around the state, and you'll see many of your counties there. This is a chance in your region to get testing and these testing locations in fact move, so you can look at where the closest one will be when. Remember we have outbreaks all over the state so we've got to make sure our testing reflects that, and it does . This is Norton's in Louisville, they do about 600 or up to 600 per day. They have capacity too, they're actually handling all the administrative costs of that all we do is provide the tests, which we appreciate. These are the ones that we're doing with UofL, which are a downtown location, a South Louisville, and a Bullitt County location. Of course we're seeing outbreaks in all of those areas. Here's Northern Kentucky, again, real opportunity that's out there. And then you could show UK and Lexington. Well these are again the federal partnership, but go to our website https://kycovid19.ky.gov over 200 plus locations throughout the Commonwealth, keep it up. Getting tested helps protect you and helps give us information we need. But since we're here, remember, the fact that we're doing this amount of testing isn't what's driving the increase in numbers because our positivity rate is up again today. It just helps us have a clearer picture. But to me, the most important part is that it identifies people in need, that we know that you have a positive case, hopefully, we can monitor you, make sure you get the help you need and prevent the spread further.
  • The last piece of good news is there still a whole lot of people out there trying to do it right, wearing their masks to protect one another.
  • Alright, and the need to wear masks, that's, it's again just proven by today's case numbers.
  • Positive cases today: 2,120 - That’s the highest Tuesday, the fifth highest day, but I feel like we say something like this just about every day now. Again, this thing is spreading, it is spreading really fast, and we need your help.
  • Probable cases: 20,797
  • Total confirmed cases: 124,646 - Remember, the more cases we have, the more people that are infected, more people will need hospitalization, the more people will be in the ICU, the more people we’ll lose, and as we're finding out the more people who will have long term complications that may make their life more difficult for months, or perhaps even longer. The real damage and devastation of this virus we don't fully know yet. So again, it's really important that you do your part to start tamping down these cases
  • There’s gonna be a lot of these again, it just shows you how widespread it is
  • New cases by county: 378x Jefferson, 187x Fayette, 86x Warren, 68x Hardin, 67x Madison, 61x Laurel, 54x Bullitt, 48x Nelson, 42x Daviess, 40x Boone, 39x Christian, 38x Floyd, 38x Henderson, 36x Hopkins, 36x Kenton, 36x Pike, 33x Jessamine, 32x McCracken, 29x Campbell, 27x Monroe, 21x Clay, 20x Simpson, 19x Boyle, 18x Boyd, 18x Rowan, 17x Lee, 17x Muhlenberg, 16x Graves, 16x Martin, 15x Franklin, 15x Grayson, 15x Greenup, 15x Knox, 15x Logan, 15x Montgomery, 15x Oldham, 15x Rockcastle, 15x Union, 14x Barren, 14x Harlan, 13x Magoffin, 13x Mercer, 12x Knott, 12x Shelby, 11x Bell, 11x Grant, 11x Metcalfe, 11x Scott, 11x Taylor, 11x Todd, 10x Adair, 10x Jackson, 10x Larue, 10x Lincoln, 10x Perry, 9x Carter, 9x Hart, 9x Lawrence, 9x Morgan, 9x Ohio, 9x Washington, 8x Johnson, 8x Lewis, 8x Whitley, 7x Anderson, 7x Bourbon, 7x Calloway, 7x Clinton, 7x Harrison, 7x Mason, 6x Clark, 6x Elliott, 6x Pulaski, 6x Russell, 5x Breckinridge, 5x Trigg, 5x Webster, 4x Breathitt, 4x Cumberland, 4x Garrard, 4x Letcher, 4x Marion, 4x Meade, 4x Wayne, 4x Woodford, 3x Bath, 3x Bracken, 3x Casey, 3x Fleming, 3x Livingston, 3x Lyon, 3x Marshall, 3x McCreary, 3x McLean, 3x Pendleton, 3x Powell, 3x Wolfe, 2x Allen, 2x Ballard, 2x Butler, 2x Edmonson, 2x Estill, 2x Fulton, 2x Gallatin, 2x Green, 2x Hancock, 2x Owsley, 1x Caldwell, 1x Carroll, 1x Henry, 1x Hickman, 1x Owen, 1x Spencer, 1x Trimble
  • That’s a lot of counties. That’s a lot of counties. And what that means is we need each one of those communities to come together, follow the Red Zone reduction recommendations. Our communities can stop this virus, we know what it takes, we just have to get it done.
  • Total tests conducted: 2,269,592 (PCR: 2,105,559, Serology: 87,849)
  • Positivity Rate: 7.68% - That shows that not only are we testing more per million than all but five states, but even in that the number of people who test positive is going up, which shows that this virus is growing and spreading.
  • Total hospitalized: 8,403
  • Currently hospitalized: 1,189
  • Total in ICU: 2,146
  • Currently in ICU: 286
  • Total recovered: 23,165
  • New deaths today: 14 - Who are going to be missed by their family, and their friends, and their community.
  • Total Deaths: 1,590
  • New deaths by county: 69 M Bracken, 76 M Shelby, 84 M Bullitt, 91 F Daviess, 87 M Jessamine, 76 M Jessamine, 89 M Jessamine, 84 M Jessamine, 86 M Jessamine, 92 F McLean, 80 F Bracken, 87 M Marshall, 68 M Muhlenberg, 86 M Hopkins
  • That is far, far too much loss. So, let’s wear our masks, let's light our homes up green, let's ring our bells at 10am. We can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel right now with that positive news on the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, but we still got to get there. And remember, we want to bring everybody along with us. And that means between now and when that vaccine is safe, and out there, and people have access to it, we got a lot of work to do. And we're going to be judged by the number of people who are harmed or the number of people who we lose.
  • Racial breakdown of all cases: 82.19% Caucasian, 10.76% Black or African-American, 1.48% Asian, 5.15% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all cases: 91.26% non-Hispanic and 8.74% Hispanic
  • Racial breakdown of all deaths: 84.54% Caucasian, 11.68% Black or African-American, 0.88% Asian, 2.90% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all deaths: 96.91% non-Hispanic and 3.09% Hispanic
  • Long Term Care Facilities (PDF): PDF update only
  • K-12 Update (PDF): PDF update only
  • University Update (PDF): PDF update only
  • And today we're doing a remembrance. It's particularly hard because he's one of our own here in state government. This is Tim England. Today, we remember one of our own Timothy England. He was a 10 year employee of the Department of Housing, Building, and Construction. Tim was a heating and cooling field inspector. Look at the beautiful family, my goodness. He traveled the state, making sure systems were working properly and they were installed properly for new homebuyers and businesses, Tim passed away on Sunday due to COVID-19 related complications. He was just 60 years old. The Glasgow native enjoyed spending time with his family, and I'm told his grandchildren were his life and you can see it on his face in this picture. Here he is in this photo with all his grandchildren. He also enjoyed camping, riding motorcycles and just being outdoors with his wife Joe Rita. His family said he loved making people laugh, and he was a loved man. Thank you, Tim for your service to Kentucky. And thank you to his family for allowing us to share his story. Thank you for everything you brought to this world, Tim. And we promise to your family to work harder so that others don't have to go through and what they are going through right now. Secretary Harvey and I send our condolences, and we want people throughout the Commonwealth to send their best wishes, thoughts, prayers, whatever you got, to this to this family. This is difficult and crushing to those who know him, to state government, to the entire Commonwealth.
  • Alright, a couple other pieces of information. The Kentucky Department of Corrections is reporting that we have an outbreak in our Lee Adjustment Center, which is a privately operated prison in our state system. There are currently 94 positive inmates and several test results are pending. We've arranged for mass testing of all inmates and staff at the facility. Again, this is something that we are seeing that we have done a good job of keeping the virus out. But once the community spread picks up enough, and once we have 2,100 cases per day, we can't keep it out of places, not our long term care facilities, our prisons, not our schools. So the way we protect folks there, and long term care, our kids in school, is to do what it takes to lessen the virus.
  • We also have what appears to be a case and potentially an outbreak in our Kentucky State Police Academy. So here we've got a short video of our Acting Commissioner, giving us the details.
    • Video:
  • So a number of steps are being taken at the Academy to ensure that that it does not spread further, but we wanted to be transparent with that information as soon as we have learned it.
  • Alright, next thing we're going to talk about is Thanksgiving. I'm going to make some brief remarks and then turn it over to Dr. Stack. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times during the year. It is a special time for my family that is normally spent with a lot of extended family. But this year, those larger gatherings can be very dangerous. Those that you may think may only have 5, 10 Thanksgivings left with, if we're not careful this year, you might not have more than one. We are seeing spread, and we are seeing the resulting loss happening more at family and social gatherings than anywhere else right now, and we've already seen this happen in Canada. So Canada has a Thanksgiving that is in October. It is earlier than ours, and what the Canadian government has been disclosing since then, is that they have seen significant spread through these gatherings. If you travel, now, again, we're putting people at risk, not just because of the travel, but because of the size of the gatherings, and Thanksgiving, everybody is going to take their mask off and eat and drink, and probably be inside and all of those things are very concerning. This doesn't mean anybody's suggesting Thanksgivings canceled, far from it. We ought to celebrate our blessings. We ought to be able to be in touch with each other through Zoom, but we ought to be thankful for having the knowledge of how to protect those around us. So, you know what? 2020 has been rough on a lot of things, and it's gonna be a little rough on your Thanksgiving gathering, but we're asking you, I'm pleading with you, to do it right. Because that person that you may think that you will really miss sitting across the table from you this year. I want to make sure is across the table from you next year, and this right now is the most dangerous time we've had in this virus. So with that, I know Dr. Stack has some comments on that too.
  • I'm on mute I caught myself before you had to correct me that time Governor. So, thank you very much, with respect to the Canadian news article that the governor shared that was from late October, and just to put this in context, we're in the middle of a global pandemic with an infection that spreads easily by droplets, respiratory droplets, snot, saliva, spit, all those things, and let's put that all together with what Thanksgiving, and other holiday gatherings look like. We take a large number of people, often from different households, and from different states and cities and regions, we put them indoors, in a small confined space, usually put more people than that space was intended to hold, because we pack everybody in so we can get together, we take off our masks, if we're in that setting or usually wouldn't be wearing a mask, we eat and we drink, which increases our salvation, you've all done this you eat food and you produce more saliva to help break it down, then we talk, and we laugh, and we joke, and we shout, we sing, and we do all sorts of things that spray that saliva throughout the room. That is a perfect recipe to spread this virus. So as you make your plans for the holidays I urge you, please, 2020 has been a mess, it's been a mess for all of us, we’ve got to hang in there, just a little bit longer. We are very optimistic that the first signs for the first vaccine to report information from its major trial is suggestive that our scientists have been able to figure out ways to give us a tool to help get back to lives more like we used to know. So I urge you, please, as you plan your holidays this fall, don't do the things that make us at highest risk. So before I transition to our specific guidance, the Whitehouse report came up today, and I got this just before the press conference. I'm going to read just a few bullets: “Message to communities basic actions they should take now. Do not gather without a mask with individuals living outside your household, always wearing a mask in public places, stop gatherings beyond immediate household until cases and test positivity in the yellow zone”. We have no counties in the yellow zone today counties in the yellow zone and get your flu shot. It also says “in accordance with CDC guidelines masks must be worn by students and teachers in K-12 schools”. I get some communications with people very frustrated about wearing masks and schools, the White House is telling us we have to wear masks in K-12 schools, teachers and students, “and work with hospitals, local leaders, chambers of commerce to create and communicate messages for Kentuckians to adopt about the risks of gatherings outside the home and the importance of wearing a mask. The message should be tailored to rural communities”. So look, I know there are some that aren't going to listen, I hope you listen, I'm urging you to listen for your own well being and that of your family, your friends, your neighbors. For all of those of you who will listen, this is a year to do Thanksgiving differently. If you could put up the slide that we prepared for this purpose, James. Thank you.
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