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Star~! Anchor, Interven-chan - Chapter 7

Author's Notes: M200 and Nagant spend their first night in Station 56586 and get immersed in the PMC life. Meanwhile, a strange encounter takes place in Brest Oblast.
Links to other platforms are here if you wish to read it there!
AO3 Link: [Chapter 7 - Hash Browns (Part I)]
FFN Link: [Chapter 7 - Hash Browns (Part I)]
Late Evening
Brest Oblast
Residential Area Back Alleys
The rains of the early Springtime storm had finally ceased in Brest Oblast, but it was a fragile peace. A harrowing scream rang out from the darkness of the back alleys and shattered that peace with heartless cruelty.
In the cramped, concrete confines of the alleys, as the rainwater sloshed loudly through the storm drains, the giant lady gopnik and her crew of hooligans were frozen in horror. She and her men were backed up against a dead end in the back alley and were confronted by a group of shadowy figures.
There were four large men whose faces were shrouded by peculiar white hoods that covered them from head to toe. One of those men was manhandling one of the lady gopnik’s strong goons as if he was nothing but a mere ragdoll to be played with.
The goon was forced down to his knees while the hooded man raised the goon’s arm in an angle that went well beyond what normal human anatomy would naturally allow. This caused the goon to writhe in agonizing pain - much to the dismay of the lady gopnik.
With a trembling voice, the lady gopnik appealed,
“O-oy… why are you doing this? Is this retribution for something we’ve done? We’ve left the supermarket alone! What more do you want from us!?”
When the lady gopnik spoke, a fifth figure appeared, coming from behind the hooded men. This figure had the face of a young girl with straight, flowing black hair and unnaturally light brown eyes. The girl wore a black hood similar to that of the four men, but it bore an odd mark that the lady gopnik couldn’t recognize.
The girl casually walked past her four men and the pinned down goon. She then ran a dismissive hand through her silky black hair before letting it cascade gracefully behind her. Once she was past her men, she turned her light brown eyes toward the lady gopnik and promptly corrected her,
“Oh, I am not here to demand anything from you and your lot, my dear scoundrel. As a matter of fact, I come here to you with an opportunity - an opportunity that will make you whole again… and I’m not just talking about your arm.”
The lady gopnik felt a chill run up her spine as she instinctively reached for the stump where her right arm was supposed to be. For a moment, she felt a phantom pain - an odd, faint itch as if her arm was still there. She then glared at the young girl and demanded,
“What are you talking about!?”
The girl shrugged and continued her cryptic spiel,
“I know who you are, scoundrel. You are Anastasia Malashenko. Ukrainian. Originally from Kiev, but you moved East to Belarus to escape the war… but the war found you anyways and you were drafted into an auxiliary unit. You didn’t quite finish your university degree, but that was enough to make you the 2nd Lieutenant of the KCCO’s Brest Oblast Garrison - a Mladshiy Leytenant.”
‘Anastasia’ was horrified by this young girl reading out her life story like a book, so she spat,
“How did you…!?”
However, the young girl ignored her and kept going.
“Your service to the motherland was peaceful but untarnished… until the dying days of the war when American commandos mounted a daring attack that crushed your defenses and nearly succeeded in extracting crucial state secrets. Your garrison eventually won that battle - but only after so many lives were lost hunting down the determined enemy.”
Anastasia furrowed her brow and considered her words. She couldn’t understand how this young girl knew so much about her in such detail. She suspended her disbelief and angrily argued back to defend what little pride she had left,
“I don’t know who you are, but I won’t have you talk down to me like this! I served the motherland faithfully - but the odds were stacked against me! My air defenses were sabotaged and compromised, so the enemy commandos slipped through. Then, when the commandos occupied downtown Brest, my commanders in Minsk refused to send help!”
The girl folded her arms with amusement and countered,
“That was because a ceasefire was signed between the US, the PEU and the motherland. This was the argument the KCCO HQ in Minsk told you, wasn’t it? That was why you were forced to tackle the insurgency on your own - street by street, house by house, man by man. An operation meant for dolls had to be fought with flesh and blood. Lots of flesh and blood.”
Anastasia gritted her teeth in fury as she remembered the nonchalant, dismissive attitude of her superiors more than ten years ago. Then, she recalled the bodies of dead soldiers and civilians lined up on the streets in a horrifying display. The memory made Anastasia reach for her missing arm again as she admitted,
“The insurgency lasted six months. Brest Oblast was devastated. I lost my arm fighting for the motherland, but that did not absolve me in the eyes of Minsk or Moscow. I, and the men I had left, were disgraced and ejected from the force through no fault of our own. They pinned all the blame on us. Now we roam the streets of the city we gave our bodies and our lives to protect - we’ve lost so much and you bastards say that you can make us whole again!?”
The young girl’s smirk grew wider as she stubbornly insisted,
“That’s entirely right. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have tracked you and your friends down like I did.”
She gave the hooded man behind her a sidelong glance, prompting him to free the pinned gopnik. Then, the girl then extended her arms and offered,
“My Father has sent me here to give you the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to strike back against the KCCO. They’re planning a big operation here in Brest Oblast soon… and it would be a shame if things go poorly for them, yes? After all - this operation is being led by your former superiors.”
Anastasia’s eyes lit up and burned with a furious rage as she asked,
“Sokol... and Chaika?”
The young girl tilted her head mischievously and confirmed,
“Bingo~! The KCCO took your arm from you, so now is your chance to take and break theirs. Sounds like a good deal, no?”
Anastasia clenched her one remaining fist. She then turned to her men to see what they thought. When she did, she noticed the fear in their eyes melting away - slowly being replaced by an unquenchable thirst for revenge.
That was all she needed to see. She then finally turned back to the girl and accepted,
“My men and I would like nothing else but to see Sokol and Chaika punished for their crimes. Many of the gopniks wandering this town, wasting away while wolfing down that shitty soup from Minsk, feel the same way. If the New Soviet Union won’t hold Sokol and Chaika accountable, my men and I will.”
The young girl brought her hands together graciously and answered with delight,
“Very good! In that case, I must ask that you do something for me and my Father first. Think of it as a test of your mettle.”
The dark clouds in the heavens finally parted and bright moonlight flooded the dark alleyway, illuminating it in soft silver. That moonlight reflected off of Anastasia’s determined eyes as she asked,
“What would you have us do?”
The young girl’s smile widened as she looked up to one of the tenement towers in the Residential District. Her eyes were fixed on the Romashka Building as she replied,
“There is a certain item that I want you and your men to retrieve. It belongs to my dear, dear sister, you see - and my father would like to see it returned to us. Could you do this for us, Mladshiy Leytenant Malashensko?”
“Give us the details and equipment and we’ll do what needs to be done.”
“Good. Very good. My men will be in contact with you soon with the details. They will give you your equipment as well.”
The girl then turned around and proceeded to walk away with her hooded men. However, Anastasia called out to her and asked,
“Before you go… what is your name?”
With her back turned to Anastasia, the girl put on her hood and fancifully replied,
“Terco. Call me ‘Terco’.”
Star~! Anchor, Interven-chan
Chapter 7 - Hash Browns (Part I)
G&K Station 56586
Security Tent
After the quick yet warm welcome that M14 organized for me and Nagant, my trusty bodyguard and I picked up our luggage. Welrod and Grizzly escorted us to a small tent near the entrance and the four of us entered together. Inside, the angelic figure of the kindly MP40 was waiting for us.
MP40 wore a bright smile for us all and greeted,
“Guten abend, Miss M200, Miss Nagant Revolver. Welcome back to our humble home - though it is a little bigger now than when you last saw it~!”
With that, Grizzly and Welrod stepped right back out of the tent and excused themselves. Grizzly waved goodbye to us and then to MP40 as she called,
“Don’t be too harsh on them now, MP40!”
MP40 smiled, waved back to Grizzly and cheerfully answered,
“I’ll try not to, Grizzly-senpai!”
The odd handgun couple disappeared behind the folds of the tent, leaving me and Nagant alone with the cheerful SMG doll. MP40 then snapped on a pair of short black gloves, set up a pair of coffee tables and began her inspection,
“Alright then, Miss M200. Miss Nagant Revolver. Please place your suitcases here and open them for me.”
Nagant and I followed MP40’s surprisingly dutiful orders. As we did, MP40 pulled out her tablet device and began typing in a series of commands.
All of the sudden, the quiet whir of tiny propellers came to life in the tent and a small drone took flight. The drone’s holographic projectors then came on and the semi-transparent figure of a pint-sized girl with braided black hair and loopy round glasses appeared.
“Whoa…!” I gasped, surprised by the drone’s hologram.
MP40 chuckled at my response and gestured to the drone and introduced it to us,
“This here is a ‘Rescue Fairy’ - one of the new Technical Fairies that our Station will be operating from here on out. This one specializes in finding things, so she will be helping me with my inspection today~!”
When MP40 said this, the hologram girl twirled around proudly in response. It then brandished a comically large magnifying glass before nodding to MP40.
So, MP40 nodded back and placed her hands together as she faced us and asked,
“First, I will need to register all of the weapons and equipment that you are bringing into the base.”
Nagant and I promptly obliged. My companion set her revolver down on top of her suitcase while I brought out my miniature voice recorder. I also fished out the camera-equipped drone that I had in my suitcase for MP40 to see.
MP40 folded her arms and then asked me flatly,
“No weapon for you, Miss M200?”
I shook my head and repeated the same story that I had told everyone by then, condensed into three words,
“Never had one.”
“I see.”
The ‘fairy’ then proceeded to scan Nagant’s revolver, my pieces of equipment and the rest of the contents of our suitcases. Once that was done, the fairy then pointed its holographic magnifying glass at Nagant - then at me.
Somehow, I couldn’t help but feel like the fairy’s gaze was a little bit intense when it was looking at me.
Then, the fairy took off its round glasses and squinted as she looked at me again through her magnifying glass. It made me feel a little bit nervous as I asked,
“D-did I do anything wrong, Miss MP40?”
MP40 paused for a moment and glanced at her tablet device with a curious hum. She then shook her head and reassured,
“Oh. Oh, no - not at all Miss M200. Sometimes, the fairies don’t process things right away. We’re still getting used to them, after all.”
The SMG doll tapped on her tablet device again and the ‘Rescue Fairy’ finally pulled away from my face. The hologram projection waved goodbye before it disappeared. The drone unit itself then flew back to its corner in the tent and powered down.
MP40 helped us repack our bags as she then spoke in her dutiful tone,
“My inspection is over. The two of you are now registered in our system - and my inspection is complete.”
Her expression then softened with a warm smile as she offered,
“Now that that’s done - would the two of you like a tour of the base?”
Nagant and I nodded eagerly, much to MP40’s delight. With that, MP40 showed us out of the tent and walked us through the newly-expanded Station 56586.
Residential Quarters
Main Dormitory Building
Our first stop that evening was the dormitory that Nagant and I were going to be staying at.
It was one of the prefabricated structures that I saw when we were driving in, similar to one of those small motels that were popular in America long ago. MP40 opened the door to one of the units for us, turned on the lights and showed us inside.
“Whoa… it’s a lot roomier than I thought!” I gasped as I looked around.
Past the prefabricated facade, the rooms were relatively spacious places. Inside, there were four single beds, a couple of shelves, desks and lamps - and even a large, odd trinket hanging on the wall. It looked like some odd cross between a crossbow and an anti-tank rifle.
MP40 noticed me eyeing the thing on the wall, so she explained,
“Oh, this here is a Sangvis Ferri weapon - the one used by SF SP21 ringleader known as ‘Gager’. Negev-senpai and her Echelon 2 defeated a number of Gager dummies during Operation Arctic Warfare and captured all sorts of SF equipment like this. This one here is a replica, though. The real ones were shipped off to HQ for research.”
“Defeating multiple SF ringleader dummies, huh?” I noted with amazement, “This Negev must be a force of nature on the battlefield.”
MP40 nodded eagerly and agreed,
“Indeed! Negev-senpai is one of the greatest warriors of Station 56586! She’s proud of her service to Griffin, so she chose to put this up in her room to remind herself of the job that needs to be done. Needless to say, I’m proud to serve alongside Negev-senpai.”
I nodded back but suddenly stopped myself halfway. I then turned to MP40 and asked with looming terror,
“W-wait a second. ‘Her room’? Are you saying that this room is…”
MP40 nodded again with rising excitement and cheered,
“That’s right, Miss M200! This is the room where Negev-senpai and I stay. Negev-senpai is M14-senpai’s right hand, and I am Negev-senpai’s aide-de-camp. You will be getting to stay with the two of us this week! Isn’t that great~?”
Ahahaha~ I wasn’t sure if I could agree with that one, MP40. You would have seemed like an okay roommate, but staying in the same room as that menacing monster of an adjutant was something I would have liked to avoid.
I turned to Nagant beside me to get a sense of what she thought about this arrangement, but she seemed like she was getting worked up about something else entirely. Nagant listened to MP40 drone on about ‘Negev-senpai this’ and ‘Negev-senpai that’. Her brow furrowed as she muttered beneath her breath,
“Another one? Just how many couples are living in this base!? Are these Western-lovers trying to test Babushka’s patience by making her a seventh wheel!? Hrgh…!”
Hmm… I probably shouldn’t disturb her for now.
In any case, Nagant and I claimed our beds, set our suitcases down and then let MP40 continue to show us around the base. Since it was already evening, I decided to keep my camera-equipped drone stowed away for the time being. I didn’t think I was going to get any noteworthy footage in the pitch darkness.
So, under the occasional sweep of searchlights, MP40 walked us through the base’s training grounds, the repair bay and the command post. She pointed out to those buildings and told us a little bit about the things that went on inside of them like a bona fide tour guide.
However, I couldn’t help but notice that we steered clear of the heart of the base itself. In particular, we didn’t go anywhere near the nuclear bunker that survived the aerial bombardment.
I wondered if that was some sort of restricted area or something.
I tucked my curiosity away for the time being as I felt the appetite that I had been building up from our stroll start to catch up with me. Nagant’s stomach likewise grumbled, drawing an amused chuckle from MP40.
So, our tour guide ended our tour at a large building near the prefabricated dorm: the cafeteria.
“New Armory” Cafeteria
MP40 opened the doors of the cafeteria building and proudly welcomed us inside. It was a large, common dining hall with tables, chairs and a full-service kitchen behind a plexiglass wall. Just as I expected, there were a number of speakers on the walls that were tuned in to the Western music broadcast from the G&K Glasgow branch office, much to Nagant’s chagrin.
However, the thing that caught me by surprise was the fact that there were four MP40 dummies scattered about the cafeteria that evening.
Two of the MP40 dummies were hard at work in the kitchen. The third was manning the cafeteria counter and serving the dolls their meals while the last was busy bussing tables and cleaning trays.
MP40, Nagant and I lined up for our meals and were served a simple cooked meal: meatloaf, stir-fried vegetables and mashed potatoes, paired with a cup of hearty beef broth and a cup of hot tea.
The three of us found a table and ate our meal together with the rest of the dolls in the hall.
I worked my way through the food quickly and praised,
“This stuff is pretty good!”
Nagant, on the other hand, tried to act more aloof,
“Hmph. I guess this is okay… for Western fare.”
However, it was clear that Nagant was enjoying her meal quite a bit. The stubborn Russian handgun doll then cautiously probed as she made gestures in the air,
“Though… I have heard about this mythical sandwich from the West. They say there is a patty of beef in the middle, with lettuce and tomato and a variety of different possible sauces. It sounds like yet another symbol of Western decadence, but yet - it sounds… interesting.”
MP40 chuckled at Nagant’s cautious curiosity and answered outright,
“Those are called ‘hamburgers’, Miss Nagant. Grizzly-senpai helps me cook them on Tuesdays. She’s very handy when it comes to grilling!”
Nagant seemed to brighten up immensely when she heard this, but she cleared her throat and did her best to act aloof once more.
“V-very well. I shall attempt to partake of this mythical ‘hamburger’ you speak of on Tuesday. I… I will have high expectations of it!”
MP40 gave Nagant a thumbs up and accepted the challenge wholeheartedly. She then proudly remarked,
“I’m glad the two of you like the food here! We had the full-service kitchen installed last week and morale has improved quite a bit!”
I nodded in agreement, but then pointed to MP40’s dummies to ask,
“I do like the food - but I do have to ask you… why are your dummies wearing maid uniforms?”
MP40, however, was unfazed as she honestly replied,
“Before the Tasteless and Unsavory Incidents ravaged our Station, we had a really nice cafe that everyone in this Station loved. It was run by our adjutant at the time - Springfield-oneesama, the Cafe Springfield. When Springfield-oneesama’s duties started to pile up, she took another doll - G36-senpai - as an apprentice and barmaid and taught her everything she knew. Then, one thing led to another, and G36-senpai took me as her apprentice.”
MP40 dug into the pocket of her coat and drew out a maid’s headdress and added,
“Both Springfield-oneesama and G36-senpai believed that a warm smile and a home-cooked meal can change the world for the better, one step at a time. Neither of them are here at the base anymore, and I only had about a week to learn from G36-senpai, but I wanted to carry on that tradition for them in their stead.”
A G36 doll, huh? Weren’t G36’s on the recall list issued by I.O.P. not too long ago? This G36 was trained by the fugitive Springfield too no less.
I held my cup in my hands and looked at my own distorted reflection in the tea as I pondered.
Something deep inside me told me that a doll who could prepare food with such a gentle flavor could be thoroughly evil like all the official reports said. If MP40 was a reflection of this base’s G36 and Springfield, then I couldn’t help but feel like those two dolls couldn’t be all that bad.
MP40 tilted her head with curiosity and asked,
“Is there something wrong, Miss M200?”
I shook my head and promptly reassured,
“Nope. I was just thinking about how I can tell your story in my spiel when I start filming for Live at Five.”
MP40 smiled at my reply and hummed,
“I see~! We switch to GKTV-5 on the radio here from time to time. I’ll look forward to hearing your segment, Miss M200.”
Later that evening
Dorm Room #1
After dinner, Nagant, MP40 and I returned to the dorm. Traveling to Station 56586 and touring a small part of it - on top of working a full day at GKTV-5 - knocked the wind of my sails and Nagant seemed like she was ready to fall asleep as well. The two of us were ready to hit the sack, so we waited for MP40 to open the door for us.
That was when MP40 noticed something strange. She turned the knob but met almost no resistance. MP40 then gasped,
“Huh…? The door is unlocked?”
More than that, the lights inside the dorm were on. The light flowed out from the space beneath the door. MP40 furrowed her brow and swiftly opened the door.
Nagant and I followed behind MP40 and we found the most peculiar sight. Inside our joint dorm room, the adjutant of the base - the fearsome war hero Negev - was sprawled out face-down on her bed at an odd angle.
Negev was snoring peacefully, already fast asleep on top of her formerly pristine blankets. Moreover, her hair was disheveled and she was still in her full regular attire.
MP40 pouted at the unflattering sight of Negev, so she put her hands on her hips and lectured,
“Negev-senpai! You can’t go to sleep like this. Your uniform will get wrinkled and your hair will get frizzy in the morning!”
The pink-haired adjutant, however, simply grumbled in response and turned to her side,
“Hrghmm… I’m a… specialist…”
The maneuver wrinkled Negev’s Star of David-clad uniform even more, causing MP40 to heave a sigh. The German SMG then compromised,
“Fine. You’re a specialist, but let me at least help you into bed, senpai. We have guests, after all.”
The sleeping Negev didn’t reply, so MP40 took that as a sign to go ahead. With that, MP40 proceeded to gently strip Negev down to her underwear, meticulously undo Negev’s side-tail and then remove her twin Star of David hairpins. After this, MP40 tucked Negev into bed and then did her best to undo the wrinkles on her uniform.
Watching this whole exchange seemed surreal to me - so much so that my honest thoughts slipped out,
“Huh. Even the war hero Negev can be an angel when she’s fast asleep.”
MP40 then looked behind her back to face me and countered,
“Negev-senpai is more of an angel than you think, Miss M200! She’s a nice girl once you get to know her, but she’s dutiful to a fault. She has been hard at work to prepare the Station to accommodate a War Correspondent, you know. Though - in my opinion, she’s been pushing herself too hard.”
Hmm… was that why Miss Negev was especially ticked off when Grizzly tried to troll her over the radio earlier?
MP40 turned back to Negev to attend to her and continued,
“There’s a long story to it, but Negev-senpai is atoning for something that happened in the Unsavory Incident. She won’t say it - but she doesn’t believe that she deserves to be the adjutant after what she did… but I feel like she’s done more than enough to show her loyalty. M14-senpai agrees, and that’s why she was chosen. But Negev-senpai is stubborn. Too stubborn.”
MP40 then knelt down and gently flicked Negev’s forehead out of frustration, drawing a mildly irritated groan from the sleeping Israeli doll.
The doting German doll then whispered beneath her breath,
“I just wish that this hard-headed ‘specialist’ would rely on me and everyone else a little bit more. She doesn’t have to weather this storm all on her own.”
With that, MP40 stood up and began undressing herself this time. She wore a small smile for me and Nagant and gently reminded,
“We’re going to have an early day tomorrow, so I suggest that we go to sleep as soon as possible, Miss M200, Miss Nagant Revolver.”
Nagant and I obliged and we started changing into our nightwear. The two of us then slipped into our beds while MP40 turned off the dorm lights.
I closed my eyes, steadied my breathing and let myself drift back into the blue-tinged dreamworld in the eye of my mind.
10:25PM - System Clock: UTC +3
When I sank back into my personal ZENER cyberspace, I found her again - that white-haired human girl I found earlier when we were driving into the base. The girl was sitting comfortably in the peculiar scene that had rendered into the eye of my mind - the newly-built cafeteria of Station 56586.
I willed myself to glide down towards the girl and eventually closed the distance between us. The girl looked behind her back as if she had noticed my presence. She then wore a warm smile on her lips and gestured to me, beckoning me to come over.
I cautiously obliged, walking around the table and pulling up a seat for myself in front of her. For the first time, I got a good look at the girl’s face. She looked rather young - a teenager perhaps - but she did have hints of rings beneath her eyes.
Most youngsters spent so much time online back then, so eyebags weren’t really unusual for them to have. However, this girl’s pristine white hair and her pretty lavender eyes were much more curious. Those seemed like features closer to a doll than a human being - and yet, this girl was flesh and blood.
There was a faint difference in the sound between a mechanical heart and a human heart - and I heard this girl’s heart beat like that of a human’s.
How strange.
The girl sipped on a cup black tea, just like the one I had during dinner earlier. She then turned to me again with a happy tone,
“Thank goodness. For a moment, I thought you were ignoring me.”
I furrowed my brow and got straight to the point,
“Who are you - and why can you see me? This is my dreamspace. You’re supposed to be a figment of my imagination.”
“Figment of your imagination? How rude. A star anchor would need to have a pleasant personality to be on primetime television, you know.”
I gritted my teeth at the girl’s cheeky response. I was tempted to ask why she knew about my dream job, but I pulled back and repeated my question,
“Don’t mess with me and answer my question. Who are you?”
The girl snorted and then promptly shrugged,
“I’m a tourist - just like you. I’ve been to many places, actually. Toronto. Glasgow. Strasbourg. Trieste. Warsaw. Brest. All sorts of places, always pushing East! I was just minding my business before you came along, you know.”
“Why you…”
“I’m here for a reason, Miss M200 of GKTV-5. Think about it long enough and I’m sure you’ll remember me - but don’t think about it too hard. It’s not nice to get lost in your thoughts when there is still work to be done, after all~!”
“What do you mean by that?”
The girl chuckled and smiled kindly again as she explained,
“You’ll understand soon enough. For now - it’s time you got up. Your friends from Griffin want to play again, after all.”
“Huh… wait!”
Before I could say anything else, the dreamscape around me faded to black. In the blink of an eye, the white-haired girl disappeared and I was pulled back into reality.
March 5, 2063 - Sunrise
Station 56586 - Residential Quarters
Dormitory Room #1
My less-than-peaceful sleep was shattered by the alarming blast of a bugle Reveille at the break of dawn. The sun had only just begun peeking out from behind the hills in the East when I shot up from my bed and sat upright in a panic. Nagant followed suit in her own bed as even she was taken aback by the unfathomably loud and early morning routine.
At the other end of the room, however, the kindly MP40 was already up and about and was doing some stretching. Negev, on the other hand, was also fully dressed and was seated at one of the desks and was already working on her tablet device. From where she was seated, I caught a glimpse of the adjutant wearing an uncharacteristically cute pair of red-rimmed glasses.
Negev heard the groggy groans coming from me and Nagant, so she turned towards us from her seat, adjusted her glasses and then casually remarked,
“Oh. So the two of you are awake. I was just about to have MP40 wake the two of you up, but the Reveille got you first. Gotta say, I’m a little impressed.”
The Israeli adjutant then set aside her tablet device, put away her glasses and then ran a hand through her hair as she got back into her menacing character. She stood up and looked down on me and Nagant and declared,
“But the morning-shift dolls of this Station are supposed to get up before the Reveille. That means the two of you are doing laps around the perimeter. Get up and get dressed. We’re going jogging in fifteen! HOP TO IT!”
At Negev’s command, Nagant and I obliged out of terror and began dressing up as quickly as we could. As I was putting on my shirt, I was quietly hoping that the kindly MP40 would intervene for me and Nagant, but the doting German SMG doll was beaming with delight as if she was pleased by what she was seeing.
I had to make it a point to remember that MP40 was more loyal to Negev than to us, and that she was a Negev fangirl through and through.
Once Nagant and I were dressed up, MP40 approached us with a pair of fully-loaded knapsacks and two heavy-looking, wood-stocked bolt-action rifles. Puzzled by the things that MP40 brought out, I dared to ask,
“Uh… what are these?”
MP40 chuckled mischievously and replied,
“The dolls of our station bring full combat gear when we go on exercises like this. Also - since the two of you don’t have heavy weapons, I figured I’d give you both some long guns that we had in storage! They’re decommissioned M1903 Springfield rifles.”
Negev rubbed her chin in approval and praised,
“Good thinking, MP40. This will certainly give these media girls the full experience!”
“Ehehe~ I do my best, Negev-senpai~!”
Then, with a warm smile on her lips, MP40 turned to us and repeated Negev’s orders,
“You heard Negev-senpai~! Hop to it!”
Fighting hard to stop the tears from streaking down our faces, Nagant and I put on our knapsacks, carried the decommissioned rifles and felt the combined weight of it all pulling us down. MP40 helped us secure our knapsacks in place and noted,
“It’s pretty heavy, huh? But don’t forget your camera equipment too! You want to get some good footage of the base, don’t you?”
More like footage of me and Nagant panting and wheezing for being out of shape, perhaps.
Oh well, I guess a War Correspondent really would have to be prepared for these sorts of things. I pulled out my smartphone and then activated the camera-equipped drone. The small flying drone popped out from its compartment in my suitcase and then hovered above me.
MP40 gave us a nod of approval and then barked as she clapped with urgency,
“The rest of the morning shift dolls should be starting their jog through the base. Follow them to the trail and keep going! Go, go, go!”
With that, Nagant and I rushed out of the dorm room saddled with our equipment and decommissioned rifles and jogged down the road as we were told. True enough, there was a stream of dolls jogging through the base with knapsacks and their namesake weapons in tow.
There were about thirty of them that morning - each one an original unit carrying a different kind of gun. Welrod and Grizzly were among them too, but they were also carrying long guns that weren’t their own. If my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, then their guns looked like FNC assault rifles.
In any case Nagant and I rushed to join the jogging platoon of dolls and struggled to keep up with them. That naturally put us towards the tail end of the formation, along with dolls that were carrying bulkier firearms.
Still, even from there, I felt an odd energy emanating from the jogging platoon as every single doll there was chanting melodic military cadences in English without skipping a beat. By the time Nagant and I got there, they were talking about ‘teenage queens’ - and now they were talking about ‘pork and beans’.
Once I had managed to adjust my pace and my breathing to the joggers, I brought out my smartphone and ordered my camera drone to fly ahead of the platoon. I glanced at the footage on my phone and spotted Subcommander M14 leading the pack!
M14 had a knapsack - just like everyone else - and carried her namesake M14 rifle with great pride as she made up her cadences on the fly. The Subcommander noticed my drone flying overhead, so she saluted to the camera and started her cadence anew,
“Meatball Monday! Sunday Stew!”
“Meatball Monday! Sunday Stew!”
“Sangvis Ferri, we’re comin’ for you!”
“Sangvis Ferri, we’re comin’ for you!”
While Nagant and I were still catching our breaths, M14 and her crazy dolls were chanting at the top of their lungs like it was second nature to them. As the cadence went on, MP40 and Negev soon joined us from behind. They, too, had their knapsacks and weapons with them and were chanting the freestyle cadence with wholehearted fervor.
Every doll, from Subcommander to foot soldier, marched and sang together as a unit. It was sort of a cool sight to behold. Even after the harrowing events of the Tasteless and Unsavory Incidents, Station 56586 stood united and was stronger than ever.
At least, that was the messaging that I was getting from the things that I had seen thus far. I had a feeling that if ever I was or if I would ever become a fully-fledged T-Doll, I wouldn’t mind joining a Station like this.
However, like that strange visitor in the eye of my mind said, there was still work to be done.
For now, I just had to pick up the pace and make sure that I didn’t get left behind in the dust.
A good hour after the morning Reveille, M14 finally gave the order for the platoon to halt and to be at ease. After a grueling trek up and down a series of sandy, rolling hills, Nagant and I fell down to our knees and dropped down onto the beaten trail. Seeing how the rest of the dolls in the platoon were still up on their feet, I couldn’t help but feel like M14 called the rest for my sake and Nagant’s.
However, Negev walked over to us with a kind expression on her face and a canteen of water in hand. She then offered it to us, saying,
“You guys did well today. Good job.”
Grizzly, Welrod and MP40 likewise gave us nods of approval. Nagant and I thankfully nodded back and then we took turns drinking from the canteen. After that, MP40 went around the clearing on the hill and started handing out breakfast rations for everyone in the platoon.
I got my breakfast ration and read the label out loud,
“Menu number eight. Pork sausage with hash browns.”
While I was settling down on my little spot on the hill, my flying camera drone finally returned to my side as well and I quietly thanked the machine for its hard work. So, I brought out my smartphone and brought up the camera drone’s app to check on the footage I got during the morning jog.
When I returned the drone to manual control, however, I noticed something odd near the hill. There seemed to be traces of metal sticking out from the sand, so I commanded the drone to fly over.
Not far from where I sat, the drone found a small, dark crevice that was almost buried completely by sand. Inside of that crevice was the rusted remains of a peculiar aircraft that was marked ‘USAFEE’.
United States Army Forces in Eastern Europe.
To Be Continued
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