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[Let’s Build] Seeds to set up a False Hydra encounter

For anyone not familiar with the False Hydra, here’s the original post by Goblin Punch.
1) A bakery has an order that was never picked up. As the baker looks at the name/info of the written order, they can't seem to remember writing it/can't make it out/don't know who it is
2) An orphanage that was feasted on by the False Hydra still is run by a director. Anyone who comes there sees there were signs of children (maybe even pictures of all the children and the director). The director will say there have never been any orphans here.
3) Many mirrors around the town have been shattered
4) There is going to be an event at the library where a famous author does a book signing. The author gets eaten and the librarian can't understand why they received so many books of this author they've never heard of or books they don't remember ordering. Must have been a shipping error.
5) Many houses are in disrepair. Everyone brushes them off as having always been abandoned.
6) The innkeeper finds that people keep breaking in to his rooms and leaving things lying around.
7) The deaf old man has gone crazy, shouting about monsters poking out of the ground.
8) You are perusing your official families records and notice a number of names that dont match the spoken genealogy. These discrepancies seem to be appeari g more frequently in the more recent generations....
9) Last night hundreds of carts appeared with no owner and each one has a different name carved in that no one can remember.
10) The party fights a creature that would normally be way above their CR. But it has been weakened somehow and upon returning to the inn they find an extra set of starting equipment that no one remembers.
11) A villager who is obviously in distress and can only communicate using their hands and with various moans. When questioned, locals inform the party that the villager has always been deaf, but their mania is a recent development. No one can seem to remember who was taking care of the villager or where they live.
12) One of the hydra's heads is smaller and less developed than the others. It sings its song falteringly, leading it t
13) 'Single' parent finds opposite gender clothes in their bedroom they don't recognize.
14) The mayor asks the party to come to the town to help. Upon arrival, no one in town remembers a mayor since the last one left the post years ago.
15) A quest is given to capture a known smuggler, injured and suspected to have fled to a bar which is the stronghold of a neighbourhood gang in a town a day or two away. When the party reaches this place they find nobody will offer any information about the person, no matter the method of interrogation. Nobody seems like they are lying. And hey, doesn't the gang seem kind of small considering its reputation?
16) A bag of holding with 100g, and basic adventuring equipment is found one morning next to the party, and a broken window. They have no idea who's it is, since they either guarded the place or they locked the room from the inside. They had an extra party member that was eaten, a head came in from the window that is now shattered.
17) The "crazy cat lady" is having trouble with her cats, they have started hissing while looking at the sky, and they keep escaping from her house.
18) Have the group roll for initiative at random times in town. That's it. Just roll, and then move on. The false hydra they're encountering has to cough and it reveal itself if it has to but immediately goes back to singing. When they ask, tell them they never rolled their dice.
19) A loud noise (metal crashing, etc) blocks out the song for a short period of time, allowing the party to briefly notice a ghastly grey face staring from behind a window. For bonus points, when they ask about it, only reply "What face?"
20) Shops and homes stand empty. Passer-by’s will comment that this has always been the case. However, evidence inside such structures will always easily reveal this to be false. E.g. on the table is an half-finished meal no more than two weeks old and the wardrobes are filled etc.
21) The spot where the deaf beggar once sat is now long empty. His blanket and hat with a few silver pieces lie dormant. The party might notice how some folk will briefly stop at the site before walking on, confused only for a few seconds.
22) A stay cat suddenly starts hissing. He looks straight at the party! Or not. Upon further inspection (passive insight) he appears to be looking at something directly behind the party. After only a second or so the cat suddenly bolts off in the opposite direction of the party.
23) Jack Flanagan gets eaten by day 2. Barnaby and his cart are still standing in the middle of the road, however. When asked about anything related to the character I said: ‘Wait, who’s Jack?’– I only know a Jackie ;). Hopefully your variant of ‘Who’s Jack’ will also become a running meme at your table.
24) After some time the party notices that they suddenly got 50 gp, a potion of invisibility, a potion of greater healing, and a potion of fire breath. They don’t know where these items came from, only that they weren’t there before. (this is the reward from Jack Flanagan to the party for escorting him to town).
25) Other characters that the players have met or know about also start to disappear. Nobody knows what is happening and the player’s characters cannot seem to remember anything themselves. The players should start to catch on by now.
26) The staple line that you as the DM can deliver at these moments, or after other sorts of inconstancies: “Oh, but don’t you remember??” Then continue to make up shit on the spot.
27) Players hear a scream from around the corner! When they arrive at the scene they just see a woman casually picking up some fallen apples from the ground and continue on her way as if nothing has happened.
28) Only half of the lamps in town are lit. The other half is dark. On consequent nights all lights are off and people question whose job it was to lit the lamps anyway
29) At one point one of the players stumbles over a neck of the False Hydra. The player him/herself, however, doesn’t notice this, only the other characters do. He/she might notice a bruise on his knee later without knowing where it came from.
30) You feel your head throbbing. You suddenly got an enormous headache while you are doing X. Every time a player creates a logical paradox (aka. meta-games hard) the player could take some psychic damage. Alternatively, talk to your players and ask them to play along.
31) While they are having dinner they suddenly experience a profound silence, like when some background noise has suddenly dropped dead. Everybody around you has also stopped making noise at the same time. It takes roughly 12 seconds before people start acting again as if nothing has happened. To increase the effect on the players stop playing the static noise for a few seconds and then resume as the commotion picks up on the streets again. From this point onwards they will probably be aware of the static, you shouldn’t increase the noise levels too much from here on out. The dissonance this created was beautiful to watch.
32) The players suddenly find themselves in another street in the city with their weapons drawn. Subtract some HP from all the players and reduce their spell slots, arrows, and the likes down with 1d4. They cannot remember where they have been during the past 2 hours. Also reduce the Hydra’s hit points with 55 hp or 10d10.
33) When looking in the window of a store one player might notice a white face looking at him from high above and behind a chimney. If the player turns around (and/or back again) the head is gone.
34) If one of the players thinks he/she is clever by writing stuff down in a notebook in the game he/she then finds 5 (or less depending on the time it has taken the player to be clever) more pages already filled in with notes: Page one: Mostly gibberish. The following sentence is the only coherent message that you can deceiver. “I never heard such a profound silence in my whole life.” Page two: only the word WATCHING is written with large letters over and over. This obfuscates the rest of the page. Page three: A weirdly drawn oval shape is connected to two long parallel lines. Inside the oval are a single curved line and two large black dots where you expect the eyes to go (rough drawing of one hydra head). Page four: Written increasingly smaller and at the bottom of the page: “Don’t forget about the dog” Page five: I have forgotten about the dog and this notebook altogether, that is f*cking scary! Shit! What is happening? I should definitely start writing down more notes.
35) When using certain anti-magic spells or divination spells such as detect evil and magic the effects of the mind song might be negated for the time being. With a perception check of DC14 the character might notice the signing. It is a weird chant in Deep speech (or another rare language that one of your players happens to know). If a character asks for the text give them the following description (text is in Dutch, I tried to translate it but I could not get it to work otherwise): Achter de sombere donkere wolkjes Speelt het maantje kiekeboe Zie, daar komt hij weer eens kijken En het lacht jou vriendelijk toe Kon het maantje jou grijpen heus Dan trok hij jou even bij de neus Aardig maantje, grappig maantje Ik moet nu wezenlijk naar bed Zeg, maak jij daar in je eentje Nu nog maar een beetje pret Kijk, daar ga ik kiekeboe Nu doe jij eeuwig je oogjes toe DM notes: From here on out you can play some creepy lullaby song in the background as well! Any offbeat happy tune also works.
36) When players are walking over the fields near the mayor’s house you can tell them: “There is a strange pile of rubble in the middle of the field. It almost looks like someone had tried to dig a hole to plant a new tree, and its placement is a bit haphazard, but you don’t think anything of it.”
37) Wake up with the words "IT'S WATCHING YOU RIGHT NOW" sloppily carved into one of your player's chests. There is skin under the fingernails of his non-dominant hand, which is still sticky with not-quite-dried blood.
38) All dogs seem to have vanished from town. Cats are sometimes heard hissing from around the corner and can be found hiding in the most unlikely of spots inside abandoned houses and/or other shelters.
39) As time goes on more and more people seems to be walking into invisible objects. Everybody around them notices it however the person who just got knocked down is always blissfully unaware.
40) The players might encounter a house with a lot of mirror’s and painters supplies. All mirrors but one have been smashed. A new and freshly painted portrait of a white face adorns the wall of this home, it looks at you creepily. “Have you seen this face before?”
41) The "mad wolf man and his pack" in the outskirts of town has been turning away merchants, mercenaries, and bandits before they come to town. The town guard and township say they do not approach him as he was a war hero that was never married after war and lost his hearing a long time ago. But, the town needs supplies and the township tells you to make him stop. Reality: He is deaf as he was a false hydra scout but, his wife and children were not. He lost them to the hydra and his wolves came to him after he lost hope with talking the guards into kill the monster before the monster got there and a forest spirit coming to his aid after pleading to stop this from happening.
42) Merchandise fall off the shelves in stores and small localized earthquakes are felt around town.
43) A severed body part that no one can place is randomly found in an odd alley or on a street corner.
44) A priest of the local church has been ringing the bell day and night like a disaster is happening. The town members and guards who came to church aid him in ringing the bell to no end or leaving town while the other towns folk try to ignore it.
45) The lunatics are painfully saner and the nurses are much more sadistic and cruel.
46) A madman (the head of the guards) turned most the guards insane by tamping wax into their ears. The mayor and townsfolk orders them to stop and fight them to keep their ears clear.
47) A Shepard has little to no sheep is richer than a red dragon, despite his massive manger, granaries, ware house, and fields being almost barren. The occasional scream of a ram is heard before it becomes muffled by something, but, the shepard ignores it with tears in his eyes.
48) Someone on the street sees the False Hydra through a mirror in a display window at an antique store. They break the window and the mirror inside, afterwards rationalizing that they're just awfully clumsy. The party stumbles upon the store's owner sweeping up the broken glass. The person who broke the mirror sits inside the store, hands bloodied and cut.
49) A street busker is incapable of playing their instrument. Whenever they begin to play, within moments they falter and stop. They begin again. They stop. They begin again.
submitted by EmpireofAzad to d100

Womford & Bargewright Inn. Making a real Zhentarim base

EDIT: My biggest complaint was that this was hard to read so I put together a much easier to read document for the entire adventure https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/wfavQGCNX
So for those that don't know the SKT book has small entries for these towns right next to each other. One (Womford) is a tiny village where a dragon was once slain and the people are now prayed upon by a vampire called "The Womford Bat". Across the river is an Inn that spawned a walled town called Bargewright Inn, the Inn is run by a former spy who uses the inn for shady dealings, and he keeps a vampire in the inn to deal with any problems that should bother him. That is about all you get from the book. But I wanted to make a 2-5 session mystery, as well as a real place for the Zhentarim to act out of for my campaign. The earliest your players can get here is level 6. I got my players here at level 8 by convincing them that after taking out The Hill Giant chieftain in her lair that they wanted to sell some treasure, and needed baths, and missed having real beds and meals and booze for the first time in weeks (in-game) so that meant they had to travel to a nearby town and get some hero worship for taking out the giants. Though I have them beat the news of the giant's slaying by about a day if they use their airship so if they shoot their mouths off they likely will be met with rolled eyes. You can even have the prisoner they freed from Grud Haug be the one to deliver the news.

FYI the edits are very easy to drop into the SKT PDF
CHANGES TO WOMFORD I didn't really make a LOT of changes here since very little time would be spent here.
The only named NPC I added to this town was Laerran Hawksul, a crazy and rural sounding old man who runs whatever store your players go to first, whether it be the Inn, or General Store. He is useful for spreading rumors of "The Bat!" and warning players not to linger outside at night. Also his Inn should conveniently be light on rooms or his store lacking in goods enough to create incentives to go to Bargewright Inn. At any rate Hawksul can't tell you often the bat strikes because it often targets homeless, or travelers, and even when it doesn't it likes to hide the bodies somewhere in the town so they find bodies a few days old drained of all their blood. He thinks (and is correct) in saying that the bat kills about 1 or 2 people every month.
I made it known that a census was done here but not in Bargewright and there are roughly 500 people in the town (feel free to shrink that down if you want a more deserted feel to the village) and gave them a small 8 man guard made of volunteers with their jail being just an old meat smoking house that they throw people into like a drunk tank.
To increase their economy I added a pair of sour apple orchards, a ford, and a mill, to go with the granaries already there, so that the peasants have things to do other than just strictly farm and make immediately needed goods, and have reasons for traders to stop by since they are both near a major road, and the Dessarin River.
To flesh out their shops (but not make them so useful as to keep the heroes from heading over the river to Bargewright Inn) I said they mostly sell perfumes, traps, spices, and cordials, with passing merchants. Apart from basic necessities like a candle maker, and that a lot of tradesman lived on the other side of the river in Bargewright Inn,
To add just a little bit of magic I added a well to the town that taps into a natural magic pocket of sweet-tasting water. (this can be useful later if you want to throw another clue to players have the water of the well start to taste foul and bad, and if they investigate they can find many bodies of the vampire's victims in the bottom of the well)
To deepen some lore, I have the people of Womford adorn their doors with mirrors to try to ward off the monster, and a dilapidated run-down church that no longer is active.
Changes to the Bridge
I named the bridge to be "the Ironford Bridge" which was the original name of Womford
The ford was once the site of an old wooden bridge, which was later destroyed. Exactly how this happened wasn't well known, but it seemed that a band of adventurers were assaulted by a pack of trolls charging out of the water, and emptied a wand of fireballs into their midst, incinerating the bridge in the process. This lore can easily be changed to fit something more meaningful to your game, or left as is to remind your players they aren't the first band of misfit adventurers to wander these hills and failing to do something memorable will leave them as little more than an asterisk in history like these adventurers.
A new bridge was constructed at the ford by 1370 DR, this one from Iron, but it was made more narrow, now only one cart can fit through at a time, as a deliberate measure of defense by the Zents on top of the hill.
Changes to the town of Bargewright Inn
This place only shows on maps as an Inn, not a town, so it may be a surprise to some that it exists. Long ago an Inn was built on Jundar's Hill, it was later acquired by Zentarum who brought so much illicit wealth through the Inn that they could pay to make the inn bigger... that stores started popping up around it... that eventually they could afford their own wall. Now the Inn is the center of it's own town that conducts no census, that pays no taxes to major states, that claims no affiliation to any leader, and has it's own militia and wall. There also always seems to be a thick veil of fog over this town, it blots out the sun just enough that seeing someone outside doesn't rule them out as being the vampire.
Government: the town claims to be Sovereign Plutocracy of business owners (most of whom are in the pockets of the Black Network) that does not need Lord's Alliance, Harpers, or Order of the Gauntlet to collect portions of their hard-earned cash or tell them how to live. In truth they are a Zent front, that is who truly protects them and supplies them with exclusive trade deals so that they do not need protection or trade deals from other factions.
Militia: I upgraded the senior sword of this militia to be a "Champion" who takes no shit from anyone and doesn't invite anyone to question her rule, it was a hard climb for a woman to lead this town guard, and she'll surrender that authority only in death. She is not a Zent, nor does she care for Zents, but she is more soldier than detective, and a staunch Libertarian so that the sound of a sovereign independent town sounds great enough to her that she doesn't ask the important enough questions to realize what is really going on here
Businesses: this not only gives players places to sell and buy things, it provides a lot of suspects and red hearings to help making solving the mystery (who exactly is the Bat) a bit harder. A lot of people in Bargewright Inn live here because it is a place where people don't ask questions and they have a thing they are running from.
BlackSmith- Romerick Pockerm, Half-Orc, very angry man, mother was human, father was never in the picture making him a bastard that has no love for his orc heritage, essentially sold by his extremely poor mother to apprentice under the blacksmith in Leilon (the city doesn't matter, I just like that cause it is the closest big city to LMoP). He was happy there for a time, until his master was murdered, and being half-orc the blame was stuck to him for a crime he had no part in, and was also mourning, he had no choice but to flee or be likely executed, and so he has found himself in a foggy Zent City.
Midwife- a doubting tiefling woman, she has no criminal activity, but merely being a tiefling will likely gain some racist suspicion from the party.
Coopers- A human family makes the barrels in this town and the patriarch of the family is always harassed by his wife for a drinking problem he has, but this could be misinterpreted as her fearing him sneaking out at night looking for something to drink...
woodworkers/cobblers/rat catchers- a large family of 10 kobolds who are fearful refugees from Klauth the ancient red dragon work in this town, they hate killing, and trap setting, they just want to live, and although their grasp on common is a bit broken they are happy to find a place that accepts them and lets them just work with their hands
Undertaker- Creeeeeek (like a coffin shutting) is the Kenku Death Cleric of Kelemvor. She is the undertaker for this city and speaks in stolen mismatched voices and sits under a dark hood, she is very creepy but actually very generous and friendly if you get to know her, she can't help being creepy, and she in fact HATES the undead.
Stables- Owned by Tytos Dirge, a crotchety old man with a glass eye and a peg leg. His 2 sons also work here, Maul Dirge, a huge brooding man with a sour disposition, and Tomothy Dirge, a surprisingly chipper and happy kid. They sell horses, donkeys, dogs, and saddles.
Zent Tax-collector: Naeremos the one-armed. Thug with the following updates: HP: 55 AC 12 +6 to hit, 1D8+4. Pack tactics. multi-attack. heavy crossbow Prof in stealth, forgery, pickpocket, and as you can guess, one-armed. He and his "wife" were actually in Brin Shander earlier in the game if your players went there and may recognize them, but likely not
Tailor- partner of Naeremos the One-armed, Sorelisa Zandra a female human spy
There are also a series of locked warehouses in the town where falsified manifests that show a lot of trade with the pirate city Luskin are stored with tons of contraband flowing in and out, as well as...a lot of clothes for every social class imaginable, and guard outfits from basically every reach of Fearun.
DoppleGangsters: The zents have employed 11 doppelgangers to spy on people in the towns, pretend to be the dead to buy them enough time to create reasons for their disappearances, and spread misinformation that the Bat is just a rumor believed by country rubes. (possibly kill off Laerran Hawksul, or a Lord's Alliance rep that travels into town and replace them with a doppleganger that now is saying the bat ISN'T real or the town DOESN'T need a census or to pay taxes as a tip-off to players that there is mischief afoot). There are also a lot of unused houses in Bargewright Inn that are used to store criminals on the lamb, contraband, or secret meeting places, but the doppelgangers cycle trough these homes changing identities to make them look used and lived in, investigation of them by the party will find the houses only appear to have people living here.

Changes to the Inn itself: For starters I turned changed the Half-elf spy to a half-elf retired assassin. And gave him a man to watch his back, Consestrus a half-elf bard who keeps the place filled with music (to drown out any screaming) and as I said before, have his back.
To enter the Inn one must first pass the bouncers, a pair of chaw chewing thugs named Gimmel and Zander. They look a lot alike with their dark brown hair and oxen sized shoulders but neither are related. Though they sometimes have fun telling the tavern girls that they are brothers or cousins or such. They are low level Zents. They are "Thugs" from the MM
The book says the half-elf bar owner smuggled in dangerous poisons, and magic but never tells you more. It can be totally up to you what you offer to your players, but for me I had him sell: standard healing potions (50 GP), 1 potion of greater healing for 300 GP Potions of resistance for 50 GP (He has2 of every variety) 5 Philters of love for 50 GP each 5 potion of mind reading for 500 GP each 5 xray vision potions for 250 GP each 5 disguise self potions for 300 GP each 5 potions of invisibility worth 10,000 GP each And any poison worth 500 GP or less off of this list https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Poisons#content If you want him to sell drugs choose a few from this list would be my suggestion http://dndspeak.com/2019/03/100-fantasy-drugs-and-their-effects/
I also filled the bar with patrons to help make it a mystery of who the vampire is and add a bunch of character to the inn For that I added 8 tables, and a bar top.
Table 1: I placed an enemy of the party from earlier in a disguise, feel free to do the same if you have the opportunity

Table 2: Dandor the tired eyed Bandit captain with his 3 bandits Herm, Geralf, and the female (his lively and chipper girlfriend) Seranda are sitting around a card table discussing a plan. They aren't happy to have someone interrupt their game as it interrupts their planning but they are happy to take someone's money. A DC 13 Deception check made to convince someone they are a card novice can earn them a spot at the table, but no more than 2 players can try this. Anyone with passive insight 17 or higher can pick up some thieve's cant coming from their table, anyone who speaks it hears them talking about trying the "I need help" bit on a fur caravan coming through soon. These 4 are some down on their luck zents
Table 3: A pair of berserkers named Timtam and Jorgon are having a drinking contest, they welcome others and have a stinky old drooling pet dog under the table. They are not zents but sometimes do a job here and there for them. They wouldn't be opposed to becoming full members, but don't much care either.
Table 4: A cult fanatic and a single female cultist appear to be a nice enough couple on a date oblivious to the creepiness of the local.
Table 5: 2 veteran bounty hunters wait here over the next few days. They aren't particularly welcoming unless they confuse a party member for the spy they are waiting to meet up to here about their next gig.
Table 6: An adventuring party with black bands on their arms: a master thief, a martial arts adept, a female gnomish transmutter, and a tabaxi swashbuckler sit sadly around the table, lamenting the loss of a party member. They got a Zent job and it didn't go well. (Could be anything from clearing goblins and orcs out of some real estate they are after or going to the underdark to buy some slaves)
Table 7: is empty for the party
Table 8: In the corner, a single empty table set with a wooden bowl and brass utensils and a glass of wine sits out for Arik Stillmarsh (who is in fact a vampire and the Womford Bat) and his "sister" Roanna Stillmarsh a young teenage girl with him he claims to be his little sister. She is actually a vampire spawn(or full-blown vampire if your party is OP or you simply want hardmode). They clearly have a romantic relationship leading others to think his dark secret is incest and perversion, which actually throws many OFF the trail of vampirism, thinking that is why he is a recluse. She is actually over 50 and simply does not age.
If you are running an adult game with some Game of Thrones themes: Along the walls or seated at the bar there are 2 working girls. A human woman with tan skin and dark hair and Tiefling with horns that curl back. Both commoners (with the magic initiate feat for minor illusion, presdig, and burning hands for quick getaways if you want a more magical setting). Once a month, usually the same night that Arik Stillmarsh feeds a succubus will join the girls and troll the bar for suckers.

Arik Stillmarshes room contains a portrait of him in a gold frame worth 25 GP (anyone who checks the back of the painting was done by a famous Elven artist DC 20 History check will place this artist having allegedly died 100 years ago, advantage on that check for elves, anyone who has prof with art supplies, or rangers with elves as a favorite enemy) revealing this will make the painting itself be worth 76 GP to the right buyer. He also has in his closet 4 beautiful vestments and 4 gorgeous gowns each worth 40 GP, 6 Embroidered silk handkerchief, and a gold locket with small paintings of him and his sister inside all worth 25 GP each, finally there is a small emerald trinket of a gaping mouthed howling man with obsidian horns DC 30 history reveals it to be of Aserak the lich of the tomb of horrors, the inferred story being that Aserak handed the secret of vampirism to someone and it traveled down the line to Arik Stillmarsh at some point.
The attic above his room houses the coffins for these gruesome pair of bloodsuckers, but I also added some treasure to show that they were feeding on adventurers: some tattered adventuring gear a rope of climbing, a bag of holding, a driftglobe, some eyes of night, an order of the gauntlet badge, an axe of the berserker, A +1 dagger, a +1 longsword, some half-plate armor fitted for a dwarf, a shield of emotions, a mace that can cast the light cantrip, a net, a book of prayers to Pelor, some elven jewelry worth 25 GP, and a spellbook stained with blood containing the following spells; Shield, chromatic orb, comprehend languages, charm person, identify, detect magic, fog cloud, Silent image, Scorching Rey, Alter self.

bonus: one of my players is an assassin so I added an assassin's guild lair to one of the abandoned houses of this town and just stole it straight from the Dark Brotherhood Cheydinhal guild from elder scrolls 4 Oblivion because I knew that player never played Oblivion.
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