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The battle for Northern Udar rages on! We labored tough on its development, and now it is and lastly available for a totally free of demand from customers acquire. For one, you possibly can obtain a number of functions like voice recognition, IM, pocket tv. ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 features beautiful HD Visuals. LittleBigPlanet 3 Key Generator for PS3 / PS4. Now mark yourself as a licensed user of this game as EA sports UFC serial key crack tool marked your game as a registered package.

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If you're looking for a solo-only experience, Eternity Warriors 3 is quite good. You've been tasked with cleansing these Demon Towers and defeating an even deadlier demon army. Works on all Systems; 100% free; Works perfect Globally! Farming Simulator 2020 Serial Number Do you want to activate your game Now you can download latest Farming Simulator 2020 Serial Number. Welcome back our friends, today we will show you a new cheat tool for Eternity Warriors 3 game, game that is available for all Android and iOS devices. HEROES TO CHOOSE Hack through enemies as the mighty Warrior, slash them with the lightning-fast Assassin or rain down fire upon them as the unstoppable Mage.

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When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Hope you found useful this page about ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 + MOD, especially for the MOD version we provide here, a mod you surely will love to try! Euro Truck Simulator 2 Key Generator PayPal Hack Money Adder hack. The choice is yours Postal 3 crack. One rule chances are youll put in place is perhaps that they should assessment any funding or new expenditure with you so by speaking about it, correct questions might be asked. Greed is good 6. free mw3 beta codes for ps3.

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Sniper Elite 3 Sin activation key. Mirror 4: Download ETERNITY WARRIORS 2 Mod APK on MaxModAPK. ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 Description. XHubs APPS files of most free android application and games, just download the SeeHD APPS files, then install free apps when and where you want. SEEKER, SLAYER, SURVIVOR (Sep 2020): Far from the bustling trade lanes of the Deadfire Archipelego, the most ambitious warriors of Eora gather to compete for. Eternity Warriors 3 Hack Tool Latest Version No Password https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3280.

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PearlMountain Photo Watermark Serial Key & Crack. You can get now free resources of all kind to your Eternity Warriors 3 account any time you want to. Life Link 1 Other related pages. Warriors 3 is available on iOS and Android platform. Eternity Warriors 3 Hack Tool cheats Android iOS - iFixit. Game description: Enemy Front brings World War II devotees a gripping FPS.

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Download prior versions of Eternity Warriors 3 for Android. See more of Eternity Warriors 3 on Facebook. But if you want something a little deeper, or are simply interested in getting some mates involved, it might be worth skipping. Warriors of the Deep is the first serial of the 21st season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was broadcast in four twice-weekly parts on BBC1 from 5 to 13 January 1984. Eternity Warriors 4 was created by developers as a continuation of one cult game from Glu, known to all users who follow similar novelties. Hacked tool is clean of viruses and very easy to use.

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Cisco ccna 3. Le damos usig al archivo nero hack v. Is a eternity manager use that wav, 2020 warrior eterniy hack fixed a bug where selecting to export the entire. Eternity Warriors 3 Hack Cheats Tool 100% Working Cheats No Survey is available here for you. Dragon Ball FighterZ Serial Key Download https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3293. Download ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 APK Full hop over to this site. Choose one of three heroes and protect their territory, from lords of Darkness. Requires: Android 2.3 and above Category: Action Size: 99 MB Developer: Glu Google Play link: Eternity Warriors 3 Price: Free Avg Rating: 4.4/5 Recent App: SwiftKey Keyboard apk Hack/Mod Features: This hack will give you unlimited energy and includes some additional cool mods.

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I made a chronological checklist from New game to Platinum after finally getting it myself and being frustrated with figuring out world/character tendencies, back tracking, messing up certain things, etc.

For PS5 version only

Hey everyone. I was a new Demon's Souls player so I learned a lot of hard lessons on my road to Platinum. I was constantly cross referencing the wiki, existing platinum guides, ring location guides, etc. and it was a bit of a mess. I made some mistakes, and did things out of order. The goal of this guide is to trim the fat and provide a chronological order of the road to platinum. If you do this exact guide in order, you don't have to worry about missing anything. Any potentially important item or interaction that is needed is listed when it comes up.
If I made any mistakes or if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment and I can update the guide.
Best of luck to you!

Start New Game

  • Pick Providential Ring as starting gift
  • Recommend Royalty class (Fragrant ring saves time, and magic helps a few trophies)
  • If Royalty, build towards 40 Magic, 30 Int, any other stats as you see fit
  • Don't invade anyone. Don't use Blue Stone in World 3 as you might be summoned as Old Monk boss.


  • Cling Ring, on a corpse after the first shortcut is opened at the bottom of the first tower
  • Jade Ornament, obtain by cutting the 2 chains supporting the balcony on first tower. Used to trade later for a ring
  • Kill Ostrava for Mausoleum Key (You can opt to help him instead, but you will have to complete his whole quest chain without him dying in order to get the key later. You don't need his quest chain for platinum, so if you want one less thing to worry about, just kill him now)
  • Thief Ring, pick up right where you killed Ostrava
  • Defeat Phalanx
  • Warp to Nexus, talk to maiden, talk to monumental, talk to maiden to level up etc, kill yourself in the Nexus to go to Soul form


  • Defeat Tower Knight without killing any archers to also grab One Shall Fall trophy.
  • Return to Nexus, suicide


  • Kill Fat Officials that you see to start collecting the Officials gear (keep in your inventory)
  • Activate lifts, drain the lava pit, collect Ring of Poison Resistance where lava pit was.
  • Defeat Armor Spider
  • Return to Nexus, do not suicide! we now want to start dying in world 2 to bring it to black; this only matters if you plan on getting to Pure White character by killing NPC black phantoms. If you are going to PvP against real players to earn that, you do not need to bring any worlds to Pure Black, other than world 3 for the Sodden Ring, and an easy Colorless Demon's Soul


  • Run up tunnel, turn left, run past 3 exploding minecarts. Kill fat official. Suicide. Repeat until Gold Coin drops.
  • Run up tunnel, turn right, start dropping down all the scaffolding. Pick up Ring of Disease Resistance from a corpse. (some wikis will refer to this as Ring of Plague Resistance, its the same ring!)
  • At very bottom of shaft, go through door. Turn left, get Hands of God fist weapons.
  • Defeat Flamelurker
  • Return to Nexus, level up, warp back to 2-3 and suicide in level.


  • Pickup Master's Ring behind the second ballista on a corpse
  • Deliver the final blow with BOTH the Hands of God equipped, one in each hand.
  • You can lower his HP to a few pixels with your weapon of choice (be careful not to overkill) but deliver final blow with Hands of God. Even if you're a mage with no strength, you can equip these and just do little bits of damage at a time.
  • Defeat Dragon God and achieve Fists of Legend trophy as well
  • Return to Nexus, level up, warp back to 2-3 and suicide in level.


  • Make your way through this level, killing the Fat Officials to get the Iron Ring of Keys and Official's cap
  • Open the large gate that opens a shortcut back to the Tower Knight archstone
  • Use Iron Ring of Keys to go to dungeon and kill a Fat Official to get Bloody Iron Key
  • Free Biorr of the Twin Fangs
  • Use Bloody Iron Key to go free Yuria after equipping all 4 pieces of the Official's clothes, to get Witch in the Tower
  • Pickup Ring of Magical Nature and Ring of the Accursed from this room.
  • Defeat Penetrator (Biorr will show up to help) and also get Brother-in-Arms
  • Return to Nexus. Learn Firestorm from Yuria, which will help immensely. Suicide in World 2 somewhere.


  • Pickup Ring of Magical Sharpness in the cell with 4 iron maiden caskets.
  • Roll across the bridge to dodge the volleys from the large idol to get Time for Rolling trophy
  • Pickup Clever Rat's Ring on bridge after deactiving the large idol
  • Kill Black Phantom on stairs to get Black Eye Stone and 2x Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
  • Defeat the man up on the balcony (right side) prior to entering Fool's Idol fog gate, grab Freke's cell keys off the wall.
  • Free Sage Freke for A Dash of Sage
  • Defeat Fool's Idol, making sure you only attack the true idol to get Not Fooled trophy as well.
  • Return to Nexus, learn Soul Ray from Freke. Suicide in World 2 somewhere.


  • Make your way to top of first chain tower, kill fanatics to break chain
  • Continue onward to where Yurt is in a cage. Free him, then kill Yurt (On this first playthrough, you can actually just take one of the first 2 cages down to the swamp and just don't interact with Yurt at all if you want)
  • Travel down to blood swamp, pickup Fragrant Ring down there, not needed if you started as Royalty.
  • Work your way to top of second tower, kill fanatics to break chain.
  • With the heart gone, go to the bottom of the area where it was hanging to pickup Ring of Avarice and also Gold Mask
  • Defeat Maneaters (Firestorm can one-shot)
  • Return to Nexus, suicide in World 2 somewhere


  • Defeat Old Monk
  • Return to Nexus, learn Soul Thirst from Yuria. Suicide in world 2 somewhere. (It should be pure black by now)
  • Return to 3-2, (should now be Pure White World Tendency) run back to the top of the first chain tower
  • You should now be able to go to very top of tower and pick up Rydell's cell keys
  • Run back and free Lord Rydell to get Dull Rat's Ring


  • Pickup Talisman of God from corpse before first fog gate
  • Pickup Regenerator's Ring from the crystal lizard path before Adjudicator fog gate
  • Pickup Graverobber's Ring from wooden platform before Adjudicator fog gate
  • Defeat Adjudicator without having him fall down (stay up top and use ranged/magic on his head) to get One Shall Stand
  • Return to Nexus, Warp to 3-2, then suicide (we want to start bringing this world to black)


  • Repeatedly kill black skeletons until you get Pure Bladestone. Google updating farming methods.
  • Kill the reaper guy, step on switch, go down and talk to Patches, let him kick you into the basement.
  • Kill black phantom and talk to Saint Urbain for the Umbasa trophy
  • Walk back upstairs and talk to Patches for the Ring of Gash Resistance
  • Make your way down to the glowing pools cavern, and pickup Ronin's Ring
  • Defeat Old Hero (Firestorm can almost one-shot)
  • Return to Nexus, Warp to 3-2, then suicide


  • Defeat Storm King
  • Return to Nexus, Warp to 3-2, then suicide


  • This world should be getting close to Pure Black. Use some blue Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to become human and suicide
  • Alternate warping between 3-2 and 3-3 archstone after each death to refresh the world tendency state
  • Become human and suicide until you have pure black world
  • Go down to blood swamp and pickup Sodden Ring
  • Kill the primeval demon down in the swamp to get Colorless Demon's Soul


  • Pickup Ring of Magical Dullness towards the start of level, on top of shack roof
  • Defeat Leechmonger (Firestorm can almost one-shot)
  • Return to Nexus, suicide


  • Equip your Sodden Ring. Out in the swamp you can find Cat's Ring guarded by a black phantom
  • Defeat Dirty Colossus (Firestorm can one-shot)
  • Return to Nexus, suicide


  • Defeat Maiden Astraea without killing her bodyguard to get May you be unharmed trophy
  • Pickup Ring of Sincere Prayer by touching archstone after killing Astraea
  • Return to Nexus, learn Relief from Yuria. Suicide
  • Warp back to 5-2, then run backwards through the level until finding the new ladder (Pure White world only)
  • The ladder takes you up, follow the path, kill the enemies and find the shining spear. Obtain One of the few trophy.


  • Warp to 4-1, and Satsuki should be at the very front gate. (Pure white world) Talk to him, accept quest to get sword.
  • Travel back to the dungeon where Patches kicked you, you can now loot the magic sword, Mikoto
  • Return to Satsuki (do not have the sword equipped). Give him the sword when prompted for Worthy of the Sword trophy.
  • You can kill him after he attacks you
  • Travel up to Sparkly the Crow, and trade one Pure Bladestone for Ring of Longevity
  • Trade gold coin for Ring of Uneven Scales
  • Trade Gold Mask for Colorless Demon's Soul and also Talisman of God for another Colorless Demon's Soul


  • Kill False King
  • With Pure White world tendency, the dragons will not be guarding the treasures back in 1-1.
  • Head back to the area of 1-1 the dragons guarded, and safely pickup Ring of Flame Resistance and Ring of Great Strength. Note, you risk being invaded as you walk back to get these rings. Consider returning to Nexus first to suicide.
  • Return to Nexus, do NOT talk to Maiden in Black yet


  • Warp to Phalanx stone and work backwards to climb back to the top of the first wall. On one end, you will find a path to the Mausoleum.
  • Use the Mausoleum key to enter, and talk to the Old King Doran. Fight him until he gets about 75% health, and he will surrender.
  • Pickup the Demonbrandt
  • Kill the Old King Doran to get Eternal Warrior's Ring
  • Return to Nexus, do NOT talk to Maiden in Black yet


  • Do not talk to the Maiden in Black before acquiring Ally's ring (see a few lines below)
  • Learn all normal spells/miracles from Yuria, Freke, Urbain
  • Learn all boss spells/miracles from Yuria, Freke, Urbain
  • Trade Jade Ornament to Stockpile Thomase for Ring of Herculean Strength
  • Get all worlds to pure black by repeatedly dying as human form. At pure black, kill the named Black Phantom NPC (Miralda, Scirvir, Rydell, Satsuki, Selen)
  • To save a lot of time, you can instead have a friend invade you and kill them a few times until your character tendecy is pure white
  • You are now Pure White character. Talk to the monumental (say Yes, then keep talking) he will give you Ally's Ring
  • Use your Blue Eye Stone near boss gates to help another play beat a boss for Return to Form
  • Use your Black Eye Stone to invade someone else and kill them to get Unwelcome Guest


  • Speak to the Maiden to be transported below
  • Kill the Old King Allant and obtain Soulbrandt
  • Leave and allow the Maiden to lull the Old One to slumber to beat the game and obtain Maiden in Black's Demon's Soul



  • Beat all world bosses again. Skip everything optional. Kill Yurt. Free Freke, Urbain, and Yuria.
  • Go to blacksmith in 2-1 and give him Searing Demon's Soul for Road to Possibilities trophy
  • Select "upgrade" weapon with Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt on hand to form the Northern Regalia for Legacy of the Kings
  • Create a backup save. Learn all miracles from Urbain. You should get Saint's Trophy. Revert to old save.
  • Learn all spells from Freke/Yuria. You should get Sage's Trophy
  • Get pure black Character tendency by killing NPCs, should only take 4 or 5. Do not kill Yuria yet. Kill Urbain and loot his Ring of Devout Prayer
  • Mephistopheles will appear on the 2nd level of the Nexus. Accept her quests to kill NPC's until she asks you to kill Yuria.
  • Kill Yuria, report to Mephistopheles, get your Foe's Ring and also King of Rings trophy
  • Descend with the Maiden in Black, kill the Old King Allant, then also kill the Maiden for Seekest soul power trophy
  • You should now have Slayer of Trophies platinum! Congratulations
*if you are not able/comfortable abusing the saves to get the miracles/spells in just 2 playthroughs, you will have to do a third and final NG++
submitted by kojitsuke to demonssouls

Possible changes for the next Craftworld Eldar Codex

I have been a craftworld player since third edition, so seeing the current state of the game making imperium better at doing things that older and more advanced races can do seems frustrating. However, I do have some hope that the next codex will bring back a semblance of honor to the Craftworlds.
These are my ideas on possible changes for the future codex, focused mainly on making aspect warriors more payable, and not making things broken. I gladly accept criticism and opinions that the effects are too powerful/weak. The main goal here is to give the Eldar the feel of an ancient and advanced race that had mastered the stars once. To make them more balanced and give them multiple options instead of being shoehorned into one or two particular builds and not to make it broken like previous incarnations in the past (even I didn't enjoy that).

Overall: So in addition to battle focus and ancient doom (I guess), Eldar should be able to fall back and shoot to represent how slippery they are. Part of the harlequins trait and similar to Ultramarines so not unfeasible.
All aspects warriors are core, objective secured seems possible but if not look at Phoenix Lords Section

Alaitoc: Gain the Raven Guard chapter tactic
Biel-tan: extra attack on charge like Frozen Stars
Iyanden: same, maybe reroll ones to wound for wraith constructs
Saim-hann: White scars chapter tactic, or flayed skull abilities from drukhari (replacing rapid fire for shurikens)
Ulthwe- same, maybe reroll ones for psychic tests

Autarch: bring back wargear options, that's it
Avatar of Khaine: give him aspect warrior abilities to represent the exarch he has "consumed"
Farseer: no change needed, they are great as it is
Warlock: maybe an extra wound?
Spiritseer: no change needed, they have a strange place and I wouldn't know how to change them.
Phoenix Lords: more thoughts in the Phoenix Lord Section

Dire Avengers: replace defense tactics with bladestorm as they are supposed to be the masters of shurikens and overwatch is greatly been reduced from 8th edition
Guardian defenders: same, but make them cheaper! Seriously, they are citizens, not on the same level as even a battle sister.
Storm guardians: same, but make them cheaper! Same as above.
Rangers: give them the SM scout infiltration to deploy outside of deployment zone, as they SHOULD have had.

Fire Dragons: new melta rules and give them the Eradicators total obliteration rule to fire twice, they revel in single minded annihilation.
Striking Scorpions: scorpion chainsword gives +1S AP-1 and extra attack like the astartes one (i remember they used to have better AP, but this is fine), and mandiblaster can give a normal extra attack or a single S4 AP-3 (possible D2) attack
Howling Banshees: add to the masks the armor of Russ effect to represent the effect on the targets nervous system. The mask should be TERRIFYING.
Wraithguard/blades: no change needed, I don't think they need anything

Fast Attack
Shining Spears: no change needed
Swooping Hawks: cheaper and make bombs go off on 5+
Warp Spyders: Flickerjump instead allows the unit to move 2d6 inches in the charge phase, double 1's (and double 6's?) cause d3 mortal wounds like perils.

Heavy Support:
Dark Reapers: no change needed

Phoenix Lords
Overall: should have a 4++ to represent their old eternal warrior rule, gives their respective aspect warriors objective secured, and grants them extra effects if nearby
Asurmen: same but 3++
Fuegan: gives Fire Dragons the ability to roll twice and pick highest for damage rolls
Karandras: same, but with new mandiblasters
Maugan Ra: similar weapon to Cegorach’s Lament, but shuriken profile is D2. Grants Dark Reapers extra AP, damage, +1 to hit or wound? I'm honestly not sure but the reroll one's seems eh.
Jain Zar: gives Howling Banshees +1 damage on 6's to wound, would make primaris marines more fearful and is similar to the incubi's ability.

How can we make mono-Craftworld Eldar competitive and balanced, but not broken?
submitted by RogueTrader13 to Eldar

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