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The answer to "What Pack Should I Play" - Fall 2020 edition

There's been a few efforts to make guides for picking a pack to play, but none recently. I've decided to start up a new subreddit (/MCPackReview) for keeping guides like this, but I'm posting the first entry (Fall 2020) here.
I have not played all these packs, but most of them I've at least watch someone else play (on youtube). Categorizing these packs has been tricky. What I've been doing is putting a pack in the first category that matches.
Since 1.12.2 is the most common version for packs today, you can assume everything here is 1.12.2, unless I say otherwise.
Most popular packs - These are currently the top 1-3 packs in each category, going by popularity. Generally any regular to /feedthebeast should know about all of these packs
  • Beginner packs
    • FTB Academy - Kitchen Sink pack filled with awesome tutorials, designed for players new to modded
      • Memory usage: medium
      • Key mods: Tinkers + Leveling, AA, Thermal, Botania, Astral Sorcery, Twilight Forest
  • Kitchen Sink packs
    • MC Eternal - Kitchen Sink pack with a good quest book and lots of dimensions to explore
      • Memory usage: medium
      • Key mods: MineColonies, NC, Mekanism, Mystical Agriculture, Ice&Fire, Rats, Stupid Things
    • Valhelsia 2 (1.15.2) - Low tech pack with beautiful scenery
      • Memory usage: low
      • Key mods: Create, Silent's Mechanisms, Silent Gear
  • Exploration packs
    • SevTech: Ages - Expert exploration pack that starts you in the stone age with a lot of magic and eventually works up to tech
      • Memory usage: medium/heavy
      • Key mods: Primal Tech, Totemic, AbyssalCraft, Blood Magic, The Betweenlands, Astral Sorcery
    • Dungeons, Dragons, and Space Shuttles - Another Expert pack with very overpowered mobs and grindy recipes
      • Memory usage: heavy
      • Key mods: Bee mods, Galacticraft, EvilCraft, Blood Magic, Ice & Fire
  • Skyblock packs
    • Sky Factory 3 (1.10.2) - great skyblock pack with lots of tech
      • Memory usage: medium
      • Key mods: Ex Nihilo, Immersive Engineering, Environmental Tech, Extreme Reactors
    • Project Ozone 2/3, Normal/Titan/Kappa modes - crazy chance cubes that will ruin your day, crazy recipes, and ridiculous end game (especially for Kappa)
      • Memory usage: medium to high
      • Key mods: Apotheosis, LordCraft, Blood Magic, Extended Crafting
  • Gregtech packs
    • FTB Interactions - Awesome quest book that guides you through a huge pack, designed for automation, not as hard as it sounds
      • Memory usage: heavy
      • Key mods: GT:CE, TC 6, Astral Sorcery, Blood Magic, DML
    • Omnifactory - Another "easy" tech-only GT pack that can be played on peaceful, and is designed for automtation -- my personal favorite pack
      • Memory usage: light
      • Key mods: GT:CE, DML, Modular machines (custom multiblocks), DE, EIO
    • GregTech: New Horizons - 1.7.10 pack that is extremely grindy, but has great quest book and fantastic community
      • Memory usage: heavy (especially for 1.7.10)
      • Key mods: gt5u, Infernal Mobs, TC 4, Blood Magic, Galacticraft
  • Expert Packs
    • Enigmatica 2 Expert - One of the easier expert packs. Quest book is pretty basic, but everything fits together really well.
      • Memory usage: medium
      • Key mods: Mekanism, IC2, Botania, TC 5, Blood Magic, Astral Sorcery
  • Combat-focused packs
    • RLCraft - Combat-focused pack that is frustrating to start, and focus is on leveling your character
      • Memory usage: light
      • Key mods: LevelUp, Tough as Nails, Ice & Fire, Lyconite's Mobs, Recurrent Complex
      • Also qualifies as one of the most hated packs, primarily for its poor balance. Still, it's extremely popular.
    • Rebirth of the Night - Another combat focused pack with mob raids every 9th night. Generally considered better than RLCraft, but not yet as popular. Great mob AI
      • Memory usage: medium
      • Key mods: BWM, Twilight Forest, The Aether, Epic Siege Mod, Hostile Worlds - Invasions
Other great modern modpacks - Every thing in this list is extremely good, and they narrowly missed being featured in the top section
  • Enigmatica 2 - Kitchen Sink pack that is basically E2E without many of the altered recipes.
  • Enigmatica 2 Expert: Skyblock - Skyblock version of the classic, makes heavy use of "Sky Resources" mod
  • Stoneblock 1 & 2: heavy tech, but lots of cool toys, easy to get to endgame fast
  • Rougelike Dungeons & Adventures - RGP-style pack with lots of dimensions
  • Peace of Mind - tutorial-style pack meant to be played on peaceful.
  • All the Mods 3 Remix - remake of ATM3, a popular kitchen sink pack
  • All the Mods 5 (1.15.2) - The "heaviest" pack I've seen for 1.15.2, has lots of content
  • Exoria - Thematic story-based pack where you start on a volcanic world, and progress through many custom dimensions
  • FTB Sky Odyssey - easy skyblock pack with Project E and chickens.
  • Equivalent Skies - another easy skyblock pack featuring Project E
  • Age of Engnieering (1.10.2) - Tech-only pack with no questbook, a bit grindy by today's standards
  • Sky Factory 4 - newest in the Sky Factory series, generally considered not as good as SF3. Makes interesting use of hopping bonsai pots
  • Modern Skyblock 3: Departed - Skyblock pack Focusing on Sky Resources 2
  • Awakening - Sky of Diamonds - Light and fun skyblock with unconventional progression, where you start with diamond blocks.
Modern Thematic packs: - I can't believe how many new packs fit this category!
  • Material Energy5: Pre-generated world, story based pack with lots of collection quest
  • Compact Claustrophobia - you live in tiny compact cubes and make everything possible with poop, midgame is complex and a bit tedious
  • Volcano Block - Quick pack with lots of fun stuff, like skipping potatos on lava lakes to cook them. Has many underrated mods
  • Lapito's Galacticraft - Focuses on space exploration
  • Levitated - You start in the End (including texture overhaul), then go to the nether, then overworld. Lots of things give you levitation.
  • Craft to Exile [Dissonance] (1.15.2) - RPG pack with "Path of Exile" style leveling system, and Diablo-style loot system
  • Planetary - Start on a strange planet with unusual laboratories to scavange
  • Into the Betweenlands - You play entirely in the Betweenlands, lots of textures are ovehauled, and looks very cool
  • Amnesia - Ridiculous pack where all recipes and drop tables change every 5 minutes. Your goal is to fix the constant recipe shifts
  • Farming Valley (1.10.2) - An attempt to remake Stardew Valley in Minecraft
  • Antimatter Chemistry - Pack focusing on chemical compounds
  • Seablock: Rustic Waters - subnautica themed modpack
  • Manufactio - Pack designed to look and feel like Factorio
  • Digsite - puzzle-based story pack where you start by investigating a digsite.
  • Uncle Genny's 100% Organic & Free-range Modpack - dinosaurs, bizarre foods, live in an RV, 100% weird
  • Heavens of Sorcery - skyblock magic-themed pack with lots of automation opportunities, and lots of exploration of other dimensions
  • Floramancer - Botania-themed pack with some expert features thrown in
  • Dimension Zero - Story-based pack where you have a limited number of lives, and there are monster raids. You have RPG-like skills
Modern packs based on TerraFirmaCraft:
  • Poetica - Brutal pack similar to RLCraft in many ways, also has tornadoes and mob raids
  • TechNodeFirmaCraft (1.12.2 version) - TFC Ambiental makes it harder, has Rockhounding: Chemistry, IE, AR, and Nuclear Craft Overhaul, still in heavy development
  • TerraFirmaCraft Releaded (1.12.2 version) - updated version of the 1.7.10 version
  • TerraFirmaRescue (1.7.10) - Features GregTech 6 Overhaul and Advanced Rocketry, Quest book is google translated, but great pack
1.15.2 Packs:
  • Q-Tech - light tech pack featuring Mekanism and Silent's Mechanisms. Short, but still requires lots of automation
  • All Of Fabric 2 - quest-based kitchen sink pack on fabric, latest version is a bit buggy, and I'm not sure they intend to fix it
  • Enigmatica 5 - In development pack, still short on content
1.16.x Packs:
  • All of Fabric 3 - 1.16.2 pack featuring AE2, DML, Dank Storage, Industrial Revolution, and Tech Reborn
  • ATM 6 - All the Mods based on 1.16.1 Forge, feauturing Mekanism v10, Botania, and Silent's Mechanisms
  • Enigmatica 6 - In development pack, still short on content
  • Craft to Exile [Harmony] - 1.16.3 RGP style pack, similar to [Dissonance], but less of a progression system
Other popular modern packs that don't fit into categories above:
  • GregBlock - The first GT:CE pack, uses Ex Nihilo for resource production
  • Gregicality Skyblock Edition - A newer fork of the Gregblock project
  • Craft of the Titans 2 - A thematic pack about time travel, has many custom bosses to fight, and hordes of mobs
  • FTB Revelation - A kitchen sink pack with pretty decent tech
  • Madpack 4 - A hardcore pack that I know very little about
  • FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12.2 - Direwolf20's kitchen sink pack for 1.12.2, follows in his line of other kitchen sink packs
  • The 1.12.2 Pack - Another kitchen sink pack, sequel to The 1.7.10 Pack
  • FTB Ultimate Reloaded - A sequel to FTB Ultimate (very popular kitchen sink pack), updated to 1.12.2
  • Forever Stranded: Lost Souls - A nether-based survival pack
  • All The Mods 4 (1.14.4) - ATM 3, but updated to 1.14.4
  • FTB Pyramid Reborn v3 - Pyramid Challenge for 1.12.2 (based on Retro SSP and Retro SMP packs for 1.2.5)
  • FTB Continuum - Expert Pack based on the E-Fab mod by McJty
  • Crackpack 3 - gated pack by Darkosto as a 1.12.2 followup to Crackpack 2
  • Re-Build - Tech pack that features huge multiblocks, golems, and unconventional crafting methods
  • Trillionaire - sequel to the Millionaire and Billionaire packs, all three are about generating money by automating goods that can be sold to a store.
  • Compitum Magia - Heavy magic pack with infernal mobs, tough as nails, etc. as well as a ton of really obscure looking mods.
  • Celestial Journey - successor to Divine Journey, goal is infinity ingots, lots of automation required, difficult
1.7.10 (or 1.10.2) packs that are good enough that they should still be played:
  • Agrarian Skies 2 - fantastic skyblock that has no training wheels.
  • Divine Journey - lots of magic mods, lots of automation, huge time sink.
  • Crash Landing - Pre-built map, thirst is real on a dry planet, game is automatically set to hardcore mode.
  • Regrowth - Planet is nearly dead, up to the player to turn it green again.
  • FTB Infinity Evolved, expert - Huge focus on endgame ridiculous recipes
  • Blightfall - Technic launcher only pack, custom map, covered with TC taint, and you must survive
  • Crazy Craft 3 - A less technical fun pack
  • Galactic Science - A questing pack set on the moon featuring Galacticraft
  • FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.7.10 & 1.10.2 - Two more kitchen sink packs that are older versions of FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12.2.
  • The Revolution - A hardcore questing pack centered on Reika's mods.
  • Tolkeincraft II - An RPG pack focused on quests and custom NPCs.
  • TechnodeFirmaCraft - older version of the current 1.12.2 pack with the same name
  • TerraFirmaCraft Reloaded - older version of the current 1.12.2 pack with the same name
  • TerraFirmaPunk - TFC plus a lot of tech mods and Lyconite's mobs. You start with 5 lives.
  • Blood N Bones - A combat focused pack that is similar to RotN or RLCraft
  • Forever Stranded - A hardcore survival pack much like Crash Landing, but slightly easier and on 1.10.2.
  • Invasion (1.10.2) - A heavily tweaked hardcore questing pack, set on a hostile world with intelligent enemies that get stronger, stripped of most resources.
  • Sink Into Madness (1.10.2) - A hardcore survival pack set in the middle of an ocean, with hard enemies and the inability to swim.
  • All The Mods: Expert & ATM:E Remastered (1.10.2) - expert packs based on All The Mods, with a focus on some lesser-used mods.
  • Journey to the Core - HQM challenge pack where you begin in a small cave on the overworld and slowly move further down dimension by dimension until you reach the core.
Pre-1.7.10 packs that are still around:
  • FTB Ultimate (1.4.7) - A classic kitchen sink pack.
  • Test Pack Please Ignore (1.6.4) - One of the first packs that balanced and gated mods, with GregTech integrated with Magical Crops and other mods
  • Agrarian Skies (1.6.4) precursor to Agrarian Skies 2, still remarkably popular today
  • Tekk+ (1.4.7) - A remake of Tekkit.
  • Sky Factory 1, 2, and 2.5 - Good introductions to modded skyblock.
  • SSP Retro / SMP Retro (1.2.5) - Original FTB pyramid map
Lighter packs for lower-end computers: (note I have very little experience with any of these packs)
  • Project Ozone Lite: A smaller, lighter version of Project Ozone 2
  • Enigmatica 2 Light: A lighter version of Enigmatica 2.
  • Not the Bees: A skyblock pack with quests based around bees.
  • Break Out!: A beginner-friendly pack centered on getting out of some rooms.
  • Mass Production: A story-driven tech pack focused on automating.
  • Automaton: A pack with quests focused on Immersive Engineering and Mekanism, with recipe tweaks.
  • Ultimate Alchemy: A skyblock with heavily tweaked recipes, focused on making the end item, True Clay.
  • AstroBlock: A questing pack focused around space and rockets.
  • All the Mods: Slice of Pi (1.15.2) - Version of ATM 5 designed to run on a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB.
  • McEternal Lite - version of MC Eternal with a few of the heavier mods removed
Credits: Here are posts made in the past that are somewhat similar to this one:
submitted by Chezzik to feedthebeast

Feedback for the Devs: From Someone who has played 100+ Hours of Godfall

What up guys it's me again, your boi. I've very much been enjoying my time playing Godfall and I wanted to make a nice big list of things I personally think would make the game more fun to play. The devs said they are listening, so I wanted to put this out there so they can see it and so you guys can add your feedback to the list. And yes, I have played more than 100 hours of Godfall, here's the proof! Let's get into it:
  • Fix all the Bugs - I'm just going to put this here as it'll cover all the bases. This includes Tower bugs, 0% upgrade increase bug, etc. Just everything.
  • Valorplate Upgrades - Allow us to use the excess resources we have to upgrade our Valorplates. Higher base stats, more Augment power, stronger passives/Archons. Anything.
  • Valorplate/Weapon Skins - Add skins that are earnable through in-game achievements. For instance, killing Macros Exalted on Hard "x" amount of times gives you the Macros skin for Hinterclaw. Getting to Floor 50 in Ascended Tower of Trials on Hard gives you the Orin Silvermane skin from the Cinematic, etc. Meanwhile, weapon skins need to be tied to the Weapon class, not specific weapons. This way players have more access to it. It's very important that these skins are hard to obtain as it will give players goals to strive for. These are just examples and shouldn't be taken as 1 to 1.
  • Ascended Tower of Trials Leaderboard - Add a Leaderboard for players who have cleared the most Floors and have gotten to the highest floor, reset this leaderboard every month and give the top 10% of players rewards. My idea was some sort of currency, and players can spend that currency on skins of their choosing. This way players don't get Skins for a weapon or Valorplate they don't use. Obviously, hackers/cheaters would need to be dealt with but it's 2020 you guys can ban them.
  • More Double Primary Stat Items - Currently there are only weapons with double stated primaries, leading to player searching to get "the perfect" weapon. But you guys can easily increase this chase by adding Necklaces, rings, charms, etc. with double primary stats. On the flip side, you can simply make items that have stronger secondary stats that scale better.
  • Remove Player Collision - Player collision is probably the worst feature this game has that no one talks about. It is so infuriating to get trapped by the sentinels my allies spawn in a Tower because there's literally 9 of them and my character can't move. Remove it. Player collision is usually added in PvP games as a means for players to body-block other players from certain pathways. This is a PvE game. My teammates don't need to body-block me. Unless you want people to troll, which is fair. But also no.
  • Raids - After removing player collision, you guys can think about adding Raids. This can be as simple as, doing every boss back-to-back, these bosses obviously have more health/damage and most importantly new mechanics. Don't just make it one either. Make it several. Raids should drop exclusive items like Tower but they should not be higher "Power" as this will negate the hard work players are currently doing to make their builds perfect. If you want to make an item with higher power, make it an extremely good ring, or necklace, so players don't have to re-farm perfect versions of everything. I would even be fine with Raids just being for cosmetics only, but others might not.
  • Guilds/Clans/Whatever you want to call it - Yes. Self-explanatory. Next.
  • Matchmaking - I'm going to add this here so people don't bombard me for not saying it. Yes, I know this is on their top priority. It's here.
  • Mass Salvage - I also am aware they are working on it but it's here. I don't know, seems like something that should've been added from the getgo if the devs actually played their game from start to finish, I mean what?
  • Reforge - Reforging is what it was called in World of Warcraft so that's what I'll call it. Allow us to pick 1 Secondary stat from our weapons, either by materials or sacrificing the same weapon, to change to a secondary of our choosing. I have so many pieces of gear that are SO close to being perfect, and I just have that ONE stat that's wrong. Let me change it. I shouldn't have to farm an entirely new version just because it didn't roll exactly perfect. You would only be able to do this once per item.
  • More Detailed Stat Sheet - This is another popular one that is being added so I don't get crucified. It's pretty self-explanatory so moving on.
  • Rework Archon Furies - A common complaint for most people is Valorplates being skins and this is a very good criticism. I have no idea who designed the Archon Furies but whoever did dropped the ball on Hinterclaw summoning wolves to fight with him during his Archon Fury. Like...c'mon dude. That would be so god damn cool! Every Archon Fury should feel vastly different, not just technically but visually and mechanically.
  • Valorplate Abilities - Valorplates should all have 1-2 abilities that separate them from the pack. An idea I had was Bulwark creating a Blood Ball that healed him and his teammates, went to overhealth if full health, depending on how many enemies he has bleeding. Typhon could make an arctic zone that applies chill to all enemies who enter. Things like this would really go a long way in separating the Valorplates amongst each other and making them feel different, not just look different.
  • Changing Ailments - Ailments are literally skins. They all do dot damage, just with different affects. Make them more different from the getgo, not just after you've built into them. Chill should slow attack speed, bleeds should make them take more damage, etc, etc.
  • Gilden Commander - For the love of god nerf those god damn dogs on the Gilden Commander fight. Holy fuck, those guys have literally no counterplay (haha puns) and they ruin the entire fight. Fuck Solaris and Lunara, them Dogs need to die. Nerf them to the ground.
  • Buff Weapon Techniques - All weapon techniques, except Dual Blades, should be fully invulnerable while casting, just like the Longsword. It's extremely unfair to all the other weapons, except Dual Blades, that the Longsword gets to be invulnerable for both Techniques and they just get armor. (Armor applies to abilities that allow you to keep casting but you still take full damage. Unstaggerable Abilities) You could nerf the Longsword but nerfs are boring and this is a PvE game, I want buffs. Buffs are fun. I like broken. Speaking of broken...
  • Nerf Time Bubble - I know I just said I want buffs and nerfs aren't fun but the Time Bubble is entirely too strong. You need to make it so it doesn't stack or it has a Global Cooldown (Once one person uses it, it goes on Cooldown for everyone). Time Bubble literally trivializes every boss fight. It's insanely busted, even mores so when stacked. This is the only player nerf I'll approve. Anyone who has used Time Bubble knows what I'm talking about.
  • Add an Electrum Hunt or Reduce Costs - You guys need to either give us a dedicated Hunt we can spam to farm Electrum or lower the Costs of this stuff. Cause god damn, I am constantly broke all the fucking time. Upgrading costs so much, so does enchanting. Not to mention the Dreamstones. Either reduce the costs of everything (By a lot) or give us some big treasure crab we can go kill.
  • Vanity Levels - League of Legends, Destiny, and Overwatch have player levels that go on infinitely. That should be the case for this game as well. Give us titles, skins, goodie bags, whatnot for leveling up.
  • Titles - Yes. I want to be called dumb or edgy things with my name. It's fun.
  • Ally HP Bars - I should be able to see how much damage my ally just took from that Vulgar Champion because they didn't dodge. Because jokes. Oh yeah and I guess it's important for gameplay too :)
  • Rejoin Button - I should be able to rejoin session that I have recently left due to crashes/disconnects.
  • I don't want so many friends - I'm anti-social. I shouldn't have to add every random person I meet on the internet as a friend in order to invite them to my Party and play with them. Stranger danger, man. Also, it's annoying.
  • More Weapon types - I want an edgy Katana so I can pretend to be Sasuke. And god damnit I should be able to! Other weapons would be cool too, (Flail, Great Axe, Nunchucks, Staves, etc.) but I just want my Katana please and thank you.
  • Use Life Stones at Full HP - Life Stones give buffs. If I want to use my Life Stone at full HP for it's buff I should be able to. This is really another feature that I feel would have been added if Devs were actually good at the games they make. I mean what? That was pretty passive aggressive...but not inaccurate :)
  • Clearer Cooldowns - I swear the amount of times I think one of my abilities is off Cooldown and it's actually 2-3 seconds away is far too many. Let me add numbers or some shit. Make it one color when it's on CD and another when it's off. Not Dark Yellow, into Yellow. Like fuck. I can't tell the difference from a glance! I see full bar, I think it's ready. Make it easy to tell off a glance.
  • Queue Abilities - So not everyone has the reaction time of a sloth. A lot of us like doing things really fast. And trying to do a combo and chaining that into an ability smoothly is so difficult in this game. Why do I have to "Hold" E to then activate my ability? Like why? Why can't it just be E in conjunction with a mouse press. Also when I "Hold" E while my attack is in motion, why doesn't the game recognize that I am holding the button and ready for my next keystroke? Fix this. It's dumb.
  • More Enemies (Specifically like the Nyak) - The Nyak/Air Realm units are easily the most difficult of the bunch. Whoever designed them, needs to make more. These units are IMO, fun to play against as they are punishing if you mess up.
  • Fix Special FX being Invisible on Low Settings - Anyone who plays the game in low settings knows that some FX are LITERALLY invisible. Not just, "Oh it's hard to see", no literally fucking invisible. It is not on the fucking screen. I should not be punished for having a bad PC. (More accurately for your game being poorly optimized) :D
  • Optimization - Your game runs bad. Everyone knows. You know. Fix it.
  • Fix Boons - If I play Hinterclaw and I have a Longsword (Void) and Warhammer (Air) equipped why in the hell are my boons, +x Dual Blades dmg, +x dmg to bleeding enemies, +x Polearm dmg????? Like hello? What the actual fuck. If you're gonna fuck me at least buy me dinner first. Your game should be smart enough to know what's useless on my character and what isn't. Tune boons so they are guaranteed to give you things that will help you. That's the whole point of them. To help. Not to be a waste of a floor.
  • Make Tower Less Karen - There is no possible reason why I should be getting a Floor of ALL GREENS on Floor 25 or above. I shouldn't even see a Blue door at that point. It's Floor 25. I obviously am very well geared. Cut the bullshit. Give me good stuff. I should be showered with Epic doors at that point with an almost guaranteed Legendary door every 5. Don't even get me started on 50 and above.
  • End of Game Screen - There should be a screen or tab I can press to see things like Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, Successful Dodges/Parries. Especially at the end of the game. It would be fun. And by fun I mean toxic. Who doesn't love that?
  • Better Training Dummy - I literally one shot the current training dummy, and so can any level 50. It shows literally no information except the "Basic Combos" which by the way, I'm level 50 I know the basic combos get that shit out of my face. It takes up 25% of my screen for no reason. It's a bigger waste of space than me. Get rid of it. I should be able to see my DPS, set it to stand still, to attack, to mimic enemies I'm struggling with, etc. This could use the most work at of all the features. Current dummy is a completely useless room.
  • Deaths in a Group - When in a group, 1 person shouldn't be able to take all 3 deaths to end the game. If we run out of Respawns, I should be able to keep going like the absolute baller that I am and carry my team higher into the trial because I'm a Chad. Add a Terminal to the Elevator that I can Sacrifice keys to revive my teammates so they aren't just stuck watching me play. I don't want the game to just end. I want to go out FIGHTING!
  • Exalted Tower of Trials - There should be an Exalted version of the Tower that has enemies scale infinitely. I believe the current Tower has enemies stop scaling at Floor 25 or so. Rewards could be whatever you come up with. Cosmetics, titles, loot, idk that's your job.
That's all Folks! If you guys have any good ideas I'll edit them in and give whoever commented it credit. As always, let me know what you think.
[EDIT] Voice Chat/Chat Box - "Voice Chat for PS5 and both Voice Chat and Chat Box for PC, for players to communicate with when Matchmaking is added. Gonna be real hard to do Tower and agree on doors when we gotta mime everything out. This will also be nice to talk with Guild/Clan mates." - u/Zeradith_TV (Yes I quoted myself; I'm a man of my word)
[EDIT] Less Anti-Fun Boss Mechanics - "Boss design should feature less anti-melee abilities. Solaris is one of the worst offenders on that front. They should use melee strikes more often, and sit in big AoEs less often." - u/Voodron
[EDIT] Player Recovery - "Player recovery times should be shortened, especially after a successful parry." - u/Voodron
[EDIT] Search Bar - "Add a Search Bar for items, I should be able to look up items by name, secondary effects, so on." - u/HUGMEOFFICIAL
[EDIT] Multiple Skill Trees - "Add the ability to make multiple skill point pages so you can have one for each valor plate." - u/Gurka_Warrior
[EDIT] Loot Magnet - "Stronger loot magnet, the loot pickup dance is just hilarious. Pick-up overall should be faster, especially the random stuff should spawn faster so you pick it up while running." - u/n0aimatall
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