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Played DoTA for 10-12 years, first time TI at TI6

I felt compelled to write this up, despite how redundant this post may be
I played warcraft 3 Dota 1 on/off for nearly 10-12 years before Kunkka / Windrunner was released (around 6.13 patch), around the time DotaAllStars was taken over by IceFrog.
I had never watched an e-sports game really in my life really before TI6

Rollercoaster of Thoughts on TI6, rooting for DC

Its been 3 days since the final rounds have finished, I still hadn't collected all my thoughts yet about my impressions of TI6.
I was really bummed out when I missed part of day one of TI6. I had 2 finals tickets and my roommate had 2 midweek tickets, and he wasn't there on time. I didn't get to see Gabe Newell or Lindsey Sterling, but I did watch the first game between MVP and OG if I'm not mistaken
Just a note, I hadn't played dota2 in nearly 4 months due to work. So I was completely behind on the meta. I didn't even know what an "echo sabre" was or this "hurricane pike", and I never touched the new hero yet "arc warden". Heck, I did not even remember half these new map revisions to the game, especially the jungle area around rosh
So game one was a ton of catching up. Where was first pick/ban gyrocopter? Why was IO in the top tier list of heroes, I don't remember that. What is this new arcana rune?
My roommate asked me which team I was supporting. Honestly, I didn't know. I didn't want to bandwagon and pick the most popular pick, OG at the time or EG (team 'murica) either.
I looked through the roster list of every team competing. I recognized a few names, as I went through the list. "w33" ? "Kuroky"? "Miracle"?.
Nostalgia hit me hard. I remember playing with w33 and KuroKy back in the day, w33 in 2005 when all he did was play pub mid or feed SF, and KuroKy who had taught me the shadowblade /divine rapier carry meta as Kunkka.
I remember fondly of the one time I was on the same team as w33 on the dire side, and I played support dark seer / vacuum for w33's SF requirem of souls. You could not forget that game if you were in it, when a 7k player in your 4.5k elo bracket was on your team, because there weren't enough high MMR players that day to play high MMR ranked mode. Not only that, w33 was never part of a guild back then for the longest time, so it was really memorable seeing someone named "w33" who only played SF. For the longest time I thought he was korean. I didn't even realize that w33 was actually from romania and was only like 10 years old back then when I played with him, or that his name was based on his real name, aliwii.
So I threw all my support in for DC. Because, I don't really remember any of these players that well besides w33, so I became a w33fan on day one. (Later on I got a sunfan fan too)
I didn't buy my compendium and literally just picked random people since I didn't watch the pre-qualifiers and had like 5 hours left to lock my predictions. Didn't know who the top contenders were, didn't care. I put DC in my final winners prediction http://i.imgur.com/ToSvaNW.png
I was disappointed by that matchup of my new favorite team DC, vs Wings. 29-3 on the 3rd game, and you get a pity game in game 2 with a pudge + techies pick of all things. I felt bad to be a DC fan that day. Didn't know they were the underdog in the top bracket, or how new of a team they were
Now its day 2. DC was playing the losers bracket against LGD.
What were the chances of them winning? They lost to Wings pretty hard, and they were facing the team that just beat team Secret
But my faith in DC was restored again. I saw tremendous amount of growth between the first matchup they had, and this game. I mean sure they cheesed the buildings using octarine + naga + sd clones, but it worked. In game 2, they just played their gank setups really well
Game after game, DC dominated the lower bracket. That was so exciting seeing the team I picked go from nothing to amazing. In the DC vs EG lineup, I was actually surprised that DC won by changing strategies and split-pushing against a slow, immobile but powerful 5 man team setup on EG's side.
During the finals it was a total let down. DC picked all comfort heroes in the grand finale and were destroyed by Wings pretty badly. Still, they made a great run and I rooted for them the entire way. It must be really mentally taxing on them playing that many games

The atmosphere

I really don't enjoy watching that many sports probably because I suck ass at most of them. Even the superbowl is kind just 'okay' in my books. I didn't really know what to expect at TI, it was my first esports tournament after all
I had to explain to people who do not game, how TI6 is relative to the superbowl
Its like being a super hard core football fan, then watching the superbowl for 5 days straight, but with the caveat that all the prequalifiers are also at the SuperBowl and every fan watching the SuperBowl has probably played at least 500 hours of football. Not only that, fans from teams all over the world are in the exact same spot, chilling outside the lawn, trading miniatures and emoticons, etc. And these fans are all hardcore players too generally, not casual LoL players
Watching the games unfold itself is like being at the superbowl with the cheers and excitement from the crowd (especially the game EG vs Newbee), but WAY better. I mean, who could forget when team USA beat team China, when EG wiped the enemy team after they lost all their raxes and made one final push at the 65 min mark and won. Followed by singing the star spangled banner. Doesn't get more exciting than that

Production and Stage

From the stage, to the lighting, to the overall production. I mean, they even put AR (augmented reality) into the actual giant screens. I had never even seen screens that big either! Some dead pixels here and there but no biggie. I was surprised there weren't any hiccups during the game. Valve did an amazing job with TI6
Then there's the actual playing arena. The whole floor is just one giant screen, with actual animations in sync with different ultimates AND as well as with the wristbands given out to all the players. Nagasong siren had this really cool wristband color effect
The actual playzone boxes for the players was really neat as well. It looked like they were soundproof for the most part, but I remember moo from DC typing out a chant he heard from outside of it

The tension

Watching games unfold in real time was really thrilling and frustrating at the same time
Especially when your rooting for your team, and they done fuck up, and you wonder why they made such a stupid play. Or when a player gets a clutch blink dodge right before a gank, with only limited vision, its amazing to see how fast some players react to different moments
The first tense game I felt was probably against Team Secret was LGD gaming. Just that constant clash back and forth, knowing that if one of their main carries died on team Secret, it was GG. It was a disappointing day when team Secret was knocked out of the tournament
That match gave me so much adrenaline that I needed a stress ball made of paper towels from the stadiums bathroom to alleviate it for the next 2 hours

Shenangans and reveals

I was in the toilet when Pitlord was revealed. Walking back to the main arena and seeing this alien looking thing fully blown on the screen perplexed me, with the words "UNDERLORD", followed by the 10v10. My section wasn't even selected for the DotaAllStars, so I was a bit bummed out. Also, I thought Sun Wu Kong might have been a phantom lancer skin at first

TheCasters and Media

Weatherman Purge was amazing. I thought this whole weatherman thing was just a joke, but they did it throughout the entire TI6 and it was a great refresher of the game just played. Because after watching 10 hours of dota every day, everything just seems to blend together.
Kaci reminded me of my crazy female wee-a-boo friend back in college.
Slacks wasn't too bad though.
I did not know Dota2 was that big in Russia, although I was surprised that there were no peruvian casters on site

Crummy Wizard / Meeting random people / Gameworks reddit meetup

I did my homework and looked up all the meetups happening for Dota 2 in seattle. Decided to go to the GameWorks meetup in downtown
Spent ages getting booze and barfood and made my way upstairs and sat at a random table that my newfound friends were at
Little did I know I was eating at the reddit dota2 table and moderators. I only found out after everyone at the table was referred to by well known pseudonyms. Tsunami643, Divine rapier british guy intolerable, asian lady Deceny, often-mistaken-armenian leafeator
Crummy Wizard party met more /dota2 mods
The best part about TI6 was the community. I could talk to anyone and everyone about Dota 2 and it was great. I never told really anyone anything about my old ancient Dota 1 experiences in the past, partially because nobody cared about it when LoL was popular back then


My god, the swag at Dota 2 almost pays for the ticket itself or at least part of it. Nice Nalgene bottles, a free dota T-shirt, some emoticharms, crappy sunglasses, pins and a drawstring bag were great
The actual store, I ended up showing up to TI6 the day before the first matches. I preordered things right then and there, just to get that really awesome looking collectors bag.
For in game items, I had 2 drops the first day of midweeks, and 1 drop the 2nd day. Nothing else afterwards. Tried selling it but I didn't have my steam setup to sell things


For me, going to TI6 brought back many memories of Dota 1 that I never really thought about.
Its kind of like reuniting with an old lost friend that you played with back in Runescape or meeting your a purely online friend in the flesh the first time.
It felt like that way, when I got to see all of these famous players for the first time, like w33, kuroky, Merlini (caster) before they were even big, before Dota2 was a thing
Back in those days of Dota 1, everything was almost entirely text chat and youtube wasn't even much of a thing back then
I used to save replays of really good players before they were well known when I played with through warcraft 3's client, .w3g replays. That's how I used to improve my dota 1 skills back in the day. Because it wasn't often you were graced with a 6K - 7K Elo game when there weren't enough players on battlenet to play with, despite the fact I was in the 4.5k Elo bracket. You saved every game, because it was really hard to come by good players to learn from, and youtube was great and all, but you only get to see one players perspective and there wasn't that much content originally. Plus a lot of these great players did not use youtube at all, it was still very new
That's how I learned how to play Shadow Fiend. From w33. I learned how to play Kunkka from KuroKy back in the day. I went through playdota.com forums all the time, to read changelog notes, but playing with the greatest players back then and analyzing them today like you'd do in twitch streams through .w3g replays is how I learned
Their playstyles were so unique for their time. A lot of these pro players today paved a lot of the meta back then. For instance, w33 in his pubstomps always bought bottle then blink dagger (before damage caused blink to stop for 3 seconds) before boots with some GG branches. KuroKy is how I learned about shadowblade + xmark the spot + tidehunter harass at long range, heck if you watch TI6 you can tell Kunkka is one of KuroKy's favorite heroes, despite it not saying it on Liquidpedia.
Throughout TI6, I had so many memories of Dota 1. I didn't really play with anyone in real life for the longest time in Dota 1, probably because it wasn't that well known of a game and I was only like 12 when I started playing Dota 1.
One time, I played with IceFrog after a new patch update. He wasn't very good though and fed pretty hard. He did write in perfect english back then though, around 2005
I still remember my first game of Dota. I just finished the campaign on frozen throne, decided to play a custom map, picked Dota since it was trending. I played juggernaut first since he looked cool, and my first big item purchase was a battlefury. Could not for the life of me find preservance or this "secret shop"
Back then, the community of Dota 1 was just as toxic as playing Starcraft 1. If you sucked people remembered you. You get kicked from games, and if you abandoned games, people would always " /elo playername" to see if you were bad.
Dota 1, had so many memorable experiences for me. I wish I played competitively back then, but I played semi-casually solo queue most of the time. I was ok back then, watching TI6 made me remember all those times where I could've known w33 or KuroKy more so in the past. Especially seeing them in person for the first time as well. All it would have took was just more spamming of messages back and forth
The most I remember ever talking to w33 was "oh shit, w33 is in the house, GG guys" especially in pub matches, right before laning phases. I said this in almost every match I had with him. I think all he said back then was " :) " in reply if I'm not mistaken, that's why I thought he was Korean, because back then in my mind only Koreans could've been that good. I played about a dozen matches with him, he didn't type a lot back then and was shy. Its pretty hard to forget the impression w33 shadowfiend mid left on you back then when he completely 1 man crushed your team with 2xs your carry's networth followed by a " :)". He never bragged in any of the matches either. The most memorable match I had with him is when I played support darkseer + vacuum on his requiem of souls on the dire's side.
As a side note, I tried going back to my .w3g save files. Unfortunately I lost all that data I think. I tried using data recovery software to retrieve it but could not find it. Its a shame because I had so much historical data. I might take one more step and bring it to a data recovery center
During autograph lines, I did meet KuroKy. He didn't remember me since I have no idea what my username was at the time (I had to make new accounts because my ELO was so bad on some of them / was banned from feeding), but he did remember the times I described to him though in the 15 seconds I talked to him. That was pretty cool, he said "those were good times". Didn't ever meet w33 though


TI6 was fun, it brought back many Dota 1 memories that I had forgotten about. Also, valves production at TI6 was amazing. I played Dota for the longest time and TI6 was actually the first time I watched a professional esports match. I became a w33fan because I was always a w33 fan (.w3g replays) for 10-12 years and supported DC.
I actually don't play that much Dota anymore partially because I have other priorities, but I will definitely probably go to TI7 next year. If not the year after
Also, Seattle was fun. I went to seafair August 3rd to August 5th, toured the underground, went to the boeing factory, met the casting director for miss universe, toured the newest 2 Amazon buildings, bought my first legal weed, and met people I knew from another video game by sheer coincidence. Also lots of new friends were made here
I have other pics of random people like slackz / DeMon / Purge / autograph lines but I didn't catch them at their best so I omitted it here.
I lied, i actually played DoTA for 9 years (late 2007, 6.48 update). I couldn't remember exactly what year I started but now that I read all these comments / research its pretty clear to me
Also, scratch everything out about 2005 and make it 2007 to 2008 instead.
submitted by Kagerjay to DotA2

Anub'arak – Character, Abilities and Quotes Lore

I once ruled Azjol-Nerub... then came a war I could not win. I was FORCED into servitude! But here, in this strange place... no one commands MY POWER! I will conquer the Nexusss! Those who oppose me shall embrace the web of death. I am Anub'arak! I ruled once before... I SHALL rule again!
Heroes of the Storm: Anub'arak Trailer
Well met! Today's post concerns none other than Anub'arak, the last king of Azjol-Nerub and MAJORDOMO TO THE LICH KING HIMSELF former majordomo of the Lich King. Anub'arak's lore is fairly compact and straightforward, but I'd say that he's a decently iconic and well-liked character nonetheless thanks to his supporting role in the undead campaign for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
All previous "Lore of" episodes
Fall of Azjol-Nerub
For ages, the sinister nerubians - a highly intelligent race of cruel and cunning arachnoids - dwelled in the mighty subterranean Spider Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub beneath the glaciers and frozen plains of the arctic continent of Northrend. One day, the Lich King Ner'zhul arrived in Northrend, crashing into the Icecrown Glacier encased in a block of ice that would become known as the Frozen Throne, and began reaching out with his vast consciousness. After telepathically enslaving a number of native races and beginning to form a small army, he also cast out a Plague of Undeath and used it to kill the inhabitants a nearby human village and raise their corpses as mindless zombies. Over the following months, Ner'zhul continued to experiment with the plague by subjugating every human inhabitant of Northrend, creating an ever-growing army of shambling undead, all telepathically controlled by his indomitable will. The undead erected the great stronghold of Icecrown Citadel around the Lich King's Frozen Throne, but as Ner'zhul's influence over Northrend grew, Azjol-Nerub and its proud king, Anub'arak, stood against him.
The nerubian spiderlords sent their elite warriors to attack Icecrown and end the Lich King's bid for dominance, marking the beginning of what would become known as the War of the Spider. To Ner'zhul's frustration, he found that the spider creatures were immune to both the Plague of Undeath and his telepathical powers. Their shadowy empire stretched nearly half the breadth of Northrend, and the nerubians' hit-and-run attacks stymied the Lich King's efforts to root them out. Ultimately, the war was won by attrition when Ner'zhul sent his countless undead, along with his own jailors, the demonic dreadlords, to invade Azjol-Nerub itself. In the end, Anub'arak and his people could not stand against the endless swarms of the unliving and were killed or forced to flee. Despite the nerubians' immunity to the plague, Ner'zhul was able to use his growing necromantic powers to raise the fallen into undeath and bend them to his will. Anub'arak was among those revived and was reborn as a fearsome crypt lord. Against his will, he was compelled by Ner'zhul to lead the attacks on the remaining living nerubians, slaughtering many of his former people and leading the undead as they conquered and repurposed nerubian ziggurats for use by Ner'zhul's forces. For these actions, Anub'arak was named the "Traitor King" by the living nerubians.
One of the ziggurats conquered by Anub'arak was known as Naxxramas, and the crypt lord also oversaw the process of altering it to serve the Lich King's design. When the human archmage Kel'Thuzad heeded the telepathic summons of Ner'zhul and journeyed to Northrend some time after the War of the Spider, he came across Naxxramas and was allowed inside it by the undead nerubians guarding the entrance. Once inside the pyramid, Kel'Thuzad was greeted by Anub'arak, who informed him that Ner'zhul had been expecting the archmage's arrival. The crypt lord then began to escort the human through Naxxramas' four wings and told him of how "the master" had conquered Azjol-Nerub. After the mage and crypt lord passed through all four of the citadel's major wings, Kel'Thuzad discovered several cauldrons of a strange bubbling liquid. When he approached them for a closer look, Anub'arak held him back, informing the mage that the liquid had been produced to kill and reanimate the living. To demonstrate, the crypt lord took Kel'Thuzad to a cell with two human prisoners, a man and a woman. When the latter started desperately pleading for aid from the archmage, he turned away and told Anub'arak to silence her. In response, the crypt lord impaled the woman on one of his front limbs, killing her instantly. A few moments, later she rose again as an undead, quickly became feral and violently attacked her husband before beinning to eat him alive. A disgusted and horrified Kel'Thuzad teleported out of Naxxramas altogether, but was soon brought back inside by a group of wraiths and ultimately brought to the pinnacle of the Frozen Throne itself, where Ner'zhul informed Kel'Thuzad of his intentions and that Naxxramas would serve as the archmage's vessel.
Race for the Frozen Throne
A few years later (Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne), Ner'zhul and his undead army - now christened the Scourge - had rebelled against the will of the Lich King's demonic creators, the infernal Burning Legion. As a result, the demon lord Kil'jaeden sent agents of the Legion - Illidan Stormrage, Kael'thas Sunstrider, and Lady Vashj - to destroy the Lich King by shattering the Frozen Throne. As a result, Ner'zhul reached out to his greatest champion, the death knight Arthas Menethil, and ordered him to immediately return to Northrend to defend his master. Shortly after the death knight and his forces arrived in Northrend, however, they were attacked by a group of Kael'thas's blood elves seeking revenge for Arthas's earlier defiling of their homeland, Quel'Thalas. Suddenly, Anub'arak tunneled out of the ground nearby along with several crypt fiends (common undead nerubians) and aided the Scourge forces in slaughtering the elves. Anub'arak proceeded to introduce himself to Arthas (I'll stop bolding the name now, you get the idea), telling him that Ner'zhul had sent the crypt lord to aid the death knight. The death knight thanked Anub'arak for his aid but was anxious to hurry to Icecrown.
After the Scourge forces destroyed a nearby blood elven coastal base, Kael'thas briefly teleported in to taunt the death knight and crypt lord, saying that they would never reach Icecrown before Illidan's forces. Arthas realized the truth in the elf's words, but Anub'arak informed him that heading through the underground ruins of Azjol-Nerub could provide a direct shortcut to Icecrown.
While making their way towards the Spider Kingdom's entrance, Arthas and Anub'arak also slaughtered a nearby blue dragon by the name of Sapphiron in the hopes of claiming whatever ancient artifacts he had stored in his hoard. After the dragon was killed, Arthas raised the great creature as a skeletal frost wyrm to aid them in battle. The Scourge forces then proceeded in slaughtering the living nerubians guarding the entrance to the kingdom. Anub'arak stated that the journey through the tunnels would be perilous, but that it was worth the risk.
While trekking towards the ruins, Arthas noted the odd absence of nerubians, living or otherwise. Suddenly, the Scourge forces were ambushed by dwarves - the surviving remnants of Muradin Bronzebeard's expedition to Northrend. Arthas had Sapphiron kill the riflemen guarding the entrance, after which he and Anub'arak proceeded into the ruins. (Sapphiron, being too massive to fit in the underground confines, remained outside and would later go on to become the penultimate boss of the Naxxramas raid in World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.)
After making their way through much Azjol-Nerub's darkened halls, killing dwarves and living nerubians alike, Arthas and Anub'arak confronted the dwarves' leader, Baelgun Flamebeard. Baelgun warned the two Scourge leaders that the recent earthquakes (caused by Illidan's efforts to use an artifact called the Eye of Sargeras to destroy the Frozen Throne) had awakened "ancient, horrid things" under the ice, which the dwarves had vowed to keep locked inside the Old Kingdom. Arthas and Anub'arak ignored the dwarf, killed him, and proceeded into the Old Kingdom - the deepest and innermost heart of the old nerubian empire.
After slaughtering more living nerubians, the Scourge forces came face-to-face with the horrors the dwarves had spoken of: the faceless ones, ancient servants of the chaotic Old Gods. Fighting their way through the monstrosities and proceeding ever deeper into the kingdom, Arthas and Anub'arak suddenly encountered the faceless ones' leader, an enormous, nightmarish entity known simply as a forgotten one. Anub'arak was shocked to see it and urged Arthas to fight as he had never fought before. Ultimately, the two of them succeeded in slaying the thing but were forced to escape into the Upper Kingdom due to the constant arrival of ever more faceless ones.
Shortly after they made their way into the Upper Kingdom, however, another earthquake caused a cave-in that separated Arthas from Anub'arak and the rest of his forces, forcing him to proceed alone. After making his way through more faceless ones, the death knight reunited with Anub'arak, who commented that he now saw why Ner'zhul had chosen Arthas as his champion. Together, the two of them finally emerged from the dark ruins back onto the surface world, where the final battle with Illidan awaited them.
The gates to the Lich King's Throne Chamber could only be opened by activating four enchanted obelisks in the surrounding area. Illidan's forces had already claimed two of the obelisks, but although a Scourge defeat seemed certain, after a long struggle Arthas and Anub'arak were victorious in claiming all four obelisks. After a brief but furious duel with Illidan that left the night elf grievously wounded and forced him and his forces to flee, Arthas entered the Throne Chamber and ascended to the Frozen Throne itself. He then used the runeblade Frostmourne to shatter Ner'zhul's icy prison before finally donning the Helm of Domination, merging his consciousness with that of the Lich King.
End of the Traitor King
For years afterward, Anub'arak was charged by the Lich King to defend his old empire of Azjol-Nerub and carry out his master's work within the darkened ruins. When adventurers (player characters) of the Alliance and Horde invaded Northrend to combat the Scourge (World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King), they invaded Azjol-Nerub and assisted the remaining living nerubians in reclaiming their fallen home. A nerubian by the name of Reclaimer A'zak requested the death of the Traitor King himself, while Archmage Lan'dalock, a human mage in the floating city of Dalaran, stated that it was also in Dalaran's best interests to throw the Scourged nerubians into disarray by destroying their leader. A'zak requested Anub'arak's broken husk, while Lan'dalock asked for the crypt lord's crown - an object that the Traitor King had continued to carry with him despite having lost his royal title when he entered the Lich King's service. Adventurers complied and made their way to Azjol-Nerub's Brood Pit, where Anub'arak met his end at the heroes' hands. When A'zak received the fallen king's husk, he promised the heroes that their names would be recorded in the history of the nerubian people. When Lan'dalock received Anub'arak's tarnished crown, he put forth the suggestion that Dalaran would put it aside until the living nerubians decided to coronate a new king for themselves. (A vizier by the name of Seer Ixit seems to have been the most probable candidate for this position, since he states in the Ahn'kahet dungeon that he hopes to take his deceased teacher, Elder Nadox's, place as a leader among his people.)
However, despite his failure, Anub'arak's service to the Scourge was not yet complete. The Lich King raised him into undeath once more and sent him to plague the Argent Tournament - a grand occasion arranged by the valiant Argent Crusade in order to train the forces of the Alliance and Horde for their final confrontation with Arthas. In the midst of adventurers competing in the tournament's most significant challenge, the Trial of the Crusader, the Lich King suddenly arrived through a portal and informed the tournament's attendees that they had foolishly built their structures right above the nerubians' subterranean empire. Arthas then shattered the floor of the coliseum, sending adventurers falling down into a nerubian ruin known as the Icy Depths, where the reanimated Anub'arak was waiting for them. However, this, too, proved unsuccessful for the crypt lord, as the Traitor King finally met his ultimate end at the adventurers' hands.
  • D: Scarab Host - This trait is based upon Carrion Beetles, an ability that can be used by the Crypt Lord unit in Warcraft III. Carrion Beetles allows the Crypt Lord to summon a beetle from a nearby corpse (only one beetle can be summoned per corpse) to fight for them. Unlike the majority of summoned units in WC3, Carrion Beetles are permanent until they are slain, but the Crypt Lord can only have 5 of them at a time. At higher levels, the Carrion Beetles can also burrow into the ground, becoming invisible and providing vision in exchange for being unable to attack. Carrion Beetles also appear in both of Anub'arak's boss encounters in World of Warcraft: in Azjol-Nerub, he summons 2 beetles every 4 seconds throughout the boss fight, while in Trial of the Crusader, he can summon Swarm Scarabs while submerged underground.
  • Q: Impale - Another Crypt Lord ability from WC3, where it looks and functions pretty much exactly the same as in Heroes by causing the Crypt Lord to slam the ground with their massive claws and shoot out spiked tendrils in a straight line to deal damage and hurl enemy units into the air, temporarily stunning them. In Azjol-Nerub, Anub'arak also uses Impale, although there it only fires a single spike rather than a line of them. While submerged during his Trial of the Crusader encounter, Anub'arak will begin pursuing a player and cast Pursuing Spikes, shooting up spikes through the floor in a manner that's perhaps easiest compared to Artanis' Purifier Beam in Heroes. Upon reaching his target, Anub'arak will cast Impale, which in this case also only shoots a single spike dealing damage to anyone standing within a small area.
  • W: Harden Carapace - This ability appears to be based on WC3's Spiked Carapace, a passive effect that causes the Crypt Lord to form barbed layers of chitin that increase its armor. Unlike Harden Carapace, however, Spiked Carapace also returns a portion of all damage taken by the Crypt Lord back to the attacker. It should be noted that "Harden Carapace" is also the name of an ability used by hunter pets of the beetle family in World of Warcraft, where it temporarily reduces damage taken by 50%. This Harden Carapace is functionally identical to Harden Shell (used by crabs), Shell Shield (used by turtles), and Solid Shell (used by shale spiders).
  • E: Burrow Charge - This appears to be a nod to the fact that both of Anub'arak's boss encounters in WoW feature phases wherein he burrows into the ground. In Azjol-Nerub, he simply hides underground and summons various nerubian mobs to attack the players, while in Trial of the Crusader he continues to use various abilities.
  • R1: Locust Swarm - Based on the Crypt Lord Ultimate ability of the same name from WC3, where it creates a swarm of angry locusts that chew the flesh of nearby enemies and convert it into a substance that heals the Crypt Lord. In Azjol-Nerub, Anub'arak uses "Leeching Swarm", which simply deals Nature damage every second to nearby enemies. Leeching Swarm is also used in the Trial of the Crusader encounter, but there it functions more like the original Locust Swarm in that it also heals Anub'arak for the same amount as the damage dealt.
  • R2: Cocoon - While an ability such as this has never been displayed by Anub'arak himself, many nerubian mobs and bosses - being spider people - have abilities that encase enemies in webbing, incapacitating them until their allies can free them by destroying the web.
  • Level 1: Nerubian Armor - In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, players with the Skinning profession can acquire "Nerubian Chitin" from various nerubian mobs. The chitin can be used to craft a large variety of items, primarily Leather armor.
  • Level 4: Shed Exoskeleton - In both the real world and Azeroth, many arthropods have an exoskeleton - that is, an external skeleton or "shell" that protects their body. Since this talent increases Anub'arak's movement speed after using Hardened Carapace, it appears to represent him shedding parts of his exoskeleton and becoming less encumbered as a result.
  • Level 4: Underking - "Underking" or "Under-King" is a title used by a handful of crypt lords (Under-King Anub'et'kan, Underking Talonox, and Forgotten Depths Underkings). There is also the similar title of "Underlord", used by Ix'lar the Underlord and Anub'ar Underlords.
  • Level 7: Chitinous Plating - Chitin is a material found as a primary component in, among other things, arthropod exoskeletons. Chitinous Plating is also the name of an upgrade that increases the armor of all Ultralisk units in StarCraft II. (Thanks tsoccer93.)
  • Level 13: Urticating Spines - "Urticate" (from Latin urtica, "nettle") is a verb meaning to have or produce a stinging sensation. Many plants, tarantulas, and caterpillars have urticating hairs that irritate foes as a defense mechanism.
  • Level 13: Acid Drenched Mandibles - Acid Drenched Mandibles is an ability used by the Swarm Scarabs summoned by Anub'arak in Trial of the Crusader. The ability causes the scarabs' attacks to deal additional Nature damage every 3 seconds for 1 minute.
  • Level 16: Beetle, Juiced - Appears to be a reference to the 1988 American fantasy-comedy film Beetlejuice and its titular character, a ghost named Betelgeuse (pronounced "Beetlejuice").
Poke quotes
Warcraft III Crypt Lord quotes (In WC3, Anub'arak uses the same quotes a generic Crypt Lord)
Speak. - WC3 select quote.
Time is fleeting. - WC3 select quote.
The strands of destiny weave only a web of death! - WC3 poke quote.
RAAAIIIDS?! - Reference to the TV commercials for the American insecticide brand Raid, which typically feature insects screaming "RAID!" before being killed by the bug spray. Anub'arak's use of "raids" is a reference to the fact that as the final boss of the Trial of the Crusader raid, he suffered his final defeat at the hands of a raid group of players (otherwise known simply as a "raid"). It should also be noted that one of the attack quotes for the Crypt Lord unit in WC3 is "Raid!", which is likely also a reference to the insecticide commercials.
Ugh, did anyone catch the name of that guild? Paragon, was it? - Paragon is a prominent former raiding guild from the European Lightning's Blade server. The guild achieved the world's first kill of Anub'arak in the Trial of the Grand Crusader on September 7, 2009.
Ever notice how it's exactly when you get your purple items organized that heroes 'drop in unexpectedly'? - Items that drop from raid bosses in World of Warcraft are almost always Epic in quality; as such, their names are displayed in purple and they are occasionally referred to as "purple items" as a result. The joke here is thus that Anub'arak had just organized his personal belongings when players suddenly arrived, killed him, and plundered his purple items to use as equipment.
The key to efficient web crawling is proper distribution. - A so-called "Web crawler" is a type of bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for Web indexing.
There is a saying in Azjol-Nerub: 'In the kingdom of the spiders, the giant carnivorous beetle is the king.' - While most nerubian types primarily resemble spiders, the ruling spiderlords (raised as undead crypt lords) instead resemble a mix between giant beetles and spiders. This quote is a play on the adage "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" from Adagia, a collection of proverbs compiled by the 15th-16th century Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus.
The feud between crypt lords and blood lords is eternal. - A reference to the infamous feud between the Crips and the Bloods, a pair of African-American gangs based in Los Angeles. (Thanks to Subsourian for pointing this out.)
Bugs this big become features! - Pun on the fact that "bug" can refer both to arthropods, of which crypt lords would be considered particularly large examples, and to software errors in programming, which are sometimes so prevalent that they can become official features of the program or system. This also appears to be a callback to the WC3 Crypt Lord poke quote "And they say Blizzard games don't have bugs."
  • (Formally, "bug" refers to members of the Hemiptera order, or "true bugs", while informally, the term can refer to any insect or land-dwelling arthropod.)
Don't be a noob. Only I'm allowed to do that! ... Huh. I'm making that sound myself. - This is another one I find a bit weird. Ostensibly it's meant as a pun on "Anub" and "a noob", but I'm not sure about the rest of the quote.
Ten more minutes of this abuse and I will go berserk! - A reference to the fact that most bosses in World of Warcraft have a so-called "enrage timer" or "berserk timer" to prevent players from dragging out boss encounters too long: after a set period of time, the boss will suddenly gain a buff that massively increases their attack damage and/or speed, allowing them to quickly wipe raid groups with ease and forcing players to restart the encounter. Anub'arak's Trial of the Crusader encounter is no exception to this standard and has an enrage timer of exactly 10 minutes. (Thanks to Subsourian for reminding me what this one was referencing; somehow I had managed to forget about enrage timer mechanics.)
Interaction quotes
(General) Anub'arak: "Eternal agony awaits our foes!" - At the start of Anub'arak's boss encounter in Azjol-Nerub, he tells players that "Eternal agony awaits you!"
Anub'arak: "All hail the Lich King." Arthas: "All will serve in death." and Crown Prince Arthas: "Come, the master demands our service." / Arthas and Crown Prince Arthas: "Shall we, Traitor King?" Anub'arak: "As long as you reign, I must obey." - As an undead crypt lord, Anub'arak is a powerful servant of the Lich King, albeit not a willing one.
Anub'arak: "It seems fate has brought us together." Kel'Thuzad: "Yes, to tear THEM apart!" / Kel'Thuzad: "Ah, the Traitor King. Are you ready to scourge this realm of life, Anub'arak?" Anub'arak: "Let us slaughter in my master's name!" - Anub'arak and Kel'Thuzad are both high-ranking members of the Scourge, and the Traitor King was the one to escort Kel'Thuzad through Naxxramas when the latter first arrived in Northrend as a still-living mage.
Anub'arak: "Nice legs." Zagara: "Creep." - Blizzard have been making some nods to a relationship between Anub'arak and Zagara, most notably in the 2015 Love is in the Air trailer. Zagara's response is, of course, a pun on Creep, the biological substance that zerg draw sustenance from and which Heroes of the Storm's Zagara can spread across the battleground with her Creep Tumor trait.
Zagara: "You know, you would make a powerful addition to my swarm." Anub'arak: "I am already shackled to the will of a monarch! I have no need for another." - Obvious reference to Arthas and Kerrigan.
Kill quotes
General: "F-lakkh shir!" - A quote originally spoken by Anub'arak upon killing a player in Trial of the Crusader. This is an example of the ancient, harsh language of the nerubians, but like is the case with the majority of nerubian speech, Blizzard has yet to provide an official translation.
General: "Your soul shall sate the host." - When Anub'arak kills a player in Trial of the Crusader, he says "Another soul to sate the host."
General: "Do you hear the master's voice?" - When Anub'arak kills a player in Azjol-Nerub, he says "Soon the master's voice will call to you.", referring to the Lich King.
Arthas: "Finally, I am free of you!" - Although Anub'arak served the Lich King, he was not a willing servant and always yearned for a release. In the short story Road to Damnation, Anub'arak tells Kel'Thuzad the story of how he became a crypt lord. Kel'Thuzad muses that Anub'arak agreed to serve the Lich King in return for immortality, to which Anub'arak replies "'Agreed' implies choice." Kel'Thuzad then realizes that the Lich King is able to compel obedience from his undead subjects. In the novel Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, Arthas detects a vague resentment in Anub'arak's voice and speculates that the crypt lord would turn on the Lich King if he was able to. Finally, when Anub'arak is killed in Azjol-Nerub, he yells "Ahhh... RAAAAAGH! Never thought... I would be free of him....", and his Heroes of the Storm hero trailer makes clear that he resents having been forced into servitude by the Lich King and wishes to rule once more.
Sylvanas: "You will find no peace in death, betrayer!" - Sylvanas was killed by Arthas, who raised her into undeath as a member of the Scourge. Seeking revenge for what he had done to her and her people, Sylvanas later conspired to overthrow Arthas and even (unsuccessfully) attempted to kill him. Ultimately, Sylvanas succeded in breaking away from the Scourge and formed a faction of independent undead known as the Forsaken.
Other quotes
Agony awaits you. (taunt) / Agony awaits those who challenge me! (Try Mode intro) - When Anub'arak is aggroed by players in Azjol-Nerub, he yells that "Eternal agony awaits you!"
Ah, the time is now. (move) - WC3 Crypt Fiend move quote.
By Nerub. / I'll see to it. / Indubitably. / Kinky. (move) - WC3 move quotes.
  • The "kinky" phrase is a bit odd, but appears to be connected to the fact that the Crypt Fiend, another undead nerubian unit from WC3, is a mummy and thus covered in torn bandages, allowing for some jokes relating to sexual "bondage". As the Crypt Lord is a massive undead nerubian, it makes sense that its quotes would continue to play off of this joke. (Thanks to Jasonco2 for pointing this out; I've also seen this suggestion put forth elsewhere earlier, but I can't remember where or by whom.)
Embrace the web of death! (Cocoon) - The phrase "web of death" appears to originate from one of the WC3 Crypt Lord's poke quotes (see above), and is also used in Anub'arak's hero trailer.
Feel the venom of Nerub! / Oblivion awaits! (attack) - WC3 attack quotes.
For the Frozen Throne! (move/queueing as Anub'arak or locking in Anub'arak in draft) - WC3 warcry quote. The Frozen Throne is a large chunk of ice serving as the seat and/or prison of the Lich King.
From the depths I come. (revived) - WC3 summoning line.
I'll consume the living and the dead! (attack) - WC3 move quote.
My might cannot be matched! (taunt) / Our might cannot be matched! (celebrate) - References to "My might cannot be matched", a WC3 select quote.
Pestilence upon you! (Locust Swarm) - Upon casting Leeching Swarm in Azjol-Nerub, Anub'arak may yell "A pestilence upon you!"
The Lich King was a suit of armor frozen in ice, and HE was still a more active leader than you! (shop) - The Lich King Ner'zhul was little more than an incorporeal spirit bound in armor inside the Frozen Throne, until Arthas shattered the throne, donned the Lich King's helmet and merged his consciousness with that of Ner'zhul.
This place will serve as your tomb. (taunt) - When Anub'arak is aggroed by players in Trial of the Crusader, he yells that "This place will serve as your tomb!", referring to the Icy Depths.
You made your choice. / You shall experience my torment first hand! (revenge) - Quotes originally spoken by Anub'arak upon killing a player in Azjol-Nerub. (The former quote's original version also includes a "have".)
Announcer quotes
Another soul to sate the host! (enemy slain) - A quote originally spoken by Anub'arak upon killing a player in Trial of the Crusader.
F-lakkh shir! (enemy slain) - Same as the hero kill quote; see above.
For the Frozen Throne! (start) - Same as the hero move/queue/lock-in quote; see above.
The Anub'ar shall rise again! (defeat) - The Anub'ar are one of several groups of undead nerubians in service to the Scourge. They are especially associated with Anub'arak and appear to be named after him.
  • Default skin - This skin depicts Anub'arak as he, and indeed all Crypt Lords, appeared during their original appearance in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
  • Desert - The coloration of this skin resembles that of Anub'arak's appearance in the Azjol-Nerub dungeon in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, which also marks the first time that he appeared in World of Warcraft.
  • Frozen - This skin depicts Anub'arak as covered in a layer of frost and resembles his appearance in the Trial of the Crusader raid.
  • Anub'alisk - This skin makes Anub'arak appear as a lurker from StarCraft. See Subsourian's in-depth post about it.
  • Cyb'arak - This skin is part of a shared theme of various mecha- and Kaijo-themed skins, which together depict a world in which defense mechas (Cyb'arak, Mecha Dehaka, and Mecha Tassadar) are created to repel enormous Kaijo monsters (Kaijo Diablo) attacking cities across Earth. Cyb'arak is specifically designed by "Frozen Throne technologies", of course a reference to the Frozen Throne.
  • Love Bug - This skin is themed after the Love is in the Air event (inspired by the namesake World of Warcraft holiday, which is in turn based on the real-life Valentine's Day) and makes Anub'arak and his Beetles resemble lady beetles.
  • Underking (former Master skin) - As noted in the talents section above, "Underking" or "Under-King" is a title used by a number of crypt lords.
  • Silithus Underking - Silithus is a hostile desert region nestled in the southwestern corner of the continent of Kalimdor. Its massive, chittering hives and the ruined fortress-city of Ahn'Qiraj in its southern reaches are home to the insectoid silithid and qiraji races, two of the nerubians' southern cousins (the other being the mantis-like mantid of Pandaria, further to the southeast).
  • Northrend Underking - Northrend is an expansive continent located in the far north of Azeroth and largely covered in snow and ice. It serves as, among many other things, the homeland of the nerubians and the main stronghold of the Undead Scourge.
  • Deatholme Underking - Deatholme is the Scourge's main base of operations in the blood elven (formerly high elven) kingdom of Quel'Thalas. The citadel is nestled in the southwestern reaches of the gloomy and desiccated region known as the Ghostlands and is ruled over by the undead elf Dar'Khan Drathir, who betrayed his people by helping the Scourge enter Quel'Thalas. This skin's color scheme of red, gold, and green is based upon the typical appearance of blood elven clothing and architecture.
    • This skin was added in the "Ana patch",, which as of the writing of this post has only recently arrived to the PTR. As such, no screenshot of this skin has been added to the Gamepedia page yet; I'll update this post with a link when a screenshot becomes available.
I'm not sure what I'll do for next week. For a while now, I've been itching to do a megapost on Warcraft-themed skins on non-Warcraft heroes, as well as a separate one on Warcraft-inspired mounts, but I almost think it might be better to get just a few more hero posts in before I do something like that. I might just do a skin post anyway, or perhaps I'll tackle Ragnaros. As always, let me know what you think!
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