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Thoughts on playing 5 more 3DO games for the first time

I made one of these posts a few months back, after a brief hiatus my 3DO is back in heavy rotation and I’ve played more games that I want to talk about! Let me know if you have any thoughts/memories/opinions on these games.
Corpse Killer: This one I’m actually still in the middle of playing, but after 4 hours or so I’ve definitely seen the loop here. A game from the developers of Night Trap, we have supercharged B movie cheese FMV with some rail shooting in between. The acting and writing are, as expected, comically bad. You’re on an island infested with zombies, and the big evil scientist turned them to sell a private army to the US and now he’s got your men. You mostly spend time getting yelled at by an extremely Jamaican fella and stock early 90s blonde bombshell who drive around with you while you do all the work.
You have a hub map (much like Jurassic Park actually) and you select a series of what seem to be randomly generated side missions to stock up on gear and health before you take on the multi part fortress level, at the end of which you have the chance to rescue one crew member. These shooting galleries are a static panoramic shot of scenery, and then live action actors are superimposed over it in cheap zombie costumes running at you and making faces. It is beyond absurd looking and I kind of love it.
Shockingly it doesn’t feel too bad to move the reticle and shoot, I was pleasantly surprised at the playability. The levels are a manageable difficulty and are mostly on the easy side, except for the back half of the fortress which is where it gets a bit hairy. Certain enemies (and your crewmate bosses you must dezombiefy) can only be downed by special bullets which max out at 200 and are what you’ll spend most of the time farming to take another fortress run on.
This mechanic is pretty annoying, it’s a rail shooter so bullets go like water and you’ll be out of stock in a blink unless you very carefully partition them. I’ve done 2 fortress runs so far and think I have to do another 2 before the climax, its actually been an enjoyable palate cleanser game to play for 20 minutes at a time or so.
Jurassic Park: Okay so this is the worst one yet. Usually when I play games that are awful I can see at least what the plan was, maybe the devs were trying to build a platformer and couldn’t get the physics to feel right, maybe their grand plans for a stealth game was undermined by constraining and frustrating level design, and so on and so forth. Jurassic park is an anomaly to me in that I cannot even parse the idea for a functional, enjoyable end product. I just don’t see it.
You start it up and get some movie clips, they didn’t get the rights to the actors likenesses so all the shots are scenery and they even show you some truly awful, not even close doubles for the characters. You have a map hub screen which allows you to take the various characters and attempt to maneuver them to the rescue plane, it’s a grid like system in which you have to clear mini games at each stop on the way.
There’s a ton of characters, so you have to play a lot of mingames. Luckily Jurassic park keeps it fresh with a whopping 3 fucking games, none of which ever deviate or feel slightly different between various plays or last more than a minute or two. You have a driving game which is mindlessly easy, steer the car around obstacles as the Trex chases you for a minute or so. A shooter in which you scroll back and forth and shoot velociraptors (this one boasts the fun mechanic of damage taken manifesting as lost vision, so as you get hit the screen darkens until you cannot see and eventually are killed).
Lastly there’s a doom esque FPS view dungeon crawl where you walk through a few tiny rooms avoiding the velociraptor hunting you. This one is annoying but you’ll quickly memorize the layouts. There’s also one side mission: to get through the security clearances by playing 5 more mini games. These are far worse, they are rudimentary arcade games with cheap dinosaur skins, they never begin to feel fun and are finished before you know it. Nothing redeemable about this one, trainwreck from start to finish.
Gex: So this one was kind of weird for me, in that it was good. It was an enjoyable, fun 2D platformer. The thing is, and I’m obviously in the minority on this one, 2D platformers generally leave me cold and are not my cup of tea. As a result I only got to the second world of Gex before moving on, but I did very much enjoy the throwback to the whole “mascot ‘tude” era of the early 90s. Gex is always ready with a cool quip or a charmingly now retro movie quote, I liked him a lot as a character and the game really brings him to life with great animations and movements.
Unlike say a mario or sonic game, Gex is slightly less straightforward in that you have to find a remote in the level to progress to the next one. Level design mirrors sonic moreso than mario in that there are multiple branching paths and different directions as you progress, the game is less one of reflexes and more one of exploration (that may change later in the game I’m not sure how hard it gets).
Gex feels good to move, framerate holds nicely and you can whip your tail and stick out your tongue as much as your heart desires. Not really the game for me but I definitely see why it is always mentioned among the system’s best, a well made platformer for sure.
Killing Time: Not gonna beat around the bush here: this is hands down my favorite game I’ve played on the system thus far, and frankly some of the most fun I’ve had gaming this year. Killing Time is an FPS in which a rich woman on an island and her gang of socialites come into possession of an ancient Egyptian waterclock that grants eternal life, things go sideways and you arrive to find monsters everywhere.
We’ll start with the vegetables on this one since they occupy a lot of the plate unfortunately: framerate is dreadful, controls are bad. Framerate hangs around 10-15 fps most of the time, dropping lower if you aggressively try to turn 360 degrees or if you’re in a hectic room with many moving enemies (for what it’s worth the latter really only noticeably tanked it lower 3 or 4 times in my playthrough). Aiming your gun is stiff and feels somewhat sticky and inprecise, understandably this is a dealbreaker for some people. For me after playing about 90 minutes my eyes and fingers were accustomed to playing with a slight handicap and it stopped bothering me.
The game is built like other FPSes of the era, a series of maps that you traverse, shoot everything, collect keys and ammo, and find secrets. Unlike other games, Killing Times is open ended, think original resident evil. The majority of the game is spent exploring the nooks and crannies and various wings of the massive mansion on the island, and you can freely go wherever you choose (provided you have the right key of course). You ultimately have to explore the island and mansion, find the artifacts scattered throughout that give you triggerable powerups such as full health, map reveal, damage up, etc. and then go to the attic and destroy the water clock for good.
The Aesthetics of the game are incredible, different wings and areas really capture the feeling of being in a ballroom, or a kitchen, or a sewer, or a horrible Egyptian death trap. Music is tremendous as well, and the whole game just feels as though so much passion and love and ambition was poured into it. This is an FPS with a fully realized, freely traversable world with no real load times, and tons of memorable puzzles, enemies, and locales.
While the mansion can be overwhelming at first (I admit I used a wonderful hand drawn map posted here a week ago to get my bearings) it is packed with charm and tons to do, with a map at my side when I got lost I still clocked 12 hours to finish the game. Throughout the mansion as well there are little FMV moments when you’ll see little scenes play out between live action actors providing backstory.
Another thing I liked was that you could save any time and loading was relatively easy and painless. The climactic half hour finale in the attic you lose that save ability and wow was that stressful, I’ll stop rambling but man to me it really feels almost tragic that this game runs and plays poorly. The game itself and the world created is so immersive and fun and ambitious, if they had gotten it running smoothly I would consider it a masterpiece.
Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties: Had to play this one, quite possibly the most well known 3DO game vaulted into the retro gaming public consciousness by the Angry Video Game Nerd over a decade ago at this point (I went and checked, that video was from 2009… now I feel old). After playing it a bit myself and then spending two hours with my brother laughing at it and exhausting the decision trees, I feel this game gets maybe the wrong reputation.
For anyone in the dark on this one, it is a super budget FMV softcoreish “game” in which you try and get John, our plumber friend, to hook up with Jane, our female lead. The story bounces a bit between these two and you make decisions for each of them: will John pursue her when she plays hard to get? Will Jane succumb to the odious advances of her boss? These and other gripping questions are answered by you, and then you watch the result play out in a series of photo stills with voiced over dialogue.
FMV game is a bit of a misnomer for this one, there is no full motion video or motion of any kind throughout. Where I feel the general perception goes awry is that I was led to believe that this was just an awful, terribly written, transcendently bad piece of media, sort of in the vein of “The Room.” But that isn’t really accurate, since this game is very much in on the joke with you throughout.
The narrator constantly complains about the characters and gets into fights with random interlopers trying to take his job, the characters themselves make several glib comments alluding to the absurdity of the premise, and the game even has a score system which only goes down, never up, leading to the narrator berating you for you decisions no matter what they are.
This game isn’t a disasterpiece by a clueless creator, it’s a low budget satire of the early 90s softcore scene, and a very good one at that. Because if there’s one thing people agree on, this game is hilarious. I was just pleased to discover that the hilarity was very much the point all along.
submitted by thequirts to 3DO

The Great Unwinding: Why WSB Will Keep Losing Their Tendies

The Great Unwinding: Why WSB Will Keep Losing Their Tendies
I. The Death of Modern Portfolio Theory, The Loss of Risk Parity, & The Liquidity Crunch
SPY 1 Y1 Day
Modern portfolio theory has been based on the foundational idea for the past 3 decades that both equities and bonds are inversely correlated. However, as some people have realized, both stocks and bonds are both increasing in value and decreasing in value at the same time.[1] This approach to investing is used pretty much in everyone's 401K, target date retirement plans, or other forms of passive investing. If both bonds and equities are losing value, what will happen to firms implementing these strategies on a more generalized basis known as risk-parity? Firms such as Bridgewater, Bluecrest, and H2O assets have been blowing up. [2,3]
Liquidity has been drying up in the markets for the past two weeks.[4] The liquidity crisis has been in the making since the 2008 financial crisis, after the passage of Dodd-Frank and Basel III. Regulations intended to regulate the financial industry have instead created the one of the largest backstops to Fed intervention as the Fed tried to pump liquidity into the market through repo operations. What is a repo?
A repo is a secured loan contract that is collateralized by a security. A repo transaction facilitates the sale and future repurchase of the security that serves as collateral between the two parties: (1) the borrower who owns a security and seeks cash and (2) the lender who receives the security as collateral when lending the cash. The cash borrower sells securities to the cash lender with the agreement to repurchase them at the maturity date. Over the course of the transaction, the cash borrower retains the ownership of the security. On the maturity date, the borrower returns the cash with interest to the lender and the collateral is returned from the lender to the borrower.[5]
Banks like Bank of New York Mellon and JP Morgan Chase act as a clearing bank to provide this liquidity to other lenders through a triparty agreement.[6] In short, existing regulations make it unfavorable to take on additional repos due to capital reserve requirement ratios, creating a liquidity crunch.[7,8,9] What has the Fed done to address this in light of these facts?
In light of the shift to an ample reserves regime, the Board has reduced reserve requirement ratios to zero percent effective on March 26, the beginning of the next reserve maintenance period.[10]
II. Signs of Exhaustion & The Upcoming Bounce is a Trap, We Have Far More to Go
A simple indicator to use is the relative strength index (RSI) that a lot of WSB is familiar with. RSI is not the be all and end all. There's tons of indicators that also are indicating we are at a very oversold point.
SPY 1 Y1 Day RSI
Given selling waves, there are areas of key support and resistance. For reference, I have not changed key lines since my original charts except for the colors. You can check in my previous posts. 247.94 has been critically an area that has been contested many times, as seen in the figure below. For those that bought calls during the witching day, RIP my fellow autists. The rejection of 247.94 and the continued selling below 233.86 signals to me more downside, albeit, it's getting exhausted. Thus, I expect the next area in which we start rallying is 213.
SPY 10 Day/30 min
Another contrarian indicator for buying calls is that notable people in finance have also closed their shorts. These include Jeffery Gundlach, Kevin Muir, and Raoul Pal.[11,12,13]
III. The Dollar, Gold, and Oil
As previously stated, cash is being hoarded by not only primary banks, but central banks around the world. This in turn has created a boom in the dollar's strength, despite limitless injections of cash (if you think 1 trillion of Repo is the ceiling, think again) by the Fed.
Despite being in a deflationary environment, the DXY has not achieved such levels since 2003. Given the dollar shortage around the world, it is not inconceivable that we reach levels of around 105-107. For disclosure, I have taken a long position in UUP. However, with all parabolic moves, they end in a large drop. To summarize, the Fed needs to take action on its own currency due to the havoc it's causing globally, and will need to crush the value of the dollar, which will likely coincide with the time that we near 180.
If we are indeed headed towards 180, then gold will keep selling off. WSB literally screams bloody guhhhhhh when gold sells off. However, gold has been having an amazing run and has broken out of its long term channel. In times of distress and with margin calls, heavy selling of equities selling off of gold in order to raise cash. As previously noted, in this deflationary environment, everything is selling off from stocks, to bonds, to gold.
/GC Futures Contracts 5 Y1 Wk
What about oil? Given the fall out of the risk parity structure, I'm no longer using TLT inflows/outflows as an indicator. I've realized that energy is the economy. Closely following commodities such as light crude which follow supply and demand more closely have provided a much better leading indicator as to what will happen in equities. Given that, oil will also most likely hit a relief rally. But ultimately, we have seen it reach as low $19/barrel during intraday trading.
/CL Futures Contracts 1 Y1 D
IV. The Next 5 Years
In short, the recovery from this deflationary environment will take years to recover from. The trend down will not be without large bumps. We cannot compare this on the scale of the 2008 financial crisis. This is on the order of 1929. Once we hit near 180, the Fed crushes the dollar, we are in a high likelihood of hitting increased inflation, or stagflation. At this point the Fed will be backed into a corner and forced to raise rates. My targets for gold are around 1250-1300. It may possibly go near to 1000. Oil could conceivably go as low as $15-17/barrel, so don't go all in on the recovery bounce. No matter what, the current rise in gold will be a trap. The continued selling in the S&P is a trap, will bounce, forming another trap, before continuing our painful downtrend.
I haven't even mentioned coronavirus and unemployment until now. I've stated previously we are on track to hit around at least 10,000 coronavirus cases by the end of this month. It's looking closer to now 20-30,000. Next month we are looking to at least 100,000 by the end of the April. We might hit 1,000,000 by May or June.
Comparison of the 2020 Decline to 1929
Chart courtesy of Moon_buzz
tl;dr We're going to have a major reflexive rally starting around 213, all the way back to at least to 250, and possibly 270. WSB is going to lose their minds holding their puts, and then load up on calls, declaring we've reached a bottom in the stock market. The next move will be put in place for the next leg down to 182, where certain actors will steal all your tendies on the way down. Also Monday might be another circuit breaker.
tl;dr of tl;dr Big bounce incoming. Bear trap starting 213. Then bull trap up around 250-270. We're going down to around 182.
tl;dr of tl;dr of tl;dr WSB will be screwed both left and right before they can say guh.
Hint: If you want to get a Bloomberg article for free, hit esc repeatedly before the popup appears. If it doesn't work, refresh the article, and keep hitting esc.
Remember, do not dance. We are on the cusp of a generational change. Use the money you earn to protect yourselves and others. Financial literacy and knowledge is the key to empowerment and self-change.
Some good DD posts:
u/bigd0g111 -https://www.reddit.com/wallstreetbets/comments/fmshcv/when_market_bounce_inevitably_comesdont_scream/
u/scarvesandsuspenders - https://www.reddit.com/wallstreetbets/comments/fmzu51/incoming_bounce_vix_puts/

Update 1 3/22/2020 - Limit down 3 minutes of futures. Likely hit -7% circuit breaker on the cash open on Monday at 213 as stated previously.
Do not think we will hit the 2nd circuit breaker at 199.06. Thinking we bounce, not too much, but stabilize at least around 202.97.
Update 2 3/23/20 9:08 - Watching the vote before making any moves.
9:40 - sold 25% of my SPY puts and 50% of my VXX calls
9:45 - sold another 50% of SPY puts
9:50 - just holding 25% SPY puts now and waiting for the vote/other developments
11:50 - Selling all puts.
Starting my long position.
11:55 - Sold USO puts.
12:00 - Purchased VXX puts to vega hedge.
2:45 - Might sell calls EOD. Looks like a lot of positioning for another leg down before going back up.
It's pretty common to shake things out in order to make people to sell positions. Just FYI, I do intraday trading. If you can't, just wait for EOD for the next positioning.
3:05 - Seeing a massive short on gold. Large amounts of calls on treasuries. And extremely large positioning for more shorts on SPY/SPX.
Will flip into puts.
Lot of people keep DM'ing me. I'm only going to do this once.

That said, I'm going back into puts. Just goes to show how tricky the game is.
3:45 - As more shorts cover, going to sell the calls and then flip into puts around the last few min of close.
Hope you guys made some money on the cover and got some puts. I'll write a short update later explaining how they set up tomorrow, especially with the VIX dropping so much.
3/24/20 - So the rally begins. Unfortunately misread the options volume. The clearest signal was the VIX dropping the past few days even though we kept swinging lower, which suggested that large gap downs were mostly over and the rally is getting started.
Going to hold my puts since they are longer dated. Going to get a few short term calls to ride this wave.
10:20 - VIX still falling, possibility of a major short squeeze coming in if SPY breaks out over 238-239.
10:45 - Opened a small GLD short, late April expiration.
10:50 - Sold calls, just waiting, not sure if we break 238.
If we go above 240, going back into calls. See room going to 247 or 269. Otherwise, going to start adding to my puts.
11:10 - Averaging a little on my puts here. Again, difficult to time the entries. Do not recommend going all in at a single time. Still watching around 240 closely.
11:50 - Looks like it's closing. Still going to wait a little bit.
12:10 - Averaged down more puts. Have a little powder left, we'll see what happens for the rest of today and tomorrow.
2:40 - Closed positions, sitting on cash. Waiting to see what EOD holds. Really hard trading days.
3:00 - Last update. What I'm trying to do here posting some thoughts is for you guys to take a look at things and make some hypotheses before trading. Getting a lot of comments and replies complaining. If you're tailing, yes there is risk involved. I've mentioned sizing appropriately, and locking in profits. Those will help you get consistent gains.
Bounced off 10 year trendline at around 246, pretty close to 247. Unless we break through that the rally is over. Given that, could still see us going to 270.
3/25/20 - I wouldn't read too much into the early moves. Be careful of the shakeouts.
Still long. Price target, 269. When does the month end? Why is that important?
12:45 - out calls.
12:50 - adding a tranche of SPY puts. Adding GLD puts.
1:00 est - saving rest of my dry powder to average if we still continue to 270. Think we drop off a cliff after the end of the quarter.
Just a little humor... hedge funds and other market makers right now.
2:00pm - Keep an eye on TLT and VXX...
3:50pm - Retrace to the 10 yr trend line. Question is if we continue going down or bounce. So I'm going to explain again, haven't changed these lines. Check the charts from earlier.
3/26/20 - Another retest of the 10 yr trendline. If it can go over and hold, can see us moving higher.
9:30 - Probably going to buy calls close to the open. Not too sure, seems like another trap setting up. Might instead load up on more puts later today.
In terms of unemployment, was expecting close to double. Data doesn't seem to line up. That's why we're bouncing. California reported 1 million yesterday alone, and unemployment estimates were 1.6 million? Sure.
Waiting a little to see the price action first.
Treasuries increasing and oil going down?
9:47 - Added more to GLD puts.
10:11 - Adding more SPY puts and IWM puts.
10:21 - Adding more puts.
11:37 - Relax guys, this move has been expected. Take care of yourselves. Eat something, take a walk. Play some video games. Don't stare at a chart all day.
If you have some family or close friends, advise them not to buy into this rally. I've had my immediate family cash out or switch today into Treasury bonds/TIPS.
2:55pm - https://youtu.be/S74rvpc6W60?t=9
3:12pm - Hedge funds and their algos right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF_nUm982vI
4:00pm - Don't doubt your vibe.
For those that keep asking about my vibe... yes, we could hit 270. I literally said we could hit 270 when we were at 218. There was a lot of doubt. Just sort by best and look at the comments. Can we go to 180 from 270? Yes. I mentioned that EOM is important.
Here's another prediction. VIX will hit ATH again.
2:55pm EST - For DM's chat is not working now. Will try to get back later tonight.

Stream today for those who missed it, 2:20-4:25 - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/576598992
Thanks again to WallStreetBooyah and all the others for making this possible.

9:10pm EST Twitter handles (updated) https://www.reddit.com/wallstreetbets/comments/fmhz1p/the_great_unwinding_why_wsb_will_keep_losing/floyrbf/?context=3, thanks blind_guy
Not an exhaustive list. Just to get started. Follow the people they follow.
Dark pool and gamma exposure - https://squeezemetrics.com/monitodix
Wyckoff - https://school.stockcharts.com/doku.php?id=market_analysis:the_wyckoff_method
Investopedia for a lot. Also links above in my post.

lol... love you guys. Please be super respectful on FinTwit. These guys are incredibly helpful and intelligent, and could easily just stop posting content.
submitted by Variation-Separate to wallstreetbets

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