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This Week in Comics #10 - MAR 4, 2020 - MARAUDERS #9, STRANGE ACADEMY #1, DAREDEVIL #19, EXCALIBUR #8, IRON MAN 2020 #3, MARVEL #1, RESCUE 2020 #1, SPIDER-MAN NOIR #1



  1. X-MEN #7
  4. X-FORCE #8






Read more of the latest news in Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios projects at Marvel_News



(W) Jed MacKay (A) Kris Anka
Felicia and Logan on the run from all matter of Madripoorian murder squads! Kade Kilgore, former head of the Hellfire Club, current boss of the criminal capital of the world, has marked them for death and you won’t believe who comes to collect!


(W) Jim Zub (A) Lan Medina
FIN FANG DOOM! A trio of space dragons attacks Avengers Mountain, and now the Agents of Wakanda are all that stand between their epic reptile rage and...FOOM?


(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Luke Ross
THIEVES IN THE NIGHT! CONAN has reached his treasure…only to find the BLACK CAT has beaten him to his prize! It’s a cat-eat-cat world as one thief has to outrace another on the trail of the mystical Atlantean artifact! Plus: MEPHISTO’S sinister scheme could spell dire consequences for both!


(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Marco Checchetto
Hell’s Kitchen is hanging by a thread—and that thread is Daredevil! Owl makes his play while Mayor Fisk watches from the sidelines.


(W) Becky Cloonan (A) Luca Pizzari
MAYHEM, A MASKED BALL, AND MURDER MOST FOUL! AGNES and ETIENNE enter the lair of the beast—sneaking into the palace of DUKE D’ALENCON, even as his agents hunt for them! But when a murder victim turns up in the court, will they escape notice or be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of disaster forming around them? All this and the return of a ghost from Agnes’ past!


(W) Christopher Cantwell (A) Salvador Larroca
After uncovering the Symkarian plot against him, Doctor Doom seeks an “insurance policy” that will ensure his reign over Latveria forever. Before he returns to his homeland to wage a one-man war on those who usurped his throne, he embarks on a covert mission to find a secret and powerful device with an unlikely ally, Kang the Conqueror—all while being pursued by mercenaries hired to kill him on sight.


(W) Mark Waid (A) Kev Walker
The return of Dr. Druid! What has brought Doctor Strange’s fellow sorcerer back from the dead, and has he truly renounced all magic as he claims? Or is something more sinister brewing in the halls of the McCarthy Medical Institute?


(W) Tini Howard (A) Wilton Santos, Marcos To
HARK! THE HUNT FOR TRUTH! Excalibur emerges from the woods with a journey before them. Their destination: Starlight Citadel.

IRON MAN 2020 #3

(W) Dan Slott, Christos N. Gage (A) Pete Woods
“The Kill Switch” Stop uploading this content! I said STOP, bit-head! What is your malfunction?! Why are you still scanning this?! GO OFFLINE! Fine. You kept going. Happy? You just uploaded the software patch that will END the Robot Revolution. Great going there, Sparky! The countdown’s started. There’s nothing left to do now but wage all-out war against the fleshies! Screw on your best attachments, rust bucket, ‘cause we’re storming the tower! Time to take the fight straight to IRON MAN himself! KILL THE MASTER PROGRAMMER! DEATH TO ARNO STARK!


(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Joey Vasquez
This town ain’t big enough for the both of ‘em. Or is it? There’s a new hero in Jersey City! Introducing FADI FADLALAH, A.K.A. AMULET! What secrets is this gentle giant hiding? Is he friend or foe? And why’s he showing up now, just when Kamala got her life back on track? Read and find out, True Believer!


(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Matteo Lolli
PEST CONTROL! A very small attack on Krakoa grows into something much bigger, thanks to Yellowjacket! Can Captain Kate’s crew swat him before his sting pays off?


(W) Alex Ross, Kurt Busiek, Steve Darnall, Sajan Saini (A) Alex Ross, Steve Rude, Frank Espinosa
Thirty years ago, Alex Ross had a vision of a new series showing the Marvel heroes in a way they’d never been seen before. The first realization of that idea became the blockbuster MARVELS — but today Alex finally brings about his original vision: An anthology of stories by unique, exceptional talents, many of whom are doing Marvel characters for the very first time. Over this showcase series you’ll see work by such artists as Adam Hughes, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dan Brereton and more, linked together by an overarching story by Alex and Steve Darnall. This inaugural issue kicks it all off with superstar artists Frank Espinosa (Rocketo, Looney Tunes) telling an unusual Spider-Man story and Steve Rude (Nexus), teaming up with Kurt Busiek (Marvels, Avengers) for an Avengers story, framed by Alex and Steve Darnall (Uncle Sam, Marvels) presenting a tale of the dread dreamland Nightmare, and his threat to the entire Marvel Universe…and possibly beyond. A once-in-a-lifetime assemblage of talent — you won’t want to miss a single page!


(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Cory Smith
MORALESES VS. MONSTERS! Miles is taking on his biggest responsibility yet--babysitting his new little sister, Billie Morales! But fussiness and feeding are the least of their problems--there’s SOMETHING UNDERGROUND! Meanwhile Miles’ uncle Aaron made a deal with a different kind of beast--ULTIMATUM--and he’s about to get bit.

RESCUE 2020 #1 (IRON MAN 2020 TIE-IN)

(W) Dana Schwartz (A) Jacen Burrows
Pepper Potts moved on from Tony Stark. She’s getting her life together, finding her place in the world. Unfortunately, that’s exactly when Tony Stark decides it’s time for a full-tilt, full-blown meltdown. And if Pepper can’t suit up and save the day, Tony is toast.


(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Butch Guice
The horrific secret of Kulan Gath’s power is revealed. Steel yourself, True Believers, this one is a bummer for the ages. Plus, Dr. Strange & Elektra did what last night?


(W) Margaret Stohl (A) Juan Ferryra
MURDER AND MYSTERY IN THE MIGHTY MARVEL MANNER! DATELINE, 1939! As the specter of war looms on the horizon, SPIDER-MAN: NOIR fights the good fight at home, stopping the injustices of a more friendly-neighborhood variety. But after a dame is murdered at The Black Cat nightclub and all clues point overseas, Spidey will have no choice but to board the next flight to Europe and kick off a globetrotting adventure through yesteryear of the Marvel Universe!


(W) Jed MacKay (A) José Carlos Silva
The conclusion to SPIDER-VERSE is here! All the various threads of this series (Miles Morales, Spider-Man Noir, SP//dr, Webslinger, Spider-Ma’am, and all the other Spider-People and Spider-Sonas) come together to re-spin the Web of Life and Destiny! But the journey won’t be easy, so don’t be surprised if all the spiders don’t make it through alive!


(W) Skottie Young (A) Humberto Ramos
A SORCERER SCHOOL FOR THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! The Marvel Universe has mysteriously changed in such an alarming way that Doctor Strange has done what he’s avoided for decades; he’s opened a school for young sorcerers. Young people from around the world with aptitude in magic have been brought together in New Orleans to study the Mystic Arts under Strange, Brother Voodoo, the Ancient One, the Scarlet Witch, Magik, Hellstrom and ALL your favorite Marvel magicians. But with all the new magical threats, is it too late?!


(W) Tini Howard (A) German Peralta
SHOWDOWN ON DEADPOOL’S MONSTER ISLAND! There are still hundreds of shape-shifting Vridai sneaking their way through Midgard — and Strikeforce is the only team that can recognize them. But when Blade and his team go hunting on King Deadpool’s Monster Island, they’ll find the worst monsters of all may be the ones in the mirror!


(W) Shuizhu, Amy Chu (A) Gunji
FORGED IN STEEL! SWORD MASTER has learned how to be a hero the hard way… He’s been haunted by the past and under attack in the present. But the introduction of two new players will change everything.




5. IRON MAN 2020 #3



2/19 - WOLVERINE #1
2/12 - X-MEN #6
1/29 - X-MEN #5


What are your expectations for the Black Widow film?


submitted by tehawesomedragon to Marvel

A Guide To All Things MSF

Hello everyone, i decided to make this guide because i haven't found one that really covers the basic's. Mostly all of the guides I've seen just overload you without much explanation or just tell you to farm guardians without actually saying why. There are bound to be a few oversights and maybe even a few things my own opinion effects, if you notice an error or something i left out, feel free to drop it in the comments, or my PMs and ill update the guide accordingly.
FARM GUARDIANS! Lol jk, seriously though. If your free to play and your just starting out, its a good place to start, they're super FTP friendly. A decent blitz team, its a good raid team for the early raid difficulties, And they unlock the Star Lord Legendary. (Legendary characters are unlocked via rotating events to give everyone a chance to prepare. And vary in importance. For now, just know that Star Lord is what you want)
You want Star Lord because he'll get you through Dark Dimension 1, dark dimension 1 gives you alot of important gear for your characters. and he's part of the ftp team that gets you through dark dimension 2, dark dimension 2 gets you Ultron; and Ultron is one of the best characters in the game.
You wanna farm them to 6 stars and stop, because 7 stars takes forever and there are other teams you need.
Farming Locations - Gamora/Mantis: Blitz store - Drax: Arena Store - Rocket Raccoon: Raid Store - Groot: Nexus 2-9
Gear Recommendations - Groot: Gear Tier 13 - Rocket Raccoon: G13 - Mantis: G9 - Drax: G9 - Gamora: G9 - Star Lord:G13
The reasoning behind the gear levels, is that all of these characters are going to find a home. Gamora is part of a Hero Brawler team. Groot goes to your first DD2 team so does rocket and Star Lord, drax and mantis fall out but they'll find a place too, and at the very least having them at g9 will serve you in the raids.
Once you have them all at 6 stars, replace Gomora with star lord, and you'll be through dark dimension 1 in no time, if your feeling a little underpowered for DD1, feel free to up them 3 G9's to G10. I wouldn't go much higher though.
This covers the TLDR, when your ready come back and get into the rest.
Chap 1:Beginner Tips.
Chap 1.1: Your First team
Chap 1.2: Event Preparation.
Chap 1.3: Where You Should Spend Your Extra Energy
Chapter 1.4: Daily challenges and how to address them.
Chapter 1.5: Who are the legendaries? What do they do? And what can we use them for?
Chapter 2: Your Next Team
Chapter 2.1 where to go from her (Under Construction)
Chapter 2.3 Alright nerd just tell me how long it takes to farm rocket. (Or any character for that matter)
Chapter 2.3.1: How Long To Farm Blitz Characters.
Chapter 2.3.2 How Long To Farm Raid Characters.
Chapter 2.3.3 How Long To Farm Arena Characters.
Chapter 2.3.4 How Long To Farm War Store Characters.
Chapter 1: General tips and advice to have a great start.
If you never spend a dollar.. IT TAKES 285 DAYS TO GO FROM 1 TO 70 IN THIS GAME, that's a long time. Get comfortable and strap in. Just keep playing and you'll get there. Your level isn't representative of your progress. You don't need to be at level 70 for a large majority of this game to be farmable don't give up. I believe in you Jimm-.... i mean... yea... anyways...
At its heart, this game is about collecting legendary characters. And this guide is about getting those very characters, it covers alot of other stuff. But at the core, all of that other stuff just facilitates the acquisition of legendary characters. If theres 1 thing to take away from this guide, let it be that you need to focus on 1 legendary at a time and unlock that legendary. Which one is entirely up to you in the end, just dont get sidetracked and go super wide. You wont get far and you'll find yourself hitting a wall.
For the most part im going to try and keep this portion as FTP as possible, however at the beginning of the game you're going to have a few amazing offers, they are all amazing deals.. the best pricing in the game. Theres one in particular that you should really buy at this point in the game, its the guardians of the galaxy offer. It will help you at this stage immeasurably And give you a way to clear heroes and the nexus, as well as a head start on star lord.
Focus on your arena, and try to place as high as you can with what you got. The crystals are a huge help. Dont spend your crystals on anything but the 50 cost energy refreshes every day.
Gold is on shortage in this game, dont waste it on characters your not using in the arena until you have the gold to spare, always try to have at least 600k on stand-by for a level up once your passed level 50 or so
if your like me you hate blitzing. But it is Super important to do, not only does it give you the store currency, but it also gives you character shards and red stars depending on your ranking, try to save your blitz charges(the energy you use to refresh a team with) for a great blitz, like carnage or Mister sinister, red skull. Valuable characters, Dont waste time competing for red star blitzes until much later, go for the premium orbs. You have a better chance at placing higher and those extra shards are gonna be important. It also gives you world warrior points, once you get into an alliance that is, world warrior is super important. Its a FTP source of T4 Ability mats. (The orange mats that unlock the last tier of any given ability)
Find a good Alliance, seriously this one is super important for raids. Find people who play at your pace, just make sure your getting those raid rewards, otherwise you wont get far.
THIS ONE IS SUPER IMPORTANT! Dont overgear a team your not gonna use alot, either in your arena or your raids. Those purple mats are gonna be important the whole way through. If you want an extra team for blitz, feel free to get them to Gear Tier 8 and skill levels 4, and for the passive level 2, maybe 3. Just dont waste the purple stuff till your main arena team is finished off and on to the orange gear.
This one is less obvious, dont work on a character passed 6 stars at the beginning, 7 stars takes forever. And everything is super viable at 6s, realistically, i can take rhino from 3 stars, to 5 stars... in nearly the same amount of time i can take gamora from 6s to 7s, meaning that while you were trying for that one extra star, you could have had rhino ready for shuri. Especially in the early game, dont push to 7s on anyone. That comes later when your maxing teams, for now you just want them viable.
DONT FARM SPECIFICALLY FOR THE FLASH EVENTS, Block Party, Relic Hunt, Pay Day, And chaos theory. Having all those resources isnt gonna mean much if you dont have good teams to use them on, for example.. having 100 extra T4s is great, but you really dont wanna waste those mats on the defenders. You want Carnage's Passive, or hela's ult. Dont put the carriage before the horse my friends.
Also. Dont farm specifically for daily challenges, same concept as events. Except that challenges are gonna come naturally, for example.. the blasters challenge, its important yes, but if you follow the guide, eventually your gonna have 5 blasters at high gear that are part of meta teams that you can use for that juicy challenge tier. I.E Cyclops,Thor,Green Goblin,Rocket Raccoon, and Shocker. They'll all come naturally as you go through the standard rotation of teams
Chapter 1.1 Your First Team.
If you read the TL;DR you can skip this bit. If you havent, continue on.
FARM GUARDIANS! Lol, seriously though. If your free to play and your just starting out, its a good place to start, they're super FTP friendly. A decent blitz team, its a good raid team for the early raid difficulties, they'll get you through the cosmic, hero, and nexus nodes. And they unlock the Star Lord Legendary. (Legendary characters are unlocked via rotating events to give everyone a chance to prepare. And vary in importance. For now, just know that Star Lord is what you want lol)
You want Star Lord because he'll get you through Dark Dimension 1, dark dimension 1 gives you alot of important gear for your characters. and he's part of the ftp team that gets you through dark dimension 2, dark dimension 2 gets you Ultron; and Ultron is one of the best characters in the game.
The reasoning behind the gear levels, is that all of these characters are going to find a home. Gamora is part of a Hero Brawler team. Groot goes to The Best Kree team so does rocket and mantis, drax falls out but he'll find a place to, and at the very least having him at g9 will serve you in the raids.
You wanna farm them to 6 stars and stop, because 7 stars takes forever and there are other teams you need.
Farming Locations Gamora/Mantis - Blitz store Drax - Arena Store Rocket Raccoon - Raid Store Groot - Nexus 2-9
Gear Reccomendations Groot - Gear Tier 10 Rocket Raccoon - G10 Mantis - G10 Drax - G9 Gamora - G9 The reasoning behind the gear levels, is that all of these characters are going to find a home. Gamora is part of a Hero Brawler team. Groot goes to your first DD2 team so does rocket and Star Lord, drax and mantis fall out but they'll find a place too, and at the very least having them at g9 will serve you in the raids.
Once you have them all at 6 stars, replace gamora with star lord, and you'll be through dark dimension 1 in no time, if your feeling a little underpowered for DD1, feel free to up then 3 G9's to G10. I wouldnt go much higher though.
Once you have them all at 6 stars, replace gamora with star lord, and you'll be through dark dimension 1 in no time.
As for dark dimension 2 GotG gives you 3 characters to take there, they are Star Lord(SL) Rocket Raccoon(RR) and Groot, the other 2 are Minerva, which you'll unlock through premium orbs over time. You dont have to have her at high stars, 3 or 4 is just fine. Even 2 might just cut it, she's a kit based Character not a stat based one. And shes key to clearing DD2 FTP, and finally Scientist Supreme. Shes counter intuitive but i promise you shes great. When you unlock her node, farm her with your extra energy.
With guardians on farm and the game becoming more accessible your gonna have some extra energy outside of your Groot farm and the Scientist Supreme(SS) nodes, and with that energy there are a few things you're working towards, the first of which is of course your DD1&2 runs. At the same time there are a few events you should be preparing for, so lets familiarize you with the main events in the game.
Chapter 1.2 Event Preparation
The first is Block Party. This is where you get the T4 ability materials en mass, it requires City Hero characters, and the Defenders team is gonna be what you want here. The team is Luke Cage, Punisher, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. Pick one you like and farm them with your extra energy when you can. I wouldnt say you have to, especially because this isnt gonna be super important until later.
The second is Relic Hunt. Here you need Hand characters, and it gives you catalysts for the various gear teirs, the team you need is crap, and consists of Elektra, Nobu, Hand Assassin, Hand Sentry, Hand Archer. Only useful characters here is nobu and hand assassin, because of the fact that they unlock pheonix. Again not a must, but if you want to priorities this event, feel free to throw your extra energy on some hand characters.
The third is Payday, and it gives you gold, honestly this is the only event that has a team that isnt useless, here you'll need mercenaries. And mercs are fantastic in Alliance war, on defense. And will move you up in the arena pretty well. Only downside is for them to be that good you need Taskmaster, and Kill Monger. Once you have these 2 characters you can team them up with Mercenary Riot Guard, Mercenary lieutenant, and the 5th spot is open, Sniper, Korath, and Bullseye are great choices, downside is you wont have TM, or KM until later on. For now though, just to get the event done, farming mercs on bonus energy isnt a bad idea at all, and gold is always good. So feel free to put some extra energy here. The team you'll likely do this event with is Korath the Pursuer, Bullseye, Mercenary Lieutenant, Mercenary Sniper, Mercenary riot guard/Mercenary Soldier
The fourth is Chaos Theory, this is where your going to get your Red Stars... and in this game, red stars are everything. Once you get to a point where you can farm Okoye and Black Panther. You should really do so, this event is the most important to prepare for. The team you need is all Wakandan's, and consist's of Okoye, Black Panther, Mbatu, War Monger, and The Legendary, Shuri. We'll get to how you unlock shuri later, but if you have a little extra, feel free to invest it here. However, wakandans dont really do much but this event. And maybe a little in Alliance War. So dont think this is a must have right away.
All of these events are gonna come over time naturally. And side farming for them is a good idea, that said. If you REALLY want venom.. or captain America.. for whatever reason, sometimes just liking a character is worth farming.
Chapter 1.3 Where you should spend your extra energy
As you progress through the campaign there are a few characters you should focus on with your extra energy, which one is entirely up to you and your priorities, and again. Sometimes just having a character be your favorite is a reason to prioritize that character.
This section is going to depend largely on what you have available in your campaign so im going to just list them in order of importance in my own opinion, your opinion my differ so feel free to pick a node and go for it, remember you gotta set your own goals.
These first two characters, are actually part of your next team. The Sinister six, the next chapter will cover them. And if you have them unlocked, farm them.
Shocker Cosmic 1-9 *part of your next team
Green Goblin Nexus 5-6 *part of your next team
Scientist Supreme(SS) Cosmic 1-9 *Shes gonna help you in Dark Dimension 2 and is also usefull in raids.
Nobu Villians 6-3 *This guy is part of the Hand team for The relic hunt, But more importantly is part of the team that unlocks the legendary character, Phoenix. Is also mystic, which will help you clear those nodes.
Hand Assasin Nexus 7-6 *same as nobu
Venom Nexus 6-9 *Part of the Symbros, with carnage and symbiote spider man, useful for DD3, and with the other 2 symbiotes pretty much everywhere.
Okoye Nexus 6-6 *not a super important character, but worth it if you have extra. Part of the team for the Chaos Theory Event.
Black Panther(BP) Nexus 4-9 *Part of the chaos theory team, also a mystic to help you clear those nodes.
Mercenary Sniper Nexus 4-6 *Part of the merc team you want for war and the payday event, really good if you have Taskmaster (TM) and Kill Monger(KM)
Iron Fist Nexus 1-9 *Part of the team for Block Party, also a mystic to help you with those nodes.
Korath The Pursuer Villians 5-9 Farmable Merc if you dont wanna wait fir KM and TM. Works for payday.
Merc Lieutenant Villians 3-3 *same as korath but also great when you have TM and KM.
Jessica Jones Villians 2-9 *Part of the Defenders team for block party
Bullseye Villians 1-3/heroes 2-6 Merc team for payday.
Winter Soldier Heroes 6-3 *Part of the hydra team with Baron Zemo much later down the road, not super important at all, but with extra energy why not.
Luke Cage Heroes 3-3 *Part of the defenders team for block party.
Punisher Heroes 1-6 *Part of the defenders team for Block Party.
I didnt list characters that are going to be main farms later, besides green goblin and shocker. Because where you go after the sinister six is eniterely up to you. This is just a guide to a good start. Of course ill be mapping out the rest of the game, but if you'll excuse the analogy. I draw the map, you drive the car.
I didnt list the other hand minions because they literally only do 1 thing. And arent even that great at blitzing. Plus relic hunt is the least important event.
But that covers it for extra energy.
Chapter 1.4 Challenges and Events & How to Adress Them.
This game has quite a few different daily challenges, with a variety of important rewards. Its pretty easy to get an idea of the rewards they pay out just by fiddling with the game a bit, honestly. These things are gonna come naturally as you farm your main teams, and farming a team for them is just gonna set you back. Let yourself unlock them as you progress, just remember they are super important and you should never forget to do them to whatever extent you can.
Its the same with events, i covered this twice because of how important this is, i've seen 7 or 8 people make this mistake. At the start of chapter one the last 2 tips cover and explain this pretty well, if you skipped those tips. Please read them.
Chapter 1.5 Who are the legendaries? What do they do? And what can we use them for?
There are a total of 10 Legendaries in the game.
Doc Oc - Team Required: X-Force Doc oc is really new, so the full extent of his usefulness isnt known yet. For now, know that Xforce counters Asgardians, and is a solid overall team. Estimated Time
Iron Man - Team required: Shield Hes the first legendary you'll have access to. hes always available and his event doesn't rotate like the others, Hes pretty damn useless lol. hes part of a power armor team.. But even there, recently he was replaced by ultron on that team, at least in Alliance War. (I'll explain later) hes also part of the avengers. Not a Horrrrrible team... but not very good either... honestly just gettem later, either of the teams he goes on wont be an actual priority for long, long; time.
Nick Fury - Team Required: Kree Minions Fury makes the Shield Minions fantastic. And when they finally retire him, this whole guide is going to change. And by retire, i mean make his event permanent.
Fury is great with the Shield Minions, but what really makes them shine is Coulson, even with coulson though... by the time you have him ready to pair with fury, the only place your gonna use this team is War Defense. So dont prioritize fury, there's just too much other stuff that can beat him down right now. Later on as you play, the kree minions will get unlocked through premium orbs among other places, and coulson by the milestones. Unlock him as you play, no rush.
Magneto - Team Required: Mutants Magneto was originally the counter for Nick Fury. He still see's some play, and is a part of some decent teams, he can help your arena depending on where your shard is.
Mags isnt the best first choice, but his team Is solid. If you bought the X-Men offer they give you at the start hes a lay-up to unlock and worth it. It'll be a while before his team is a priority but hey, like i said your driving. For me though, hes definatley not my first choice for a legendary, or my second and third for that matter.
Star Lord - Team Required: Guardians Of The Galaxy/Ravagers SL is gonna get you you through dark dimension 1 and 2, and will be usefull through U6.5 (The Ultimus Raid) the biggest reason hes first on the list for FTP players is because hes the gateway to ultron. And you WANT Ultron... if your a dolphin or a whale. This guy isn't Nearly as important. But still great to have as a dolphin, ill have a portion of this guide dedicated to dolphins, dont worry.
Star Lord should be your first unlock as a FTP hands down, also the reason we dont use ravagers to unlock him is that ravagers are absolute trash, yondu is the only character you could really try to fit in, if you do switch out Gamora for him, honestly though you'll get more use out of gamora in the challenges and the hero brawler team than you ever will outside of yondu, if you choose yondu, understand that this is the only place your gonna use'm
Invisible Woman - Team Required: Sinister Six IW is a great character, shes used on a 7.5 backup team, she's a critical part of the fantastic four team, Obviously. While your prepping a team for U7.5 100% Completion, she'll serve on a team with Shuri. So you'll get use out of her for a while.
Shes definitly a great early unlock, and the best part is that she gets unlocked by the same team as the next legendary on this list.
Shuri - Team Required: Spidey-Verse Shuri is a fantastic healer, and for alot of people she replaces Minn-Erva. To the extent that its possible Lol, Shuri is gonna see use in U7.5 the entire way through, shes part of one of the best raid teams out. She's also the last member of that wakandan team you've been putting extra energy into, she's gonna make Chaos Theory and all those Red Stars finally possible.
Shuri is the FTP players 2nd unlock, we use the Sinister Six, becuse they unlock 2 legendaries. Shuri and IW, and they are both important parts of pre-level 70 progression in this game
Phoenix - Team Required: Vilian Mystic Controllers Phoenix was the queen of the arena for a long time, and having her ahead of the rest of your Arena Shard can really put you ahead of the game, she can also be used in the fabled Dark Dimension 3, and U7.5 and with her, the x-men get much much better.
Unfortunately Phoenix comes much much later, as a free to play player she wont be available to you for a while, you'll probably have all of the preceding legendaries unlocked well before her, she's something to strive towards. Just like the next 2 legendaries.
Black Bolt - Team Required: Asgardians Black Bolt is literally good for everything, he and ultron are a close tie for best characters in the game. I mean, arena... war... raids.. you name it he does it.
BB is sadly also locked behind hella, and you'll likely have him after phoenix if not just before. But its gonna be a while, this is another character to strive towards, and hes also needed for our final legendary character.
Ebony Maw - Team Required: Black Bolt & 4 Inhumans EB is gonna be your final unlock as a FTP player, with the rest of the Black Order characters and thanos. They rule the arena, hes on a U7.5 team, gets use in DD3. Honestly though, your game will be just fine without him.
If your a whale or a dolphin, this is a priority character. And there will be a guide on that later in this post. If not. Again, this character and his team are an achievment. That will come much much later.
Chapter 2: Your Next Team
The Sinister Six Rhino, Vulture, Shocker, Mysterio, Green Goblin(GG).
why? Because they unlock shuri. And invisible woman. Its a 2 for 1.
Why this version of the sinister six you ask? Because swarm and electro arent farmable. And also need doc oc, and doc oc is a legendary... who needs X-Force. So its just not free to play feasible right this moment.
Why the sinister six at all? Why not xforce... Because The X-force onlu unlocks 1 legendary that we're not even sure is gonna be all that impressive when compared to Shuri and Invisible Woman.
Why do i want shuri and invisible woman? Because shuri is the best healer in the game, and goes into a U7.5 team, and invisible woman, is one of the best supports in the game. And goes on a u7.5 team, and u7.5 is gonna give you those sweet, sweet rewards you've been eyeing for the last month of grinding GoTG. Lol...
This team is gonna be just a TAD better in the arena than the guardians. Much better at blitz, its gonna help you with your greek raids (Alpha. Gamma, Beta) They're also city characters so they are gonna help you with that gold challenge, GG and Shocker are blasters. So more tiers in the ability challenge. The SS are just the most sensible next step, 2 teams. 3 legendaries, DD1/2 and On the way to U7.5.
Progression Reccomendation:
Locations: Green Goblin: Nexus 5-6 Shocker: Cosmic 1-9 Mysterio: Raid Store Rhino: Blitz Store Vulture: Arena Store
Green Goblin : G9/G10 -6s Shocker: G9/G10 -6s Vulture: G9/G10 -6s Rhino: G9/G10 -6s Mysterio : G9/G10 -6s
The difference between these guys and the guardians is that they are going to unlock shuri and invisible woman, get added to your blitz and war roster. Then for the most part get retired, until you get your X-Force running and Doc Oc is an option, and even then. You need swarm and Electro. So, until this team gets a member face lift, dont over do it on the gear, invest as needed to progress through vilians and unlock them legendaries.
Chapter 2.1 where to go go from here.
By this point in the game your not quite 70 yet, your done with the guardians and shuri is around the corner.
Now what?... well thats entirely up to you, by now you've opened alot of orbs. Your roster is gonna look different from mine, you might only need a few shards of graviton to make your A.I.M work, maybe you bought the x-men offer and its a lay-up so you go for it. Maybe your the luckiest ftp player ever and in your free Red Star orbs you got a 7RS Ghost Rider or some crap and the supernaturals are your thing... or maybe maybe your nearing 70 and you wanna grab the asgardians early and whale out on hela just to get BB early. So the next portion of this guide is going to review each team 1 by 1 and tell you what they're about so you can make an informed desicion on your roster.
The only real guidance i can give without a snap of your roster, is to get the asgardians asap because they unlock black bolt.
If you want a review on a team that isnt here yet, drop it in the comments and ill move it up on the calendar.
Chapter 2.2 The Asgardians Hela, Thor, Sif, Loki, Heimdal.
Locations: Thor: Raid Store Sif: The War Store Loki: Mystic 3-6 Heimdal: Arena Store Hela: Villains 7-3
Progression Reccomendation: Thor: G12 Hela: G14 Loki: G12 Sif:G12 Heimdal:G11/G12
This team is probably one of the most meta teams out, It can clear cosmic nodes, and mystic if you sub out Sif. Nexus is a cake walk with it, it does great in an early arena shard. Its a staple team on War Defense. It can get you all the way through U.6.4 or 6.5 Honestly at this point wether or not a team can best the asgardians is the bench mark for awesome. Lol Hela is a power house your gonna use in U7.5 and Dark Dimension 3.
They can also clear dark dimension 1 and 2. No extra needed, D1 at 215k power, and D2 at 240k. If you can get to them, do so.
Teams To Avoid: X-Force - Black Order - Symbiotes
The Symbiotes: For right now the symbiotes consist of: Carnage,Venom,Symbiote Spider Man.
Locations: Venom: Nexus 6-9 Symbiote Spider-Man: Currently un-Farmable Carnage: War Store
They eventually are gonna have Scream and Anti Venom, but for now its just the 3, often paired with Minn Erva and Hella, or litterally any 2 characters lol.
Just the 3 of them at g13 and 5 or 6s can clear DD2, they are fantastic for raids ups to u7.0 Will bump you up in an arena shard, just a fantastic stable team, and they all go to DD3, so the gear is worth the Investment. Honestly top tier team here, its a must have. They're also a counter to the asgardians.
Gear Recomendation:
Go to town, hit 14 on all 3, and the other 2 when they come out. Fantastic squad.
Teams To Avoid Botherhood with mister sinister.
A.I.M Graviton, Scientist Supreme, A.i.m Infector, A.i.m Researcher, A.i.m Monstrosity.
This is a solid team, theu can clear dd1 and 2. And honestly they are a decent choice for a 1st team. The reason we use gaurdians is because its available faster, amd the guardians unlock a legenday.
This is a great team if say, you just made your account and stat lord is 45 days out. Better off just farming these guys for raid and arena use, then prepping for a different legendary. But were gonna cover that in chapter, stand by for more info on these guys, were gonna make them a highlight in this guide. (The rest of this section is under construction)
Chapter 2.2 alright nerd just tell me how long it takes to farm rocket. (Or any character for that matter)
Okay so we're gonna cover the easiest way to figure out how long it takes to farm from nodes and each store.
Campaign Nodes:
(TL;DR) If you want to know how long its gonna take to farm a campaign node... figure out how many shard you need to get to the desired star... Then divide that number of shards by 2.5 if your never gonna refresh the node, divide it by 5 if your gonna do it once. And 7.5 if your gonna refresh it twice.
E,G. 200 divided by 5 = 40 days.
For refrence, to go from 0 to 7s is 810 shards. 6s is 510 shards. 5s is 310 shards. 4s is 180 3s is 100 2s is 55
(If you want the full breakdown keep reading) Campaign Nodes are all about averages, because you cant guarentee how many shards your gonna get on any given day. However, we do know that over time any given node averages 2.5 shards per 5 attempts. Or 2.5 shards a day unless your using those crystals to refresh the node. So if you do it once for 50 crystals, your average will be 5 shards a day, and if you do it twice. 7.5 shards a day.
So lets say, you wanna take groot to 5 stars, from 0 to 130 would mean you have to take 130 and divide it by 7.5 if your refreshing twice. 5.0 if once, and 2.5 if none.
130 divided by 7.5 = 17.3=18 Because of the way this game works you rouns up. Meaning 18 days for a five star groot. Refreshing twice.
130 divided by 5 = 26 days. So 26 days for a 5 star groot refreshing the node just once.
And finally
130 divided by 2.5 = 52. Meaning 52 days for a five star groot, without ever refreshing the node.
Now in reality you have to acount for frustration mechanics. What this basically means without boring you more than i already have, is that this is all give or take 4 days...
Now that we have our averages for 130 shards...
It takes 810 shards to 7 star a character, 510 for 6s (this is why we all say stop at 6s)
310 for 5s, 180 for 4s, 100 for 3, 55, 45 for 2s...
So plug this in to our averages... And the time it takes to get to 6s on a node, becomes...
68 days refreshing twice...
102 days refreshing once...
204 days refreshing zero times... ever...
These numbers assume you start at 0...
Chapter 2.3.1 The Blits Store:
The blitz store is gonna depend on how many milestones you can do, everyday. If you just do the daily quest you'll manage 5 shards a day at a constant.
So at five shards a day, just like our campaign nodes, its 102 days to go from 0 to 6s, If your managing 10 shards a day, its 51 days, and if your clearing every milestone possible.. its 31 days, to go from 0 to 6s. Blitz is the fastest of all the farms, and the math is a lot easier because you know how many shards your getting every day for sure.
What should you be farming in the blitz store? Thats largely up to you. Just make sure you can grab that star lord unlock.
Chapter 2.3.2 How Long To Farm Raid Characters
Asuming your in an alliance than can do U6 and your not spending your raid currency on anything but shards of a single character, it again averages out to around 5 shards a day, if you never refresh the store. And can be as high as 15, honestly depends on your RNG. Its really impossible to predict accuratley. However with the law of averages saying 5 shards a day on this one, 102 days to 6s a character if you never refresh the store.
Here if you wanna figure out the time its gonna take for you to finish off a raid character, just plug five into our early math under the Campaign Node section.
2.3.3 How Long To Farm Arena Characters
This math is just like blitz, some of us are going to pull thr standard of 5 a day, others are goinf to average 7.5 a day. And some will pull 10 a day.
So here, you just plug in your averages.
For simplicity sake, if your pulling just the 5.. its 102 days, to go from 0 shards, to a 6s character. At 10 shards its 51 days. At 7.5 its 75 days lol.
2.3.4 How Long To Farm A War Store Character
This one is super dependant on your alliance, most FTP players are gonna be sitting in an alliance that might be pulling down just enough to manage 5 shards a day, If they got lucky. But for most of you... the average might be 2.5 a day. This is by far the hardest place to farm a character... hang on to this currency, do not waste it. Lol Some of us might not even have access to this yet. But in general, its the same math as the campaign nodes, with your war tier being the difference.
On average though, 2.5 shards a day is where its at. So if you can manage it then its 204 days for a 6s character here. If your lucky its 102, and if your extremely lucky its 68.
Chapter 2.3.5: How Long To Unlock My Legendary?
If you realllly wanna figure that out, read the previous 4 sub chapters..
On average if your free to play, any legendary is gonna be about 205 days, if your refreshing nodes once a day and managing 5 shards a day across all stores, its about 102 days. If your managing 7.5 shards on average across all the stores, and refreshing nodes twice... its about 70 days.
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