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Madden 25: A Next Gen Review

I'll preface this by saying I've played every Madden game made in the past 15 years, and I've played well over 200 games in Madden 25 on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. I'll keep this review as fair as possible without seeming like mindless Madden bashing, but will mainly be focusing on online play, and the general play style of Madden.
Visually, this game made leaps and bounds over it's predecessors. I don't expect everyone to notice the differences. The stadium looks more alive, the field looks better, and the players on the sideline have improved significantly. This may not seem like much, but in terms of presentation, it definitely helps one feel closer to watching / playing an actual game. In years past, the players on the sidelines were all number 0 and stood there with blank expressions and no lifelike emotion. They reminded me of floor displays at stores. They added numerous camera crew which are even present to film the coin toss and introduction into games.
There is a big difference between the Ps3 and Ps4 versions of this game. It's night and day here, and it's obvious that EA's Ignite engine was designed for the next gen consoles and not the (now last gen) Ps3 and Xbox 360. When Madden 25 launched, many criticized (and rightfully so) that the running game had become too easy. There was no longer a way to distinguish skilled runners and players from unskilled ones. Every running back was agile as hell, and some are nigh impossible to tackle. This is a farcry from what it looks like on the Ps4. Players every step and actually impacts their momentum and ability to turn, cut, truck, and accelerate. Players will lift their legs over linemen to prevent tripping, and step over the legs of fallen players as well. Big improvement
Online This to me has improved so much it's like a different game. On the Ps3 with Madden 12, I would often lag so horribly that the online play was quite the opposite; unplayable. I have a fiber line coming into my house, there was no way it was me. Madden 25, the same issue, but on the Ps4, it's almost non-existent. EA and Sony must have greatly improved their servers and Madden 25 is much quicker to kick players for 'grieving' with terrible connections.
Where do I start?
In Madden 12, EA had made the claim that they had 'removed all scripted animations' from their tackling and catching. Many times a player would go into a scripted fall from an odd tackle or play. This made the players feel like they had zero momentum and or 'weight' to their player. A 350lb linemen could get DESTROYED by a 185lb cornerback using the hit stick. It was asinine. In the pass game, a receiver would put his hands up and often times the ball would get vacuumed up into the receiver or defenders hands. Sometimes this vacuum would pull the ball right through a defenders hands, helmet, or chest. Madden 25 has aimed to fix that, and in many aspects it has. However, there are some not so noticeable ones that still have big impacts on the game. In my experience, when carrying the ball either running or receiving, if the player is in the process of getting tackled near first down or goal line markers, your player is instantaneously down. Whether your knee is down or not, you're down. It's almost as if the computer dictates forward progress from the instant the tackling animation begins. While this isn't always a problem in the middle of the game, it rears it's ugly head in goal line and 4th down conversions, especially when driving for a win. You can get hit in the legs and fall over the top of a player 3-4 yards deep into the end zone, and be called back to the one yard marker for 'forward progress'. THIS IS GAME BREAKING.
Screen Plays
While at first initial glance I thought this had improved, it is in fact the same with regular screen passes. Your linemen will often not block at all for you. 3 linemen in front of you with 1 defender? They let him through almost 80% of the time. It takes some trickery with the joystick to set your blockers up to pick up the defender coming in, often resulting in your player being tackled from behind because your zig-zagging trying to get your guys to block. Wide receiver screens have GREATLY improved however.
I really like Maddens overall control scheme, the precision modifier is really awesome in my opinion but there should be an option between 3-4 different layouts, or for you to set up your own configuration. I HATE the fact that my right control stick that I use to juke left or right with, now also spins my character with even the slightest rotation. We're taking a 2 degree rotation of the stick will make your player spin completely around instead of cutting left like you intended. This is GAME BREAKING for some. This 'feature' was added in Madden 12 I believe and should be reverted or as previously mentioned, given an opt out option.
Offensive play calling
There are several formations in the game which are almost an 'automatic win' feature that has lead me to lose interest in Madden's online play for this generation. There have been two formations I've seen that when used with a mobile quarterback such as Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, or most recently Geno Smith, make plays undefendable. One formation lines up 1 receiver out wide left, a fullback in the backfield right-aligned, a running back, a tight end on the right, a receiver right next to him. Because of Madden's poor player pathing, it's touchdown city. The player on offense can hand it off to the right and gain a good 10-20 yards every play running it over and over. Even when the proper defensive formation is called, and blitzing your safety and shifting your linemen and linebackers, they all take horrible routes to the player with the ball. Instead of running to where the carrier is going, they run DIRECTLY AT HIM. This play is a designed run to the right, and can be flipped left of course with the same effect. So a player sticking close to his tight end blocking will lead the safety to charge directly at a blocker and the back can just make a 2 yard cut left for a touchdown. Now you're saying 'But NsRhea, why don't you play as the safety and set the edge?' I'll respond by saying, I try to often and it works quite well, but the beauty of this automatic touchdown feature is in a hurry up offense and quick audible, he's now sending 3 receivers down field with his running back out left. If I'm controlling the safety I'll get burned because I HAVE to set the edge on the run play and thus am constantly watching for it. The THIRD option for this hurry up offense and audible is that he fakes the handoff, everyone goes down field, and he runs the ball left with his QB. It's indefensible. You cannot stack both edges against the run, and cover all 3 receivers. It's BROKEN You cannot shift players fast enough and cover everyone, much like real life. The difference in real life though is that players can actually make plays and will notice patterns and routes, but in Madden they are dummies that run straight lines at the ball carrier.
and now...
The biggest, and worst problem with Madden online mode since it's inception
6 minute quarter with a 40 second play clock. It's getting worse and worse to play online because of this and should be fixed immediately. I realize in the NFL you get 40 seconds in between plays to call whatever, but in the NFL they have 15 minute quarters. For Madden, you only need 2 first downs and you can burn an entire quarter of the game. I've personally had a 12 minute drive. Yes, I received the opening kickoff, had a great 15 play drive, scored, and taken up 1 HALF of the game before the other guy touches the ball. I only need to make 1 stop on defense in the 3rd quarter and can close out a game 7-0. Can I do this every game? No, because some players can shift and make 3rd down stops. What's getting annoying is that teams with a 3-0 lead in the first will get the ball back, and burn an entire quarter by letting the clock go to 1 before snapping it. In one 3 and out series, a player can burn 2 minutes of a quarter just kneeling the ball. It's dumb and should be changed to 20 second playclock with 0 'accelerated clock' burnoffs. Yes, I realize running out the clock is a strategy that is even utilized in the NFL, but again, 6 minute quarters. 1 turnover can lose you the game, even in the 1st quarter of it.
In Closing
There are many improvements in Madden 25, even just between the Ps3 and Ps4 versions, but if you plan on playing online, be prepared for the same old same old broken player pathing and clock draining antics of playing with a lead in the first. Will I buy Madden 15... or 26? Yes, because I have to. I like football too much and I cannot control who owns the monopoly. Voting with my wallet only works so much because when it's the offseason for the actual NFL and I get that itch, Madden is my fallback.
If people wish, I'll write a review of the single player as well that will try to focus on connected careers and team / jersey creating.
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