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How I would do the DLC for MoM

I'm aware that Nomura said there isn't going to be DLC for this game, but I couldn't help myself.
Each "pack" will be $5 each and contain 10 songs. Each pack includes 1 "intro" song and 2 "secret ending" songs, which will require a lot of stars to unlock. Each pack will have it's own section of World Tour, and you'll need to have a certain number of stars to proceed through the tracklist.
Supplementary Pack 1- This will consist of one song from each game.
  1. Simple & Clean Planit B Remix (w/ Memory Dive)
  2. KH1- Forze Del Male (w/ Boss fight?)
  3. CoM- Memories in Pieces (w/ Memory Dive)
  4. Days- At Dusk, I Will Think of You
  5. KH2- A Fight to the Death
  6. coded- Pretty Pretty Abilities
  7. BBS- Unbreakable Chains
  8. 3D- Xehanort -The Early Years-
  9. 0.2- Night of Tragedy
  10. Ux- Master of Masters
  11. Just an Itty Bitty Bit Too Much (this song would be SO fun and SO hard)
  12. KH3- Epilogue
Kingdom Hearts III Pack- Seeing as these don't have worlds of their own, you would get to choose which world to fly around in before each song.
  1. Face My Fears (w/ Memory Dive)
  2. The Deep End -Rock Titan's Rage-
  3. Shrouding Dark Cloud -Gigas Blast-
  4. The Corrupted -Monstrous Monsters-
  5. No Surrender!
  6. Eye of the Storm
  7. Hearts as One
  8. Forza Finale
  9. Key of the Brave
  10. Forze dell'Oscurita -Xehanort-
  11. Beyond the Door (from KH1)
  12. Secrets of the Night
Supplementary Pack 2- This one would introduce a few worlds that were missed in the main game, as well as a few other fun songs.
  1. Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Version-
  2. Where Is This? (KH1)
  3. Scythe of Petals (GBA version)
  4. Missing You (KH2)
  5. Disappeared (KH2)
  6. Daybreak Town- Before The Daylight
  7. KH3 Olympus- Hero's Fanfare
  8. Scala Ad Caelum- Edge of Existence
  9. Symphony of Sorcery- The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  10. Symphony of Sorcery- A Night on Bald Mountain
  11. Never Land Sky (I think it would be cool if you flew around every Neverland map for this song)
  12. Nacht fl├╝gel
The Lost Worlds Pack- (this one would never happen, but a man can dream)
  • Deep Jungle-
    • Deep Jungle (field theme)
    • Having a Wild Time
  • 100 Acre Wood-
    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Bounce-O-Rama
  • Port Royal
    • Nights of the Cursed
    • He's a Pirate
  • Cavern of Remembrance
    • Cavern of Remembrance (field theme)
    • Deep Anxiety
  • Daybreak Town-
    • Before The Daylight
    • Wake Up, World!
  • Niceland (Wreck-It Ralph)-
    • Welcome to Niceland
    • I'm Gonna Wreck It!
  • The Caribbean
    • Flags of Fury
submitted by TheFerg714 to KingdomHearts

The Balanced Timeline

Fun image for reference
Back before HH, when timeline theorizing was more prominent, there were multiple great interpretations of events. This video has the best explanation of our thoughts at the times of each release. Today, there probably wouldn't be a "most popular" timeline since there are just so many different interpretations.
For a rule I've recently learned in timeline theorizing (or any Zelda theorizing) is this: If Nintendo confirmed it, would fans be more or less accepting of it than they were for the official HH version? Nintendo set the bar low with an off-screen reason for the Downfall split which led to the Hero of Time's defeat, making many other timeline theories more acceptable.
According to ZeldaInformer, this timeline was originally called the "Balanced Split Timeline" due to having an almost equal amount of adventures in each. I've added in SS and ALBW, offsetting the balance a bit, and I also want to expand on what was said in their original article.
Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - TMC - FS - FSA
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - ALttP/OoX/LA - ALBW - TLoZ/TAoL

Main Timeline Segments

SS would be first for the origin of Hylians and the Master Sword. The Skyloftians would have founded Hyrule as we know it and the descendants of Zelda and Link would be Hylians, named after Hylia, and inherit magical abilities from being part of that bloodline. The first human people on the ground, before being raised to Skyloft, would be the ancestors of the Hylians, the ones who built the Sealed Temple, later the Temple of Time (mentioned in TP, meaning the remaining Skyloftians who didn't come down would become the Oocca).
To justify the inconsistencies of the Master Sword's creation in SS to ALttP and TP, I would put the older lore onto the Goddess Sword, since its creation is unknown. This makes it so the Goddess Sword was made at the behest of the goddesses to protect the Triforce from those who would misuse it, made by the people of Hyrule with the wisdom of the Sages. The Sage symbols appear in the Sealed Grounds, implying that they were around in the past, perhaps even with Hylia. I can see the blessings from the WW Earth and Wind Sages aligning with power that Zelda received from the Earth and Skyview Springs (Springs of Courage and Power, where BotW Zelda tries to awaken her powers) as the Master Sword 'folds out' (like in WW) when SS Zelda blesses it (akin to the Sacred Flames). Evil isn't able to touch the final form Master Sword without a dire consequence, like being killed or sealed. Ghirahim can't even hold the final form of the blade, or the true Master Sword, despite holding previous forms, indicating a difference. After SS, the Sealed Temple becomes the Temple of Time and the Master Sword stays inside until the events of OoT (A little theory I have is that the sword degrades over time, so it's renewals may factor into differing abilities as well).
In SS, the Sacred Realm had yet to be accessed by anyone, so it appeared as the Silent Realm. Hylia would have received the Triforce here, so since she was the last one there, it reflected her heart and transformed into the Silent Realm. Because nobody had the virtues to obtain the Triforce, Hylia ensued spiritual trials on whoever entered the Sacred Realm (accessible to only the goddess's chosen hero, until the Triforce is collected). After collecting all the Triforce pieces, the Silent Realm glows with a golden light, becoming the land of golden skies and other descriptors of the Sacred Realm in later games. If the Triforce was known to be left in the Sacred Realm equivalent to the floating islands of Skyloft, this art fits well. With Sky Keep falling behind the Sealed Temple, an access point to the Silent Realm would be near the Master Sword pedestal. This corresponds well with the Temple of Time to the Temple of Light in OoT. The anxiety-inducing Silent Realm Guardians also resemble the two statues in front of the Temple of Time in TP.
Demise would come out of the gap between dimensions, the Dark Realm. Throughout the series, villains will try to bring in this Dark Realm into the light world. Ocarina of Time gives us Ganondorf, the human form of Ganon. Both TP and WW have the Hero of Time in their own worlds' lore, as well as having this Ganondorf.
When Link touches the Master Sword, he is sent to the Chamber of Sages (in the Sacred Realm) and ages for 7 years. The end of the game features a split. The original timeline with the Adult Portion still continues. In OoT, at the end, after Link is sent back in Time, we still see Hyruleans celebrate at Lon Lon Ranch. That shows us that this timeline continued without Link, which would lead to the Adult Timeline.
WW now has the Hero of Time absent in its backstory after traveling "the stream of time". All the figures from Old Hyrule (King of Red Lions, Jabun, Deku Tree) only talk about the Hero of Time, as if he was the last expected hero. PH shares the same WW Link and ST Link is the next hero in a new land.
When Link timetravels at the end of OoT, he goes to a new timeline to before he pulled the Master Sword, which is why he isn't touching it as a kid. Whatever Link that was in this timeline already got their conscious erased (like X-Men DofP) and their body probably teleported to the Temple of Time for the future Link's conscious to inhabit. He had the Triforce of Courage as proof of this timeline when telling the Royal Family of Ganondorf's intentions, so this timeline won't lead to Ganondorf ruling 7 years later, since Ganondorf's plan was thwarted. Months later, enough time for his voice to slightly alter, for him to get good at flipping around and holding a bigger shield, for the Hylian Shield to change design, and for his Kokiri Sword to undergo some refining, he goes onto his adventure in MM.
TP would happen after MM since the Hero's Shade is heavily implied to be the Hero of Time. TP gives us that we had an ancient hero from the past (OoT Link) and also gives us an ancient hero (previous Knight of Hyrule) who wants to pass down skills. I'll take the Shaded being a blood ancestor of TP Link, the Shade seeking TP Link out (showing he was the previous hero), the Hero's Bow belonging to the previous hero (with a tribe with OoT Link's "sworn brother"), the HMS quote (Believe in your strength), and the songs used by the Hero of Time to connect the Shade as the Hero of Time. *Going back a bit, TP shows us an Era of Chaos where interlopers almost stole the Triforce. After SS, the Triforce would be in Hyrule, being more susceptible to theft. The Triforce would return to the Sacred Realm with the Ancient Sages getting the Temple of Time built.
So far, using direct connections, we have:
Adult Split: SS - OoT - WW/PH - ST
Child Split: SS - OoT/MM - TP

Four Swords Saga

We also have the clear Fours Swords arch: TMC - FS - FSA, but what about the Palace of the Four Sword from ALttP?
The canon-ness of the Four Sword in ALttP is debatable since it was only in the GBA re-release. Extraneous materials from out-of-ALttP are required to get the Four Sword here, not solely through only the in-game world (comparable to the Wolf Link amiibo in BotW). FS was also re-released on DSi and 3DS with no ALttP compatibility, so those features can be disconnected from canon. I also thought about it like this: If Nintendo were to remake ALttP in modern times, would they bring back this dungeon? And with ALBW (which began as a ALttP remake), even though it's a new and different game, the answer was no. Instead, we got a separate adventure for multiple Links; Triforce Heroes. So, I don't see the Palace of the Four Sword as canon. This explains why TMC doesn't have to happen before ALttP.
FSA is still a wrench because it gives us a different Ganondorf than OoT and Ganon in FSA doesn't match up with Ganon in ALttP's backstory. FSA Ganondorf becomes pig Ganon with the Trident and a Dark World already exists while ALttP Ganondorf becomes pig Ganon with a Triforce wish and turns the existing Sacred Realm into the Dark World we see. The maidens from FSA don't match the backstory Sages from ALttP since FSA Ganon is sealed inside the Four Sword while ALttP Ganon was sealed by the Sages inside his own Dark World. It could have happened after if Ganon broke out of the Four Sword, but that means FSA Ganon had to get unsealed, revert back to human form Ganondorf, get the Triforce, become the same pig form again, and create a second Dark World as the corrupted Sacred Realm. Possible, but not very clean IMO.
I really dislike the separation of FSA from FS (as FSA directly recalls the events of FS), but if FS was supposed to be the first in the series, before OoT, then FSA's story for Ganondorf would be incompatible. It was Nintendo's best option if they wanted to keep FS before OoT (unless they split the timeline off of TMC to allow a parallel story of Ganondorf). For streamlining, I would put the FS saga after the Adult Split.

Four Swords Saga in the Adult Split Segment (Original)

Since monsters in the war of the bound chest supposedly attack an early Hyrule, it must mean that the official establishment of Hyrule comes right after SS, right? Well, an early Hyrule can also be the reconnected Hyrule mentioned in WW, where the Great Deku Tree wishes to connect the islands. This is in-game text. The Great Deku Tree can very well be believed here. If TMC happens after ST in this reconnected land, the land itself is new, rather than the establishment. With this, TMC can fit fine after either SS or ST. ST's land of "New Hyrule" has train tracks sprawling throughout the land, so I can't say any future games happen here, but with the Lokomo no longer maintaining the tracks, the tracks can disappear. Even if the Royal Family is in New Hyrule, there can still be a Royal Family back in re-connected Hyrule. In Zelda 2, Greater Hyrule has a Royal Family settlement even though Zelda 1's map was only in the corner. From MC's Palace of Winds, the land below is seen as many little islands in water (Maybe Hyrule has always been an island rather than on a continent?) and FSA's Hyrule.png) is surrounded by ocean on all sides (I doubt there is much land behind Death Mountain in that image). Whether the game takes place in the reconnected land of WW's Hyrule or in ST's New Hyrule, a new kingdom of Hyrule can be early in development. (Geography isn't known to be consistent between games anyways, so the differences between SS and TMC to OoT don't hold much as evidence, as well as the counter points of the geographical differences between WW/ST and TMC)
After WW, Link and Tetra move on from old Hyrule and its old traditions, away from the goddesses, the Triforce, and Ganon. ST follows up on this, with them establishing a new Hyrule on a new land with new Spirits of Good and a prevalence of Force Gems from PH. Force Gems can continue onto the light force in TMC, which is different from the Triforce. In FSA, Force Gems are gained from Vaati and Ganon's monsters and used to power the Four Sword. These physical Force crystals can relate to the Gratitude Crystals from SS, where positive energy creates an innate affinity for spiritual/magical prowess.
More evil (which may or may not be caused by Demise) may show up. What about TMC having the origin of Armos? Well, there have been multiple kinds of Armos in Zelda. Some don't have fires inside them, like in OoT. TMC ones have legs, but the ALttP ones don't. If it was only this kind of Armos, I would take it. Sometimes Keese are wild animals in Hyrule, sometimes they are Ganon's minions. Enemy origins haven't always been consistent. Now, Hyrule truly has moved past the old Ganon and the old conflict over the Triforce by having a new centuries conflict with Malladus, and in this case, Vaati. To fight these new villains, there can use new weapons.
The most important artifact from Skyward Sword is the sword itself, the Master Sword. If evil monsters attacked an early Hyrule, why would the Minish need to send down a new Picori Blade? The Temple of Time in OoT is the same resting place for the Master Sword as it was in SS. Is it more likely that the Master Sword's location was lost sometime after SS and found again sometime before OoT, or that the Picori Blade is used in a time when the Master Sword is lost for good, after WW? TMC gives us no indication of the Master Sword even existing, less that the Master Sword is the key to the Sacred Realm at this point. Keeping the Four Sword solely after the Master Sword's drowning streamlines the timeline since we don't have to switch around which magic sword to use.
With the hero of man (previous hero) shown to not wear a cap, and with Link getting a cap, it was implied to be the first time where a hero started the hat tradition. Then Skyward Sword ruined that idea. But, in ST, the soldiers where the traditional green tunic, no cap. Link from TMC can be seen as following that trend. The ancient language from WW's intro also appears to have a resurgence in the Ocean King's world and in New Hyrule, so its reappearance in TMC and FSA makes sense.
The Picori can still be the reason we find items in the grass (it would have to be this way pre-SS anyways). Gorons can be seen as merchants, and other people (like Gerudo) can come back too if they survived similarly. We see in the Oracle games that Zora in distant lands can be vastly different, so any non-Hyrule Zora (and Gorons) can come back for the rest of the Four Swords games. Since WW's Hyrule didn't have many Gorons in the first place, their slow start in TMC's Hyrule would make sense. The Wind Ruins from an old wind tribe could be any part of history between WW and TMC. (They may even be related to the Rito who were able to go past the cloud barrier, since the Rito in this timeline look more like Hylians with bird features. BotW's Rito are more like birds with human mannerisms, like Fokka from AoL. The flying Rito could have simply left the land and moved elsewhere, similar to what was implied by the TPHD murals in regard to Rito in that timeline.)*Apparently the Rito murals were just flavor from Jack Kirby, but the possibilities of them relating to the Wind Ruins stand
Speaking of TP, similar to how King Daphnes wanted the cycle of chasing the Triforce to end, Midna wanted the Twilight Realm to be no longer accessible by outsiders in the light world. Her tear shattering the mirror officially after Zant's incomplete shattering signifies this. I see many similarities between the effects of the Twilight Curtains and the Dark Mirror of FSA, so the influence of the Twilight Realm being present after Midna intending to permanently close the connection invalidates her effort (depending on how much merit you put in her saying "See you later"). Unless the Dark Mirror is an unrelated mirror that also happened to have an ancient tribe sealed inside, I wouldn't put FSA after TP.
The Hyrule in TMC is on a new land, so there are no remnant of Ancient Hyrule, meaning no Hyrule Castle, no Temple of Time, and no Master Sword. No more cycle for the Triforce (never even mentioned by word in the Four Swords games). Just like what King Daphnes wishes for. Daphnes had a water bubble around him so I think it's implied that he lives long enough for Hyrule to wash away completely. It would be rubble at most.
But, if King Daphnes wanted Ganondorf to never return, what about FSA Ganon? FSA was supposed to align much closer to the backstory of ALttP, but this was changed before release, giving us a new Ganondorf backstory that contradicted both ALttP's manual and OoT (despite the original intent). HH placed it after TP, seemingly for the connections between the Dark Mirror's world and the Twilight Curtains, but other than that, there isn't much. This new Ganondorf would have to be another Gerudo that wanted to pursue evil. Similar to how Link and Zelda are in a New Hyrule, this evil being is a new Ganon who doesn't want the Triforce and who isn't fought with the Master Sword, so it could just be a case of Demise's curse at play. The Dark World in FSA can also relate with the corrupted Sacred Realm that was made in OoT, instead of being related to the Twilight Realm (if that's what the devs were going for).
EDIT: I forgot about Triforce Heroes, so they can be on this timeline for referencing a fourth purple hero and for referencing Linebeck as important. The Fierce Deity costume can just be a reference from the Termina of the Adult Timeline. Hytopia can just be somewhere in this timeline's version of Greater Hyrule. This is now an all-Toon Link split!
This sets the Adult Split Timeline as: SS - OoT - WW/PH - ST - TMC - FS - FSA - TFH

Classic Adventures

TLoZ and AoL share the same Link, ALttP and LA share the same Link, ALBW is a sequel of ALttP (ALBW's past hero collecting the 3 Pendants as ALttP Link did), and the Oracle games share the same Link.
The Master Sword in ALttP was said to rest forever at the end, but it is seen again in ALBW. In an ALBW painting, the Triforce is strangely said to be "separated forever", but until the time of ALBW, it would have been "forever" since it hadn't been whole since. It was only the people's expectations for the Triforce to be split 'forever', just like it was for the people of ALttP to believe the Master Sword was to rest forever.
In the OoX Linked Ending, we see Zelda in a balcony and what seems to be Hyrule Castle in the background, so I see it as Link leaving OoX Hyrule after coming back. It was probably the dev's intentions for OoX to be in between ALttP and LA anyways, with the nearly identical boat back then and with LAHD, I think they make it more clear, especially with Link's white pants from his OoX design. Link was also in a storm in that intro so I can see the sails taking damage and Link needing to jury rig them anyways. If HH straight up said that Zelda's reintroduction to Link was a result of Veran's timetravel shenanigans, I would have taken it. Officialy, Twinrova just kinda "came back", too. (I also like having LA being the "third" Oracles game in a sense, since 'Seeds of Courage' was cancelled)
There are some lore issues with having ALBW coming after ALttP. The only "fix" I can present for ALttP/OoX/LA - ALBW is that the backstory of ALBW tells the story of ALttP Link after coming back to Hyrule from LA. Since Link was lost at sea after LA, this seems a good enough timespan for Ganon to be revived back in Hyrule (like in OoX). Link would have to stop him again, which then would become ALBW's backstory (since Ganon dies in ALttP). There may have been different/more sages and the Triforce is split again. This leads to ALttP Link being Gramps (the Master Sword he has in-game can be the upgraded Noble Sword from OoX).
ALBW happens next. It's backstory is a combination of the Imprisoning War event before ALttP and ALttP Link's unseen adventure after LA, but nothing from ALttP itself. The Triforce is made whole again afterwards. After ALttP, I saw Ganon as staying in his pig form because of his Triforce wish and always being revived as that same monster, slowly devolving in mind (capable of speech in ALttP, botched revival becoming mindless in OoX, and much less speech in ALBW and getting possessed). Afterwards, the Golden Age of AoL's backstory occurs.
*To go back a bit, Lorule's Triforce was destroyed to end a conflict over the Triforce. In ALBW, we get that Hyrule had sages who sealed the Triforce in the Sacred Realm after a conflict over the Triforce. Since TP shows us an era of chaos where interlopers take the Triforce in Hyrule, this can be the event ALBW was referencing, so this can be when the Ancient Sages have the Temple of Time built and seal the Triforce in the Sacred Realm's Temple of Light (aligning with Painting I & II from ALBW). The corruption of Lorule can start very gradually and isn't noticeable until far later (Termina can be in the same realm as Lorule, explaining the lack of Triforce imagery. It even has Spectacle Rock and a mask culture! Its 4 Giants parallel Hyrule's 3 Dragons + Levias, or the 4 Light Spirits.)
The backstory of AoL occurs and Ganon, now animalistic, attack Hyrule in Zelda 1 and AoL happens next. The only thing TLoZ/AoL needs is an unsplit Triforce in the Royal Family's care for AoL's backstory, which ALBW provides.
This gives us the clean classic game arch: ALttP/OoX/LA - ALBW - TLoZ/TAoL

Classic Adventures in the Child Split Segment (original)

After WW and TP, ALttP can't be a direct sequel to OoT unless some off-screen third timeline shenanigan were to occur. And, since Hyrule is washed away after WW, there would be no remnant of Hyrule for ALttP, including the Maser Sword. So, ALttP would only go after Twilight Princess. In Twilight Princess, the Temple of Time is worn down as the Lost Woods grew into the old Hyrule Castle(Town) from Ocarina of Time, so the Master Sword appeared in the woods. By ALttP, the only remnant of the Temple of Time is just the Master Sword pedestal (original).
There have been more than a few complaints that ALttP's backstory does not align with the events of OoT, that they must be separate events rather than an interlinked and muddled history. For the official timeline, this is the most accepted answer: Link opens the Door of Time, 'accidentally' letting Ganondorf and his thieves (who injured the dying guard) into the Sacred Realm and later Link is defeated in the final fight. Ganon now has the full Triforce. Zelda and the Awakened Sages still seal Ganon Sacred Realm, now Dark World (OoT). He is unable to get out (ALttP backstory). After some time, Ganon's evil seeps out and monsters fight the Knights of Hyrule, who are wiped out in this Imprisoning War. A new king orders a new set of Sages to close the seal. They don't know where the Master Sword is because they are new Sages (ALttP backstory). Then, the events of ALttP take place. The Maidens are the descendants of the Imprisoning War Sages.
Since the only connection to OoT is Link accidentally opening the Sacred Realm, when it was supposed to be Ganondorf accidentally finding it, and Ganon not being able to get out, which doesn't have to be because of a seal, it isn't as much of a problem if it all happened after TP.
TP gives us a Ganondorf who has not been sealed in the Sacred Realm yet. After TP, the Triforce of Power leaves Ganondorf. He didn't get the Triforce from the Temple of Time, so the Sacred Realm wouldn't have been transformed into the Dark World yet. Honestly, it does look like Ganondorf straight up dies after TP (with his eyes rolled back mirroring WW's Ganondorf death), but it is Ganon after all, and him coming back shouldn't be surprising. So, Ganondorf comes back off-screen between TP and ALttP. He has no Triforce, but he sure wants it. This is where the ALttP backstory can come in.
In ALttP, the Lost Old Man on Death Mountain says, "Young man, are you also going to the mountain to look for the Golden Power? Just ahead is a mountain full of monsters. Many people have vanished in this mountain looking for the Golden Power.". This lines up with "Hoping to claim the Golden Power as their own, the people began to quarrel and fight...Many sought to enter the hidden Golden Land...But none returned, and instead evil power began to issue forth from the dark portal...".
This implies that Ganondorf and his band of thieves "accidentally" got into the Sacred Realm through Death Mountain, rather than purposefully following OoT Link to the Temple of Time, and this is where people later came to get the Golden Power after Ganon was sealed. Also, the Lost Old Man is the granddad of a Maiden. If he has the Sage bloodline, him also having a little spot on Death Mountain makes sense if he had some role in looking over an entrance to the Sacred Realm. Of course, maybe it's just one of the places that people searched for the Triforce, and them vanishing exhibits how Death Mountain is dangerous. But Ganon's Tower is right on the other side of the Dark World's Spectacle Rock, just like how Zelda 1 had Ganon's lair inside Spectacle Rock.
Ganondorf now enters the Sacred Realm for the first time. He transforms it into the Dark Realm. This is already cleaner IMO than HH having the Sacred Realm turn into the Dark World in OoT, just for Ganon to get out, defeat Link, and get sealed in the Dark World and get stuck by the Awakened Sages. Ganon was already a nickname for Ganondorf, but this would be his first powerful pig form, since TP's Dark Beast Ganon was only from the Triforce of Power (and probably some Twilight magic influence, judging by his coloration and portal style). ALttP Link defeats a full Triforce transformed Ganon.
Another small thing I like is that Twinrova is still alive. Twinrova's death in OoT was goofy, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was "staged" because of how outlandish it was. I mean, Zant was popped like a balloon and I don't expect him to come back, even if he did have some ethereal form in the end. It isn't often we see non-Ganon bosses with dialogue getting revived out-of-game anyways.
The Zelda II town names can simply be important figures, rather than specifically Sages. Mido was the head of the Kokiri Village, and he was a town name, so we can extend the same logic for Nabooru (head of Gerudo), Darunia (head of Gorons), and Ruto (head of Zora). Saria was also a prominent Kokiri so she could be easily remembered alongside Mido. Rauru is referenced in TP's Malo Mart, showing some significance to him in this timeline, and he was around before the split anyways. The absence of an "Impa" town and the presence of "Kasuto" weakens the "named from Awakened Sages" notion even more.
Now, we have the Child Split Timeline as: SS - OoT/MM - TP - ALttP/OoX/LA - ALBW - TLoZ/TAoL
Regarding BotW
BotW's placement in the official time is still unclear, besides being post-OoT. Zelda's speech references all three timelines (check other language versions) and there are landmarks with conflicting timeline appearances, like a recreation of the Sealed Temple as the Forgotten Temple despite the Temple of Time also being present. While the Temple of Time in BotW is surrounded by a scaled up OoT Castletown, BotW's Lon Lon ranch is scaled exactly to OoT's ranch, so those don't help either as it's hard to discern what's a recreation and what isn't. This Temple of Time being the 'birthplace of Hyrule' doesn't point to an unflooding of WW's Hyrule if this was a recreation on a raised up piece of land. Koroks can probably evolve from Kokiri in any crisis (not post-WW specific). The Rito in BotW are birds with human mannerisms and resemble AoL's Fokka and the murals in TP's Castletown much more than WW Rito, who are more like Hylians with bird features. For the official timeline, I'm taking a 'wait and see' approach, but for this timeline, I have some idea.
I can't see BotW happening post-WW since old Hyrule was destroyed after WW, so its return would invalidate the King's wish and the themes of WW for leaving behind old Hyrule traditions. But, Rock Salt is found everywhere, indicating the world being covered in oceans (Lanayru Sea was only at Gerudo, not the entirety of Hyrule). BotW's Leviathan-killing catastrophes could have unflooded the land (but I doubt the Master Sword is recoverable). We also have that the Awakened Sages are remembered. Ruto and Nabooru are directly stated as the inspirations behing the naming of Vah Naboris and Vah Ruta, Vah Radunia can be assumed to match Darunia, and Vah Medoh seems to best match Medli (specifically post-WW).
But, even if the Z2 town names were remembered as sages, it could be from the legend of the ancient hero from TP, who is the Hero of Time. In Majora's Mask, the intro tells us that Link's OoT adventure was remembered as a legend. "In the land of Hyrule, there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the Royal Family that tells of a boy...A boy who, after battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that had made him a legend...Done with the battles he once waged across time....". I wouldn't be surprised if any of that legend was expressed more in games farther from OoT if they leaked from the Royal Family as rumors. ALBW happens closer to SS than BotW, yet BotW seems to reference SS much more. TP just needs is a couple of statues in Hyrule Castle of some vague and unknown sages to be using the same hand motions that the Trial of the Sword monks do for the connection to be more solid.
Statues of Darmani (same unique necklace and hairstyle), MM's baby Goron (same unique hairstyle, accompanying Darmani), Cor Goron (same unique trapezoid headshape and bald spot) are with Daruk, so I took it as if these Gorons were significant to the BotW Gorons as well, rather than the easter-egg nature of landmark names in BotW (looking at you, Mount Daphnes and Rauru Hillside). There are no other Gorons better matching the looks of theses statues than CT Gorons. Knowledge of them as well as Darunia align with a CT placement. Terminian Gorons know of Dodongo's Cavern, which they probably see as from another country rather than a parallel dimension. Darmani living on as a legend in Hyrule works here. "Dark Beast Ganon" is also only used in TP and BotW for a pig form of Ganon.
What is a safer assumption: there are other timeline parallels of CT significant Gorons with identical appearances or that OoT Link's story for exposing Ganondorf was spread around and remembered as actual legend? The latter is implied by the MM intro, so that's the one I would assume.
ALBW and BotW also share the same written Hylian, an altered SS Hylian, possibly implying a resurgence in old Hylian tradition at ALBW. There's a theory that the Trophy from AoL ('goddess statue' in Japanese) is a Hylia Statue, indicating belief in her again after a long time. AoL had the Zelda naming rule after the prince put his sister to sleep with the wizard, so I can see the 'rule' being more tradition instead of law afterwards. In BotW, King Rhoam's journal references this tradition. The Tunic of the Wild also matches most with TLoZ/AoL Link's clothes, if that counts (unlike Amiibo items, which are extraneous means).
All of this together, BotW can now happen after both the Child Timeline AND the Downfall Timeline, since they are now in the same timeline (taking out FSA). BotW 2's teaser trailer also showed us a Ganondorf that resembles TP Ganondorf's design...
This would be my finished result:
Adult: SS - OoT - WW/PH - ST - TMC - FS - FSA - TFH
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - ALttP/OoX/LA - ALBW - TLoZ/TAoL - BotW
To get even deeper, we can parallel the events from the two timelines.
In the Adult portion, Ganondorf is sealed in the Evil Realm until he re-emerges in WW's backstory. He takes over Hyrule for a period of time. Ganon is sealed in old Hyrule by the flood but later returns to an oceanic Hyrule for WW's main story. After WW Link defeats Ganondorf, Link eventually has a sailing accident and goes into the dream world of the Ocean King, a cosmic whale deity. ~100 years later, the next hero (ST) has an adventure where he meets Niko as an old man, a friend of the last hero (WW/PH). TMC Hyrule is established from a new land and starts a new history.
In the Child portion, Ganondorf is sealed in the Twilight Realm until he re-emerges in TP's main story. Later, he is revived off-screen for ALttP's backstory. Ganon is sealed in the Sacred Realm but his evil returns to Hyrule for ALttP's main story. After ALttP Link defeats Ganon, Link eventually has a sailing accident and goes into the dream world of the Windfish, a cosmic whale deity. ~100 years later, the next hero (ALBW) has an adventure where he meets Gramps, the last hero (ALttP/LA). TLoZ Hyrule is battered down from its bloody history with Ganon.
Now we have an official timeline, so we don't have to spend time reordering events for basing other theories, like if ALttP, TP, and WW happened around the same time. With the main segments being the same, most of the lore from HH and ZE reguarding consistencies between games would stay the same with this timeline anyways, and some of my other theories like the evolution of the Deku or Shadow Tribes remain largely unaffected. But honestly, I'll take most 2-split timeline theories over a third split from an off-screen and unknown cause that led to Link's defeat any day, a pretty bad attempt at a 'fix' to connect ALttP's backstory with OoT's events, which is why I decided to share this in the first place. I don't expect Nintendo to actually change anything and I don't really care anymore if they do; the lore isn't squeaky clean anyways. These are just thoughts I've been thinking about.
EDIT: Thank you so much to u/Nighplasmage54 and u/Petrichor02 for giving me their time for a lot of fun in talking about this kind of stuff!
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