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New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway "concept pitch"

name of the game:


New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway


project pages:




some descriptive terms:


an open source cross-platform title (also works on mobile), openGL powered and created in conjunction to blender

uses Godot Engine and is fully moddable through use of mod.io API (softwares)

makes heavy use of procedural generation and uses a random HEX seed that you can enter manually to set the generation environment up

persistent sandbox game with fully destructible environment including ablation of the ground and hill/mountain-sides through use of explosives, lasers, and drills/diggers

game makes use of other open source projects such as chromium for the integrated web-browser and tox for chat and voice. The game automatically starts an instance of I2P and plays exclusively over the darknet, though exit nodes should be available and darknet can be disabled for censorship related purposes, but games/server instances needs to have exit node enabled to allow censored players to join the I2P network through the exit node

the only advertising is the official greenway splash in teh beginning of the game when you start it up that explains a bit about the game and asks you to please join operation greenway and join the effort to create a green and good greenway

the game is meant to be played online, but there is a single player offline option as well




open source honestyware




the game will be funded by a 30 second timed monero miner that deposits the crypto into the operation greenway "trustfund". donations in other currency will be accepted and then converted directly into monero deposited into the secured fund for this project. no funds from teh project may be diverted into other government projects, but other relevant government projects may deposit funds into this one if their funding structure supports the transfer of funds to relevant projects. GreenSoft will receive 20%=



"to provide the most playable and fun sandbox on the open source market, and make the first fully open source 3D game of its kind, to simulate Greenway up from the ruins, and bring civilization back into outer space. to foster creativity and fun along with promotion of greenway and awareness to issues with various political systems in the civics mode of the game. to gather support for operation greenway through a donate and involvement buttons right on the front loading screen of the game"


disclaimer and excitement:


this may sound like a coders nightmare with all the parallel integrations and imbedded VMs running linux with open ended compilers within the code, but trust me, in the future, people will look back at this project as one of the most noble software engineering feats ever pulled off for the sake of open source community (and advertising a micronation!). the goal is to blow not only the people but developers themselves away with an entirely new set of in game mechanics based ont only on useability but underlying software paradigms like cloud resource computing and network cluster driven computation acceleration (experimental distant scene rendering over network). I guarantee that after all is said and done and if the project ever gets finished or damn near close, that the payoff will be big and the greatest reward will be hearing all the happy people talking about THE KILLER APP FOR ALL SYSTEMS.

one major issue is game overhead, and the fact that the game will need to run either a lot of processes or one large bloated process with an internal task manager to manually adjust game settings to get compatibilities just right and fine tweak the system; the game will be small enough and huge at the same time, with the inclusion of multiple tools and imbedded software releases in each version

this is a HUGE PROJECT for a HUGE OPERATION, one for all, and all for one, to promote and secure domestic tranquility, greenway's government will most likely be releasing "New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway" before the artificial island is built, which will foster a flood of hoestyware payments and donations (honestyware payments disable the 30 second donation and cryptocurrency miner script)

don't feel daunted by the task. when you are in doubt, turn to something else on the LONG LIST OF THINGS TO DO or even just make some concept art sketchups on the computer or play the currently progressed version of the alpha/beta game

i think that an etherpad based editor for making the game would increase the flow of ideas sharing. more open source collaboration softwares should be researched and discussed for greenway and for the purpose of this document, particularly focusing on the digital side of things such as this game concept

!create this decade's killer app, "New Atlantia: The ruins of Greenway" and help support operation greenway's mission to gather attention in the international public's eye and earn free advertising forever!




based loosely off of ideas found in atlantis (a lost civilization), fallout 3 (video game), ark: survival evolved (video game), eve online (video game), space engineers (video game), half life 1/2 (video game), halo wars (video game), no man's sky (video game), aliens versus predator 2 (video game), metal gear solid 3: snake eater (video game), altered carbon (show on netflix), crysis series (video game), defcon (video game), portal (video game), xxx

an alternate universe with some parallel timeline characteristics (E.g. the lost civilization of atlantis, heisenburg {"heisenbohr"}, xxx)

antimatter warheads were launched in a global nuclear war on an alien planet in a distant galaxy far far away, star wars, with humanoids called prometheans who had advanced technology all over the planet because of developments in private industry that took off with the freedom in Greenway

you start off in the ruins of greenway, everything looks like fallout 3
you are born to parents who lived in the sewers (common spawning story at a random sewer in game)
you quickly learn to make fire and weapons from wood and rocks, moving to slingshots and crossbows, and later eventually graduating to ar-15s and plasma casters
raid the ruins to find useful items including tools, weapons, and ammunitions
you also learn to make a shelter, house, fort, and even an entire city with the blueprints you will discover throughout the game
later in the game, you will be able to build a spaceship, spaceport, and even a frigate and mothership, all in the spirit of space mechanics, where you first forge the pieces and then put them together either by template (blueprint) or manually by hand
like ark survival evolved, you will need to scavenge and hunt for resources on your own time
destroyed objects typically contain scavengeable parts

adventure through the ruins of a highly-advanced technological civilization
advance from meager sewer person to founder of New Greenway
re-create greenway in all its glory and adventure into space to explore and colonize

form a clan and play through the game to decide your faction. you can declare a truce with a player of that faction and work with them to earn respect in that faction again, getting to neutral and then friendly again. factions work like a tree with branches, you start in the trunk neutral with everybody and as you progress through the game, you naturally will align with one of the branches and finally a sub-set branch, where your position is indicated by a coloration of each branch (and a "leaf"?)

your goal is th befriend bots and real people to help you rebuild civilization and re-establish greenway, from anarchy to law and order. the game has persistent bots with progressively learning AI that will learn from your previous actions and interaction dialogues. you first make a city, then you unlock civics, and then your goal is to rebuild greenway and launch into space to colonize and scavenge for blueprints in engineers manuals and high tech including fully working antimatter powered ships in the holding bay of some ships.

game style is all vs all and cooperative through factions and clans, with PvAI and PvP gameplay, such as shooting a friend to steal their blueprints or having your fort attacked by a mob of angry AI. there is a setting to disable PvP in private servers but PvP is enabled in the official servers. there are "quests" you perform like in fallout 3 that progress you further towards colonizing outer space. players and AI can work together to build up civilization again from the ruins. one cooperative element is a donation library where books/blueprints are available from donations by players for checkout for limited periods of time (1 week of in game time). there is a clan management interface

greenway was an artificial island mass created in 1200bce relative to the game time by the prometheans as an escape from the authoritarians growing up around and warring among them. greenway eventually fell to the world war and the civilizations surely crashed beneath them. the startup videos show animations of greenway when it was green and good, being nuked with antimatter weapons in the year 1120bce. greenway took off into space but dies out due to an infection of aliens who are still lurking in intact ships within the galaxy waiting for you to discover the horror; by the year 400bce most of the underground cities died out and only the sewer dwellers in between remained; you are spawned in 0ce and the game has its own progression of time from there

you must first develop a boat and explore the surrounding islands to find the blueprints needed to create an airplane and fly to the nearby landmass about 250km away from greenway, then from there procedural generation takes place and all is free game, but there you will discover triangle craft blueprints and now you can fly around the world and into outer space once you reach the tech level to build them.

players can barter with each other and bot traders will trade with you too based on your disposition towards them; you can eventually find small towns with bazaars and markets to browse; open a store and start a business, evolve into an enterprise including enforcing security and/or mercenary contracts that you can pickup at a local bar or from select bots or any real player

players work together to make the civilization thrive again, from anarchy and ruins to a metropolis in outer space, greenway needs you to join the efforts on this game

realistic game mechanics where habitable worlds are within the goldilocks zone for their sun. deploy a garrison of bots you employ to terraform and colonze the planet's surface for greenway or your own nation

political simulator and sim city / tycoon like overview of your installation/s; Write a constitution for your state and federal government; Machine readable converter automatically marks up your document in AIML to simulate your text as a civilization (experimental); also you can choose the easy version which has templates of various useable texts for your political experiment!

the game is the first of its kind with an open universe fully destructible sandbox with persistent bots with deep-learning AI

the game also houses several mini games including the ganja seed card trader game (cryptocurrency backed seed growing and collector card game) and new atlantia: pirates which is based off of otys (board game)


game features and mechanics:


hire private security to protect your installations/bases/forts

work jobs to earn items

real time strategy war elements for fights like halo wars (video game)

imitate the jurassic world evolution game and make it possible to extract dinosaur DNA from fossils/amber and create dinosaurs (requires high tech level); downside is that in the future their could be hella dinosaurs everywhere

imitate the alien/predator movies and make it so that you can discover dead xenomorph or predator DNA and resurrect them by incubating in a sea mollusk or embryo, which you can discover the method by finding a journal or random chance

realistic DNA editor and genome sequence simulator that uses cloud resources of all gamers to compute and is redirectable to a local cluster computer with optional resource share (all resource sharing is adjustable in game with defaults based on hardware performance ratings versus settings and adjustable system overheads)

life on other planets; collect specimens to keep in a panspermic zoo and collect DNA from specimens to create splices

jumpgate codes and star maps for foreign systems (requires 0% discovery to have all solar system details)
puzzle solving and "hacking" to get into locked down areas, enable power, decode transmissions on your full-spectrum broadband transceiver, and disarm bombs for example

panspermia stuff with contagions on ships as a possibility which will form a biofilm in your shuttle and make you sick or cause a zombie plague

player ownership is primarily established by dominance but later on in the game there will be private security for hire to protect your shit and also police in the cities and sheriffs on the outskirts until the anarchist nomad zones which are areas that do not have enough established dominance or near enough to a city to be considered claimed territory since claims are too heavily disputed and non-enforced; you respawn naked back in the sewers where you started and need to work your way back up to get into your stashes until you are back in business

mining can be done for multiple reasons along with archeological digs to find artifacts and lost underground areas/cities

enable craft to dive into the oceans/lakes/rivers/streams for cover and enable underwater cities

bug reporting with screenshots and "frapping" (video/audio camera roll) built in and crash reporting directly to the team

underground cities and caves that go into pockets of underground water (clean water)
bullet time (single player only)

fog of knowledge (like fog of war)

grow a garden outside or indoors and even inside of your personal cruiser a few plants in a little closet, like cannabihopa plant that is effectively hops and cannabis in one with smokable buds rich in myrcene and thc/cbd/etc...

the ruins in space will be the most interesting, with scavenging having big payoff for big danger, like reactors that melted down after the craft were struck by antimatter rockets, and having to pass through a reactor room in your suit and get to the "Detox station" in time before you are fully radiated and your health drops to zero
i would also like to have HEV suits you discover in a partial map of the black mesa compound in a desert area on your home planet. the black mesa compound has all sorts of tech you can scavenge but is highly disputed by private military (bots) which also have robots and drones who will chase after you to kill you

the space component of the game will have dead highways of jumpgates that require power supplies to be repaired and the correct system and code sequence to be entered to bring you where you want to go. some gates have unlocked systems, but those owned by a foreign nation will have a passport code you will need to have a valid passport for to use or know a skeleton code (skeleton codes only work for their player and are a very rare random thing to find, sometimes the best place to look is a pirate ship or an anarchist lifeboat

you can fly all over the planet (flight simulation), but you start off in the ruins of greenway, in new atlantia, where the library of congress is, and you have to discover it among the ruins after you travel to a completely distant part of the map in your country of ruined greenway

advanced players will have entire industries under their control, and an "empire manager" is available as a "HUD" in game where micromanagement of your industry can take place all over in outer space and your commands be transmitted at the speed of light through a wormhole (you must create all the necessary infrastructure)

realistic solar systems and procedurally generated goldilocks planets that also enable non-goldilocks planets to be used with realistic heat, chill and bio-zones

heavy focus on user interface and user experience; futuristic steampunk look

other bots and players on the map can start forts and make cities and start their own nations, particularly the bots on other parts of the map who will work with or against you and your fledgeling nation of new civilization.

eventually there will be dinosaurs and aliens along with predators running around which will slow down everybody, and we need to try and ensure that the mechanics of the game make reproducing viable offspring require a high tech level to create so there are far less instances of "festering plagues"; aliens/predators and dinosaurs can sneak into your forts, cities, and even ships and come along for a ride to kill you and your crew and screw up everything; this feature will be disabled in at least one of the official servers to prevent infected plagues of servers which you die in 10 seconds every time since the aliens are everywhere since their bots and AI keep reproducing (evolutionary genetic based algorithm for AI traits)

discoveries and quest accomplishments along with defeating enemies and hitting certain wealth proportion and empire goals earn you XP which levels you up, building will increase your construction level for example, with no cap on available levels

extensive server administration interface with "resource injection" commands and "bot spawning" commands

dynamically changing environment with real erosion from water flows and seasons and weather and daytime nighttime, and procedurally generated fauna which are harvestable and actually follow population mechanics and statistics; it is possible to hunt animals down to extinction but unless every part of the animal is used, DNA can be extracted and it can be made again in a lab with high enough tech skill even viable to reproduce in the wild

splice dna from different fauna to create new creatures; custom create dna from scratch to make newer creatures with the creature designer

tame creatures to work for you and even ride them; use creatures to form a caravan and carry your stuff; creatures will stay loyal to you as long as you do not hit them much and cause damage, otherwise they will flee (some will immediately fight back based off of intrinsic aggression and predatory traits); imprint on creatures created in the lab often like the alien to make them your loyal children and unleash hell upon your enemies

your camouflage pattern will hide you when you are in a suit. change camo on the suit in the menu like in metal gear solid 3: snake eater; you will have an alertness indicator on your HUD that shows whether or not you have been seen and from who and what angle; become a master of sneak and sabotage, use your skills to rob installations and build up your stock (no penalty for selling stolen items as long as it is not sold to a narc or undercover who is aware of the theft)

there is an ingame internet based on TOR that a user can accumulate through raiding military journals to learn how to build a computer and a mesh-networking router (gigahertz {land/craft} @ 10GB/s & tertrahertz {space} @ 3.333333333333TB/s limited speeds) with b.a.t.m.a.n, which actually runs a simulation of this network protocol and realistic packet failure over wireless networking based on distance and obstruction type

drive a plethora of craft and design your own with either blueprints or from scratch, with every level of detail available (complete mechanical diagrams are modifiable and entirely custom designs can be implemented)

neural design in AI to solve complex puzzles by trial and error and probability based shortcuts to learn new foes and environments quickly as real life does; use of OpenAI (an e_musk/tesla company)

the ship can be set to autopilot either on a set route and defend itself and try to refuel and repair at a nearby station if available (costs items placed in the auto-barter section)

dynamic economy simulation and insights once you attain a high enough bartering skill, when greenway is up and running, a metatrader (software) like interface of available tradeable resources and their relative values tied to the closest thing to a credit in the game, a unitoshi which is the base numeric value of all items traded in game and used to compare item's values to one another by the in game engine

there is a low light amplifier (like in avp2 video game), and vision modes (like in avp2) along with cyborg enhancements such as a telescoping eye with rangefinder and "FLIRed" (technology name for forward looking infrared) binoculars for the poor men who need to stash their tech

dying does not affect your levels and knowledge, because you are re-created as a clone at a cost, including debts where people will come after you after a long enough time has gone by from your last clone, this is from altered carbon (show on netflix), where your new clone body is called a sleeve, and your consciousness is uploaded via satellite and other wireless transmitters to the clone corporation which is always anarcho-capitalist and always has more power than the government because it owns all the "reboots"; rebooting into a sleeve is a phrase in the game; this is equivalent to respawning, but it incurs debt for the bounty to recover your disk. there is always rolling charge to upload your consciousness which is rolling autosaving but on average through an insurance algorithm your rolling update will pay off more than the bounty to recover your disk each time you die, and the charges are lower the less often you die vs the bounty on your disk which only rises each time you die till it is maxed out at like 100,000,000 credits which you have to get by bartering or working for the company collecting disks for bounty; the disk is dropped in a nearby system and you have to go and pick it up for a pittance, or with a high enough tech level and enough contract experience, you can go on deep space missions and travel to distant star systems to collect as many disks as will fit in your cargo bay; disks are a genetically engineered biological computer that stores information quantumly through nanocellulose and diamene coating to make nanotubes that are indestructible and can operate in the tetrahertz microwave range, they are also bioluminescent and ink photovoltaic based, capturing their data through a biological optic cavity system near the pineal gland. they must be inserted as a clone is growing and the pineal gland must have this disk copied into the new biologically formed disk through transcranial magnetic stimulation

plenty of maze like portions of procedurally generated dungeon like caverns and interiors of buildings with no labels inside vast underground cities; plenty of dungeon crawling style excitement; use portals like in portal (video game) to cross into difficult areas secured within the black mesa compound

puzzle solving will also be an important step in fixing things that you do not have a blueprint for

join and exit formations at your leisure and command armies from near and afar

form a strategy and create a work team to build your forts and cities

global map overview like defcon (video game) has the ability to strategically place your formations around a planet, and a 3d outer space voxel based layout grid allows you to command in space and the air, with the grid center projected from the center of the galaxy

build and battle mech suits like the alice combat system (avp2 video game) and iron man (comic book) or animatrix (movie) suits


game features:


in game DTV broadcast systems project national games and tournaments when they come online in the official servers, and can be hacked to display avi, mkv, and mp4 files of the users desire; smart tv systems that can recognize spoken words from the user mic and follow commands

computers in game have access in an in game internet with websites createable by the user and virtual camera phone/tricorder devices that can capture pictures, audio from the mic, and record video; use webcams to create a security surveillance grid (uses ispyconnect and/or ZoneMinder and virtual camera/s in the game); use a laptop in the field to pilot a drone or an army of drones from your cluster computer in your tribe's fort; there is an in game instance of openStack running enabling limited cloud computing for the DNA sequence calculations; create a real life cloud service computer system or order one to gain computing power in the game (can be a profit point for the team to maintain the dedicated server); multiple cameras available to access reminds me of red faction (video game) or even duke nukem 3d (video game); get military security with encrypted computers running veracrypt, prevents computers from being nearly as hackable; KeePass software protects the computer from easy break ins and bruteforcing is required from another computer; each computer running needs a small amount of system resources and there is cluster computing under openstack (software project) within the game as well as cloud servers hosting the game to bruteforce 8-char max passwords; computers store data on cloud servers hosted by "GreenSoft" alongside the dedicated servers and outproxy nodes for "bridging" into the I2P network; experiment in distributed computing to enable network accelerated VMs though virtualbox tweaks and re-writes

in game internet is wifi mesh networking over b.a.t.m.a.n with (sharded?) tahoe-lafs storage for each user account on each dedicated server cluster

learn to hack in the game using legitimate hacker tools like the kali linux (distro) collection where you collect programs you find in military bases and on holodisks scattered throughout the game

the storage of user datas is distributed throughout the network via multiple redundant shards or shard seeders. the network automatically balances the shards based on checksums of data stored locally on their machine within a veracrypt container that only the zero-trust distributed system knows the master key to (the ceremony is a distributed trust system where all peers generate a portion of a master key, the more people contribute the better, this is part of the initialization time for the game and all servers for through a ceremony

there is an ingame spoof of cryptocurrency where fake FLOPS are taken from machines you build or find/steal/hack and a monero style cryptocurrency using moneta verde mining schema, you have to collect this greencash source code from the state bank ruins in New Atlantia

interstellar mesh networking using lasers as optical network inside the jumpgates which connect to a wormhole device that pipes the signal as UV lasers

smartphones in the game are achieved via QEMU in VM running a legitimate version of replicant that can run apps off of the internal flash or holodisk memory

make microchips in a lab that the gnu octave engine will simulate outputs for and translate to useable elements in game like outputs in a serial console on an atmega (microchip brand name); specifically the microchips will be simulated down to the assembler level and FPGA language (Verilog) will be used to code the logic circuits

audio and video streaming provided via tox and all streams are password protectable

the programming studio built into the game computers debian linux mint is eclipse studio (software) for all programming languages comes with compilers for all major human programming languages, enabling people to create homebrew ingame; includes godot, blender, and mod.io api. capable of compiling FPGA Verilog and running an instance of QEMU and virtualbox within itself;

antimalware engine in game computer is based on real antivirus definitions for linux (clamav, Chkrootkit, xxx)

in game linux has clone mirrors to real versions of the software available to people, with the server administrators manually enabling or disabling separate packages to make available to their users (uses more disk space the more packages are available; repositories point towards the dedicated server and fetch through regular I2P; dedicated server serves as a whitelister and access restriction program that only allows connections to eepsites created using the same server token, effectively creating a sub-darknet because outside access is restricted by token signed in conjunction with the user account public key for that server instance


program features:


updates implemented through torrents and auto-update scripts and automatic md5 hash checking for integrity with fetch from main server; source code borrowed from qBittorrent; xxx

game available over torrent as alternative to synaptic package manager or download from the ftp/http web server (resume supported from server)

game music is streamed via TOX to all connected clients via the dedicated servers song tracklist; mp3, oog, and wav are all supported (along with experimental midi + instruments over network); single player server runs an instance of tox signed in as the music stream ande you can select the songs like the server admin

sleek interface integrates dedicated server to gameplay and you can play as the mod and spawn items while controlling your server from the same in game UI

possible to run in a VM with guest extensions for 3d rendering installed (makes compatibility for other hardware and distributions "complete")

can order DVD from "greensoft" that means paying postage and cost of the DVD (lightscribed), that is a live CD (debian linux mint) that has the game installed to run with all necessary dependencies and install distro to disk (for the drafts of the greenux OS); .iso is available for download from "greensoft" website

extensive use of procedural generation for textures, landscapes, fauna, in game buildings and crafts, internal mazes, etc...

built in chatbots with bot characters are marked up in AIML and become unique based on independent interactions you have with them

built in spellcheck! and markup check! (borrowed spellchecking from chromnium)

in game console with accessible scripting engine in GDScript (Godot native scripting engine) help includes "cheats" which includes how to enable cheats and each individual cheat with its parameters explained

extended options with expert mode including expanded server operator options

nginx server running to host friendica page for game social media functions, routes over I2P; web server administration like webmin and ispconfig; web site generator WYSIWYG editor for making a frontpage and complete website in game;

in game computers use virtualbox to make a debian linux mint instance run within the game on the player's screen

"anon grade" secured against data leaks and tracking, being the first video game known to be used exclusively on the darknet (outproxy nodes are run by the official servers that are made available as "bridges" into the network); defuse passgen code used to generate hexadecimal keys and also used for cryptography in game

dedicated physics simulation with GNU Octave code and interpreter for events like craft maneuvering and weapons collisions, is used for the waveform in audio playback and for compiling screens on electronics in game (live textures);

an instance of hashcat is included within the game VM to literally bruteforce codes in the game

aircrack-ng is included as an instance to run on your in game computer to crack into neighboring networks including ancient military service lines which go into every sector of the known universe

extensive support for trainers and "auto-minedefender" bots/scripts which are allowed in the official servers

compatible with VR (opens two renders from different vertical positions)

video monitor selection in game and 4k support, triple monitor support

gnu octave used to simulate circuits for design for your electronics
see an electronic simulation software package for GNU octave @ https://github.com/jlmayfield/quantumCircuitSandbox

decentralized login server for cross platform gamers using blockchain technology, auto syncronize with gamer profile in the game; credentials stored with KeePass (software) to protect from hackers

in game chat using tox has nicks for all server players and also there is a global server chat. experiment with chat rooms including audio and video in tox. chat supports announcements that can be recurring or once with scheduling; hexchat (software) repurposed with TOX for the protocol; password locked chats and openPGP interior text encryption support; alternative to tox.io is the eepsite that the integrated browser seamlessly navigates to and enables you to search for friends ingame online

game will run in windows under Cygwin, and all released files are compiled for cygwin

cheats in console require server cooperation or they won't enable; private servers can disable individual commands from running or keep their values within ranges

hard imbed in the source code of each release the most current draft constitution of greenway and when greenway is finally established, hard code in the constitution into the source code (use commenting on the whole thing, put at very bottom of source code, make non-essential to run game {can be stripped out by compilers on demand})

console versions (xbox one and playstation 4) will run an instance of debian linux mint with no xwindows just the game screen, but it should be hackable re-initialize the desktop of lxde which is available through command switch when you execute the game binary (hold down "control" key combination on controller to enable pre-initialization console and use the console screen of your keyboard to type in the command which is available from the greensoft website), and adds wireless keyboard and mouse support for usb devices, allows people to softmod their system using the game as a side loader instead of the system default dashboard

complete forking guide and detailed documentation for all aspects of the game and included programs including the console and a detailed section on "cheats" like god mode and noclip; all lines in source code are commented in a clear and concise fashion that is machine readable


message to developers:


are you interested in working for this project but not sure if you are up to joining? talk to ghost liberty in operation greenway chat @ https://discord.gg/9RtrTZh or email them at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). make sure to make your subject about "new atlantia game" and we will get back to you about opportunities to join and help foster our project. this game is a much smaller part of a much bigger project to create a new nation for citizens of the world. please understand that you may be paid little to nothing if you work on this game but your name will be legendary for all time amoung the opensource community



submitted by ghost_liberty to u/ghost_liberty

MAME 0.215

MAME 0.215

A wild MAME 0.215 appears! Yes, another month has gone by, and it’s time to check out what’s new. On the arcade side, Taito’s incredibly rare 4-screen top-down racer Super Dead Heat is now playable! Joining its ranks are other rarities, such as the European release of Capcom‘s 19XX: The War Against Destiny, and a bootleg of Jaleco’s P-47 – The Freedom Fighter using a different sound system. We’ve got three newly supported Game & Watch titles: Lion, Manhole, and Spitball Sparky, as well as the crystal screen version of Super Mario Bros. Two new JAKKS Pacific TV games, Capcom 3-in-1 and Disney Princesses, have also been added.
Other improvements include several more protection microcontrollers dumped and emulated, the NCR Decision Mate V working (now including hard disk controllers), graphics fixes for the 68k-based SNK and Alpha Denshi games, and some graphical updates to the Super A'Can driver.
We’ve updated bgfx, adding preliminary Vulkan support. There are some issues we’re aware of, so if you run into issues, check our GitHub issues page to see if it’s already known, and report it if it isn’t. We’ve also improved support for building and running on Linux systems without X11.
You can get the source and Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed

  • 04531: [Sound] (segas32.cpp) f1en: Engine noise loops/resets. (Tafoid)
  • 07025: [Graphics] (model1.cpp) vr: Graphical glitches. (O. Galibert)
  • 07026: [Gameplay] (model1.cpp) vr: Gameplay calculation and physics issues. (O. Galibert)
  • 07372: [Crash/Freeze] X11 Lightgun input module crashes if X11 display is not available. (George McMullen)
  • 07437: [Gameplay] (x68k.cpp) x68000 [nemesis]: Background tiles appear in foreground in Nemesis 90 Kai. (Carl)
  • 07438: [Graphics] (m72.cpp) imgfightj, mrheli, nspiritj: “For use in Japan” messages are not displayed correctly. (Angelo Salese)
  • 07442: [DIP/Input] (gaelco.cpp) biomtoy, biomtoya, biomtoyb, biomtoyc, bioplayc: Lives DIP switch mis-labelled. (girosintornillos)
  • 07444: [DIP/Input] (seta.cpp) blandia, blandiap: Lives DIP switch mis-labelled. (girosintornillos)
  • 07445: [DIP/Input] (model2.cpp) sgt24h, overrevb: Accelerator and brake pedals are reversed. (VasiliyFamiliya)
  • 07447: [Graphics] (cninja.cpp) cninja and clones: Incorrect graphical priorities between level 4 bosses. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 07448: [Gameplay] (taito_z.cpp) sci, scia, scij, scin, sciu: Shifting gears activates turbo. (girosintornillos)
  • 07452: [Crash/Freeze] (eprom.cpp) eprom, eprom2: The control test will not load. (AJR)
  • 07454: [Plugins] (dooyong.cpp) flytiger: Use of high score plugin causes incorrect attract mode behaviour. (Carl)
  • 07456: [Crash/Freeze] (segas16b.cpp) eswat: Emulator crashes with segmentation fault. (smf)
  • 07457: [DIP/Input] (m107.cpp) dsoccr94: Coin 3 and coin 4 inputs are mapped incorrectly. (MetalGod)
  • 07463: [DIP/Input] (mystwarr.cpp) metamrph and clones, viostorm and clones: Coin 3 and 4 inputs are not connected. (Zach S.)
  • 07465: [Crash/Freeze] (interpro.cpp) ip2000: Emulator crashes if mouse is moved during startup. (Patrick Mackinlay)
  • 07469: [Graphics] (vboy.cpp) vboy: Sprite elements are cut off on the right. (Robbbert)

New working machines

  • Capcom 3-in-1 (1942, Commando, Ghosts'n Goblins) (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) (29 MAR 2005 B) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous]
  • China H Computer Company H-01B [zzemu]
  • Disney Princesses (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous]
  • Game & Watch: Lion [algestam, Mr. Do, Sean Riddle]
  • Game & Watch: Manhole (gold) [algestam, Mr. Do, Sean Riddle]
  • Game & Watch: Spitball Sparky [algestam, Mr Jiggles the Christmas Man]
  • Motorola MEK6800D1 [68bit]
  • Motorola Micro Chroma 68 [68bit]
  • Super Dead Heat [Phil Bennett, David Haywood]

New working clones

  • 19XX: The War Against Destiny (Euro 960104) [redsupra, smf]
  • Beastorizer (USA, Jun 21 1997) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • Bomberman (Version 6.6) [caius, The Dumping Union]
  • Buggy Boy/Speed Buggy (cockpit, rev. B) [pacman70, Asayuki]
  • Dragon Breed (Japan, M72 PCB version) [Jorge Silva]
  • Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. (crystal screen) [algestam, Mr Jiggles the Christmas Man]
  • Hard Head (bootleg, set 3) [jordigahan, Heckler, ClawGrip]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM V (prototype) [CB-Emu]
  • Megatouch III Turnier Edition (9255-30-50 R0F, Bi-Lingual GEENG version) [Kevin Eshbach, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (World, bootleg) [jordigahan, Heckler, ClawGrip]

Machines promoted to working

  • Fidelity Electronics Phantom Chess Challenger [Sandro Ronco]
  • NCR Decision Mate V [Sandro Ronco, rfka01]
  • Pacific Educational Systems VPU-01 Speech box [Robbbert]
  • Radio Shack TRS-80 DT-1 [Robbbert]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Advance Bright Ltd Ping Pong / Table Tennis / Super Ping Pong (PP1100, ABL TV Game) [David Haywood, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen]
  • Conny TV Virtual Tennis [David Haywood, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen]
  • El Dorado [TeamEurope]
  • The Flintstones (LX-3) [PinMAME]
  • Care Bears TV Games (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous]
  • Kursaal Darts [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • Litek Information Systems LMS46-V9 [Don Maslin Archive, AJR]
  • Research Inc. Teleray Model 10 [Bitsavers]
  • Rollamatic 5-Line Special (Barcrest) (MPU3) [Darran, The Dumping Union]
  • TaiKee Rockstar Guitar / Guitar Rock (PAL) [David Haywood, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen]
  • Terrific Lake [PinMAME]
  • Top Sound (French) [PinMAME]
  • Play Vision Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Play Vision, Plug and Play, UK) [David Haywood, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen]
  • Vortex (Island Design) [unknown]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • 386 motherboards using a OPTi 82C495SLC chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the ALi M1419 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the CS8230 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the MX83C305(A)(FC)/MX83C05(A)(FC) chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the OPTi 82C381 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the OPTi 82C391 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the SiS Rabbit chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the UMC UM82C481AF chipset [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboards using the UMC UM82C491F + UM82C493F chipset or BIOTEQ equivalents [rfka01]
  • 386 motherboard using the UMC UM82C491F chipset [rfka01]
  • 386sx motherboards using the ALi M1217 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386sx motherboards using the OPTi 82C283 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386sx motherboards using the OPTi 82C291 chipset [rfka01]
  • 386sx motherboards using the SCAMPSX chipset [rfka01]
  • 486 motherboards using the ALi 1487/1489 chipset [rfka01]
  • 486 motherboards using the OPTi OPTi 82C392, 82C493 chipset [rfka01]
  • 486 motherboards using the SiS 85C471/85C407 chipset [rfka01]
  • 486 motherboards using the UMC UM8498F, UM8496F chipset [rfka01]
  • 486 motherboards using the UMC UM8886/UM8881 chipset [rfka01]
  • Abit AB-PB4 [rfka01]
  • Abit AB-PW4 [rfka01]
  • Alaris Cougar [rfka01]
  • Alaris RYC LEOPARD LX [rfka01]
  • Alaris Tornado 2 [rfka01]
  • AMI Mark V Baby Screamer [rfka01]
  • ANIX CH-386S-16/20/25G [rfka01]
  • Aquarius System (ASI) MB-4D33/50NR [rfka01]
  • Asus ISA-486SV2 [rfka01]
  • AUVA TAM/25-P2 M31720P [rfka01]
  • Bank Robbery (Ver. 1.23) [Siftware]
  • Biostar MB-1340UCQ-B [rfka01]
  • Chaintech 333SC [rfka01]
  • Chaintech 486SLE M106 4SLE-Z1 [rfka01]
  • Chaintech ELT-286B-160B(E) [rfka01]
  • Chicony CH-491E [rfka01]
  • Daewoo AL486V-D Rev:1.1 [rfka01]
  • Derby Owners Club World Edition (Rev A) [Fluffy]
  • Diamond Flower, Inc. (DFI) 486-CCV [rfka01]
  • DTK Computer PPM-3333P [rfka01]
  • DTK PKM-0038S aka Gemlight GMB-486SG [rfka01]
  • Elitegroup Computer Systems FX-3000 REV1.0 [rfka01]
  • Elitegroup ELT-386SX-160BE [rfka01]
  • Elitegroup UC4913 REV:1.1 [rfka01]
  • Elitegroup UC4915 A AIO [rfka01]
  • Elitegroup UM486/UM486sx [rfka01]
  • Elitegroup UM486V-AIO [rfka01]
  • First International Computer 4386-VC-HD [rfka01]
  • First International Computer 4386-VC-V [rfka01]
  • First International Computer 486-GIO-VT2 [rfka01]
  • Fujitsu FM-Towns (Model 1 / 2) [r09]
  • GENOA TurboExpress 486 VL [rfka01]
  • GES 9051N-386C VER -0.01 [rfka01]
  • Gigabyte GA-486VF [rfka01]
  • Gigabyte GA-486VS [rfka01]
  • LuckyStar LS-486E Rev:C [rfka01]
  • Micro-Express Inc. Forex 386 Cache [rfka01]
  • MORSE KP 386SX V2.21 [rfka01]
  • MSI MS-4125 [rfka01]
  • MSI MS-4138 [rfka01]
  • MSI MS-4144 [rfka01]
  • Octek Hawk [rfka01]
  • Octek Hippo COM [rfka01]
  • Octek Hippo DCA2 [rfka01]
  • Octek Hippo VL+ [rfka01]
  • Octek Panther II [rfka01]
  • Olivetti M21 [rfka01]
  • OPTi OPTi 386WB VER.1.0 [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M216 [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M396F [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M912 [rfka01]
  • PC-Chips M915i [rfka01]
  • Peacock 386sx Ver. 2.0 motherboard SCsxAIO [rfka01]
  • Peacock PCK 486 DX [rfka01]
  • Philips PCD204 (PCD200 series) [rfka01]
  • Pine PT-319A [rfka01]
  • Pine Technology PT-430 [rfka01]
  • Pine Technology PT-432b aka SR-M401-A [rfka01]
  • PROTECH PM486PU-S7 [rfka01]
  • QDI PX486P3 [rfka01]
  • QDI V4P895P3/SMT V5.0 [rfka01]
  • QD-U386DX VER 1.0 [rfka01]
  • Sanyo MBC-18NB [rfka01]
  • See-Thru Sto486Wb aka AUVA Cam-33-P2 [rfka01]
  • Shuttle 386SX REV 2.0A [rfka01]
  • Shuttle Computer International HOT-433 [rfka01]
  • TD60C [rfka01]
  • TD70A and TD70AN [rfka01]
  • TD70N [rfka01]
  • Termtek TK-635 [nextvolume, Dirk Best]
  • UNICHIP 386W 367C REV 1.0 [rfka01]
  • UNICHIP 486 WB 4407 REV 1.0 [rfka01]
  • unknown 286 AT clones (HT18/C chipset) [rfka01]
  • Via 4386 VIO / Highscreen universal board [rfka01]
  • Vintage Sprite SM 486-50USC [rfka01]
  • Vs. Super Mario Bros. (bootleg with Z80, set 3) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • ZIDA Tomato board 4DPS [rfka01]

New working software list additions

  • apple2_flop_clcracked: Balancing Act (cleanly cracked), Fractions: Basic Skills (cleanly cracked), Fractions: Subtraction (cleanly cracked), The Haunted Palace (cleanly cracked), Statistics (Version 3.3) (cleanly cracked), Whole Numbers: Multiplication (cleanly cracked), The World's Greatest Baseball Game (Enhanced Version) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
  • apple2_flop_orig: Alibi, American Government (Micro Learningware), Apple Stellar Invaders, Battlefront, Beach Landing, Carriers at War, The Coveted Mirror, Crime Stopper, Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Volume Three, Decisive Battles of the American Civil War: Volume Two, Decisive Battles of the Civil War: Volume One, Dogfight II, Europe Ablaze, Galactic Wars, Gauntlet, Ghostbusters, Go (Hayden), Guderian, Halls of Montezuma, The Haunted Palace, I, Damiano, Leisure Suit Larry in The Land of The Lounge Lizards, The Mask of the Sun (Version 2.1), MacArthur's War, Muppet Learning Keys: The Muppet Discovery Disk, Oil Rig, Panzer Battles, Pulsar ][, Questprobe featuring Spider-Man, Reach For The Stars (Version 1.0), Reach For The Stars (Version 2.0), Reach For The Stars (Version 3.0), Reversal, Russia, Sherlock Holmes in Another Bow, Simultaneous Linear Equations, Space Kadet, Tapper, Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, Vaults of Zurich, Winter Games [4am, Firehawke]
  • fmtowns_cd: CG Syndicate Vol. 1 - Lisa Northpoint, CubicSketch V1.1 L10, New Horizon CD Learning System II - English Course 1, Shanghai, Space Museum, TownsSOUND V1.1 L20, Z's Triphony DigitalCraft Towns [redump.org, r09]
  • hp9825b_rom: 9885/9895 ROM for 9825, 9885 ROM for 9825, Matrix ROM for 9825, SSS mass storage ROM [F.Ulivi]
  • ibm5150: Action Service (Smash16 release) (3.5"), International Karate, Italy '90 Soccer, Joe Blade (Smash16 release), Out Run (Kixx release), Starflight [ArcadeShadow]
  • ibm5170: Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, Links - The Challenge of Golf (5.25"HD) [ArcadeShadow]
  • midi_flop: Dansbandshits nr 3 (Sweden) [FakeShemp]
  • vz_snap: Ace of Aces, Adventure, Airstrip, Arkaball v1, Arkaball v2, Arrgh, Assembly Language for Beginners, Asteroids, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Backgammon, Backgammon Instructions, Battleships v1, Battleships v2, Bezerk, Binary Tape Copier v1.0, Bomber, Breakproof File Copier, Bust Out, Camel, Card Andy, Casino Roulette v1, Casino Roulette v2, Catch, Challenger, Chasm Capers, Check Disk, Checkers, Chess, Circus, Compgammon, Computer Learjet, Concentration, Cos Res, Craps, Crash, Curses, Dawn Patrol, Decoy v1, Decoy v2, Defence Penetrator, Dig Out, Disassembler v2, Disassemmbler v1, Disk Copier, Disk Copy V2.0, Disk Editor-Assembler V6.0X, Disk Menu, Disk Ops 4, Disk Sector Editor v1, Disk Sector Editor v2, Dog Fight, Dracula's Castle, The Dynasty Derby, Editor-Assembler V.1.2, Editor-Assembler V.1.2B, Electric Tunnel, Electronic Blackjack, Extended DOS V1.3, Extended VZ Basic V2.5, Factory, Fastdisk V1.0, Fastdisk V1.1, Fastdisk V1.2, Fastdisk V1.2 demo, Filesearch 2.0, Filesearch V2.0, Formula One v1, Formula One v2, Formula Uno, Frog, Galactic Invasion, Galactic Raiders, Galactic Trade, Galaxon, Game Instructions, Ghost Blasters, Ghost Hunter (hacked), Ghost Hunter instructions, Ghost Hunter v1, Ghost Hunter v2, Golf, Grand Prix, Grave Digger, Gunfight, Hamburger Sam, Hangman v1, Hangman v3, Hangman v4, Hex Maths, Hex Utilities, The High Mountains, High Scores, Hoppy v1, Hoppy v2, Hunt the Wumpus, Instructions for Asteroid Dodge, Instructions for Invaders, Instructions for Ladder Challenge, Invaders v1, Invaders v2, Inventory, Kamikaze Invaders, Key Hunt, Knights and Dragons, Ladder Challenge, Laser, Laser Pong, Lunar Lander, Mad Max VI, Madhouse, Mars Patrol, Mastermind, Match Box, Match Box Instructions, Maths Armada, Maze Generator, Meat Pies, Melbourne Cup, Meteor, Missile Attack, Missile Command v1, Missile Command v2, Missing Number, Moon, Moon Lander, Moonlander, Moving Targets, Number Sequence, Number Slide, Othello, Othello Instructions, Painter v1, Painter v2, Painter v3, Panik, Panik Instructions, Penguin, Planet Patrol, Poker Machine, Punch v1, Punch v2, Pursuit, The Quest, The Return of Defense Command, Rocket Command, Shootout, Space, Space Ram, Space Station Defender, Space Vice, Star Blaster, Submarine, Super Snake, Super Snake Trapper, The Ten Commandments, Tennis v1, Tennis v2, Tone Generator, Totaliser Derby, Tower, Triffids 2040 AD, Twisting Road, VZ 200-300 Diskette Monitor, VZ Panik, VZ cave, VZ-200 Cup, Vzetris, Worm, Write a Story [Robbbert]

Software list items promoted to working

  • dmv: MS-DOS v2.11 HD, MS-DOS v2.11 HD (Alt 2), MS-DOS v2.11 HD (Alt 3), MS-DOS v2.11 HD (Alt), Z-Com v2.0 HD [Sandro Ronco, rfka01]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • ekara_japan_a: A-3 Pichi Pichi Pitch vol.3 (Japan) [David Haywood, Sean Riddle]
  • evio: Anime Mix 1, Chisako Takashima Selection, evio Challenge!, evio Selection 02, evio Selection 03, Hard Soul 1, I Love Classic 1, Pure Kiss 1 [David Haywood, Peter Wilhelmsen, ShouTime, Sean Riddle]
  • fmtowns_cd:
    • Debian GNU/Linux 1.3.1 with Debian-JP Packages, Debian GNU/Linux 2.0r2 with Hamm-JP [akira_2020, Tokugawa Corporate Forums, r09]
    • Air Warrior V1.2, Fujitsu Habitat V2.1L10, Hyper Media NHK Zoku Kiso Eigo - Dai-3-kan, Nobunaga no Yabou - Sengoku Gun'yuuden, Taito Chase H.Q. (Demo), TownsFullcolor V2.1 L10, Video Koubou V1.4 L10 [redump.org, r09]
  • leapfrog_ltleappad_cart: Baby's First Words (USA), Disney Pooh Loves You! (USA), If I were... (USA) [ClawGrip, TeamEurope]

Source Changes

  • ins8250: Only clear transmitter holding register empty interrupt on reading IIR if it’s the highest priority pending interrupt. [68bit]
  • bus/ss50/mps2.cpp: Connected RS-232 control lines. [68bit]
  • machine/ie15.cpp: Cleaned up RS-232 interface. [68bit]
  • bus/rs232: Delay pushing initial line state to reset time. [68bit]
  • bus/rs232/null_modem.cpp: Added configuration option for DTR flow control. [68bit]
  • tv990.cpp: Improved cursor position calculation. [68bit]
  • tilemap.cpp: Improved assert conditions, fixing tilemap viewer, mtrain and strain in debug builds. [AJR]
  • spbactn.cpp: Use raw screen timing parameters for spbactn. [AJR]
  • laz_aftrshok.cpp: Added aftrshok DIP switch documentation from the manual. [AJR]
  • ELAN RISC II updates: [AJR]
    • Identified CPU type used by vreadere as ePG3231.
    • Added preliminary port I/O handlers and callbacks.
    • Added stub handlers and state variables for interrupt controller, timers, synthesizer, UART and SPI.
    • Fixed TBRD addressing of external data memory.
    • Fixed calculation of carry flag for normal adder operations.
    • Implemented multi-byte carry/borrow for applicable registers.
    • Implemented signed multiplication option.
    • Added internal stack buffer for saving PCH during calls/interrupts.
  • alpha68k_n.cpp: Replaced sstingry protection simulation with microcontroller emulation. [AJR]
  • sed1330: Implemented character drawing from external ROM, fixed display on/off command, and fixed screen area definition. [AJR]
  • tlcs90: Separated TMP90840 and TMP90844 disassemblers. [AJR]
  • z180 updates: [AJR]
    • Split Z180 device into subtypes; HD647180X now implements internal PROM, RAM and parallel ports.
    • Added internal clock dividers adjust CPU clocks in many drivers to compensate.
    • Reduced logical address width to 16 bits.
  • h8: Made debug PC adjustment and breakpoints actually work. [AJR]
  • subsino2.cpp: Added save state support and cleaned up code a little. [AJR]
  • gaelco.cpp: Adjusted bigkarnk YM3812 clock so pitch matches reference recording. [AJR]
  • stadhero.cpp: Made stadhero stage music selection and various other things more random. [AJR]
  • acorn_vib: Made ACIA transmit/receive clocks selectable using MC14411. [AJR]
  • hitme.cpp: Renamed m21 to mirco21 to resolve name collision. [AJR]
  • Emulated ADC0804 and added device to various drivers (fixes “WRONG CONTROL IO” in citybomb service mode). [AJR]
  • tmnt.cpp: Added glfgreat analog controls and ADC, and removed spurious fourth button. [AJR]
  • megasys1.cpp: Added p47b ADPCM sample playback using additional Z80. [AJR]
  • cps1.cpp, segas16b.cpp: Fixed unsafe bitmap usage in video update routines that could cause memory corruption. [AJR]
  • bus/isa: Added Music Quest PC MIDI Card. [AJR, VOGONS Vintage Driver Library]
  • rd100.cpp: Added preliminary keyboard inputs. [AJR]
  • Separated V50/V53 common peripherals and former device from V33 base, and add V40 type for future use. [AJR]
  • m72.cpp: Fixed sample-related communications on 8751-protected games. [AJR]
  • Added Fujitsu FR disassembler and skeleton CPU device. [AJR]
  • hvyunit.cpp: Fix hvyunit coin counters. [AJR]
  • hh_sm510.cpp: Re-scanned gnw_mmouse display. [algestam]
  • snes.cpp: Change screen resolution for pseudo-hires mode, and run HDMA at vertical position zero. [AmatCoder]
    • Fixes graphics in Judge Dredd and Vortex.
  • alpha68k.cpp updates: [Angelo Salese]
    • Added opaque tile support for V board (fixes title screen clipping effects for Sky Adventure).
    • Removed hack for priest priority in Sky Adventure level 1 as this is an original game bug.
    • Merged sprite drawing code with SNK 68k sprite device.
    • Simulated screen banking for Gold Medalist starter pistol shot on dash events.
    • Fixed missing status bar and “start/hurry up” graphics for player 1 in Gold Medalist.
    • Removed unemulated protection flag from Gold Medalist clones.
  • alpha68k.cpp, snk68.cpp: Moved palette code to a common device using the same scheme as the Neo Geo palette. [Angelo Salese]
    • Produces more accurate colors, especially visible on dithered backgrounds.
  • markham.cpp: Improved Strength & Skill master interrupt firing and row scroll (fixes missing sprites regression in stages 2 and 3). [Angelo Salese]
  • Synchronized with upstream GENie, bx, bgfx and bimg. [Belegdol]
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2019 build issues. [Belegdol]
  • Switched Travis CI build to Xcode 11. [Belegdol]
  • Build bgfx with OpenGL ES rather than OpenGL when building without X11 on Linux and BSD. [Belegdol]
  • ay8910.cpp: Converted Sunsoft 5B 6630B sound hardware to a device. [cam900]
  • nmk16spr.cpp: Converted NMK 16-bit sprite hardware to a device. [cam900]
    • Implemented priority drawing and sprite limits, and added notes.
    • Adapted nmk16.cpp and powerins.cpp to use new device.
  • powerins.cpp: Derived clocks from crystals present on boards and added raw screen timing parameters. [cam900]
  • ninjaw.cpp, warriorb.cpp: Added subwoofer and corrected sound routing. [cam900]
  • mos6581.cpp: Added save state support. [cam900]
  • sid.cpp, sidenvel.cpp, sidvoice.cpp: Improved save state support and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • ymf278b.cpp: Implemented FM DO2 output scaling. [cam900]
  • ymf262.cpp: Added notes. [cam900]
  • tmap038.cpp: Converted 038 tilemap generator chip to a device. [cam900]
    • Adapted cave.cpp and mcatadv.cpp to use the new device, and cleaned up code.
  • mcatadv.cpp: Fixed tilemap flicker when debugging functionality is enabled. [cam900]
  • argus.cpp: Fix repeated spelling error in comments. [cam900]
  • megasys1.cpp: Fixed missing semicolon. [Christian Groessler]
  • gamate.cpp: Made initial RAM fill better match hardware power-up state. [Christian Groessler]
  • audio/irem.cpp: Fixed a number of kidniki audio issues. [Couriersud]
    • Added jumper J4 as a compile-time option, fixed a number of resistor and capacitor values, and fixed a barrier.
  • Netlist system updates: [Couriersud]
    • Added support for line markers to the netlist preprocessor and parser.
    • Added include processing to the netlist preprocessor, and reorganised plib code so this can be better utilised.
    • Simplified netlist library code and improved performance.
    • Moved netlists out of driver sources and organised netlists according to functionality.
    • Added an extended validation mode to nltool for identifying certain kinds of issues.
    • Removed some hints from pong now that performance has improved..
  • chelnov.cpp: Added microcontroller dump for chelnov and hooked it up, replacing simulation. [Dirk Best, TeamEurope, Brian Troha]
    • Programs for other regions created by patching the dumped World region microcontroller program.
  • firetrap.cpp: Add microcontroller dump for firetrap and hook it up, replacing simulation. [Dirk Best, TeamEurope, Brian Troha]
    • Program for US region created by patching the dumped Japan region microcontroller program.
  • i8251.cpp, pit8253.cpp, isa/ega.cpp, isa/mda.cpp: Modernized debug logging. [Edström]
  • m6801.cpp: Added more logging and reduced unnecessary serial transmit output updates. [Edström]
  • mc6845.cpp: Added more logging and reduced warning spam at startup when register values are inconsistent. [Edström]
  • isa/mda.cpp: Added Ericsson Monochrome HR Graphics Board 1070. [Edström]
  • Moved Ericsson PC from pc.cpp to new source file eispc.cpp and added serial keyboard. [Edström]
  • hp9825.cpp: Added support for external ROM cartridges to HP9825B and HP9825T. [F.Ulivi]
  • hp9885.cpp: Added missing postamble when writing sectors on disk. [F.Ulivi]
  • Lua engine updates: [feos]
    • Added callback after a batch of sound samples are generated.
    • Greatly reduced compiler memory usage by adding user type members after construction.
  • Always re-generate version.cpp if top-level makefile changes. [feos]
  • Start AVI recording after devices have been started so initial screen refresh rate is used rather than fixed 60 Hz. [feos]
  • goldstar.cpp: Decrypted pkrmast and its clone. [Ioannis Bampoulas, Ivan Vangelista]
  • goldstar.cpp: Decrypted super972. [Ivan Vangelista]
  • squale.cpp: Connected the EF9365 video controller IRQ output to the 6809 IRQ input for Apollo 7 Squale. [Jean-François DEL NERO]
  • wd_fdc.cpp: Improved interrupt request reset logic based on WD1772 and VG93 (1793 clone) decaps. [MetalliC]
  • Fixed clang compilation error on targets where stream size is larger than long int. [Nathan Woods]
  • model1.cpp: Fixed issues with TGP interface emulation. [O. Galibert]
  • emumem_het.cpp, emumem_heu.cpp: Hold additional reference for in-flight handlers (fixes MT07456). [O. Galibert, smf]
  • apple3.cpp: Corrected number row key layout (fixes pasting and natural keyboard mode). [pahandav]
  • ppcdrc.cpp, sh2.cpp, sh4.cpp: Fixed issues causing fast RAM accesses to bypass the debugger. [Phil Bennett]
  • tms34020: Implement SETCDP and CLIP opcodes. [Priit Laes]
  • apple2gs.cpp: Allow slot interrupt requests to be dispatched. [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie]
  • apple3.cpp: Suppress $C800 switching on debugger accesses. [R. Belmont, Rob Justice]
  • osd/sdl: Added support for RRGGBB00 pixel format used by ARM Mali GPUs. [R. Belmont]
  • fmtowns_cd.xml updates: [r09]
    • Replaced a number of entries with better dumps from the redump.org database.
    • Added parent/clone relationships for Windows 3.1 revisions.
    • Updated the list of missing dumps.
  • fmtowns.cpp updates: [r09]
    • Removed SCSI controller from first-generation models and the Marty as these machines lack it.
    • Corrected CPU types for FM-Towns II SJ and FM-Towns II MX.
    • Corrected user-selectable RAM size options.
    • Mapped packed video RAM at 0x00b00000 for 386SX-based models (fixes graphical issues on FM-Towns II UX and FM-Towns Marty).
    • Configured FM-Towns Marty with one floppy drive and 2 MB of RAM.
    • Fixed crashes when 1 MB ROM or a single floppy drive is selected.
    • Dumped and added ROMs from a first-generation FM-Towns Model 2.
  • hcd62121: Implemented exclusive OR with indirect addressing. [Ricardo Barreira]
    • Used by cfx9850 for zoom menu in graph mode.
  • cfx9850.cpp: Corrected RAM size to 32 kB and added mirroring. [Ricardo Barreira]
  • super80.cpp, super80_cass.xml: Fine-tuned software compatibility flags. [Robbbert]
  • Removed unnecessary offset attribute from some software lists. [Robbbert]
  • trs80dt1: Added RS-232 and Centronics parallel ports, and promoted to working. [Robbbert]
  • pes.cpp: Modernised and cleaned up code, and fixed regressions caused by years of neglect. [Robbbert]
  • mkit09.cpp: Improved inputs for mkit09a and got it to start and run. [Robbbert]
  • Added covers to images that can be displayed in system selection UI. [Robbbert]
  • imagedev/avivideo.cpp: Added an image device to provide looping uncompressed AVI frames as input. [Ryan Holtz]
  • vino.cpp: Adapted to support both avivideo_image_device and picture_image_device. [Ryan Holtz]
  • cdi.cpp: Switched SERVO and SLAVE microcontrollers to use the correct device type with internal memory maps. [Ryan Holtz]
  • snes.cpp updates:
    • Added clock divider for original Super FX chip (fixes game speed in Star Fox, Stunt Race FX, Vortex, and others). [Ryan Holtz]
    • Corrected video RAM size to 64 kB (fixes graphics in Yoshi’s Island and possibly others). [Ryan Holtz, byuu]
    • Fixed PPU background layer drawing based on higan ppu-fast. [Ryan Holtz, byuu]
    • Adjusted horizontal blanking timing interval to the most common case (fixes off-by-one parallax in Yoshi’s Island). [byuu]
  • supracan.cpp updates: [Ryan Holtz]
    • Implemented sprite-to-sprite masking.
    • Removed sound CPU boot hack and fixed sound CPU reset/halt behavior.
    • Implemented controller input shift register protocol and removed non-existent parallel inputs in main CPU memory space.
    • Removed non-existent player 3 and player 4 inputs.
    • Added save status support and converted logging to use logmacro.h.
  • bgfx: Do texture format conversion via a full-screen GPU pass. [Ryan Holtz]
  • screen: Added support for changing horizontal width mid-frame and hooked it up to the SNES driver. [Ryan Holtz]
    • Fixes dkongcu intro and others.
  • bus/dmv: Added K012 and C3282 hard disk interfaces. [Sandro Ronco]
  • netlist: Fixed issue with 1×1 matrix (affected gamemachine.cpp and breakout.cpp systems). [Tafoid]
  • Converted osd_printf_* family of functions to use util::string_format semantics. [Vas Crabb]
  • minimaws: Added support for identifying ROM/disk dumps on command line or through web UI. [Vas Crabb]
  • srcclean: Improved handling of some kinds of C preprocessor abuse. [Vas Crabb]
  • Improved performance of makedep.py, reducing the time taken to bootstrap a SOURCES= build. [Vas Crabb]
  • apple2_flop_orig.xml: Replaced Drol with new working dump. [4am, Firehawke]
  • m72.cpp Dumped 8751 microcontrollers for airduelm72 and dbreedm72j, replacing simulation. [Caius, Jorge Silva, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
  • wardner.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for the Wardner set, and added PCB locations to all sets. [Brian Troha]
  • playch10.cpp: Corrected BIOS PPU ROM loading. [brizzo]
  • rbmk.cpp: Decapped and dumped AT89C51 microcontroller for rbspm. [Caps0ff, EdHunter]
  • lucky37.cpp: Decapped and dumped microcontrollers for lucky21, lucky21d and lucky37. [Caps0ff, TeamEurope]
  • changyu.cpp: Decapped and dumped microcontroller for changyu2. [Caps0ff, TeamEurope]
  • lwings.cpp: Measured CPU clock and video timings on an original sectionz PCB. [Corrado Tomaselli]
  • exedexes.cpp: Measured CPU clocks and video timings, and verified sound chip clocks. [Corrado Tomaselli]
  • sidepckt.cpp: Corrected ROM labels and added PCB locations. [Corrado Tomaselli, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • nmk16.cpp: Re-dumped the tile graphics ROM for Macross II (Korea). [Darksoft, hammy]
  • chihiro.cpp, naomi.cpp: Improved software documentation, particularly title consistency. [f205v]
  • Added MIDI floppy software list to some IBM PC drivers. [FakeShemp]
  • bus/ata: Added skeleton PleXCombo PX-320A DVD/CD-RW Drive device. [Firmware HQ]
  • gsword.cpp: Measured microcontroller clocks for gsword. [Guru]
  • dec8.cpp: Verified all clocks for Ghostbusters. [Guru]
  • lwings.cpp: Measured main CPU clock on a bootleg sectionza PCB. [Guru]
  • m90.cpp: Updated documentation and IC locations. [hammy]
  • aristmk5.cpp: Fixed error in cashcatnz layout. [Heihachi_73]
  • spartanxtec.cpp: Added some IC locations, and added placeholders for undumped PLDs. [jordigahan]
  • galivan.cpp: Re-dumped dangarj audio CPU ROMs. [Layer]
  • triforce.cpp: Re-dumped “Triforce DIMM Updater (3.17) (GDT-0011)” to replace previous bad dump. [MajorPBX]
  • seta.cpp: Switched jjsquawk to use three buttons (third button is used in the sound test). [Mike Moffitt]
  • Fixed building with GCC versions that report a non-numeric version suffix. [MoochMcGee]
  • at.cpp updates: [rfka01]
    • Added ht12a BIOS option head12a01.
    • Added at386sx BIOS options dell386sx, a3286a3886, ald93c308, intel and v514.
    • Added ct386sx BIOS options m345000, dtk386sx and solutions.
    • Added at386 BIOS options ssbc386at, opwb, 386atj7, vt386vt, l8949, acer310, kmxc02, frx521, frxs3b, 495sx, eemi and topcat.
    • Added alim1429 BIOS options revb, alim142901, alim142902 and asaki.
    • Added frxc402 BIOS option frximp.
    • Added opti495xlc BIOS options op82c495xlc and mao13.
    • Added hot409 BIOS option hot409v11.
    • Sorted systems by chipset and motherboard, and updated comments, including RAM and cache information.
  • dec0.cpp: Decapped and dumped the 8751 microcontroller for Dragonninja (Japan revision 1). [TeamEurope, Brian Troha]
  • karnov.cpp: Verified the Atomic Runner (Japan) 8751 microcontroller dump. [TeamEurope, Brian Troha]
  • segas16b.cpp: Replaced microcontroller simulation with dumped program for Altered Beast (set 6) (8751 317-0076). [TeamEurope, Brian Troha]
  • dec8.cpp: Replaced hand-crafted microcontroller program with program dump for The Real Ghostbusters sets. [TeamEurope, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • firetrap.cpp: Replaced hand-crafted microcontroller program with program dump for Fire Trap (US). [TeamEurope, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • karnov.cpp: Replaced hand-crafted microcontroller program with program dump for Chelnov - Atomic Runner (US). [TeamEurope, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • segas16a.cpp: Replaced microcontroller simulation code with program dump for the Quartet sets. [TeamEurope, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • segas16b.cpp: Replaced microcontroller simulation with program dump for Dynamite Dux (set 1) (8751 317-0095). [TeamEurope, Brian Troha, The Dumping Unionn]
  • pc98.xml, svi318_cass.xml: Corrected some spelling errors in titles and labels. [Zoë Blade]
  • Updated comments, and corrected spelling, grammar and typographical errors in comments and documentation. [Zoë Blade]
submitted by cuavas to MAME

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