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Rock was originally programmed by Dr. Light to be his lab assistant, but after Dr. Wily's attack Rock was reprogrammed into the Super Fighting Robot... Mega Man! As Mega Man, Mega fights Dr. Wily and his robot minions in a never ending battle between good and evil. He is joined in this fight by his creator Dr. Light, his sister Roll, his dog Rush, and Eddie.
Notes: Feats marked [Meteor] are taken from when Mega Man was empowered by a meteorite. It is super situational, but I included it anyway. His systems will overload if he uses the power of the meteor for too long.
Mega Man's main weapon when fighting other robots or any situation is the Mega Buster Plasma Power. From his arm cannon, he shoots high-powered blast of burning hot plasma to defeat his foes.
Mega Man's second most important power is the ability to copy the weapon's of other robots. He often defeats a robot and collects their power to use. If his Plasma Power gets damaged, he can switch to a copied weapon instead. He can use more than one copy weapon at a time and copy two weapons at a time
Other Uses
Grappling Hook
Super Turbine-Powered Underwater Defense Apparatus is a aquatic gear designed by Dr. Light to help Mega Man fight in the water. It allows him to swim super fast.
Stealth Glider is a specialized equipment made by Dr. Light to help Mega Man infiltrate and sneak past his enemies.
The Flight Suit is designed by Dr. Light to let Mega Man fly at high speed.
Rush is Mega Man's robotic dog and sidekick! He was programmed by Dr. Light to help Mega Man out while on his adventures.
Rush's main ability is the ability to transform into an unlimited number of vehicles to carry Mega Man into battle.
submitted by Mattdoss to respectthreads


Deep in the Rocky Mountains, spring had begun to melt the snow and overflowed the rivers near Florida, Montana. It was one of those towns way out in the country that’s named after a place it doesn’t resemble at all. This year was especially watery and caused plenty of property damage, as well as the deaths of two hikers. Every spring, the basement of the Danvers' house would flood to the knees, and every spring Simon Danvers would help his father pump the water back out through the window. Simon and his father no longer kept anything in the basement, but none the less it needed to be drained to preserve the structural integrity of the house. Usually the spring rains would bring silt, rocks and other debris along with them, and Simon was always tasked with removing the waste.
This year, Simon's mind had been heavily preoccupied with his internet girlfriend Willow. Being from rural Montana, there weren't many pretty girls around. They spoke over the phone every day, and Willow would send Simon pictures of herself gardening and watching TV in her varsity sweatshirt, with her dark hair tied tightly into a bun. It had only been 3 months, but Simon had really fallen for Willow and began saving up to go visit her in Ohio.
Simon hastily threw the pebbles and sticks in the muddy basement into a trash bin, eager to finish the job early. He almost didn't notice the loose stone in the corner of the basement. Simon cleaned the leaves from the dark, unfinished room every year so it stood out to him as slightly odd. Figuring the flood had dislodged it, he went to push it back into place with his boot. As he was doing so, a torrent of spiders flooded out from underneath the rock. Simon jumped back in disgust, deciding he would have to finish this particular issue tomorrow with a can of Raid.
Simon rushed to his room to dust off the leaf litter and call Willow. He waited as the phone rang, which was strange to him since Willow always picked up immediately. When her cheery voicemail message began to play, Simon was shocked. Confused, he decided she must be in the shower or taking a nap, and that he would try again later that night.
While in the shower, Simon noticed several more spiders in the bathroom. He squashed them with the bottom of the shampoo bottle and noted that their windows might need to be re-sealed. Still consumed with Willow's absence, Simon settled down to play video games with his cat, Nine. The cat was actually only five years old, but Simon thought it would be clever to name him Nine, since cats have nine lives of course. That night though, even the purring of his old friend couldn't quiet his thoughts. Willow's phone continued to ring through to voicemail, and Simon began to wonder if this was her way of dumping him. After a few more tries, Simon gave up calling and figured Willow would contact him when she was ready.
That next morning Simon's father was already up bright and early to mow the lawn. The younger Danvers wolfed down a bowl of cereal before storming down into the basement to start on their spider problem. Simon was in a terrible mood today. He sprayed the entire basement generously with the noxious fumes and then ran upstairs to escape them. Angrily, he texted Willow; I don't know where you are but it isn't like you not to call me, if you're mad or something please tell me. Willow didn't text back though, and by the next day Simon was convinced she was ghosting him.
Simon's spraying spree with the can of Raid in the basement did not seem to solve the spider situation. Simon was noticing them everywhere, sometimes even crawling up the sides of his bed. Exterminators weren’t exactly easy to find up in rural Montana, so the Danvers would have to wait another week before the issue could be solved. Simon flicked a spider off the leg of his jeans. Frustration was bubbling up inside him. He missed Willow, and hated the spiders. Simon decided to take a walk and escape his infested home for a moment. The late spring sun was shining onto the forest floor in a dizzying array of speckles. Sometimes Simon hated living here, but sometimes he loved it. The soft undergrowth muffled his steps as he walked deeper into the woods behind his home. Thoughts of Willow had almost faded from his mind after an hour’s hike until he saw something that shouldn’t have been there. Hanging from a dense shrub, faded and covered in dirt, was Willow’s varsity sweatshirt. It was unmistakable even in its disheveled state. It had red sleeves and the number 17 on the back, there was no school logo since she’d bought it at the mall. Simon froze. Something was very, very wrong. A chill went down his spine as we stepped closer to the shrub. What he saw next was an image that seared itself into the back of Simon’s eyes.
Peeking out from the dense undergrowth behind the shrub, was a human hand. It was a grey-green color from rot and flies buzzed around the exposed tendons in the wrist. Simon turned on his heels, immediately regretting leaving his phone at home. But just as he did, he caught sight of a matted tuft of dark hair. It was by a tree nearly 40 feet from the hand. Even without her neatly tied hair bun there was no mistaking this corpse for anyone but willow. Simon cried as he ran.
The coroner and the cops showed up hours later. This was rural Montana after all, and it took them a while to get their forensic team out into the forest. Simon was inconsolable. His girlfriend had clearly been murdered, in the woods behind his house hundreds of miles from where she lived. When he explained that to the investigators, they looked incredibly confused. “Willow?” said the policewoman. “This girl’s name was Riley Hudson, and she had been missing for over a year”. “What.. the fuck??” stuttered Simon. “No, that’s not possible. This is the same girl. She sent me photos!! We talked over the phone just over a week ago… You must have something wrong!”. Simon cradled his head in his hands and wept, nothing about anything made sense anymore. Willow was dead, but who was Willow? “Listen son, we’re gonna need you to turn over your phone and any other evidence you may have regarding this very serious crime. Although you seem innocent enough to me, you should know that we have to consider you a suspect at this point in time” the policewoman’s demeanor had changed from empathetic to stern. Simon turned over his phone, his laptop, the pictures he had printed out. Now he didn’t even have something to remember her by.
Simon lied under the covers of his bed, not even bothering to brush away the spiders that had congregated on top of the duvet. He had cried so much that no tears remained, only the salty trails they left behind. His only thoughts were of Willow… Riley? The girl he had fallen so much for, and then found dismembered. Simon snapped. He swept the spiders off and stomped them on the floor until they were nothing but a stain on the carpet. He grabbed a newspaper and rolled it, then began swatting every spider he could find into oblivion. Slowly he worked his way through the house, killing each one individually until he realized that his efforts would be fruitless unless he followed them to their source. With the giant sprayer of insecticide his father had purchased, Simon ventured into the basement.
As he descended the steps it almost felt as if the spiders were watching him. Ignoring the masses of arachnids on the ceiling, Simon headed straight for the side of the basement with the broken stone, where he had first discovered the infestation. He kicked aside the crumbled rocks and was about to let rip the spider killer- when he noticed a small void inside the wall of the basement. The spiders had congregated around it, but seemed to be avoiding the inside. Simon wrapped his hands around one of the adjacent stones and wrenched it free. Several other of the stones caved and against every ounce of common sense that he had, Simon crawled inside.
Ahead of him was complete and total darkness. He was attempting to stand in the chamber when a blue light flashed from the opposite corner. Illuminated in the glow was yet another human corpse. This time, clearly that of an adult man. Photos of Simon’s house, yard, and his own sleeping face were plastered behind the rotting body. Simon screamed as he frantically squeezed himself out of the hole. He could swear that he felt fingers, attempting to lightly grasp the sole of his sneaker. He ran from the basement and slammed the door.
Once again, Simon found himself waiting on the porch with his father for emergency services to arrive. They sat together on the bench outside, the older Danvers with his arm around the younger who was clutching his cat. Neither of them said anything. Simon spotted a little spider clinging to the blanket he was wrapped in. Gently, he placed it onto the grass in the yard.
Inside, the police found the remains of a man who is still yet to be identified. Nothing about his personal identity was found on his body and dental records failed to match any in the national database. It was determined from the makeshift bed and bottles of urine that the unknown man had been living in the Danvers’ basement for at least 3 months. Inside the hovel were countless photos of Simon, Riley, and 9 other missing teenagers. They also found with him the source of the blue light in the darkness, Riley Hudson’s cellphone. To this day Simon has never killed another spider, because they determined the man’s cause of death to be from the thousands of tiny two-fanged bites that were all over his body. Reader beware, there are far worse things in this world than spiders.
submitted by AliceSpider to nosleep

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