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21/TransMtF/Sweden. Looking for someone in a similar timezone to talk with regularly and maybe play games with :)

Hey!! I'm currently job searching, have a lot of free time and no friends who live anywhere close. So it'd be cool if I found some individuals to talk to! :D My interests are pretty much all forms of media, games, movies, tv-shows, anime, books and so on, which is what I spend most of my time on. Recently finished Disgaea and Dishonored and am currently looking forward to Dishonored 2, Divinity Original Sin 2 (Which I have alpha access to \o/) as well as the fourth season of Rwby! OH and the new patch for Eu4 (Tech groups begone!)! I love discussing, critiquing and analyzing stories of all kind. Also love tabletop RPG's which I don't get to play nearly enough, and have a passing interest in game design and creative writing. And yes I'm transsexual (MtF, male to female) and am currently going through my transition. I'd be happy to talk about that if you want. Or we could just play video games and talk about whatever :). Though obviously it's a pretty big part of who I am and if you can't accept that we won't get along.
Message me if you wanna talk! I'm always online on Steam, Skype and Discord and I'm up for both just text chat or by mic, even webcam if you wanna talk face to face :).
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The flair says it; I need advice.

This is going to be long, but please try to read through it all. I've tried to make it as easy to read as possible so that I can get my point across, but bare with me if it's not up to par. Im not saying anything I've done thus far is correct, but it is was has happened, and I can't change it. The events of everything had taken place from December 10th, and are ongoing.
I'm a 14 year old boy who is very depressed and lonely, and as any lonely person does, I started yearning for friends. I have one very close friend that I met over Minecraft, but that's it. Since I'm online schooled, I don't get as many social opportunities as the average teen. So, I turned to Minecraft once again to see if I could get any more friends, but sadly, nothing serious happened.
Then I got an add for an app called Yubo through YouTube, which is an app for teenagers to meet more friends in their area. I was like "okay, seems sketchy, but I'll check it out." So I signed up for the app, aware of the endless possibilities for predators to be on the loose, and started looking for friends.
There was a swiping feature that I thought was pretty hilarious, because of its similarity to tinders swiping feature. (I only know about tinder from YouTube, I've never used it, I'm 14.) But I used it still, because I wanted to see what I could find. At first, I didn't know how to check a person's bio with the swiping feature, so I just went based on looks. "Weird looking," "slutty looking" "begone THOT!" "Ew you're quif makes me gag," things like that. Obviously that's not very kind, but I'm pretty judgmental.
Well, as I was swiping, I found the most adorable and gay looking boy I had ever seen. I friended him pretty much instantly. He added me back! I messaged him with the flirtiest thing I've said in a very long while, and I'm STILL proud of it. It involves his name, so I can't disclose it, but it made him really happy, and it was something no one had ever said to him.
Obviously starting out with flirting is weird, but part of it was also that my friend and I were on the phone at the time, and she was daring me to do it. Well, we talked for a while, and I finally got a look at his bio. He was perfect for me, at least in my friends eyes. His disliking for emojis and blatant homosexuality made him a pretty great match, at least as a friend. He's also 16.
I got his Skype, and we proceeded to talk pretty frequently. He told me things that I still find really nerdy and stupid, but also cute. However, that got in the way almost immediately. I judged him really badly on things, and he just took it in until he couldn't take it and stood up for himself. He made me realize things about myself that I subconsciously knew were wrong, but I didn't quite understand yet. We resolved the conflict we had, but the affect of it all still sticks with me.
Now obviously I had already expressed my attraction to him right from the start. I had also been calling him cute and adorable for the things he's said, done, and just overall how attractive and cute looking he is. But then I blatantly said I have a crush on him. He reacted pretty nicely, and I continued to call him adorable from his reaction.
We later got into a call with my other friend, and she thinks he's really cool, but has recommended that I wait a month until acting any further on my crush. I think it's pretty solid advice. But what do you guys think? What should I do from here on, and how should I do things? Should I ask him questions about how he feels about me?
Thanks in advance for any advice I get, it's greatly appreciated. Heck, it's awesome if you just read to the end! All I need is a little advice and I'm set. Also, feel free to give any other advice that you see fit. Thanks for reading!
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