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Of Blood and Gold, A Tainted Crown Part II: The Legacy of Lions (Spoilers Extended)

Welcome to the second part of my analysis on Cersei and the rise and fall of House Lannister as we know it. I've covered where she and this brood of self-impressed cats came from, how they got here. Now we'll look at where they are in the present, and where they seem to be going in the future.
Edit: Part I can be found by clicking here.
Though she stressed out about it an awful lot and was close to annihilation when it looked like her forces were going to lose the Battle of the Blackwater, Cersei's side comes out on top in the War of the Five Kings. Largely thanks to the efforts of Tywin, Tyrion and Littlefinger (Cersei and Joffrey did virtually nothing to help), but Cersei manages to steal credit from her brother, making herself out to be the great administrator who kept King's Landing from falling apart in Tywin's absence.
So, crisis averted. The Starks have been slaughtered. Tyrion is disgraced. Jaime's free and coming home. Joffrey's marriage will secure the Tyrells. The Lannisters win. Aside from a troublesome arranged marriage that she was likely planning to worm her way out of, things seemed to be looking up for Cersei and her family.
Then her son is poisoned right before her eyes at his own wedding, hundreds of people watching as she freaks out over his horrifying corpse.
Her beloved Jaime returns a crippled shell of his former self.
She blames her brother Tyrion for Joffrey's assassination and tries to gain satisfaction by having him executed. This ends up destroying any lingering loyalty Tyrion had for his family. He escapes and kills their revered father in a way that taints Cersei's image of him forever.
Now with Tywin dead, Cersei is left to deal with the ungainly state of the realm, despite the fact that she is still WAY out of her dad's league in terms of ruling. Jaime's a disillusioned mess and her last son Tommen is a little boy with very little understanding of his responsibilities as king, and she considers both to be weak and useless anyway. Once again, she feels she's the one everything is riding on. In fact, she makes certain that she is at the center of it all, regardless of whether it's a good idea or not. This makes sense. For the first time, everything keeping Cersei grounded has been taken out of the picture. Her checks and balances are gone. She's not going to let anyone stand in the way of her great ambition now.
I waited and so can he. I waited half my life. She played the dutiful daughter, the blushing bride, the pliant wife. She had suffered Robert's drunken groping, Jaime's jealousy, Renly's mocking, Varys with his titters, Stannis endlessly grinding his teeth. She had contended with Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, and her vile, treacherous, murderous dwarf brother, all the while promising herself that one day it would be her turn. If Margaery Tyrell thinks to cheat me of my hour in the sun, she had bloody well think again.
She sees herself as being the leader of the pride now, but prioritizes her wants and needs over that of her subjects, or even her own family. When Jaime is uncooperative, she sends him to clean up the mess their family made of the Riverlands. She mostly ignores King Tommen, disgusted that her eight-year old isn't a vicious bastard like Joffrey. And she goes out of her way to snub or ruin anyone who might have a disagreement or criticism with how she's running things.
She surrounds herself with yes-men and is convinced that anyone who isn't a sycophantic little worm groveling at her feet must be a traitor, in league with Tyrion and the Tyrells (or Stannis, or the Northmen, or the Martells; get the picture yet?) or otherwise are out to get her and her children. While her fears are not entirely unfounded, Cersei is blowing shit way out of proportion, making her bad situation way worse than it has to be.
She also just keeps coming up with excuses to continue escalating the conflict in Westeros: planning to attack Jon Snow and the Night's Watch for working with Stannis to stop Mance Rayder's invasion; ignoring Euron Greyjoy's raids on the Reach, then using it as a means of endangering Garlan and weakening the Tyrells; handing her new naval fleet over to the untrustworthy Bastard of Driftmark because he's sooo hawt, etc.
The real problem, though, is what's going on inside her head. I'm no expert in psychology, but it seems like Cersei's been dealing with some ambiguous amalgam of personality disorders throughout her life. For most of the series (AGOT - ASOS), she was cycling back and forth through the narcissistic, antisocial and borderline personality realms, but I think the traumatizing deaths of her firstborn son and then her father -- and the knowledge that the prophecy she was given as a child seems to be taking shape has put Cersei on the road to what might be paranoid schizophrenia.
Her narrative reveals a woman who is hateful to the core and prone to all sorts of irrational delusions, some even bordering on vivid hallucinations. She blames her washerwomen for jealously shrinking her clothes when really she's just getting fat. She starts having Qyburn torture and experiment on people for basically nothing. She resumes her scheming ways so she can screw over her valuable allies. She puts her faith in a woman who is basically even more conniving and untrustworthy than she is; not to mention her freaky sexual liaison with that lady. And, finally, she makes the ill-advised decision of re-arming the Faith Militant in her bid to get rid of those annoying Tyrells; Cersei clearly does not like in-laws of any kind, as seen with the Baratheons and Starks beforehand. As she said in Game of Thrones:
"Anyone who isn't us is an enemy."
Cersei's love of escalating conflict leaves no room for peace in the realm, which dramatically affects the plans of even great masterminds like Varys, Littlefinger and Doran Martell, and threatens pretty much every faction in Westeros, especially the ones closest to her. This is our caretaker of chaos.
You may have noticed I haven't really touched on Maggy the Frog's prophecy yet. Well, that's because it only really starts to become relevant for Cersei at this point in time. And I believe it is one of the primary reasons for her paranoid, delusional, self-destructive nature.
When little girl Cersei broke into that old witch's home all those years ago, she received the prophecy that would define her life forever.
Go, the dreaming queen thought, hold your tongue, and flee. But the girl did not have sens enough to be afraid.
Of course, she didn't. We all know the prophecy by now. Cersei won't marry "the prince", but "the king". Cersei's reaction suggests she didn't really care who she married, so long as she got to be the Queen.
"Aye, queen you shall be. Until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear."
Young Cersei is confident that if she (the younger queen) tries anything like that, her brother Jaime will kill her.
As for children, the king will have 16 and Cersei will have three. Maggy implies that Cersei's kids won't enjoy a life of royalty for long.
"Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds."
This fate seems to be taking shape in the present: Cersei did indeed have three kids to Robert's six and ten, Joffrey's dead as shit, and Tommen and Myrcella are both standing on unsteady ground.
Finally, we get this:
"And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar will wrap his hands about your pale, white throat and choke the life from you."
"What's a valonqar? Some monster?"
"Valonqar" is Valyrian, the closest translation of which is "little brother", though some believe it also means "younger sibling." Cersei's got two, but since she can't possibly imagine her precious loveslave Jaime harming her, she believes it must be Tyrion, the horrific dwarf who killed her mother to come into the world. Cersei was looking for a monster, and her baby brother was a perfect fit. This is the start of her never-ending paranoia, lingering at the back of her mind until thrust to the forefront now that her prophesied doom is closer than ever.
The deaths of Joffrey and Tywin pretty much convince her beyond any doubt that Tyrion is and has always been the valonqar. And the fact that Margaery is obviously a younger, better version of Cersei makes her the best candidate for this Snow White wannabe; that Margaery has held the title of queen three times with very little issue doesn't help. Once Tyrion's fled, Margaery is Cersei's prime concern, taking every chance to sabotage her and her whole family. To be fair, the Tyrells are a bunch of snobby graspers, but hey, so was Cersei, her late father and her late son; the Tyrells in AFFC are basically the Lannisters in AGOT, only much more glib and mannerly.
While these are convenient excuses, it's not the real reason she's doing this. She's doing it for the same reason she wrecked the Starks in King's Landing during the last act of AGOT. It's the prophecy. Cersei is still mortified by the idea that she will lose everything when a new queen comes to take her place. She will do whatever it takes to escape this fate... including electing a bunch of brown-nosing weasels who timidly nod their heads at all her crazy revenge schemes, framing up an elaborate scandal to ruin Margaery, and recklessly arming the Faith Militant. We all know how well that went.
"You cannot do this," the queen kept screaming. "I am a Lannister, unhand me, my brother will kill you, Jaime will slice you open from throat to cunt, unhand me! I am the queen!"
"The queen should pray," said Septa Scolera, before they left her naked in the cold bleak cell.
So yeah, Cersei succeeded in getting her rival locked up in a miserable little cell. She also underestimated the religious fanatic who she gave the power (Pope-level power) to do this, a man who cuts through her lies and throws her in a miserable little cell of her own. Then Cersei has her finery stripped away until we see her at the lowest point she's ever had in the series, culminating in the loss of all her hair and being forced to walk naked through the grimy, crowded streets of King's Landing. A walk that leaves her physically and mentally scarred. She has visions of ghosts from her past taunting her along with the rest. She experiences the sheer amount of hatred her subjects -- those people she cares nothing for -- have for her, and it breaks her down. And, despite her bravery and endurance, she realizes all at once that she's not as beautiful, clever or powerful as she liked to imagine.
And this all gets chucked out the window when she reaches the Red Keep and Qyburn introduces Cersei to the unstoppable Robert Strong (actually the undead Gregor Clegane), and Cersei rapturously dreams of paying back her enemies.
Her enemies at the end of ADWD include: the High Sparrow, all his little sparrows, Septa Unella and the others, the Tyrells, Kevan Lannister, possibly Jaime, and, of course, all the enemies she had before she fucked with those people in the last two books.
Most people in King's Landing seem to believe she's been declawed by the ordeal, and none of them seem to know what we know. And that is that Cersei has gone completely fucking insane. Vengeance will be hers.
I am a lioness. I will not cringe for them.
Yeah, this kitty's still got claws. And I imagine after the mysterious deaths of Kevan and Pycelle, she will be eager to use them on whoever tries to pin the murders on her. Sadly, this is where the analysis starts to get really vague. Because I can't truly know what's going to happen.
Oh sure, she's probably going to incorporate her zombie knight and wildfire in whatever big, stupid coup d'etat she decides on, but any attempt I make to put the pieces together and contrive a prediction just feels like reaching.
On Game of Thrones, Cersei's situation is dramatically altered by GRRM's butterfly effect, and she ends up solving her problem in KL by orchestrating a Godfather style mass execution using hidden caches of wildfire and Varys's little birds (killing Pycelle, Lancel, Kevan, the Sparrows, all the Tyrells except Olenna and many, many others), upon which King Tommen goes in for a landing. I think this is somewhat unlikely to happen in the text, but then again so is my theory. Which I will briefly outline.
  • I think the wildfire will come later, after she's decimated her main enemies in the capital. I've read that the wildfire caches were removed from under the Great Sept of Baelor.
  • Which will occur after the hastily arranged trial by combat to determine her innocence or the Tyrells. She will win, of course, (no one in KL can withstand her champion) but the Tyrells obviously won't be cool with that and neither will the High Sparrow (though he must publicly support the will of the gods). There's a big commotion, and it becomes clear, that even though she should be declared innocent and set free, everyone is still convinced she's guilty and wants her punished. That's when she turns Ser Robert loose on them all. He starts cutting everyone down in a Red Wedding type massacre; surprise surprise, "the Red Keep" was foreshadowing all along. Cersei's gleeful through it all... until Tommen ends up in his range and gets killed too. Another pyrrhic victory.
  • Then I imagine she closes off the city and the Red Keep, and sends out her agents to start hoarding the wildfire caches, Mad King style. Maybe this is when she sets fire to the Great Sept. And I'll bet she packs a bunch inside the Red Keep, as insurance. While UnGregor makes a perfect bodyguard, the wildfire is her real ace in the hole. Fuck with her, and she'll burn it all down. Instilling fear in the people is no longer a problem; those who weren't cowed into submission by the news of what happened end up dying badly at the hands of Robert Strong and the remaining Lannister forces; the bulk of the Tyrell army went with Randyll Tarly and are getting themselves thrashed in battle against the Golden Company at Storm's End while this is all going down. So no help is coming.
At long last, Cersei's dream has been realized. She's the Queen who rules over all of Westeros. She's got the Iron Throne and the capital city held under her tyrannical, tenuous rule, but now must deal with the fact that she stands alone against the whole realm, with only her undead juggernaut, a mad scientist, a meager force of gold cloaks and Lannister soldiers, and a shit-ton of wildfire as her strength. With two Targaryen armies looming on the horizon, Cersei's future is looking pretty grim.
Cersei and her brothers grew up in the shadow of Tywin Lannister, the man who singlehandedly brought their ancient house from the brink of ruin and back to its glory days as one of the most powerful and prestigious in Westeros, and certainly the wealthiest. As both the books and the TV show illustrate, it was Tywin's goal to have House Lannister basically replace House Targaryen (and thus, House Baratheon) as the overlords of Westeros. He wants to rule the world, as King Robert put it. From AGOT to ASOS, Tywin is doing everything in his power to make this vision of a royal Lannister era into a reality.
Tywin: The future of our family will be determined in these next few months. We could establish a dynasty that will last a thousand years... Or we could collapse into nothing, as the Targaryens did.
As I pointed out in the first part of this post, this ruthless ambition was most notably passed down to Tywin's firstborn child, Cersei. In her mind, she's the one who's spent her life trying to fulfill Tywin's legacy, not her stupid brothers. In a way, she's right. She got her queenship, discreetly usurped the throne from Robert, and placed it and the seven kingdoms right back into her father's hand. Yet we know from her narrative that Cersei aspires to much more. She wants to prove she's just as good if not better than her father. She sees herself as some sort of revolutionary figure for the history books, the one who will vindicate her father's legacy, the family name, for all time.
And she's not entirely wrong. Cersei is what House Lannister will be most known for in the end, but not the way she imagined. She will be something to be feared and cursed, not loved or revered. In infamy, she will surpass her brothers the Kingslayer and the Imp and even her father Lord Tywin.
In the state she's in at the moment, Cersei probably wouldn't have it any other way.
Though we're all pretty certain her story is going to end in some sort of haunting whimper, all evidence suggests that Cersei herself fully intends to go out with a bang. She will be determined to make herself the villain who is at the center of it all, even though we know that's probably not the case (obviously the Others are a bigger danger). Nevertheless, I suspect she's going to cause a lot of trouble in TWOW, which I also believe will be her last book. I'll briefly bullet point some of the crazy potential her arc may offer going forward. Here comes some more half-baked theories on things that haven't happened yet:
  • There is evidence that seems to suggest that Cersei and Euron Greyjoy are going to enter into some sort of alliance. This kind of makes sense. Euron seems like the sort of guy she would assume could be easily manipulated (probably wrong), Cersei seems like she would be very susceptible to accepting his "gifts" (probably right). It'll be Aurane Waters all over again, but way more catastrophic; hell, Euron might even kill that guy and bring Cersei's fleet back as a welcoming present (though, it will really be his fleet then). I imagine Euron would indulge Cersei's unrealistic revenge plots and delusions of grandeur, while just having his run of the city. Either way, these two could cause all sorts of mayhem together. This is all assuming he doesn't do to her what he did to Falia Flowers.
  • Since her style of ruling is all wildfire, Cersei's reign stagnates. The city is closed off from the outside, no one allowed in or out without her leave. The people are freezing, starving and living in a constant state of terror. Wildfire incidents are spreading up faster than they can be contained. Desperate insurrections are flaring up, more and more every day. While Cersei's making plans to deal with Tyrion, Sansa, Aegon, Stannis, the Northmen, the remaining Tyrells and Sparrows, etc., the capital is slowly eroding around her seat of power.
  • The walls finally come tumbling down when Daenerys and her big army finally arrive to take King's Landing and the Iron Throne. Cersei finally meets the younger, more beautiful queen. And at her side is Tyrion. Naturally, she becomes even more insanely desperate to destroy them no matter what, since they've clearly got the advantage.
  • It's at this point, Euron probably betrays Cersei and lets Dany's forces inside the city to lay siege to the Red Keep. So it's just down to Cersei, Qyburn, Ser Robert, and a few flighty Kingsguard and Lannister soldiers who are left to hold it.
  • If she isn't killed in the Red Keep, I think this is where Cersei sets her wildfire plot in motion. Once she realizes it's all over and she won't be able to hold them back, Cersei abandons ship... after ordering some of her pyromancer lackeys to ignite the wildfire in the Red Keep. After Dany's army has epically fought all the way to the throne room, the fortress itself starts unexpectedly burning from the bottom up. The Red Keep and a large portion of the city goes up in flames, and Dany loses a helluva lot of Unsullied and Dothraki to the fire. Thousands die. Cersei escapes.
  • Now that she has nothing and no one, Cersei is completely broken. She madly wanders the outskirts of King's Landing for a few days, wallowing in pain and misery, before she is confronted by the valonqar and violently (yet almost mercifully) killed. Maybe it's Tyrion, come to take his bitter revenge. Maybe it's Jaime, ready to repeat history a la the Mad King. Maybe it's Arya, here to finally avenge the family Cersei helped destroy. Maybe Bran jumps into her mind and forces her to choke herself to death. No matter who does it, Cersei's death seems like an inevitability. She's had it coming for a long time now.
A Lannister always pays his debts.
Ultimately, Cersei will die knowing what a monster she is. That her reign was a massive failure, and not something to be proud of. And believing that she was the one responsible for all the death and destruction surrounding her. At least, I would hope witnessing all of this would provide her with that kind of clarity.
... She could still hear the moth fluttering wildly in Ser Osmund's lantern. Die, the queen thought at it, in irritation, fly into the flame and be done with it.
The fall of Cersei Lannister and the end of her family's rule will change and redefine quite a few things in the series leading up to A Dream of Spring...
First and foremost, we should address the effect this kind of event would have on this entire society. With the capital city burning and the Iron Throne locked in its flames, everyone in Westeros will be thrown off their axis right as winter sets in... more than they already were, that is. A 300 year old system just went right out the window, and people will be forced to adapt to a new world (it's a mini-version of what will happen when the Wall gets breached). On the bright side, no more throne mean this will free up several factions to finally focus on the real problems: winter, the Others, the financial crisis.
I imagine Tyrion would be left to clean up Cersei's mess, as always. Daenerys will probably install him as the head of House Lannister. He will be named Lord of Casterly Rock, and the remaining Lannisters will have no choice but to accept him as their liege, even though he killed Tywin and helped bring an end to all he built.
Jaime would be in a more intriguing situation, I think. He'll probably be experiencing a traumatic loss of identity. With Cersei gone, he's lost his twin, his other half, his great love and one of the driving forces in his life; remember the times he talked about how they were born together and would die together? With the destruction of the Red Keep and the White Book, his identity as a legendary Kingsguard is lost too. By this point, all of the children he and Cersei had will probably be dead. And he'll once again lose his position of proud authority, as he will surely be taken prisoner by Daenerys if he's in King's Landing when she arrives. While insanely devastating, perhaps Jaime will be able to look on the bright side and face some hard truths. He's no longer chained to Cersei, whose toxic influence helped turn him into the Kingslayer. Now that his deeds (and those of every other member of the Kingsguard) have been burned away, Jaime is no longer beholden to his past or blank pages in a book; he can truly be his own man now. And who knows? He and Daenerys might end up humbling each other and coming to an understanding as far as their individual views on morality go. The end of the Lannister empire could easily be a new beginning for Jaime.
What I think will be most essential, character-wise, is the change that Cersei will inspire in Daenerys, the prophesied younger and more beautiful queen. As indicated by the end of ADWD and Season 6 of Game of Thrones, Dany is about to give up playing nice. She is leaving Meereen in flames and coming to Westeros with the intention of conquering, with fire and blood. Her forces might take several strongholds (Dragonstone, the Eyrie, maybe Casterly Rock) before reaching King's Landing, at which point Dany will be confronting her unknown opposite, a shadow of the queen she might become. An arrogant, vicious queen who uses fear to inspire loyalty and kills indiscriminately. A queen who would rather burn her kingdom and all her people then lose what she feels belongs to her. Witnessing the horrific consequences of Cersei's reign will snap Dany out of her conqueror's persona (or at least apply it somewhere useful), making her realize that there are more important things than getting her way however she can. Cersei will have unwittingly brought forth the great queen she herself once dreamed of becoming. She will change Dany from a conqueror to a savior.
House Lannister's "allies", the Tyrells, Martells, Boltons and Freys, will all be in dire straits without their corrupt overlords legitimizing all of their treacherous behavior. So most of them will probably end up being left out in the cold, literally and figuratively. Houses Bolton and Frey are heading straight toward oblivion, and the Tyrells and Martells are going to have a hard time recovering from all their losses.
Cersei ends as the pinnacle of House Lannister's pride and ambition. She rose higher than her father or her brothers, desiring to be a woman unlike any the world had ever seen. In her quest to break through the societal glass ceiling and prove that she's just as strong as any man, Cersei tore apart the fabric that held Seven Kingdoms together for centuries. She was raised under the belief that she was better than everyone else, and that she could have or do whatever she wanted. The disintegration of these lies turned a spoiled, mean little girl into a truly wicked, megalomaniacal woman, one who took her wrath out on the people she was supposed to rule and protect. Her dream of becoming the pride of House Lannister only brought about the nightmare that led to her family's humiliating and inescapable downfall. She wanted to be the Sun, the one everything revolved around. But, like a moth, she flew too close to the flame. And everything burned.
That's all I've got. There's more to be discussed that I overlooked, I'm sure, but I'm stopping here. If you've labored through this lengthy analysis, you have my thanks. Cersei isn't a character I like, per se, but I find her and the Lannisters in general to be endlessly fascinating villains, and I wanted to explore her journey a bit.
submitted by TheDaysKing to asoiaf

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Fudge Fantasy Characters
High Fantasy Fudge Part 1
Ice the Wet, Male Water Halfling Mage
Andrux the Crystal Wizard and Kuttrex the Witch Engineer
Rumpie Jamestilskin
Rolling Stone Preacher
Various Fantasy Characters
Sample Characters from Other Genres:
Baroness Diane Michelli
Meet Zoe (space)
Alunissar the Atulak Marauder (Blood in Space)
Blood in Space Sample Characters
Jumpstrike! Sample Characters (space)
Space Characters
Psi-Punk Sample Characters (cyberpunk)
Fudge Characters (various)
Superhero Characters
Joe O’Hare, Outlaw turned Preacher (Wild west)
Wild West Characters
Terra Incognita NAGS Characters
Sample NPCs for Terra Incognita
Urban Fantasy Characters
Department 13 Sample Characters (paranormal)
Foundation for Paranormal Investigation Sample Characters (paranormal)
Fudge NPC Creation Guide
Obsidian Portal’s Fudge section is a great resource for NPCs, equipment, and more!
Mark's Fudge RPG Resources has character sheets, fright check rules, a Victorian money converter, and sample steampunk characters.
The Terra Incognita Online Random Character Generator can also be used to create characters for other game genres!
The Freeze Ray
5 Items for your Sci-Fi Fudge Game
An Assortment of Nagtech Devices
Terra Incognita Weapons
C-14 "Impaler" Gauss Rifle
10mm Pistol
Fudge Guns
Fudge Firearms
Fudge Firefight Part I
Fudge Firefight Part II
Tony's Fudge Page: Weapons (also has Asian and medieval weaponry)
Stargazer's Weapons and Armor
Various assault rifles
Wild West Equipment
Fudge Resources:
Fudge Genie
Fudge Fountain
Steffan O'Sullivan’s Fudge Page
FUDGE – Beuzeville
Creative Reckoning
Stargazer's World Fudge Archives
Dorkland Fudge Archives
Fudge Gamer
Tea Tea RPG (formerly Plus or Minus)
Fudge Factor (I’ve on only shared a fraction of their articles!)
Fudge Builds and Games:
Mudge (Mook's Fudge)
Coyote's FUDGE
Yet Another Five-point Fudge
“And Bake For 15 Minutes” Fudge
Happy Fun Rules (FUDGE)
Fudge in a Nutshell
The original 1992 version of FUDGE
Other Fudge Builds
Fae Edge is an interesting 2 dice Fudge variant game.
Teara Adan
Death Munchkin
Marvelous Superheroes
Urban Fantasy RPG System
Magic High School (A Practical Application of Magic can be adjusted to work with this)
Lawmen v Outlaws
Cyberblues City Deluxe
Blood in Space Quick Start (Secret of Arikana)
Heroes of Oz Quick Start (The Lost Unicorn of Oz)
Raising Azazel
Force 9
Fudge Mobsters
WWII Commandoes
One for All, and All for Fudge!
5 Point Noir
Fudge Dungeon Fantasy
Anna’s Fantasy Fudge
HEXALON House Rules Role Playing Game
Secrets, Surveillance, & Subterfuge
The original “Fudge Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment” version of Fate.
Fudge Sanity
Quick and Dirty Fudge Rules for the Cthulhu Mythos
The Spear in the Gut - Traps in Fudge
Psi-Punk SRD
Fudge Computer Security
Building a Better Spaceship
Engage Stardrive! (Space Travel in Fudge)
Fudge Space Opera
Fudge Social Combat
Other Uses for Fudge Fu
Fudge Index Card Character Sheet
Fudge GM Screen
Polyhedral Fudge
Evil Hat’s Fudge Articles
Darkshire.net has a treasure trove of Fudge stuff, such as its rules for wealth and combat.
Inky.org also has a wealth of Fudge materials, such as its own take on combat.
Fudge Fountain: Detailed Combat
Steve Kenson’s new rule on action
ODF vs. Weapons Values
RPG.net Fudge Combat Rules
Getting "The Edge" Over Your Opponents (breaking ties)
Path to Defeat (wounds)
Universal Called Shot Table
Getting More out of the Fudge Ladder
Blood, Sweat, and Steel Wounds
GM’s Character Cheat Sheet for Blood, Sweat & Steel
Skill Training for Fudge
Majestic Wilderlands Fudge Skills
Fudge Points based on Fate Points
Balancing overpowered PC archetypes
Fudge SRD TiddlyWiki
Open Gaming Network Fudge SRD
Omar’s Fudge SRD
Fudge Tactical Combat
Mixing Fudge with Wargaming
Ridiculously Easy Mass Combat Rules
Pikemen Rampant (16th century wargaming for Fudge)
HEXALON (use of 25mm minis in Fudge)
Fudge and Wargames Rules
Fudge Miniatures Battles
Roleplaying Large Scale Battles
Naval Combat in Fudge
World of the Fifth Sun has some advice on adapting Blood in Space’s “Blackwater Revolt” adventure into an alien mission rather than a human one.
More Options for Fudge on the Fly
Item Crafting
Fudge Relationships
Extending the Fudge Ladder for Superhero Games
Fudge for Young Kids
Their First Fudge Game
Simplifying Tech and Wizardry Levels in Gatecrasher
Gatecrasher: Santa’s Secret
Heroes of Oz Santa Claus Stats
The star map of the Mizendar Triangle is one of the few player handouts available for Fudge. Terra Incognita’s website has the only other handouts for a Fudge game as of this writing, along with a free adventure! You can find another free adventure (along with ones for the Deyrini adventure game, bunnies, space, and 3 Musketeers games) in Mini Demos for Fudge Games.
Terra Incognita: Fillable Character Sheet
Schlaghund Games has several gazettes of material for Terra Incognita, like vehicles and fear checks.
Alternately, you can use some of these materials intended for Terra Incognita to flesh out the Sky Pirates of Doom World Fudge setting!
Now Playing Free Downloads
Acessible Games is incredibly generous when it comes to its free offerings. There are early versions of Fudge games (like Monster Kart Mayhem and Survival of the Able), a Marvelous Superheroes character creation spreadsheet, and an overwhelming amount of Psi-Punk materials.
Those wishing to customize their Fudge cyberpunk games might be interested in the lore developed for the never completed “And Bake for 15 Minutes Fudge” game 2099.
Feel free to share your own discoveries in the comments!
All Installments:
Part 1: Fudge Fantasy Equipment
Part 2: Fudge Character Templates
Part 3: Fudge Monsters and Enemies
Part 4: Fudge Magic and Psionics
Part 5: Miscellaneous Fudge Stuff
Part 6: Fudge Fantasy Adventures and Campaign Settings
Part 7: Fudge Horror Adventures
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