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Xara Cloud is the easiest way to create, control and share professional business documents. Xara XtremeXara Xtreme 5 is an Illustrator-like graphics package. Convert Serial Number Xara Xtreme Pro 5 trail version to full software. XTREME Designer Web the Web generator, INSTALL 0 Keygen Photo is with. Download softmax pro serial number generator, crack or patch. With the help of this professional application, you can add impact to your web pages and presentations very quickly. Xara Xtreme 5 has the world's most sophisticated, highest performance.

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There Are Serial ritualistic Horse Killings all over France. Investigators speculate whether it´s an internet challenge, a cult, and satanic rituals. These are the main leads and theories

TL:DR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOV0SZK-RgQ
There is a strange trend in the countryside of France. Many horses have been a part of ritualistic mutilations. Investigators have talked about either an "internet challenge", "a cult", and "satanic rituals". They said that they aren't ignoring these possibilities.
Let´s go through the most important pieces of information regarding this investigation. Firstly, the attacks happened in vastly different regions in just a timespan of 2 to 3 days, which makes it very likely, that multiple people or even groups of people are involved. Specialists have concluded, that the culprits know very well how to handle horses with appropriate tools, and know horse anatomy to the extent of cutting their ears in a surgical precise way. This means that the culprits know where to find horses, handle them out of view, take their lives brutally, and are doing this on a weirdly regular basis. The reason why investigators assume that there is a cult or people, that perform satanic rituals behind it, is because the right ear always gets cut off in a surgical manner. When the horse is a female, they will always remove the vulva from the horse.
Two people were actually caught in the act and said to the witness that this is only the beginning and that they would come back. There were also strange symbols left behind after the assault. This is one of them. According to newest leads, a man spotted two individuals attacking his horse. The man was attacked by the two individuals with a sickle and was injured on his arm. According to the victim the two men were of average age and the police wants to release a photofit of one of the culprits soon.
That´s the majority of information regarding this case. Let´s go through the speculations and theories, since the intention is still unclear. The first one is the theory that this entire thing is an “online challenge”. I´d say it´s near impossible that messed up kids would go this far for just an online challenge. They wouldn´t take the time to learn how to handle a horse and the anatomy of a horse just for a challenge. I think the case is just so absurd and grotesque, that the police and the investigators just consider every possibility there is, but this seems very unlikely. The second theory entails that there is a cult behind these attacks. I think this is one of the most plausible theories. These people are too organized, the mutilations are very specific and ritualistic and the culprits are well versed with the anatomy of horses, therefore it is very likely, that these are some sort of sacrifices, comparable to the Hindu Horse sacrifice, also called as Ashvamedha. Maybe it´s a reenactment of that. Another theory is about Horse insurance fraud. If horses are stolen, injured or get lethally attacked, then there is a financial payout for the owner of the horses. This seems unlikely, because there are way easier ways to take the life of a horse that won't arise as much suspicion and investigation. Things like a broken leg, the horse ate something poisonous and so on are way easier than regional mutilations.
Elaborate video about this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOV0SZK-RgQ
Other sources: https://pastebin.com/UtYLcSKA
submitted by MugetsuTV to TrueCrimeDiscussion

TIL of John Edward Robinson, considered the first Internet Serial Killer due to contacting many of his victims through chat-rooms.

TIL of John Edward Robinson, considered the first Internet Serial Killer due to contacting many of his victims through chat-rooms. submitted by black_flag_4ever to todayilearned

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