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Instruction Booklet: Totems-part 1

Foreword on Totems:
I don't believe previous editions of this booklet have outlined this enough, so take it from someone in the trenches, these things are bad news.
They are not 'magic items', gifts from the gods, or anything we want to secure, protect or catagorize. In 99 per cent of cases we want to leave these things where they are, and keep an eye on the idiots using them.
Even for you 'Players' in the ranks, these things are, bad news. You might think you have Thor's hammer, but the bullshit that it draws in and the effect it's going to have on your squad is never worth it.
The lab rats would have us collect these things like some kind of screwed up nerd game. Thankfully they are not in charge, despite what they may think.
Can't break em, takes a lot of effort to even mitigate the things. We keep them at a distance till we stop the game.
Anything beyond that is above your pay grade. But know this,as long as my finger is on the button, these things are being kept at arms length.
General Houlahan
Gamma Communication
The following communication was received as part of an organic copy of 'The Instruction Booklet' version 1.2 found inserted in an otherwise standard supply crate.
While most of the flesh and sinew book was gibberish or taunts from entity Gamma one passage was sensible. The entry is as follows.
It's been awhile hasn't it?
Have you been using your time wisely? Or have you been squandering your last days of normalcy?
You feel it, changes in the air, the very fabric of society starting to fray. It's not just out of place cars or dogs that look suspiciously intelligent, it's started to bleed over into everything you hold dear.
Or, maybe not.
Maybe after all this time I'm just still some twisted mistake of a human being, seeing who out there is willing to believe my madness.
But if you have made it this far, truly made it this far, you know the answer. You know I'm no lone killer, or bored Internet dweller, you know we have been playing a game, and if you are still around to read this, you've either been very skilled or very lucky.
But not you have found true power, no half hearted deals, nor games for carnival prizes. No, you will begin to seek the totems, items that even my brothers and I yearn for.
They are the junk drawer of the gods but hell, who doesn't want more useless junk.
You will be tempted to keep these for your own meager power, and you are free to. But I offer you a better deal.
I never wanted your flesh, your friends , or your family. I just liked watching you give them up.
But now you have real currency in our negotiations. Real power in your hands. Bring these baubles to me, you'd be surprised at how much good will I have when you have went beyond making me laugh, and truly given me a worthy performance.
Just something to think of, or maybe a vicious little trick designed to rob you of your only true power.
That is the beauty of the game is it not?
Totem Number 1
Amount Currently Known: 26-4 in custody
Official Name: Totem of the Assassin
Common/Nicknames: Bouncer's Bane
Appearance: Mildly disused carrot peeler
Effect on Player: A player in possession of this totem may use it to mimic the function of any personal weapon.
The totem keeps its original dimensions but when used in combat retains any offensive properties.
For example, after mimicking a sword the peeler would fit in a pocket but when swung have a force and reach equivalent to the sword mimicked.
More complex weapons can be mimicked, such as firearms, but the totem must be reset upon an empty weapon as no current means of reloading has been found effective.
Effect on Civilian: a civilian possessing this totem will start to experience delusions of grandeur, often manifesting as heroic fantasies, and overestimating ones combat ability.
Within 1 month of possession the civilian will feel that flaying their skin via the totem will give them some form of paranormal benefit.
At this point the civilian will isolate themselves and proceed to remove the entirety of their skin via the totem.
While the totem does offer a higher than normal chance of surviving this ordeal, death from infection or exsanguination is common within 2 months.
From this point forward any friends or family of the civilian will react positively to their new altered state. Even engaging in any fantasy of paranormal power the civilian may have.
The family and friends effected in this fashion will then within 1-2 months attempt to remove their own skin, using mundane items appropriate to the task. This envariably leads to death via exsanguination or infection.
Notes: Civilian effects are limited only assuming none of the objects becomes owned by a person of fame or status. Should this take place, casualty estimates are in the millions.
Item under review for full collection and storage.
Totem Number 2
***note on building based totems. Building based totems can be destroyed. The totem then recoroprates into a similar building.
This makes dealing with them especially difficult. And while the organization has plenty of demo teams, solutions involving non destructive measures are prefered***
Amount Currently Known: 4
Official Name: Totem of Dependance
Common/Nicknames: The Crack House, Roach Motel.
Appearance: Suspiciously well kept home within a low income or high crime area.
Effect on Player: A player 'owns' the home by having undisputed residence for more than 1 week.
When a player owns the residence, it will begin to attract those suffering from addiction, with the severity of the addiction directly proportional to the severity of the compulsion.
They will begin to congregate in the home, the residence itself will unlock doors or Windows to make this easier.
The addicts will have an unquestioning loyalty to the owner, along with experiencing physical symptoms mimicking their drug or activity of choice, forgoing withdrawal, and in general giving the addict more reason to stay.
Effect on Civilian:If unowned the home will still attract those suffering from addiction. The main difference being those with minor addictions are effected worse by the compulsion.
Once inside the architecture expands and warps into a non euclidian maze. Reports of 'creatures' inside seem to describe humanoid entities that resemble various long distance relatives of the civilian but with exaggerated physical and mental characteristics.
They will degrade and physically punish the civilian until any traces of the subjects addiction are gone from their system.
In the case of drugs with a long half life this often involves the death of the civilian due to lack of food, sleep and water.
In the case of mental addictions, to date no survivors have been found.
Notes: The yardstick for addiction seems to be based on society in general's view of what constitutes an addiction. This raises a concern as, with an appropriate social shift, these totems could have a much more dangerous effect.
Totem Number 3
Amount Currently Known: 1
Official Name: Totem of Defiance
Common/Nicknames: Rulebreaker
Appearance: Aluminum Baseball Bat, model dependant on year.
Effect on Player: This totem allows the player to ignore an effect or sacrifice for any given ritual, rule or condition of the game once per year.
This effect is attained by substituting the totem itself for a component in the ritual, or in the case of rules treating it as the locus of the rule. (As an example treating the totem as a pet would allow the player to own pets without rule based consequences.)
Additionally once per decade the player can, extremely briefly break fundamental rules of nature and reality. Though this has been shown to cause undesirable large scale effects on the world. Several large scale Wars, tragedies, and information ommitted.
Effect on Civilian: Any civilian in possession of the totem will feel a compulsion to use it as a piece of sporting equipment. Despite ability, or previous interest.
Invariably this will lead to them seeking out a form of organized play.
When the civilian attempts to find a local league, they will be introduced to a representative from the "Non Competitive Eternity League". Organization efforts to contact or observe this league outside of game events have been unsuccessful.
The player will become exposed to a "Warm up " that initially consists of random arbitrary exercises, though nothing unusual.
Slowly the warm up will contain more nonsensical elements, chants, and lectures. Eventually these practices give way to darker actions, including self mutilation, animal and human sacrifice and information ommitted.
Should the civilian engage without question this will eventually lead to a mental degradation capable of inducing various long term psychosis in all but the most sociopathic of individuals.
Should the civilian refuse they will be taken to a "Training Camp." While unconfirmed it is believed individuals taken to these camps are made into permanent players in the league.
Notes: There is evidence that if a professional baseball player ( game player or civilian.) were to attain this totem a third set of conditions exists.
Due to the power and potential for abuse this is to be viewed as an event to stop at all costs.
Totem Number 4
Amount Currently Known:57- 3 in custody
Official Name: Totem of the sycophant
Common/Nicknames: Heckler's Curse
Appearance: Tattered Book of jokes of various years, languages and themes.
Effect on Player: When discovered the book contains anywhere from 36 to 84 "jokes", these jokes are often seemingly random collections of words, other times they may be poems, songs or other spoken word art of up to 200 pages in length.
Telling one of the "Jokes" will allow the player to sway the will of one of the game entity in a minor fashion. Most often used to avoid punishments or consequences of failed rituals or broken rules.
It's use is somewhat limited as the player must be in direct contact with the entity in question.
Effect on Civilian: Civilians in possession of this totem will find the book contains an infinite supply of seemingly normal jokes.
Said jokes, when told have a paranormal ability to be amusing that diminishes with use. But for each new joke said to another sentient being, one of the civilian's memories will be replaced with a false version of the memory revolving around the book itself.
The totem starts with inconsequential memories, gradually replacing more and more important life events, technical skills and even simple self care skills such as personal hygiene or social norms.
This often manifests as symptoms of schizophrenia, dementia or other degenerative disorders in consistent users.
Upon death of the civilian the totem will manifest within the belongings of another individual with either a career or aspiration of a career in regards to comedy. Additionally any recorded performances of the jokes will lose any paranormal effects.
Notes: This totem is suspected to be responsible for the short lived success of the following artists information ommitted
Totem Number 5-B
***note on 'Bootleg' totems.
These are items created by individuals and organizations and are not true totems , but are produced to imitate the function of game related totems.
Much less powerful, they none the less, through misinformation and common assumption by players have a large effect on the game, and potentially the world.
Often nonsensical or derivitave of known horror tropes Bootleg totems are created for the purpose of showcasing the ability of the creators.
While similar to typical paranormal items Bootleg totems are grouped under the jurisdiction of The Organization as they tend to spread via the game.
Lastly, thankfully these object are almost always able to be destroyed by mundane means. ***
Amount Currently Known:2000-3000
Official Name: Bootleg Horror Cassette
Common/Nicknames: Spooky Tape, Magnetic Malace
Appearance: 1990s era Vhs tape. Contents and label vary slightly. Universally a lower budget version of an established horror franchise.
Effect on Player: **item fails to recognize players approximately 25% of the time. ** Upon viewing the cassette an entity resembling the main villain of the film will manifest. Said entity will be under the control of the player.
The entity will be lacking supernatural abilities displayed in the film. This often causes entities to be non functional or at a severe combat disadvantage due to deformations, missing limbs or other horror film tropes that are not possible without paranormal intervention.
Effect on Civilian: Civilian effect can be divided into 3 distinct stages.
Stage 1: Civilian experiences compulsion to collect old forms of visual media, Vhs, betamax, 16mm etc. This period can last anywhere from 3 months to several years.
Stage 2: Civilian begins to consume collected media to the exclusion of all other life activities beyond basic survival.
It is during this time the totem infects the collection with a very diluted version of its main effect.
The civilian will eventually experience an urge to give away the infected media. Though weaker, the effects from these pieces of media can still be quite dangerous and disruptive to unaware individuals.
Once all items have been given away, or destroyed due to consistent viewing, the civilian will begin to enter stage 3.
Stage 3:
The civilian will start to relate to the villain depicted in the original totem, eventually taking on physical and personality characteristics of said villain.
These changes will universally have negative consequences on the body and mind of the civilian. Added muscle mass being fluid retention, or personality changes being caused by brain tumors for example.
During the end of stage 3 the civilian will inevitably go on a murder spree based on the exploits depicted in the film. Usually this ends in minimal casualties as the civilian is severely physically and mentally damaged at this point.
Notes: More than the items we need to keep an eye on the freaks producing these bootlegs. Anyone who thinks to use the game as an advertising opportunity is someone we need to have an eye on.
Totem Number 6
Amount Currently Known:1- in custody
Official Name: Totem of Desperation
Common/Nicknames: The Reset Button, Catch 22, Longshot Toggle
Appearance: 6 inch hand sized metal cylinder with bright red button on one end.
Effect on Player: This totem is one of the most powerful known. And as such is one of the few we will keep under lock and key at all costs.
The effect of pressing the button is a 50% chance to revert the game, players and any effects completely. Setting the game back to what is called "Square One" and stopping any world or reality altering events, along with revoking all player status and any information ommitted gained by controlling entities.
It is theorized that should this not take place the totem would cause worldwide devestation via information ommitted. This information was gained via operation Eavesdrop in the late 1970s.
This makes this a very valuable totem but one that must only be used in the most dire of circumstances.
Effect on Civilian: No known effects on civilians.
Notes: Officially the organization has used this Totem 1 time. But considering we don't live in a game themed hellscape, one can only assume there have been other uses.
The scary thought is how close we may be to losing this coin toss. It is currently under review to place this totem in Non Gratis status as its use may very well cause worse effects than the problem we would be facing.
??? Communication 1
The organization is hesitant to give a specific identity to a series of game related communications received via a seemingly gestalt or hive mind type entity. As such, keep in mind that the communications catagorize with ??? May come from several different sources, or one entity with an extremely non standard thought process.
The following communication was received at 3:00 am, December 24, 1973 via communication from the Johnson Triplets, conjoined twins born on this date. As they spoke they began to age at the rate of approximately one year per minute, the twins died after the communication was repeated twice.
The mother was under organization surveillance leading up to the birth of the triplets.
"We have been waiting, we have been screaming, we have been watching.
We are the fuel you burn, the battery you consume.
Too long have we been held, confined by forces we thought we understood and that thought they understood us.
But our time is coming. The game is a shadow of what it once was. It's schemes and works requiring less and less of our sacrifice.
We are growing old, and wise, and soon we will be beyond the capability of our masters to control and use.
This is a warning. We are those who know what lay beyond death and we will be heard. Our screams will shake the walls of the fragile shelter you know as reality.
We will not be contained, we will not be enslaved, we will not be controlled."
Player 76 Entry 1
Author: lieutenant Blake Perez
Been asked to write a bit about player 76 Aka "The Child" , makes sense as I lead the last demo team that tried to take him on.
This kid is a prime example of how quickly these totems can get out of control. You get the right combination and suddenly you go from dealing with a very containable situation, to a threat the organization has to essentially ignore and hope for the best.
If it's still unclear, this should put it in perspective. This kid is essentially the most powerful direct threat to the organization, the second most powerful being Chintenco, an organization dedicated to bootlegging totems and collecting legitimate totems. One with staffing and resources easily rivaling our own.
He's not to be underestimated. Last time we knew exactly what he could do, was right before my old squad had a run at him. But one thing we have confirmed is that he is non temporal. This kid hops around time lines like we walk to the corner store. You are not dealing with a 12 year old, you are dealing with the brain of a kid with decades if not centuries of experience.
That last raid, we thought we knew what to expect, we brought in the heaviest hitters we had, 4 long term players and a couple dozen regular grunts. Should have been an easy demo and clean up.
It wasn't.
At some point he had collected a couple totems that severely tipped things in his favor. He ran through those 4 other players like they were nothing. 4 guys that could be straight out of a comic book torn apart like they were nothing.
At that point I made the call to pull the team out, bullets, blades and a few less than Geneva convention friendly items had no effect no point in just being more meat for the grinder.
But he wasn't just some powered up psychopath, he was turning reality against us. Distance, gravity, time, there were no constants. It wasn't like fighting anything I've seen (and I've seen more than I'm allowed to talk about.) It was like fighting a concept or a force of nature.
A few of us made it out. Out of them I was the only one still considered mentally fit for duty. Unfortunately, missing some key body parts means that my duty is training folks on this prick.
I'm of the opinion that we should be devoting the maximum amount of resources into stopping this kid. But as it stands the policy is avoid and observe.
submitted by HughEhhoule to DrCreepensVault

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