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Manager 6 25 key piano

Mixed In Key (free version) download for PC

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Manager 6 25 key piano. Key range of K1 and C3 grand piano extended to 105 keys. So, nothing is too much difficulty in this application from the date of its release.

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MP4 movie to share with your friends. The distance from the front edge of the naturals to the accidentals are 30 mm while on a piano this is 50 mm and on organs often 46 mm. SerialBay - Search Results: Im Serial, Serial Number https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3887.

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There is a huge difference between the weight of a piano key and a midi controller - when you're learning how to play the piano what you're doing is teaching your fingers how to move, where to sit, what velocity they need to use to deliver certain tones - you're not really going to get that from a 25 key midi controller. Roland Cloud Manager is the application that delivers everything. Click on instructor name for complete bio and contact information.

Keyboard Layout Editor

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The Piaggero can be carried and played anywhere. For example D flat can be called C sharp. With 2, 000 new sounds & loops you can create your own accompaniments to the guitar and piano or finalize song ideas.

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This article explains how to configure your MIDI settings in the standalone version of KONTAKT. The keyboard for Everyone Piano is completely customizable and you can set the mid-tones and the key you want to play in. The tool also offers other advanced options to import sounds from other sources and connect a MIDI keyboard or an electronic organ. Troubleshooting Launchkey connection on Windows – Novation click this site.

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Get the latest updates/drivers, owner's manuals, and support documents for your product. Check Price of Casio WK-240 76 Key Portable Keyboard Music Electronic Piano Complete Package (WK240 WK 240) WK-240 76 piano-size keys to expand playability. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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Users can now launch the Authorization Manager application to register and authorize all of their IK software/hardware in one convenient place, with a simple automated process. There also is no obstacle to creating the soundtrack. Global website of Yamaha Corporation.

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The only thing missing is you. HandSonic HPD-10 Hand Percussion Pad; HandSonic HPD-15 Hand Percussion Pad; HandSonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion; HD-1 V-Drums Lite; HP-1 Digital Piano; HP-101 Digital Piano; HP-103 Digital Piano; HP-107 Digital Piano; HP-109 Digital Mini-Grand Piano; HP-137R Digital Piano; HP-2 Digital Piano; HP-201 Digital Piano; HP-203 Digital Piano; HP-207 Digital Piano; HP-237R Digital Piano. I can cut samples on my MPC and bounce them to my laptop, but when it comes to adding keys the 12 pad setup just doesn't do it for me, so I'd be best off learning to be a little more fluent on my keyboard.

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After all, before the USB MIDI controller came about, MIDI is what we use to connect gear so they work with each other. The production of these products began in workshop No. 6711 at the Plant of Oligomers and Glycols. Compatible with 100+ major brands.

Configuring your MIDI Keyboard / Controller in KONTAKT

All retail software uses a serial number or key of some form. Yamaha music software free download. The Authorization Manager is a standalone application that greatly simplifies the way IK users can register and activate their IK software, plug-ins and hardware serial numbers.

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You are an energetic and great teacher! Aria Maestosa is a midi sequencer/editor. Handy: The free MAGIX Audio Remote app lets you start a recording on your PC from the sound booth or rehearsal room via app.

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Examples are given for registering both links both statically in XML, as well as dynamically at runtime. IDM will start downloading the video and. This channel provides instructions of the Roland's electronic musical instruments and equipment.

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In addition, the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key piano keyboard provides a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, so it can be played with the expressiveness of an acoustic piano. April 21st, 2020 - Activity analysis determines 1 what activities are executed 2 how many people perform the activities 3 how much time they spend on them 4 how much and which resources are consumed 5 what operational data best reflects the performance of activities and 6 of what value the activities are to the Task Analysis TU e. Where to Buy Casio WK-240 76 Key Portable Keyboard Music Electronic Piano Complete Package (WK240 WK 240) in Malaysia.

Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Korg, 25-Key Midi Controller

Key Presser was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and is compatible with 32-bit systems. It can automatically hide our IP address and uncover sites. Pipe organs have been used since Antiquity, and as such, the development of pipe organs enabled instrument builders to learn about creating keyboard mechanisms for sounding pitches.

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Troubleshooting Launchkey connection on Windows company website. Download PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard for Windows to play a virtual piano, synthesizer and MIDI controller directly on your. Everyone Piano for Windows https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=3890.

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Clubhouse Games: 34 Frustrations

The more I play Clubhouse Games the more annoyed I get over how phoned-in it is. It looks great but I’d rather have worse graphics if it meant better gameplay.
I have about 80 hours in the game so far. I’ve played everything at least a few times: online and not, with friends or strangers. At a certain point, the novelty of the game wears off and your left with something incredibly subpar. Nothing about this game really feels broken but nothing feels incredibly polished either (except for the graphics but they’ve even managed to mess those up). I know I’m about to list off a bunch of minor annoyances but I don’t think expecting a first party Nintendo game to feel like it’s worth $40 is too much to ask.
I am interested in people’s opinions so I’ll try to keep things organized.
Clubhouse Games
  1. There are no global options whatsoever, and individual game options need to be set and reset often. You can’t change the volume for sound effects or music, you can’t turn the announcer off. It’d be nice to be able to disable intros, set all games to the hardest difficulty, or set favorites. Things like that wouldn’t be all that difficult to put in and would only make the experience better for everybody.
Single System
  1. Why does the game start with the worst possible UI option? Unless you love mancala, having games set up in a line isn’t useful (and even then you may want to play something else from time to time). You have to press X to change the menu every single time. The line is a cool presentation but it shouldn’t be the default.
  2. There is no way to sort games. They are not arranged in any particular order. It’d be cool if they were organized alphabetically or by age or region or players or game type but instead we get them loosely thrown together.
  3. Just to get this out the way now, there are not enough games for 3 or 4 people, despite a lot of these being games that support that many players.
Dots and Boxes
  1. Full analogue control is unnecessary. There should be the option to use the D pad to navigate the grid. Also this is an incredibly bare game for what is essentially color and paper. Being able to change the size and shape of the play space would be nice, as would different visual options.
Yacht Dice
  1. Mostly fine, the fact that it doesn’t snap to the category with the most points is weird.
  1. Same aesthetic complaint as D&B. Otherwise it’s fine and the grid based movement feels way better.
Hare and Hounds
  1. Why is there no option to randomize which player is which? That’s literally what happens online.
Chinese Checkers / Ludo
  1. Why can’t you pick your own color?
Shogi / Mini Shogi / Hanafuda
  1. Why aren’t Global and Classic purely cosmetic? Like, why do both players have to use the same setting? Just make it so each player can use the version they’re most comfortable with in the same game. This is a bigger problem online where they’re considered two different games.
Last Card
  1. The option to draw 1, or draw until you have a matching card should be in here, which is a pretty common house rule.
  2. Where you sit at the table doesn’t change nor can you can’t change the total number of players (uno itself can support up to 10 people). This makes friend matches somewhat boring because you’re always seated next to them.
  3. Declaring last card and playing the selected card should be the same action. It’s not like people still wouldn’t mess it up.
  1. This game is broken. You can go negative, which means there’s no incentive to place a reasonable bet. Why not just start the player with 500 if they can rack up debt? This is especially strange because in Texas you lose if you run out of money.
Texas Hold ‘em
  1. The betting system is better but it’s not great. Why can’t we choose how much we want to bet?
  1. Are five rounds necessary? The only thing that matters is who wins the last game so why not have a one round option?
  1. The selection mechanic doesn’t make sense and doesn’t always cooperate, which is problematic for such a high intensity game. Why not map the four cards to buttons and put the deck selection on the triggers?
  1. Same as #5. There’s no advantage to full analogue controls here.
  1. Combos should snap to the appropriate card automatically. You get nothing from having to cycle through to each card.
Pig’s Tail
  1. Analogue makes a little more sense here but digital should still be an option (or at least give us cursor sensitivity options).
  1. A practice mode would be nice, or the option to undo your last stroke at least.
  2. Unlike other golf games, your ball wont bounce across the hole if you putt too hard. This makes the final putt unexiting and almost useless.
  3. It’s not clear how high your shot arcs in relation to the rest of the field.
  1. Why does aiming and shooting suck so hard? Why not map aim to the shoulder buttons and give us a power meter like Carrom?
Bowling / Darts
  1. Why aren’t more than 2 players supported? These are the party games.
Toy Curling
  1. Worse than pool in that aiming and power are the same action. Makes the game imprecise.
  2. We don’t need to be reminded how many shots are left every turn. “Last three” is sufficient.
Toy Baseball
  1. I have never had a successful match with this game against another person. Maybe it’s just me but the controls don’t work when playing against a human who will use every trick under the sun to strike you out. They should’ve just put NES or Wii baseball here.
Slot Cars
  1. Analogue sticks are not precise. I get why they’re here but buttons or even RC cars like in Mario Odyssey would feel better.
  1. Have we learned nothing from Mario Party or Smash 3DS? Turning the stick in a circle like that isn’t fun or comfortable and I don’t want to give my joy con a reason to start drifting again.
  1. Also broken. The fact that there’s nothing stopping you from just spamming shot takes any fun or challenge out of the game once you play against other people. Even limited ammo would work here.
  1. A wasted opportunity. Why aren’t any keys mapped to buttons?
  1. This game, like the NSO libraries, runs poorly for no reason. I have a friend in Australia (which has a poor internet infrastructure). We can play more demanding games like Splatoon and Minecraft just fine but this online is almost unplayable.
  2. Players with poor connection should be locked out of the action games.
  3. There should be a way to quit out of a game without quitting the whole app. There’s no consequence for it—on anyone’s end because they just replace you with a CPU anyway—so why not.
I know I didn’t get everything but I’d like to hear your thoughts. How are you getting along with the game? Are these problems starting to bother you? Do you have different problems that I didn’t name? Let me know in the comments.
submitted by mierecat to NintendoSwitch

The Power Of Lure: Achieve A 12 Minute CEO Run (One Year Anniversary) (Part IV)

TLDR (Part IV)
  • General Summary
    • Chapter 9 summarizes Parts I~III of the Reddit posts in 14 sentences. This chapter also serves as a reaffirmation to solidify your belief in getting started on teaching the lure strategy.
    • Chapter 10 is an in-depth guide on “Carry Over” damage. The chapter will begin with basic information and expand on the concept.
    • Chapter 11 explains how the lure strategy took off. Do note this part is extra long.
  • ChapteSection Summary
    • Chapter 9
      • If you believed Parts I~III were too long for you to read, this chapter summarizes the majority of the points in just 14 sentences. I would especially suggest reading this chapter if you want PURPOSE on WHY I am such a fan of luring on 11s/12s in CEO runs.
    • Chapter 10
      • Does the thought of calculating “Carry Over” damage make you sick, confused, and tired? Do not worry! This chapter begins with basic concepts, such as calculating gag damage, lure bonus, and team bonus damage. Afterwards, learn how “Carry Over” damage is calculated for each offensive gag tracks. (e.g. Sound, throw, etc) Video evidence will be provided to ease your concerns.
    • Chapter 11
      • Zero discusses how he kickstarted the lure strategy in mid-2019. He also goes into detail about specific CEO runs, and the lessons he has learned from them. You may relate to the lessons/hardships he experienced.
Notice: While Chapter 12 goes into how to get started, (e.g. How do I deal with failure?) I have realized it was better to explain this content in Part V. In Part V, I will explain how to get started with the lure strategy, and how to use it. By the end of Chapter 13, you will learn how to take down wonky cog waves such as 10-11-12-12 with the power of “Integrating”. Stay tuned!
Notice 2: Some toons may have noticed my long absence since Part III was released. At that time, I was researching on how to present Part V so that any toon would relate to these struggles. For example, how do I explain to other toons how to deal with failure? What is the best way to present this information so everybody understands? Stay tuned for Part V!

Chapter 9: Does It Make Sense…
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to use “One Fog Rule” to “Save foghorns” when MULTIPLE VIDEOS prove foghorns would inevitably run out without the aid of lure and rewards?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to use “One Fog Rule” for “Carry Over” when the lure strategies mentioned in Part IV can deal “Carry Over Damage” without suffering from cog animations, high cog accuracy, and sound waste?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to use “One Fog Rule” for “Time-Efficiency” even though using “One Fog + 4 Aoogah Rule” on a row of 12s results in 100~150 seconds to take down the cog wave, depending on the amount of toonup used?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to justify using “One Fog Rule” because “Bossbots target only one toon and have terrible accuracy” when multiple videos show one toon being targeted by one cog, and all of the attacks hitting?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to justify using “One Fog Rule” because “It takes time for damage to stack up” when Level 11 Corporate Raiders deal 95% accuracy with Power Tie, and Level 12 Cheeses deal 90% accuracy with Glower Power, in which damage can stack up quickly?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to hope and pray that somebody is willing to use a reward or a restock after your team runs out of foghorns by practicing “One Fog Rule” at the first round?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to claim “Luring is training” in CEO Runs when Lure grants bonus damages and prevents the cogs from attacking, while “One Fog Rule” encourages all four cogs to attack if applied for rows of 11s and 12s, resulting in further toonup animation?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to use “One Fog Rule” because “Lure has terrible accuracy” when toonup can increase lure accuracy to 95%?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to be afraid the lure strategy is “Unsustainable” when the strategy is backed by multiple high toons and has been tried over 50 CEO Runs with a high success rate?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to claim “Soundless CEO Runs are slow” and “One Fog CEOs are superior to Soundless CEO Runs” when a “Soundless CEO” cleared the first cog round in 13.8 minutes, while not using level 7s, SOS cards, unites, and fires?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to claim “Your strategy was not successful, Zero” when one purposely believes they “Know better” and “Need to save other level 6s” by underkilling lured level 11s and 12s by using hose/storm, cake/cream, instead of 2 storms and 2 cake?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to believe “Let’s not try the strategy, my friends claim it was terrible,” when there is a high chance your friends were hypocrites who went against orders (e.g. targeting random cogs, underkilling) and claimed it was “Inefficient?”
DOES IT MAKE SENSE to call the luring strategy “Slow” when I have achieved 10~11 minute CEOs (First Round) that required no level 7s, SOS Cards, unites, and fires?
DOES IT MAKE SENSE for all of us to maintain “One Fog Rule”, a sound-spamming strategy that remained unchallenged for 11.5 years, when 95% of all CEO Runs run out of foghorns and trunks by Round 1?
Your CEO Runs don’t have to be spent running out of foghorns/trunks, and getting hit 90% of the time. Remember, YOU have the power to change your destiny!

Chapter 10: How Carry Over Works: The Ultimate Guide
I was in a CEO Run the other day with a bear, a dog, and another toon. I was trying to initiate the lure strategy on 11s and 12s. But then…
“Carry over is so confusing” says the bear as I tried to explain how we can save foghorns.
It appeared that everybody appeared confused, and could not trust my math. I was forced to go with “One Fog Rule”, even for 12s. After all, had I explained more, the team would’ve been more confused and mad.
It is not uncommon for the majority of toons to call “Carry Over Damage” confusing. You may be one of them. How the heck does it work, you think. Let’s start with a review and work our way through.
REVIEW: Upon usage on cogs, Gag Damage is represented in red. Lure Bonus is 50% of total gag damage, and is represented in orange. Team Bonus is 20% of total gag damage, and is represented in yellow. However, team bonus will only apply if multiple gags of the same track are used.

If a normal level 10 cog is lured, and a birthday cake is used, you will get the following damages.
-100 (Gag) + -50 (Lure Bonus). 132 (Level 10 HP) - 100 - 50 = -28HP.
Notice how there was no team bonus, even though the cog was lured. In order for a bonus to be achieved, multiple throw gags were needed in this example. Let’s look at another example: A lured 10 is subjected to 2 cream pies. (Inorganic)
-40 (Gag) -40 (Gag) - 40 (Lure Bonus) - 16 (Team Bonus) = -4HP.
Since the total gag damaged equaled 80, the lure bonus was half of that, equaling 40. Team Bonus was 20% of the total gag damage (80), so it equalled 16. Note team bonus was applicable because multiple throw gags (2 pies) were used.
What happens if a cog is unlured but has multiple gags of the same track used? Let’s look at 2 cream pies (Inorganic) at a level 10.
-40 (Gag) -40 (Gag) -16 (Bonus) = 36HP
While bonus damage still applied, lure bonus was not applicable: Lure was not used.

Before we move on to carry over, here is some information:
  • If total gag damage equals to an odd number, (e.g. 111) then the lure bonus will always round up. In this case, the lure bonus is 55.5, but it rounds to 56.
  • Team Bonus always rounds up to a whole number, just like lure bonus. However, whether the decimal is less than 5 or more than 5, it will always round up.
  • A good example: One Fog + 2 Trunk does 92 damage total, if sound gags are inorganic. (21 + 21 + 50). While 20% of 92 should equal 18.4, the game is generous to round the number up to 19.
  • Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZF3PXweDZc
    • Check out the 2:46~2:51 section. Notice the yellow bonus damage, 19. You can see this if you slow down the video to 0.25 speed.
  • 1 Fog + 3 Trunks (63 + 50 = 113) deals 113 damage and has 22.6 bonus, which rounds to 23.
  • Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZF3PXweDZc
    • Check out the 3:31~3:36 section. Notice the yellow bonus damage, 23.

When toons encounter Bossbot HQ, they are surprised to see Version 2.0 cogs. What are Version 2.0 cogs, you ask.
Version 2.0 cogs are normal cogs, except there are two layers to defeat. For example, a normal level 10 has 132 HP. Once that is depleted, the cog dies. However, a Version 2.0 cog has two layers containing 132HP each.
“Carry Over” means the damage applied to the skelecog (Layer 2) of a Version 2.0 cog. “Carry Over” is calculated in the following order.
Gag Damage (Red), Team Bonus (Yellow), and Lure Bonus (Orange). This is where the trouble begins: But in-game, you see Gag Damage (Red), Lure Bonus (Orange), and Team Bonus (Yellow)!
Note that carry over is calculated differently from what you see in-game. It is always gag damage, team bonus, and lure bonus.
“Carry Over” is always split into “Stages”. You would think that simply dealing 400 dmg or more worth of gags would take down both layers of a Level 12 Version 2.0, but no, this isn’t the case. Evidence will be shown later confirming this.
Here are the gag tracks that deal “Carry Over Damage”. They will be further explained during this chapter, promise.
  • Sound
    • Sound deals team bonus if 2 or more are used, but never grants lure bonus: Sound unlures cogs!)
  • Throw
    • Grants lure and team bonus.
  • Squirt
    • Grants lure and team bonus.
  • Drop
    • Like sound, drop grants team bonus. Unlike sound, drop does not target multiple cogs.
Notice how trap isn’t mentioned, although it is an offensive gag. Trap isn’t mentioned because in order for carry over to apply, one needs multiple gag damages at minimum to apply. Let us use an example.

Level 10 Cog: 40HP left
Example 1: One TNT (180) with Lure
  • 40 - 180 = -140
  • You would think the -140 would “Carry Over” into the second layer and destroy it, but no, the -140 is lost and layer 2 starts with 132 HP.
  • This is an example of what I meant when “Carry Over” was split into “Stages”.
Example 2: A Cream Pie (40)
  • 40 - 40 = 0
  • Since only one gag is used, no team bonus is granted. Furthermore, lure bonus is negated since lure was not used.
  • Layer 2 starts with 132 HP.
Example 3: An organic Cream Pie (44)
  • 40 - 44 = -4
  • The -4 does not carry over, sadly.
  • Layer 2 starts with 132HP.
Example 4: 2 Cream Pies (Both Inorganic)
  • 40 - 40 (First Gag Damage) = 0
  • 132 (Layer 2 HP) - 40 (Second Gag Damage) = 92HP
  • 92HP - 16 (Bonus) = 76HP

Notice how it took at least two gags of the same track to deal carry over damage, as shown in Example 4. It took the second cream pie to deal damage to the skelecog layer.
Since trap isn’t stackable, it does not grant team bonus. When multiple traps are targeted on a single cog, they always cancel each other out. Furthermore, trap is one time usage only: Lure must be used to activate the trap. Once the trap is activated, any hope of lure bonus is negated.
Trolls use the fact that “Trap can be cancelled” to their advantage in boss runs, especially CEOs. A single banana peel used alongside Railroad (Level 7 Trap) will cancel out both the peel and the Railroad, much to the dismay of the team. This proves that trap is “Unstackable”.
*Important Announcement: The lure strategies mentioned in this book do not encourage training in boss runs, especially CEOs. While I am a fan of luring in CEOs, especially 11s/12s, I am not a fan of training my low level trap since it can sabotage a team.
However, trap can be used as a “Stepping stone” for other gag damages to apply. For example, if org Railroad, lure, fog, and trunk is used on a row of 12s, this is what happens.

12 - 12 - 12 - 12
  • Org Rail: 214 dmg, all cogs
  • 200HP (Layer 1) - 214 = -14HP (Does not carry over)
  • 200HP (Layer 2) - 21 (Gag Damage, Trunk) = 179HP
  • 179HP - 50 (Gag Damage, Fog) = 129HP
  • 129HP - 15 (Bonus) = 114HP
Do notice how the gags go from lowest level selected to highest level selected for sound. We can see the trunk (Level 5 sound) is used before foghorn (Level 6 sound).
If you try this gag combination in a CEO Run, you will notice the skelecogs are flashing red. Do not be fooled, guys. The cogs still have 114HP left. The following videos will prove these points.

EVIDENCE 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VriuFfPLrdQ
  • Check out the 29:46~30:30 section. The yellow monkey pulls out his railroad, which is assisted by a lure and 2 trunks. We later learn the railroad was organic, taking down the row of 12s in Round 3. Around the 30:15 mark, two trunks are used on the skelecog layer, making their health indicators red. The dog tells the team, “Don’t get fooled by the flashing.”

EVIDENCE 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4_bbwhrFRA
  • Check out the 10:56~12:03 mark. Around 11:02, the monkey selects his railroad, which is assisted by a lure and 2 aoogahs. We later learn the railroad was organic, taking down the 12 - 12 - 11 (Skelecog) - 11 (Skelecog) set. Around 11:33, 2 aoogahs are used, making the cogs go red. However, not soon after, the team fires the remaining 12s. Data from 12:03 shows -161 after fire usage. This supports the argument that 2 aoogahs dealt 39 damage, (32 + 7) leaving the skelecogs at 161 HP.
Before we move on, what if Railroad (Inorganic) plus aoogah was used? Or what about Railroad (Inorganic) with 2 aoogahs?

12 - 12 - 12 - 12
  • Inorganic Railroad: 195 dmg, all cogs
  • 200HP (Layer 1) - 195 (Gag Damage) = 5HP
  • 5HP - 16 (Gag Damage, Aoogah) = -11HP (Does not carry over)
  • Layer 2 starts with 200HP.
12 - 12 - 12 - 12
  • Inorganic Railroad + 2 Aoogahs
  • 200HP (Layer 1) - 195 (Gag Damage) = 5HP
  • 5HP - 16 (Gag Damage, Aoogah) = -11HP (Does not carry over)
  • 200HP (Layer 2) - 16 (Gag Damage, Aoogah) = 184
  • 184 - 7 (Bonus) = 177HP
Now that we realize trap gags could not deal carry over damage, (But can be a “stepping stone”) let us tackle every confusion you have about carry over.

Confusion 1: So “Carry Over” works out to be Gag Damage, Team Bonus, and Lure Bonus? Are you sure it isn’t Gag Damage, Lure Bonus, and Team Bonus as shown in-game?
Certainly. I’ll use a good example: Cake and cream on a lured 11.
If “Carry Over” worked as Gag Damage, Lure Bonus, and Team Bonus, here is what will happen.

Level 11 Version 2.0 Cog = 156HP (Each Layer)
  • 156 - 40 (Gag Damage) = 116
  • 116 - 100 = 16HP (Layer 1)
  • 16 - 70 (Lure Bonus) = -54HP (Does not carry over)
  • 156 (Layer 2) - 28 (Bonus) = 128HP
If “Carry Over” worked as Gag Damage, Team Bonus, and Lure Bonus, here is what will happen.

Level 11 Version 2.0 Cog = 156HP (Each Layer)
  • 156 - 40 (Gag Damage) = 116
  • 116 - 100 = 16HP (Layer 1)
  • 16 - 28 (Team Bonus) = -12HP (Does not carry over)
  • 156 (Layer 2) - 70 (Lure Bonus) = 86HP
Now take a look at this video. Wazzup is using cake + cream on a lured 11. If the above theory is correct, the level 11 should have 128HP. If the theory down below is correct, the level 11 should have 86HP. Let’s check!

Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqQmn6aeIVA
  • Check out the 4:45~5:02 section. By slowing down the video to 0.25 speed at the 4:45 section, we can clearly see the cake and cream is inorganic, meaning they do 100 and 40 dmg, respectively.

As we can see, the theory down below was proven valid: By using a fire, Wazzup proved the level 11 had 86HP remaining. Do note that fires are great for determining remaining cog health, especially Version 2.0s.
This reason is exactly why I get so disappointed when somebody decides to cream when I ask for 2 cakes on a level 12. By using a cream pie, toons may think they are “Doing a favor” to the team by “Saving key level 6 gags”, but they are missing out on major carry over bonuses. Take a look. Cake + Cream does not deal carry over damage to a level 12.

Level 12 Version 2.0 Cog = 200HP (Each Layer)
  • 200 - 40 (Gag Damage) = 160
  • 160 - 100 (Second Gag Damage) = 60
  • 60 - 28 (Bonus) = 32
  • 32 - 70 (Lure Bonus) = -38HP (Does not carry over)
  • Layer 2 survives with 200HP.
Now that we know how “Carry Over” works, let’s take a look at how each gag track calculates “Carry Over”.

Confusion 2: For each gag track, how is “Carry Over” calculated?
  • Deals Gag Damage and Team Bonus (If 2 or more are used.)
  • The gag damage must take down the remaining Layer 1 HP in order to deal “Carry Over”. Failure to do so will result in team bonus, which means no carry over applies to Layer 2.
Example: One Fog + 3 Trunk (Level 10)
  • Layer 1 HP: 132
    • 132 - 21 (Gag) = 111
    • 111 - 21 (Gag) = 90
    • 90 - 21 (Gag) = 69
    • 69 - 50 (Fog, Gag Damage) = 19
    • 19 - 23 (Bonus) = -4HP
  • Layer 2 HP: 132
Note: It is better to use 1 Fog 3 Trunk for 10s rather than 2 Fog 2 Trunk for “Carry Over”. Using 2 Fog 2 Trunk results in 29 carry over, resulting in the second layer having 103HP. However, 4 trunks are not enough: It deals 101 dmg if inorganic. If you are using 2 Fog 2 Trunk, make sure everybody has org sound, as to deal 156 gag damage, which results in 32 team bonus damage. Otherwise, stick to 1 Fog 3 Trunk.
Example 2: 1 Fog + 3 Trunk (Level 9)
  • Layer 1 HP: 110
    • 110 - 21 = 89
    • 89 - 21 = 68
    • 68 - 21 = 47
    • 47 - 50 = -3HP
  • Layer 2 HP: 110
    • 110 - 23 (Bonus) = 87HP

Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb8dFao7I2o
  • Check out the 3:13~3:42 section. The team selects 1 Fog 3 Trunks to be used against the 9-9-12-9 set. (The 12 was damaged by a birthday cake)
  • Make sure the video is at 0.25 speed when you are taking a look at the 3:15~20 section. We see the gag damages are “63” and “50”. We can conclude nobody in the team has organic sound.
  • When the team pulls up 1 Fog + 2 Trunks + Cake the very next turn, (3:41) we see all of the cogs have a yellow health indicator, meaning carry over applied for all the cogs in the wave.
If your team is facing against a row of 9s in a CEO, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use 1 Fog + 3 Trunks. I’ve seen WAY TOO MANY CEO VIDEOS where AOOGAHS, LURE, or ANOTHER GAG were used in a bid to “Save sound”.

Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBP3_dx2b0U
  • Notice how the team is using 2 aoogahs, trunk, and a foghorn against a wave of 9s at the 2:41 mark.
  • The resulting game damages are: 33, 21, and 50, dealing 104 gag damage. However, in order to deal carry over damage, the total sound damage must equal or exceed 110 in this case. Note the “33” resulted from somebody having organic sound.
However, while using aoogahs or lure may temporarily “Save sound”, it puts the entire team at a disadvantage by not dealing “Carry Over” to the second layer. And guess what no carry over means? That’s right, the second layer survives with 110HP, meaning you have to waste another foghorn! Yay! (NOT)
If you DESPERATELY want to aoogah, check to make sure at least one person in your side has org sound. And as a safety measure, do the mental math and make sure the total gag damage equals 110 or more.
Here you go:
  • Aoogah (16 normal, 17 org)
  • Trunk (21 normal, 23 org)
  • Fog (50 normal, 55 org)
What about lure? While it’s tempting to lure in the 9s as a “Backup”, note that sound has 95% accuracy. This means sound will hit 19 out of 20 times. If you want to use 1 Fog 2 Trunk and lure, please use it at other locations that are not the CEO Battle.
Using another gag while your team uses 1 Fog + 2 Trunk sounds like a good idea at first: You get to leave 3 skelecogs behind instead of 4. However, think of the consequences: By doing so, getting a wave reset (Clearing all normal cogs/ skelecogs in a wave) proves to be a challenging task. Furthermore, carry over is lost.
You would think that with 3 skelecogs at Level 9 form, the next cog that flies down will be an easy task. It isn’t. Unless the cog is a level 9, it is impossible to use Fog + 2 Trunk + Org Cake/Piano combo. Assuming the incoming cog is a level 10, 11, or 12, your team will struggle.

  • Grants lure bonus and team bonus.
Throw, like squirt, follows the standard procedure for carry over: Gag Damage, Team Bonus, and Lure Bonus. If the cog is unlured, the game proceeds to Gag Damage, then Team Bonus. (IF multiple throw gags are used.) If the cog is lured, the game proceeds to Gag Damage, Team Bonus, (If multiple gags are used) then Lure Bonus. If only one throw gag is used alongside lure, the game immediately proceeds to Lure Bonus.
Lured Level 10 (40 HP left)
  • Cream Pie (40)
  • 40 - 40 = 0
  • 132 (Layer 2) - 20 (Lure Bonus) = 112HP
Example 2:
Lured Level 10 (40HP left)
  • 2 Cream Pies
  • 40 - 40 (Cream Pie 1) = 0
  • 132 (Layer 2) - 40 (Cream Pie 2) = 92
  • 92 - 16 (Bonus) = 76
  • 76 - 40 (Lure Bonus) = 36HP (Layer 2)
Example 3:
Level 10 (40HP left)
  • 2 Cream Pies
  • 40 - 40 (Cream 1) = 0
  • 132 (Layer 2) - 40 (Cream 2) = 92
  • 92 - 16 = 76HP (Layer 2)

  • Exactly the same as Throw. The only difference is that squirt deals less damage and has higher accuracy compared to throw.

  • Like sound, drop has gag damage and team bonus. (If multiple drop gags are used) Unlike sound, drop can target only a single cog.
Level 9 (110HP)
  • Piano
  • 110 - 170 = -80 (Does not carry over)
  • Layer 2 survives with 110HP.
Example 2:
Level 12 (200HP)
  • 2 Piano
  • 200 - 170 (Piano 1) = 30
  • 30 - 170 (Piano 2) = -140
  • 200 (Layer 2) - 68 (Bonus) = 132HP
Example 3:
Level 12 (200HP)
  • Hose + 2 Piano
  • 200 - 30 (Gag Damage, Hose) =170
  • 170 - 170 (Piano 1) = 0
  • 200 (Layer 2) - 170 (Piano 2) = 30
  • 30 - 68 (Bonus) = -38
  • Both layers die.

Confusion 3: What exactly do you mean when “Carry Over” is split into stages?
  • Let’s take a Level 12 Version 2.0 as an example. This cog has two layers containing 200HP each, making the combined total 400. You would think you can deal 400 dmg or more worth of gags and destroy both layers. After all, 2 cakes + safe + lure works right?
Level 12 Version 2.0
  • Lure + 2 Cake + Safe
    • Layer 1 (200HP) - 100 (Gag Damage, Cake) = 100
    • 100 - 100 (Gag Damage, Cake 2) = 0
    • Layer 2 (200HP) - 40 (Bonus) = 160
    • 160 - 100 (Lure Bonus) = 60HP
    • 60 (Layer 2) - 60 (Safe) = 0
    • Both layers die.
Combined Damage: Cake (100 + 100 + 100 + 40) + Safe (60) = 400 DMG
So theoretically, you can claim 2 cake + cream works right?
  • Cream (40) + Cake (100) + Cake (100) + 120 (Lure Bonus) + 48 (Team Bonus) = 408dmg
Not really. Again, notice how “Carry Over” has a specific order: Gag Damage, Team Bonus, and Lure Bonus. Let’s get this started.
2 Cake + Cream + Lure (Level 12 Version 2.0)
  • 200 (Layer 1 HP) - 40 (Level 5 gag precedes the level 6) = 160
  • 160 - 100 (Gag Damage, Level 6 Gag) = 60
  • 60 - 100 (Gag Damage) = -40 (Does not carry over)
  • 200 (Layer 2 HP) - 48 (Bonus) = 152
  • 152 - 120 (Lure Bonus) = 32HP
  • Both layers do not die.
And if you aren’t convinced yet:
  • Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzJhqABa-uA
  • Check out 27:02~27:31. Two people select cakes while one selects a cream pie against a lured 12.
  • Slow down the video to 0.25 speed at 27:18~27:22. You should see the gag damage numbers 40, 100, and 110. This means somebody had organic cake.
  • Even with the aid of organic cake, the skelecog does not die, as shown in 27:31.

Confusion 4: But what if I’m facing a level 9 Version 2.0 on full HP, and somebody uses a cake, (Inorganic) followed by a piano? Since cake + piano does a total of 270 dmg, and a Version 2.0 Level 9 has a combined total of 220HP, shouldn’t both layers die?
Sadly, this wouldn’t take down both layers.
  • EVIDENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT7cCQf_4C8
  • Check out the 11:15~11:38 section. The monkey uses his inorganic birthday cake (100) against the level 9. This is followed by a cream duck using her maxed piano. Near the end, we see the cog has survived.
Level 9 Version 2.0:
  • 110 (Layer 1) - 100 (Cake) = 10
  • 10 - 170 (Piano) = -160HP (Does not carry over)
  • Layer 2 starts with 110 HP.
Now that we have a good understanding of “Carry Over”, here’s a full history of the lure strategy. Chapter 12 covers the hardships I encountered, and how to deal with them. If you are interested in dealing with failure, I highly recommend taking a look at Chapters 11~12. Chapter 13 discusses how to deal with cog waves, especially the weird ones such as 10-11-12-12.

Chapter 11: Zero’s Story: HOW The Lure Strategy Spread
When I was a Flunky, I remember googling “One Fog Rule ineffective” to see if anybody would oppose such a “Rule”. Imagine my facial expression when I encountered some toons discussing why they did not prefer “One Fog Rule”! I was surprised to see a CEO strategy that was established for a long time to be opposed!
When I was a Pencil Pusher 2, I decided to talk to a CEO Group at this. Upon entering CEO, we faced the 9-12-12-12 set. I immediately pull out my hypno goggles.
The team looks at me confused. A cat asks me, “Why are you luring?” I immediately responded with, “I saw this forum where toons were talking about how inefficient One Fog Rule was.”
The team reacted quickly. The cat reassured me that “You can’t trust everything on the Internet.” This was immediately followed by “The toons who complain about One Fog Rule and its inefficiency never tried it. The information they provide is 100% fake. Just forget it, and you should be OK.”
So I forgot about this issue temporarily, until one normal day in June 2019. I was a Pencil Pusher 4~6 at that time. My low suit level can be explained in a single sentence: I was not a fan of Bossbot at the time, considering the amount of options needed to enter a CEO.
This CEO Run was special: A soundless toon came to my CEO Run.
However, since I was the “Average Player” in TTR, I didn’t know how to adjust to soundless toons. The group had trouble as well. I realized that prolonging this confusion would only lead to angry teammates. I pulled out everything I had under the sun: Pete, Moe Zart, Bessie, Level 7s, you name it. I was DESPERATE. And that’s just for Round 1.
After the CEO was over, I was forced to tackle the following question: “How do soundless toons manage to complete facilities?” As a toon who was used to sounding 24/7, I could not understand how soundless toons managed through facilities.
Sometime around Yesman 3, my research led me to a soundless CEO Video. Although I had zero clues on how “Carry Over” worked, I was fascinated with the fact that “Hose + 2 pianos” takes down a level 12, both layers.
So I entered a CEO on July 2019 to try it out on a few 12s, nothing more. I was about to “One Fog” the rest of the waves as usual anyways.
However, the group also appeared confused when I asked them, “Hose + 2 pianos on a level 12 please?” We were facing the 9-12-12-12 set.
“May I ask why you are luring?” asks a 128 laff purple dog. I quickly explained to the team I heard the information from a soundless CEO video, and that I wanted to test it out for a few Level 12 cogs.
The dog shakes his head and replies, “While the strategy sounds like a good idea, it’s for soundless toons only. Why should we bother to try it when we can One Fog all the way through?”
At that moment, reality hit me. I realized if I wanted to spread the luring strategy in CEOs, I had to improvise. It was a daunting challenge: How was I going to combine aspects of sounding with luring? Piece by piece, I was to discover that eventually. After all, I had to start somewhere.
I spent the rest of summer researching. In order to maximize success in my following CEO Runs, I realized preparation was key. After discovering how “Carry Over” damage worked, I had to figure out how to apply it for specific cog waves. But I encountered a roadblock: What “Strategy” was ideal? What was the most efficient way? I was lost. I was overthinking everything, and I felt extremely overwhelmed.
So when Toonfest (Sep~Oct) hit, I immediately spotted a soundless toon on the grounds. I decided to share with him the idea of “Carry Over”. I told him I had a sweet idea on how to tackle the row of 9s: Lure, Wedding, and Clumsy Ned, so that both layers die.
The soundless noted that while the strategy would work, the demand was too “Cost-intensive”. He implied that “Not everybody is going to use their level 7s/rewards.”
I was faced with a second wave of a reality check: My strategy needed to be sustainable. Asking for a level 7, SOS Card, unites, or fires would prove to be challenging: They are valuable rewards. I had to find a way to adjust and improvise.
Thus began my second wave of research. I listed off all cog levels: 9, 10, 11, 12. I listed all the ways I can take down the cog (Single) without the aid of rewards. It was eye opening: I was able to discover combinations previously unknown to me. It was a great learning experience.
I then shifted my focus to cog waves. What was going to do for the 11s and 12s? I applied problem solving skills and deduced the following: If 3 storms + lure can take down a level 11 cog, both layers, I can use a lure left kill right strategy on the cog wave. If 3 cake + lure or hose + 2 piano can take down a level 12 cog, I could use that on a cog wave. My “2 storm” strategy was not developed at this point. However, I felt ready for my future CEOs.

When Halloween hit, I was feeling brave to try out the new strategies in a CEO. As a Yesman 7 entering Toon HQ, my hope sank: The majority of the team were 120 laffers or above. How am I going to persuade them to take up something new? Failure seemed scary.
However, I saw Green Dawg in the Toon HQ group. I told him “I was scared of this CEO” and that “I’m not sure if the team is OK with it”. He told me, “Don’t worry lol, we’ll see.”
So imagine my reaction when Green Dawg told my side in Round 1, “Hey guys, Zero has a strat.” I immediately started sweating. I was in control of a CEO Team. Where do I start? I thought. Just then, I remembered the lure left kill right strategies.
“Does anybody have a piano?” I asked. Only one person did. Before the turn ended, I asked everybody to pass. To my amazement, they all passed. Lure successfully hit.
On 9-12-12-12, I asked the team if “3 cakes on the cog on right” was OK. They were fine with it. The cog went down, and my team was already surprised. “This is interesting” commented a black cat.
We cleared the 12s. When facing the mixture of 9s and 10s, I figured “One Fog” was the smart way to go. So that’s what we did.
Imagine my reaction when I encountered 3 level 10s and one level 11! Feeling undaunted, I asked the team if 3 storms on the level 11 would work. They were fine with it.
Trouble was, the 11s kept coming. Eventually, the 10s became unlured. Thankfully, the team was extremely generous and told me I could continue the strategy. “This is different from my usual CEOs” commented a maroon cat.
Since our level 6 gag counts were starting to dwindle, I asked for foghorns. Two rounds of sounding, and the set with 11s/10s died.
The last few cogs were level 12s. I do not know how we managed these waves, but I do know our side did not use Level 7s, SOS Cards, unites, and fires.
“Wow” commented Green Dawg as our side finished faster than the other side. “I’m amazed, we saved foghorns” commented the maroon cat. “Great job!” shouted the black cat.
Turns out the other side was equally surprised as well. A 120+ laff monkey later commented “This is truly an OG strat”. Needless to say, I felt amazed: From this success, I was determined to continue spreading the CEO strategy. After a break, I decided to try again.
Side Note 1: The toons who I friended from this CEO are still my toon friends to this very day.
Side Note 2: Our side saved a few foghorns, around 4~6. Time was estimated to be 10~12 minutes.

Around Downzier 5~9, I tried my luck in another CEO Run by suggesting to the team we should try a “Carry Over strategy that isn’t One Fog Rule.”
You would think that with my previous success, I would have no trouble convincing the CEO team. WRONG.
The toons in the CEO were extremely elitist toons who believed in the superiority of “One Fog Rule”. They ended up messing up instructions on purpose and berated me for suggesting an “Ineffficient strategy.”
If you want to hear more about this story: Check out Part III, Chapter 7.
In desperation, I decided to create a reddit account (Not this one) and decided to spread the news in TTR Reddit. I imagined all the sympathy I was about to receive by posting the full details: The toon names, laff, and etc. I went on a full rant for the toons involved in the CEO Run. After posting, I was excited about the prospects of getting upvotes. Maybe people would think I am a hero, I thought.
Until I got the opposite of what I expected: A few days pass and there are no replies. Weeks later, the post ends up getting deleted. How the heck did that happen? I thought. Then I realized I broke the forum rules by listing confidential toon information, such as their laff points and names. I also had 1 karma. Rip.
In panic, I went back towards the day I posted the rant. I saw some posts that received tens and even hundreds of upvotes. Why are they getting upvoted and why is my rant being ignored? I thought.
After that terrible CEO, I learned a life lesson: If you want to change the world, (Or in this case, toons) it is best to change yourself. I realized that straight up ranting at Reddit for your very first post was not a smart idea, unless one was backed up by his friends or had high karma. I had to be the change.
I was faced with a dilemma: Do I quit forever or do I continue to spread the strategy? It was a tough choice, but I decided to continue it. I believed there was a market for fog-saving CEO strategies in CEOs. I decided to continue it, regardless of future obstacles. Nobody said life was easy. In fact, facing obstacles and overcoming them are parts of life.
After taking a few breaks, I started spreading the strategy when I was Head Hunter. I experienced little to moderate success for the first couple CEOs with the strategy. But it was about to get worse.
I remember this one CEO where several teammates resisted my efforts for a new CEO strategy, most notably a cyan bear. I later learned the cyan bear had connections to several bears who kept messing up my Mid 6/ Back 9s by convincing the team to turn against me, for 3 days straight prior to the CEO Run. Arrgh.
I continued defending my position, arguing that the team would be able to save foghorns. Furthermore, I tried proving my innocence by demonstrating I had a strong grasp of Carry Over Damage.
However, the more I talked, the more the team got mad. The cyan bear ended up on my side at Round 1, and while I suggested we use lure left kill right strategies for some cog waves, he continued rejecting my pleas.
“Can you shut up, you are ruining my great day. Stop ruining other people’s fun.” Another toon criticized me on the basis of “Training my low level gags in CEO”. However, I did not use my low level gags.
Round 1 ended up terribly and the bear kept threatening to green me during the entire round if I did not obey “One Fog Rule.” I kept defending my position, believing it was for the greater good. The bear isn’t possibly about to green me, right?
Even after pleading my case during Round 3, (Yes, you heard that right) the team refused to listen to my pleas. By round 4, the cyan bear had enough. He proceeded to green me in the CEO by purposely getting me hit and by hogging all the snacks.
During this time, I expected the team to intervene. I was dying to hear, Can you please stop greening Zero? He’s innocent! But nobody helped. In the end, I went sad and lost my 7s... All thanks to the bear.
I returned to the playground and waited for some time for the CEO group to arrive. I was expecting sympathy at this point. But nobody responded. I cried, hard. I simply could not believe what a harsh treatment I was receiving. The team simply allowed a bear to straight up green an innocent toon just because I wanted to try a new CEO strategy.
Another harsh lesson about life learned: Life is not always fair. People who are totally innocent get accused of wrongdoing and are punished, while others who commit atrocities (In this case, greening) get away scot-free.
Again, I was ready to quit. I believed there was nobody who was going to accept the strategy. I felt hopeless. I was depressed. I did not know whether I could endure the stress any longer. In my mind, I kept replaying images of toons telling me that “I can’t make it”, “It was impossible”, “It’s unstainable”, “It will never work”, “I would end up as a failure.”
But just then, I tapped into my inner motivation and decided to continue. I must not quit. I must keep going. I can do this. Self-affirmations really helped me. I was determined to try again.
submitted by HagenZero to toontownrewritten

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