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Murder Runner Part 1: How Not To Be Discreet

After I posted a story of a antisemitic cleric a few weeks back, I began digging further through my boxes of old campaign notes, and came across a campaign that I played over the net around a year and a half before I returned to D&D. The short version of my hiatus is that I had found myself unable to attend my regular party, and so I took a break from D&D to avoid burnout. I decided to play Shadowrun, since I'd had some great games of that before, and so I went looking for a group online.
As it turned out, there was a group of relatively new players, with one other veteran runner, and a GM who had a moderate amount of prior experience running Shadowrun 5th Edition. So, I decided to throw my lot in. So, creating our characters as Shadowrunners with a decent amount of prior experience, we ended up with:
(Fake Player Names Follow)
  • Jared, the GM. A really nice guy, who was fairly competent as a game master, but was a bit passive when it came to wrangling the newer players' "enthusiasm". He was pretty experienced with Shadowrun 4th Edition, but he'd never run 5th before. Other than that, he had a tendency to play it loose with a lot of the rules, and he also had a large number of house rules in the place of some of the needlessly overcomplicated systems from 5th.
  • Kenny, one of the three noobs. He decided to play one of the prebuilt characters from the rulebook, and ended up with a Street Samurai. The DM encouraged him to change the character around though, and he ended up fucking something up (my notes specify that he "made some questionable choices with creation", but not exactly what that was), which lead to his death in the first hour of the first session. Then he died again in session 2. Also session 3. I think you get the point. You can see why his pseudonym here is "Kenny", at the very least.
  • Steve, another of the newbies. Steve- unlike Kenny and (to my memory) the other newbie- had experience with D&D 4th edition and 5th edition; as well as one of the Cyberpunk releases. He'd obviously done some research into the rules before starting, as he made a really well-made "Face" character, that he roleplayed as a charismatic conman elf with the personality of a used car salesman. Other than acting as a mediator in at least two of the incidents that occurred, he was relatively normal, and didn't do anything outrageous or outlandish (other than his impression of a used car salesman, which is one of the most amazing roleplays of a cliche concept I have ever seen).
  • Me- I was playing a heavily chromed human deckerigger who was accompanied by a pair of drones. I roleplayed the character as a jovial tech expert with a great deal of attatchment to the machines he worked with. I also nicknamed the drones I spent most of the starting nuyen Jared allowed us to purchase. One was a Renraku LEBD-2 (nicknamed Huey), which I fitted with a shitton of surveillance devices, and used as a flying scout drone. The other was a Ares Mule, which I used to carry the party's gear in (nicknamed Dewey). The DM was being very loose with the gear availability restrictions, and I picked my resources as my highest priority when creating my character. I also built up a sweet ride using the rules from the Rigger splatbook, which was something like a James Bond supercar built into a Jeep Trailblazer. I ended up running out of nuyen after that, so I picked a light pistol as my only real weapon, and resolved to play a pure support role.
Then there were the problem players:
  • Terry: I nicknamed him "Terry" even back when we were playing because he sounded exactly like Terry Crews. Like, uncannily similar. He wasn't actually said actor, since he looked nothing like Crews when we joined the Skype call we used for chatting, and he was also significantly more puny. His character was some Orc gang banger with a fucking assault cannon and some really heavy armor. He was damn lucky the GM never realized that he was carrying a forbidden weapon around whenever we crossed paths with cops on the street. He was also bordering on "That Guy" territory, and while he wasn't exactly a power gamer, he wasn't a nice guy. From the start, we all got that he was the sort of player who is used to being the de facto leader of the party, and he ended up in charge of our runner team simply because the GM was (as I said) really passive about his bullshit. He was a veteran of D&D, but he'd never played much else in terms of tabletop games; yet he always said "oh, yeah, I know that" whenever a particular canonical piece of info was brought up...regardless of the fact that he barely understood what the Cyberpunk genre was. He also was a complete murderhobo, and you could be sure that if Mr. Johnson said "No casualties, or else...", he'd be jumping through the front doors of that Knight Errant detention facility...I'm getting ahead of myself. Tl;dr? Murderhobo with a bad attitude towards the "roleplaying" side of Role Playing Games, a complete disregard for the opinions of everyone else at the table, and a character which was designed without the knowledge of what 'stealth' was.
  • Cartman: As with Kenny, there is a reason why I nicknamed this guy after a certain South Park character for the purpose of this post. He was, to say the least, a total brat. He was far younger than everyone else, and was something like 16 years old with the attitude and mental age of a six year old. His character was fucking awful. It was a mage...but he got seriously chromed up with high-essence cybernetics, meaning that he was totally useless when it came to actually casting spells. He took all the combat spells, but he rarely used them, since he also took a katana and a heavy pistol. When both me and Jared advised him that his character wasn't going to be very good, he snapped back at us, and proceeded to play a character who couldn't do anything, but somehow didn't die throughout the campaign. Oh, and whenever he was bored, there'd be more whining, especially whenever I was jacking into the Matrix. When he wasn't whining, he was gleefully joining in with whatever dickshittery that Terry was doing, and generally played his character as a edgy weeaboo with the personality range of a wooden twig.
I'm going to split the entire story of the misadventures that these two inflicted upon us, mainly because I don't have the mental fortitude to write the entire thing out, and also because it's fucking long. So, here's where it all went wrong: session one
Murder Runner Part One: How Not To Be Discreet
Our setting for this was the city of Los Angeles, which Jared used as a massive reference to Blade Runner. It was a great start to what should have been a great campaign, as he laid out this city that was half-sunken, half in ruins, but still one of the most populous cities in the sixth world. I remember the description vividly enough that when I went to see Blade Runner 2049 in cinemas, I was instantly reminded of what he described. Our GM was going for the subset of cyberpunk more rooted in Noir than more "punk" works like Gibson's Neuromancer. But I digress.
In any case, our party arrived in LA via suborbital, fleeing the aftermath of a run gone wrong in some city in Europe. Upon arrival, we were contacted by our sponsor, a local underworld kingpin nicknamed "Big Jim". Who, of course, was a midget with a height complex. Cliche, but effective, IMHO. The minute Big Jim was introduced, Terry spoke up.
"I pull my assault cannon, and yell "ON YOUR KNEES, MUTHA!""
Then Cartman joined in, and took a step further; declaring that he was casting a elemental attack on our fixer. Then Jared spoke The Words:
"Are you sure???"
While Cartman was at least wise enough to catch the implication that he may be doing to wrong thing, Terry argued that this kingpin was a criminal, and that it was his citizen's duty to arrest him. I had to check whether I was hearing this right: Terry, who was playing a mercenary with a highly illegal military-grade assault cannon, with military combat gear, and with the same underworld contacts as us, was threatening a guy who the GM had told us we already knew, and who we had done business with before the game began. Oh, and Terry was somehow not a criminal, regardless of all of that.
Thankfully, Jared wasn't going to let this one past, and he talked Terry down, reminding him that every person in the room was wearing discreet body armor, carrying very unsubtle combat shotguns, and were trained to deal with...annoyances. Thus, we ended up retconning this out, which caused Cartman to throw a fit, since he thought that retconning something that had happened was cheating or some bullshit.
So, we get our task from Big Jim. Our client needs a VIP working at Renraku's regional HQ in the neighboring city of San Francisco (which the Japanese occupied in the Shadowrun timeline, and which we will need to be smuggled into due to mounting tensions between the UCAS and Japan) kidnapped for his employers. As they have no interest in not agitating tensions between the Japanese occupation force and the UCAS further, they need the job to be done without major collateral damage. I'm sure you can all see where this is going.
We were smuggled in via a submersible operated by the Mafia, narrowly dodging the patrol destroyers guarding San Francisco Bay. Arriving on the pier about a kilometer from our target, our plan was to sneak through the back alleys of the docks area until we reached our destination. That was our plan at least. Until:
Terry: Are there any soldiers nearby?
GM: Yes, there are two Japanese sailors eying you up from across the dockyard. They don't appear to be particularly suspi-
Terry: I fire a round from my cannon at them.
The GM had enough sense to try and talk them out of this, but for some fucking reason, Cartman managed to convince the GM to allow him to cast agony. I don't have the reasoning in my notes, only a initiative order and a combat log. I was first in initiative, so I tried to restrain Cartman before he cast the spell. I failed, and Cartman apparently decided to cast Agony on me instead. My character immediately began to spasm on the ground in severe pain. When the Japanese sailors tried to run over- whether to help or to arrest, I will never know- and then Terry fired a cannon shell. And missed. And hit a nearby storage tank full of Liquid Natural Gas. Which blew up with enough force to kill the sailors, blow up half the dock, and attract the attention of everything in the nearby vicinity.
So, we try to get back to the sub, but it's already scarpered off to tell our bloody boss that we done fucked shit up. So, we run, Steve helping my character up off the ground. Meanwhile, all hell begins chasing us. We make it to a nearby parking garage where we take a moment to collect ourselves. The GM helpfully informs us that the amount of destruction we have now caused will have made all of the nearby corporate arcologies put themselves on lockdown, just in case they're a target of whatever is attacking this place. I find a car large enough to fit us all, and hack into its security systems, managing to get it unlocked and unsecured. We pile in, and immediately Cartman tries to bully my character into letting him take the wheel.
The rest of the party is getting pretty pissed with him, and this is when Kenny decides to taser him. He succeeds, and we deposit Cartman in the boot. I take the wheel, and we leg it out of there. It's not in my notes, but I vaguely recall that there was some discussion about leaving Terry and Cartman behind, since they got us into this mess...although I think we dropped it because a) we didn't want any more bullshit, b) they could give our identities up to the authorities, and c) Big Jim would want to chat with them himself.
So, we leg it in this stolen van, managing to evade the Japanese patrols, and get out of the city. It was a complete miracle that we didn't run into trouble until we were right at the border. Then, we were just getting out to head back to Los Angeles on foot...and the van blew up as a mortar shell hit it. So, we run, and Kenny dies when a mortar shell shreds him to pieces. Then a helicopter shows up, and I have to sacrifice Huey to take out the helicopter's rotors. Then soldiers show up in a APC. We barely made it out with our lives, and I lost Dewey as well. When we finally make it back to the city, we have possibly caused the worst incident we could have. Big Jim sends two heavily armed trolls to escort us before him, and immediately Terry begins grovelling for his life. Then, we realize that Cartman never woke up or got out of the boot. That's when we realize that Cartman has been very silent. Uncharacteristically so.
"You left me in the boot. YOU FUCKERS!!!"
He proceeds to throw a massive tantrum, and the GM briefly pulls him off the general channel into a private channel. When he comes back, he reveals that Cartman survived the exploding van, and is the prisoner of the Imperial Japanese Army. Fuck.
Big Jim is furious, but he gives us one chance before he ends us, and dumps our bodies in a creek. We are to head back into Japanese territory, and rescue our compatriot, before he gives away anything about Big Jim to the Japanese. A bit of a ass-pull of a reason to head back, but I think the GM was a bit out of his depth at this point.
We called the session there, about a hour and a half after we started. Since this is a long story, and I'm a bit prone to losing focus the longer I write, I'll continue this in part two, coming soon.
submitted by CrazyMinh to rpghorrorstories

A very long and updated List of recommendable Coop Titles for Game Nights and Coop Groups (Online or Couch) with Mini-Reviews

Hey fellow reditors,
This is an updated and rewritten post of one I posted a few month ago. There are new redditors and the list contains a lot more games now, so take a look if you like.
We are a group of old friends and we meet up twice a year for a long weekend of couch (offline) coop gaming and play a handful of times a month coop games online.
We already did this on other platforms but are really going strong on the switch. I think you can consider us Coop-Experts. We often notice that some of the games we play are not played by anyone else (no other parties in the online lobbies, very rare occasions of randoms joining us) so I guess I would like to use this post to
a) recommend some games we really liked
b) offer our expertise when some of you guys plan to play Coop (on- or offline) and have troubles/questions.
We have played almost all real coop games or have analyzed them to decide if we want to play them or not. So we pretty much have an opinion on most if not all coop games on the switch.
We are also playing some multiplayer games (YES! There absolutely IS a distinction between coop and Multiplayer games although this is way too often ignored when people speak about these kind of games on the internet. :) )
If you plan a weekend for couch COOP and want to know if a game can be recommended or need an answer on how a certain coop feature is implemented please just ask. Often times databases ( we obviously know about the great website www.co-optimus.com, but also they are not complete), official websites or even the digital storefront listings of games are quite vague on what modes can be played in which way, so we also had to resort to asking others (sometimes the devs themselves) for necessary details.
Not that many games offer their coop modes also for online play (we heard from devs, that the switch architecture is sometimes to blame) so these online coop games are rare.
I hope the following list of Coop Games can help some people to decide what to play when they have friends over. Maybe it will encourage a group to pick out one game as a coop project.

Hopefully you guys can recommend some other coop titles that slipped through our net or get a discussion started on what are the best coop titles out there and what makes them great!

I updated the following recommendations and put them in alphabetical order because they became so many (apparently we played a lot of games!) I gave them an out of the hip star rating (out of 5) which does was not discussed or deliberated on in group.

Real Coop Games

Aegis defenders (3 Stars) (couch only)
2 Player Tower Defense Plattformer. Game was short and neat. There was some iffy checkpointing and some framerate issues.
Blazerush (4 Stars) (couch tested, seems to have some online play as well)
Hidden Gem Alert! We downloaded this as a micro machines stlye racer because we played too much of Mario Kart. The custom game modes are really neat. There is football, races, death races, king of the hill and they are sometimes 2 on 2 coop sometimes simply multiplayer. But then we found a feature that I think I have never before seen in a racing game: the career mode can be played fully with 4 player local coop. Everyone working together against the CPU. This was a lot of fun. We played through it on 2 days. This game deserves a lot more attention. It looks and plays great. The vehicle variety is great and sometimes key to mastering a level. If you like racers you have to get this. We were utterly surprised by the quality of this title and it turned unexpectedly to a show stealer of a whole weekend. It also features online multiplayer but we have not found out if also the career can be played online coop.
Broforce (2 stars) (couch and online)
This is way more multiplayer than coop. fun romp but more action and less cooperation. We encountered some bugs (PS4 Version)
Catastronauts (4 Stars) (couch only)
A mix out of Overcooked and Lovers in dangerous spacetime, But brings a different vibe. IT can get very chaotic but this is a little less process focused so far (we are not completely done yet) so there is more room for error than in the overcooked games. This game seems a little like a cheap overcooked clone but it is better than that and is quite fun. Very nice: the voicework is over the top and spoofes “Nintendo speech” in games. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop offline.
Crawl (4 Stars) (couch only)
Really unique and clever concept! It is coopetetive and changes you around in a 3 vs 1 setup. Great style. Give it a try. Takes a lot of getting used to but deserves more attention. We have only played it a few times because we are scared if we play it more we won’t play that much else. Experienced players will find a lot to like here since it is a great sort of working together against each other and it gets really tense towards the end.
Death Squared (5 Stars) (couch only)
Great Coop puzzler. (too few of those!) This is more brain and less controller input focused. So you try a few things but mainly you discuss what there is to do and what might work. Somebody gives a hypothesis and the other poke holes in it. Very fun. Leads to some levels where a player might have to too do only a small part of actual gameplay but still every character is vital to the solution of the puzzle. Quite laid back and not action heavy, but you have to concentrate and think a lot. Up to 4 player campaign coop offline.
Deru: The Art of Cooperation (4 Stars) (couch only)
Hidden Gem Alert. This is a really good puzzle, coop game that makes full use of cooperative gaming. It is great fun, cleverly designed and something I really recommend. The setup is simple: two players, one black, one white, have to traverse to their respective target locations. There are however laser mazes and other obstacles that are also black and white. You cannot hit the opposite colour or you are dead and that means the team failed. You can however block or destroy your own colour to open routes for the other player. It is used in very unique and clever ways and playing it is a delight. You feel really dumb until you feel really smart. When somebody remembers Shizoid on Xbox360 (the most coop game ever! Brain synchronisation!): this reminded me a bit of it. Utterly recommended. It is rather short though.
Disc Jam (5 stars) (couch and online)
Hidden gem alert. This is multiplayer or at least 2 on 2 but oh boy: This game is great. It looks hideous. Seriously the artstyle is haunting and normally it would be okay to pass on this at the first sight of a screenshot. But this is the best Mario Tennis/virtua tennis – Court like games on this generation. You have Longer rallies than other games in that manner which means that the point counter and the reward for a winning shot is constantly going up. Not that many interrupting animations. Very fast paced. Seriously try this out. This is the most competitive we get amongst each other (right next to Mario Kart) Up to 4 Players on- and offline however the switch version has no 2 online Players as a double online. You need to be 4 online players or 1 player to play online against other humans.
Escapists 2 (5 Stars) (couch and online)
We started this and were utterly confused. After 40 Minutes we were thinking that the game was nice but probably something we won’t stick with, since it asked a lot of tiresome prison day-to-day stuff and it felt like we were playing alongside each other and not really cooperating. That something changed and the game clicked. WE LOVED THIS! We played every level. Every DLC. Every coop escape (there are a few single player only escapes which would have loved to do coop as well!) This is really a unique game that makes you plan something and then realize said plans. Seriously after all this preparation your pulse is up to unhealthy levels! It is great jump of the couch moment fun when you flee from a tightly guarded prison. It has a strange saving system which is perfectly fine once understood.
Flat heroes (4 Stars) (couch only)
It was a really nice, small game with creative levels for four squares to play through. I think this was one of those games that we started and played to completion in one sitting. We were totally captivated by it. Easy to pick up and play.
Full Metal Furies (4 Stars) (couch and online)
We have recently started this and are around 30% through and really dig it so far. Great and very stable 4 Player online on switch (which is not always the case). All 4 player classes are completely different and the game asks specific players to kill specific colour-coded enemies which makes for great coop gameplay. It is a little hectic and there is a lot happening on screen which can be confusing at times. Also not too easy, not too hard. Looking forward to play more of it.
Hammerwatch (3 Stars) (couch and online)
This is a nice pixel-art diablolike dungeon crawler for four people. It has different classes and from our experience you absolutely need one player to be the healer mage. It is quite the difficult game with a shared life-pool. You can save but loading means joining in again and that is where the trouble starts: the game has to be joined by a 4 digit code of letters and numbers and it does not run that smoothly, loading means rejoining which means that you communicate and type in the code a lot. That was a little annoying. However when the game works it is quite fun and we have only completed the first of two campaigns and plan to continue.
Hell Warders (2 Stars) (online only)
This is a very very ugly Dungeon Defenders Clone. It runs horribly. I have to admit it was fun for a few evenings but this may have been so because we loved Dungeon Defenders 1 on 360. You should not play this game since a new Dungeon Defenders Game is announced. We did not finish it because the frame rate dropped to almost unplayable levels. It is a mess. A mess you can find fun in. You shouldn’t.
Human fall flat (4 Stars) (couch and online)
2 Player offline Octodad-style fun. Some really great ideas (the climbing controls are very interesting) and top visual humour. It is a puzzleplattformer I guess. This has an 8 Player online mode I have not tried. If anyone can chime in on that this would be highly appreciated. We really laughed a lot. Not unsimilar to Octodad.
Joggernauts (3 Stars) (couch only)
A simple concept: you run in a row and the player of the right colour has to be in front. Everybody can switch position with the player besides him. When the right person is not in front at the right time you will lose health. Simple but devilishly difficult to coordinate. We were really really bad at this. But if you have time and determination this can be a sort of hive-mind-ballet of the best kind. We were somewhat thrown off by the fact that in the options you have a slider of the speed which makes thinks easier. It is probably meant to be used to find a speed that suits your team but it felt to us as cheating? I dunno. Maybe we played it in way to hard, but we probably needed a little more direction and handholding here. Maybe we will pick it back up. It really seems to be a creative and good game that can be worth your time.
Just Shapes N Beats (5 Stars) (couch only)
This Game is a little marvel. It is an audio-visual experience and very close to what I Imagine to be similar to group-drug-euphoria. This is not a rhythm game – though it helps if you feel the music. This needs to be played with sound on full volume and the biggest and best picture. Gameplay: you play along creatively designed winamp visualisations of BitPop Music in a bullet hell fashion(but very clearly communicated) . This is almost a multiplayer game but the cleverly implemented revive mechanic elevates this to a great coop game. Best part is that the audiovisuals are so great that the group is almost dancing while playing and having a sort of synaesthesia experience where the feel for the song translates to great gameplay performance.
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (5 Stars) (table only)
This is THE Team-COOP game. We are playing this for years now on these weekends. We play the pc version but the switch version is the same. This is a test of your own abilities to understand and perform under pressure, as well as a test of the team on how to juggle information and workload. Very clever game design, great concept and good onboarding. Gets very hard but that is okay. One of the best group game experiences ever, marries something like a board game with a videogame. Should be played in group of more than 2 but less than 8. You can play it over skype but it is more fun with everyone on one table.
Killer Queen Black ( 4 Stars) (couch and online)
This is a very unique game that gives you a lot of tactical coop gameplay on one screen. You team has to be well tuned. It has a very creative rules that mix together a lot of rules similar to the Splatoon 2 ranked modes. This game is easy to learn but incredibly hard to master. I am hoping for a good community that will make this possible to play in ranked mode for a while and find people on your level. You can get easily devastated by a good team which might lead to some frustration. I really like this because of all the creativity but the task to get deep into it is daunting. Sky high skill ceiling.
Kirby’s Star Allies (1 Star) (couch only)
I am really sorry to say: this was not challenging enough. We are all Nintendo fans and payed full price and tried to like it but is was just too easy. This is okay but we were not the target demographic. Play this only if you are very young and inexperienced J Up to 4 Player campaign-coop offline.
Lode Runner : Legacy (4 Stars) (couch only)
Lode Runner on the Xbox 360 is one of my all-time favourite Coop games and a great version. It has a great two player adventure mode and an utterly brilliant 2 player puzzle mode (the 2 plyer puzzle mode is in fact so great that you can play the 1 player puzzle also in coop). This version is not that good. However: There is a nice adventure mode and there is a puzzle mode which can be tackled in a team. So this is still a super fun game and especially great for people who like 2D Plattformers and Puzzle games and Coop. This would probably be a 5 Star Game as well because the mixture of coop and puzzle is unique and brilliant, it is however not that good than the preivious entry in the seires. But the best (and so far only) Lode Runner on Switch so stop reading now and buy it J
Lovers in a dangerous space time (4 Stars) (couch only)
Also a big focus on Collaboration. The sense of “get us safely through here” is very great and fuses you together is a team. Very “we all lost or we all won”. Great team experience and also quite non-gamer friendly. It is also fun with two players, but gets harder at the end. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop offline.
Mechstermination Force (4 Stars) (couch only)
Hidden Gem Alert! This is a short and very good 2 Player Plattformer Boss-Rush with very creative enemy design and deserves way more praise and attention. It has some puzzle elements since you have to crack the pattern to kill the bosses and find your way to the weak points. It is an all-around ideal package for 2 players on a couch. Utterly recommended! To be 5 Stars it needed one finesse extra, but I am super interested in what this dev team does next.
Mercenary Kings (4 Stars) (couch and online)
This marries Contra-Gameplay with Monster Hunter Looting. The structure takes a little getting used too and the (rather small) grind may be offputting for some but the graphics and the presentation are super nice. It was a very fun and engaging romp. It seems that we liked that way more than the general consensus. I urge more people to give it a try.
Monaco: What's yours is mine (5 Stars) (couch and online)
This is a great game with a fantastic artsytyle and sound design. We played this way back on Xbox 360 and are now starting it again on switch beacause of the added content. We remember this as being one of the best coop titles we ever played so we all double dipped. This is utterly recommended and deserves to be a success on the switch as well. It has you and your friends breaking in and heisting into high security buildings playing on what looks like build plans. you have several characters and it will not always go to plan. Great mixture of stealth and action. Hilarity will ensue!
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (5 Stars) (online only)
A star of coop games. Very Japanese, Very much to learn. Quite difficult to get into it but when you are in. boy. You. Are. In. The complexitiy and the thrill of a good prepared hunt is matched by nothing. Game design at its finest hidden behind many hurdles. This is also a great version with many monsters and a few Quality of life improvements not that many as in MH World though but alos this game has a bit more charme than world (looking especially at the design choices for weapons and armor). This is one that your group has to decide beforehand that they really want an epic and complex adventure with a bit of forcing yourself through the early learning stages. The reward is immense. Getting into the MH Games is like learning an additional foreign language. Embrace everything that is weird and befuddling. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop online. After being done with it I would count this as one of the best games ever.
Ms Splosion Man (2 Stars) (couch and online)
We played the sh*t out of Splosion man on 360 and loved it. Very nice timing based coop jumping. When you are in sync it works like ballet. This is the sequel with better reviews. We played a whole bunch but never got to finishing it. It is more or less the same but maybe we burned out on the first one so we did not get that into this. We plan to give it another go. (so take the rating of 2 stars with a grain of salt, not very firm rating)
Mugsters (3 Stars) (couch only)
A somewhat strange game for 2 players in a nice polygon-popart artstyle that asks you to complete certain objectives on small diorama-like levels. It is a good time waster to talk over with a good friend and also brings some hilarious situations with it and also some puzzles. We are not done and we plan to continue. It is not that engaging that you have to keep on your toes all the time, so rather a laid back experience. Probably also neat in a bigger group and passing around the controllers. It is a little out of the ordinary which we always welcome.
Nine Parchments (3 Stars) (couch and online)
This was a fun “one of those” games. Top down twin stick. This time again a somewhat diablo setup. However the coop spellcasting was fun. It feels a little bit more like a multiplayer game but the revival and healing is important so you need to work together. The coop is a bit drowned in the action. This sounds rather harsh. It really is a fun game but most of it has been seen in a similar fashion somewhere else. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop offline and I think also online.
No Heroes Here (5 Star) (couch and online)
Hidden gem alert. This is a 2D Pixelart / tower defense take on the Overcooked Collaboration mechanics. This is a game that way too few people played. The generic name does not do it any justice. It really is a lot of fun. Great High Performance coop. Great screaming at each other. Very neat: This works online. we encountered some small bugs but the devs promised to fix them. There is follow up to this game which looks very similar called “Monica E A Guarda Dos Coelhos” which we were very much looking forward to but the devs left out the online coop mode (why oh why?!?!) so we did not yet get around to playing it. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop on- and offline.
NoReload Heroes (2 Stars) (couch and online)
A very simple twin-stick shooter which does not really do anything new. Also it seems to be roguelike, because we did not find a way to save. We played this for a few hours and then died and it was over. It was not bad, it is just nothing special. It is a bland “one of those”.
Octodad: Dadliest Catch (as a game 3 stars, as an experience 5 stars) (couch only)
Play this unsober with a complete group of 4. It is a party game. The controls are the best (worst) thing and humour is old-school top notch. Every player takes control of 1 of 4 limbs and your task is to do everyday tasks and hilarity ensues. The whole presentation and heart-warming story does the rest to make this game really good. This is more of an event as a real game. It is also the right amount of short. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop offline.
Overcooked 1 (5 Stars) (couch only)
Hectic & fun team experience. Very gaming-newcomer friendly. Big focus on Collaboration. Easy to learn, hard to master (gets very process-focused to increase performance for better results). You will scream at each other (always a big plus in our group!) Up to 4 Player campaign-coop offline.
Overcooked 2 (5 Stars) (couch and online)
Pretty much the same as the first one. Some neat changes, but not better or worse than part one. Biggest chance for us: this is online playable (which too few games are), so we keep our couch time for offline-exclusive titles. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop on- and offline. A sh*tload of DLC.
PixelJunk Monsters2 (3 Stars) (couch and online)
This is a nice and very tower-defensy tower defence game that you can play coop and also online. It is quite challenging in the harder levels but it does not seem to leave that much room for error so games can be over quite quickly which means a quite long repeat of the whole level. It scratches the tower defence itch and leaves good room for tactical deliberations among the group but it misses a good action component during the waves like In Dungeon Defenders.
Rayman Legends (4 Stars) (couch only)
Very fun and challenging 2D fast paced platforming. Maybe 2 or 3 players is the best way to play this. Up to 4 Player campaign-coop offline.
Rico (3 Stars) (couch and online)
A fun, tactical ego shooter roguelike. It has a great sense of place and cool slow-mo action that depends on good cooperation. It is mostly stylish gunplay that feels good. However, the fun is a little dampened by the fact that the game is a roguelike and you start from scratch once you failed. This is especially punitive since there are missions where you have to quickly find two bombs and finding them in time seems to us like pure luck. 2 Player fun but not that long lasting.
Shift happens (3 Stars) (couch and online)
2 Player Puzzle Platformer. Not that polished but some very good ideas. 2 Player on- or offline campaign coop.
Super Chariot (5 Stars) (couch only)
2 Player Puzzle Platformer. We played the PS4 version but switch should be identical. High Performance 2 Player Cooperation. This is really great. The game has a unique flow. The physics based puzzles are not easy and for some of the coop challenges you have to perform very good as a team. There is a very hard challenge in the end game after the campaign for dedicated players to sink their coop perfection teeth into. 2 Player offline campaign coop
Super Kriby Clash (1 Star) (couch and online)
A 2D-Brawler with a simple “my first Monster Hunter”-Progression and structure. It is well presented and free to start but the multiplayer integration is horrendous. You have to play a lot on your own to unlock coop stages. This boils down to a gameplay loop of playing together for 10 minutes and then each player alone for 10 minutes and it never comes together as a real coop experience. It had potential but the structure killed it for us completely. Fun for one evening but not really worth anyone coop-group’s time!
Snipperclips: Cut it out! Together! (3 Stars) (couch only)
Played the 2 player “campaign” and it is really nice. Very creative because every level is a little different. Some levels are more fun than others. It is a great showcase of the switch’s portability. I coop played this on the subway (mounted on a suitcase in the isle) and on a train. This is also something you can coop with non gamers. It is not that deep though.
Splatoon 2 (5 stars) (online only)
4 player online in ranked mode. Ranked mode is superbe and the most coop splatoon gets. Why so many people stick to turf war or salmon run is beyond me. These modes are so creative, strategic and demand a high amount of team work and collaboration. If you want to test your coop team against others this is the game to play. You have to be a group of 2 or a group of 4. Sadly 3 squads are screwed.
Terraria (4 Stars) (couch and online)
This is a really good game. It offers you a lot to do and caters to many playstyles. You CAN play this as a building game like Minecraft but you absolutely do not HAVE to do so. There are “quests” and Bosses and a progression and you can totally team up as a group to play through it which we did and we really enjoyed. You can upgrade your gear and get fun mobility gadgets. You have to dig and fight and gather to reach some weird (a wiki or an experienced player helps) conditions to unlock a boss. Everyone should have built at least one “Hellevator” in his coop-gaming live. We played this on PS4 and switch has to seemingly wait for local Coop.
Tied Together (3 Stars) (couch only)
A very fun concept and a nice game. It is very indie and veeeeery short. I think we played it in one sitting with 4 players. This also means that it did not get a true difficulty curve going. This was a nice effort by an indie studio and is worth your time but this could have been so much more with more content and some more ideas to build on the concept.
Towerfall (4 Stars) (couch only)
We played only the coop campaign+dlc, not the multiplayer. And sadly we did it with 2 people and you can and probably should do it with 4, because the game is really good. It has a very nice pixel art style and a very intuitive gameplay loop. Though it controls very easy the game itself is rather difficult at times, so probably more for the gamepad experienced player. We played it on ps4. but it is a good fit for switch (what isn't?) 4 Player offline campaign coop.
Unravel 2 (3 Stars) (couch only)
It is a nice puzzle platformer for 2 players with some neat mechanics. We have not completed it yet but I think it deserves its mention here. It is not really innovative but very competent. We failed to find the feature that really sets it apart, except its graphical polish, but we played the PS4 Version.
Warframe (5 Stars) (online only)
This also has to be highly recommend. Very hard to get into. Not all of us made it. But some of us are now real fans with quite the hour count. and free. It brings with it one of the most creative player design there is and harbours some crazy surprises down the road for people who stick with it. It somehow really scratched my borderlands itch and I like it more than Borderlands 3. I wrote a love letter to this game here: https://www.reddit.com/NintendoSwitch/comments/c658ej/warframe_how_this_brilliant_game_surprised_me/
Wolfenstein : Youngblood (2 Stars) (online only)
Playing through the campaign with a friend. It is a modern shooter and has not that many unique things. It is a nice coop mode since you can revive and buff each other but the game isn’t really that great or memorable. The switch version is also not very well optimized and not pretty. Serviceable game, serviceable port. Good game to play while you are talking about stuff.
20xx (4 Stars) (couch and online)
A fun roguelite megaman-ish platformer for 2 people. This is roguelite done well (and similar to how dead cells handled things) You always get some little upgrades you can keep and your progressions moves along in a good pace. The game overs a lot of characters and quite some depth that we did not check out but we played it through and really liked it. The coop aspect is mostly that pickups have to be distributed well and that your positioning can give tactical advantages. Especially with the great boss design.


Astro Bears (4 Stars) (couch only)
This is always cheap in the store and really really good. It is a sort of a palate cleanser game you can play for a few rounds between other games or really get your teeth into. It is easy to pick up and can get really tense when the round continues on and the space to manoeuver gets smaller and smaller. It is just competitive and nor really that varied but simple fun. This really should be on every switch out there. It can be played in almost every group, for almost every amount of time. Ideal party game.
Bomberman R (2 Stars or 5 Stars) (couch and online)
It is Bomberman! Hoooray! One of the absolute best and most fun competitive games out there. BUT it is simply not that great a version FOR US. We prefer Bomberman 95 on PC. We played this for hundreds of hours in the last 24 years, so we feel every change and Bomberman R feels wrong. Wrong speed, Wrong physics, wrong pixelhitboxes. If you have not played and loved another Bomberman version and would start with this I implore you: do it! You will most likely love it and it will stick with you your whole live. It could be legitimately 5 Stars FOR YOU. Everybody should have their own got Bomberman and play a lot of Bomberman. It is just how things are meant to be.
Diablo 3 (2 Stars) (couch and online)
I think I will get yelled at for this, but please hear me out: I played this on PS4 and it was one of my biggest gaming disappointments ever. I liked the first 2 Diablo games a lot and was looking forward to the PS4 port of Diablo 3. Played it in coop and we noticed it was too easy on normal. We increased the difficulty several times to the absolute max (of what was unlocked at first playthrough) and the game was still too easy. It was so easy in fact that it was challenge free and close to broken: bosses would die in a few hits and never were able to complete their voicelines. It was a boring slog and also we were just playing alongside each other. As far as I remember it felt more like multiplayer than real cooperation or coordination. I was super bummed and did not enjoy my time with the game at all. For a long time I thought this might have been a bug but people online told me that ‘yes it is too easy’ and ‘the campaign is just the tutorial’ and ‘the game really gets good with the endgame’. I believe that. BUT a game that takes 35hrs to get good is a really badly designed game and not for me. This is my honest opinion and I am sorry.
Flip Wars (1 Star) (couch and online)
This was cheap and looked a little like Bomberman. Simple geometric action against other players. The game idea is not bad. Nothing else positive to say. Not that fun, not that well made, horrible online mode. Stay away.
Guns Gore and Canoli (1 Star) (couch only)
I think this is just multiplayer. There were no coop elements if I remember correctly so we all were not that hot n this one. It is rather stupid action and you do not need to work as a team.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ( 5 stars) (couch and online)
We play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Of course we do. Everyone should. We desperately need new tracks.
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (3 Stars) (couch only)
We played the Wii U undeluxe variant. I hesitated to put it under Multiplayer but compared to other games on this list the coop component is not that huge. It is however super fun and I think also better than its reputation. The game design is top notch and the game gets harder as you go along and it does was a 2D Mario game has to do. I also really liked finding the shortcuts on the overworld. This is probably best played with 2 or 3 players since 4 is very chaotic.
Runbow (3 Stars) (couch and online)
This is a fun diversion. A clever concept where consistently changing colours of the background change the level layout and you have to pass thorugh it as fast as possible while bothering other players. It is quite hard in the beginning and feels random. But you learn to have an eye out for the next colour changes and what they mean for your best way to traverse the level. This has very short rounds and you can die in a second. It is also a palate cleanser and party game but I think it is not deep enough for us to play it a lot.

Honourable mentions
Skyforce Reloaded
We tried this but stopped and never gotten back around to playing it. We palyed the first one on PS4 and really liked it. Seems to be more of the same which would make this a very good 2 player coop shoot em up that took a lot of things from ealier games in this genre and mixed and matched the best.
Sine Mora EX
Played this on PS4. It was short and quite good. I don’t remember it well enough so to score it fairly.
Unruly Heroes
We are in the middle of this and I remember it being quite nice but somehow the details escape me. Will probably be able to say more soon.
Yoshi’s Crafted World
Will be played this weekend. Will put this in later.
Degrees of Separation
Will be played this weekend. Will put this in later.
Please comment, ask and criticise. I will edit if I missed stuff or have to correct errors. We are also always looking for coop recommendations so please post these. Thanks in advance!
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