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This is a post of Deviljho from Monster Hunter for Smash!

After the Hunter reveal (wich the trailer is Link getting his ass kicked by a Rathalos, but then getting saved by the hunter, showing some moveset after the 3d trailer and all that), the hunter is about to help Link up, but a boulder is thrown at them, wich they both swiftly dodge. Between the dust there are mighty stomps that shake the earth, and then an ear piercing roar is heard, so powerfull that it creates a gust of wind throwing the dust everywhere, showing Deviljho.
Stage entrance: His entrance is the way brute wyverns spawn in Monster Hunter. Going out of the ground, like a demon!
Jab:Jab is fairly simple. Two bites followed by a powerfull bite. Again, simple.
Dash attack: Dash attack is a very quick almost lunging bite that Deviljho uses in the game. Anyone who has fought a Deviljho will know this move, but, unlike in the game, he can do it twice, like another monster called Glavenus. Extremelly powerfull move but punishing end lag.
Up tilt: Up tilt is a sweeping dragon breath that stays active for a while. It can kill. Has quick startup and low end lag, so its a good move.
Forward tilt: Forward tilt is Deviljho hitting in front of him with his tail. Has good range,fairly quick and reasonable end lag. Its a reference to the tailspin Deviljho and many other monsters do
Down tilt: Down tilt is the classic stomp that Deviljho does in his game. Extremelly powerfull, but a bit slow. Has a very big earthquake hitbox (Is that how its called? Correct me if I am wrong.) that do little damage, but is there so its not safe to aproach. The attack itself does a low of shield damage and shieldstun. Similar to K. Rools down tilt.
Forward smash: Forward smash is a move that belongs in MH Tri (Same game wich debuted Deviljho!) that is him doing a sweeping bite to the him a brutal hit with his tail. Amongst the most powerfull forward smashes in the game. It is quite similar to Links forward smash (only with them hitting twice, but Deviljho has to do the full attack, unlike Link)
Up smash: Up smash is Deviljho tearing off a big rock from the ground to hit the space just above him. It does not have a hurt box since, well, its a rock and not part o Deviljho.
Down smash: Down smash is Deviljho doing a spin while spewing dragon breath. This is one of the moves that will corelate to the special mechanic the most.
Neutral air: Neutral air is Deviljho doing a spin and hitting things with his tail while spewing dragon breath from his mouth at the same time. Very similar to the neutral air that Ridley has, but it is slower, yet it stays active for a longer time.
Up air: Up air is Deviljho biting just above him. Short range, but great for juggling and little landing lag, wich leads to combos.
Forward air: Forward air is Deviljho doing something similar to a summersault, but he does it forward, hitting with his tail whatever is in front of him. A very powerfull spike, but a bit slow coming out. Think Cloud forward air.
Down air: Ok, this is one of the DLC character move, wich means it is stupid good for no reason. It looks like a simple but nice move. It’s Deviljho bitting below him only for then to smack whatever is down there inmediatly. It seems simple, no? WRONG. The little bite part is extremelly fast, so fast in fact, that it is like snakes out of shield down air (both in the part shield and in the air part), only for it to be followed big a huge hitbox that has a very powerfull spike, AND the tail has no hurtbox, beating out most moves. Againg, DLC characters need to have that one move that makes you go “Well, that’s silly”.
Back air: Back air is Deviljho looking behind as swatting whatever is there with his tail. It is similar to Mewtwo’s back air, just a little bit slower but being active for longer. It kills a bit late for the tipe of chatacter we are talking about, but it is a great edgeguarding move. Lastly, it has no hurt box. Oh yeah, Deviljho’s tail doesn’t have a hurt box AT ALL, like Mewtwo in smash 4, but he is very tall.
Neutral B: Neutral B is a boulder toss. The longer you charge it, the bigger it is. If you tap the B button, it throws a “little” boulder that is fast, does a good bit of damage and is surprisingly safe. If you charge it all the way, Deviljho will throw a huge boulder, dealing ludicrous amounts of damage, and is affected by physics, wich means that you can charge this move in the edge of the stage, and if you release it it will go in an angular angle (it is hard for me to explain this, english is not my first language). Also, Deviljho can move while charging the boulder, much like Snake.
Up B: Up B is where I struggled the most, so I went “Smash has some moves on some charachters that doesn’t make any sense, so let’s do this”. Deviljho will spew some dragon breath under his feet, and he will rise (again, hard to explain). Picture it like Corrin’s up B, but with a dinosaur. This move is SPECIALLY tied with an special mechanic I’ll explain (Not down B).
Side B: Side B is Deviljho releasing his dragon breath with all his might. This was old Deviljho strongest move, iconic and just so cool! It is a bit slow, but think like Piranha Plant side B where he realeases his poison cloud, but Deviljho cloud will stay there a lot less, BUT it has an active hitbox. It can kill, Deviljho has a bit of superarmor (only in this move of his whole kit!), and it’s quite fast.
Down B: In down B, picture Piranhas Plant side B again, but this time with a charge. Deviljho sit there and looks like he’s munching on something. What he is doing is generating saliva. All Deviljhos have acidic saliva, and the whole move needs to be finished to activate the special mechanic it does. Every attack Deviljho does with his mouth (bites, not dragon cloud) will apply an special status. This status is called defense down. In Monster Hunter, all it did was lower your defense, but in Smash, it does a lot more. First of all, any opponent who has been applied the status will get launched further, representating what it does in Monster Hunter, yet it also will make shields much weaker and add a ton of shield stun. What I mean by this is that it will basically lead to easier shield breaks, and with one of the strongest forward smashes in the game, it can only lead to despair to the enemy, making it very dangerous to shield against Deviljho.
Grab: It is kinda hard for Deviljho to grab thing with his tiny arms, so I made him grab with his jaws! It is accurate since that is literally what Deviljho does! So it’s perfect.
Shield animation: It’s Deviljho covering himself with his tail. So cute!
Up taunt: Up taunt is what he does when he starts a fight with you. A roar! It’s his roaring animation straight from the games he come from. It will have a sound wave effect like monsters with big roars do in Monster Hunter. (Did Charizard do this in Proyect M or Smash Bros Brawl? I think he did something similar...). It also shakes the games screen a little bit.
Side taunt: It’s him biting a couple of times at the air. Like Bowser (My main!) and King K. Rool.
Down taunt: Down taunt is him nibbling really quickly at his tail, a reference to Deviljhos being so hungry all the time they can eat their own tail!
Speed: It’s stunningly fast for something so big, just below Bowser in speed (Wich, by the way, damn is Bowser fast).
Weight: Deviljho is THE heaviest character in the game, five (5) units above Bowser in weight.
Jump height: Deviljhos have very strong legs, so they jump quite high. Not so much as to make you look twice, but definitely above average.
Special mechanic: This is a good one. His dragon breath. You may have seen me mention this dragon breath a couple of times throughout the text, but what is it? In Monster Hunter, there is an status called dragonblight wich nullifies elemental damage. In smash, it weakens ALL elemental tipe attacks, like Ridley’s plasma breath, Bowser’s fire breath, Samus Charged shot, etc... BUT that is just a side effect. The real meat on the plate is Deviljhos special ability called “enraged”. In the Monster Hunter games, this is when a monster gets hurt enough and get angry, getting faster and hitting harder. In Smash, there is a mechanic fittingly called “rage”, wich makes your knock back stronger. What “enraged” does to the Deviljho is make his knockback higher the higher his percent goes and faster aswell. One might think “that is just Lucarios aura but stronger”, but there is a setback. Deviljho back muscles swell and get bigger the higher his percent is, making him easier to hit. Then one could think “Oh well, now he is just combo food”, to wich I say “Oh yeah, well try to make a character a see how that goes. Also, he gets more range in his dragon breath attacks and at max enraged he gets seven (7) units heavier”.
Skin 1: Skin number one is the classic Deviljho. That is it.
Skin 2: Skin number two is a reference to one of the few opponents that Deviljho has on the same level, Rajang. His skin is a jet black color, and his back is an electrifying yellow. Also, his tiny arms are crimson red and the tip of his tail is yellow.
Skin 3: Skin number three is a reference to the newest rival Deviljho has, Bazelgeuse. The bottom of his jaw and tail is colored a combination of orange and red, while the rest of his body is grayish kind of color, the same color Bazelgeuse has.
Skin 4: Skin number four is a reference to one of the earliest invaders of the history of Monster Hunter, Yian Garuga. Deviljhos jaw is grey colored, representing Yian Garugas beak, while his neck has some white to represent the mane a Yian Garuga has. The rest of his body is a toxic purple, especially on his back. Also, as a side note, the color of the dragon breath of Deviljho can change depending of the skin.
Skin 5: Skin number five is a reference to the bird wyvern Great Jaggi, wich is shown being eaten by a Deviljho in Deviljhos introductory cutscene in Monster Hunter 3 / 3 Ultimate. The back is a smooth white, while the body is a light purplish pink with a white underbelly and lower jaw. There is a light red separating both colors, and Deviljhos tail spikes are black.
Skin 6: Skin number six is a reference to Savage Deviljho, a variant of Deviljho. His back muscles are not swollen, since it’s a reference and not the real deal, yet his back is also all the time bright red, with the rest of his body being a combination of black and brown. The spikes on his tail are red colored.
Skin 7: Skin number seven is a reference to Alatreon, the black dragon that debuted in the same generation as Deviljho. Deviljhos whole body is a deep black with some glowing purple in his back muscles. As a side note, Deviljhos dragon breath can be a random color, though it does not affect the attack itsel apart from visuals. That is a reference to Alatreon being elementally unstable. His tail spikes are also glowing a dim purple.
Skin 8: Skin number eight is a reference to the bird wyvern, Qurupeco, the mischievous wyvern. His throat is a bright combination of orange and red, while his underbelly is a clean white. His feet and legs are yellow colored, and his back, lower jaw, sides and lower tail is a very bright green. Deviljhos little arms are light brown in coloration. The top part of his tail is a light orange, aswell as his tail spikes being light orang. Finally, the upper part of his jaw is a VERY bright orange with a bit of yellow tinge.
Win animation number one: Deviljho flexes in place for a bit only for then to do a powerfull roar to the sky that shakes the ground.
Win animation number two: Deviljho is sleeping in the ground while munching at meat with a light blue coloration. There are barrel bombs next to him, and he is just sleeping there.
Win animation number three: It shows Deviljho eating an Aptonoth carcass, only for then to Deviljho look back at the camera curiously. Just don’t show the carcass, since Smash is for good little boys and girls.
Loose animation: Deviljho is trying to clap with his arms, just reaching barely enough for his tiny claws to touch each other.
Idle animation: Deviljho just looks around and sniffs the air, with the ocasional yawn. He is an animal, after all.
Forward throw: Deviljho backs off for a second only to then hit the opponent with a ferocious hip check. Any veteran of Monster Hunter will recognize this iconic move. Strong kill throw.
Back throw: Deviljho grabs his opponent with his jaw and throws them behind his back. Deviljho is one of the few characters that have a throw that kills on both sides.
Up throw: Deviljho lifts his opponent in the air and spews dragon breath at him. This throw does not kill, but it’s main purpose is to apply the dragon breath mechanic, lead to combos and rack up a good bit of damage.
Down throw: Down throw is reminiscent to what Deviljho does to smaller monsters in Monster Hunter: World. He grabs the opponent, lifts it in the air and slams it to the ground. One of the most powerfull down throws in the game.
Pummel: Pummel is Deviljho chomping at his opponents. When he is fully enraged pummel can apply the dragon breath mechanic and does more damage.
So, what do you all think?
submitted by SavageJhoLoreMaster to smashbros

I just finished Knife of Dreams and I have some thoughts and questions (Long)

  • I really really needed this book after Crossroads of Twilight. 10/10. Will read again one day. I wish we got to some more Rand chapters though, but Mat's arc more than made up for it.
  • Galad's POV in the prologue was amazing. His duel against Eamon Valda might have been the most satisfying moment in the series thus far. “She was the best ride I ever had, and I hope to ride her again one day.” Can you imagine someone saying that about your dead mother? I was so god damn happy when Galad killed that rapist. It was the best moment of the book and it happened within the first few pages.
  • Speaking of rape, The Wheel of Time has a lot more rape than i expected. Morgase gets raped, Moghedien and Mesaana are raped by Shaidar Haran, Alliandre gets raped, female Gai'shain are gang raped in the Shaido camp, Faile almost gets raped, and that's just all I can remember. This series is darker than i thought.
  • I love Perrin, but he is probably my least favorite of the Ta'veren Trio. I don't like just how much of his character is taken up by the existence of Faile. I hope that once this arc is over he starts to focus more on being a Wolfbrother and helping Rand in The Last Battle. With that said, this man is incredibly badass now. Some guy stats vomiting beetles until he shrivels up and dies, and Perrin is just like "they're only beetles. Who gives a shit? We need to rescue Faile."
  • I know Galina is a murderous black ajah psychopath, but i can't help but feel a little bit sorry for her. The scene where she has all of her hair and eyebrows shaved off was brutal. I guess I'm just not big on slavery, no matter how bad the person is.
  • Nynaeve, how did you go from being one of my least favorite characters to one the best characters in the series? In my FoH review i said this, "I have a feeling I'll be a Nynaeve fan by the time i finish this series." and I was 100% right. Her scene in the borderlands was one of the high points of this incredible book.
    “My name is Nynaeve ti al’Meara Mandragoran.
    The message I want sent is this. My husband rides from World’s End toward Tarwin’s Gap, toward Tarmon Gai’don.
    Will he ride alone?”
  • I'm so glad the Shaido are leaving. That whole issue dragged on way too long. They should have been finished off when Couladin died way back in book 5 or at Dumai's Wells in book 6.
  • Egwene al'Vere was fantastic in this book. I love that she has risen to the occasion and embraced being the Amyrlin Seat. No, she hasn't just embraced it. She is the Amyrlin Seat. Even her inner thoughts are all worrying about the state of The Tower and what she can do to fix it. She already has the Novices on her side and is manipulating the Aes Sedai into doing what she wants. When did she become so calculating? Was it Siuan's teachings? I've heard that a lot of people hate Egwene in the later books, and I'm assuming this is because she will eventually do something antagonistic towards Rand. Either way, I cannot wait to find out how her arc concludes.
  • Tam finally found out that Rand is the Dragon Reborn. That's neat. I hope we get a reunion soon. Their dialogue should be really interesting.
  • There is way too much spanking in this series. At one point Mat just grabs an Aes Sedai, bends her over his knee, and spanks her in front of everyone. I've been alive for a good while now and I've never seen this happen in real life.
  • Mat needs to be nerfed. He's a war genius, can 1v1 almost anyone with his Ashandarei, the One Power doesn't work on him, and on top of all that he's the luckiest person in the world. Oh yeah and now he's the Prince of the Ravens. I'm dying to read his Moiraine rescue arc. I hope it's in the next book.
  • This series is surprisingly progressive. We have matriarchal societies, lesbian relationships, and not to mention a Forsaken who changes genders and becomes bisexual. I really like Aran'gar's character. She is the most interesting Forsaken at the moment.
  • Poor Aram. Dude should have stayed with the Traveling People.
  • Tuon and Mat's relationship has had the best build up since Aviendha and Rand in FoH. I'm not sure how I feel about Tuon's character though. She's definitely interesting to read about, but the fact that she is so comfortable with slavery is very unsettling. I did find it funny that she was calling Mat "Toy" even in her mind before deciding to marry him.
  • If there's one thing I do not care about in these books it is Aes Sedai politics. The main reason for this is that I do not care about 99% of the characters. I can barely keep all of their names straight. Daigian, Sareitha, Faeldrin, Masuri, Tsutama, Edesina, Sashalle, Cabriana, Seaine, Adeleas, Meidani, Tarna, Ronaille, Lelaine, Meilyn, Corele, Vandene, Pevara, Samitsu, Annoura, Elza, Kiyoshi, Merilille, Romanda, Javindhra, Seonid, Duhara, Talene, Katerine, Yukiri, Morvrin, Theodrin, Myrelle, Tesan, Irgain, and Beonin might as well all be the same person. I know they all have distinct personalities and roles, but I cannot bring myself to care.
  • So I guess Noal is Jain Farstrider? Weird. For some reason i always thought Jain Farstrider was a woman.
  • I haven't read any reactions or reviews of this book yet, but I'm willing to bet that Faile gets a lot of hate for her relationship with Rolan. I myself find it pretty understandable. She's a prisoner-servant who is being tortured regularly, and he is the only one who is showing her any kindness. You can't blame the woman for developing some feelings for him. I felt really bad for Rolan when Perrin bashed his brains in. I hope Faile expresses her sadness when we get a POV chapter from her.
  • I wonder why Moiraine referred to Thom as "my dearest Thom" in her letter. They never seemed to be close. It was quite the opposite in fact. I'm guessing she saw something about Thom in her future. Maybe he'll end up sacrificing himself to save her.
  • I hate that Aviendha is just Elayne's sidekick now. Even her Talent at learning ter'angreal just seems to be a tool to help Elayne with her research. I wish she had a distinct ability like Egwene's dreaming or Nynaeve's healing. I'm glad Aviendha is finally free from her. I hope we get to see a reunion with Rand. I don't think we've had any dialogue between the two since they both outwardly expressed their love for one another during the bonding scene.
  • Why are the Ogier Gardeners so hardcore? These guys are cutting off heads and stepping over dead bodies. They seem to be the complete opposite of the Ogiers that we've come to know. I'd really like to learn more about them.
  • The little bit we got of Rand was fairly epic. Lews Therin seizing the Source and killing Shadowspawn by the thousands was wild. The scene where he refused to let go of Saidin was one of the most tense moments in the book. I think he was planning to create another Dragonmount right on top of everyone. I still can't believe Rand lost his hand and didn't seem to care. I found a cool picture of this moment.
  • It looks like Lan is about to have a really awesome arc. I hope it doesn't happen offscreen.
  • Logain is an interesting character. I like that he seems to be loyal to Rand yet refuses to lick his boots. He's everything i was hoping Mazrim Taim would be when he was first introduced. Egwene's vision of him stepping over Rand's body gives me pause though. Oh and we also got this great description before the Semirhage encounter: "Logain was fiddling with his girth."
  • While we're on the subject of Taim, i guess he really is a darkfriend. Using the Lord of Chaos line has to mean he's a darkfriend right? I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping he would have his own unique motives for doing what he's doing. Being a darkfriend just seems too... easy? I still can't wait to see how his story plays out though.
  • Elayne once again has another scene where she just screams at the top of her lungs when she gets frustrated. This might be the most childish thing anyone does in these books. Yes, even more childish than the braid tugging. Also is it just me or did Elayne not really do anything to earn the throne? It seems like Birgitte and Dyelin are the ones doing everything. I'm probably wrong about this though. I sleepwalked through most of the Camelyn chapters. I'm just not finding that storyline to be very entertaining and I don't enjoy reading about Elayne. I've seen people comment that a lot of her scenes and thoughts are there for comic relief, but i don't see it.
  • It was nice to finally see Suroth get her comeuppance; however, i believe Tuon gives her to her guards to be raped? I can't really feel too good about that. I wonder what will happen to Liandrin now. She has to get her powers back somehow. If not, why wouldn't she have just been stilled?
  • Now on to The Gathering Storm. This is the first of the Sanderson books. It should be interesting to see how the writing changes. I've read that the last 3 books were originally supposed to be one long book. I'm assuming the pace is going to pick up immensely then. Part of me is excited and the other part doesn't want it to send so soon.
  1. Were the last 3 books solely written by Sanderson or was Robert Jordan able to write some of the chapters in addition to his notes before passing away?
  2. Did Faile have sex with Rolan? Perrin thinks that she smelled of extreme shame and guilt when he reunites with her. That hints at more than just flirting and attraction.
  3. Is Rand being half Damodred ever going to have an impact on the story? I feel like I learned this 3 or 4 books ago and it hasn't mattered at all.
  4. So it looks like Osan'gaAginor is dead again. Are we ever going to find out why Rand randomly chose him to be his one Asha'man level body guard? Was it just some Ta'veren bad luck?
  5. What did Selucia do when Mat's crew got attacked outside the "hell"? I don't really understand the below exchange between her and Thom. Did she use the Power?
    “I’m an old man,” Thom said suddenly, “and sometimes I imagine I see things that can’t be, but luckily, I always forget them.”
    Selucia paused to look up at him coolly. Lady’s maid she might be, but blood seemed not to faze her at all. “And what might you be trying to forget?”
    “I can’t recall,” Thom replied. Selucia nodded and went back to examining his wounds.
Please no spoilers past Book 11. And thank you for taking the time to read this.
My other thoughts and questions:
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