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Pub Culture

Eyo guys,
I'm completely new to this reddit as well as pretty new to the game. This post is probably going to be pretty long and might be a bit of a rant, but realistically I kind of want to start a discussion around VALORANT's pub culture. Before I get into it I'll give a tiny bit of my FPS background for context.
For many many years I've played an FPS which was essentially the love-child of CS 1.6 and UT99, this game was in many aspects the same as VALORANT. 5v5, bomb, multiple bomb sites, the whole thing. If you wanted to play this game competitively you'd make a team, sign up on a website, log onto mIRC and look for another team to play against. Obviously this is all incorporated into the game these days, which is fantastic, absolutely no issue at all. And I loved that, playing FPS competitively was amazing, so VALORANT is going to be great, right?
When you were not scrimming or playing official matches you'd join public servers, usually 18 slots (not 10) and you could join and leave whenever you wanted, switch teams, and the games went on all 24 rounds, no matter if a team got to 13 wins. You could have 2 reasons to pub, either just relax n have fun, or to practice and improve and this was the consensus from the entire community, either way, pubbing is entirely for yourself. Not a single person gave any crap where the 13 on the scoreboard ended. If I wanted to practice my pistol rounds I could play pistol only for 24 rounds and no one would care. If I wanted to practice a specific map I could just join a server that was playing that map. No one would be forcing objectives because what's the point. In fact, if you kept planting the bomb, you'd find yourself voted out of the server.
And this brings me to a big issue with VALORANT pub culture and I can genuinely say ''I don't get it.'' For some reason pub servers have been replaced with ''unrated'' games, that are forced into a competitive setting, despite not being competitive at all. I still queue up for ''unrated'' games purely to improve myself. But instead of trying to frag, everyone just camps their spots, and pushes their bomb as if they're on trial for a team, trying desperate, not to frag or improve their aim, but to win rounds to gain absolutely nothing. And I find myself yelled at for ''buying the wrong guns'' ''making too much noise'' ''playing too aggro'' ''not following the team''. I'm completely puzzled because part of me wants to just play for myself, cuz its a pub, there's no rating gained or lost, why would I care about winning 13 rounds planting a bomb, but another part of me feels like I'm somehow responsible for my team mates winning some non-existant price that comes with winning 13 rounds.
Best example was yesterday when the teams were tied at 12/12, I'm in a 2v1 n kill their spike carrier. And I know the last guy is in heaven with an Op and there is only a few seconds left.
Do I know there's a 75% chance I'll get 1shot if I take the fight? Yes
Do I know I ''win'' the game by being AFK behind the box? Yes
Do I learn or gain anything from being AFK behind a box? No
Am I going to stay AFK behind a box? Fk no.
I died. Tragic right? Not really. But meanwhile I have a 5/19 pre-pubescent dude screeching in my ear as he somehow wants me to believe that it was my responsibility to win the game for him and it's frustrating, this isn't what a pub game should be about to me.
So here's my question to you guys. Why do you guys play like this?
Is it because you feel like it's expected from you?
Do you legitimately have more fun trying to push for 13 rounds?
Do you feel like you ''won'' if you are 5/19 but your team wins 13 rounds?
This post might come across as toxic, but I'm really not trying to be toxic, I'm just very confused why VALORANT pub culture is so obsessed with winning as a team instead of personal performance. And I'm also very curious is there's more people that share my mindset. People that would like to see servers that aren't all about pushing a bomb, but servers where people can just frag and improve their aim instead of being stuck hiding behind a box to ''win their team the game''.
submitted by qontrol12345 to VALORANT

Ready to get rid of PIED for good

Hey guys new guy here, don't know how to start but here we go:
I'm 29 years old and ever since I found a porno magazine at the age of 15-16 I started masturbating. Nothing extreme, since I had almost no privacy sharing a room with my brother. I had no computer, hence no internet untill I was 19 or 20 so the main source of fap material was either porn magazines or VHS (damn I feel old typing that) and later on dvds. I had a couple of girlfriends and everything was great. Even when I first got internet connection, the speed of it was so slow that I usually just sex-chatted in mirc or downloaded pictures of naked women to fap. Still, some girlfriends and being perfectly fine performance-wise.
Then come my mid-20s when I faced several personal and family problems(I had to change university and line of studies, I broke up with a girl I loved, I lost my grandfather, my uncle, my aunt and father in only a span of 6 years) that led to depression. Depression led to isolation, isolation led to gaming and (high-speed now) porn. Tried my luck with some girls and had no performance issues, my main concern was how difficult it was to emotionally attach to them in order to have sex. Got dumped each and every time because of my mood swings, so more gaming and fapping.
Now for the "interesting part": 3-4 years ago, more fapping meant I got bored fast with "regular porn" and got drawn to different kinds of genres...until I stumbled across transexual porn. I must have thought "huh, now that's something new" and went with it. Not before long, I was getting bored of it too and while I browsed that site I watched a "hypno" video featuring captions and fast visuals of women and transexuals getting fucked. The amount of scenes in that fast paced video was amazing to me then so I had to find more. Turns out there are so many similar "hypno" videos that got me hooked and fapped so many times. I have to say I'm straight, I have never done or even thought of doing anything with another man but after a while watching these videos I started wondering how it would feel if I was in the girls or transexuals place. During my day I would find women attractive but during the nights I had to watch "hypno" videos or similar tumblr pages and feel feminine to get a hard-on.
I didn't realise I had ED before it was too late. A girl that I fell in love with made me see the error in my ways and started to investigate by going to the doctors. I was so afraid I would dissapoint her with my ED that I didn't act so I got friendzoned. It hurt, but at least I felt for the first time free of depression with the attention she gave me. So from then on I was determined to solve my ED. The doctors here tested my sperm and found it not highly mobile, my hormones turned out fine, blood flow almost great. So what was the problem exactly?
Then I read "Your Brain On Porn" and it all made sense. PIED. I was conditioning myself with the depression and social anxiety, so only weird porn made me hard. I read so many success stories and now I hope one day to upload mine as well. I tried 2 times but relapsed at 12 days and 50 days. Now it's my third try, I'm at 18 days now and sometimes I feel the urge to go back but it gets better every day. I remember during my 50-day streak I even had some random hard-ons during the night, a very exciting fact for me! I find the fact that even in my teen-years I did not get random boners during the day simply by seeing a woman too important to leave out. Meaning that I kind of always were the type of guy who gets an erection when I start to make out with a girl, I wasn't a visual instant-boner type.
TL:DR I am going to do my best from now on to not stray from the positive mentality now that I realised what the problem actually is, and that's part of the reason I'm making this post. Others who might have the same problem, hang on(maybe I should not use the word "hang" in a PIED post but oh well, aknowledging the problem is the first step to solve it)! The main reason I wrote this is making a promise to myself I can come back to in order to cure myself out of this situation.
Thanks for reading G
submitted by Geo1986 to NoFap

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