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Added encrypted SLIC support * Added random loader names * Added byte differences (everyones GRLDR loader be byte for byte the same) * Added a new GRLDR version (0.97) from zsmin (custom edition for my program) * Added /norestart argument * Added support for Windows 7 Home. Windows 7 starter edition activator. Where can I download the Windows 7 starter ISO https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4111. Windows Xp Home Edition Product Key Crack Keygen - DOWNLOAD. Now i used Reloader activator 1.2 Finel. Free Windows 7 Starter Activation Key for Windows. This enables to enjoy all feature of windows as like unlimited activation of Microsoft Windows.

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Windows 8.1 All Version Activator (100% Working) Bummer! You will find updated and genuine Windows 7 key here along with everything you need to know about using these keys to activate your operating system. With this activation tool, you can quickly activate any version of windows without any issue. Windows 7 Product Keys and Simple Activation Methods. Step 2. Now you will see a Download Button as shown in the image below, click on it. Step 3. When you click on the download button you will see a 60 seconds countdown. RemoveWAT - powerful activator with huge database, you can activate your Windows 7 of absolutely any edition and build (tested even on recent releases of Windows 7), but the trick is that in order to activate Windows 7 it does not use a set of keys instead disables all checking function of your Windows 7, eliminating trial and preserving full functionality of a system. Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Minecraft for Windows 10 Starter Collection.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Activation Crack Finally Here. Most of you might be aware of the fact that it is possible to use Windows 7 and Vista for 120 days without activation. It is truly outstanding and most recent initiation instruments which help you to actuate any kind of windows working framework just as Microsoft office. That is, all the features available in Starter Edition will be available on the Home Basic edition, and the Home Premium edition will include all the features of Home Basic, and so on. So you will know that the Windows 7 Ultimate edition is the best. Download KMSpico Activator latest edition that can be used to activated any windows and office edition. Very fast turnaround on the order and delivery. Windows 7 Ultimate has been cracked.

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Windows 7 activator Win 7 activation key Windows 7 loader v windows 7 professional windows 7 pro eng windows 7 pro fr es activate windows 7 windows 7 black edition activate windows 7 64 bit. Re-Loader Activator 3.4 - Windows 10 & Office Activator. It is the best operating system for beginners and for older machines. Windows 7 Ultimate Activators Free Download for 32 bit directory. It is most lightweight edition of Windows 7. We offer an extraordinary tool, which is Windows 7 loader activator V. It was very sluggish and did not even perform well on the pumped-up hardware.

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Activator Free Download WIN7 Activation is powerful to WIN7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate (each 32 bit and 64-bit).

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Windows 8.1 Complete Activator. Windows 7 Activator Download, Install and Activate Win 7 There are many versions of windows. KMS activates Windows and Office for 180 Days (For core/ProWMC Editions it is 30 to 45 Days) This activator provides instant global activation in Win 8.1 and later, it means in case of later installed/changed office product (except office 2020), Windows edition change, Date change, hardware change, etc, system will automatically activate if online. Windows 7 Ultimate is the complete edition of Windows 7 OS. It has almost every single feature ever offered for Win 7, ranging from Win7 Starter to Enterprise. Get onto PC 2020: Windows 7 Starter https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4101. Windows 7 Professional & Enterprise Activation, Activate. The pirate milestone, reached almost three months before Windows 7 is set to hit General Availability on October 22, 2020, was achieved via OEM instant offline.

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Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community. Download Windows 7 Activator. The other editions focus on other markets, such as the software development world or enterprise use. Windows 7 loader released by Daz Team enables you to fully activate and unlock all the hidden features in Windows 7 within matter of minutes. Windows 7 Starter download is the only OS which guarantees high PC processing speed even in old PCs. Download Windows 7 Activation Key – Crack. VoyForums Announcement: Programming and providing support for this service has been a labor of love since 1997.

How to Play Ritual Beast(After Turn 2)

Ritual Beast is probably my favorite deck in the game. The deck has massive issues in terms of consistency at present, but otherwise it has such a great balance between power and control, and can take you quite the distance once you get over the Ulti-Cannahawk rulings and the ridiculously high skill floor. After the initial combo, the deck has all the necessary tools to be able to beat almost any other deck in the game(though some matchups have much lower win rates). There are many tools out there to learn the combos, from video guides to full-on written out handbooks to explain how to put out a working first turn board.
Unfortunately, such a board is unlikely to hold as a formidable threat in modern yugioh. With all the removal options and board countering tools available in the modern game, it is highly likely that your opponent will still be able to amass some type of board through your disruptions. But do not fear! Ritual Beast is a midrange deck at heart(think structure deck Salamangreat or Orcust) and is meant to adapt to play after the opening display. Here are my 5 most important tips for playing Ritual beast turn 2 and onward:
  • Loop Apelio and Pettlephin: After your initial combo goes off, you’re going to have 4-6 effectively blank cards in your deck, being Cannahawk, Rampengu, and Elder(Elder has some t2+ setups, but more often than not he just becomes RB fodder). That’s when your REAL two best cards in the deck come into play: Apelio and Pettlephin. Apelio makes your monsters much more threatening, with some monsters reaching almost 3000ATK with his effect stacked(he also resets your banished zone for searches and summons). Pettlephin is quality removal, being able to put away and devalue problem cards that otherwise shouldn’t or can’t be destroyed. In conjunction, their effects help to whittle boards through battle and smart bounces, managing the game state. Depending on how many you play in your list, however, you will typically only get 3 total resolutions of card effects(2 stacks and 1 bounce, or vice versa). You have to make a call on which effect needs to be prioritized on any given turn.
  • Return + Kimunfalcos: I’m of the mindset that I prefer quality over quantity, and Ritual Beast excellently exemplifies that idea, with a 19 card core with only one mostly unusable piece for the theme. When first revealed, many people were disapproving of Return, since it took a card out of your hand AND specialed a monster, a precious resource in RBs. While I was a part of that camp for a long time, their newest card, Kimunfalcos, broke open the usability of Return. With no summoning conditions or restrictions, the monster has made Return an abusable Ambush, one that has no HOPT clause, can be activated at any point in a turn, and doesn’t have any summoning restrictions afterwards.
  • Round out your toolbox!: While I understand the appeal of both Pot of Desires and Pot of Extravagance, my loathing for the latter comes from the fact that it absolutely KILLS your toolbox. I’ve shared my personal bias, and I won’t actively argue against anyone who still wishes to explore Extrav in their lists. With that being said, my love for Ritual Beasts is in part their ability to invoke 2 of the most powerful toolboxes in the game: R4NKs and L3/4NKs. At the cost of losing one of your end board traps(except for link 3 setups) you get some of the most potent monsters in the game, from something as simple as Dweller to multiple triggers of Trisbaena’s field banishing effect.
  • Be careful with Steeds/Ambush: With great power comes great responsibility, and the same applies for RB’s power cards. Steeds has always been an insane blowout card, while Ambush(despite me ragging on it in an earlier tip) is a 1-card restart for combo setups with free reign on your choice of starting mobs. That being said, this archetype’s second weakness(aside from abysmal consistency) is its lack of recursion. Once Tamers and S/T are used, their effect-based utility is gone until the start of the next duel. In this sense, your power cards are certainly effective, but they must be used only when necessary.
  • Threading the needle(fiber): As the perfect culmination to end these tips on, you must know when it’s time to go for a killing blow. Kill setups in RBs are easy to establish and come by(Apelio stacking, Bond if you play it in your list), but more than likely will put you in a slow roll into losing the duel if you don’t kill in that turn. Likewise, waiting too long can possibly close your window of opportunity against more powerful meta threats. I can’t say when in every duel it’s the best time to end the game, since there are thousands upon thousands of variables that go into any dueling scenario, but there will be a pivotal moment to strike the game-ending blow.
And that rounds out all the tips I have for playing Ritual Beasts after your initial combo! Unfortunately this post exclusively covers post-combo tactics, and thus may leave quite a few gaps in terms of how RB cards interact with one another in disruption scenarios, explaining card ratios, and a whole post of its own that needs to go into explaining the beauty that is Ritual Beast Return. With all this being said, I still don’t even consider myself proficient with the deck, as nearly daily I’m learning new interactions, combo starters, and ceiling boosters for the deck. I just wanted to clear a lot of the “do nothing” stigma that is associated with the deck and its combos. If this post at all invited you to try out Ulti-Cannahawk loops, I’m glad to have another fan for the archetype!
TL,DR: loop Apelio and Pettlephin, abuse the Return + Kimunfalcos interaction, have a well-rounded toolbox, use extra Steeds/Ambushes sparingly, only go for game if you are almost certain you can close it out.
**EDIT: had to go through and change a lot of the formatting, didn't realize Reddit had changed how you set up your posts. Back in my day-- /s
submitted by RedLionGaming to yugioh

Pantheon S11 items prediction

I spent 1 hour writing this shit on my phone and i accidentally fucking hit my return button and all of that is gone. Fuck reddit I am using my laptop now

A mobility item that allows panth to escape and engage. Gives bonus burst damage. The problem is that pantheon wants to fight to the death and he already has an engage.
Kraken slayer:
Op item insta proc with empowered W wow
Immortal Shieldbow:
Lifesteal on panth lol
Sunfire Aegis:
Best tank mythic in the game and it synergises with pantheon's empowered W's AAs. The problem is that it rewards extended fights which pantheon is not good at. However, you are probably building tank pantheon if you are taking this item so it doesn't matter that much.
Frostfire Gauntlet:
Only buy for utility as the slow is pretty useless on pantheon
Accelerated Chemtank:
Merc Treads strapped on Righteous Glory
Duskblade of Draktharr:
The extra damage on execute does synergise with pantheon and it does give more ability haste than other assassin mythics. However, the invisibility isn't very good on Pantheon. Pantheon typically want to do 2 things in teamfights: Peel and follow up or to assassinate the enemy carry. In the case of the former, he doesn't need the invis unless he is engaging IMMEDIATELY after his kill. In the case of the latter, it doesn't give pantheon as much threat it would for other assassins. Pantheon's reliance on his Q and passive stacks to do damage while having long cooldowns on his other skills that doesn't do alot of damage renders him useless after his skill rotation. Duskblade is good on other assassins as they can use the time window bought by the invis to reposition and assassinate the next target. For Pantheon however, he can't do shit during the invis as he used his engage for burst and its on a long cooldown so he can only retreat.
Possibly the best item on Panth. The stats themselves brought by the item is already extremely good for pantheon (lethality, ad, ability haste, omnivamp, armor pen) and its passive can be easily procced by him. The damage from it's passive helps pantheon to burst down his target while the shield and the speed steroid helps him to survive burst during his engage. All of this on a six second cooldown guarantees that pantheon can use it in his next skill rotation.
Prowler's Claw:
Same as Galeforce. The difference is that this item gives a lot of lethality and it follows the enemy's mobility skills (like ww's Q) while also increasing your damage output to them. It allows you to engage without using your w first and save it for cc or chase people down. The downside is that as it requires a target, so it is more difficult to escape using it than Galeforce.
Trinity Force:
Pantheon does somewhat synergise with spellblade as his combos involves him auto attacking. He can also stack Swift Strike very fast using his empowered W. However, this item benefits from extended fights which pantheon is weak at and it gives terrible stats.
Pantheon is not a teamfighting bruiser. His kit benefits nothing from this item as it requires him to fight in crowds at low hp. It is better for champions like Aatrox and Darius.
Worse prowlers claw
Divine Sunderer(devourer):
Same as Trinity force but gives more sustain. Works better on tank Panth as it scales off the enemy and not your own stats? Also gives armor pen which is nice
Chempunk Chainsword:
New Mortal Reminder for bruisers as Mortal Reminder is made more towards marksmen now. It doesn't give armor pen though which is a great stat on pantheon, turning this kind of item from a must-buy into a situational item.
Horizon Focus:
Haha sniper panth
Serpents Fang:
Situational item for breaking shields
Serylda's Grudge:
Same as Frostfire Gauntlet
The Collector:
Pantheon already has an execute on his Q but it works on his E. Troll item
Ixtali Wardstone:
Navori Quickblade:
New crit-based Spear of Shojin/Essence Reaver. Buy on crit troll build I guess
Silverweave Legplates:
A better alternative than Mercury Scimitar for fighters as it gives health and mr instead of attack speed and lifesteal.
Infinty Edge:
The changes on this item moved it from a troll last buy into a 'crit-only' item. Buy on troll AA panth
Guinsoos's Rageblade:
May actually make crit panth work? Build on on-hit Panth I guess
Lord Dominiks Regards:
No longer very viable on Pantheon as it gives less ad but more crit chance. It is however better in facing against tanks.
Essense Reaver:
Crit version of Trinity.
Phantom Dancer:
Maybe it will work on Pantheon? It gives additional attack speed after 5 aas which helps Pantheon regain his stacks after his skill rotation and gives him more sustained damage. He also stacks it pretty fast with his empowered W.
Abyssal Mask:
Viable on tank pantheon as it gives vulnerability on the target of his W. Is an mr item.
Titanic Hydra:
Viable on tank pantheon as it now gives additional ad that scales off hp in place of it's active being gone. Synergises with his empowered W.
Ravenous Hydra:
Increases his waveclear dramatically on his E. Other than that its pretty much the same.
Black Cleaver:
It's better for Pantheon now as it gives additional execute damage that synergises very well with his E in place if it's removed Phage passive.
Steraks's Gage:
Same reason as Goredrinker due to new changes that increases its teamfighting power but decreases it's dueling power.
Death's Dance:
No longer gives any resistance to mr and it's passive doesn't work on magic damage anymore. The omnivamp is also gone. However, it now helps pantheon to survive after his engage massively as he now gets a movement speed bonus and a giant heal after he executes someone. Should still be a pretty good item on Panth regardless of build.
Blade of the Ruined King:
The active is replaced with a slow that only procs after 3 aas which synergises with his empowered W. Other than that it is pretty much the same as before.
Muramana (Manamune):
As tear now can be bought as a starter item, it is easier for pantheon to stack it. The ad bonus from Muramana is increased by 1% and the passive 'Shock' now deals 1% less damage of your total mana. However, it no longer consumes your mana so it is now a better item during extended fights. It's total mana given is decreased and it no longer refunds mana while it also gives ability haste now. Generally a buff.
I don't really think Pantheon is going to be better next patch, seeing how so little mythics work well on him. uwu out

Edit 1: A word in Phantom Dancer section
submitted by FoodieCardsNChina to PantheonMains

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