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My Top 10 Favourite Maps Ever

Warning: There’s a lot of fucks, dogshits, and this is basically me being very literal
  1. Classified
In my personal opinion this map one of the worst eggs imaginable. Getting past round 100 period is fucking dogshit hard especially on BO4 where the guns feel and handle like a toy rattle. I’m not even gonna put good points for it besides maybe the Moon Area 51 PAP and that’s literally it. The map fixes a lot of what Five did but Five is a better map altogether. The Richtofen jumpscare is the best jumpscare though.
  1. Die Rise
Die Rise is easily the worst map ever in my opinion as it’s not fun at all to play, simple enough. The gameplay doesn’t work with the map as there is a lot of skilled jumps and quirks you need to take advantage of to reach the more important parts of the map and on top of that, ends your game if you miss any of these jumps on solo. Training is almost non existent as a lot of the rooms are too tight to perform actual training/kiting. The map seems to be orientated more for camping than training, and I will admit camping on this map makes my heart jump from how easily the zombies can down you in the higher rounds. The boss zombie, the Jumping Jacks, fucking suck. They are just a clone of the Nova Crawlers except slightly fixed yet still worse. The free perk they give you is nice but a newer player playing Die Rise wouldn’t Immediately know how to deal with them or keep the 100% accuracy. The elevators suck period, because the random perk system was better on Other maps. Overall, this map is not fun to play if you’re taking it seriously and overall is just awful.
Good Points: . A different design to a map than usual, making it unique in look and aesthetic.
. The Wonder Weapon, The Sliquifier, was and still is a fun weapon to use and build as it’s relatively easy to build and easy to remember where the parts are, as most of the time they are in the same general area around and above the workbench.
. Despite how bad it is, a new perk in general was nice to see as we didn’t see that kind of content often.
. A general good camping map.
. The introduction to the AN-94, no other words needed.
Bad Points:
. A generally bad training map, given it’s extremely difficult.
. The EE is bad due to a few steps such as the Mahjong tiles and the elevator step.
. The characters are just shitty filler for Black Ops 4, that’s all I’ll say for them.
  1. Farm
I don’t even need to acknowledge how ass backward this map is. There’s no PAP, so you basically have a shit version of Verruckt with how small and tight everything is. You have only perks and guns, which makes it worse since the box pool is generally the same as some of the other BO2 maps, so you still have a chance to get a FAL or an SMR or a War Machine (god help you if you don’t get it paped). The map has a couple of good things about it however, pretty much just cause training is barely there and very minimal. It also has a kind of nice aesthetic, as this kind of location, a farm, is a general mainstay in Zombie media. Walking Dead could have been an inspiration for this map since Hershel had a farm in Season 2, and generally the map just plays like a classic map with a LOT of quirks.
Good Points:
. Good aesthetic
. Small Layout which is decent for camping.
Bad Points:
. Shit weapons
. No Pack a Punch
. Almost no training potential
. No true wonder weapon besides the Ray Gun
  1. Bus Depot
This map is virtually the same as Farm with a different layout and no perks. It’s kinda inspired by Nacht since its barebones and a small area with a box. It’s not too exciting, and just not that entertaining at all. It’s essentially a shittier version of Nacht, with less stuff and no bus.
Good Points
Bad Points:
. Bad aesthetic
. Shit weapons
. No PAP
  1. Tranzit
The butt of the joke of the zombies community, and in my opinion is the still a bad map to this day. Tranzit was promising from the start as the trailer featuring Avenged Sevenfold’s Carry On was hyped as fuck and made the community very excited just from hearing it. Then it launched. The map is terrible, as SmithPlays said in the past; shitty lighting shitty characters shitty atmosphere shitty everything. The bus was an interesting idea but the fact the zombies can overrun the bus was a terrible feature and the fact that this Bus only had a goddamn B23-9 (Probably my favourite pistol in MP besides the KAP-40) made the situation worse as this map could be basically be called Scarce and no one would fuckin tell the difference. Everything is so far away and split up and if you dare to leave the bus you have to run through the fog, only to be facehugged by the jumping jacks cracked out cousin the Denizen. Their only use is the Easter egg for the portal step, otherwise they were a fucking garbage addition and annoying to deal with. The ripoff reverse thunder gun, the Jet Gun, is easily the worst weapon to grace Call of Duty. It’s essentially the maps Wonder weapon but it literally makes the War Machine look good in comparison. From the trailer where it looked cool to gameplay it just never worked. It would break easily and it’s so hard to use since it’s a reskin of the death machine in terms of Animations. It’s slow and clunky and the parts are a bitch to find. One of them is in fucking Nacht which is somehow here In America despite the fact that Nacht took place in a landing field in Germany. It was added for nostalgia purposes, and literally only there for a jet gun part. There’s also a bunch of other shit in the cornfield and fog like Cabins, other buildings, the Tower of Babble (the pylon lol) for the Easter egg, etc. There’s so much missing from this map that it makes the map in hindsight look very unfinished and rushed. The Avogadro is a cool yet terribly designed enemy as the only way to defeat him is literally just box luck. You need EMPs and the Raygun to kill him, otherwise you will get shafted harder than Lana Rhoades in a good video. The Easter egg is also nonsensically hard to hard sometimes, but if you’re generally skilled and understand the egg you can get it done. Overall, this map was a giant fuck you to people who got excited for it.
Good Points:
. A good ass trailer, which I will factor in.
. A cool concept that wasn’t taken seriously for how bad it was.
. A surprisingly interesting different enemy type, The Avogadro.
. A unique experience, albeit a bad one.
. The Start of Tombstone, the best zombies meme outside of MrTLexify himself.
Bad Points:
. This maps terrible in design since it practically revolves around the bus and how you can upgrade the bus to help you out, yet the ladder is never used and is only used for the hatch in Diner for the Galvaknuckles, which are the most used melee weapon outside of Gorod Krovis Time Trial weapons and the Katana on Revelations.
. The Denizens in general can go fuck themselves cause they just suck a lot of ass.
. There’s a lot of weapons and files missing from the map, such as the Sabertooth chainsaw and missing textures.
. The characters are not fun to play as at all.
. The Wonder Weapon is a piece of junk just sitting around in random asf places.
  1. Dead of the Night
I will be completely transparent here, I never played this map at all. I found it to be way too stupid to play and I’m just never liked it. The Easter egg isn’t fun to me and the various vampires and werewolves feel like something straight up ripped out of IW zombies. The weapons feel so underpowered that I’m surprised anyone liked any of them. The characters are also irrelevant and dogshit to the Chaos storyline and was a major turn off. Be honest here, who actually remembers getting the crossbow or the Alastors Folly? I didn’t. I didn’t even remember they existed past this map at all because that’s how forgettable this whole map was. The aesthetic is nice but this map benefits from turning the characters voices off completely. Overall, not a good map but the worst map ever.
Good Points:
. Interesting Aesthetic and admittedly cool ending to the Easter egg with the statue.
Bad Points:
. Fucking awful characters to play as.
. A terrible boss enemy and terrible mini bosses.
. A fucking ray gun wannabe wonder weapon.
. Extra weapons added for virtually no reason other than game time extensions.
  1. Voyage of Despair
Voyage of Despair was a map I will admit, in my opinion at the time, might’ve been BO4s best launch map because I thought IX was bad (what a meme). This map was a slight train wreck from what everyone thought it was gonna be. The layout is beyond confusing and complicated, the gameplay doesn’t seem to work in the BO4 engine with the zombies feeling like they just suck you in, the miniboss zombie with the shovel sucked so much I don’t even remember his name. The Blightfather looked cool but otherwise sucked ass in gameplay. The Easter egg was a giant SFX show with you SHOOTING FUCKIN PLANETS as Lex stated. The eye of Odin (not sure if that’s the actual name) was an interesting boss fight in my opinion and the Kraken is straight up one of my favourite BO4 wonder weapons simply cause it looks cool and makes me honestly feel like a pirate.
Good Points:
. A good boss fight.
. An amazing wonderweapon.
. Surprisingly cool characters.
. Nice aesthetic.
Bad Points:
. A terrible fucking layout.
. God awful minibosses.
. Hard asf Easter egg steps.
. A bad upgrade process for the Kraken.
  1. Ancient Evil
I honestly don’t know anything about this map to be honest. I never payed attention to it so I’m just gonna assume it’s probably the most forgettable map in BO4.
  1. Blood of the Dead
My heart hurts from writing this and you’ll know why soon. Blood of the Dead is the Mob of the Dead remaster everyone wanted - In Black Ops 3. Treyarch destroyed Mob of the Dead by making it bigger and ruining what made the map fun - an actually fun Easter egg and replay ability. This maps starting room is so fucking terrible that getting past the corridor that leads to the prison itself is ass backwards and way too hard to play normally as you basically won’t leave without taking some kind of damage. On top of this, the spawns in that area are an example of how much Treyarch didn’t care. The Easter egg is so nonsensically hard that it’s a wonder why it was made this hard. The ending was basically just sad to be sad, although I will admit leaving Edward dead on the island was definitely sad for the all of us. The storyline is so confusing too, as Weasel literally is a bird ghost who can free the other characters and physically do stuff in the real world....ok enough of that. This map is a slap in the face and is one of the worst aether maps ever. But, there are good points to it. It provides map makers and creators with more tools to make better maps in the future, it’s generally a great looking map once you get passed the corridor of hell, especially since it’s a remake/remaster of the everything Mob did well on the PS3. The Hells Retriever is back, which was great but the upgrade was heavily changed which sucked, and in general the Blundergat is still a great weapon and even the Magmagat was added turning this weapon into an even more op wonderweapon than what it used to be, even if the upgrade was stupid hard. Overall, this map was a giant slap in the face to me as a fan of zombies period.
Good Points:
. The wonderweapon remaster felt like an actual lethal weapon amongst weak pea shooters, and the upgrade was probably the best it could’ve gotten yet despite being hard to do.
. The map was expanded upon so that every inch of the actual island could be used, which is both good and bad since it makes a lot of Classic locations bad such as the docks and the area leading to power but graphically makes the areas that are untouched look godly.
Bad Points:
. Expanding the island made the map bigger and it lost a lot of training potential due to how some areas changed.
. The Easter Egg Im pretty sure was at one time only completed by 115 people (no I’m not joking or playing around, Lex made a video about it) and it’s one of the hardest Easter eggs ever.
. The story is fucking everywhere when it comes to this map, same with the entire storyline.
. A sad fuckin ending cutscene, probably the last time in the aether storyline where we got a cgi cutscene to my memory.
  1. Kino Der Toten
Now, I whole heartedly admit this was my first zombies map ever. I’m also willing to admit that it has some bad parts to it. The map was supposed to be in World at War but ended up being put into BO1 due to MW2 coming out. Admittedly this map added a lot; a new perk, Mule Kick, which gave you a fixed version of the 3 gun glitch from Der Riese, the iconic Thundergun or Zeus Cannon when upgraded, Nova Crawlers, a fire trap, and a general aesthetic that better fit World at War but for nicely into Black Ops 1. The map was a great training map due to how the stage worked, as on solo with a Thundergun it was almost impossible to die. The new trap was kinda lacklustre but worked splendidly. The new song Easter egg, 115, is a batshit crazy metal song that is just such an ear worm even for people who don’t zombies too often. The map also features bad stuff to it, such as the previously mentioned Nova Crawlers who basically farted after they died, the re-introduction to teleport for pack a punch, and it also had no true big Easter egg besides 115 as this map was originally supposed to be in World at War, where most of the maps didn’t have a big endgame Easter egg. The map is definitely a classic though, since it’s layout and design is specifically designed to train and can be a good high round challenge with friends. Despite the bad, this map is a definite middle of the road or at least mid tier map because of its simplicity and it’s pure nostalgia factor.
Good Points:
. The nostalgia factor this map has for many people.
. The newish additions such as the Thundergun.
. An earworm of a theme song.
. A good selection of box and wall weapons, which feel sometimes hard hitting.
. A fun training area in the form of the stage.
Bad Points:
. No real “new” additions besides what’s mentioned.
. Nova Crawlers can affect training in a big way.
. The fire trap is borderline useless despite it being surprisingly cool looking.
. Some weapons are just bad for the sake of being bad, like the China Lake and the G11 (which was godlike in MP) and the CZ75, among other weapons.
. The tighter areas are virtually untrainable and you need to have a door closed to make the stage strategy worth it.
. The song gets repetitive after a while. Trust me, I’d know.
  1. Shi No Numa
The Swamp of Death, as it is called. This map is another joke to the community because it was voted the least liked of all the world at war maps, and I can see why. Although, this map is a great place to have fun and train and simply makes the Wunderwaffe a bigger beast than you once thought. Now, Shi No Numa was obviously not good in its own right because it didn’t feel new or different, it felt a little bland and although Treyarch spiced it up with additions like the the aforementioned Wunderwaffe, the Zipline, the Flogger, and the introduction to the Iconic Ultimis crew, the map fell a little short. In my opinion, this map isn’t as bad as people make it out to be simply because the map is a great kiting map, one of the best of all time in my opinion. And that’s cuz it’s easy to do. Just train around the big swamp area (idr the name of the area that’s popular for training) with a Wunderwaffe and a PPSH and boom, instant round 9072 (brownie points to you if you remember that record). The map is the worst WAW map in my opinion, but still a good map all the rest.
Good Points:
. Some of the best training areas in all of zombies in my personal opinion.
. An introduction to the iconic 4.
. The Introduction to the Wunderwaffe. Or the Waffle as my brother called it.
. A general creepy and cool aesthetic.
. Some good audio Easter eggs that give you shivers sometimes.
Bad Points:
. The Zipline is buggy sometimes, and isn’t really Interesting.
. The Zombies perform the Gluck Gluck 9000 to pull you in.
. Knifing in WAW is more risky than a text from your sister in a porn video.
  1. Five
The Pentagon in my opinion is better than Shi no Numa because of how iconic it’s characters are. The map itself plays fine despite it being slower and harder to train on than most maps, but the characters drive this map. The President was always the dude you wanted to play since he’s mf’ing JFK like obviously you’d wanna play him.
The map also has the Bonfire sale which was only ever featured on this map until Classified came out. The map is just slow and a little harder to train on since it only has 1 actually decent room for it; The War room. On top of this, the Pentagon Thief is op asf with his health and hard to kill on the lower rounds without some sort of high damage gun to kill him with.
Good Points:
. Great cast of characters.
. Good training.
. A really nice Pack a Punch location with a shootable door.
Bad Points:
. Slow movement and round time
. Generally unlikeable map size.
. A wonder weapon so bad it can’t kill anything at any round ever (clear exaggeration)
  1. Shangri-La
I’m sorry Matt but, Shang in BO3 sucks. Shangri-La is a map of weird oddities. The Baby Gun, OF course being its wonderweapon, being in my opinion, the weirdest part. It’s an experimental gun made to shrink things, mostly zombies and stones and stuff for the Easter egg. Yet it deals zero damage. The map itself is fun with the perk PHD Flopper, probably the most highly requested perk in BO3 only to get replaced with an arguably worse perk: Widows Wine. The map is in my opinion the very first puzzle map due to how weird and obscure the maps design is. The spiked floor and floor tile puzzle being a weird start to a map, the pack a punch is in spawn but locked by a power barrier, Richtofen has a fuckin shrine of himself built inside the map itself and more. But without these things in my opinion, this map wouldn’t be AS good or interesting. On top of this, the Easter egg is so....different that it’s really probably the most unique and different Easter egg out of Black Ops 1s maps besides Moon, more on that later. But the remake is just awful period without PHD Flopper. Again, Sorry Mcsportshawk.
Good Points:
. A crazy EE.
. A cool yet in my opinion underpowered wonderweapon.
. A cool map design and cool traps.
. A unique atmosphere not seen in other maps.
. The funniest trailer ever.
. Water slides and geysers. Period.
Bad Points:
. Training is only possible in a few areas and at that point you need a Baby gun.
. The Easter Egg is tricky to understand at times and requires a bit of box luck to get the right stuff.
. Small areas make more smaller training and “clutch” Situations.
  1. Zetsubou No Shima
Oh boy, I’ve got a bitch of an opinion of this one. This map is beyond polarizing. The map on launch was easily the worst map ever due to how glitchy, buggy, unfinished, and just generally bad. It was definitely the worst of BO3s maps, and is still considered the worst BO3 map, but I will admit this map is a great map without certain things in it. The KT-4, or the bootleg Sliquifier as I called it, was indefinitely the longest building process for an upgraded weapon ever. It’s ridiculously hard to get some stuff and rewards the hardcore players for well, being hardcore. The Farming system is straight up bad yet interesting in my opinion. Using the bucket of different coloured water to do different things some of which Easter egg related is actually really cool to me because it adds to the aesthetic of this Japanese controlled horror fest of an island styled map. The boss fight is bad in my opinion but is a really fucking cool one and opens up the best camping room in the history of zombies: The corridor of death. It’s a mixed bag of a map for me and on top of this, THERES TWO FUCKIN BOSSES! With a free perk at the end of one!
Good Points:
. Cool aesthetic
. Amazing jump scares such as the Clone jumpscare and the Hallucinations throughout different rooms.
. An Easter egg that goes along with the gameplay subtlety but not too subtle.
. A good trailer and song.
. Cool throwbacks to Shi no Numa and a general aesthetic that reminds you of that map.
Bad Points:
. Tons. Of. Fucking. Glitches.
. A broken boss fight in Takeos fight.
. A wonderweapon That takes too long to build and upgrade. Way too fuckin long.
. Spiders. Suck.
. A weird weapon selection featuring two guns from MP that never featured in any other map: The Razorback (my favourite BO3 MP gun) and the Marshalls.
  1. Der Riese
The fan favourite map, so to say. Easily the best WAW map by far, Der Riese is an amazing map from top to bottom, but nothing is without its quirks. Der Riese is a map where teleported are your friend and training is amazing and fun. And don’t get me started on the camping. The catwalk with a Reaper and either a Wunderwaffe or a Browning is the most satisfying feeling ever. This map was the stomping grounds for many trainers and it’s the first map to introduce Pack A Punch, probably the most widely recognized item in Zombies besides the Perks themselves. This map has downsides though, like an almost veteran level of training required and very high box luck if you want specific weapons to camp with, and on top of this the WAW Wunderwaffe is the worst ever cause of the Jug glitch with it. It made the gun almost unusable do to that simple glitch. The first actual Easter egg was featured on this map; The Flytrap. Which is in my opinion the worst Easter egg simply cause it doesn’t reward with anything but a trophy and an Annihilator in the remake on BO3. Overall, this map is a fan favourite and is personally my favourite WAW map.
Good Points:
. Pack A Punch’s introduction
. Best song ever.
. God tier training and camping spots.
. God Tier Perk placement.
Bad Points:
. The Wunderwaffe glitch.
. To some people and in my opinion, The Flytrap Easter egg doesn’t really work in my opinion.
. Teleporters not really working sometimes
. Molotovs suck ass period
. Finding the Easter egg items is a pain in the ass.
  1. Moon
I’ll come clean here too, I barely played Moon. I never got the EE done, but I’ve seen people do it and them some. Moon is another polarizing map, as the Easter egg is one of the most randomized Easter egg ever, and the movement system is like BO3 and IW had a cracked out child once you get into space. Area 51 was hinted at in FUCKING SHINO for god sake. The wonderweapon, the Zapguns, are a little weird and feel like pocket Wunderwaffes. Space dog. Yea. That’s it. I don’t really have an opinion on Moon.
Good Points:
. One of the best endings to an EE, despite the reliance on RNG.
. An Iconic wonderweapon
. Multiple space dog Easter eggs.
Bad Points:
. RNG out the ass.
. On old gen, the Easter egg was glitchy and buggy in some places
. The Astronaut is both a good and bad point to this map entirely.
  1. Call of the Dead
Call of the Dead in my opinion is the map that inspired Mob of the Dead. Similar names too. Call of the Dead is a map that surprised me when I went back and played it as I now knew stuff about it I never knew before. That being that there’s an ice slide, the Wunderwaffe was on the map of course if you did the Egg, George could actually fuckin die, etc. Overall a great map and an iconic trailer to boot.
Good points:
. A great wonderweapon in the form of the Scavenger.
. A great Easter egg and a great reward.
. One of the first maps to have like 3 or 4 Wonderweapons in one map. Not sure if the ray gun was on COTD but yea.
Bad Points:
. George. That’s all I have to say.
. Weird convoluted egg steps
. The worst weapon ever, The VR11 or the Vril which i believe is also the name of an alien species in zombies? Pardon me if I’m wrong
  1. Revelations
I will admit this map should be WAYYYY lower than it is, but I also will admit this map did quite a bit and is arguably the best end to Zombies because BO4s ending was straight up disrespectful. Revelations did have in my opinion the most unbalanced gun play in BO3 but in my opinion graphics wise this map and all the BO3 maps are amazing. The Easter Egg fucking stumped us for I think it was two weeks and i wholeheartedly admit that this isn’t really a new map. It’s a mish-mash of a lot of the popular maps with a weird Cthulu like building structure and storyline. It’s such a middle of the road map and I don’t have much else to say.
Good Points:
. A weird yet nice weapon selection.
. One of the easiest round 100+ maps ever due to how broken the gobblegums and the Mar-Astagua are.
Bad Points:
. “it’s not a new map”- TheSmithPlays, Ranking Every Zombies Map by MrTLexify
. The Egg is garbage, straight up.
. The bosses suck in general.
  1. Nuketown Survival
This is one of my favourites of all time but it can’t make Top Ten. This map is the combat training of COD Zombies, because it’s an actual challenge yet it’s doable. The random perk system makes this map the most interesting, cuz if the perks were fixed it would be so boring and generic. This map also has my personal favourite Black Ops 2 weapon, The M27. And was one of the first maps that featured the LSAT.
Good Points:
. Good concept for a map.
. Lots of nostalgia since it’s a destroyed version of the Nuketown map from BO1.
. Great weapon selection.
Bad Points:
. Random perk system
. Tight spaces
. Hard mode training if you’re new
. Big BIG purchases such as the middle Bus loud up area, and multiple useless doors.
  1. Buried
Buried is the map I probably spent a lot of time just fucking around with my brother on. He and I when we were like 12 or something (Im 18 now and my birthday is November 8th) we would just play and get to the highest round possible or just do some stupid strategy and just have fun. It’s such a casual and easy map that you can literally just hop into it and do what ever you want without having to worry about doing an Easter egg or fucking something up. It’s literally a map where you can sit on the bank and get to round yes.
Good Points:
. A great aesthetic and atmosphere
. A fucking hilarious NPC in the form of Leroy Mf’ing Jenkins himself
. You could get high and get to round yes because of how easy the map is.
. Great Wonderweapon
Bad Points:
. The Bank period ruined BO2s Victis cree maps.
. Leroy can get buggy and annoying sometimes.
. The witches are just prostitutes.
  1. Verruckt
This map scared me as a kid. I’m saying nothing after that because this map has a LOT wrong with it, yet I love it’s pure aesthetics and atmosphere and is just an amazing hard asf map.
Good Points:
. Awesome camping strategies
. The Introduction to the PPSH. Let that sit in.
. Voice acting.
Bad points:
. The Zombies speed is a fuckin problem.
. No PAP.
. Traps are your friend.
. The weapons are so weakkkkk
  1. Nacht Der Untoten
The first map. Night of the Dead. This map is up so high due to pure nostalgia for me. It started on World at War and I have very vague memories of a game with zombies in it. This map was that rumor. The Zombies are black holes yes but this map has a place in the history of call of duty due to how big of news it was. The fact that this maps concept of being added at the end of the Campaign was enough to be referenced at the end of Black Ops 1s campaign. Thiat was influential and is one of gamings most iconic moments and even though the map has not really aged well due to how Treyarch handles their zombies now, it definitely is hard and is definitely not the best but to me it’s iconic and great to camp on.
Good Points:
. Pure Nostalgia
. The great intro cutscene
. The camping and veteran level training
Bad Points:
. The close quarters sucks
. The two hit down system is very glitchy and buggy since the zombies are walking panzer claws.
. The guns are literal shit past round 15.
. The Raygun = Life if you’re camping.
  1. Ascension
You thought I forgot some huh? Nah. Ascension is one of my favourites purely because I like the training on the first Mooner Lander. I hate the monkeys and I really hate using Perkaholics on this map because I will 200% always lose the first four perks within the first like 30 rounds. This is also the map I hold my record for highest round on, round 77. PHD was introduced here and the Easter egg is so simple to do you could do it within a solid like 15 to 20 to 30 minutes. A great map in my opinion.
Good Points:
. PHD. Period.
. Best Training Area in my opinion.
. Thundergun fits better in this map than Kino in my opinion.
Bad Points:
. The monkeys in general can suck my cock and just make the game hard to be hard.
. The Perks in the most wack of locations just to make them more scattered.
. The Easter egg is really easy and RNG based slightly since you NEED Gersh devices.
  1. IX
I will be honest again, this should be lower. But I will admit this map is BO4s best map. It’s cohesion of gameplay and map design is amazing and I’m literally shocked that Treyarch just said “fuck you” with the rest of the maps. It fits better into BO3 in my opinion and it feels like a custom zombies map to be honest. But it plays well and it’s awesomely designed. On top of this, it features the best Avenged Sevenfold song in my opinion which is Mad (motherfucking) Hatter.
Good Points:
. Amazing fucking wonderweapon in the form of the Death of Orion/ Serkets Kiss.
. Amazing god tier aesthetic and world building.
. Best Boss fight in BO4.
. Amazing introduction to a story.
. Second Best Trailer ever.
Bad Points:
. Easter egg orientated
. Shield upgrade is a bitch
. The map is very new and not easy to learn.
. Training is fucking thrown out the window if you’re not in the spawn room.
  1. Gorod Krovi
The City of Blood. Der Riese on steroids. This fucking map has the best Easter egg ever in my opinion and easily the best boss fight out of every zombies map. The return of the god gun that is the PPSH. The FFAR was statistically better but the PPSH said hold my fucking beer. The dragons made this map fucking crazy and on top of this the trailer had fucking Ace of Spades in it. That’s the most Ash vs Evil Dead song I’ve ever heard and it fits fucking perfectly. The Easter egg goes perfectly with the gameplay in the words Of MrTLexify and everything just fucking works. This map is sexy and it’s almost perfect if not for the addition of the Valkyries drones. The valve step is the worst step ever cause it was made simply to delay us and the Egg has the best ending cutscene in my opinion. That’s it.
Good Points:
. Amazing EE and ending.
. Amazing gun selection.
. A bossfight That just says “yes” because of how ridiculous it is.
. Third best trailer ever because it just gives zero fucks.
. Amazing and god tier level design and aesthetic.
. Easy path to Pack a Punch that mirrors Der Riese.
. The PPSH.
Bad Points: . It’s quite literally just the valve step in my opinion.
  1. Shadows of Evil
This map is Treyarchs child. They promoted this map like fucking plague doctors did during the bubonic plague. It was Black Ops 3’s most marketed game by far. And the map holds up to this hype. It introduces new system elements to the game such as Beast mode and the sliding movement and the new hit/health system. The gobblegums fit on this map only in my opinion since the design of the machines fit the era and the aesthetic of the New York in the 30s type setting. The wonderweapon, the Mar-Astagua (Probably fucked it up somewhere without realizing) or the Apothicon Servant as it’s called in game, it’s hands down the best wonderweapon in Zombies history as it’s basically like shooting a Gersh device but ten times better and you have like 15 of them. It’s stupid overpowered and rightfully so since it’s an Apothicon weapon. Their tech is fucking weird. Same with their swords, aka the best specialist weapon ever.
Good Points: . Amazing aesthetic and amazing design. . God Tier Pack a Punch sequence. . Dr Monty levels of just “yes”. . Best Specialist weapon on game. . Best Wonderweapon. . Somewhat good characters. . Last Gen Richtofen. Best meme ever.
Bad Points:
. Tight Corridors, small areas and the such.
. Easter egg has the most annoying step ever in the Flag step.
. The Meatballs and the Flies are annoying , albeit they are necessary for Xenomatter.
  1. Origins
Origins is the map that made me hate my life simply cause I had a toxic friend who told me that this map is the best map ever. In my opinion, he’s wrong. There’s plenty wrong with this map yet, it balances that out by being a god tier map in terms of Easter Eggs, gameplay and general aesthetic. It’s a WW1/2 battlefield that features ancient Great War items such as the staffs and the thunder fists/ iron fists and it even features giant motherfucking robots that are named after fucking Norse gods and goddesses. It has a tank and an amazing EE that set up BO3, god I could go on forever. There are bad points to this however. If you’re not a strong player the fucking Panzersoldats are gonna get you, if you don’t remember how to train in the Jug/Shield area, you’re not gonna live long enough to see the upgraded staffs. The upgrade process of all four staffs takes too long if you don’t play Origins much and end being like SmithPlays who could probably leave the community for 4 years and come back to Origins and remember everything. Pack a punch is virtually useless except for the Boomhilda and Magma Collider simply cause the ultimate staffs exist at all. There’s also a glitched elemental knife which requires you to do pretty much the whole fucking Easter egg just to acquire. The staffs are just fucking amazing and despite their lengthy build time they come in freaking clutch sometimes. The thunder fists require you to be precise with your jumps, something not seen in other maps like that as of that time. Plus the thunderfists are a great reward and really fun to use, despite their ass backward steps. Overall this map is definitely my third favourite cause of how fucking good everything is to do.
Good Points:
. Fucking Giant Robots
. Amazing Layout.
. God Tier Wonderweapons.
. God Tier Easter Egg design.
. God Tier Song choice.
. Amazing player progression and upgrading process.
. Amazing EE ending.
. Amazing Weapon layout.
. Amazing secondary equipment.
Bad Points:
. Length of upgrading and length of Easter egg steps.
. The need to remember specific Benign things like the Tiles symbols for the Ice upgrade step, or remember the generators names.
. Long asf and hard asf Easter egg steps such as killing like 9 panzers that spawn from the ditch after the GStrike happens.
. Weird quirks like the mud that just slow down gameplay to induce panic.
. Glitches out the ass.
  1. Der Eisendrache
Origins but Jason said “hold my beer”. This map is very influenced by Origins and it’s upgrade process. The Bows are not as cool as the staffs in my opinion and actually kinda of underperform when compared to the staffs. This Map was the first to introduce a boss fight at the end of an EE, something pretty much only seen in Custom Mods. DE also was the most hyped DLC map outside of Gorod Krovi. It had people speculating saying motherfucking Frankenstein was gonna be in the game, turns out it was an even more op Panzer. The Bows were sometimes hard to be hard but otherwise we’re very rewarding and satisfying to use and build. Speaking of which, Mob of the Dead gets a shoutout here with the use of Three Dragon heads. This map even tied up loose ends from BURIED. Leroy or Arthur used to be the Wolf Kings sidekick, and when the king died he was teleported to Buried under what I assumed was a treason act, which makes semi sense.
The Plunger was literally a gag weapon that turned out fun to use, as was the Egg itself. A true masterpiece of Easter Egg coinciding with gameplay. On top of this, the Boss fight and ending had TREYARCH THRMSELVES watching NoahJ and the others do the Egg for the first time. This map was serious hype and without certain glitches and bugs every now and then this map would be perfect.
Good Points:
. The First Boss fight ever.
. Virtually the same as Origins.
. The Bows are Wonderweapons done right.
. The Egg steps are really good and really easy so much that it’s replayable on solo, something not always seen in COD Zombies.
Bad Points:
. Poor Box and Wall Weapons in my opinion.
. Way too much of an emphasis on the launch pad and it’s frequent need for steps for Bows, PAP and the Ragnoroks.
. No really good training areas.
And my number 1, Mob of the Dead.
This map is perfect. Everything about this map is perfect to me. The atmosphere is literally like playing a movie in a game. The characters are amazing and literally make you feel trapped yourself. The wonderweapon, The aforementioned Blundergat has TWO WAYS OF ACQUIRING IT. One for free the other for X amount of Box points. The free version is obviously better, and easier to get in my opinion. It’s also one of only several weapons to have 4 or more total upgrades.
The Sweeper, The Acidgat, Base, and the Vitriolic Withering. The latter being the best variant as it shoots acid monkey bombs and deals like a stupid amount of damage. The Sweeper deals 5000 Damage per shot, nuff said. The Acidgat shoots either two or three bullets I believe that all deal acid damage to anything including the player. This gun is beyond versatile. There’s also a surprising number of fucking amazing guns from the box. The AK47, Uzi, LSAT, Tommy gun and Death Machine were all added to walls and the box and are all amazing guns. There’s also the best equipment type weapon ever, the Hells Retriever and Redeemer. It gets a significant upgrade when you spend a round on the Golden Gate Bridge, another amazing feature of this map. You get the Hells Redeemer, which is a one shot kill to round yes and has a charge that extends its usage time. It’s by far the best secondary grenade ever besides the Monkey Bomb. The Easter Egg is a four player egg and it requires one person to die on the bridge, as the boss fight turns into a WWE Handicap Match and you have to fight your friends. There’s also a golden spork that is a one shot kill to round yes. This map even got remade even though the less said about that clusterfuck the better. This map is my personal favourite especially for the gameplay trailer which featured Evil Ways one of my favourite songs ever. I have never been as hyped for other maps as I have this map. I had the trailer on repeat every goddamn day till release and I got to stay home and download it.
I am lucky to have been blessed with this map. And I’m thankful it’s existence culminated in me finding this whole community. Thank you, reader, and goodnight to you.
submitted by FazeFrostbyte to CODZombies

"The Greatest Battle Royal in History" PT. I

-Introduction/Prologue/Things to know before reading-
*Warning this content is for Mature readers due to language, suggestive themes, viewer discretion is advised\*
The backstory to this is I have a group of best friends, who have known each other for many years, and met online from playing PS3. I was inspired to write this story because one of them is extremely worried/concerned about the pandemic that has been going on the last few weeks. The rest of us aren’t panicking like he is, and today he messages our group chat saying how he bought a gun (because he lives in NY and there is going to be Marshall law), and how we should be taking this seriously, and this is not a joke, etc.So me being the witty dumb-ass that I am decided to turn this into a joke, and I created this wonderful reddit fanfiction story that I want to share with the world. I’m sure it’s more funny/entertaining to us in the group because we all know each other so well, but hopefully you can also enjoy it, I guess just picture a group of dudes in their early-late 20's who enjoy shit-posting, memes, and the internet...a disgusting group of individuals I know ;] so I literally made a Reddit account to share this...I cannot stress enough that this is just a joke, do not be offended, it’s a satire on Reddit fanfiction meant to poke fun at my own group of friends for shits and giggles. I hope this makes anyone reading smile and laugh among the chaos during these past few weeks...If this gets enough attention, and enjoyment I will continue the story, I may continue it even if nobody cares…I also changed the names of people to protect their identities, however the nicknames we have in our group chat are the same lol
Without anymore bullshit I present to the internet...
"The Greatest Battle Royal in History" PT. I
The date is March 24th, 2020...
Several days after Marshall Law has been put into effect...
Rocco Peniswski, a local Buffalonian Soy-Boy, sits anxiously in his bachelor apartment. One hand gripping his 9 MM, the other, a PlayStation 4 controller as memories of old days fill him with bitter joy. His surplus of ammo, water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and porn magazines are neatly stockpiled behind him. He was prepared, while his friends & family sat around laughing at meme's, thinking this was a joke, for the past few weeks he's been gathering supplies ready for the worst. After playing Call of Duty Warzone for the last several days with his local friend Stutzman his training was complete, becoming a deadly warrior ready to defend his homeland.
Suddenly, he hears a truck pulling up as it shifts into park, right outside his apartment, followed by the sound of several boots hitting the ground. "Oh my god..." he whispers to himself as a bead of sweat drips down his forehead. He recognizes that sound anywhere thanks to his training, knowing the military has come to steal all of his supplies, hentai, and legendary guns."Well...I'm not going out without a fight" sprung into action, he moves his couch behind the front door for cover, aiming his 9 mm patiently waiting for Uncle Sam to come pay him a visit.
The footsteps became louder as every second went by, until finally there they were, right in front of his own home. BANG, BANG, BANG! "Open up!!! This is the US Army! We DEMAND you let us in!" A soldier yelled with stern authority, but Rocco was confident, he was prepared for this moment, he knew he had to stand his ground because fuck authority. Without answering, drenched in sweat, he stood behind cover in complete silence as the man knocks another three times,"We are coming in! Either you surrender peacefully, or we take everything by force!"
Without a moment's hesitation the door gets broken down, its loud sound sends a surge of flashbacks through his mind of Warzone battles, ‘Where we dropping boys?!’ voices echoed through his head, the memories of killing, reviving, the Chicken Dinners, ‘NUMBER 1 YEAAA BOYSS!’, and angry screams of Stutzman's raging. Rocco grips his gun tight, and with precise COD aim he squeezes the trigger as empty shells begin to pile up on the floor. With a ringing in his ear, the knock-back force from the gun was no problem, years of FPS training, and masturbating have strengthened his body, mind, and hands, as he continues to fire away into the doorway,
Click, click, click...without any bullets left in the clip, a sense of warmth overcomes him, feeling victorious thinking to himself, ‘YES, I DID IT! THEY CALLED ME CRAZY, BUT-’ before he could finish the squad came pouring in, firing off their military grade guns like a Fourth of July show Roccos’ never seen before. The air became hot & musty from the battle as their bullets ripped through the couch piercing his flesh as he screamed into the sky, "NOO! WHYY?!" falling to the ground in defeat, soldiers surround him, salivating at the mouth, knowing they have won that sweet Chicken Dinner. A pool of blood forms around his limp body as he lets out his final words, "W-why...Why did n-nobody..take this....seriously...."
Sergeant Wheezer enters the room, his green uniform perfectly spotless as he brushes his red curly hair to the side, many medals dangled off his chest. He noticed his platoon going straight for the magazines, "Alright Maggots search this place and take the essentials!" A wimpy soldier approaches him, "uhh sir, I think you're going to find this interesting..." he hands the officer a cell phone which miraculously survived the greatest battle royal of Roccos’ life. Going through the phone the Sergeant sees the unspeakable, "My god..." he whispers while scrolling through the Get on my Horse FB chat. The amount of shit-posting, memes, and big anime titties were too much for him, "I-I'm going to be sick" he tosses the phone away, spitting on the ground almost coughing up his lunch. Wheezer turns to his Lieutenant, "Sheen, I order you to find out who these DISTURBING millennial's are! And wipe them off this planet! They are just like the rest..." walking out of the apartment he lets out his last words, "clearly they didn't take any of this shit seriously." The lieutenant picks up the phone, he scrolls through, "Edge lord...Bobby Pervface...THCeegle...The Shaman Will...Tank Guy...Future...And finally...Ew...Chocolate Girl Lover...that’s fuckin' disgusting." He hands it off to one his soldiers, while crouching over Roccos’ lifeless body, "Well Jokerboy, looks like we are going to pay your shit-posting friends a nice...visit...." as he claps Rocco's cheeks a few times letting out a vicious laugh, malicious music begins to play while the screen fades to black...words appear...
-Written by "emperorceegle"3/19/20
submitted by emperorceegle to writers

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