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Prism Video Converter Crack Serial Key. Therefore, this tool uses to make and it is very easy to use. Prism Video Converter is a Video application like Media Comp, Enable Viacam, and Plex Theater from NCH Software. Prism Plus is a powerful multi-format. Prism video converter windows 7 crack. Prism is the most stable and comprehensive multi-format video converter available and is very easy to use, Convert or compress video files within minutes, Universal video converter supporting all popular formats and Batch video conversion to convert thousands. Convert Video Formats.

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Prism Video Converter is a product developed by Nch [HOST] site is not directly affiliated with Nch [HOST] trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Its interface may look very simple, but it has all the basic functions necessary for video conversions. GraphPad Prism 9 User Guide - Installing Prism https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4159. Our security scan shows that Prism Video Converter Plus is clean from viruses. The program contains a tool for creating watermarks. Free Video Converter for Windows works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & has millions of happy users. Prism Video Converter Crack Latest Version Full Free Download.

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Prism gives you fast conversions and high-quality output, but 1080p is the highest resolution. Step 1: Add Video Files to Prism Video Converter. It can convert video files from avi, mpg, vob, wmv (Windows Media Video formats) and more into avi, asf or wmv files. Free graphpad prism 6.07 download (Windows). License: Shareware $35. Take a look here where you can read more on NCH Software. NCH Prism Video File Converter Full Version: NCH Prism Video File Converter is one of the best software which is used to convert videos in multiple formats.

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Download Prism Video Converter - free - latest version. Prism Video Converter Crack +Serial key For Win/And Mac Free Download. A way to erase Prism Video File Converter from your PC with the help of Advanced Uninstaller PRO Prism Video File Converter is a program by NCH Software. Prism Video Converter 6.70 Crack Latest Version 2020 [Mac/Win]. Our built-in antivirus checked this download and rated it as virus free. This PC software works fine with 32-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Prism Video Converter Software (trademarked) is a video conversion software published by NCH Software available for Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.

Help me choose the right silent components to make my pc as silent as possible

Okay, before i go into details on what i already have and i am looking at to buy, i am a gamer who has also started doing YouTube videos(awaiting optic fiber for streaming 6 months now...). My computer is not the loudest but you will definitely notice it even in idle, especially when i have to go to bed with it turned on so i can upload videos to YouTube on my 10/1 internet. If i put a load on my CPU via video format converteda vinci resolve it gets even louder(i would not want to sleep with that going on), and that's not even maximum loudness it can achieve since my GPU is not being utilizied.

Reasons to reduce noise:
-Firstly i want to reduce the noise so i can record with my mic at higher volumes with less background noise since i am not the loudest speaker, and without a noise supressor(which lowers quality etc) you can hear my pc very well, as well as the creek outside my house.
-I would like to sleep with my computer being barely noticable that it's even running, especially once i get my optic fiber and start streaming and then render and upload very long VODs, which will take forever to upload and render on my Ryzen 2700x CPU and the planned 100/100 optic fiber.
-When my computer is rendering/converting it really starts to distrupt my ability to think, i am a quiet person who likes silence, talks to one self to better project thoughts.
-Also this buy would be a buy of a DECADE, the components i am considering to buy are there to last a damn while, i do that with every thing i buy, not the cheapest, but also not overkill, unless it's absolutely necessary.

Computer specs right now:-Computer case: Aerocool GT-S Black http://www.aerocool.us/gt/gt-s.html
-CPU: Ryzen 2700x Wraith Prism https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/cpu-cooler-solution
-GPU: Windforce 1070 Ti 8GB https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N107TWF2-8GD#kf
-RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 2x 8GB 3200 MHz
-Storage: 1x Samsung 970 Evo NVME M.2 SSD; 1x Kingston 256 GB SSD, 1x 2TB HDD(i will take it out for noise)
-PSU: CORSAIR CX750M 750W https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/cxm-series-2015-config/p/CP-9020061-NA#tab-tech-specs

I know i have to remove the HDD since it's loud and on my fast pc it really slows my work down when i try to access it anyways, so that's going out. My Big Tower pc case on the other hand has served it's purpose of being the biggest i can get 5-6 years ago so i never have to screw around not having enough room to replace RAM, GPU, etc, it also helped cool my previous GPU Radeon 6950 HD 2GB, which in my old small old design case overheated(south bridge was egg roasting hot) .
Now from what i gathered online i know my case's fans are far from quiet, it's plexi glass(plastic or whatever) window with ridge openings allows more noise to go out, as well as it's top being as open as it is.
So i have found out that Be Quiet! company does some really good REALLY silent pc cases, PSUs, fans, CPU coolers(the most silent fans there is ?), i read some Fractal Design S/Cs were very silent, Nanoxia Deep Silence(but it has a ton of fans... i am not sure how that helps versus cases weith just 3) and others, but i also read that any kind of window adds cost and cannot be noise dampening foam equiped, which includes Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 Rev. 2 one i have a really big interest in.

What i am looking to buy:-PC Case: Be Quiet! Dark Base 900(orange)
Due to it's design to be as silent as possible with sound dampening foam, fans with what i read so far the quietest on the market, it also looks to be more functional that my current GT-S Black, probably also cooler(chiller). The fans alone cost a third of it's price (181€ the cheapest i could find it)

-CPU Cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
I know Noctua got a slightly better cooler, but it's also slightly louder, so i am considering this one. From my reads, the cooler the CPU, the less fans need to spin, thus less noise since CPU fan makes quite a portion of a computer's noise.
Though i would like to know how much of a noise reduction this will be compared to my stock cooler Wraith Prism.I will be using it once Zen 3 releases and i buy the best Ryzen i can get(now that's when it's gonna start to get loud i presume, probably a 32 core CPU by the looks of it, supposed leaks saying Zen 2 in 16 core whilst my Zen+ is 8 core)

-PSU: Be Quiet! Straight Power 11 750W | Dark Power Pro 11 750W
My current PSU is also a Bronze certified PSU, whilst the above are Gold and Platinum, based on the specs i found, Dark Power Pro 11 is the quietest this company makes, beating Straight Power 11, but Straight Power 11 costs 50€ more than my current and Dark Power 11 costs an additional 50€ more, 200€, but both of them will cost me less money per month, so in time i will have return value. Though i am unsure if it's worth the extra 2 Db in sound reduction ? I don't know how much that is.
I will be selling both my PSU and PC Case and possibly my Wraith Cooler to cover some of these costs(PSU is only 3/4 of a year old, like 8-9 months, so i should get next to full price, and PC Cases this big just don't drop in value, mine went up 50€ in the same store for some reason...)

What i need help with:
So i need your help if i am choosing this correctly, is it worth picking Dark Power Pro 11 PSU over Straight Power 11 or are there better options, or is it even worth replacing a PSU, how loud are they ? Is Dark Base 900 really the right pick ? To me it's both asthetically very pretty(i don't want see trough material to look at my current Wraith Prism which further lowers my quality of sleep when it's on, it's really bright), and seems to be about the best there in silent department.

Are there more things i can do to reduce noise or are these the best and most important replacements i am looking at ? I know AiO CPU Liquid Coolers are better for cooling but also louder, more fans + the pump, also my CPU is not the overclockable type, i already read that it's algorithm does a great job and thus OCing wouldn't work, nor would i want it when my aim is silence(thus also longevity of my components).

I have read that some people use aftermarket coolers for their GPUs as well, although as powerful as my GPU is, i don't really utilize it much, the most demanding game i played since i got it last summer was Fortnite max settings on my 2K 144 Hz monitor, then i moved back to Heroes of The Storm, therefore it should be the component that doesn't require any tampering(pretty sure it's quite silent).

Thank you for reading this long post if you got to this point.
Please respond with your suggestions, ideas etc, have i done picked it right already ?
submitted by Kiloneie to buildapc

A Splash of Mad Science

Full disclosure, this is literally nothing like the last three stories I've written, and while it's technically inspired by the Lovecraftian horrors I wrote about earlier, the tone is absolutely different. So if you feel that something without horror would cheapen What Follows and Eyes Wide Shut (and even The Shattering), I would advise against reading this. It's partially inspired by Young Frankenstein, Krieger from Archer, and Rick from Rick and Morty, so other than the setting previously established there really isn't any horror here. This is just a (hopefully) fun little jaunt that stuck with me when I woke up and wanted to write out.
Also if you guys would like a little more Lovecraft, just leave a comment and let me know!
This is the journal of Friedrich von Frankenstien, the man who’s experiments and brilliance paved the way to our understanding of the Exoverse. These select excerpts, represented as written, were produced in the years leading up to our enlightenment, and our subsequent expansion through alternate dimensions. All credit and glory to his experiments.
It begins! We finally have a new field to work on, anomalies following the introduction of that secondary species have implied extrasensory fields that we have somehow overlooked for hundreds of years. Who knows how they will affect our understanding of the universe, and Gott willing we may even be able to manipulate them!
I have commissioned a new laboratory to be constructed. Design is relatively open these days, so for humour we structured it as a massive castle. Even put a dungeon in the basement just for chuckles! Progress is going well, interesting increase in prescription of a series of pharmaceuticals. May be worth investigating.
Castle Frankenstein is complete! One of my grad students dug up the reference, and apparently the family name used to be Steins not Stiens. Interesting book about a brilliant scientist making a monster (obviously the scientist wasn’t the bad guy, duh) and everybody else freaking out. Some people just can’t handle their science.
We have the power! Fusion plant installed next to the dungeon that pumping out just under 60 megawatts. The backups are coming in the next week or so, so we’ll have to avoid stress testing the system for a little while. Wouldn’t want to be the guy to blow plasma containment without a backup, yikes! Not that there’s much equipment setup yet. The students were getting antsy so I filed paperwork to generate a liquor grant. I also set consumption meters and behavioral monitors.
Let this be a lesson: Any opportunity is a good opportunity for science.
Apparently I underestimated to consumptive abilities of my students. Liquor grant has been doubled, with a requirement for increased diversity within fermentation processes. Recorded behavior largely matches expectations. Except for Gerald. Jesus christ Gerald.
Equipment is here! We are ready to lift the lady universe’s skirts and… Not an appropriate metaphor for a man of the microscope. Either way, we shall both determine a better opening line for exploration, as well as pull back the veil of reality!
Note: Drawing back the veil sounds much more publishable.
The world outside may be going crazy, but here, we’re just getting started! The Zimmer generators have been crossing electromagnetic streams, and while nothing happens when left alone, upon an errant squirrel leaping in through a window, we saw a perturbation of the very fabric of space! Also, unfortunately, of the squirrel.
Note: Cleaning supplies.
The last shipments of supplies have arrived, and let me say, they are lovely. More magnetic bottles than you can shake a stick at (unless you can shake it in 360 degrees, ha!), linear accelerators, an antimatter condenser as a gift from my partner in undergraduate crime Herr Vladimir. Such a darling man, if a bit of leach. Apparently the students were a little concerned at my cackling, which I simply reminded them that one cannot always contain their good humours.
Experiments have been going so smoothly we have begun to recruit from the nearby town! Initially I tried to offer them more exotic rewards, like diamonds built entirely from anticarbon (got a little carried away with the new condenser), but for whatever reason they wanted only money. Peasants. Also had to imprison Gerald in the dungeon.
Anticarbon diamond compensation officially removed from the list. Apparently they cannot be trusted to maintain appropriate containment conditions, and the fool annihilated my favorite hill! Now when I gaze out over my lands during the twice daily tea break, there is the noticeable absence of one previously rollicking hill! On the bright side, a novel use has been found for Gerald. Apparently the high energy destruction of our dear squirrel left behind a sort of phantom image, that had taken to gnawing on wires (quite inconvenient). But by beating Gerald with a sack of nuts until compliance (22 impacts at 7.9 kg) he not only acknowledges the creature, but has befriended it with the sack of nuts provided in our request.
Note: Despite the obvious benefits of running Gerald through the same fields, a majority “No” vote was taken. Siegfried’s calculations suggested that we would need to power down the amenities suite for nearly a week to effectively transduce our Gerald, and no one was willing to lose both the hot tub and the auto-seusse massager.
We have a new assistant! He immediately wormed his disgusting little way into my student’s hearts, and now I can’t even vanish him since they got drunk and linked souls! Who just goes and does that, especially with a man named Igor? They should know that this is not some seedy castle in Las Vegas, but a pillar of Science! In other news we have not only characterized the spectra of “souls” but determined how to weld things to them. Gerald has also gotten uncomfortably comfortable with his squirrel ghost. I’ve taken to only visiting him over video conferences. Might have to think about firing him.
Purpose! We have finally found a divine path, an illuminated road drenched in the scientific unknown! A manuscript worthy of a horror novel has been broadcast back from deep space, and it details a secondary dimension and a divine horror that we can explore! We postulate that the issue described stems from a collective weld connecting some sort of passage to the back end of humanity itself! In more tragic news, acting on this information we convinced Gerald to look very specifically behind him. And it was a rousing success! With more trials we should be able to characterize an exact spatial location relative to the human connection, but I have already posted Gerald’s mother with the collection of his pay, and his payout in case of unexpected science! (No diamonds).
Note: Assign one of the students to quietly recalling antidiamonds sent as gifts or payment. Problems could arise.
And the antidiamonds come in handy! (reminder: Tell Terrence he’s a little bitch, and that obviously I had a plan for the diamonds that he was just too stupid to see). Turns out all things have a sort of identity field that mirrors our existence, and that while our reality is predicated on vibrating strings of matter, the wavelengths being distinguishing factors, this parallel system is some sort of inverse. The important part being that the antidiamonds act as prisms allowing us to see into this new world!
Note: Firing lasers through the prism appears to have an adverse effect on student souls. Remember to write conciliatory letter to the family of Terrence, and schedule destructive test for Terrence.
Sometimes science is more art than science.
So, turns out that under the right circumstances you can actually subsume and twist the souls of other beings. I say this because Terrance is a little shit that doesn’t understand the true value of observational science, and rather than remaining for empirical data collection flew off to the village like some sort of hellspawn. After destroying the dungeon, and knocking over my entire vase collection. While the anti-air battery I had installed on the roof didn’t seem to touch him, a brief 2 megawatt laser pulse channeled through the antimatter inversion sure… Did something to him. Sarah got a little overzealous with the collection, and wound up bringing back a number of villagers as well as our weird little Terrance.
Reminder: Fix dungeon before villagers discover mode of escape.
Success! Ha! Haha! HahhAhhAHaHAHA! We baited the Abyss, and it GOT. NOTHING! When we set Terrence up in front of a mirror, and then stood another mirror behind him, angled to a third mirror that angled to us on a matching background, it just slammed in out of nowhere! Good thing we did the multiple mirrors though, because it did snatch an intern leaning against the second one. So I guess it didn’t exactly get nothing. But close! And what data! Recording in visual light left us with a near senseless heap of images and fragments (reminder: stabilize recording systems to handle Friedrichverse (reminder: make Friedrichverse the thing that we call this) events). However an overlay with the Friedrichverse-capable recording devices showed a clear spatial progression that correlates directly to the temporal jumps observed in base reality!
Sarah has rallied the students against me. I do not know if I shall ever find peace with them, great betrayers that they are.
After a several hour screaming match, during which I allegedly attempted to weld their souls to actual human feces before being knocked unconscious (for which I have magnanimously forgiven them), we have returned to our exploration of the… Exoverse.
Sarah you traitorous whore.
Things have gotten weird outside. Not to say that things aren’t usually weird in here (in scientifically standardized amounts!), but I at least had the decency to interpose a castle between my experiments and the rest of the world. It didn’t exactly work, but at least I tried! Now I’ve got all these people showing up to tell me that “Gerald and the Squirrel People forgive me” or “Terrance is still chained to this suffering existence, please release him so that he may finally die” or “Ancient things are reawakening as the Old Ones gaze returns, do not meddle little mortal.” As if I meddle. I experiment! And being fair, there’s always the control group, which is entirely unmeddled!
Note: Still need to recruit two more students, and replace the missing interns.
So I got lost in the catacombs today. Which is odd, considering I built this castle with a distinct lack of catacombs. Terrence also briefly returned to normalcy, chanting about how he had seen the other side and it was beyond our ken. Like, I get it, you’re an empirical scientist, and I started in theoretical systems, but just because my models are incomplete does not mean that I cannot understand a system! Though the river of blood was disconcerting, engaging the drains was fairly trivial.
Portal Test Two: Electric Boogaloo! Is a riotous success, although Igor nearly killed us
Him: “Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah?”
Me: “Of course we’re safe Igor, this will be the second time that we’ve looked upon its monstrous horror!”
Him: “Blah blah blah! Blah, it’s all set then. Blah!”
Turns to see Terrence’s mangled… Body. Pointed. Right. At. Us.
Me: “You… You… Through the mirrors Igor, the mirrors you idiot!”
At least that’s how I recall the conversation going. Sarah, may she be stung repeatedly by bees for the rest her short and agonizing life, suggested he sue for worker’s comp.
I am fairly certain I don’t actually pay him.
Got your nose!
Or weird, hand arm thing. Turns out the plague between spaces, the emptiness of a broken soul, the shattering of humanity does not like 10 megawatts of energy converted to light, inverted to the… Exoverse. And pointed at its… Honestly not sure what to call it, technically I think it’s an extremity, but Friedrich’s Organ was shot down as well. Some discoveries are just too large for people to handle. heh
Moving on, there’s a strange confluence of fields bleeding across realities, as though it simultaneously maintains physicality in both spheres. Where Gerald was soft and edible, this thing appears to muddle the realities.
Note: Submit patent for actual perpetual motion machine. Entropy reversing may have been the strangest thing you’ve seen this week, but there’s no reason to ignore the future.
Terrance is back. Progress moving slowly as he refuses to look in mirrors. Says it “Flays the torn and brutalized remnants of a humanity even the Abyss does not hunger for.” As though I pay him for that! As an aside, several of the interns have begun to converse with the lamps and walk through walls.
Note: Set student to record data from interns. Also, remind HR lady to expand recruitment.
Received a “cease and desist” order from the states today. Took them awhile to find us since the castle shifted to Romania, and something that looks an awful lot like a werewolf has taken to prowling the valley below. But we got a new village, so that’s pretty nice! Also Vladimir sent me a letter asking if he could come in when he arrived, and given the situation outside, I’ve settled on a firm no. Especially considering the postscript was asking for the blood types of my students. Running a castle without them would be beyond tedious.
Note: Reassure the general populace by releasing a notice that you have merely removed a piece of It for study, and there is nothing to be alarmed about.
THERE ARE THINGS TO BE ALARMED ABOUT! And it just figures that of all my students who I liked best (Aisha, may your death not impede the progression of science), Sarah is the one who survives. I mean technically Todd did too, but Igor didn’t and they were welded together. Although, there’s some interesting vocal harmonics in Todd’s screams that may be worth exploring later. For the time being though, we’ll just chalk him up under the “Lost” heading.
Today we also learned that It is presumably sapient, or at the very least has come to recognize cutting lasers. And does not like them. On the bright side, we sold a few Friedrichzorgans (Eat it Sarah) to the US government, so as long as we can reclaim the castle, we can do whatever we want! Haha! Winning again!
Made the mistake of looking over my shoulder after knocking over a thermatic inductive coil. I saw Sarah. It was awful.
Death is temporary, and we can draw people back from the afterlife. Or at least, I can drag my students back and shove them into their bodies. The least they can do is help after cluttering up the place all of yesterday. But noooo, all they do is whine about how they were finally “happy” and with their “family”. As though there wasn’t critical scientific insight at hand!
Woohoo! Guess who just got that military defense budget money! That’s right, I got that military defense budget money! Also, haha, a skeleton crew. Ha! Although they’re technically alive, this has become my favorite joke. It kills them every time. Whoo. Man, whoever said science was hard, was scientifically wrong.
Skeletons may have actually been better in retrospect. Turns out they need to eat brain matter, or they slowly become literally retarded. Unfortunately, the only two obvious examples were Sarah and I, and in uncharacteristic selflessness I refused to let them eat her (she’s the only one that knows how to program the auto-suesse massage protocols). Fortunately, I remembered the villagers we had locked in the basement, and what do you know, our students are back! If a little emotionally traumatized, so I did approve overtime. More disconcerting was Gerald helping carry a dresser downstairs, when he should be the most dead of all of us.
It’s becoming more and more difficult to convince the Abyss to stick a hand out of its cozy little cave. If other lab’s records (if you can call them that!) are to be believed we’ve separated several million Friedrichzorgan’s from It, and some of the more laissez faire laboratories (of which I just cannot imagine) have actually managed to look past It. There’s a few billion “doors” identical to our outer portal, but beyond them rest stranger spaces. I would give Sarah’s left hand to know what lies beyond the Abyss.
Eldritch horror my ass! That son of a bitch locked us out! A year and a half of science! Of dedicated exploration! Of student's sacrifices! And It just shut the door! I may have lost my cool a little, and after throwing together a projection system that pushed the door to our reality I apparently fainted after an hours worth of failed assaults culminated in me pounding it with a sledgehammer and screaming at It to take me back.
I believe Sarah’s recordings were likely falsified in order to slander my good name, but in my defense I do have a manuscript to publish.
People have started to report whispering around the doors, which is frustrating because mine continues to remain stubbornly silent. If they are to be believed, and aren’t just deranged drug addicts, it’s telling them, and I quote to “Take the blood of a child, and on the fell moon’s gaze blah blah blah. And take the hearts of two sweet, too sweet, lovers and blah blah blah.” And then something about granting power.
We have fusion generators. Who needs power?
I’ll show it for cutting me off, and I won’t need any stupid hearts or gross little children. Just you wait.
Oh baby. We have the largest powered array of lasers in existence, and (oh my god they let me use the the North American Accelerator) the largest fractionating prism of antimatter in existence. It’s a little disconcerting, because if anything touches it, the annihilation reaction will actually just kind of solve the whole Earth existing problem. If, you know, you had a problem with that. Not that I do,anymore I’m just saying. But the weapons test is online, and this time around, we don’t need Its instructions to open the door.
I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’re all just a little curi- ah ticked off about what’s on the other side.
So in thirty minutes Humanity’s going to say hello with the kind of knock that you can't ignore.
submitted by Ryantific_theory to HFY

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