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Angry Birds Star Wars Activation Keys For PC Version Proof. Serial Key Free Download. Angry Birds For Windows 10//8 PC/Laptop: Smart Phone users get entertainment by playing games. If you are running a 32 bit version of Windows, whether Windows 8 or Windows 7, you need to consider carefully the steps to migrate from it to 64 bit Windows 8. Regardless of the ubiquity of 64 bit computing, key factors such as hardware and application compatibility remain a issue, especially for legacy systems. Download windows 7 activator and share your views in the comment section. Keygen deskpdf original dragon ball angry.

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How to Activate Angry Birds Star Wars II on Windows 7/8 https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4281. If you're interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or. Angry Birds Space app for Windows 8 now available https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4288. After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! There are many different angry birds to use during the game. Join our community, share your love for the flock and keep up.

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Angry Birds Rio PC Game Free Download. Tree 4. 7 with serial number key activation, crack. Here you will find activation keys. Will this Angry Birds download work on Windows? Multilanguage (x86x64) full serial number. Angry Birds Star Wars Serial Key Generator.

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Activation Key - MerchanNet Light, Neuron Activity. How do you get free bad piggies activation k. The game can be installed in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Download Angry Birds Game for Windows. Looking for abbreviations of TAC? Animal planet activation code, tasty planet activation code, planet cnc activation code, lost planet 2 activation code, planet coaster activation code, animal planet go activation code, peugeot planet. It is Type of Activity Code.

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Built for enterprise users, the KMS is intended to make deployment of Windows 8 through a KMS host and KMS client, making Windows 8 fully usable for days before activation. AVG TuneUp Utilities 2020 Full Crack with Serial Key is a powerful system optimization and all-in-one utilities to maintain and keep your computer at the best performance. The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. It indicated by the Wanted Meter in the head up display. Angry Bird has been so successful in portable devices that its developers have decided to create it for Windows too. Download License: Shareware Downloads: 125694 Category: windows - Other Tools - Media Managers.

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Download Activator for Windows 7 - Full Activation read full article. Just click the free Angry Birds Space download button at the top left of the page. Download Free Angry Birds Code For Activation For PC XP. To access the full game type the activation key into the "Activate full version" dialog box in the game to unlock all of the levels, golden egg extra content, and any available content updates. Windows 8 operating system is latest release from the team of Microsoft. This site is not directly affiliated with Rovio.

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FREE Angry Birds Space Activation Key. Mar 2020 not only that the game light enough use your computer even angry birds rio crack keygen free serial number license key full apr 2020 angry birds space free download activation keygen. Language supported English (United States) More. This powerful software allows you to find product keys instantly for. Unknown May 8, 2020 at 7: 33 PM. Thank you it's sucsess is simple. Angry Birds Star Wars will be out on November 8, but until the.

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Serial Number Download - Smart Serials. Angry Birds Star Wars Serial Key Generator 1. The bitter birds meet the sinister Sith in this cross-over of AngryBirds and Star Wars. Game Redeem Code + serial key free download Angry Birds - How do you know that Angry Birds is a very popular game all the more so that there is to download and install on the 100 million users, New Technologies Tricks. Windows 8 full activation of angry. GstarCAD 2020 Crack Keygen Serial Number Full. The only other option is to purchase the Windows 8 OEM full version from a company like New Egg or Amazon.

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Hence, on 8 th of October 2020, Rovio has announced this great medley to be released on 8 th of November 2020 and doing so, it has won the hearts of the Angry Birds game fans as well as the Star Wars fans all over again. Avs Video Editor 8 Serial Key Nero 6 Serial Key Free Trojan Killer Serial Key Onhax Angry Birds Seasons Serial Key Stellar Pst Splitter 6.0 Serial Key Inpaint 5.6 Serial Key Free Download Endnote How To Locate Serial Key Get Any Software Serial Key Free Windows 10 Serial Key Enterprise. Angry Birds Premium Collection Serial Key Adobe Photoshop Cs3 Serial Key 2020 Nitro Pro 8 Pdf Serial Key Abbyy Screenshot Reader 11 Serial Key Serial Key Photofiltre Studio X Smadav 2020 Rev 12.2 Serial Key Serial Key Word 2020 Windows 8 Bus Simulator Steam Serial Key Adobe Cs5 Illustrator Serial Key. Each one features different extra options that will make it even funnier. Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory. All Activation keys of Softwares and WIndows.

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Update: The key given in this article is for preview version of Window Support for DirectX and Resilient File System (ReFS); Full support for 3D. Operating System Windows Xp Core November Microsoft Mac Coding Architectural Presentation Live Tv. As we did earlier, we have decided to give a direct link to Download Angry Birds Star Wars Full Version for free with Activation key now.

100 merchants. Ready to use ideas for your shops, stores and boutiques.

A bunch of merchant ideas, some are small things or purely flavour, some are hooks for quests large and small. Some are weird, some are funny, some are serious.
1) This dwarf merchant is the heir of a long family of merchants, but most relics of their past have been stolen, and they’re willing to pay any sum to get them back.
2) This Yuan-ti merchant arrived from a distant land, carrying unique wares. They are elusive about their past but never caused any problem, so the locals got used to them.
3) This gnome merchant lives with a very large family. Their kids run around the shop, the grannies sit in a corner making comments about the clients, the grandpas are playing cards outside.
4) This halfling merchant is looking to sell some very ancient items. They were stolen from a tomb, and the spirits in it are looking to get them back. But there is no need to tell that to the clients.
5) This elf merchant is clearly very inexperienced, easily offended and pompous. They took a bet that they could run a human store for a year without any experience, only thanks to their superior elven intelligence. It’s not going well.
6) This dwarf merchant is very tired and busy: all of their colleagues have been arrested after a bar brawl, and the only one left is running the store alone.
7) This tiefling merchant is regularly harassed by the locals, the store walls are covered in graffiti and the windows broken.
8) This tiefling merchant is feared by the locals, who accept the higher prices made at this shop without complaining.
9) This tiefling merchant has a hidden backroom where other tieflings and some warlocks gather to relax, eat and chat. A cosy bar for a few selected that have a hard time in the rest of town.
10) This aasimar merchant will judge any client, selling at a discount at the clients deemed worthy and at inflated prices for those judged to be wicked.
11) This aasimar merchant is paranoid about corruption and sin, and will share with the players a bunch of strange rumours and gossip about other people in town. Some of it may even be true.
12) This half-orc merchant has worked hard to build up a reputation in town and wants to keep it. Any attempt at illegal transactions will be refused, and the players reported to the guards. They will not buy stolen items, accept bribes, they won’t sell at all if they believe the players to be criminals.
13) This half-orc merchant doesn’t want to be a store owner, all they want is to get rid of their stuff and get enough money to be able to buy good gear and leave town.
14) This dragonborn merchant is clumsy and their tail keeps hitting clients by mistake.
15) This drow merchant is just looking for new markets and moved to the surface with no nefarious intentions. Os so they say. The locals were wary at first, but the large wallet of the drow changed their mind rapidly.
16) This merfolk merchant store has two ft of water covering the floor, fishes swim in it.
17) This elf merchant is offering to seel some ancient elven items, taken from old ruins. But everything needs to be very discrete, there are other elves looking for them, and they’re close.
18) This tabaxi merchant cares more about collecting interesting items than making money and loves to barter.
19) This firbolg merchant has a small shop in a very tranquil area of town. Almost all of the store profits are used to buy, protect and grow vulnerable areas of the forest.
20) This retired politician still has a lot of influence, and is often visited by powerful people seeking their advice.
21) This inexperienced merchant is very tired and seems about to break down and cry. They started working just yesterday: the previous owner, their father, died just the day before in mysterious circumstances. They were forced to take over suddenly, without even the time to mourn.
22) This inexperienced merchant is just stubborn and refuses to improve, and terrible at dealing with people too.
23) This inexperienced merchant just spent their life savings to buy the shop, but they’re clearly out of their league. The merchant partner is extremely pissed that they just threw so much money away and will nag the players while they shop.
24) This forgetful alchemist has a left a pot full of some substance on the fire and forgot about it. As the players do their shopping, they may or may not notice it and do something about it before it explodes.
25) This piratey merchant looks just like you’d expect a pirate: peg-leg, eyepatch, parrot on the shoulder. They try to sell a treasure map to the players. Real or fake? Who knows.
26) This overworked clerk is a newbie, they’re not very good at their job and keep misspeaking and stuttering, while their boss, the store owner, berates at them from a corner.
27) This mutated merchant was attacked by an evil sorcerer many years before, and was left with strange mutations.
28) This overly friendly merchant doesn’t understand personal space and will hug and shake hands and kiss all clients.
29) This unfortunate merchant lives nearby another shop that smells terribly, and the stink gets into the shop. Breathing is hard, eyes tear up and the throat burns.
30) This retired paladin is reminded of their own companions, when they see the players. The nostalgia is strong, and they offer tales, advice and even a discount if the players indulge it.
31) This retired ranger has a bunch of strange animals walking freely around the store, sleeping on top of wares, brushing against customers, licking them and munching on their pants.
32) This retired warlock is being blackmailed by local thugs, threatening to reveal their past to the townsfolk.
33) This retired adventurer owns a cursed weapon, hanging on a wall. Unable to get rid of it, the two have become sort of partners, over the years. The weapon is sentient, and it likes to mock, curse and heckle clients.
34) This retired rogue is being followed by their old gang. The players could notice strange people spying from the windows, hiding on the roof of the shop or spying on the entrance from the road.
35) This retired adventurer is being haunted by the ghosts of their former teammates, dead after a botched adventure many years prior.
36) This paladin of vengeance has created this shop as a front, hoping to attract somebody they want to kill. It’s a secret, but it’s obvious the shop owner doesn’t care about profit, they’re always distracted and nervous, and there are many rumours about them.
37) This retired cleric got tired and decided to run away from their own god and hide under a false identity. They are still wanted by the church.
38) This retired inquisitor is suspicious of every client, and often turns violent.
39) This retired bard had to lie low after offending an important noble. They are risking a lot, by running a store and putting themselves out in the open, but they want the money.
40) This retired mage uses their animal companion to pickpocket clients.
41) This fallen noble hates having to work to make a living, and loathes having to talk about money.
42) This boasting merchant promises to be able to order items much better than what the players are asking if they just wait a while. It may or may not be true.
43) This lying merchant promises to be able to order items much better than what the players are asking, but only if they pay half up-front. They intend to run away with the gold.
44) This wealthy merchant is ostentatious and tacky and will gift a few items to the players if they appear wealthy or high-born. The players will be kicked out of the store if they appear poor, dirty or to care for poor people.
45) This virtuous merchant will help the players with discounts or even free items if they appear poor or in trouble but will be hostile and rude if they appear wealthy or posh.
46) This fanatical merchant is covered in tattoos, and the store is filled with holy symbols and wards. If the players display any sign of the wrong religion, this merchant will be aggressive, jack up the prices, and could even throw them out.
47) This rational sceptic merchant will mock the players if they display religious symbols or to believe in any type of superstition or local legend, and try to convince them they are wrong.
48) This suspicious merchant is actually just pretending: the real merchant is tied up and wounded in the backroom, and thieves are robbing the store. This one is acting as the owner to keep clients busy and not attract attention. The players could notice something’s wrong form small signs or the smell of blood.
49) This politically involved merchant has a store covered in political paraphernalia: flags, coins, insignia, paintings, maybe even a statue. Pick one local political organization or cause and have the merchant be extremely involved in it. If the players seem to be of the same group, they’ll get a discount. If they start an argument, the shop owner is happy to yell at them.
50) This distraught merchant was recently robbed. 90% of the sore is visibly empty, some shelves still broken. They still need to sell what they can, to survive, but it’s obvious just looking at their store causes them great pain.
51) This dazed merchant is clearly on a number of different and powerful drugs. Someone with knowledge of medicine or alchemy could notice that some of the drugs are extremely rare and unusual.
52) This politically involved merchant is being targeted by angry locals. It’s not a popular political position, whatever it is, and the store is damaged and covered in graffiti. False rumours about this merchant are common in town.
53) This unfortunate merchant has a dumb name and will get very angry if the players even just appear to make fun of it or chuckle at any point.
54) This ambitious merchant wants to become the richest person in town, they’re saving up as much as possible and will look for any chance to make a profit.
55) This energetic merchant always wanted to be an adventurer but wasn’t cut for it. They’ll be really happy to see heroes in their store, ask questions and perhaps an autograph.
56) This delusional merchant believes to be able to defeat the players, they will look down on them, mocking and taunting them.
57) This scummy merchant will taunt and insult the players: they want to be hit and wounded, so they can call the guards, sue the players and get a lot of money from them.
58) This confused merchant is suffering from memory lapses and confusion. To the magically trained eye, it’s obvious they’re the victim of various spells, even if they don’t remember it.
59) This scared merchant is terrified of the players. They seem to have heard some terrible story about them. True or false, only you can tell.
60) This Elderly merchant is stubbornly refusing to get an apprentice, even tho it’s clear there isn’t much time left.
61) This elderly merchant is actively looking for someone to take over the store.
62) This elderly merchant had an apprentice, but they fell in with a bad crowd and haven’t shown up to work in a while. The merchant is getting really worried.
63) This puzzling merchant promises a free item to the players if they can solve a riddle.
64) This sickly merchant is forced to work even tho they’re clearly very unwell. Pale, sweating and shaking.
65) This new-age merchant has a store filled with crystals and herbs and loves talking about love, bliss and enlightenment.
66) This emotionless merchant seems closer to a robot than a person.
67) This mechanical merchant seems extremely lively and expressive, for a machine.
68) This oppressed merchant is regularly visited by the town guards, that demand protection money.
69) This nefarious merchant is looking for a very specific magical item currently in the possessions of the players and is willing to pay any sum for it.
70) This delusional merchant is convinced they can see the future and will give rambling and cryptic prophecies to the players that probably mean nothing.
71) This rickety merchant built its store on top of a building, hanging onto the void. The store creaks and wobbles, and seems on the verge of collapsing, but the merchant doesn’t seem worried.
72) This deep merchant has a well that connects directly to the Underdark, in the back of the store.
73) This mining merchant has a mine under their store. But they mined too deep and too greedily.
74) This patronaging merchant spends a lot of money to help local artists, even minor and lesser-known ones. They are losing a lot of money, to be able to keep doing it.
75) This patronaging merchant spends a lot of money to finance the most famous artists and is currently organizing a massive spectacle at the local theatre.
76) This swindler merchant has placed many items so that they are easy to knock over. The players must be very careful, or they’ll break something “valuable” and be asked to pay for it.
77) This distraught merchant is looking for a hero: the merchant daughter is kept prisoner in an isolated manor in the woods, where a dreadful beast lives among an army of possessed objects.
78) This correct merchant doesn’t like the idea of unregulated adventurers going around ignoring laws and doing what they want. Troublemakers, the lots of them.
79) This curious merchant is very interested in the heroes journey, asks their story and, if it’s interesting, wants to write a book about them.
80) This alchemist just opened this new store, everything is a bit messy. For every 4 potions the players buy here, 1 will be mislabelled.
81) This weapons merchant is very protective of their items, they will criticize the condition of the players' items and their form and posture.
82) This armors merchant wants to show off their wares, they will put on a set of armor and demand the players shoot at them with a crossbow, put it to the test. What could go wrong?
83) This unlikely merchant is the same race and has the same name as one of the players.
84) This alchemist often dumps expired potions and failed experiments in the river running behind the shop.
85) This doctor has a couple of bodies buried in the basement, botched operations.
86) This menagerie owner illegally sells some rare and nearly extinct animals in the store backroom.
87) This menagerie owner organizes illegal fights between animals below the store, drawing a sizeable crowd.
88) This chaos cultist merchant is using the store profits to finance a secret cult that gathers in the floor above the shop every Wednesday.
89) This haunted merchant has recently taken over the shop, but poltergeists live in it. Their effect is seen as soon as the players come inside.
90) This haunted merchant is being pestered by fairies pretending to be poltergeists, as a joke. Everybody thinks the shop is haunted. Their effect is seen as soon as the players come inside.
91) This friendly merchant holds a secret, illegal fighting ring in the back of the store.
92) This hard-ass merchant is always smoking a cigar, throwing smoke directly into their clients' faces.
93) This beard-hunter merchant really hates dwarves, and regularly assaults them to take their beards, keeping a macabre collection in the back of the store.
94) This retired adventurer has a bunch of trophies hanging from the walls of the shop. The severed heads of multiple monsters.
95) This halfling merchant was a half-orc, before dying and being reincarnated in this new body.
96) This esper merchant has powerful mental powers.
97) This miserly merchant lives in absolute poverty, wearing rags, eating little and saving as much as possible, accumulating a fortune hidden in the back of the store.
98) This extreme merchant loves dangerous activities and putting their lives at risk, with no safety measures or concerns for others.
99) This dragon in disguise loves pretending to be a regular merchant to meet people. If adventurers enter the shop, the dragon will surely want to investigate their motives and judge their character.
99.5) This weird guy in a green skinsuit is obsessed with fairies and spirites, and wants to become one himself.
100) This wonderous items merchant keeps every single item they sell inside a Bag Of Holding.
submitted by dIoIIoIb to DnDBehindTheScreen

First Contact - Third Wave - Chapter 355

[first] [prev] [next]
General No'Drak looked down at the holotanks below him. He was standing up at the observers area, in front of the seats, leaning against the railing and smoking a cigarette. He could see all of the holotanks from up here, watch the ebb and flows of the battle. Next to him stood his aide, Colonel BuChampe, and one of the Great Grand Most Highs of the system, formerly in charge of the infantry now in charge of precisely jack and shit but wounded troops that had barely survived. On No'Drak's other side was Most High Ge'ermo'o, aide to Great Most High A'armo'o, who still commanded nearly ten thousand tanks, and General Moffeta, who was in charge of Terran close air support assets.
Most High A'armo'o's men were pushing deeper into the three cities, paving the way for 3rd Armor to engage the Precursor forces inside the city that were surrounding the massive ships that had landed or crashed in the city centers. 18th Armor Division was currently sweeping The Graveyard, where dozens of Precursor machines had crashed. It was a radioactive hellscape full of twisted metal, destroyed or heavily damage Precursor combat vehicles, and shattered landscape. All twelve infantry divisions (unpowered) were sweeping the cities, fighting next to the armored vehicles. The power armor troops were mixed in with the cities as well as working with the Air Cav units to sweep the countryside, looking for any Precursor that might have avoided the net so far.
That wasn't to say combat was over. Space Force had only recently finished off the last of the Harvester Class Precursors and most of the lesser machines, but some were still out there playing hide and seek with Space Force.
It was odd, No'Drak thought to himself, these ones didn't Helljump out. They kept fighting, as if they could pull victory from defeat from an enemy that outgunned them, outranged them, and that they could barely effect even with massed fire.
Space Force was holding roughly a third of their ships in reserve, suspecting another wave to come in.
It was all down to the ground forces now.
"Trucker's engaging," Ge'ermo'o stated. The fact that humans often dispensed with titles when talking about one another seemed odd.
"Of course he is," No'Drak said, tapping his ashes into the ashtray. He brought up a virtual keyboard with a command to his implant and tapped a few keys with one bladearm, taking a long drag off of his Terran import smoke.
"Sir?" the summoned image was of a Saurian Compact Kobold with red scales and the flash of a staff sergeant on his collar.
"What's the bandwidth looking like for Trucker's battle tactical network updates?" No'Drak asked.
The tech looked down, then back up. "Minor updates to the battleplan, fairly low so far," he said.
"Let me know once it crossed into BOLO bandwidth territory," No'Drak said and closed the channel.
"So, he doesn't give orders verbally?" Ge'ermo'o asked.
No'Drak shook his head. "No. He uses his implant to make warplan addendum and adjustments. He reserves voice commands for urgent things."
"And he has never lost a battle?" Ge'ermo'o watched as the lead ranks and the forward section of the western flank of 3rd Armor started flashing yellow to signify they were engaged in combat.
"He's lost a few," Moffeta said, folding her arms and leaning on the railing. "Most expensive victories the enemy ever bought though," she shook her head. "One war, the enemy threw so much metal at Trucker that when they finally forced Trucker's one regiment to retreat they realized they'd lost nearly sixty percent of their military forces and Trucker's unit was already reloading and getting ready for a counter-thrust."
"That war was over, right there," No'Drak said.
Ge'ermo'o watched as 3rd Armor seemed to move like a well oiled machine. He had to admit, with two hundred years experience as a tank commander, he understood the holotanks and what was going on.
It just frightened him.
"First Telkan is falling back with Great Herd Armor," one of the techs reported from the ground.
Ol' Smokey 'No opened up a window in mid-air in front of him, looking over the numbers.
"Looks like the most that First Telkan took was some moderate armor damage," General No'Drak mused. He opened a few other windows. "A'armo'o's tanks are a little beat up, but nothing that can't be handled in the field."
He checked another window. "Looks like Fifteen Combat Sustainment is meeting them," he leaned forward. "Hmm, interesting, their Battalion Commander requested it directly after making sure that the CO for First Telkan is going to be there."
"Problems?" BuChampe asked.
"Not sure. Have someone keep an eye on the memetic traffic, that's usually a good indicator of shit going sideways on a person to person level," No'Drak said.
Great Grand Most High of Great Herd Infantry Ga'alawpi'in had been largely silent, listening to the others.
"Why, General No'Drak, do you give such autonomy to your commanders?" he asked, frowning.
"They are on the battlefield, I am here. My data is seconds behind actual events. Not as bad as it was in eras long past, but still, as little as a half second can make the difference between defeat and victory, between living and dead," No'Drak said.
"But yet you allow General Trucker command units he cannot even see," Ga'alawpi'in said. "See, right there, he ordered BOLO Vegitales to go to rapid fire on their infinite repeaters nine through seventeen at a specific aiming points in eight seconds," the Lanaktallan said.
"Let's take a look," No'Drak said. He activated the railing holosystem and brought up BOLO Vegitales' optical sensors.
The battle was roaring. Hordes of Precursor light infantry and light armored vehicles were charging the massive super-tank. The huge super-tank wasn't even using its main gun, just using infinite repeaters, mortars, point defense, and anti-personnel charges to destroy the mechanical attackers.
"There is nothing the..." Ga'alawpi'in started to say.
A horde of fast attack hover-pods lunged up from behind a pile of ferrocrete rubble, their launchers deployed, obviously getting ready to launch multiple armor defeating missiles at the massive tank.
The infinite repeaters shredded them before they could get much more than a meter over the rubble.
"That is preposterous!" Ga'alawpi'in said, curling his tendrils and shaking his jowls in outrage. "How could you possibly expect me to believe that a sole tank commander nearly a hundred miles away would know what was going to happen."
General No'Drak gave the Treana'ad equivalent of a smile and made a motion, wiping the display and bringing up the map. "Let's look it," he made another motion.
"108th Military Intelligence, Tech Specialist Hannah, how can I help you, sir, ma'am, both or neither?" The Terran female that appeared asked.
"This is General No'Drak, Theater, Commanding, put me through to Combat Analysis Division, Trucker Sequencing Section," No'Drak said.
"Right away, sir," the Terran said. There was silence on the line for a moment. "Hold for Sergeant K'Krik."
Ge'ermo'o restrained a smile. He knew that his rival was about to get completely embarrassed.
"108th Combat Analysis Division, Real Time Operational Analysis, Trucker Section," a furry looking Terran said.
"General No'Drak here," the big Treana'ad said.
"General. How can I help you? Keep in mind we're extremely busy," the Terran said.
Ga'alawpi'in felt a little offended that the Terran seemed to be implying he had better things to do than talk to someone who outranked him by such a factor.
"Have you determined how Trucker knew the anti-armor pods were going to engage BOLO Vegitales?" No'Drak asked.
"One second, sir," the Terran said. He muted it, turning away. After a minute he looked back, then down, obviously doing something on a screen they couldn't see. "All right, sir. Four hours ago a Djinn class Precursor vessel was shot down by a combination of orbital strikes and BOLO Vegitales' main gun fire. It deployed its full compliment while under orbital fire that disabled it. Third Regiment, Second Telkan Marine Division encountered pod-drones and two dozen heavy pod-layers three miles from where Vegitales was operating."
He took another look. "The Telkan Marines disabled the Precursor combat robots that didn't withdraw but could not follow up their assault. They reported and moved on, catching up to Great Most High A'armo'o's armored units. Two hours ago 22nd Infantry Division elements encountered a heavy pod-layer mech company and destroyed it, although it appears they only discovered half of the pod-layers that the Telkan Marines reported as escaped. The known speed of those drones for cruising speed under stealth is only two miles and hour. As you can see, the ferrocrete used in the ground-car elevated highways system there is the same sensor signature as the drones and prevents a direct line of sight."
The Terran male shrugged. "Once you look at the data, it's fairly obvious that the anti-tank drones sent by the Djinn before its destruction via orbital fire would be heading toward BOLO Vegitales. It was just putting the evidence together."
"Thank you, Sergeant," No'Drak said and closed the window. He looked at Ga'alawpi'in and put out his cigarette. "Does that satisfy you?"
Ge'ermo'o knew that the other Lanaktallan couldn't see it, but Ge'ermo'o could. Some subconscious part of the Terran General's brain had put all the data together, analyzed the pattern, and come to a logical and straightforward conclusion.
Ge'ermo'o was impressed that the Terran military had dedicated an entire section to analyze one man's battlefield impressions. It made sense to Ge'ermo'o, as it would allow them to refine combat predictive algorithms as well as train other leaders in how to put together circumstantial evidence into a coherent whole.
"But, if he is making these deductions, surely it effects his ability to lead as well as to take part in combat," Ga'alawpi'in harumphed. "How can he be an effective leader or combat soldier if he spends all his time analyzing data?"
No'Drak slowly pulled out his half-empty pack of cigarettes, tapping the top end against one bladearm. "Wanna see?"
Ga'alawpi'in frowned. "See what?"
"See Trucker in action then decide if you want to revise that statement?" Moffat asked.
"I'd like to see," Ge'ermo'o said.
No'Drak made a few poking motions with one bladearm. "Behold, the magic of cybernetics, tank sensors, and software."
The window opened up then expanded around everyone, visible only to those who stood on the balcony.
Trucker was half out of his tank, his helmet on his head, both hands wrapped around the firing handles of the quad-barrel TC's gun. He was raking the fire across the side of a Precursor that was trying to pull itself out of the rubble of a collapsed building.
"Black Betty, rotate up new port battlescreen projectors, you're about to take a hit," he yelled out.
A datascreen popped up that he had already ordered it via implant nearly thirty seconds prior. Ten seconds before even that he had warned the Defensive Crewman of the tank that they were going to take a 15 kiloton hit to the port battlescreens.
There was a flare of white light behind Trucker as he let off the trigger, whipped the gun up and to the left, and spit tobacco juice off to the side. He started raking the upper floors of a building and the bright purple flash of Precursor battlescreens taking hits started erupting from out of the shot out windows.
"Bag of Bolts, recycle your APERS strip, I can see the crack in it from here. You know not to wet-print the new APERS strips," he shouted, raking the building again.
A tank fired, hitting where Trucker was lashing the building, the heavy main gun of the tank blowing the roof off the building in a shower of debris and a clawing rising cloud of fire and smoke. A Precursor shot out of the building, lighting its grav drive, but a main gun shot from another direction blew it into confetti before it could get further than a hundred meters from the building and twenty meters of altitude.
Letting off the triggers, Trucker spit tobacco and looked around, stomping the foot pedal to rotate his command platform in a quick three-sixty, checking the data on his implant against where he could feel the battle was going.
Something's off, he thought to himself, keeping his thumb on the switch to keep the barrels rotating so they'd cool faster. He did a quick check of HHC, did a quick check on Cry Little Sister, then ran another fast status on the Division.
He out two fingers against his datalink, checked the updates to the Battlefield Tactical Network system, then frowned.
Something still felt out of whack.
A Precursor machine lunged out of a half collapsed store, scattering Tri-Vids and chairs everywhere and ran straight into the main gun shot of Raspberry Pi. The Precursor slid to the side, the entire side caved in and fire licking at the internals.
"All Regimental commanders, status reports," Trucker snapped, sending a datalink ping to go with it.
The reports came in rapidly.
Eight tanks disabled due to blown tracks, one tank had taken an engine hit, and another one was currently working its way out of a rubble after an underground parking garage had collapsed and dumped it into a...
He held onto that for a moment as the tank rocked slightly as it crushed several twisted and burnt ground cars under its bulk.
For a split second he could see an iridescent insect, floating on the breeze, just outside the battlescreens, his cyberoptics focusing on it for a second before returning his field of view to the horizon.
It suddenly gelled and he double-checked the deployment map.
Nice try, he thought.
"Karmine, get me Colonel Dremsal, right now!" he yelled out loud, looking around again.
It took a couple tries, but PFC Karmine managed to get through the Colonel Dremsal, 14th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, and pass the link to Trucker.
"Dremsal here, sir," Trucker heard.
"Move your unit to the attached location, ping me when you get there," Trucker snapped, adding his gun's fire to another two quad-barrels that were ripping apart the armor on the side of a medium Precursor vehicle.
"Roger that, sir," Demsal answered.
"What do you think he sees? There's nothing there?" Ge'ermo'o asked, watching the holotank.
"Not sure. Check with Planetary Defense and Civil Defense," No'Drak said.
Dremsal checked the orders again. He'd served in Third Armor for over a hundred and fifty years and was well used to strange orders coming in that made sense after the fact.
"Get the tanks in closer! Shut down your screens except your starboard, overhead, and undercarriage!" he shouted over the comlink. "Nose to tail! Nose to tail and main guns to starboard, Thunderpunch!"
His tank moved forward slightly, bumping into the one ahead with a barely felt thump. His XO flashed him an angry icon as the paint cracked and chipped. The CO for 2nd Battalion bumped his tank up and the starboard battlescreens clashed for a moment before they got on the same harmonic.
Dremsal looked to port where there was nothing but the rubble of a parking garage that had collapsed sometime earlier, then back to starboard, where there was nothing but wreckage from multiple skyrakers that had collapsed and destroyed Precursor heavy vehicles.
"Get ready, Thunderpunch!" Trucker yelled over the comlink to Dremsal. Colonel Dremsal could hear that HHC 3rd Armor's main guns were firing.
To be honest, Dremsal didn't like making his tanks a fixed fighting position. It gave away speed and battlefield manueverability, but he trusted his CO. He checked his quad-barrel and swung it around, lining it up on the top of the rubble of a collapsed skyraker.
Any minute now, he thought.
Old Iron Feathers led his men on a close in pass, checking the battlefield again. Great Herd Armor and First Telkan had gotten involved in heavy fighting, and while there were no MIA from the battle it never hurt to do one more sweep just in case.
"Iron, you read me?" Trucker's voice popped up in his suit.
"Iron Feathers here, Trucker," the neo-sapient replied.
"Got three heavy dropships coming down from The Blessing, but I'm not sure if they're going to get there in time. I need your men at these coordinates as fast as possible," Trucker said. Old Iron Feathers could hear the sounds of combat and knew that the big tanker was engaged. The coordinates pinged in, only four miles off, but the arc that Trucker wanted him to take increased it to six.
"Enroute. 13th Evac, out," Iron Feathers said. He opened a channel to his men at the same time as he crossloaded the flight plan. "Drop Nap of Earth and go full afterburners. Trucker's got something."
All nine of his men flashed green icons as he led them on a spiral down to just above the ground, lower than twenty meters, and leveled out. Once his men were in a wedge he kicked off the afterburners and the SAR armor boosted to over two hundred miles an hour.
"Look at that. He's calling in medevac and medical dropships now," BuChampe mused. "What is going on?"
"I'm not sure," No'Drak said. He frowned.
"Sir, Diasy Sue is confirming an orbital strike request!" one of the techs said, her head and shoulders suddenly appearing from a holoprojector.
"Who's request?" No'Drak asked.
Ge'ermo'o knew.
"General Trucker. He wants a four-fifty kinetic shot from near orbit less than a mile from 14th Armor Regiment," the female Terran said. Ge'ermo'o could see that her heavy duty datalink implant had all nine LED's red.
His had three LED's.
"Authorize it," No"drak said. "Get me a satellite overview of what's going on with 14th Regiment."
"Yes, sir," the Terran said and vanished.
Dremsal saw the nine members of 13th Evac touch down right before the countdown to the orbital strike reached zero. He had his hands wrapped around the handles of the quad-barrel so tight his knuckles and fingers were starting to hurt.
The lance came down and struck ground with a blinding white light. The ground heaved and surged, the tanks clanking and rubbing against one another, the battlescreens losing attunement for a moment and snarling where they joined. The blast wave carried dust, dirt, and debris in a solid wave out to smash against the battlescreens, to flow over the tanks, and barely miss the SAR armor crouched down in the rubble, before hitting the ground and rushing out nearly two miles more.
"OPEN FIRE!" Dremsal yelled, even though he could barely hear and couldn't see.
Right before the first tank fired there was another roaring as a dozen Precursor machines, massing several thousand tons each, breached the surface, the laser drills on the front still flashing and burning with red light. Underground several exploded, damaged too much to continue by the orbital shot.
The heavy tank rounds started slamming into the heavy duty Precursor vehicles, blowing huge craters in the armor that normally served to protect the robotic harvester deep in the crust. Smaller machines started deploying from the massive drill and extraction robots, jumping to the ground and charging toward 14th Armor.
Behind the tanks the ground shuddered as heavy hydraulics began lifting massive slabs of endosteel up in the air.
Iron Feathers looked into the gap and saw hundreds of civilians, their faces gray with dust, looking up. He looked up with them, pinging his datalink.
ETA: 215 seconds
Crap, Iron Feathers thought.
Vuxten jumped off the back of the Lanaktallan hovertank, trying not to think of how not too long ago beings just like the crew had mocked and belittled him as he worked menial labor. The tank commander waved to him and he waved back as he hustled over to where his datalink told him that Sergeant Casey was waiting.
The one eyed human was standing in his loading frame, looking at where two sets of 40mm grenades were coming out of two different nano-forges.
"There you are, Lieutenant," Casey said.
"You said you wanted to see me when we got here?" Vuxten said, moving up. He looked at the grenades on the conveyor belt and frowned. They were standard 40mm high explosive dual purpose armor defeating.
"Yup. Solved your problem," the human said.
"Which problem?" Vuxten asked.
The human pointed at Vuxten's left shoulder. "Your grenade launcher."
Vuxten turned and looked at him. "Space Force and Armor Engineering say the launcher's fine even though it keeps jamming up."
"It is fine. Your problem isn't the launcher," the big human said. He pointed at the grenades. "These are," he pointed at the second one, which Vuxten could tell by the slight glossy sheen to the casing had been wet-printed by a hot nano-forge. "Well, those are to be exact."
"How?" Vuxten asked. He couldn't see any difference.
The big human picked up one from each conveyor. "Superficially, they look the same. Unfortunately, they aren't. I checked the armor logs, you guys wet-print once you get into combat. By the fifth or sixth wet-printed shell you get jammed up."
Vuxten nodded.
"It's because when wet-printed the booster charge that launches it from the launcher is more granular, sticky so to speak. You end up with what looks like carbon, but is carbon and unexploded Composition Delta-Seven, a low explosive," the human said. "It's not much, but enough to jam the weapon as it loads. When you get it clear, it's good for five or six launches then it jams again."
Vuxten nodded slowly. "All right. What do I do about it?"
"I talked to Ordnance Command in the fleet, they gave me permission to run a reorder on your ammo. Instead of caseless using Comp Dee-Seven, we'll use Comp Bee-Ex-Four. That burns cleaner even when wet-printed. That should solve your jamming pro..." Casey's eyes opened wide and he grabbed Vuxten yanking him down onto the ground as the big human went one knee down, fist into the ground, covering his face with the other arm.
The dust blew by, the wind knocking the grenades off the conveyors. The shockwave shook the ground and the rumble went on for a long second.
"You OK, Lieutenant?" Case asked, looking at Vuxten.
"Yeah. What was that?" Vuxten asked, getting up.
"Orbital strike. Someone just got pancaked," the human said.
Vuxten turned and stared. The mushroom cloud, and any sufficently powerful explosion creates a mushroom cloud, was reaching up for the sky.
Casey stood up slowly, straightening up. "You better have your men load those templates, sir," he said.
He pointed at the cloud. "Got a feeling you're gonna be back in it real soon."
Vuxten nodded.
"Status report!" A'armo'o snapped, standing up in the tank, his upper body outside the cupola. He could see the Telkan officer, Vuxten, running back over to the tanks, waving his arm to encourage his men to follow.
"Orbital strike from the Daisy Sue, sir," his commo tech yelled. "We've got multiple heavy Precursors coming straight at 14th Armor Regiment. Looks like subterrainian extraction and refinery systems that got forced to the surface by the orbital strike!"
"Who's close enough to provide support?" A'armo'o asked, staring in awe at the mushroom cloud taht was still red and orange.
There was silence for a moment. "Nobody, Most High."
A'armo'o looked around. His tanks were being reloaded, some of them were damaged badly enough that they were smoking.
Rolling coal, went through his mind.
He tapped his datalink, bringing up a map. He was six miles away, a river in between. The Terran tanks were all tracked vehicles, they couldn't cross the quarter mile river.
But his hover-tanks could.
He opened the channel. "All units, all units. Two minutes then we roll out! We lock and load, rack and stack on the way!"
"Most High, my main gun's out!" one of his subordinates protested.
"THEN RUN THEM OVER!" A'armo'o yelled. "This is not optional. I will shoot anyone who disobeys."
"Fifteenth, grab the forges, mount the tanks. We'll dismount at the river!" Captain Starpunt yelled out.
"First Telkan, mount your tanks!" the human commander of the Telkan Marines yelled.
"Plot us a course," A'armo'o ordered.
"But, sir, the Terrans should be able to handle it," His Third Most High protested.
"Not by the time we get there," A'armo'o said.
He didn't know how he knew.
But he knew.
No'Drak watched the screen update and turned to look at BuChampe. He reached out and poked at General Trucker's image with one bladearm even as he exhaled smoke from his legs.
"Not a psyker, my great big bug ass," No'Drak said.
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