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Those Who Hunt Spammers, Part II: I'm Up All Night to Get Funky

NOTICE: The mods have seen and vetted a copy of this post before I put it up here, just for safety's sake. The mods have also already seen the links to the documents herein and have approved me name-dropping in this as the entity named herein is defunct (as of the end of 2012) and the owners acknowledged as having done what's in the linked documents here.
I apologize for how long this has taken; TuxPE 5 has taken up a lot of my time (read: I'm lazy). Considering that I should be finishing and releasing it this weekend, though... yeah.
 Tuxedo Jack and Craptacularly Spignificant Productions - present - Those Who Hunt Spammers - part the second - I'm Up All Night to Get Funky 
Nearly a year had passed, and it was the middle of October 2012.
I'd left the MSP I worked at (the one what catered to the vapid bleached-blonde pennypinching harpy), and I was working at the hospital chain in Austin. I'd gotten engaged, and I'd moved to an apartment one block from my office.
The spammers who'd bothered me in 2011 had buggered off, never to be seen or heard from again, and the torrents of crap that had taken up so much space in my PST file trickled down to a few 419 scams every now and again. Of course, there was still the occasional spam that got through, and those were usually deleted.
Life was pretty good.
Sure enough, though, that was a finite thing. More holes in OpenRealty's Tell-A-Friend function had been found, and people were using it once again to spam.
Payday loan affiliates spammed my inbox - my retribution was swift and severe. A bit of Google-Fu found the name and home phone number of the CEO of the company whose products they were spamming, and a quick call to his house (again, in Arizona - what is it with that state and spammers?) during dinner got me the name and contact information for the affiliate who was spamming me. It didn't hurt that I namedropped when I called the president - he knew about the guy I'd nailed prior to this.
Needless to say, that ended spams from them QUICKLY.
One night, my phone dinged at 6 PM to signal an incoming e-mail. A quick look at it showed that it was a typical spam - it named a company called Funky Shark, which was a penny auction site similar to the ZeekRewards scam that was shut down around August 2012. An affiliate link was inside it, run through a URL shortener, but it wasn't anything that Firebug and the Network request panel in Firefox (Ctrl + Shift + K, just FYI) couldn't track properly. I fired up Camtasia to record my thought process while I went through analysis for the spam.
And yes, this is the incident that spawned my infamous drunken profanity-infused spam analysis video to which I've made references to other times. No, you don't get to see it; it drops my real name in there.
"Well, let's see. The headers are spoofed, there's the use of a compromised OpenRealty server in the Netherlands, there's no visible physical address for removal, there's no - huh, that's odd."
At the bottom of the message, it said the following:
I am sharing this opportunity just once but if you have doubts you can unsubscribe anytime by simply send a blank email to and put 'Remove' as your subject 
The only question was WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO SEND THE E-MAIL TO? There was no physical address, and the e-mail address was no doubt falsified.
A wonderful, wicked idea struck me, and I opened up my laptop. While it booted, I kept going through my analysis, and I got the affiliate ID from the link. A perusal of Funky Shark's site showed no functional privacy policy, no terms of service, nothing but a site that seemed designed to collect e-mail addresses and Skype names for a future launch. However, they did have a page with their lawyer's bio on it, in which he had a link to his Facebook page, so I paid a quick visit to said page and perused it for a bit. After a series of messages with him (amazingly enough, he was online at the time), in which I asked to be removed, he stated that he wasn't a point of contact for his client and said that I should go to them directly for opt-out requests. He didn't, however, give me the owner's name or any contact information.
I shrugged it off. No matter, I'd have it easy enough after a bit of work. Besides, who likes dealing with lawyers?
At that point, my laptop chimed to signal that it was done booting, and I launched Firefox on it. I navigated over to mail.yahoo.com, and for kicks and giggles, I attempted to create a new mail account with the same address the spammer had used as a reply-to.
"Let's see... [REDACTED] at Yahoo dot com..." I snorted. "No way he's stupid enough to use an account that doesn't exist if he doesn't want CAN-SPAM violations."
A few seconds later, I completed my mastery in the emulation of Picard (read: facepalm) as Yahoo allowed me to create the e-mail address successfully. I keyed in a variant on one of my usual passwords, and a few seconds later, I was at the inbox, which started to ding as replies with the word REMOVE as the subject flowed in steadily.
Yes, that's right. I managed to create a mail account, one that was purportedly already being used for opt-out requests for a MLM / penny auction scheme's spammers, and thus managed to prove conclusively that the affiliate never had any intention of honoring opt-outs.
But wait - it gets better.
CAN-SPAM does have some teeth. The McCain Amendment to it holds the key - the companies being spammed can be held liable for damages, FTC penalties, and remedies, if they know or should have known that their business was being promoted by spam. I was sure that this would pass a prima facie test for this - and after consulting with a lawyer friend of mine, I was reassured and then some.
Over the next day or two, I gathered information about Funky Shark - I dug up the LLC records, which showed it to be an LLC based out of Whitefish, Montana. A few calls to various agencies later, I'd reached someone who'd given a damn, and I was told to forward on all the information I'd gathered about the company to the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, which handled such things like insurance, investments, and, as it happened, penny auction scams, for which it had issued a warning about for ZeekRewards a few months prior. Meanwhile, a metric assload of replies flowed into the [REDACTED] account, most of which had bodies filled with expletives and profanity. Everything I gathered, including credentials to the [REDACTED] account, was passed on to them, as well as the FTC and SEC. I noticed they didn't change the password to the account, but I didn't care, really. The bodies of the replies that came in were hilarious.
I didn't hear anything from the MCSI for a few weeks, though I'd noticed the web had gone quiet about Funky Shark, and the MLM forums I lurked on for intel strangely seemed to have a LOT of threads complaining about Funky Shark purged for no apparent reason.
One brisk fall morning (translation: 75 degrees and dry - it IS Texas, after all) in mid-November, I walked into my cube and docked my Latitude E5420, then went and got 32 ounces of Cafe Verona from the break room before sitting down and loading Firefox. I loaded up the MCSI's site to see if there was an update on Funky Shark.
I did NOT expect to see what I saw.
I mean, I'm sure as hell not complaining. It's rare as hell that you get to see your efforts vindicated in such a fashion.
In all fairness, though, I'd be lying if I said I didn't do a happy dance and squee rather loudly in my cube. I was quite happy that a certain coworker whom I've mentioned before wasn't working there that day, because the look I would get from her would be both flabbergasted and gobsmacked, tinged with more than just a hint of "why the hell are you doing that at work," though the looks I got from the head of network security and my other nearby coworkers almost - ALMOST - offset my joy a bit.
A few weeks later, the MCSI put up a new press release in which they stated that the owner of Funky Shark had been nailed for illegally selling investment opportunities. Not only did they have to pay back the investors, the founder of the company ended up paying out of his pocket to reimburse them!
Ever since then, it's been very rare that I've analyzed spam. Sure, there's tons out there. Yes, they're annoying, pernicious, and the spammers are probably a rather large festering pimple on the collective ass of humanity.
But when you get results like that, you just can't really top it, and a part of you doesn't even want to try, you know?
TL;DR: We are samurai - the keyboard cowboys - and all those other people who have no idea what's going on are the cattle. Moooo.
Schadenfreude is a delicious thing. It's even better when you have the law backing you up. Here's some other things I've put up here.
2017 EDIT: Updated links to CSIMT's press releases, since they redid their site in WordPress.
2018 EDIT: What the hell is it with Whitefish being a hotbed for scams, fraud, crime, and white supremacy? This, Ryan Zinke, Whitefish Energy, Richard Spencer... Christ.
submitted by tuxedo_jack to talesfromtechsupport

Thoughts on using ChromeOS and Windows 10 side-by-side for a couple of weeks

TL;DR -- I just got a Windows device and have been splitting time between ChromeOS and Windows 10. It's helped me understand what's awesome about ChromeOS and what needs to be improved.
I'm a university mathematics professor and department chair, and I've been using a Pixelbook as my daily driver for about 2 years now. I also have a university-provided 2016 Macbook Pro, but I've mostly not used it since I got the Pixelbook. I recently upgraded the university computer to a new Windows 10 machine, a Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1, because while I love the Pixelbook, I needed a machine more capable of doing video creation/editing for online teaching.
I've been using both the Pixelbook and the Dell side by side now for a couple of weeks and I thought I'd share some thoughts:
  • The Dell is a really nice piece of hardware, and Windows 10 has come a long long way since the last time I owned a Windows device (about 15 years ago!).
  • It's awfully nice to have a operating system where there are actual apps that you install and run locally that were made for the OS, rather than a loose collection of workarounds, web pages, and sketchy Android apps. Zoom is a huge example -- I just can't get over how much better Zoom works on a Windows device than on ChromeOS.
  • Likewise, it's awesome to know that when something connects to the Dell via USB or Bluetooth, it will just connect, and stay connected, without fuss. I've had endless issues with my USB microphones and Bluetooth headphones with the Pixelbook and no problems at all with the Dell. Also printers!
  • The Dell came with an active pen that seems a lot more functional than on ChromeOS, and the inking experience is far superior to that on ChromeOS with the Pixelbook pen IMO.
However: When it comes to actually working on the computer, I find that I much prefer the Pixelbook:
  • The keyboard on the Pixelbook simply crushes the Dell's. My arms ache after using the Dell for more than an hour.
  • The Pixelbook uses a i5 processor with 8GB of RAM while the Dell uses an i7 with 16GB of RAM, but the Pixelbook feels twice as fast. It's like the difference between a small car with a light engine and a monster truck -- one has more power but the other is quicker.
  • The Pixelbook sips power and runs quiet and cool. The Dell on the other hand has a fan that already tends to lurch on at odd moments and doesn't always do the job. Yesterday I pulled the Dell out of my bag and it had gotten so hot I had to use an oven mitt to remove it. And twice, the Dell has just randomly turned itself off, and rebooting it sometimes takes 3-4 minutes. The Pixelbook has had some crashiness in the past but nothing recent since the v80+ updates.
Having both these machines, not to replace each other but to fill complementary needs, has been interesting and I've learned a lot about both OS's over the last couple of weeks. I can still do 90% of my work with the Pixelbook, and I'm in a field where I'm not just writing documents or surfing the web. That remaining 10% could easily be captured too, if ChromeOS could:
  1. Improve the inking experience and make it easier to mark up documents;
  2. Play nicer with printers, mics, headsets, etc.
  3. Fix Bluetooth
  4. Have some analogue to the native Windows app (maybe PWAs will do this, but they are still very young)
  5. Get more developers on board with creating "native apps" for things like PDF markup (something as nice as Drawboard) and video creation and editing (somethign like Camtasia)
Also, if there could be a ChromeOS machine living inside the body of the Dell Latitude 7400, I would throw money at it unreservedly.
submitted by Rtalbert235 to chromeos

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