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Join the phenomenological rebellion!

I got a text containing the whereabouts of the illegal rave I had signed up to attend with two of my friends. The organizers sent out the information very close to the time of the party to avoid being stopped by the police. Usually, the locations for these kinds of parties were abandoned factories or gymnasiums but this time was a bit different. It was going to be held on an uninhabited island in the archipelago a few kilometers out of town.
A small motorboat picked us up. Maja almost fell into the water as she stepped aboard, already a bit tipsy from a few beers. Jonathan grabbed her just in time while I put out my cigarette before stepping onboard myself. The evening was serene with a soft mist traveling on the surface of the still water. It was just a few days after Midsummer Eve, so the sun wasn’t expected to set until 10:00 p.m.
The loud music traveled over the surface and reached us way before we reached the island. Hearing the vague echo of electronic dance music in this otherwise silent, secluded environment made a surreal impression on us. The island wasn’t very big – you could probably have walked around it in twenty minutes – but it was so overgrown that the water was still hidden from view if you stood at the center. This was where the rave was.
A lot of people had already shown up, but since the location was so remote there weren’t as many as usual. Most of my acquaintances were there though. The party was well prepared with some fancy equipment. The speakers, large ones leaning against tree trunks, were connected to solar panels and they even had a live DJ.
Everyone was having a blast, even though the party had just gotten started. I wasn’t sufficiently drunk to let go completely yet, so I began drinking some of the stuff we had brought with us, and as soon as I started feeling it, I joined the others among the old trees. It was a beautiful experience, even without the help from molly. I danced with a beautiful lady wearing a LED tutu and a pink bikini top. She was more into me than girls usually were, at least after having just met me, and we made out a little bit before she disappeared into the crowd. I thought it was pretty random, but I didn’t complain.
After a few hours of dancing with my friends, when our bodies couldn’t keep up with our minds anymore, we began craving something to pop. None of us had brought anything, because we had all been celebrating Midsummer with our families and hadn’t had the time to get anything of good quality. Maja asked around for a while but without any luck. We thought it was kind of a bummer that no one wanted to share, but we took it in stride and decided to just get some rest before continuing on with the party. We took a walk close to the water. The only thing we could see of the party from there were the intense lights from the stroboscopes, turning the trees into blinking silhouettes against the blinding blaze.
“Hey,” Jonathan said and pointed at the water. “Is that boat coming our way?”
“I don’t know,” I said a bit uninterested. “It looks like it.”
It was a rowing boat with one passenger, slowly getting closer. We stood there and watched it until it was close enough for us to speak to the man on board. He was wearing a dark business suit and a pair of black Ray-Bans and hence didn’t really fit in.
“Sorry for the party!” I said with a smile. “It’s just for one night, then everything will go back to normal again.”
“Don’t be sorry!” the man yelled back. He pulled up his oars and drifted the last bit. “I didn’t come here to complain. I was young myself once. It was a long time ago now, but I still remember it well enough. Would you be so kind as to grab the boat?”
Maja climbed down the path we were on and received the man who proceeded to calmly step ashore. His remarks about being young long ago didn’t make much sense, because he was pretty obviously in his thirties. He gave each of us a firm handshake but didn’t give us his name.
“Have you come for the party?” Jonathan asked, surprised at the possibility.
“No,” the man said. “I’ve danced enough in my life. But I wanted to give you something and, I suppose, show you something as well.”
“You live nearby?” Maja asked. “I didn’t think anybody–”
“Not at all,” the man interrupted. “Quite the contrary, in fact, but let’s not get into that sort of thing now. I don’t have that much time.”
“What did you want to give us?” I asked.
He pulled out a sealed plastic bag from his back pocket and held it in front of us.
“If you’re looking for something to spice up the night, this will do the trick. Don’t be alarmed, it’s completely safe.” He took out a black pill from the bag, put it on his tongue, and swallowed it. “See? Nothing dangerous about it.”
“Dude,” Jonathan said, “you came all the way here to deal drugs?”
“Why yes,” the man said, “this is a party isn’t it?”
“What does it do?” Maja asked. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pill like that before.”
“There’s nothing like them,” the man said. “I made them myself. I guess you could say I’m a chemist, although I prefer the title mind rescuer. You see, I’m part of something I call the phenomenological rebellion.” He laughed. “And as to what it does… well, let’s just say the party you got going here will feel about as meaningful as watching paint dry after you’ve taken one of these babies. Oh, yes, they’ll change the way you see the world maybe even long after the effects have weaned off.”
“So, you’re saying it’s a psychedelic?” I asked. “Like shrooms or–”
“No, I would rather say they’re anti-psychedelic,” the man said. “Why don’t you try it?” He poured three pills in the palm of his hand and held it out to us. “You don’t need to pay anything; all I ask in return is that you at least consider joining my little rebellion. I need all the help I can get.”
Maja took one of the pills and inspected it between her fingertips. “How long do the effects last?” she asked.
“Only for a few hours,” the man said, “but I’m sure it will be enough to give you a new perspective of the world around you. Please take the entire bag, just in case you’d like to try it again tomorrow when you’re back at home. There are three more pills in it.”
We looked at each other and kind of collectively decided to just have fun with it and see what it was really all about. Since the man had taken a pill himself, we didn’t think it was anything too strong and he looked way more trustworthy than most of my other dealers. We all swallowed one of the pills and curiously waited for it to hit us.
“How long before–” I began, but was interrupted by the man.
“It should work instantaneously,” he said.
“I don’t feel anything,” Maja said.
“Feel?” the man asked. “Who said anything about feelings?”
“There’s no difference at all,” Jonathan said. “It tasted a bit like chocolate, though.”
The man pointed at the sky. “Look there, can you see what I’m pointing at?”
“Woah,” Maja said. “What the hell is that?”
A large black, irregular mass floated slowly in the air, about as high up as a helicopter.
“Are you seeing that blob as well?!” I asked. “It looks alive.”
“Is it a hallucination?” Jonathan asked. “But if–”
“If it was, why would you all be seeing the same thing?” the man said. “No, you just stopped hallucinating for the first time in your life. And that, dear friends, is what has always been hiding behind the phenomenological filter that has been prohibiting humanity from seeing them. Now you can see them, at least for a few hours. Wild, isn’t it?”
We all stared at the biological sphere as it steadily passed by us.
“This can’t be real,” Maja said and laughed drunkenly. “We must be high as fuck!”
“You’ve never been soberer in your life,” the man said. “Don’t look at them too much, it will make them suspicious.”
“Hold on,” I said. “Are you saying they’re aliens?”
“Alien is such a relative term,” the man said. “I just call them uglies, because up close they look real nasty.”
“You’ve seen them?” Jonathan asked.
“You will too,” the man said. “They’re everywhere.”
Jonathan laughed. “You’re crazy, for real though… How does it work?”
“Don’t you believe your own eyes?” the man said. “Why don’t you go back to your party, look around and see if you can spot anything different. It’s up to you if you believe it or not. You don’t need to take it super serious if you don’t want to. Just enjoy it.”
The blob disappeared behind the clouds.
“Anyway,” the man said. “I have to go back now.” He stepped into his boat. “Don’t reveal that you can see them, it won’t end well!”
Dumbfounded, we watched the man row away from us, waving to us as he disappeared behind a small islet.
“That was crazy!” Maja said. “What a bizarre guy, and what the hell was that thing in the sky anyway? It couldn’t have been real, could it?”
We began walking back to the center of the island to join the party.
“Nah,” I said. “I bet it was some kind of prank for his YouTube channel or something. That thing was probably just a decorated balloon.”
“It looked so real though,” Maja said. “I’m a little creeped out.”
Jonathan joked about us ending up on YouTube, and next thing we knew we were back in the lights from the strobes. Everything looked normal, but then – out of nowhere – Maja’s face went pale. Her lower lip trembled as she pointed at someone dancing in the crowd, and then she stuttered:
“W-what the hell is wrong with him?”
It was a man wearing normal clothes for the occasion – phat pants with loud colors and a yellow hoodie – but his face… It was deformed in some unspeakable way, and the color of his skin was akin to candle wax. He looked unnaturally hideous, with a mouth so tiny it resembled a wrinkle in his skin. No one seemed to notice anything off about him. On the contrary, people danced with him almost as if they were attracted to him.
“Is he wearing a mask?” I asked although I could tell that he wasn’t.
Jonathan rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing.
“T-the uglies,” Maja whispered, holding back tears. “That strange man was right!”
“Woah,” Jonathan said and pointed at another person. “What the hell is up with that one? I feel sick just watching her!”
It was the girl in the LED tutu, but her entire body was different now. Just like the guy, her face was dramatically deformed. Her mouth wasn’t small, though, but rather several degrees too large. The parts of her body that were exposed revealed a melted mess of wrinkled skin and her breasts escaped her bikini and somehow connected to her kneecaps. It wasn’t just uncanny but outright disgusting as well.
“That's the girl I made out with earlier!” I said. “I think I’m going to puke!”
“What’s that in her hand,” Maja said. “Is it a glow stick, or–”
“I don’t know,” Jonathan said. “But why is she holding it to that guy's forehead?”
She was pressing some kind of device on a guy’s head, almost as if she was scanning him or something. It was surreal to see her dance around while she seemingly analyzed the people around her. Then she turned around, faced me with two black dots where her eyes were supposed to be, and started walking toward us.
“Shit,” I said. “She’s coming, what do we do?!”
“Remember what that guy told us,” Maja said. “Don’t let them know we can see them. We have to act normal.”
“Hey, guys,” the woman – or whatever it truly was – said with her huge mouth. She sounded like before, although there was some weird static behind the voice. Her strange device seemed to be equally biological as it was technological, and she kept holding it to our faces. “Are you enjoying the party?” she continued. “It’s pretty wild, right?”
I did my best not to look at the device.
“Um,” I said. “S-sure.”
“Y-yeah,” Jonathan said, just as freaked out as me. “It’s awesome.”
She leaned forward. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I felt her enormous lips close to my ears, and then she whispered seductively:
“There’s an old boathouse down at the water, you want to go there with me?”
I took a step back out of fear but quickly smiled not to reveal that I could see her true appearance. A nervous giggle escaped my mouth as I desperately tried to come up with a good excuse to say no.
“Oh,” I said. “You know…” I still had no idea what to say. “…I-I actually have a girlfriend.” It was a lie, but it was the only excuse to say no to sex that I could think of that wouldn’t have gone against expectations.
“Really?” the woman said. Even though her face consisted of two small holes for eyes and a gigantic mouth, I could still see which facial expression she was making. It was one of doubt. “That didn’t seem to bother you before.”
“Kissing is okay, we’re pretty open about that kind of thing, but… yeah…”
“Suit yourself!” she said with an innocent laugh as she kept scanning us with her device.
As soon as she had disappeared into the crowd I turned to my friends and said:
“We need to get the fuck away from here!”
We came back to town in the early morning. On our way there, we saw more strange objects in the sky. Some of them were purely biological, while others seemed to be a mix of biological components and some kind of technology. Jonathan even said he saw one with long tentacles hanging from its belly but when I tried to see what he was pointing at I couldn’t see what he meant. Then, after another hour had passed, the objects in the sky faded out and vanished. It was the drug wearing off. I felt somewhat relieved, but my anxiety never went away completely. If the man was right, and by now everything pointed in that direction, the nightmare hadn’t ended – it had just become invisible.
We sat down on a bench in the middle of town.
“That was the worst trip ever,” Maja said. “Those things were terrible!”
“I’m afraid this is the trip,” Jonathan said. “Our normal perception of reality is altered by those things, somehow, so that they can live among us without getting noticed. That was what that man was talking about. It makes sense now, I think… The phenomenological rebellion. But how do you stop them, where do you even begin?”
“This is way too big for us,” I said. “What the hell are we supposed to do, anyway?”
“That man didn’t even tell us how to contact him,” Maja said. “Isn’t that strange?”
“We shouldn’t talk about this too loudly,” Jonathan said. “We can’t see them anymore. As far as we know they might be standing right next to us!”
“Let’s take the second pill,” I said. “I want to see how–”
“Are you insane?” Maja exclaimed. “I don’t want to experience that shit ever again.”
“Hear me out,” I said. “We will be ready this time. I just think we should get a better picture of how bad the situation is. You know? Man, we can’t just ignore what we saw. We need to know how much of the town is taken over by them. Let’s just sit here and watch. Right now, we can’t trust anyone, not even the people we’ve known all of our lives, but if they look normal when we’re on the drug we will know for sure.”
Jonathan picked up the plastic bag from his pocket and looked at it. He turned to Maja.
“He’s right, we need to know who we can trust.”
“Oh, for fuck sake,” Maja said. “Let’s do it then, but I’m not getting up from this bench.”
“Sure,” I said. “This is the most active place in town.” I pointed at the square and the surrounding buildings. “We can see the market, the stores, the bank… In just a few hours, this place will teem with people.”
“Yeah,” Jonathan said. “We will see a lot from here while the pills are doing their job.”
He handed out the three remaining pills. I looked at it in the palm of my hand. It was pitch black, completely devoid of texture.
“Let’s count to three,” I said.
At three, we all swallowed the pills. My heartbeat sped up, either because of the pill being dissolved in my body or because of my fear, and slowly the view changed.
“Holy shit!” Maja said. “It’s worse than I thought… Look at the bank!”
The building was covered with some kind of black goo, and a large, slimy spacecraft rested on the roof. Two creatures reminiscent of grey trees with tentacles instead of branches guarded the entrance.
“Do you think it’s their headquarter?” Jonathan asked. “I mean, it looks like some kind of base of operations, don’t you think?”
Someone exited the bank. He, or it, was dressed like an ordinary person, but there was just grey skin where the face was supposed to be. It calmly walked up to a homeless man that had recently moved to our town, talked to him for a minute, and then returned to the bank together with him. Just moments later, a monster with two heads exited the bank, dressed just like the homeless man. It walked over to the man’s dirty sleeping bags and laid down, taking his place.
“Oh, my God!” I said. “They replaced him! Did you see that? My God!”
“Uh,” Maja said with some confusion. “Y-yeah, what the hell is up with that?”
Jonathan pointed at the market. “Look at the fruits, they’ve changed.”
Huge, greasy meatballs had replaced the watermelons. A young woman was buying one, completely unaware of what it actually was.
More and more people came outside to greet the sun as it climbed the morning sky. Most of them were normal, but a lot of them weren’t, and a few of the normal ones had strange insectoid creatures climbing their bodies without their knowledge. It was just as if they were carrying invisible parasites.
Jonathan got up and picked up a newspaper from the ground.
“Have a look at this,” he said. “It’s not just our town.”
The headline of the article read: National Association of Police Organizations endorses Trump. And below it, there was a picture of Donald Trump.
“That’s just Trump,” Maja said. “He suppose to look like that.”
“I know,” Jonathan said. “But look at the people behind him.”
Some of his staff in the background clearly belonged to the invaders.
“This shit is global,” I said. “They’ve infiltrated everything!”
“Wait,” Maja said. “This drug works on pictures as well?” She picked up her phone with a trembling hand and went to Facebook. “Let’s check our friends.” She scrolled through her list. “Oh, no…” She began to cry. “M-my boyfriend, look.”
He was one of them. His otherwise attractive face was replaced by a grey square filled with hundreds of small eyes.
“Those eyes are terrifying,” I said. “I’m so, so sorry.”
“What are you talking about?” Jonathan said. “Those are clearly tiny mouths, not eyes.”
“Whatever they are,” I said. “They’re still horrifying!”
We all went through our friends on Facebook, memorizing everyone who had been replaced by the so-called uglies. Maja couldn’t stop crying. After she puked right in front of us and in doing so drew attention to us, we decided to go to my place to let the drug wear off in a safe environment.
Jonathan screamed as soon as he stepped inside my kitchen. I was right behind him, still taking off my shoes. My hair stood up in my neck.
“What’s wrong, Jonathan?” I heard my mom say from the stove where she was making a late breakfast. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”
I swallowed nervously and walked up to Jonathan. My mom wore one of her ordinary summer dresses, but… It wasn’t my mom. She must have been replaced. This thing, wearing my mom’s clothes, only had a skin-covered stick as a head, with a small eye on top of it. The eye blinked in surprise when it saw me.
“Hey,” it said with my mom’s voice, “how was the party, did you have fun?”
The stick tilted a bit, just like my mom used to tilt her head when she asked something.
I couldn’t pretend anymore. They had replaced my own mom. How could I stay quiet?
“What did you do to her?!” I yelled. “Tell me what the fuck you’ve done with her?!
“Excuse me?!” the stick-head said. “Have you gone completely–”
“My mom, where is she?” I asked, tears forming in my eyes. “You took her to the bank just like that homeless guy? Yeah, that’s right, we can fucking see you now!”
My friends looked on in horror, unsure of what to do.
“See who?” the monster said. “You are scaring me!”
She walked up to me. My friends stepped aside in fear. I grabbed a kitchen knife from the table and backed away from her slowly.
“Don’t come any closer, just tell me what you did to my mom!”
“I’m right here!” A black tear ran down the small eye on top of the stick. “Please, you’re scaring me.” It turned toward my friends. “What happened to him?”
“We know everything,” Maja said. “We can see your real face!”
My fake mom cried, took a few steps closer in an attempt to touch my face, or perhaps to hug me. It scared me so much I swung the knife in front of me, cutting the stick-head off in the middle. Black goo came gushing out from it. The monster hissed in pain with my mom’s voice and held its hands at its throat. It fell on its knees. Jonathan crashed a chair as hard as he could on top of it.
“What did you do to my mom?!” I yelled as I sat down on the floor and stabbed the dreadful beast repeatedly. “What did you do to my mom?!”
“It’s dead,” Maja said. “I-I think we killed it.”
“We didn’t have a choice,” Jonathan said. “It would have told its superiors about us.”
We closed the kitchen door and retreated to my room.
“What the fuck are we going to do?” I asked. “These monsters got my mom!”
“They got my boyfriend too,” Maja said. “This is such a nightmare! I just wish we had never met that man on the island.”
“You rather live in ignorance?” Jonathan said. “At least now, when we know what’s going on, there’s a chance we can save them.”
“W-what are you thinking?” I asked, still shaking from what had just happened.
“They’re taking people to the bank,” Jonathan said. “Maybe they’re keeping them there, or maybe there’s something there that will tell us where they’re transporting them.”
We spent the rest of the day planning what to do, and after midnight – long after the effect of the drug had disappeared – we left my room. We had to go inside the kitchen again to get my mom’s car keys. She was lying in a pool of blood, looking like herself again. Her throat had been slit. I almost threw up at the sight of her.
“It isn’t really her,” Maja said. “It’s just a hallucination.”
I grabbed the keys and ran out of the house. Jonathan grabbed four cans of gasoline from the garage and put them in the trunk of the car. We drove to Maja’s place where we prepared a couple of Molotov cocktails. Maja went to her room and got her hockey stick. When we were done, we drove to the square. It was completely empty at this hour. The bank looked normal again, but we knew better. It didn’t matter for our plan if we could see them or not, it was enough that we knew where they were. Time was of the essence. We had to execute every step of the plan almost simultaneously.
Maja took the Molotov cocktails and walked toward the bank. I put the hockey stick against the gas pedal while Jonathan poured the gasoline inside the car. As soon as Maja began throwing the Molotov cocktails on the roof – putting the invisible spaceship on fire – I started the engine of the car. Jonathan threw a lit match inside it as it quickly accelerated toward the entrance of the bank. It was engulfed in flames when it rammed the doors. The alarm went off immediately. We didn’t have much time. The police would arrive in minutes. We broke the storefront window and jumped inside. Everything was burning around us.
“Try and see if you can find the stairs to the roof!” I yelled to Jonathan. “Maja, go check if there are any secret rooms behind the reception! Mom?! We’re here to save you!”
The smoke filled the bank in a surprisingly short time. It only took a matter of minutes before it was almost impossible to breathe. I had no idea it would take such a short time. I couldn’t see anything, and the heat was unbearable.
“Mom!?” I yelled. “Can you hear me?!”
“I found the stairs!” Jonathan yelled. “We can’t stay here!”
I stumbled forward, almost coughing my lungs out, until I reached him.
“Where’s Maja?!” he asked.
“I-I don’t know!” I said. “We have to get out of here!”
We fled to the burning roof, where it was easier to breathe.
“Did Maja get out in time?” Jonathan asked.
Police sirens could be heard in the distance.
“I don’t know,” I said, “she was at the back of the building…”
We later learned that she didn’t manage to escape the flames. I strongly suspect that there were more things than we could see inside the bank. That must have been the reason the fire spread so fast. We probably killed a lot of them. A fire truck rescued us from the roof and the police put us in custody immediately.
Now, some time after all of this went down, we’re awaiting our trial. We are charged with murdering my mom and committing what they call a potential terrorist attack. And there’s no way for us to prove our innocence or to show the world what is really going on behind the phenomenological filters that have been forced upon our entire species.
Please, if you read this… join the phenomenological rebellion and fight back! If you ever get the chance, take the black pill and see what’s really going on for yourself. It might be frightening, but the truth must come out no matter what!
submitted by Odd_directions to nosleep

Billboard Chart Discussion - Week Of October 03, 2020

Billboard Hot 100 chart
Position Title Artist ▲/▼ Last week Weeks Charting Peak
1 Dynamite BTS ▲+1 2 5 1
2 WAP Cardi B Featuring Megan Thee Stallion ▼-1 1 7 1
3 Holy Justin Bieber Featuring Chance The Rapper ▲+98 [FRESH] 1 3
4 Laugh Now Cry Later Drake Featuring Lil Durk ▼-1 3 6 2
5 Mood 24kGoldn Featuring iann dior ▲+1 6 7 5
6 Rockstar DaBaby Featuring Roddy Ricch ▼-2 4 23 1
7 Blinding Lights The Weeknd ▼-2 5 43 1
8 Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles ▼-1 7 27 1
9 Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo ▼-1 8 15 7
10 I Hope Gabby Barrett Featuring Charlie Puth ▲+1 11 39 10
11 Before You Go Lewis Capaldi ▼-2 9 34 9
12 Whats Poppin Jack Harlow Featuring DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne ▼-2 10 33 2
13 Go Crazy Chris Brown & Young Thug - 13 20 9
14 Popstar DJ Khaled Featuring Drake ▼-2 12 10 3
15 For The Night Pop Smoke Featuring Lil Baby & DaBaby - 15 12 6
16 Lemonade Internet Money & Gunna Featuring Don Toliver & NAV ▲+6 22 6 16
17 Circles Post Malone ▼-1 16 56 1
18 Roses SAINt JHN ▼-4 14 27 4
19 Come & Go Juice WRLD x Marshmello ▼-2 17 11 2
20 Mood Swings Pop Smoke Featuring Lil Tjay ▲+6 26 12 17
21 Got What I Got Jason Aldean - 21 17 21
22 One Of Them Girls Lee Brice ▼-3 19 17 19
23 Adore You Harry Styles ▼-5 18 42 6
24 Said Sum Moneybagg Yo ▲+36 60 12 24
25 Break My Heart Dua Lipa ▼-5 20 26 13
26 Lovin' On You Luke Combs ▼-3 23 13 23
27 Be Like That Kane Brown With Swae Lee & Khalid ▼-2 25 11 22
28 Tap In Saweetie ▼-4 24 11 20
29 Cool Again Kane Brown ▲+2 31 17 29
30 The Woo Pop Smoke Featuring 50 Cent & Roddy Ricch ▼-3 27 12 11
31 If The World Was Ending JP Saxe Featuring Julia Michaels ▼-1 30 26 27
32 Don't Start Now Dua Lipa ▼-4 28 47 2
33 Bang! AJR ▲+8 41 12 33
34 More Than My Hometown Morgan Wallen ▲+5 39 15 34
35 Rags2Riches Rod Wave Featuring ATR Son Son ▼-3 32 13 12
36 Life Is Good Future Featuring Drake ▼-3 33 37 2
37 ily surf mesa Featuring Emilee ▲+12 49 18 37
38 Kings & Queens Ava Max ▲+19 57 7 38
39 Midnight Sky Miley Cyrus ▼-5 34 6 14
40 Chasin' You Morgan Wallen ▲+3 43 35 16
41 Rain On Me Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande ▼-4 37 18 1
42 I Should Probably Go To Bed Dan + Shay ▲+3 45 8 42
43 Some Girls Jameson Rodgers ▲+19 62 7 43
44 Die From A Broken Heart Maddie & Tae ▼-6 38 24 22
45 Wishing Well Juice WRLD ▼-3 42 11 5
46 We Paid Lil Baby & 42 Dugg - 46 21 10
47 Say So Doja Cat Featuring Nicki Minaj ▲+1 48 38 1
48 Savage Megan Thee Stallion Featuring Beyonce ▼-8 40 28 1
49 Cardigan Taylor Swift ▲+3 52 9 1
50 Blueberry Faygo Lil Mosey ▼-3 47 33 8
51 Diamonds Sam Smith ▲+50 [FRESH] 1 51
52 One Beer HARDY Featuring Lauren Alaina & Devin Dawson ▲+4 56 16 52
53 Breaking Me Topic & A7S ▲+2 55 9 53
54 Heather Conan Gray ▼-3 51 6 46
55 Hawai Maluma ▲+3 58 5 55
56 What You Know Bout Love Pop Smoke ▲+27 83 3 52
57 Happy Anywhere Blake Shelton Featuring Gwen Stefani ▲+9 66 9 56
58 My Ex's Best Friend Machine Gun Kelly X blackbear ▲+12 70 6 58
59 7 Summers Morgan Wallen ▲+5 64 6 6
60 24 Money Man Featuring Lil Baby ▲+8 68 6 60
61 Pretty Heart Parker McCollum ▲+12 73 11 61
62 One Too Many Keith Urban Duet With P!nk ▲+39 [FRESH] 1 62
63 You Broke Me First. Tate McRae ▲+6 69 5 63
64 Like That Doja Cat Featuring Gucci Mane ▼-10 54 17 50
65 Greece DJ Khaled Featuring Drake ▲+9 74 10 8
66 Ice Cream BLACKPINK X Selena Gomez ▼-5 61 4 13
67 I Called Mama Tim McGraw ▲+11 78 8 61
68 Girls In The Hood Megan Thee Stallion ▼-15 53 13 28
69 The Bigger Picture Lil Baby ▲+2 71 15 3
70 Without You Luke Combs Featuring Amanda Shires ▲+31 [FRESH] 1 70
71 Un Dia (One Day) J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny & Tainy ▲+9 80 9 63
72 Kacey Talk YoungBoy Never Broke Again ▼-22 50 6 50
73 Starting Over Chris Stapleton ▲+16 89 4 57
74 Martin & Gina Polo G ▲+10 84 8 61
75 OK Not To Be OK Marshmello & Demi Lovato ▼-39 36 2 36
76 Relacion Sech, Daddy Yankee & J Balvin Featuring ROSALIA & Farruko ▼-1 75 3 64
77 Love You Like I Used To Russell Dickerson ▲+10 87 3 77
78 Smile Juice WRLD & The Weeknd ▲+1 79 7 8
79 Ain't Always The Cowboy Jon Pardi ▲+14 93 4 79
80 Dolly Lil Tecca Featuring Lil Uzi Vert ▲+21 [FRESH] 1 80
81 Hit Different SZA Featuring Ty Dolla $ign ▼-4 77 3 29
82 Nobody's Love Maroon 5 ▼-19 63 9 41
83 Everywhere But On Matt Stell ▲+11 94 3 83
84 Caramelo Ozuna x Karol G x Myke Towers ▲+1 85 6 76
85 Do It Chloe X Halle ▲+1 86 6 63
86 Over Now Calvin Harris X The Weeknd ▼-4 82 4 38
87 Dollaz On My Head Gunna Featuring Young Thug ▲+5 92 16 38
88 You Got It VEDO ▲+7 95 2 88
89 My Window YoungBoy Never Broke Again Featuring Lil Wayne ▼-54 35 2 35
90 When You Down Lil Tecca Featuring Polo G & Lil Durk ▲+11 [FRESH] 1 90
91 Me Gusta Anitta Featuring Cardi B & Myke Towers ▲+10 [FRESH] 1 91
92 Wet. (She Got That...) YFN Lucci ▲+9 [FRESH] 1 92
93 Whole Lotta Choppas Sada Baby ▲+8 [FRESH] 1 93
94 Lonely If You Are Chase Rice ▼-3 91 6 91
95 Blind DaBaby Featuring Young Thug ▲+6 [FRESH] 1 95
96 3 Headed Goat Lil Durk Featuring Lil Baby & Polo G ▲+1 97 13 43
97 Drug Addiction YoungBoy Never Broke Again ▼-53 44 2 44
98 La Jeepeta Nio Garcia x Anuel AA x Myke Towers x Brray x Juanka ▲+1 99 7 93
99 B.S. Jhene Aiko Featuring H.E.R. ▲+2 [FRESH] 8 24
100 Wolves Big Sean Featuring Post Malone ▲+1 [FRESH] 2 65
Billboard Global 200 chart (most popular songs globally)
Position Title Artist ▲/▼ Last week Weeks Charting Peak
1 Dynamite BTS ▲+1 2 3 1
2 WAP Cardi B Featuring Megan Thee Stallion ▼-1 1 3 1
3 Holy Justin Bieber Featuring Chance The Rapper ▲+98 [FRESH] 1 3
4 Mood 24kGoldn Featuring iann dior ▼-1 3 3 3
5 Hawai Maluma ▼-1 4 3 4
6 Lemonade Internet Money & Gunna Featuring Don Toliver & NAV ▲+5 11 3 6
7 Blinding Lights The Weeknd - 7 3 7
8 Laugh Now Cry Later Drake Featuring Lil Durk ▼-3 5 3 5
9 Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo ▼-3 6 3 6
10 For The Night Pop Smoke Featuring Lil Baby & DaBaby - 10 3 10
Billboard 200 chart
Position Title Artist Sales Change Last week Weeks Charting
1 Folklore Taylor Swift 85,540 (56,674 pure) +89% 4 9
2 Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon Pop Smoke 78,703 (1,136 pure) +5% 2 12
3 Top YoungBoy Never Broke Again 62,929 (9,394 pure) -50% 1 2
4 Alicia Alicia Keys 59,218 (48,607 pure) -- [FRESH] 1
5 Legends Never Die Juice WRLD 49,264 (375 pure) -9% 3 11
6 Code Red Moneybagg Yo & Blac Youngsta 37,408 (1,532 pure) -- [FRESH] 1
7 The Speed Of Now, Part 1 Keith Urban err err [FRESH] 1
8 Hamilton: An American Musical Original Broadway Cast err err 5 261
9 My Turn Lil Baby 36,247 (138 pure) -11% 6 30
10 Virgo World Lil Tecca 35,379 (3,633 pure) -- [FRESH] 1
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why is X artist higher than Y artist on the 200 chart, even though X artist sold less?
A: This is because of a discrepancy between Billboard's ranking and the ranking from the website that the sales data is scraped from
Q: Where do you get the sales data from?
A: https://hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming
Q: What does "err" mean on the 200 chart?
A: If you are seeing "err", that means that the bot I use to gather chart data couldn't identify sales data for a particular album because of a difference in album naming between Billboard and HitsDailyDouble
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