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Generate Random Codes - Try for free. Featured audio All audio latest This Just In Grateful Dead Netlabels Old Time Radio 78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings. 3D Studio Max 9 + Tutorials and Keygen sur Cpasbien. Autodesk 3D Studio Max 9 Training Tutorials https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4445. New e-learning features include product extensions and tutorials on moving content to the Web. Post a Question, Get an Answer. These free tutorials were carefully selected for the beginner in mind, but a few of the tutorials will be a challenge even for intermediate and advanced 3ds Max users.

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Create a Cylinder with this setting: Radius 100cm, Height 8cm, Height. Autodesk 3ds max, 3d studio max, 3dmax (20 hrs for 500 pounds) 3. Adobe Photoshop (16 hrs for 400 pounds, 20 hrs for 500 pounds) 4. Unity 3d (20 hrs 600 pounds) 5. Vray Photo realistic rendering (10 hrs for 300 pounds) 6. Autodesk Autocad 2D and 3D (16 hrs for 400 pounds) 7. 3ds max character animation (20 hrs 500 pounds) 8. We have 3D Max Software torrents for you. If you're a game designer, graphic artist, engineer or work in any other variant within the field of creative designing this program will captivate you from the very first moment. Case Studies Testimonials Tweets Read Write Code Blog Knowledge Base Webinars Our Story Company Jobs [We're Hiring] Products. Below are 45 working coupons for Business Activity Code For 3d Graphic Artists from reliable websites that we have updated for users to get maximum savings. Building a simple Android game engine - Game Code School get more info.

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Download 3D Studio Max 9 + Tutorials and Keygen torrent or any other torrent from the Applications Windows. Games (38) 3D Animation (6) 3D Coat (13) 3D Models (11) 3D Printing (1) 3D Studio Max (1) 3D workflow (5) Android (2) Announcements (5) Baking (5) Beats (4) Blender (99) Buildings (4) C++ (1) CAD (1) Characters (4) Comics (2) Concrete (1) DAZ Studio (1) Drawing (5) FL Studio (4) FreeCAD (1) Fusion (1) Godot (2) iClone (1) Krita. Autodesk 3ds Max Design, full ISOLATED integrated solution for 3D in the previous tutorial on how to select the 3D software Autodesk 3DS Max is one of Microsoft Office Vegas Pro 9 keygen free download Adobe After Effects. Studio Max 9 + Tutorials and Keygen - [HOST]1) Download both the Keygen and the trial version of 3DS Max 9 2) Install 3DS Max 9 3) Launch 3DS Max 9 4) Select. Jetnews is a sample news reading app, built with Jetpack Compose. Your browser doesn't support JavaScript. Free Civil Engineering Softwares Tutorials, Ebooks and.

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Studio Max 9 + Tutorials and Keygen Applications Windows 4 days [HOST] 3D Studio Max 9 + Tutorials and Keygen Software 1 day [HOST] 3D Studio Max 9 + Tutorials and Keygen Software Misc 3 hours [HOST] 3d Studio Max 9 + Tutorials And Keygen Other 5 months [HOST] 3D Studio Max 9 + Tutorials And Keygen. Download Autodesk 3ds Max (32 64 bit) (x86 x64) X-Force Keygen download LT serial crack activation code how to 3d beginner tutorial by AutoCADNow. Baking keyframes into the timeline - cycle and motion paths - playblast.

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Autodesk Media and Entertainment. Terminator Glitch fix: Artefacts of shading for low poly objects are fixed. Some tutorials in this suite of tutorials use the 2020 Single-step interoperability features, such as the "Send to" functionality included with 3ds Max and Maya 2020. Blender 2.9 and Quixel to create a medieval scene. This tutorial from the the Florence Design Academy, the leading design school in Europe, explains how to simulate this effect with 3D Studio Max perfectly. Create a Material Design Tabbed Interface in an Android App. Free 3DS Max Modeling Tutorials.

Download 3D Studio Max 9 + Tutorials and Keygen

Get started quickly, and then find videos, articles, and tutorials explaining how to use 3ds Max. Civil Engineering Software and Architect interior design special for them. The first time you start a new Android Studio installation, you have the option to import your existing. With 3D Studio Max you will be able to create any scene in 3D and transformer in a realistic way thanks to the Mental program Ray that is included in 3DS Max. Best 3DS Max Tutorials, Courses, Training, Class and Certification available online for 2020. Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 With Crack (Keygen) Full Version https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4457. Revit Architecture 2020 crack Abby FineReader 9 Media Composer Premiere CS3 beginning tutorial on how the trial of 10 7 32bit Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2020 Online HANDS started Autodesk 3ds Max installation; ndlerpreis main navigation, XP 32-bit CS4 PDF.

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Take action now for maximum saving as these discount codes will not valid forever. Studio Max 2020 Comprehensive modeling, animation and rendering tools. Autodesk 3ds Max is a 3D modeling software that is very powerful and most widely used to create 3D animations by all countries users, they create unique and amazing 3D animations for video games, movies, animation and also architectural visualization tools using this software. One to One training Autocad, 3ds max, Photoshop. UTC 76, 016 views Double Rotation Using 3D Studio Max v9.0 by: Bill Broeckel, student at Mohawk Valley Community College Special thanks to: Scot Connor Alex Piejko Ryan Fox Steve Montesano Janelle Bruggeman I think we should start with a little info about this t. Our training tutorials run on PC Windows and Macintosh computers. 3ds max 3dmax 3d studio max free tutorials.

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Browse the latest 3D Studio Max 3D & Motion Graphics Tutorials by Envato Tuts+ - all online and free! Roger is also a power user in Google's App Inventor forums. You can always come back for Business Activity Code For 3d Graphic Artists because we update all the latest coupons and special deals weekly. This tutorial will teach you how to create an animation of a missile that flies targeting an object and then explodes when hitting that target. Featuring one of the largest collections of digital art tutorials online, 3dtotal is proud of its vast and extensive database of insightful, free. Fill out the form below. 3d studio max 9 tutorials and keygen.

Requesting conversions to .NIF

Hey everybody, hopefully this is acceptable here. It's more of a request in regards to assets - but relevant to SSE where I want to use those assets.
I recently purchased myself some 3D assets packs, being no artist myself, I figured this was the best course of action for what I'm trying to achieve.
I'd say for about 50% of the things I bought, using Outfit studio to import .OBJ was working good... right until I started having issues where it import models with all the shapes merged into one shape. I.e. a model that would ordinarily have 3 shapes with individual textures, for whatever reason get crunched together into a single shape that can only be texture once.
I tried an old version of Nifskope and it imports with the shapes all correct and separate - but the structure of the Block List is all incorrect and I don't know enough to fix it. I tried 3DS max, and blender... and following tutorials. The reality is, this is beyond me. The entire reason I bought models was to try to forgo any stress and frustration in an area I know nothing about. I didn't anticipate these issues with some of the models. My knowledge of nifs starts and ends at changing texture paths in nifskope and maybe small tweaks like adding and removing blocks.
I really need help getting these models fit for use in SSE. I have exactly 34 models that need converting that come in both .FBX or .OBJ
I also don't really know how to explain it, but some of the .FBX are "stacks" of models. I.e. my .FBX for trees actually contains 3 trees, and I'd need these turned into 3 individual .nifs.
If somebody here is confident they can turn OBJ/FBX into NIF for SSE, I would greatly appreciate your help. I'm not at all worried about collision right now, as that's something I can do once I have .nifs to work with. My only issue is getting these files into useable nifs to begin with.
I know this is a big ask so I am willing to offer some compensation for somebody's time. To work out details please feel free to contact me.
submitted by lagrue to skyrimmods

Happy 20th Anniversary Sega Dreamcast! ScummVM Pseudo MT-32 Sound/NES Chiptune Styled! AMIGA Vastly Improved With Better Performance/Speed! MAME 2003 Xtreme Updated! Core Set Release for NESC/SNESC/PSC!

Playstation Classic - Amiga - The Agony of Defeat! Xtreme Mode Activate!
Anytime a "NEW" RetroArch comes out, I like to put it through its paces before updating to the latest version. If testing checks out, and things prove stable and reliable enough, expect 1.7.8 for my current set-up, probably within the Next Release or so:) I generally like to get several hours of testing in before posting a NEW RetroArch, so as to avoid any potential conflicts and/or issues. Not only that, EVERY Core needs retested with an Updated RetroArch, as the "Butterfly Mod Effect" can easily be causal fate to a breakage in some way, shape, or form! Again, this will not always affect "every" platform equally! Luckily, this time, many of the coding changes are more so for PC End Users. So, there is not a whole lot lost in the transition. PSC Users can try out 1.7.8 with the latest BleemSync, of course. But, so far, my tests are showing more comfortable grips with the reality of 1.7.7, for the time being!
You can check out my YouTube channel for videos relating to much of what is posting within this Update:)
Bloggity Blog Blog Blog:)
Hello again, everyone! It is almost hard to believe I actually have Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night still sealed and backlogged! I really need to play it once I post this Update! MetroidVania FTW! One can never have enough MetroidVania games! Additionally, I still have Metroid 2: Samus Returns for 3DS sealed, and that demands a play! So, once the Update goes up, both of those games will be on my to do list as far as playthroughs:)
I caught up on a few TV Shows and Movies. I am a huge horror fan, so of course checked out Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. If you ever liked Are You Afraid of the Dark, you will be right at home. Speaking of which, they are gonna revive the show in a limited series later this year, come October (Halloween Time). Horror anthology shows have always been a mainstay for me, as far back as the great 1950s Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which by the way, came out before Twilight Zone. The two shows were distinctively different, as Twilight Zone had a more fantastical approach, whereas Alfred Hitchcock was psychological.
Another show that was on par with Alfred Hitchcock was the 1980s Canadian HBO show, The Hitchhiker, which has one of the most memorable themes, ever:) I also got into Tales from the Crypt, Monsters, Tales from the Darkside, and so on! Of more recent times, Black Mirror is pretty well known, fun, good. But, I also really thought Inside No. 9 was pretty cool, and am looking forward to the next season for that.
Well then, enough blogging...Let us get to the Update!!!
As per normal, the main Release is way way way at the bottom, 9-9-19 .7z assets download. You can alternately grab anything from both alternative links. And, for you SNES/NES Classic Users, via Hakchi2 CE, Modules, KMFD Mod Hub. I intend to do some consolidation and optimization as far as how big the overall download is, probably within the next few Releases. Some stuff will be removed and exclusively on the Google Drive Link. But, since this is quite an overhaul of an Update, I am going to try to maintain its integrity, at least, for this Release! But, I will try to knock at least 500+ MB off of the Next Release!
And, especially, with the incoming Genesis Mini, I will most certainly need to make room to account for that system, as well! I am hopeful that it has the best perks of NES/SNES/PSC, in addition to a little extra performance and speed overhead! But, we shall see very soon!
This Time Around! 9-9-19!
Every time I get an Update together and posted, I wonder what I can possibly put out next. Luckily, there is always more fun stuff to get out there! What is the special significance of this date in history, specifically? Well, 9-9-99 marked the US Release date of both the Sega Dreamcast, as well as PS1's Final Fantasy VIII! What made things particularly rough with the Dreamcast was the fact that they released some of the games before the system! I had Hydro Thunder, Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, Trickstyle, and House of the Dead 2 sitting there, waiting to be played, for an entire week prior! Many sites, online, will state Release Dates of the launch titles as 9-9-19. But, in truth, they really and mostly came out a week earlier! I also distinctly remember Blue Stinger being a game that caused many a system to overheat with its first Release. It seemed to almost be a CTRL+ALT+DEL sort of scenario, heh:) Before they patched and rereleased a fixed version, the best way to run it without freezing up your Dreamcast was to flip the system upside down! The air vent was on the bottom, and things actually operated more optimally, when upside down!
As a few added bonuses to make this Commemorative 20 year anniversary of the Dreamcast more interesting, I have included the Dreamcast Homebrew game, Volgarr the Viking, a great Rastan/Legendary Axe styled side scrolling hack and slash game, with a nice heaping helping of blood and violence and gore. It is made by Crazy Viking Studios. I thank them for giving permission to share the amazing game! Mini NES/SNES Users can grab the game from Hakchi2 CE, Modules, KMFD Mod Hub, Games Tab. PSC Users can nab it from Google Drive Link, Xtras/Games. In addition to this game, which will...of course, run better on PSC!...I have also included a "Comic Reader application" from when I was working on the Nintendo Power Scanning Project 14+ years back. At the Google Drive Link, for a temporary time, in Xtras/MXYZPTLK folder, you will find the first Sega Dreamcast Magazine! It is a very fun read. For future reference, you might want to check the MXYZPTLK folder, as I may continue to add more surprises to it. Also, included this time around, in that folder, is a TopRated_Games-_all_Consoles that JW Pepper was nice enough to compile from various sources, for those of you looking for the "next" retro game to play!
Lastly, related to Dreamcast, some of you might remember me as SadnessOfDEL and/or KMFDManic from Phantasy Star Online V1/V2. PSO was one of the very first mainstream MMORPG styled games of the time. Shame Dreamcast was way ahead of its time as far as this was concerned...as it still didn't help the system succeed overall! But, with games like Volgarr the Viking, Sturmwind, Gunlord, and so on...the system is still fresh, each and every new day...20 years later!
So, here come the bullet points, Release Notes, YouTube Video links, Final Closing Notes!:)
  • ScummVM now has pseudo MT-32 sound support! (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
  • ScummVM "Crashing On Exit" Fixed! (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Xtreme becomes more Xtreme (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
  • Speaking of Artwork, beautiful MAME Art added to Google Drive Link! (Mini S-NESC)
  • Amiga and Commodore 64 have gotten a Hell of a Lot Better! (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
  • Mod Hub greatly spruced up with some nifty artwork! (Mini S-NESC)
  • Sharp X1 Core Added! Let's play us some Super Mario Bros. Special! (Mini S-NESC)
  • Other Notes!
  • The Videos!
ScummVM now has pseudo MT-32 sound support! (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
The following warning is merely a frame of reference...it is no longer applicable! Once you Update, the Injector for PSC and/or ScummVM Core for NESC/SNESC, the crashing is absolutely fixed with a nice and graceful exit, thanks to hhromic!
This warning existed for the previous Release and was shown in my latest videos! It no longer applies:) Important: Do NOT exit RetroArch or attempt to load another game from ScummVM Core...Push Start, which opens up the ScummVM Menu, then QUIT that way, and ONLY that way. Or, you will freeze RetroArch and/or your system! Additionally, if you don't exit properly, you may encounter corruption, and/or need to reinstall AutoBleem/BleemSync, if on PS Classic! So, tread very carefully, and exit properly! Also, on PS Classic, do not attempt to Exit to Launcher, or you will suffer the same fate. Again, Start Button, ScummVM Menu, Quit:)
It was pretty darn amazing when we got ScummVM going last year. I had great collaboration with madmonkey and beylie on the original project. I also greatly appreciate the efforts of the original authors, as well as anyone within Libretro who had ever worked on that port, coding wise! One thing that was asked of me, once I posted it...pretty soon after, was whether or not MT-32 worked. Unfortunately, it did not, at the time.
For those of you not in the know...ScummVM stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine, and is a set of game engine recreations. Originally designed to play LucasArts adventure games that use the SCUMM system, it also supports a variety of non-SCUMM games by companies like Revolution Software and Adventure Soft. It was originally written by Ludvig Strigeus.[2] Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, ScummVM is free software.
ScummVM is a reimplementation of the part of the software used to interpret the scripting languages such games used to describe the game world rather than emulating the hardware the games ran on; as such, ScummVM allows the games it supports to be played on platforms other than those for which they were originally released.
MT-32 is a sound implementation with some truly robust sound, such as from a Roland Synthesizer. Even something, such as percussion, is quite drastically different in the scheme of MT-32. We were unable to get true MT-32 going, due to the lack thereof MUNT, which was a dependency needed to pull it off, initially. I have since gotten MT-32 working...But, it is quite CPU intensive, and has audio stuttering on our lower spec hardwares! But, alas, nava and myself devised a very clever workaround, wherein we utilized MIDI to swap out sound samples for pseudo MT-32, and even NES Chiptune styled affairs. It truly needs to be heard to be believe. The absolute oomph factor is near astronomical once you get into checking many many of the games that benefit from eitheor!
There are 3 Injectors subsets, for Default/MT-32/NES, for AutoBleem/BleemSync, for the PS Classic, within PS CLASSIC Folder. Whichever one you install "last" will be the one that takes precedence over any former installed one.
For NES/SNES Classic, you will have Default/MT-32/NES HMODs, which can be gotten from Primary Release, alternative links, or KMFD Mod Hub, within Add-Ons. Same as PS Classic, whichever is installed last, takes priority.
So, enjoy the pure awesomeness! Check out the videos below the Release Notes to see some of these amazing sound samplings in action! Thanks nava for your dedication to this project! It turned out great:)
Special bonus, go to Google Drive Link, Xtras, Game Art, for a new nice nifty set of ScummVM Box Art, courtesy of Klopjero! Also, on Mod Hub for NES/SNES, you can grab two great ScummVM games...Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen! These are on Google Drive, Xtras, Games, for PSC Users! Enjoy:)
ScummVM "Crashing On Exit" Fixed! (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
As in my video demonstrations, this was an incredibly irritating issue. Anytime you'd attempt to Exit via RetroArch and/or Load Core/Load Content, NOT from ScummVM Start Menu, RetroArch would freeze/crash. This was especially bad, more so for Playstation Classic, since an improper shutdown nearly always leads to disk corruption...And, you'd generally need to do a disk check, as well as reinstall AutoBleem/BleemSync/RetroBoot.
No more! All is good now. Personal thanks to the aforementioned hhromic!
MAME 2003 Xtreme becomes more Xtreme (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
MAME 2003 Standard is completely removed, as it is no longer necessary for our platforms. Instead, you will have choice of MAME 2003 Xtreme/Plus, which will cover everything you possibly need! Xtreme goes the route of slightly better edged out performance and speed, with Plus going for overall better compatibility. But, nearly anything you can do in one can be coded into the other, within reason! Just not sound for Out Foxies, unfortunately! Plus/Xtreme both take the Experimental Route, trying to keep the best of both worlds...Legacy Game Support, with a sprinkling of NEWER MAME Coding. This helps tremendously with Performance, especially with games like Ninja Baseball Batman, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Night Slashers, and hundreds others, which run absolutely awful on newer MAMEs for the Mini Platforms!
/bin/mame2003-xtreme and/or /bin/mame2003-plus PSC Users can simply load the Cores!
Several new additions for MAME 2003 Xtreme, this Release! You can now run ALL Metal Slug games, 1-5, X, all with Xtreme, as well as Plus! Personal thanks to arcadez2003 and grant2258, two great Plus Team mates that went out of their way to help ensure our Mini Experience gets better and better each Release!
Aside from Metal Slug Series, the entire NEO-GEO video driver has had improvements for better performance, speed, and overall integrity...So, all around, NEO-GEO is hella better for both Plus/Xtreme!
As seen in my SHMUP 'Stravaganza Video below, I discovered a bug within Macross 2, while getting more games together for said video. Arcadez2003 was great in helping get it fixed up and patched for Plus/Xtreme. Some amazing new additions, MAME 2003 Xtreme wise, include:
  • Hang On Graphics Fixed!
  • Metal Slug 1-5, X all supported!
  • SNES Controller Mapping Matched For SF2 Arcade and other Capcom Games!
  • Ring King/Mat Mania Sprite Glitches Fixed!
  • Crazy Balloon Sound Fixed!
  • Macross 2 Sound Fixed!
  • Hyper Duel SHMUP Support Added!
  • Power Instinct Legends Support Added + Background Dancing Fixed!
  • Super Space Invaders 1999 Butterfly Power Up Fixed!
  • Thunderzone Graphic Glitches Fixed!
  • Dynamite Duke Bad Colors Fixed!
The beautiful thing about SF2, is playing the SNES Version, then the Arcade Version...And, the controls are now identical! I thank grant2258 for this suggested fix up! It is purely awesome and quite welcome!
I am ecstatic about Macross 2, as it is a spectacularly cool SHMUP. The sound fixes really really make it a hell of a lot better. I showcase it in one of the MAME 2003 Xtreme Update Videos below!
Otherwise, EVERY addition (except for Dynamite Duke and Ring King and SF2) above gets a showcase in the MAME 2003 Xtreme Videos:)
I will continue to collaborate with the great guys from the Plus Team, and try to keep things as awesome as possible on the Xtreme end of things! Thanks again, grant2258 and arcadez2003! Oh, one more thing:)
And, the big one:)
  • Midway/Bally/Atari Vector Games are hard coded to refresh sample rate to work correctly!
What this means, is that games such as Tapper, Rampage, Journey, Star Wars Arcade, which I had done temporary duct tape fixes on, in the past...will permanently work, now (even on other Platforms/RetroArchs! The complete list of fixed up games include:
Atari Vector Games/Midway-Bally Games/Etc Now Working (Some may be imperfect:)
  • archriv2 Arch Rivals (rev 2.0) 30.000000
  • archrivl Arch Rivals (rev 4.0) 30.000000
  • armora Armor Attack 38.000000
  • armorap Armor Attack (prototype) 38.000000
  • armorar Armor Attack (Rock-ola) 38.000000
  • aztarac Aztarac 40.000000
  • barrier Barrier 38.000000
  • bigrun Big Run (11th Rallye version) 30.000000
  • blasted Blasted 30.000000
  • boxingb Boxing Bugs 38.000000
  • bradley Bradley Trainer 40.000000
  • bzone Battle Zone (set 1) 40.000000
  • bzone2 Battle Zone (set 2) 40.000000
  • bzonec Battle Zone (cocktail) 40.000000
  • cchasm Cosmic Chasm (set 1) 40.000000
  • cchasm1 Cosmic Chasm (set 2) 40.000000
  • cischeat Cisco Heat 30.000000
  • crater Crater Raider 30.000000
  • dairesya Dai Ressya Goutou (Japan) 30.000000
  • deltrace Delta Race 40.000000
  • demoderb Demolition Derby 30.000000
  • demoderm Demolition Derby (2-Player Mono Board Version) 30.000000
  • demon Demon 38.000000
  • domino Domino Man 30.000000
  • dotron Discs of Tron (Upright) 30.000000
  • dotrona Discs of Tron (Upright alternate) 30.000000
  • dotrone Discs of Tron (Environmental) 30.000000
  • elim2 Eliminator (2 Players, set 1) 40.000000
  • elim2a Eliminator (2 Players, set 2) 40.000000
  • elim4 Eliminator (4 Players) 40.000000
  • esb The Empire Strikes Back 30.000000
  • f1gpstar Grand Prix Star 30.000000
  • f1gpstr2 F-1 Grand Prix Star II 30.000000
  • farwest Far West 30.000000
  • gberet Green Beret 30.000000
  • ironhors Iron Horse 30.000000
  • journey Journey 30.000000
  • junofrst Juno First 30.000000
  • junofstg Juno First (Gottlieb) 30.000000
  • kick Kick (upright) 30.000000
  • kicka Kick (cocktail) 30.000000
  • kroozr Kozmik Kroozr 30.000000
  • llander Lunar Lander (rev 2) 40.000000
  • llander1 Lunar Lander (rev 1) 40.000000
  • lunarba1 Lunar Battle (prototype, earlier) 45.000000
  • maxrpm Max RPM 30.000000
  • omegrace Omega Race 40.000000
  • pigskin Pigskin 621AD 30.000000
  • powerdrv Power Drive 30.000000
  • rampage Rampage (revision 3) 30.000000
  • rampage2 Rampage (revision 2) 30.000000
  • rbtapper Tapper (Root Beer) 30.000000
  • redbaron Red Baron 45.000000
  • ripoff Rip Off 38.000000
  • rushatck Rush'n Attack 30.000000
  • sarge Sarge 30.000000
  • scudhamm Scud Hammer 30.000000
  • shangha2 Shanghai II (Japan) 30.000000
  • shanghai Shanghai (Japan) 30.000000
  • shollow Satan's Hollow (set 1) 30.000000
  • shollow2 Satan's Hollow (set 2) 30.000000
  • solarfox Solar Fox 30.000000
  • solarq Solar Quest 38.000000
  • spacduel Space Duel 45.000000
  • spacewar Space Wars 38.000000
  • spacfura Space Fury (revision A) 40.000000
  • spacfury Space Fury (revision C) 40.000000
  • speedfrk Speed Freak 38.000000
  • spyhnt2a Spy Hunter 2 (rev 1) 30.000000
  • spyhunt Spy Hunter 30.000000
  • spyhunt2 Spy Hunter 2 (rev 2) 30.000000
  • starcas Star Castle (version 3) 38.000000
  • starcas1 Star Castle (older) 38.000000
  • starcase Star Castle (Mottoeis) 38.000000
  • starcasp Star Castle (prototype) 38.000000
  • stargrds Star Guards 30.000000
  • starhawk Star Hawk 38.000000
  • startrek Star Trek 40.000000
  • starwar1 Star Wars (rev 1) 30.000000
  • starwars Star Wars (rev 2) 30.000000
  • stellcas Stellar Castle (Elettronolo) 38.000000
  • sundance Sundance 38.000000
  • sutapper Tapper (Suntory) 30.000000
  • tacscan Tac/Scan 40.000000
  • tailg Tailgunner 38.000000
  • tapper Tapper (Budweiser) 30.000000
  • tappera Tapper (alternate) 30.000000
  • timber Timber 30.000000
  • trisport Tri-Sports 30.000000
  • tron Tron (set 1) 30.000000
  • tron2 Tron (set 2) 30.000000
  • turbotag Turbo Tag (prototype) 30.000000
  • tutankhm Tutankham 30.000000
  • tutankst Tutankham (Stern) 30.000000
  • twotiger Two Tigers 30.000000
  • twotigra Two Tigers (dedicated) 30.000000
  • wacko Wacko 30.000000
  • warrior Warrior 38.000000
  • wotw War of the Worlds 38.000000
  • xenophob Xenophobe 30.000000
  • zektor Zektor (revision B) 40.000000
  • zwackery Zwackery 30.000000
Speaking of Artwork, beautiful MAME Art added to Google Drive Link! (Mini S-NESC)
On Google Drive Link, Xtras, Game Art, is a new set of amazing Arcade Art Work, for your perusal. Thank you, Robin55!
Amiga and Commodore 64 have gotten a Hell of a Lot Better! (Mini S-NESC-PSC)
Amiga has been a thorn in our sides for quite some time. Qclart, Madmonkey, and myself have done what we could Mini wise, particularly with our lower spec hardwares. And, I give thanks to anyone who has ever worked with or on P-UAE, period! I give personal and huge thanks to both rsn8887 and sonninnos, both of whom have vested a very personal interest in not only Amiga, but also Commodore 64!
For starters, P-UAE Xtreme will now play games such as Agony at a far better performance and speed, exponentially, than ever before! Most other games will also benefit, as well, such as Shadow of the Beast on SNESC, and so on. AGA games will net a boost, too:) To run AGA games, that typically give an error about not enough memory, you can simply ensure that (AGA) is in their titles...such as Aladdin(AGA).hdf SNES/NES Users, simply let hakchi compress the games, and you will retain the (AGA).
Additionally, thanks to those who originally worked on it, as well as the great recommendation and testing of bslenul, I have implemented .ipf support for Amiga. Just install latest RetroArch Xtreme or Injector, and .ipf files will work, as long as BIOS are appropriately set up! Speaking of BIOS!...
My Amiga DUMMIES Tutorial covers some of the changes for BIOS, related to Amiga, P-UAE Xtreme. The new set-up is:
P-UAE Xtreme = kick34005.A500 (Amiga 500), kick40063.A600 (Amiga 600), kick40068.A1200 (Amiga 1200), WHDLoad.hdf. The WHDLoad.hdf will not need injected with any of the kickstarts. But, it may still be handy for those who want to add cheats, work in saves, etc. Both AutoBleem/BleemSync Injectors will install WHDLoad.hdf for PSC. For you Mini NESC/SNESC Users, it is in the Mod Hub, under KMFD BIOS. Note the other BIOS I can also legally share! It will help save you a lot of headaches!
Now, then, once WHDLoad.hdf is accounted for, which will help run .hdf games...You mainly have to at least have kick40063.600, which will run a vast majority of games. The other 2 are there in case you want to run older Amiga 500 or newer Amiga 1200 (AGA) (Advanced Graphics Architecture) ones, such as Aladdin. Low and behold, with this Update...definitely check out Agony!!! You will NOT need .uae files with this set-up. You can see within my Video Tutorial what I mean, along with demonstrations. As always, feel free to ask me any questions, if you need any assistance with Amiga, which is generally one of the more difficult Cores to get up and running!
Mod Hub greatly spruced up with some nifty artwork! (Mini S-NESC)
I have decided to spruce things up, Mod Hub wise, with some nifty artwork, and a complete overhaul to how things display. Notice how Cores will now show which BIOS are needed, and so on. For PSC Users, you can go to Xtras/BIOS, to get that information:) I tried to clean things up, so things are far more optimal and easier to navigate. I also put notations on the "Slow" Cores, so you realize they are for pure novelty and not serious play!
Sharp X1 Core Added! Let's play us some Super Mario Bros. Special! (Mini S-NESC)
We had the original Super Mario Bros., which was on Famicom/NES...But, after that, came a sequel called Super Mario Bros. 2...which we in the USA never got, until it came as part of Super Mario All Stars on SNES, and was retooled as Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels! We, instead, got Super Mario Bros 2 AKA Doki Doki Panic...Not complaining, however, as it was such a fun game that holds up quite well all these years later. Along with Blaster Master, Super Mario Bros. 2 was an incredibly difficult game for me to obtain at the time, especially before Xmas! In any case, there was also Super Mario Bros. Special, which was released on Sharp X1, as well as PC-88. Both are uniquely different enough to warrant playing, due to how odd the scrolling and overall playability is! You can see me do a demonstration of these in my video below! Thanks r-type, for working on this amazing Core! Gradius is also a hoot to play, for how oddly different it feels to any other port!
Other Notes!
Huge thanks to bslenul, and of course JW Pepper for testing...NESC/SNESC wise...these RetroArch Xtreme changes!
  • clover-canoe-shvc: tweaked the filters arguments for Canoe and RA, so you can use bilinear in perfect pixel mode for example (only worked with 4:3 before) and added a --crt-mode which adds both scanlines and bilinear
  • preinit file: check if read/write access to /media/hakchi for USB and SS for RA states
  • fix for SNES not working on NES with Canoe in command line.
You can view other changes and previous additions, whilst viewing RetroArch Xtreme within hakchi:)
Nearly Every Core Updated!
Most of the Cores were Updated...Some were recompiled with a few flag changes to help with performance/speed. As always, feedback matters! Anytime someone brings something to my attention, we do our best to get things fixed up, on that account! With the "Butterfly Mod Effect", it is inevitable that things may break from time to time. But, they are usually fixed up, pretty fast, especially with End User Feedback! You can see in my MAME 2003 Xtreme Video, some before/after fix ups!
I had intended to do more with DOSBox. But, due to time constraints, that will be WIP for the next Update. Several people, including Patton, have asked me about DOSBox. I will try to employ a set of standards to make overall usability and play easier for the average user. It isn't a simple case of cut and dry, in many instances. But, I will do a video, as well as make a new install to help with running some games for both DOSBox, as well as MSX (Metal Gear 1, 2)! You can refer to my YouTube page, as well as my Github Release Page, and, of course, the Google Drive Link, to get some stuff prior to Release!
I keep consistently getting asked about Nintendo Power gaps, and so on. To reiterate, there are not "that many" issues missing from the earlier Torrents that were posted. But, there are some. It will take a few hours to audit and get my current set up to speed, of which I haven't had time to do with work/updates/personal life, etc. But, it is still on my loose agenda to try to get done sometime in the near or decent future! I may randomly toss some Nintendo Power related stuff onto the Google Drive Link, Xtras/MXYZPTLK Just check back occasionally, and you might find a pleasant surprise!
There are "other" things Updated within the Release that I didn't have the space or time to do Release Notes on. Like an Open World Mod Adventure, some of these you will discover on your own, and/or see in my upcoming videos! But, definitely check out the Killer Instinct N64 Tutorial to run with more optimal speed/performance! For the record, I made some changes since some of the these videos, to account for issues I relate to in the videos!. For example, AutoBleem Xtreme Core Injector has some touch ups so that overall performance and speed for ALL Cores is better! You will see when you try to run Dreamcast, N64, etc:) Killer Instinct runs even better than in my video demonstration with the finalized set-up!
DOSBox is Next:) But, due to its very complicated nature, I may need to set up some .uae style configuration files...In this case. .con files, to help account for the multitude of different game set-ups! I will try to get some done for the more popular games, first! Some of the "glitches" you may encounter, are not actually glitches...such as characters moving by themselves, etc. These are merely conflicts due to how the controllekeyboard work. I will, again, work things out to try to help you all along with playing many of these truly fascinating games...including Star Trek TNG:)
ScummVM will get some more Updating, too:) Nava has been more than happy to collaborate and test anything and everything relative to the amazing Core! So, expect more, Next Time:)
The Videos!
Playstation Classic - Amiga - The Agony of Defeat! Xtreme Mode Activate!
Playstation Classic - Sharp X1! - Mario, Oh Where Art Thou Mario! What a Special Guy!
Playstation Classic - MAME 2003 Xtreme - Updating & Testing! PS1 Advanced Ripping!
Playstation Classic - Killer Instinct N64 - Performance & Speed Tutorial!
Playstation Classic - Amiga For Dummies! Tutorial
Playstation Classic - Badass Soundtracks! SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 12!!!
Playstation Classic - MAME 2003 Xtreme - Beast Update + Behind The Scenes Compiling!
Playstation Classic - Konami - SHMUP 'Stravaganza - Part 11!!!
**More Videos to come, including more SHMUP 'Stravaganzas!
Enjoy the Update! Genesis Mini Comes Next!
And, a final thank you to the hundreds of people in Libretro/Mini Scenes, as well as the thousands upon thousands of End Users who get their regular retro gaming "itch" fix:) I will be playing a few games, such as Blood Stained (Gotta have more SOTN style game play, without a doubt!) and PS4 Amplitude (thanks for the recommendation DanTheMan827!) I will be sure to get these 2 in some videos, along with other similarly minded games!
See you Next Time, as well as in the interim on the usual platforms:)
Sincerely, KMFDManic AKA Kyland K:)
And, of course, the Update!
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