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Bucky Barnes (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
1 Guardians Of The Galaxy: 15 Ways It Changed The MCU 16%
2 Return to Castle Wolfenstein 54%
3 Galaxy name generator 16%
4 James Rhodes (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 25%
5 Which MARVEL Superhero Are You? (Which Marvel character 93%
6 13 Most Powerful Superheroes in the Marvel Universe 58%

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They were the first mutants and, contrary to what anybody says, every hero born with human parents in the Marvel Universe is a mutant. During the project, she had befriended Steve Rogers, one of the project's candidates. Natasha Romanoff (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Rocket is an intelligent alien resembling an anthropomorphic raccoon with expert marksmanship and is a. The Ultimate Guardians of the Galaxy Quiz! Unblocked Games 66 is home to over + games for you to play at school or at home.

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Accelerated Healing Factor: After been injected with the Super Soldier Serum, Bucky can heal much faster than normal humans; Bucky regenerates damaged tissue at high speeds. The 15 Easiest Ways To Gain Superpowers. Delivering Gaming News Without Remorse. An alien species that has been hidden on Earth for decades threatens to take over the planet. If properly injected up to the cervical nerves, the fluid is passed into the bloodstream and permeates the nervous system, accessing the body's recovery center, the portion of the brain that has the complete mapping of the human body and all their features, and initially identifies possible future failures, such. A galaxy's "life" therefore consists of a sequence of star forming events and collisions that it might undergo, depending on its environment and on the properties of the baryons which formed the disk in the first place.

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Galaxy life super soldier hacked able character. Soldier Zero is the flagship character from this new line of superhero comics as it is the first to launch (October, 2020). A complete list of Clusters, Systems and Planets - including where you can scan for War Assets and more - can be found in the sections below. So, Captain America is not really a one-man artillery, trigger-happy high boots, only possible in comic books - Captain America is the incarnation of an average American citizen and hence is more real compared to other comic book. Galaxy Life Hack v % Working only on [HOST] How to use: [jwplayer mediaid=""] Would like to dominate the game Galaxy Life? He was also able to catch enemy grenades thrown at him, dodge fire from Falcon's Steyr SPPs, and leap on top of a moving car accelerating towards him with pinpoint accuracy.

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The game was published by Activision, developed by Gray Matter Studios and Nerve Software. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. 17. The first Guardians of the Galaxy was a risky Star Wars-inspired romp through space, following a bunch of a-holes who form an unlikely familiar bond.

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You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. The horses were picketed agent of the. Galaxy Life Hack Cheats are updated monthly Really easy to use, will take up to 2 minutes to receive the resources you want to get. Powers and Abilities Immortality By acquiring the Houou Kyutama, Tsurugi was granted eternal life, which was instrumental in his campaign to unify the universe. There was even some special technology so that he could make calls for free. Lets talk about Chief v Locke in H5: G: HaloStory a fantastic read.

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Help: Character Creation. According to Disney Latino, Red Guardian was a super soldier and spy who lived a life of triumph during the Cold War. In a Cragmite story called "Bagogg and the Loki", a Cragmite warrior named Bagogg crashed landed on planet Toranaux and hid there for years while fighting off spirit creatures called the Loki. Play Super Soldier – From [HOST] The aim is super soldier is to convert all of the enemies flags and go back. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4498. You will also be able to customize your character or soldier and change the uniform and also add extras like masks on the face such as camo.

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Browse 3448 mods for Star Wars: Battlefront II (2020) at Nexus Mods. Also, it chains all the Operating System. Why not join the fun and play Unblocked Games here. Marvel Characters: What's Next For Every Major Superhero https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4494. Doctor Abraham Erskine was a scientist who created the original Super Soldier Serum and was forced to use a preliminary version to transform Johann Schmidt into the Red Skull. Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO delivers you with all you want for extra guard alongside hackers deprived of braking unhappy your PC.

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He's able to take more two hits before he loses a life. Steam Workshop:: Furry Stuff for Garry's Mod site link. Jim Starlin, the character first appeared in Strange Tales #180 (June 1975). Cena's portrayal of Peacemaker is the first ever live action incarnation of the character, a soldier and super-hero who loves peace so much he is willing to kill for it. The character was originally created by Charlton Comics but acquired by DC in the mid-80s. Most inappropriate comic book characters ever https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=4500. Since his debut during the Silver Age of Comic Books, the character.

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Gamora is portrayed by Zoe Saldana. Tsurugi Ohtori - RangerWiki - the Super Sentai and Power useful link. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 you could check here. The mod that makes you able to play as an unplayable character "Destroyer" 11KB; 4 - Destroyer (Bifrosty Reception. In the film, Peter Quill was raised by which group of thieves and smugglers? Id Software oversaw the game's development and was credited as the game's executive producers.

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Giving them a family that they always longed for, adventures ensue when they end up in a world full of magic and chaos. When fighting Falco. BioWare has said that like the books, Mass Effect Galaxy wont be absolutely necessary to follow along with Mass Effect 2. For new players to the franchise, Mass Effect Galaxy will be a great preview of the world of Mass Effect, albeit somewhat different than. Here's a character I got to do for the new game The Last Parsec by Pinnacle Publishing. James "Rhodey" Rhodes is a character initially portrayed by Terrence Howard, and then by Don Cheadle, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and sometimes referred to by his alter ego, War Machine. Nanton News - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones.

Kotor 2 Rewrite

Edit: So uhh I probably should have been clear as to what this is as u/MAQS357 brought up. It's just me rewriting it for fun based around the idea of it being a more direct sequel to Kotor 1, this isn't a mod I'm making or anything crazy like that.
Kotor 1
So before get into rewriting Kotor 2 we need to establish some canon choices made in Kotor 1 to base things off of as we'll be making Kotor 2 a direct sequel. We're going to have Revan be a servant of the Light up until the Leviathan where with the knowledge of who he was his memories and former self begin to bleed through until the Temple Peak where he sides with Bastila killing Jolee and Juhani, and then reclaims his title as Dark Lord of the Sith. So Manaan, Tatooine and Kashyyk were completed lightside, and Korriban Darkside however without wiping out all the initiates as often happens at the end. Carths Quest is never completed, he never finds out about Dustil.
We're also going to retcon Yuthura Ban's death on Korriban. If you side with her against Uthar she backstabs you and you are forced to kill her, instead we'll have Revan help her Kill Uthar and then when she betrays Revan he defeats her but spares her instead revealing who he is and forcing her to swear loyalty to him making her the new Mistress of the Academy. We're also going to slightly retcon the darkside ending and make it so the Republic attack on the Star Forge isn't a complete failure, they do manage to heavily damage the Star Forge knocking the Siths industrial capacity right down somewhat evening the scales.
Revan having reclaimed his throne continues the war against the Republic and make some initial headway in the immediate aftermath of the Republic's disaster at the Star Forge however this doesn't last and the war begins to stagnate. Three years will have passed since the end of Kotor 1 by the time Kotor 2 starts and both sides are extremely war fatigued however neither has any plans to make peace with the other. Manaan has formally joined The Republic after having expelled the Sith after Kotor 1 due to their transgressions there, selling Kolto solely to The Republic.
The war stagnated when Revan launched a huge offensive at Katar hoping to subjugate the Miraluka for his own ends, he sends hundreds of Dark Jedi to do this and the Republic sends hundred of Jedi to help defend the Miraluka. However when the fighting looks like things are turning in favour of the Republic suddenly the Republic loses all contact with Katar and scouts sent to investigate find ships filled with dead floating above the planet and nothing but corpses on the surface, the Republic believes that Revan unleashed the Mass Shadow generator once again in order to deny the Republic the Miraluka's allegiance when he started getting the worse of the fighting sacrificing countless of his own men in the process.
The Republic recall a lone Jedi to Coruscant, the only Jedi to have followed Revan into the Madalorian Wars and turned back at the end. This Jedi is simply known as The Outcast and this is who you will play as. Now The Outcast is basically The Exile from actual Kotor 2, we'll just call them The Outcast to differentiate the two. Unlike the Exile however The Outcast did not cut themself off from the Force at Malachor, they still became a wound in the Force and upon returning to The Jedi they believe them to have fallen to the Darkside due to the Force Wound and The Council cut the Outcast off from the Force along with taking their lightsaber. You will start as a Jedi with no powers having only just naturally reconnected with the Force. There will be two main paths for The Outcast, turning to the Darkside and getting revenge on The Republic and Jedi for cutting them off from the Force, or forgiving them and aiding them in the war against Revan.
Tutorial + Extended Tutorial areas
The game will begin with The Outcast onboard The Harbinger and Revan having heard of The Outcasts return sends a team of assassins to have them killed and having placed a bounty on The Outcasts head. It's essentially Endar Spire 2.0 except instead of running to the Escape Pods you head for the Hanger with the aid of a Republic Soldier call Galen Ulgo who has a chin chiseled by the Gods themselves (who signed onto the Republic after news of his Brothers death) where you steal The Mouldy Crow which will be your ship for the game and you escape as the sole survivors as you head to Coruscant. It's your tutorial area, nothing special here it's over and done with in like 30 minutes tops.
Upon reaching the Jedi Temple on Coruscant the Council remarks on how you reconnected with the Force yourself and how it must be the Will of The Force that you aid them despite their distaste at the idea. You'll then be given your lightsaber back (what it is depends on dialogue choices) as well as another Jedi apprentice who becomes a companion, an Echani woman who was the daughter of a powerful Jedi, and you do some odd jobs around the Temple as well as on the Coruscant upper and lower city dealing with small time problems. There's no overarching plot you just break up some gang activities (or help them for your own gain), it's just a test by the Council to observe how you act when on your own with Brianna as their little spy (you'll have to convince her to lie for you should you act more bad than good, it won't be hard as she is enamoured by you and will go along with anything). Once you've completed a certain number of quests Brianna will tell you that you should return to The Council so that they can give you actual assignments (you can still do them all, you just aren't forced to). The Council will then give you a number of places of interest for you to go to and help out, Manaan, Lothal, Onderon, and Mandalore.
So from here you can do things in whatever order you please, it's the equivalent of leaving Dantooine in Kotor 1.
Freeform period
It's important to note, if you have Galen Ulgo with you at any point from here on out and make an overtly anti-Republic decision in front of him he will attack you and you'll be Forced to kill him.
Manaan under command of Carth Onasi is in the process of being heavily fortified against an impending Sith assault. You are immediately taken to speak with Carth, who after the betrayal of Revan and Bastila and watching them force Zalbaar to kill Mission became truly incapable of trusting anyone as he had trusted those two against his better judgement and been punished for it. Carth isn't going to like your arrival and will accuse you of being a spy right off the bat given your history with Revan and thus refuses to give you full access to the area.
Upon leaving his headquarters you will be attacked by a Dark Jedi Assassin and on their body you will find a datapad detailing the Coming Sith Assault on the planet. Upon receiving this you are prompted to give it to Carth to gain his trust and with it full access to all Manaan, you can alter the plans beforehand if you wish to help the Sith. Now with full access you can wander around and do various sidequests where you either help fortify or sabotage the local defences, improve or reduce troop morale, etc. You will encounter a hidden Sith Base on Manaan headed by a Dark Jedi called Dustil Onasi who is revealed to be Carths son who was handpicked by Revan as an insult to Carth and as a test of Dustils loyalty. You can either take out the Sith Base yourself, ask Carth for support, or keep it secret. Now depending on your actions here depends on how the rest of Manaan plays out, you can either go to Carth and wait for the assault or go to Dustil (if you kept him secret) and signal him to begin the assault.
Depending on your choices during the sidequests Manaan will either easily repel the attacking Sith (helped fortify the area more than sabotage), The Sith repelled with Kolto intact but with heavy Republic casualties (did not do sidequests/ equally helped/ sabotaged the defences), or achieve a Pyrrhic Victory where the Sith repulsed albeit with heavy casualties and the Kolto is destroyed (sabotaged the Republic more than you helped). It'll be a points based system where each quest completed gets you a point one way or the other. Carth Lives or Dies based on whether or not you stopped Dustil or kept him secret regardless of other choices, if Dustil was not exposed then he confronts Carth and kills him as Carth can't find it within himself to fight back as this final betrayal was just too much for him.
Dustil becomes a companion afterwards if the Kolto is destroyed and you didn't reveal him. He'll remain on the ship when on Republic worlds and cannot be taken with you, and if you make any overtly anti-Sith decisions with him around then he will attack you and you are forced to kill him.
If you sided with the Sith you have plausible deniability due to the sheer chaos of the attack, no one knows what the shit happened and the recordings were destroyed. Aka, lame excuse as to why the Republic continue to trust you.
Now Onderon is largely going to remain the same as is does in the actual Kotor 2, however there will be some changes. General Valku is not being backed by Nihilus or anyone else, he's working purely on his own with his loyal supporters in an attempt to get Onderon out of this awful, destructive and drawn out war before the fighting reaches Onderon, Talia however wants to remain loyal to the Republic. Side quests are the same, either support Talia or drum up discontent to aid Valku.
If you drum up enough discontent then Colonel Tobin will approach you and ask for your support in the coming coup. However Tobin will also express sympathies with the Sith believing they will win the war and that if Onderon joins them it will come to glory, however Vaklu apparently refuses to even consider the idea. You can make a deal with Tobin to ensure Vaklu is killed during the coup which will place Tobin in charge and have Onderon join the Sith. If you instead aided Talia in the sidequests then Talia will request your presence and ask your aid in the event of a coup. Regardless of which happens you'll then be forced off Onderon until you've completed another planet (if Onderon is your last then the Coup starts immediately), and the Coup is just one big gauntlet where you either work your way from Valku's camp to Talia's Throne room, or from the Throne Room to Valku's camp depending on who you back.
You're choices are Talia (Onderon for the Republic), Vaklu (Onderon First), or Tobin (Onderon to Glory). Beyond that though it is essentially the same, I really liked the Onderon plot.
During your initial visit to Onderon there will be a man in the Cantina who's trying to escape the war and saw Vaklu's victory as inevitable so came to Onderon. This man as you delve more into his backstory isn't just the charming rogue he initially appears to be but will turn out to have been a former collector for Revan who captured Jedi for Revan to break until one of these Jedi revealed him to be Force Sensitive which caused him to desert out of fear, he also loves playing Pazaak so much to the point that he'll do so in his thoughts.
On Mandalore you are sent to investigate rumours that the Mandalorians are regrouping with the intent to aid Revan. Upon arrival you will be briefly detained and questioned on your reason for being there, however upon realising you were one of the Jedi who defeated them during the Mandalorian Wars your captors change tone and show you nothing but respect, asking for your aid in rebuilding the Mandalorians.
Side quests will be similar to Dxun, aid the Mandalorians but with some options for darkside characters. The main quest however will have you dealing with the factionalism within the Mandlorian ranks. Most are loyal to Mandalore himself who has pledged himself to Revans cause as he views Revan as worthy of their support due to his defeating them, however there are those younger Mandalorians who took the defeat at Revans hands personally and saw it as a mark of shame and something to be avenged. You can either support Mandalore (who should be familiar once you meet him) by weeding out those who oppose silently oppose him thus binding the Mandalorians to the Sith and Revan, or you can work with the younger more vengeful ones which leads to you aiding in one of them killing Mandalore in singecombat and taking up the Mantle of Mandalore binding the Mandalorians to the Republic in an attempt to avenge Malachor.
Regardless of who you support you will gain Kelborn as a companion for the rest of the game, he doesn't care who you fight for so long as it's a good fight and you fight with honour.
Lothal will be a Sith occupied planet and you are sent to steal information from the headquarters there. As such this is a stealth mission and you can't just walk around as some Jedi. Upon landing your ship will be boarded by a Sith officer and two troopers, you kill them and take their uniforms which you and your party will have to wear while on the planet. Alternatively if you have acquired a Dark Jedi Master Robe beforehand then you can pose as a Dark Jedi, and having Dustil here will help greatly too.
Side quests will consist of aiding the local resistance pockets (or helping the Sith eradicate them), and once you've done 50% of available side content you can progress your main objective. Aiding the resistance will lead to you gaining aid from the resistance to break into Sith Headquarters and steal the information you need on Sith troop movements for the Republic, aiding the Sith will lead to you telling them about your mission and them giving you false plans to give to the Republic. You transmit the plans from the Mouldy Crow just to save you needing to go back to Coruscant just to hand them in.
You can gain one of two companions here, either an aspiring Dark Jedi called Sariss or a resistance veteran Twilek named Hera depending on who you aid. And just like Galen and Dustil going against their preferred faction choice in their presence will cause Sariss/ Hera to attack you forcing you to kill them.
Now no matter what planet you do first, once you reach the end of it Visas will ambush you on your ship and try to kill you, once defeated you bring her to the medical bay where she will recover. Once you reach your next planet she will have recovered and approach you revealing what really happened on Katar. Remember at this point you're told that it was Revan using the Mass Shadow Generator, however Visas will reveal that it was in fact Darth Nihilus who destroyed everything and he sent her to kill you as he viewed you as a threat due to The Outcast being his opposite believing them the only one capable of stopping him. During her talk about Nihilus you'll get a cutscene showing the battle of Katar, first a panning shot of the ground battle then a cut to the space battle. Suddenly the Ravager will appear and a white sphere will emanate out from its bridge and as it passes through the ships they cease firing, this sphere will then pass through the planet and we'll get a panning shot of nothing but corpses Jedi, Dark Jedi, and grunts alike. This sphere will then contract back towards the Ravagers Bridge where we will then see Nihilus in all his glory surrounded by pure force energy just swirling around him in decaying orbits until it is all absorbed by him. He'll have no zombie crew, he powers the Ravager by his sheer force of will alone. Visas will tell you that she was the only survivor of Katar and that Nihilus took her prisoner and used her to seek out more hotspots like it until she found the Outcast and alerted him to their existence. She says that when she believes you are ready to face him she will take you to him and becomes another companion.
Now there will be various consequences for your actions on these planets once you reach the endgame. Destroying the Kolto on Manaan will lower the max hp of all Republic Soldiers encountered. Binding the Mandalorians to the Republic will reduce Mandalorians seen fighting with the Sith by 4/5th (there are still some die hard ones loyal to Revan) and instead move them to fight alongside the Republic. Giving the Republic the true plans from Lothal will cause Sith troopers to deal less damage (lower quality blasters due to shipments being intercepted) and Binding Onderon to either The Republic or The Sith will see onderon Soldiers fight alongside the respective faction.
The Endgame will also send you down one of two routes depending on your actions. Completing more planets by aiding the Sith will send you down the Darkside path, aiding the Republic more than the Sith the Lightside Path. Neutral Onderon gives no points either way and should you do half and half like a spastic then you'r alignment will the deciding factor,if you somehow have exactly 0 alignment too then the game uninstall itself because fuck you (nah it'll default to the darkside ending).
So this is where things become more linear and it focuses primarily on advancing the story, however depending on your alignment and choices things will change greatly.
The Council will summon you and ask you to infiltrate Korriban to learn just what the super weapon used on Katar was. You can try to tell them about Nihilus but they won't believe you because the idea is so otherworldly to them and they don't think it possible, they just pass it off as Visas being traumatised by Katar and trying to rationalise what happened by projecting all the damage onto a single being. When you arrive on Korriban you are immediately taken prisoner because they aren't stupid like the morons on Lothal.
Lightside Route
Uthara Ban as Mistress of the Academy proceeds over your interrogation trying to extract Republic secrets from you, however your cage malfunctions when she steps out for a break and you are able to retrieve your gear. When she returns you fight her and once beaten you can either shatter her already shaky loyalty to Revan and turn her back to the Lightside where she becomes a companion and leads you out of the academy back to your ship unmolested, or you can kill her, retrieve a datapad from her corpse, and have to fight your way back to the ship.
Either way you return to the Jedi Council and either Yuthara spills the Sith secrets or you give the Council her datapad just before a Sith attack commences. You then need to repel the Sith assault on Coruscant which is a real Kaiserschlacht sort of desperate offensive to knock the Republic out of the War before they can get reinforcements from the other worlds/ use the stolen intel from Korriban against the Sith. You then need to repel the ground troops, help man the AA guns, and then board their capital ship which is led by Bastila using her Battle Meditation (side note but Battle Meditation will not be a power you can unlock through levelling up, it's established in Kotor 1 to be a rare ability then in the real Kotor 2 it was just a run of the mill ability). However you boarded the wrong capital ship and once you clear it out Bastila's ship retreats because it's clear the battle is lost.
Once you get back to the ground you get word that attacks like that were happening all across the Republics front, some parts having broken and others held, Revan himself having spearheaded an advance that dislodge the Republic from several systems before halting his advance upon hearing of Bastila's failure. The battle will have been going two days timeline wise to accommodate this, first day is repelling the ground forces and securing the planet, second is where you use the AA guns and mount the attack on Bastila's fleet. As two days have passed Republic codebreakers will have decrypted the datapad (If you killed Yuthara obviously) and they will have learnt of the Siths defences on their capital system and how to counter them, so an offensive to take out Revan himself and end the war has been made.
You lead the offensive on the Sith capital fighting your way through their space defences and mount a ground assault where you fight through Revans Palace until you reach the thrones room. Now this is where the fight against Revan takes place, it'll be a hard fight as he'll have all the power of a former videogame protagonist and you'll have to pull every trick you have to defeat him. Upon defeating Revan just before you leave the Room Revans Spectre will appear and taunt you for thinking it would be so easy to kill him, now depending on your persuade skill you may or may not be able to return him to the Light and allow him to become One with the Force, failing that it's Revan Fight 2: Electric Boogaloo where you cleanse his spirit from the world instead. Once you beat him it'll be revealed that he sent Bastila to the Star Forge to rally the remainder of his forces, so you have your next target and Bastila is now the Dark Lady of the Sith. (I was originally going to have you fight Bastila here and Revan on the Star Forge but I really wanted to use the phrase "Dark Lady of the Sith", it just sounds cool, also it better shows that the Sith are on their last legs by this point) Now upon returning to your ship Visas says that since you defeated Revan she has no doubts that you can now defeat Nihilus and you should leave as soon as possible, however this has to be put off until after Bastila has been dealt with.
Now you have your assault on the Star Forge where you fight your way through to Bastila, her using her Battle Meditation makes the approach extremely difficult for Republic ships. Once you reach Bastila you find that in the Republics initial attack on the Star Forge, while their industrial capacity was heavily damaged, the usage of turning people into Force Energy to be absorbed and strengthen the user was not. So Bastila will be almost as difficult a fight as Revan was and defeating her marks the end of the Jedi Civil War.
Now, with Visas in tow the two of you head off to the Ravager to face Nihilus and end the existential threat he poses to all life in the Galaxy, however before you can leave the Ravager appears over the Star Forge drawn by the smell of so many Force Sensitives doing battle. Walking through the Ravager there won't be any gauntlet, he runs the ship himself remember. When you reach the bridge he immediately turns around and attempts to drain you of the Force and kill you however it backfires due to you being his opposite, a wound in the Force, and he is visibly weakened and is forced to draw his lightsaber for the first time in years. His Force Powers will still be extremely potent and a serious threat, however his body is weak and his health pool as a result is very low so he's a glass canon. He can use the Force to unequip your weapons and even block your attacks so he won't go down easily by any means, and as I said his Force Powers will mess you up big time. Upon defeating him I imagine his death scene essentially the same as the Ethereal Death animation in Xcom where his robes will evaporate into energy and Force Energy will radiate out from him leaving behind a twisted and seriously atrophied corpse and a lightsaber.
Upon returning to the Republic you are hailed as a hero for killing Revan and Bastila and ending the war that has plagued the Republic for the last 5 years. No one will acknowledge your triumph over Nihilus as in their eyes his ship was just another Sith ship, you'll be the unsung hero for that one since only you, Visas, and Nihilus ever knew about his existance.
So captured upon landing on Korriban, however instead of Yuthara detaining you it's Bastila herself since you've been aiding the Sith she hasn't been needed elsewhere and could afford to take the time to oversee the Academy. Same as before your cell malfunctions when she's out of the room and you grab your gear in time for Bastila to return where you then battle Bastila however she's considerably easier than in the LS run as she does not have the power of the Star Forge fueling the Darkside within her. Now Bastila is a fickle whore and upon being defeated will immediately offer to become your apprentice which starts you down the path of becoming Revans rival, you can also just kill Bastila instead and grab her unencrypted datapad but then you miss out on a companion.
Now Yuthara will have seen the fight go down from a balcony, and seeing how quick Bastila was to turn on Revan (regardless of whether she was then killed or not) causes Yuthara's already shaky belief in the Sith to shatter and she then either declares Bastila a traitor and that whichever student kills her will gain the rank of Master, or she tells the students that you killed Bastila and same offer, before then escaping and making her way to Coruscant to rejoin the Jedi Order. You then need to fight you way back to The Mouldy Crow where Bastila (or her datapad) will reveal where Revans Palace is and you set off. Upon landing and killing the landing pad guards Revan will contact you via a terminal granting you safe passage to his throne room where you do battle with him and his bodyguards, Revan will be every bit as tough as in the LS version of the fight, however there won't be the chance to turn his Spectre to the light you'll be forced to fight Revan twice here.
Upon defeating Revan The Outcast will take on the mantle of Dark Lord/ Lady of the Sith and begins to make preparation to command the Sith Forces for a strike against the Jedi Council so that you can get revenge for them cutting you off from the Force. However before that can happen a Republic assault force attacks the planet and you have to repel them, First the ground forces led by Yuthara Ban, then the Republic Capital Ship under command of Admiral Dodonna and upon her death the Republic fleet will route. Having Bastila and her battle meditation will make this section and the next easier.
With the Republic forces retreating and broken The Outcast will then launch a counter offensive aimed at Coruscant, after fighting your way across the planet surface into the Jedi Temple you reach the Council Chambers where you must face all 5 Jedi Masters at once (Vrook, Kavar, Vash, Atris, and Zez) which will be a difficult fight on par with Revans fight. Now with the Jedi dead and the Republics Capital defeated the Republic capitulates to the Sith marking the dawn of a new age of darkness.
However, Nihilus. The Ravager appears above Coruscant and you head up there with Visas, another companion of your choice, and a squad of Dark Jedi/ Sith Troopers. Upon reaching the Bridge Nihilus will drains all but you and Visas instantly, injuring himself when he tries to drain The Outcast. Big fight same as before and with the entire Sith Fleet present The Outcast is declared the undisputed Dark Lord/ Lady of the Sith upon their victory.
"Can you write up specifics for the sidequests on each planet and the various companions?"
No, you don't want that and I'm much too lazy anyway. A vague overview is the most you'll get.
"Where is Kreia?!?!?!?!"
OK Snig, don't ban me just yet for not including your waifu. Kreia is just chilling on Malachor training recruits for Revan, The Sith never fell in this timeline so Kreia never had the chance to be betrayed by them and become jaded with both sides. Behind the Scenes Lore and all that, maybe have someone on Lothal mention "That withered old hag of Malachor" in a conversation with his buddy.
"What about Sion?"
IIRC Sion was from Exar Kuns war originally, so he'd be floating around. I'll just be lazy and put him elsewhereTM on the Sith Capital Planet and have him escape when the fighting takes a turn for the worse in a Lightside run, and Darkside he ends up joining The Outcasts armies. He won't appear though this is just more behind the scenes lore.
"Some gameplay question"
Max level will be 30 and no Battle Meditation power on the level up screen, otherwise just assume the gameplay and technical side is the same as actual Kotor 2.
"Kotor 3?"
Upon defeating Revan (Either Path) he will have something to say before dying. (adapt as you will for a redeemed in death Revan)
Revan: "You fool, if you though killing me would save The Republic/ You" (dependant on LS or DS) "you were wrong, there is far worse out there you just don't know it".
Outcast: "I already know about Nihilus, I might be the only one who can stop what happened at Katar from happening again"
Revan: "Who is this Nihilus? I thought Katar was..."
Which is foreshadowing for the Sith Empire in the Unknown Regions.
If I wrote a Kotor 3 based on this rewrite I would have it so The Outcast is still the protagonist, the contrived excuse for why you have to level up all over again being that when Nihilus tried to drain you he somewhat succeeded and you lost much of you Ability in the Force, so you'd start Kotor 3 at like level 10 though we'd up the level cap from 30 to 40 to compensate for this. I'd also make the Lightside Ending Canon. And just so Snig doesn't ban me I'll also throw in Kreia as a side villain for Kotor 3 since she'll now have had the chance to turn into the Kreia we all know and love.
"Will you actually do that?"
Idk, I feel like I've inflicted enough pain on all 3 of you who actually read this shit and weren't smart enough to click out the instant you saw the giant wall of text. If I'm feeling sardistic enough then sure I might, though this was the culmination of months of random ideas I've had floating around in my head all being shoehorned into one story so then again I might just not have enough semi polished shit to type out.
"Lothal is a Republic Core world, it makes no sense geographically that the Sith would control it"
Shut up nerd. I don't know Star Wars galactic geography (and this question is probably completely wrong) I just wanted a planet with big open plains and something of a city, Lothal fit the Bill, it was originally going to be Alderaan so just count your blessings where you can. Lothal was an afterthought because the demon in my head screamed "You need 4 freeform planets for a Kotor game you can't just have only 3!!!!", that very same demon is what wrote this question to begin with because it's deathly allergic to shit that makes no sense.
"Your writing is shit, you're shit, why did you think it was a good idea to post this?"
Yes. I wrote up a similar thing last week but decided against posting it when I saw everyone was gushing over The Mandalorian and I decided to just let people have nice things and not ruin their day for them.
"You made X typo here, here, and here, your grammar sucks and you fucked up your formatting!"
I'm proof reading that 1:30am so give me a fucking break, just tell me and I'll fix it I'm not some degenerate. The 'Proper Spelling and Grammar Demon' must be appeased else it'll jerk off using the folds of my brain.
"Hi Snig again, why the fuck didn't you choose a flair for your post before submitting? I'm going to have to ban you for that."
What the shit am I supposed to flair this as?
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the game so far...

After about 75 hours in-game, first I want to say I love it. Great concept, wonderful execution, and a clean & simple take it apart and sort it into the bins game. With so much more than that layered in.
Not only do you already own/have access to the assets for DOZENS of ship designs ranging from tiny to utterly gargantuan - but you're ALSO ALREADY WORKING ON HOMEWORLD 3! FFS people; synergy -- use it. Build the ships in exquisite detail for shipbreakers AND Homeworld - that way the explosions will be all the more legit when HW3 finally hits, and we get to have fun crawling around in them too. Tell me you cannot see that being a useful pairing. Change the planet in the skybox to Hiigara - or better yet some unknown outer rim planet long forgotten by Hiigara that is (unwittingly) about to receive first (re?)contact with the rest of its race as the Balcora Gate is reopened on their doorstep. Perhaps Kharak? Part of the support fleet that helps with the assembly of the original Mothership? Even as far back as the nascent space-society that was only just getting started, yet would one day result in the Mothership? Above Hiigara after the long trip and the final battle? Above Hiigara during and/or after the Beast wars? (The thought if trying to decontaminate and salvage a beast-infected ship gives me the absolute willies!!!) Last but not least - an active part of the support infrastructure that supports the plot of HW3 or even perhaps a fly’s eye view as a ride-along on the plot of the previous games while working salvage from inside the Mothership/Kuun-Lan? It would be a hell of a perspective, working in the shipyards and watching behemoths being built while you scrap yester-years' junkers. Finding data tapes and recording scattered around that give you glimpses of life from much closer to ground level than say, the perspective of fleet command. *shrug* for all I know, the Hiigaran navy is about to make first contact with earth... somehow. (Although I'm fairly certain the Pegasus galaxy is QUITE the distance from the Milky Way, so this might be a stretch.) And best yet - why not all of the above? Various chapters, 'levels' if you will that you unlock as you gain more prestige as a salvager. Anyway, that's my 2-cents about a neat opportunity to perhaps go full Marvel-Cinematic-Universe with the Homeworld IP.
2) Warships. I WANT TO SALVAGE GUNS DANG IT. Big and small. Old (friendly/civilian/derelict) and new (captured hostiles/aliens(?)). Reverse engineering anyone? a little R&D for the ultra-high-end salvagers? Perhaps even some ultra-classified work when something that isn't supposed to exist is hulled into our wonderfully paid-up berth, eh? Or even -- we've become such a prestigious and decorated shipbreaker that we're given the honor of taking the first crack at a truly extraterrestrial object? A ship? a satellite? a probe? Find out next time on the next exciting episode of... IT HASN'T BEEN WRITTEN YET! Most importantly of all: ships that are both undamaged and ships that ARE. I want to sink my teeth into a support fighter that has been roughed up in a dogfight so bad I can taste it. Shread a blown out destroyer so bad I've already got my splitsaw powered up (and the daily rental paid!) Picking apart the mothballed warmachines of yesteryear would be a great lead-up to more 'active duty' shipbreaking. Perhaps that could even be used as not-so-subtle forshadowing for a brewing conflict at the edges of our tiny helmet enclosed world. I mean - those combat damaged ships have got to come from somewhere right? I wanna hear snippets of politicking as the war gets closer. Hear propaganda from both sides as the worlds slip ever closer to that first shot heard round the system. Hear the heartbreak of some stereotypical trope housewife as soldier-boy goes off to war... THE WORKS! And then I want to be on the front lines supporting the best and bravest from behind the scenes, reclaiming valuable resources and machinery for the guys out there mixing it up!
3) Tether-grenades. Netsweepers. Gravity bubbles.
SOMETHING that lets you sweep a small region of a bunch of tiny pieces of stuff and lets you send it all flying THAT WAY all at once. However you want to apply it, whatever mechanic you wish to use, when things go sideways and something goes boom – we really need a better way to clean it up. The way the Grav-trap from Subnautica works immediately comes to mind. Toss a little ball – let’s call it a tether-grenade as a placeholder for now – into a debris field, remote trigger it when it’s where you want it and WHHUM- a zillion little microteathers shoot out in every direction grabbing everything within 10m with just enough force to hold it tight for a dozen seconds. Use the grapple on the center ball, and fire it down the chute. Or it could form a bubble, otherwise same story. Or you could make a splitsaw-like attachment for the grappler that fires out a spiderweb of tethers for you to wave around and snare stuff in. Or – or – or… there’s a million ways to come at this. Pick SOMETHING. ‘cause it’s a badly needed mechanic.
4) Emergency tethers: FULL REVERSE!!!
More than once something has wound up going down the wrong chute. Now I want to thank you for the passive pulling vector field that slowly draws things in that were ‘close enough’ – do please keep that. But there does also need to be either an OFF BUTTON for that field, or SOME way to counter it if you realize you’ve goofed and something (and believe me sometimes it’s been something BIG) is drifting down the wrong tube. I’ve had million-credit sections of nanocarbon from the stern of a gecko get caught in the field and get schlorped right up – the dozen tethers I used on ANYTHING NOT IN THAT DIRECTION didn’t do a damned bit of good to so much as slow it down either. Can we get a super-tether? An emergency override for the pull field that just shuts it down for like… 5 seconds? SOME way to pull an o-shit wrong tube maneuver?? …please?
5) “All pop-off” on the barge.
If you send something into the collection bay of the barge that has multiple barge-relevant items attached to it… for the love of god just read the architecture of the piece and pop off all the relevant bits at once. None of this dragging back and forth stuff to make it pass through unsaturated cells and pop off the next relevant bit one hunk at a time. It’s asinine. Just run a sweep of the piece, take the goods, and spit the non-barge-relevant parts back out so I can send them down the chutes.
Gameplay design could use some tweaks:
HOW TO? No. NO. NONONO - JUST that door; not the one behind it too. Only the one. And no I don't care that the ship is already depressurized. I need to be able to open and close doors with or without air SO I CAN SALVAGE THEM. (this includes the ones littered throughout the gecko - open works fine. Close? Not so much. Can we get on that?) Furthermore - where the blazes do the doors go when they open? Can we actually make a way to, idk... get them back out of the hull if they're stuck open? Preferably WITHOUT disassembling the entire corridor first (or incinerating the panel they’re hiding inside of – because, let’s face it… that’s really lame. I know you guys can do better.)
2) *punches button repeatedly* Why'd that only work once? ...and only that one over THERE – not this one?
Atmospheric controllers. Sometimes you need to use them in sequence, or not at all. They seem to be oddly scatterbrained about when they'll function, especially if you're not following the gameplay progression laid out by the tutorial precisely (Ex: Rips thruster cap-I off, chuckles-like-an-inner-5yr-old as the ship decompresses through it's TOTALLY-NOT-AN-ANUS, then proceeds to burrow inside piece by piece through this newly opened orifice.) Or gods forbid you're trying a Gecko. I still can’t figure out how on earth One is intended to safely decompress all the rooms in that thing - especially with atmo-controllers so completely on the fritz.
75 hours. of that man. Saying the same half dozen lines. Over. and over. and over. MUTE PLEASE?!?!?!?!? Or... like... only deliver lines relevant to the tutorial just the one time, and have a pool of dialogue that some RNG roller pulls from now and again once those are spent? God forbid he actually say something contextually relevant? Either actual content or just country music please. As lovable of a character as he is… God damn man. Quark it.
4) AND IT'S GOOOOOOOOOD!! {massive explosion} *cringe* ...and its nooooot...
The barge. Ok. We need to do some work on this thing.
First point: why in the name of the almighty are the items from previous shifts carrying over to the next one? Especially when it's utterly inconsequential if they're interacted with. Pull the reactor on shift one? get your cash. Nail it with a fuel canister on shift 2? no penalty beyond a tabulation note that you destroyed a fuel can. Doesn’t even register that you blew the reactor (and likely everything within 150m of it, realistically speaking). Look, this is a case of all in or all out. Either have consequence and game-play associated with these things sticking around, or begone with them. When I'm 4 shifts into a gecko I do NOT want to be worrying about airlock control panels I harvested at the beginning of the week. Either make it matter that I can accidentally incinerate half the goods on the barge – or get them gone.
Second point: The interface/detection grid is SHODDY AS HELL. Not only does it straight up not detect things passing through it occasionally (especially things on the smaller side) but the collision detection with respect to the floor beneath the detection grid is pretty terrible too. I've fired things off into UNSATURATED sections of the grid and watched them zip right through the whole darned barge - then have to fly down around the thing and catch it before it goes off and joins the low-orbit debris field like all the other junk down there. And even furthermore - the collection 'grid' doesn't even cover the whole bed of the barge! There's a lip on the side that has no cells in it whatsoever - found that out the hard way by splattering a computer terminal/fuel cell/[insert valuable object here] all over the bed of barge more than once. To my mind the barge should work like a field goal: if it breaks the plane IT'S GOOOOOOOOOOOD!! And from that point forwards whatever just got collected should be swiftly removed from the play area - or at least from the INTERACTABLE play area in such a way as to result in it being properly 'safed up'. Honestly just having it sink down through the glass floor of the barge after collection then having a little claw-machine style collector apparatus come along the underside and whisk it away to the back-section of the barge (or SOME kind of cargo-hold where not only are they no longer rendered as graphical objects - but they don't need to be worried about as f'n landmines.)
Third point: Of course this is also a chance to twiddle with the difficulty a bit - you could go and make it so that blowing salvage previously collected DOES lose you the cash payout (and then some perhaps?) you got for it in the first place. Perhaps some barges - depending on make, model, and availability, have less -shall we say- COMPLETE safeguards for their cargo. Some might have all the bells and whistles, but have a much smaller receiving grid/matrix/bed...thing. Maybe they have more than just the one barge available to use, so they can change them out between shifts - but if you're salvaging at some outpost past Neptune, they may only actually have JUST THE ONE, and hell - man - you're lucky the collection bed is functioning AT ALL with how old that thing is (oh and look out for the corner by the port thruster, that bit of the receiving grid is always going out. So, u'know, don't send stuff at it if you wanna actually get paid for it - or have it end up anywhere other than in pieces...)
Overall review: See where I’m going with this? It's either gotta be CONTENT - or done right to the point that you don’t realize that it's there. This is mechanical stuff, just like SFX in movies; the best compliment you can give a SFX guy when he asks you about the special effects he did in a movie you just watched is "what special effects?" Same here: If you notice the mechanics, they're not doing their job. So either make it part of the game, or fix it.
5) The timer. I super appreciate the no-timer, no-oxygen mode you added with the last update (which I’m personally going to call “whole buffalo mode” until someone removes my vocal cords and/or hands; great progress. That said the 15 minute timer in the regular mode still remains too short. For a ship the complexity of the mackerel yeah, that’s fine I suppose. You can shred the thing to the frame in half an hour easy, less if you really hoof it. But when we get further down the line to ships significantly larger and/or more complex than the gecko? Uhhhhh… 15 minutes is gonna be knocking on the door and saying hello, followed by promptly turning around and heading home. Perhaps shift length could be determined by ship type, but even then I feel like it’s kind of cheap to have the shift be so short that it is impossible to go for the ‘whole buffalo’ in a single shot. Other mechanics can be employed that are more subtle to give players that sense of urgency and expediency: Those green and red lines on the ‘how much of the ship have you broken down o’meter’? Give a guy a bonus if he hits those lines before a certain amount of time has passed. Give him penalties if he starts to take way too long to finish the job. +/-5% bonus/fee on total payout per wouldn’t be too bad either way I think? You want us to go right for the good stuff and leave the scrap behind for lynx’s bots to hoover up? Then give us good reason to. Personally I prefer to go for the whole hull every time… and WITHOUT weaver bitching at me every 180 seconds thank you very much. Not saying ‘no timer’ – just saying… adjust it. The mechanic as it is remains unrefined. Pulling the plug on an active play session should be used very very sparingly.
6) SAVE. OUR. SHIPS. Why. Why why why WHY are we not retaining state-of-the-berth data in our save files? With how often this build is crashing at the moment it’s horribly disheartening to lose everything I’ve done over and over and over. And realistically, there’s shit in life that makes you put things down and have to go off tending the rest of your corner in the world. The nature of reality shouldn’t interfere with the function of a game… just saying. SAVE BUTTON. Make it happen.
BUG REPORT: 1) Gecko: Coding linking the 3 panels containing the fuses and power generator cause the build to destabilize and crash when one or more of them are processed. Pull the fuses, pull the power generator, and rip the ship apart so that you can send the panels all that junk was on down a chute whole. SOMETHING goes haywire somewhere along that process because screwing with those panels seems to be the only commonality I can find between all my red-x errors and waving goodbie to another half-picked over gecko.
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