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Valeyard6282's Fortnite Theory Season 7/8

I have created the most in-depth and detailed Fortnite: Battle Royale theory on the web. Enjoy! Please keep in mind comments refer to the MUCH longer theory here before. I'm rewriting it all in the next few days so please be patient and check in frequently until it's once again done. Thanks!
There are two celestial gods. Ark is good, and Malcore is evil. Ark and Malcore belong to the eternal struggle set, and this is exactly what they are: An Eternal Struggle. Malcore craves the power that Ark possesses, and he wants to restart the universe with himself on top. The mythical being that controls reality and keeps it in check once a new "Cycle" of reality starts (Remember when "The Cycle" was a big deal in Season 7) is the Ouroboros- a mythical crimson serpent that eats its own tail to reforge the universe, but also keeps it flowing by starting new Cycles. With the Ouroboros present, Malcore can't put himself on top with a universal reboot. He needs to kill it. End the Ouroboros- the universe unwinds and is forced to reform in a new way. All the balance mentioned in so many bios of challenge skins is thrown out the window. It would be the apocalypse, it would be Ragnarok, it would be a Ruination.
Malcore creates mankind in this universe and spreads life all around the planet. Malcore is the father of humanity. Malcore has fire-like qualities while Ark has ice-like properties. Since Malcore is the father of humankind, his fire-like blood flows through the veins of all of the people of this universe. This is why fire heals you in-game and water from the Storm and from the ocean hurts you.
Malcore rules from the planet's corrupted moon- from his Alien Sanctuary Block palace. The moon has the grey terrain found in corrupted zones and purple bounce pits. Malcore commands an army of Zombies- the Cube Fiends we met during Fortnitemares. These corrupted purple Zombies make up Malcore's army. They hatch out of cube-shaped eggs called Shadow Stones we later see grow in the corrupted ground that is the same found on the corrupted moon that Malcore rules from. When a Shadow Stone egg is crushed, the DNA of the Zombies is spliced with the user- temporarily transforming them into a corrupted purple ghost-like creature until the body fights off the Zombie DNA. This is why Shadow Stones work how they work.
Ark rules from the InBetween- the ornate white realm existing between life and death. Ark's army of Enforcers live in the InBetween as her main police-like force to keep her universe in order. Master Key is her right-hand man and the actual Master Key character is the white and green overtime variant. He himself has his Key Force militia of monks who wear the green and orange outfits. Master Key protects the Master Portal- a portal to a pocket dimension. If you look at the concept art for this back bling- you can clearly see a golden-lit realm within the portal with the Ouroboros swimming around inside. This isn't the actual serpent, but it's soul. The Ouroboros can only be killed when it's within it's body so it's soul is kept in a pocket universe that Master Key protects and the body is kept locked within the crystal in the InBetween. The crystal is within The Vault section of the InBetween. The gameplay of Fortnite has little impact on the story. When we went into the Vault during the Unvaulting event, we broke open the massive crystal containing the Drum Gun. However, that's not what occurs in the story. The Ouroboros' suspended body is kept encased in one of these crystals. So the Ouroboros' soul is in the pocket dimension within the Master Portal and its body is incased in a crystal prison within the InBetween.
Ark has her army of Enforcers to enforce that order and balance is withheld all over the universe to keep her perfect world in check. Master Key protects the Master Portal with his company of monks to safeguard the Ouroboros soul. Season 9's Utopia skin I belive will be called Utopia and she's the Vault Keeper we saw during the event and honored as a statue in Tilted. Utopia is the Vault Keeper who wears the pink mask we saw during the event. She protects the Ouroboros' body while Master Key protects the soul. Utopia's has an army of super-soldiers who protect The Vault region where the Ouroboros is. Rox is one of these super-soldiers as are the robotic Eons. We'll get to the Rift Butterflies' role later on but they take humanoid forms like the Dream skin and other guardians of the InBetween are warriors like the Luminous skin. The Vault in the InBetween also houses The Nexus. The Nexus is the massive ball of blue fire we saw during the Unvaulting event. This ball of blue fire powers the entire InBetween and later plays massively into Season 8's overtime challenges and Season 9's entire storyline. We'll get back to the Nexus later.
The universe Ark and Malcore fight over in their Eternal Struggle contains Earth, and another planet called Athena- as supported by the game's files being called Athena files. There are two massive archipelagos on the planet of Athena. One is the Royale Archipelago which contains Royale Island- our map. The other has no definitive name, but I've called it Minerva as a placeholder name for description. Royale contains the islands we see in game, including Royale Island; while Minerva holds Happy Hamlet and serves as the brewing ground of much of the story.
Earth also exists- and this is where Save the World plays in. Save the World takes place on Earth. Malcore summons storms of darkness- the purple Storms- and hurls them at Earth in an effort to conquer it. The Storms consume 98% of the planet and transform the population into monstrous Husks. The remaining heroes fight against the Storms Malcore has created. So Save the World's storyline is all fueled by Malcore creating the Storms- using the powers of darkness he possesses. Genius inventor, Dr. Vinderman plans to initiate the Apex Protocol and go past the point of no return. Do these phrases sound familiar? It's because they are directly from the Vertex skin's bio. Dr. Vinderman is Vertex. He and hundreds of other survivors join the Apex Protocol to save the human race existing on Earth. Vinderman's machine transports him and the others coming alongside him to the other side of the universe. Vinderman dons the orange armor of Vertex and he, other survivors, and hero Ramirez go past the point of no return and are flung across the universe where they apperate in Athena- specifically on Royale Island. Vertex and his people settle the island and form a government to rule over the lawless land. Vertex becomes the head of the new government and Ramirez becomes Elite Agent- head of the Black Vector 7 unit of The Agents, the government's elite force. Elite Agent- Ramirez- comes from the Black Vector set, and the number "7" is displayed on the glider of another agent: Sub-Commander. Other notable members of The Agents are Rogue Agent, Sub-Commander, and Rook. The military of Royale Island is made up of soldiers like Sledgehammer, Trailblazer, Tech-Ops, and others. Royale Island has the Royale Air Force too- but it is more of a ferrying system than a military one. The Air Force pilot flying Battle Busses between the islands because the water hurts the native people of Athena because they're descendants of the fire-like Malcore. This is why there are no watercraft seen. The bus driver we know is Air Assault Trooper and Raptor is a pilot-in-training while his female counterpart in Velocity is an aerial ace.
The government of Athena also has another notable faction- the Men in Black. Led by The Reaper skin, the Men in Black are seen all over the Fortnite story- showing up at the otherworldly event sites. Their cars and copters were seen circling Dusty Divot; they excavated Luxe, Ruin, and The Gateway. Their symbol is that yellow circular mark seen on the semi-trucks and cars seen at Loot Lake and Pressure Plant today. And again, please note that in this universe- John Wick is NOT The Reaper skin. John Wick is a retired hitman who has massive storyline implications in Season 9 involving Vendetta while Reaper is the head Men in Black operative.
Malcore puts his plan into action. Malcore forges a man of stone with the fire of the planet's core within him. This is the Earth King. This is Ruin. Ruin is designed to destroy- to kill the Ouroboros once its soul is reunited with its body. All will fall. He is the one to trigger the apocalyptic Ragnarok event- the Ruination. Ruin is created to slay the Ouroboros and restart the universe with Malcore on top.
But first, we have to go over Malcore's plan to get to that point. The Master Poral containing the Ouroboros soul is not unlocked by a key- but from the power within as supported by Master Key's set's bio. The portal is unlocked with massive amounts of mystical energy- so much that nearly any creature will crumble to dust on contact with such power. Master Key has it locked within a treasure chest buried on Royale Island- with its key buried in another chest and so on, with his Key Force wearing a multitude of keys with only one only known to him being the key to the first chest. Malcore has five Brood Eggs- the "Dragon Eggs". They are his own children- have human, half dragon because Malcore has such draconic properties. The Hybrid Brood that will hatch can hold massive amounts of energy within them, and then can focus said energy to unlock the portal. The eggs require extreme heat to hatch, and this is where the volcano comes in. Malcore plants a volcanic seed on every known island so he has many options to hatch the Brood in super-hot environments. He places a pack of ninja Werewolves on every seed site so they can protect the volcanic seed viciously. He places Dire and his pack to protect the volcanic seed planted under Wailing Woods. We know Dire has ties to Malcore because his nunchucks hold the same dragon symbol seen on Hybrid's gi. Dire is a grey Werewolf and he is the alpha of his brown-furred pack that protect the volcanic seed. Once the volcano emerges and the Brood hatch after incubation within the magma, the Brood must find the mystical energy hidden by Master Key and absorb it. Once that is done, the Master Portal can be unlocked. However, now comes the question of how does the spirit get to the body and how does Malcore even get to the Ouroboros' body in the InBetween. Here's your answer.
Malcore builds a massive metal device near the middle of Royale Island. This is the giant metal disk that covers the entire Loot Lake region. This is The Gateway. It is a makeshift portal into the InBetween made by Malcore to get to the Ouroboros' body. The Gateway opens when all five turbines are activated by the five Skeleton Key UFOs that orbit Royale Island, cloaked by invisibility. They are controlled from hidden bunkers under locations like Retail Row and Pleasant Park. They Skeleton Keys can only be controlled once the Ouroboros spirit has been "Uploaded" to The Gateway.
So all this is fine and good, but who uploads the Ouroboros spirit to The Gateway to activate the Skeleton Keys for someone under Retail or Pleasant to control? Enter Luxe. Luxe is forged out of clay by Malcore specifically so she can harbor the Ouroboros spirit and transport it to The Gateway to upload it, while her right-hand man Sterling controls the Skeleton Keys from underneath Retail Row- in the new bunker added in Season 8.
Ark catches on to this entire plan of Malcore's and does her best to foil it. Ark gazes upon The Gateway that's embedded in Royale Island's crust. She seals off the area of the inner Gateway outside of the present-day lake with piles of gold and then forges a massive lake- Loot Lake- atop the Gateway to seal it off from Malcore's evil hands. The Gateway is why everything happen at Loot Lake. It is the answer. Ark doesn't know about Ruin or Luxe yet, but they'll interact late Season 3.
Ark's best warrior who fought in the war that won her control of the universe is St. Nicholas- Sgt. Winter. He rules over all of Minerva including the Germanic capital city of Happy Hamlet. He rules from a giant stone castle that will one day become Polar Peak. He takes up the moniker of Santa Claus and flies a rocket-powered sleigh over the island to deliver handmade toys to good children.
On Royale Island, a gang exists in the Boneyard junkyard (Junk Junction). This gang is the Storm Scavengers. They honor their "Rust Lord" and occupy the northwest junk heap. Their Rust Lord is Renegade Raider, with the actual Rust Lord skin, Kitbash, Sparkplug, Ruckus, and Mayhem being other members of the Storm Scavenger gang. When Renegade Raider is killed, her Rust Lord mantle falls on the shoulders of the actual Rust Lord skin.
Vertex hosts digital simulations called "Fortnights" that put contestants into a digital simulation of the island where they compete for two weeks within digital avatars until only one remains standing. This is the gameplay we enjoy. Contenders of Fortnights are called Gladiators and the Dazzle and Hyperion skins are wearing the orange simulation suits worn by Gladiators of Fortnights. Black Knight becomes the first winner and becomes a celebrity of Athena. As a reward for being the first victor, Vertex gives Black Knight a kingdom in the northwest corner of Royale Island. Kingdom Keep- a massive royal castle is built atop a mountain. Medieval-style villages surround the base of the mountain. Kingdom Keep consists of Spooky Stronghold- the Haunted castle-, Haunted Hills, and the Castle Ruins. However, they're not ruined yet. They're in fine condition and fit for a king. Blue Squires and Royale Knights become Black Knight's royal guard and he takes a wife in the form of the Glimmer skin. They have a daughter named Fable who often goes across the island to Wailing Woods to visit her grandmother in a small cottage (The Architect House).
Living in the still-intact village beneath Kingdom Keep is a street rogue named Blackheart. He and his girlfriend Skully steal and pillage the town by pickpocketing and stealing goods from the markets. Blackheart dreams of being a pirate while Skully is content with their current criminal lifestyle. Blackheart is a former member of the Compass Crew gang and the compass tattoo on his chest shows this. He left the brotherhood on bad terms and the price of betrayal is high. Blackheart owes them coin or blood so he sets out the risky heist of the royal family of Kingdom keep. Armed with a flintlock pistol, Blackheart sneaks into the castle atop the rocky mountain to steal goods. He is caught by the blue-armored guard and forced to fight them and beat them down. They beat him half to death and Blackheart is horribly mangled by the encounter. Still, he triggers previously placed explosives and destroys the village. Blackheart burns it and the castle to utterly nothing, hence why only haunted stone ruins remain today. He then marches into the throne room and shoots Glimmer in the head, leaving her husband alone in the room- thankfully Fable was in Wailing at the time. He and Black Knight fight and Black Knight ends up throwing Blackheart from the top of the mountain down into the ocean. Blackheart sinks to the bottom of the filthy waters and rots into a rotted, seaweed-encrusted skeleton. Blackheart was a robin-hood like figure. Yes, he stole for himself but he gave to the oppressed poor- and now he rots on the ocean floor.
Glimmer wasn't killed by Blackheart, but her upper face was deformed by the lead ball. She dons a mask to cover her upper face and she and Black Knight become Arachne and Spider Knight. So the Glimmer skin and the spider-like Arachne skin are the same character and same goes for Black Knight and Spider Knight. They leave the destroyed kingdom in favor of Wailing Woods. The move in with grandmother and regroup with their young daughter Fable. The Werewolves within the forest begin threatening the royal family, so Black Knight/Spider Knight builds up the house into a defensive spire (Hence why Architect's House is the way it is) and Fable grows up as a Werewolf hunter along with her parents.
Vertex wants to gain intel of the corrupted moon of the planet and sends a white space shuttle with two astronauts- Mission Specialist and Moonwalker- to the moon. The astronauts arrive and are met with Malcore's kingdom and the Zombies who live there. The shuttle touches down and is overrun by Malcore's Zombies. They corrupt the shuttle into a black craft and corrupt Mission Specialist and Moonwalker into Dark Voyager and Dark Vanguard- just like how Brite Bomber would later become Dark Bomber, corrupted by dark cube energy.
Malcore has planted volcanic seeds under various islands and emplaced Werewolf packs like Dire's to protect them. However, the Agents of Athena did make some progress in discovering the volcano festering under Wailing Woods. They detected a mass under the island much hotter than the rest of the crust and dug a massive elevator shaft into the island's crust in the woods. This elevator would go down hundreds upon hundreds of feet until reaching rock bottom where the Agents could investigate the mass. This elevator shaft is the Bunker. The Forest Bunker at least. It is the Agent's tunnel to investigate the volcano under the forest.
In Minerva, Ark catches onto Malcore's plan of sending Ruin to kill the Ouroboros by entering the InBetween from The Gateway. Ark takes Ruin and flies him to the edge of the atmosphere, where she encases him in a meteor of rock. Yes. The Discovery Skin- Ruin- is the meteor. Ever wonder why the meteor core glowed red just like Ruin's skin does? It's because The Visitor was never inside of it. Ruin was. Ark encases Ruin in a metal prison surrounded by rock and hurls him down at Royale Island. The Agents start to see the meteor containing Ruin approaching the island and tests show Tilted Towers is the most likely victim to the impact. Elite Agent- Ramirez- tasks Rogue Agent to evacuate the city. Ever wonder why Rogue Agent's status is unknown and why he went rogue? Well here you go. Rogue Agent gets a lead somehow telling him Dusty Depot and the factory district will fall victim instead. Rogue Agent goes against orders and evacs that area just before impact. The meteor splits up and chunks pepper the island- one even demolishing a skyscraper in Tilted- and the main meteor crashes into Dusty, killing the many who never got out. This incudes Rogue Agent- who went rogue to save as many lives as he could but also died in the process. The meteor containing Ruin ripped apart Dusty and demolished and crippled the warehouses and completely obliterated the factories. The meteor crashed at night and within the hour, the Men in Black under Athena's government headed by Reaper have helicopters circling Dusty Divot and a quarantine facility built around the core. Purple crystals made up a large part of the meteor shell around the red core imprisoning Ruin. These "Hop Rocks" were splintered all over the island, and when ingested, they granted the user anti-gravitational powers. CBRN teams are deployed into Dusty Divot, notable members being Toxic Trooper and Hazard Agent. These hazmat crews begin testing the glowing red core containing the metal prison of Ruin.
In Athena, a Blockbuster Movie is being made both before and after the meteor hit. The movie- "Carbide Vs. Omega"- holds many fictional characters within it. These include Carbide, Omega, Criterion, Oblivion, Venturian, Ventura, Bandolier, Bandolette, Moisty Merman, Valor, Leviathan, Jungle Scout, Sash Sergeant, Battlehawk, and Squad Leader. Vertex, Omen, Fate, Eon, Archetype, and Double Helix are the only characters that fit the Season 4-style super-hero theme that aren't fictional. Vertex is the head of the government, and the Overseers are big parts of the Season 4 storyline down the line. The Eons are soldiers of Ark in the InBetween, and Archetype and Double Helix have roles in Season 6. Squad Leader is played by washed-up actor Maverick, whose also part of the Cobra Crew gang that rivals the Storm Scavengers and the white-clad Lane Splitters. Battlehawk is played by rich celebrity Moniker.
It has been many months and the astronauts have not returned. A freelance space program lead by Omen and Fate approach Vertex and ask if they can send their rocket to the moon for a rescue mission of the missing astronauts. Vertex agrees with the compromise of the rocket launch being filmed and used for the movie. The company agrees and it turns out- Omen and Fate's space program is a shell company for terrorism. These two terrorists belive in the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and belive settling down is the end of humanity. They want to use a terrorist attack to destroy Tilted Towers in order to send a message that building civilizations is a mistake. Their "Rocket" is actually a missile, and the whole island will be eagerly watching the "Rocket Launch" only to see the missile destroy the metropolitan city of Tilted Towers in an act of terrorism. So that's who Omen and Fate are. Terrorists who want to destroy Tilted.
Malcore corrupts a super-soldier in the InBetween and turns him on his people. This rogue InBetween soldier "Visits" Athena to free Ruin from his guard at the hands of the Men and Black and the hazmat crews. This is The Visitor- a soldier of Ark turned by Malcore. The Visitor goes from beyond the unknown- The InBetween- to the center of Dusty Divot to free Ruin. The Visitor brainwashes the hazmat crew as his personal militia and they begin tearing apart the meteor core to free Ruin from the pod. The hot zone specialists, The Visitor, and Ruin box up Hop Rocks and ship them to the Rocket Base "For further testing". Ruin plans to bind Hop Rocks to the rocket to tear apart space-time to fulfill his role of destroying Ark's perfect world and watch it burn- even though the Ouroboros' death is his destiny, destroying this world is his nature.
The Hop Rocks are shipped to Omen's base and secretly fused to the "Rocket" to give it interdimensional capabilities. The Visitor leads the army of hazmat specialists under Ruin's command to modify Omen's missile to shatter time and space. The time had come for the rocket launch. The people of Athena gathered to watch a rocket majestically rise into the sky, while Omen and Fate would see victory as the rocket would cascade into Tilted Towers. However, as we all know, this fate didn't come to pass. Vertex got a lead on Omen's terrorist plans and rushed to the rocket base in the mountains on launch night. Meanwhile- The Visitor and many hazmat operatives are hacking into the rocket databases to quickly reprogram its flight path as seen in Season 4's later loading screens. Fate kills two hazmat specialists as seen in her loading screen while Omen beats down The Visitor. As seen in Vertex's promotional banner, he jumps into the rocket base with a heavy shotgun and blasts the back of Omen's head open. Omen falls dead as he is full of buckshot and Vertex accidently saved the life of the evil Visitor working for Malcore and Ruin- but also killed a terrorist and saved Titled Towers.
The rocket rises into the air, as Vertex was unable to cancel the launch The Visitor had programed. The Visitor had won, he did what Ruin wanted him to. Satisfied with the launch, The Visitor kills Vertex. The Visitor has cut the head off the snake. Vertex- the head of the government of Athena- is dead. The rocket nosedives for Titled, but seconds before impact- the rocket enters a wormhole. It bounces in and out of different realities before shattering a massive Rift into the sky and rupturing time and space itself.
Many people think the rifts we use in-game and the Rift in the sky are somehow related. They aren't in the slightest. Ark is horrified that Ruin has destroyed her perfect world's fabric. She conjures her Rift Butterflies to mend time and space. See, the Rift in the sky is a tear in time and space. It expands and causes things to rupture into Athena, and be pulled out. The little rifts we use in-game aren't rifts at all. They're sentient butterfly-like creatures that are under Ark's control. These Rift Butterflies show up to heal and sterilize wounds in space-time, and they focus their energy at the Rift in the sky to heal it- hence why you teleport into the sky when you touch one. You teleport to where their energy is focused. So little rifts are just butterflies who are healing the wounds in reality. The Rift does a number on Royale Island and the structure of Athena. Chaos has taken over the world after Vertex's death as Elite Agent- Ramirez- rises as the new chief of the government. The beloved Durr Burger head is teleported to the California desert. The Tomato Head is teleported to an ancient Mayan civilization in Guatemala where the Mayans there worship it as a god. A city from feudal Japan called Lucky Landing is teleported to the southern coast of the island along with Emperor Shogun and his samurai army- Musha and Hime being notable members. Japanese shaman like Taro and Nara also are pulled into Athena from Japan. Plague Doctors from 17th century Italy and shadow actors from Turkey also show up in Athena- ripped from time. Vampires from a monstrous reality take over Black Knight's old kingdom. A Viking village from ancient Norway is thrown on top of a mountain near Greasy Grove along with Viking warriors like Magnus and Huntress and a massive chunk of the California desert is slammed on top of the Moisty Mire swamp. A loot Llama was pulled out of Athena and thrown into futuristic London where it evolved into a humanoid DJ known as Yonder, who would later return to Athena. The map was reforged as Season 5 kicked into gear. A massive desert dominated the south, historic locations form various countries like Norway, Japan, and Guatemala were pulled into Athena along with other artifacts like Maui statues from Easter Island.
Meanwhile, the astronauts return in their blackened shuttle. The corrupted astronauts begin to burn up in the atmosphere and their shuttle crashes into Anarchy Acres and wipes the northern farm off the map, with the astronauts being killed in the process. On the way down, the Battle Bus piloted by Raptor was hit and crashed near Shifty Shafts. At this time, Raptor leaves the Air Force and joins the Agents as Havoc. Rich actor Moniker- who played Battlehawk- buys out the scarred property of Anarchy and turns it into Lazy Links golf course and country club.
On pre-Save the World Earth, a street tagger named Drift hangs with his garage band gang consisting of himself, Synth Star, and Stage Slayer. They all have a falling out within their desert home in California and Drift steals their red hot rod (Hot Ride Glider). He ends up ditching it in favor of a golf cart which he drives into the middle of the desert. He finds the Durr Burger head and tags it with the symbol of his beloved Kitsune fox mask. As he sprays his paint, he and the head are rifted back to Athena on a hill near Pleasant Park. Drift meets some new friends consisting of Brite Bomber, Rex, Tricera Ops, and Cuddle Team Leader. They go on a road trip, visiting all the new landmarks and Drift and Brite Bomber begin a relationship.
Drift's Kitsune mask is zapped away by the Rift and ends up on the moon in Malcore's hands. Malcore modifies it with corrupted magic and hurls it back to Athena where Drift finds it again. He wears it and over time becomes more and more powerful with purple corrupted lightning powers- just like a Kitsune. Drift feels the evil consume him, and keeps the power he has and hurls the mask back through the Rift where it ends up in ancient Japan where the Kitsune myth originates from the mask Drift hurled through. Confusing stuff right there. However, Drift using the mask's newfound corrupted power send a direct energy signature telling Malcore exactly where on the planet Ruin is, as the Rift would send the mask to the point on the planet where the Rift originated.
Ark deploys the Enforcers from the InBetween to deliver lost items back to Athena. They bring back the Mayan city worshipping the Tomato Head and the lost Motel Sign. Fearing the Enforcers will catch him and imprison him for treason, The Visitor flees to Icky Industrials (Southern Factories/Yonder Yard whatever you want to call it) and hides there. This same location was directly hinted at by what was spelled out by the Cube matter on the floating island and we were never given a resolution to this tease.
With the Gateway covered up by Loot Lake, Malcore puts a new plan into action to break Ark's world. It started with Ruin and The Visitor creating The Rift. Malcore plans to send in The Cube- a massive sentient terraforming device to print Runes and terraform Royale Island so Malcore's Zombies can invade and conquer, just as he attempted to do to Earth in Save the World. The Cube would then tear apart Loot Lake for Malcore to access The Gateway and the explosion triggered by The Cube would kill everyone and send everyone on the island and Ruin to the InBetween where Ruin could collect the Ouroboros' body and bring it back while Malcore's colonies searched for the Master Portal on this corrupted island.
So in detail, this is Malcore's plan: The Cube is sent through The Rift and prints Runes around the island. These Runes form anti-gravity domes that allow corrupted ground and evil to fester and incubate which terraforms the earth around them into corrupted zones like the land of Malcore's moon. Shadow Stones- eggs for Zombies- grow here. The Cube will sink into Loot Lake before rising out of the water and pulling the central isle of the lake into the air to uncover The Gateway. The floating island would then activate each Rune- allowing it to begin to produce dark energy. All the Runes would then surround the floating island and project the excess energy into The Cube. The Cube would spread over the island and open a portal to the moon. An explosion would occur and the floating island would shatter and send Cube matter all over the island. The portal would project off of these spires and cause legions of Zombies to invade the island. Now thumping rapidly like a beating heart, The Cube's island would return to the now Leaky Lake above the whirlpool over The Gateway. The Cube would turn grey and die as it melts and is crushed to its last atom. The resulting explosion sends everyone on the island- specifically Ruin- to the InBetween so Ruin can free the Ouroboros from its crystal prison like what the vaulted items were incased in. Ruin would return the Ouroboros' body to the now fully corrupted island and deliver it to Malcore. The volcano would rise and the Brood Eggs would incubate. Once hatched, the treasure chests would be dug up until the Hybrids absorbed the mystical energy buried by Master Key. With everyone lost in the InBetween- The Brood would unlock the defenseless Master Portal and Luxe would absorb the Ouroboros' spirit. Then Ruin would kill the serpent and the universe would reform. See, the Rift-Cube saga was Malcore's first plan to destroy the universe by invading Royale Island with an army of Zombies and using The Cube to terraform the island to suit the needs of the Zombies who are adapted to the specific conditions of the planet's corrupted moon before using The Cube to tear apart the lake to get at the Gateway. The Cube would explode and phase everyone on the island through The Gateway into the InBetween where Ruin could then bring the Ouroboros back to a fully corrupted island. However, this didn't happen. Let's talk briefly about other Season 5 and 6 stuff and then we'll return to Cube-related story.
But first, let's not forget that The Gateway required the energy produced by the UFO Skeleton Keys (UFO Runes) to open up. Well, Kevin the Cube dropped his core into the whirlpool during the live Cube Event and the massive amount of energy put off by the core allowed the Gateway to temporarily open, and The Cube breaking down its own atoms caused everyone to be sucked in as they died from the explosion, as The InBetween is the realm between life and death.
The Cube ends up corrupting Brite Bomber into Dark Bomber and Brite Bomber touching The Cube ends up creating a bolt of lightning that kills Rex. Drift is forced to kill his love before she can do more evil.
Cowgirl Calamity and cowboy Deadfire were also spawned of the Rift along with their old west town of Quaint Quadrant (Adobe Town) in the desert. Calamity starts a llama ranch with her friend Giddy-Up and is tormented by Scarecrows from Fatal Fields who always let the llamas out. Giddy-Up chases fireflies into Wailing Woods and is cornered by Dire's Werewolf pack who serve Malcore. Giddy-Up is eaten by Dire, but Dire's pack is ambushed by Fable- Black Knight's daughter. She's grown into an avid monster hunter and fights the Werewolves back with the help of her father and mother- Spider Knight and Arachne, previously Black Knight and Glimmer. Fable cuts off Dire's tail and bakes it into an apple pie to send a message to the other packs. After Giddy-Up was killed, his "Remnants from the Other Side" are absorbed by his best-friend Calamity- giving her a spectral essence and control over the power of souls. Calamity joins the three monster hunters and so does Drift and Deadfire. They make their base in the abandoned rocket base of Omen in the mountains. Now covered in spider-webs it becomes the monster hunter HQ. Fable goes after Vampiress Dusk and is bitten and becomes one of Dusk's minions. Drift is bitten too and becomes Sanctum. Sanctum and Dusk return to the haunted castle of Spooky Stronghold and await the arrival of Calamity and Deadfire. Calamity shoots Dusk with a crossbow and kills her while Deadfire slams his pickaxe into Sanctum's (Drift's) skull, killing him.
Reddit's size limits have made me cut my theory into two different articles. This is Season 1 through early Season 6 and part two is late Season 6 through Season 9.
The link to part two is below:
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