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Music - New Music for Recorder - American Recorder Society. EP - four songs plus an exclusive "making of Sacred 2" band interview. BEREZOVSKY / VIDRODZHENNYA - UKRAINIAN SACRED MUSIC 1 CD site link. Posted by Blue Crystal Eagle at 1: 24 PM No comments: Email This. Sacred 2 nude mod Angel.

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Sacred Light Armor of Magic, Book 1 By: Simone Pond Narrated by: Caitlin Kelly This is a very interesting and intriguing fantasy and girl that comes of age to take up the job of being a guard of the Light, of a Scroll of Light, and of people. Listen to music from Sacred Pledge like Commited Consecration. Records in North America, and Vertigo elsewhere. The samples of medicinal plants and phytomedicines, except for Hypericum perforatum L. (St. The aim for this service is to provide a spiritual home, hope and healing, for those who look for vibrant and inclusive worship and spirituality.

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The word carries a number of associations from Greek mythology, from Latin and from Jewish roots. In September 2020 the Sacred Seasons Wiki was established, serving as a community-created knowledge base about the game. You have a limited number of bounces to complete each level. Sacred 1 patch 2 28 music. Engage in professional learning and improve practice.

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The Sacred Tzolk'in of the Maya: 2020. Realise people out there have spent long hours. The cultivation of both sacred and profane music by the same musicians proved detrimental to church music, and finally the Church had to wage open war on modern theatrical music in church services. Sacred Plus - Free expansion pack released in October 2020. 100 Best Recordings of Sacred Music - Advent & Christmas.

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The Sacred Tears TRUE these details. F. I've learned of a parody done of it by Flanders and Swann and another done by Russell Street. This is going to be a wonderful three days working and exploring such great music together – do join us! That is it. Nothing I do will get it open and I understand how it should work. Music Site Recommendation Yesterday, 09: 01 am by.

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TOP 50 BY NIRVANA (Kurt Cobain)

Thanks to this list I was introduced to a lot of noise rock and beat happening lo fi style of music. Now that I’m older, and I am so glad I got to hear this when I was much younger. As i play these records over and over, especially during Covid-19, I get to understand the connection of his music and his influences a lot more everyday.
I’m sure most of us know this list by now but I’ve added comments by Cobain, if there are any. And some of the comments are mixed in from interviews or things he’s written. I also included an honorable mentions for Cobain even though he didn’t write one, I’m including albums I feel we’re a big part of his sound but weren’t included on his own Top 50.
I want to share what I was doing in my free time to anyone who has the same interest. If anyone else has anything to share that would be great too.
  1. Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power (1973) “I own all the Stooges albums," he recites. Maybe we’re more like the Stooges type of punk rock, before punk rock was a trendy fashion statement. And, where people would expect to try to act as punk rock as possible. It seemed that when Iggy was playing to his audience, he dove out into the audience and cut himself up because he wanted this audience to act like that. Or, he wanted to create an environment the way that he felt. And at the time, the audience response was just, basically, heckling.
  2. Pixies – Surfer Rosa (1988) A die-cast metal fossil of misplaced craft, with or without the fucking production." "Everyone who has ever commented on "Surfer Rosa" has said, Yeah, the productions amazing. I agree with that, but the songs are so strong that it wouldnt have mattered if youd listened to it through a boom-box. "I was completely nihilistic up until about four or five years ago, when I first heard this. It changed my attitude. It made me finally admit, after being into punk rock for so many years, that I liked other styles of music as well. It made me finally admit that Im a music lover. Their music reminded me of the music that I always wanted to do and was doing before I got into punk rock, eight or nine years ago. When I first started writing songs, they were a mixture of punk rock and The Beatles, but then I abandoned that and did nothing but Black Flag rip-offs. "Right around the time Surfer Rosa came out, Sub Pop was happening and I was starting to write those sort of hard rock, Iggy/Aerosmith songs again. "Its obvious that when Bleach came out ... except for that one song, About A Girl... that I was very set in one frame of mind. I heard songs off Surfer Rosa that I’d written but threw out because I was too afraid to play them for anybody. Im really glad that at least weve got that one song on the album, but I had a few more like that that I couldve put on the album, and I wish I had, because then it wouldve sounded more like Nevermind and it wouldnt have been such a drastic leap." We were driving up to Tacoma every night for practice, trying to write songs. I was trying to write the ultimate pop song. I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it [smiles]. When I heard the Pixies for the first time, I connected with that band so heavily I should have been in that band — or at least in a Pixies cover band. We used their sense of dynamics, being soft and quiet and then loud and hard. a lot of people can't stand the sound of The Pixies' first record. I don't understand it, I think that's one of the best-sounding records I ever heard. It's just a matter of opinion."
  3. The Breeders – Pod (1990) Its an epic that will never let you forget your ex-girlfriend." "By that I dont necessarily mean that the record reminds me of my last girlfriend. It seems that when the girls in The Breeders get together, they give off this air of... their ex-boyfriends. But the main reason I like them is for their songs, for the way they structure them, which is totally unique, very atmospheric. I wish Kim was allowed to write more songs for The Pixies, because Gigantic is the best Pixies song and Kim wrote it. "I love their attitude. Doe, the song about where a girl gives a boy head and he pats her on the head like a doe, is very funny. Theyre strong women, but its not that obvious. Theyre not militant about it at all. You can sense they love men at the same time."
  4. The Vaselines – Dying for It (1988, listed as Pink EP) "Eugene + Francis = documented love" "I just have this feeling they had a really cool relationship. I dont know if thats true or not, but I just think its a really amazing thing when a couple can get together and write some of the most beautiful songs Ive ever heard. Theyre kind of sharing their life with people. Eugene and Francis are the Captain and Tennille of the underground. "Could I imagine myself and Courtney ever doing something like that? Absolutely. We play together all the time. Musically, were compatible, because we think exactly the same and we feel the same, and its really easy to come up with good music if youre like that. If I could just have a romantic relationship with Chris and Dave, it would be nice. I have no definite plans to release the stuff with Courtney, but its a nice idea. Maybe we’ll do it someday, but we have too many things to do right now. Just playing together in our house is satisfying."
  5. The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World (1969) "Its so obviously the real thing" "They were all sisters, with their evil uncle making plans for them. I heard this one live song a Carpenters song, maybe? ...where they must have been playing a day centre, and the screams in the background are louder than the music. The Shaggs are another archetypal K band. "Am I a Calvinist (named after Calvin Johnson, leader of Beat Happening and founder of K Records in Olympia, where Kurt used to live)? No. The Calvinists are a handful of Olympia residents between the ages of 16 and 50 who wear Leave It to Beaver hats and sweaters, worship Calvin and follow him around. They leave him gifts, and they have Calvin altars, and candles and effigies of Calvin. I dont know much about the rituals of praising Calvin, but I know what punk rock is about." Cobain says he listened to the Shaggs’ Philosophy of the World (Third World) every day for months. The three girls on the front have ’60s hairdos and wear plaid pleated skirts. “The first records are good but then they started taking it seriously and really trying to learn how to play their instruments and it wasn’t as good.”
  6. Fang – Landshark (1982) Nirvana covered The Money Will Roll Right In live.
  7. MDC – Millions of Dead Cops (1981) Kurt Cobain was young, about 17 or so, he got arrested and he had this cassette in his pocket
  8. Scratch Acid – Scratch Acid (1984, listed as 1st EP) "The reason I like Scratch Acid so much was because they had structure to their songs, real simple pop structure that you could follow real easily, and it was almost like an Aerosmith song, but it was really fucked up, bending strings, borderline in-tune-that type of chaos." And that's what I was doing and that's what I wanted to do,"
  9. Saccharine Trust – Paganicons (1981, listed as 1st EP)
  10. Butthole Surfers – Pee Pee the Sailor (1983) includes “The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave” in his Montage of Heck Cassette
  11. Black Flag – My War (1984) when describing Fecal Matter, Cobain said “it sounded exactly like Black Flag," Kobain says. "Totally abrasive, fast, punk music. There were some Nirvana elements … some slow songs, even then. And there was some heavy, Black Sabbath-influenced stuff. I can't deny Black Sabbath. Or Black Flag."
  12. Bad Brains – Rock for Light (1983) Kurt was 17 and “play the album over and over by day then drink and eat acid by night through the summer (Come As You Are)
  13. Gang of Four – Entertainment! (1979) That's the kind of band we used to be. We used to be more, like, Gang Of Four, New Wave influenced. Like, more experimental, with more noise and different effects boxes and stuff.
  14. Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols (1977) A million times more important than The Clash" "How do I explain that? Hmm, Both were the original punk bands, but The Clash were always a bad imitation of The Rolling Stones, in love with America. But at least they took their girlfriends on tour with them (The Slits). Their music was terrible, though. I blame Sandinista for not letting me get into punk, years after I shouldve done it was so bad. "The Pistols album has the best production of any rock record Ive ever heard. Its totally in-your-face and compressed. All the hype The Sex Pistols had was totally deserved ... they deserved everything that they got. Johnny Rotten was the one I identified with, he was the sensitive one. "The only reason I might agree with people calling our band The Sex Pistols of the Nineties is that, for both bands, the music is a very natural thing, very sincere. But in terms of influence, fuck, no! Rock is too exhausted for that. We havent produced a totally original sound like that. We might be uncompromising, but thats about it. Were an obvious metamorphosis. This is still the best-produced record in the world. I want to work with the guys who produced this on our next record. “But if they’ve been progressing with technology, their production might suck now.”
  15. The Frogs – It’s Only Right and Natural (1989)
  16. PJ Harvey – Dry (1992)
  17. Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation (1988)
  18. The Knack – Get the Knack (1979) I love The Knack! The Knack are great! The first Knack record is a classic…
  19. The Saints – Know Your Product (1978)
  20. Kleenex – “anything by:” (1978-1983)
  21. The Raincoats – The Raincoats (1979) I know a lot of coolies who suck and feed off the the fact that they know about and (supposedly) enjoy unknown, obscure bands of present and past. These coolies thrive on their own little discoveries like those tiny fish who attach themselves to bigger fish and parasitically feed off the hosts’ droppings and burnt coffee. A while ago, I found myself in bloody exhaust grease London again with an all-consuming urge to hunt for some rare things: the very-out-of-print first Raincoats LP. In an attempt to satisfy the second part of my quest, I went to the Rough Trade shop and, of course, found no Raincoats record in the bin. I then asked the woman behind the counter about it and she said “well, it happens that I'm neighbors with Anna (member of The Raincoats) and she works at an antique shop just a few miles from here.” So she drew me a map and I started on my way to Anna's. Sometime later, I arrived at this elfin shop filled with something else I've compulsively searched for over the past few years - really old fucked up marionette-like wood carved dolls (quite a few hundred years old). Lots of them... I've fantasized about finding a ship filled with so many. They wouldn't accept my credit card but the dolls were really too expensive anyway. Anna was there, however, so I politely introduced myself with a fever-red face and explained the reason for my intrusion. I can remember her mean boss almost setting me on fire with his glares. She said “well, I may have a few lying around so, if I find one, I'll send it to you (very polite, very English).” I left feeling like a dork, like I had violated her space, like she probably thought my band was tacky. A few weeks later I received a vinyl copy of that wonderfully classic scripture with a personalized dust sleeve covered with xeroxed lyrics, pictures, and all the members' signatures. There was also a touching letter from Anna. The Raincoats were not very well known in the States - I don’t know about the U.K. in fact, I don’t really know anything about The Raincoats except that they recorded some music that has affected me so much that, whenever I hear it I’m reminded of a particular time in my life when I was (shall we say) extremely unhappy, lonely, and bored. If it weren’t for the luxury of putting that scratchy copy of The Raincoats’ first record, I would have had very few moments of peace. I suppose I could have researched a bit of history about the band but I feel it’s more important to delineated the way I feel and how they sound. When I listen to The Raincoats I feel as if I'm a stowaway in an attic, violating and in the dark. Rather than listening to them, I feel like I'm listening in on them. We're together in the same old house and I have to be completely still or they will hear me spying from above and, if I get caught--everything will be ruined because it's their thing. They're playing their music for themselves. It's not as sacred as wire-tapping a Buddhist monk's telephone or something because if The Raincoats really did catch me, they would probably just ask me if I wanted some tea. I would comply, then they would finish playing their songs and I would say thank you very much for making me feel good.
  22. Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth (1980) "Lying in an iron lung filled with lukewarm water and Epsom salts" "This music relaxes you, its total atmospherics. Its just nice, pleasant music. I love it. The drum machine has to have the cheesiest sound ever. Were going to be on a Young Marble Giants compilation, doing Credit In The Straight World. I had a crush on the singer for a while, didn’t everyone? "I didnt know much about them the Moxham brothers, right? I heard they might be getting back together again recently. (NB: Stuart Moxham just produced one side of the new Beat Happening album, another of Kurts favourite bands). Isnt it weird how, when you hear something like that, you still get excited, even though you know you shouldnt? "I first heard Colossal Youthbon the radio, after I started getting into K music when I lived in Olympia. It was a year before I put out the Bleach album. At the time, I was just painting and doing art stuff. I still do, Young Marble Giants, god. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't heard that record. I am heavily influenced by them. It doesn't sound like it in our music, but just the emotions they evoked and the feeling, the sincerity and all that. And the song-writing, I think, is fantastic and it’s so original too, you know? No drums, except for the little casio thing… Great, I just love that stuff.
  23. Aerosmith – Rocks (1976) Kurt likes the drum sound
  24. Various Artists – What Is It. (1982) includes The Eyes Don’t Talk To Me in his journals
  25. R.E.M. – Green (1988) I also like R.E.M., "Pop Song '89" is in my opinion the best song written this year, even if I don't like the rest of the album. Maybe it reminds me in some ways of the third Led Zeppelin album
  26. Shonen Knife – Burning Farm (K Records version, 1985) "When l finally got to see them live, I was transformed into a hysteric nine-year-old girl at a Beatles concert" I was crying and jumping up and down and tearing my hair out - it was amazing. I've never been so thrilled in my whole life. They play pop music - pop, pop, pop music. This was the first cassette that came out on K. Eventually, after a week of listening to it everyday, I started crying. Thats how much it affected me. I just couldnt believe that three people from a totally different culture could write songs as good as those, because Id never heard any other Japanese music or artist who ever come up with anything good. "Everything about them is just so fucking endearing. Theyre not too cute! Thats part of the charm. Do I think theres a paedophiliac element to their appeal? I think, in Japanese culture in general, theres a paedophilioc element ... most of the women there dress up as young girls. Its weird. "Im sure that I was twice as nervous to meet them as they were to meet us. I didnt want to offend or scare them in any way, because I know Im a scruffy, slimy person who might scare them off ... and thats exactly what I did. They were afraid of me. In fact, on one of our first dates together, they saw me at the backstage area walking towards them and they screamed at the top of their voices, turned around and ran away from me, and then peeked their heads out of their dressing room. I was trying to reassure them that I was harmless. The communication we had with them was deathly silence and a lot of smiling. "In many ways, theyre the ultimate K band, because they are sincere, they are real. They dont purposely put their guitars out of tune, and they dont purposely sing out-of-tune."
  27. The Slits – Typical Girls (1979)
  28. The Clash – Combat Rock (1982) I think the best Clash album is 'Combat Rock', I f---ing love that record! It's definitely better than 'Sandinista' "I remember I found ‘Sandinista' at the library, and I hated it. I thought, if this is what punk rock is, then I don't want anything to do with it. It's too bad, because I'd wanted to hear punk rock forever.
  29. The Faith/Void – The Faith/Void (1982) I always really admired bands like Faith, Void, and Rites of Spring, not to forget the always amazing Bad Brains
  30. Rites of Spring – Rites of Spring (1985)
  31. Beat Happening – Jamboree (1988) I moved to Olympia, from Aberdeen, it was the first place that I moved to, on my own. I was twenty. I'd just started Nirvana and K Records and that whole scene in Olympia turned me on to so much amazing music. Every couple of years I feel that I've gone as far as I can with being introduced to something new, and then something like that hits me and it gives me life for a few years. It opened up new doors to music i hadn’t heard before. There’s a whole another world of underground music that I wasn’t even aware of. It made me realize that for years I hadn’t looked back on my childhood. I tried to forget about it. It made me look back at my child hood and have fond memories of it. It was just a nice reminder of innocence.
  32. Tales of Terror – Tales of Terror (1984) includes “Chambers of Horror” in his journals
  33. Leadbelly – Leadbelly’s Last Sessions Volume One (1953) Time to get the Leadbelly records out.” Cobain hands me one, a deep blue duotone adorning the time-worn jacket. “I think he’s still most popular among intellectual Jewish communists from the East Coast,” he says jokingly. Orgones, pyles, cells, and he probably knew the difference between male and female hemp" "That all has something to do with Burroughs, because Burroughs turned me onto that guy. He said that if you want to hear true, honest music with passion, then you should hear Leadbelly. The songs are just amazingly heartfelt. I absolutely love it more than any rock'n'roll I ever heard."Leadbelly was this poor black man in the early 1900s who went to jail a few times for wife-beating and robbery and getting into fights and bootlegging liquor. While he was in prison, he started playing the guitar, and he sang so well that the governor started to like him and let him out of jail. Leadbelly became an apprentice with Blind Lemon Jefferson and started recording songs, but none of the commercial recordings he made ever captured his true essence, except for these last sessions. They happened when this guy who’d been following his career for a few years caught him on a two-track tape recorder one night when they were hanging out at this hotel. Its just real cool. "Id hope that my songs approximate that honesty. Thats what I strive for. He was like the first punk rocker, because he was such a hardened person. He’d get into town, walk into an all white bar, try to have a drink, get beat up and then go to jail because of it. So its really cool to hear this music, especially the air of the recordings themselves, because its so eerie to hear it on this crackly two-track. Hell start off with a little introduction on what the song is about, play a little and [dive] in." "But thats what Folkways records are like theyre awesome. Im gonna get a Folkways tattoo next to my Black Flag tattoo. Folkways are affiliated to the Smithsonian Institute; they even have the entire Watergate tapes available as a 10 album set. Our next album covers gonna be like a Folkways album cover no gloss on it at all, just recycled paper and the strip of paper on the back."
  34. Mudhoney – Superfuzz Bigmuff (1988)
  35. Daniel Johnston – Yip/Jump Music (1983) “He’s an insane person, been in and out of mental hospitals… I have a videotape of him playing. He sits down at this organ — you know, the kind Christians had in their homes in the late ’60s, the ones with the colored plastic tempo buttons. He starts crying about mid-way through the first song. It’s just so touching, you feel so sorry for him, but at the same time you’re so intrigued.”
  36. Flipper – Album – Generic Flipper (1982) They’re a San Francisco band from the early 1980s— well, actually, they started in late 1979—very noisy, very influential for my band, one of my favorite bands; they’re very slow and noisy and fucked up. Punk rock attitude..
  37. The Beatles – Meet the Beatles! (1964) Um, I would say the biggest influence I've ever had would be The Beatles, because I listened to The Beatles since I was five years old up until I was in 4th Grade - the same three records ("Introducing... The Beatles" (1964), "Meet The Beatles!" (1964), and "The Beatles Second Album" (1964) )over and over every night! I sang the songs and I wanted to see The Beatles. It was about 1973 when I heard on the radio that they'd been broken up for three years, I was totally devastated!
  38. Half Japanese – We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love (1990) With my headphones on, Jad and l share our little secret walking through shopping malls and airports" "I like to listen to Jad Fair and Half-Japanese with headphones on walking around shopping malls, in the heart of American culture. I just think that, if people could hear this music right now, theyd melt, they wouldnt know what to do, theyd start bouncing off the walls and hyper-ventilating. So I turn up the music really loud and pretend it was blasting through the speakers on the malls,"
  39. Butthole Surfers – Locust Abortion Technician (1987) “I used to curse the Butthole Surfers for having fifteen-dollar ticket prices. Now I obviously understand it more... I want to do more new wave, avant-garde stuff with a lot of dynamics—stops and breaks and maybe even some samples of very weird noise and things—not samples of instruments. I want to turn into the Butthole Surfers basically
  40. Black Flag – Damaged (1981) I met the Melvins, who made me a few compilation tapes such as Black Flag, Flipper, and MDC. The first punk rock song I heard was "Damage II" by Black Flag. It was too extreme and it alienated the majority of the youth who paid it any attention. No one could understand it. I was completely blown away. I found my calling. There were so many things going on at once, because it expressed the way I felt socially, politically, emotionally. I cut my hair, and started trying to play my own style of punk rock and guitar: fast, with a lot of distortion.'
  41. Fear – The Record (1982) includes “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” in his journals.
  42. Public Image Ltd – The Flowers of Romance (1981) “This is a great record, it’s just totally uncompromising. It’s a bunch of drum beats, Johnny Rotten yelling over it all, but it works somehow.”
  43. Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988) “I would never attempt rap music. There's no sense in it," Cobain says. "The people that do rap music do it just fine. I'm usually offended by people like Vanilla Ice. The white man has ripped off the black man for long enough. They should just leave the rap music to the African-Americans 'cause they do it so well."
  44. Marine Girls – Beach Party (1982) "Tobi Vail told me that her and Kurt [Cobain] used to lie awake all night listening to Beach Party.” - Tracey Thorn
  45. David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World (1970)
  46. Wipers – Is This Real? (1980) Yes it is. Greg Sage was pretty much the romantic, quiet, visionary kind of guy. What more can I say about them? They started Seattle grunge rock in Portland, 1977."
  47. Wipers – Youth of America (1981) "The Wipers were a Portland punk band who were started in the late Seventies by Greg Sage and released maybe four or five albums. The first two were totally classic, and influenced the Melvins and all the other Seattle bands. Theyre another band I tried to assimilate. Their songs were so good. They're the most innovative punk rock band that started the 'Seattle sound' like 15 years too early. We learnt everything from 'THE WIPERS'. They were playing a mixture of punk and hard rock at a time when nobody cared."
  48. Wipers – Over the Edge (1983) “I got this in Europe.” — If there is a “Seattle Sound” it came from Portland, Oregon in the early 80’s by a three piece band named The Wipers.
  49. Mazzy Star – She Hangs Brightly (1990) “making a friend like Stephen Pavlovic - our Australian tour promoter who sent me a Mazzy Star LP on vinyl”
  50. Swans – Young God (1984)
Honorable Mentions Meat Puppets II (1984) Smithereens -Especially For You (1986) Black Sabbath - Masters of Reality (1971) Public Image Ltd -(1978)
submitted by luimd to Nirvana

The Basic

In the prime number cipher:
  • "The Basic" = 201 primes
  • "Spread" = "The Basic" = 201 primes
Many of you will have heard of Event 201, which informed us about the coming 'Coronavirus pandemic'.
Rambling Context:
I first began looking into the number 1933 (and thus also 933) because of this novel, published in that year (of which I have a very yellowed 1930's print edition)...
The novel has the frame story that it is a record of a series of dreams by a UN politician, which were confided to the 'author'. The entire book is written as a history book for the school student of 2106 AD, explaining the fall of our current civilization and how our future (and their current) Utopia was built. Critics go to lengths to discredit the various 'predictions' made but in general, there is a thematic arch that is nonetheless perhaps worth paying attention to (ie. exact dates are not really relevant, but the sequence is - it's the changes in the society, and the forces causing them, and in what order, that are perhaps more important - worth paying attention to as political lessons, if not as some form of prophecy or predictive programming, which cannot be discounted).
I have read the Shape of Things to Come twice, both times years ago. After my first read-through, I was impressed and entirely depressed, coming to reflect anew upon the dismal state of affairs in our own time. That things could be fixed if we could just do ... this or that.
A few years later, reading it again, I had a totally different impression. I was horrified at the Grand Presumption that Scientific Order claimed for itself as Shepherd of Man - not so much in the abstract - but because of the inevitable corruption that stains all valorous abstractions. No centrally powerful priesthood can be trusted, until man is perfected - which of course, is the overarching theme of the novel.
I might have to go through it again to see how my perspective might have shifted since the last reading.
Anyway, of the novel ('Europe' can imply all of 'western civilization', and perhaps might represent the entire world), wikipedia has:
A long economic slump causes a major war that leaves Europe devastated and threatened by plague. The nations with the strongest air-forces set up a benevolent dictatorship that paves the way for world peace by abolishing national divisions, enforcing the English language, promoting scientific learning and outlawing religion. The enlightened world-citizens are able to depose the dictators peacefully, and go on to breed a new race of super-talents, able to maintain a permanent utopia.
The book was published in 1933
  • "To Go Viral" = 1933 squares
  • .. "Catch the Coronavirus" = 1933 trigonal
  • ... "You cannot deny it" = 1933 trigonal
  • ... ... "The Infection" = 933 trigonal
  • ... ... "SARS-CoV-2" = 933 trigonal
  • ... ... .. [ "Original Sin" = 933 trigonal ]
  • ... ... .. .. (ie. The Bible is another key Textbook)
The number 933 is composed of 93 and 33.
  • "The" = "Name" = "Magic" = 33 alphabetic
  • "The Word" = 93 alphabetic
  • ... ( "Strong" = 93 alphabetic )
  • ... ( "Bend the Knee" = 93 alphabetic )
  • ... ( "Bend the Knee" = "Corona" = 224 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • .... .. .. .. ( "Disease" = 224 english-extended )
  • ... .. .. ... .. ( "Soul" = "Temple" = 224 primes )
Wells' predicted war ends with no victor but total exhaustion, collapse and disintegration of all the fighting states and of the neutral countries, which are equally affected by the deepening economic crisis. The whole world descends into chaos: nearly all governments break down, and a devastating plague in 1956 and 1957 kills a large part of humanity and almost destroys civilization.
Wells then envisages a benevolent dictatorship, "The Dictatorship of the Air", which arises from the controllers of the world's surviving transport systems, who are the only people with global power. The dictatorship promotes science, enforces Basic English as a global lingua franca and eradicates all religions, setting the world on the road to a peaceful utopia. When the dictatorship chooses to execute a subject, the condemned person is given a chance to take a poison tablet (modelled on the Hemlock given to Socrates).
  • "Dictatorship of the Air" = "A Novel Coronavirus" = 224 alphabetic
The achievement of a classless society is not via a Marxist Dictatorship of the Proletariat, an idea that Wells completely rejected. Rather, the working class is massively "pulled upwards" and completely eliminated in several generations of intensive upward social mobility, in effect leaving a humanity entirely composed of "middle class intellectuals". The limited amount of physical labor still needed is performed by the world's youths, who undergo two years of "labor conscription" instead of military conscription, which is no longer needed.
  • "Middle class intellectual" = 1,189 english-extended
  • ... ( "Understand the Codes" = 1,189 english-extended )
  • ... .. .. ( "A First Step" = 1,189 trigonal )
  • ... .. .. [ "Breaking News" = 1,189 jewish-latin-agrippa ]
Eventually, after about 100 years of reshaping humanity, the Dictatorship of the Air is overthrown in a completely-bloodless coup, the former rulers are sent into honourable retirement and the world state "withers away". The last part of the book is a detailed description of the utopian world that emerges. The ultimate aim of this utopian world is to produce a world society composed entirely of polymaths, every one of its members being the intellectual equal of the greatest geniuses of the past.
  • "The Utopian Society" = 2020 trigonal
  • "Coronavirus Religion" = 2020 trigonal
The book displays one of the earliest uses of the abbreviation "C.E.", which Wells explains as "Christian Era" but it is now more usually understood as "Common Era"
The 'bloodless coup' is what I reference in terms of 'forgiveness' in this sort-of-poem:
This year is 2020 AD, and next year is 2021 AD
  • "Century" = 2020 squares
  • "1 Century" = 2021 squares
  • "A Century" = 2021 squares
  • "Measure Time" = "Time Measure" = 2021 squares
  • ... ( "New Count" = 2021 squares )
  • ... . ( "The New Son" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. ( "Birth a Deity" = 2021 squares )
  • ... ... ( "A Rulership" = 2021 squares )
  • ... ... . ( "I am Sovereign" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. ... ( "Take the Fort" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. ... .. [ "Ziggurat" = 2021 squares ]
  • "Coronavirus Religion" = 2020 trigonal
  • .... ( "Find Virus" = 2020 squares )
  • .... .. ( "Virus Job" = 2020 squares )
  • .... . ... [ "I'm the Eschaton" = 2020 squares ]
  • .... . ... [ [ "I am the Eschaton" = 2021 squares ] ]
  • .... . ... [ [ ... "Writings" = 2021 squares ] ]
  • .... . ... [ [ ... "To End All Disease" = 2021 squares ] ]
Many understand '20/20' vision as a symbol for clear sight, which we might extend to 'understanding'.
  • "Eye Measure" = 2020 squares [ ruler @ measure ]
Do you have 20/20 vision? Are the small letters on the chart...
  • "Entirely Obvious" = 2020 english-extended ( ? )
Next year you work for the Matrix Architect.
  • "Machine's City" = 2021 squares
You are all being brainwashed to be..
  • "City Machines" = 2021 squares
  • "Victory of the Machines" = 2021 trigonal
The Meat of the Matter:
The main reason for this thread is the notion of the 'enforcing of Basic English'. Of course, this has happened already, for a large portion of the world, in terms of much day-to-day commerce. English is the international language of worldwide Air Traffic Control. The 26-letter English-Latin alphabet is used, with little modification, by those writing many other languages.
  • "Spread" = 201 primes
  • "The Basic" = 201 primes ( "Twenty Six" = 555 primes )
Leaping wordplay, discount it, if it irks you:
Bass Sick @ Sick Bass @ Low Music @ Deep Frequencies @ Subliminal Sound @ ELF
The word 'Low' is an anagram of 'Owl', the bringer of the Wizard's mail and symbol of Wisdom and Fear. They also swoop low to catch their prey. Silently.
  • "Basic English" = "The Message" = "The Show" = 317 primes
  • ... .. ( "Whisper" = "A Great Theme" = 317 primes )
  • "Anthem" = "The Man" = 187 primes
  • .. ( "The Grand Framework" = 187 alphabetic )
  • .. ( "The Restoration" = 187 alphabetic )
The Orthodox is "Formal" = 187 jewish-latin-agrippa
.... .. 187 @ 187 .. ...
  • "Truth" = "Undeniable" = 87 alphabetic
  • ... .. ( "1 Man" = 87 primes )
  • .
  • "Truth" = "Nothing" = 87 alphabetic ( nothing @ zero @ sifr @ cipher )
... and for most, or all...
  • The Writings" = 1331 trigonal ( sapphire )
  • "Shape the World" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa ( zephyr )
As they say...
'As it is written, so it shall be done.'
I will modify that:
"As it is written, so it is done" = 108 reduced | 1980 jewish-latin-agrippa
I make that modification because of its changed semantics, and to reference the key number 108, and because I was conceived in 1980, and born the next year.
The number 108 crops up in many religious observances, as well as in the orbital mechanics of Sun, Moon and Earth.
  • "Basic English" = "The Rules" = "Secret Club" = 108 alphabetic
  • ... ( "Geometry" = 108 alphabetic | 108 reverse alphabetic )
  • ... ( "Full Moon" = 108 alphabetic | 108 reverse alphabetic )
  • ... .. [ "Coronavirus Religion" = 2020 trigonal ]
  • ... .. [ "To Gather Under the Moon" = 2020 trigonal ]
'Gematria' is the Art of Numbers hiding behind Letters. It implies 'Geometry of Writing'.
  • "Basic English" = 54 in reduction [ 108 / 2 = 54 ]
  • ... ( "Sun" = 54 alphabetic )
  • ... ... ( "Love" = 54 alphabetic )
  • ... ... ( "Health" = 54 alphabetic )
  • ... ... ... ( "Nutritional" = 54 in reduction )
  • ... [ "Anthem" = "To Heal" = "The Man" = 187 primes ]
  • .. .. ( "The Grand Framework" = 187 alphabetic )
  • .. .. ( "The Restoration" = 187 alphabetic )
The Interactions of the Moon and Sun are Alchemical Keys, being Female and Male archetypes (at the very least). The Eclipse is a Key.
The 'Bicycle' is a 'Two-cycle', and the Sun and Moon have two interlocking cycles.
Time, and Timekeeping are Keys. The Kiss is one of the Great Keys.
  • "The Riddle" = "The Time" = "One Time" = 247 primes [ Open 24/7 ]
  • "Basic English" = 742 trigonal
  • "The New Lore of Spelling" = 742 primes
  • .. "Welcome to the School" = 1,742 trigonal
The golden ratio accurate to three decimal places, is 1.618...
  • "Know the Basic English School" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Know a textbook" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa )
The map is not the territory (the terror of torah), or so they say.
  • "Know Geography" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Symbolic" = "Geography" = 1,618 squares )
It will be up to you to decide if the enforcement of Basic English is to be desired or not.
And it will be up to you to decide if my writings here are aiding the Language Conquest envisioned in the novel, or working against it, or stand as neutral witness.
I am not sure myself.
The word Witness is a Key.
As is, Written.
T H E . B A S I C ( "Enforce the English Language" = 711 primes ) [ enforce @ one force ]
0. Zero.Nothing.Circle.Zero.Cipher.Corona.Everything.Circle.Zero (@ Nero @ Eroz @ Eros)
1. Language is an Enigma (Machine). 'A' is a Key. Either you have a Point, or you don't.
2. Language is a Transmission of Enigmatic Spells, encoding Ideas. There are many 'Languages', but they are Dividing Branches rooted in The One Tree of Language. Division is a Key. Division is a Math-thematical Operation, and the Operation is the Great Work. Division is the trickiest of the basic algebraic procedures. The Monad divides into the Dyad, yet the Monad, or it's Concept, remains. Two hands (or Wings) work better than One. Animals onto the Archive two-by-two. Duality is a Duel that Ties. Breaking News: To Be or not, is a Key. Two Points implies a Vector: a Direction. The Vector has a Direction. The Victor has an Objective. One walks the Beaten Path, or strays, which may or may not be to go astray.
3. There are ostensibly Practical Ideas (needs, desires, dangers, general denotion of objects) and Abstract Ideas (futures, pasts, times, organisms, systems, numbers, symbols, relationships, metaphors). Sometimes the Practical is used to refer to the Ideal, and vise versa. While you might have a single Definition or understanding of a Word, others might have more, and imply them in their works, and if you blink, you just might miss them. ABC is a Key. Trilogy, Trinity and Threesome are Three Keys. Fire and Water. Air and Earth. The Triangle is a Pyramid viewed from one side. The Triangle is A First Surface. It is a Field, Bounded, like a Circle or Sphere, which are themselves expanded Points. Know Family is a Key. Families are made by Spelling.
4. In commonly-known lore, Spells are Magic Enigmas, cast by Gods, Wizards and Witches, characters associated with wisdom, intelligence and guile. Characters that are never 'arbitrary', but rather 'nice' (in the obsolete sense of the word). How many Corners hath the Earth? ABCD is a Key: The Door Deletes Memory. The Cube in which you sit is a Key. Who are you sitting there For?
5. The Spells (ie. words in the Dictionary and the Saurus) were made and then formalized by a God, Wizard or Witch. It is likely they contain niceties. Most people cast spells unwittingly. Mages cast them knowingly. There is no Fairy Tale, and no Fantasy, if there is no Spell of some kind. Spells are Elemental, and thus Particular. 'V' is a Key, reflecting 'Λ', and these dualities of the Sounds of El. Quintessence. The Blazing Star. Five is a Key.
6. The Lexicon might be a Dark Crystal of information in more metaphorical ways than one. The Enigmatic Crystal is perhaps partly broken down, or shattered. The cracks might be found in the division between French and German, or between English and Russian, or between the dialects of Khoe and Hebrew, between Fire and Water, and between Earth and Air. The cracks are how the light gets in [see the splintering of the geometric tongues reflected in the film Arrival]. The word 'crack' is the word 'church' in disguise (and this sort of fluid linguistic transformation - a liquid wordplay - is a Key to the Language of the Birds). The church is built upon, or within, a Rock. A small Rock is a Stone, or the Isopsephic Pebble of the Philosopher.
7. There are perhaps Key Ideas.
8. Key Ideas are likely to be those things that most Awed the Creator of the Enigma: that prompted the Creation of the Enigma in the First Place. And it is likely that these Keys are those used to unlock it - or to align it (or the Perceiver) so that it's Contents might be correctly perceived. Fine Optics requires Precision Geometry. Curves are Angelic Keys. Time Stops if you turn the Hourglass on it's side. Do not Cross the Beams. Do as I say, and not as I do. Do something.
9. The 'Manuscript', and in particular, 'The Illuminated Manuscript', is a Key. The 'Light' of the 'Illumination' is a literal and figurative wordplay, as is the closely related key, 'The Book' (and it's Pages, and it's Letters, it's Contents, and it's Index). Illuminated Letters. Letters of Light. The opposite of Light is Shade. The Shadow is a Key. The Gnomon, or Gnome, projects a Shadow in order to Measure the Geometry of the Light. You are made of Light, yet you are invisible in the Dark. Though you are of Light, you have Darkness in You. If the Enigma reflects you, or if you are of it's Pattern, then so it is with the Enigma. The Brightest Flame burns quickest. The Dark is that which is In Umber.
10. Words (spells) contain Alphanumeric Spectra (ie. Specter, the Digital Ghost in the Machine). That is, they contain enciphered Numbers (data points, or da'at pints). The Number is The Key. These numbers are implicit. They have not been 'assigned' to the Letters in the Alphabet, but rather, the Act of standardizing the Alphabetic Order conjures the Cyphers (Sefers, Serifs, Seraphs, Surfers) into existence. Either you acknowledge them or you do not. Either you see the potential that these numeric spectrum could have been intentionally constructed by act of letter choice, or you do not. The Tetractys is a Key.
11. The Spectrum of a Spell is the set of numbers extracted from a set of cyphers. I argue that those most obvious and intuitive cyphers are the ones that deserve the most investigation, and the more obfuscated and twisted the cipher mapping, the less likely investigation will lead to results (with the caveat of the Theory of Totality - that indeed, the Lexicon is the Monolith and a Deific Mind Map, with information to be extracted no matter the angle of incidence). In selecting cyphers to observe, we consider again the Mind of the Architect of the Enigma. What would interest IT? ... Prime numbers are Prime. They are Primary. They are the Singletons, the Black Holes, the Gods or Titans of numbers. Obviously, a Wizard will prefer them, or at least revere them. The Division of Odd and Even is a Key. Those Numbers that implicitly denote constructive Geometry, like the Triangular numbers and the Squares, and the Hexes, and the Stars, etc. will likely be leveraged as Elemental Tools. The Wizard in Dungeons & Dragons has a Spell-component Pouch (itself a metaphor). 'The Master' is a Key.
12. Knights of the Round Table. 12 Disciples. 12 Labours. 12 Hours in a half-day. Time is Key, and Counting Times is Key, and Counting is The Key. Adding is a Key, as is the Adder. The Total is a Key, as is the Summit. The Speech is a Key, as is the Peak of the Mound of Spice. The Oral History is itself it's own Key. Mythology and Legendarium, and Religious Icons are Keys. Old Canon catch-phrases are Inceptions. The Circle is a Key.
13. The word Lucky <--- Luce / Luke <--- Luccifer <-- Light-bearer <-- Illuminator
14. Accept Death, but do not dwell on it. Nonetheless, Death is a Key. Unlearn what you have Learned, but Remember all of it.
15. The Yin-Yang is a Key. Opposites Oppose, and Opposites Attract. As-above-so-below. If in doubt, Revolve. There will be Drama. There will be Trauma. There will be Dreams. There will be Drums. Find the Light in the Dark. Be the Light in the Dark - a Derk of the Light. The Torque of the Vortex. Speech is a Hurricane, if you are small enough. The Selfish Occultist Hides, while the Occultist Mentor Reveals by making a Show of Hiding. A Teacher shows what he or she Knows - but some would say that Knowledge cometh through Trial only.
16. Innuendo is Eternal. He or She that casts Spells is a Cunning Linguist. The Language Enigma is better understood when one sees that the Ocean of Language is Naughty Tickle. The Best Parts are Hidden, as are the Scariest ones.
...18. What came first - the Chicken or the Egg? As it is with Metaphor.
...19. At any particular Time, to avoid Chaos, some things are (Generally) Forbidden. Reflections are not the Thing Reflected, except when they are.
...20. Zero is the Sigil of the Cipher itself. Adding Zeros is to add 'Encipherment'. It also Magnifies, which is to pull the Eye toward it. Numbers with Magnifying Zeroes are simultaneously stronger and weaker than the reduced form of the number (ie. 20 vs 200 vs 2)
...21. Pirate Jokes are Keys.
...22. Think like the Architect, in order to understand the justifications for his Magnum Opus. If you don't know how he thinks, it might be worthwhile exercise to try and discover it.
...23. The Enigma is a Key.
...24. Thrones. Hours. Watches. Each Hour a Gate and a Passage. The Ritual is an Operation in Time, as is Music. The Liturgy is a Key, as is the Missal.
...25. Two sets of Five fingers on Each Hand. The Power is in your Hands, if you are a Labourer. Snarky comments are unbecoming. Mockery is everywhere. Sometimes it works to your betterment. Sometimes it breaks you down with no intention of building you up again.
...26. There are this many Letters in the English-Latin Alphabet. The World of Words is a Key. How many Letters does it take to make a Logos?
...28. The Mage might have Numbers he actively avoids, driven perhaps by superstition and unreasonable paranoia. Twenty-eight is the second Perfect Number, after Six. The Moon is a Key.
...29. Some numbers will remain Invisible and Opaque to the Magus, until he or she makes a concerted effort to work with them. The Blind Spot is a Key.
...30. Fear not. Be aware. The Fool, or the Zeroth, hath no Value, and yet is oft the most valuable Card. The Card is a Key.
This article might be read as a sibling to this one:
Index: https://old.reddit.com/GeometersOfHistory/wiki/index
Posted as 22:03 UTC ( "The Law" = 223 primes )
  • "Downvote the stuff I don't like" = 1019 primes | 322 alphabetic
  • ... .. ( "The Slaves" = 1019 jewish-latin-agrippa )
The restoration:
Recycling shortcut
New “targeted healing” approach rejuvenates run-down battery materials
Rather than break down cathode material, why not restore it?
  • "A Targeted Healing" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa | 969 trigonal
  • ... ( "Accurate" = "Count" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa ) ( "Matrix Code" = 969 trigonal )
... while...
  • "Cathode material" = 1010 trigonal ( ode to a cat )
  • ... ( "Covid-nineteen" = "Revelation" = 1010 jewish-latin-agrippa )
rejuvenates run-down battery materials
  • "Know Rune Batteries" = 1717 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "The Recycle Shortcut" = 742 primes
  • ... ( the Re Cycle cut short ) [ see wikipedia featured article at time of writing, here ] (*)
Just don't do it
CDC Thanksgiving guidance: No traveling, no outside-household members
Agency also defined "household" as people actively living with you in last two weeks.
  • "CDC Thanksgiving guidance" = 1300 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. ( "Do not do it" = 407 jewish-latin-agrippa | 363 primes )
  • ... .. ( "Time Travel" = 407 primes ) ( "Give Thanks" = 363 primes )
Q: ?
"A: The Time-Travel Warnings" = 2001 english-extended
The golden ratio is easily symbolized using the number 618 and 1,618:
  • "To Master the Time" = 618 primes
  • "Coronavirus" = "To Master the Time" = 1,163 english-extended
  • "The Master of Time" = 969 english-extended | 619 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Know the Master of Time" = 87 reduced | 1,619 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "A=1: Know I am Time Master" = 1492 jewish-latin-agrippa | 1,745 trigonal | 76 reduction
Time Travel:
  • "What will I do?" = "What I will do" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. "You will take off the mask" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. .. .. "Coronavirus outbreak debunked" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ... ... .. .. ( "A Grand Celebration" = 2021 squares )
  • ... ... ... .. .. .. ( "Covid-nineteen Salvation" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ... ... .. .... .. .. ( "Mysterious Doctor" = 2021 english-extended )
  • ... ... ... .. .... .. [ "Know the Dark Knight of the soul" = 2021 english-extended ]
  • ... .. .. ... .. .. ... [ [ "I am the Eschaton" = "Writings" = 2021 squares ] ]
  • .
  • "What will I do?" = "What I will do" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Coronavirus outbreak debunked" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. "Storm the Government Building" = 2021 english-extended
  • ... ... ... ( "A Grand Celebration" = 2021 squares )
  • ... ... ... ... .. ( "This is Fun" = 2021 squares )
  • .
  • "What will I do?" = "What I will do" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. .. "Live through all of history" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ... .. .. "A Rulership" = 2021 squares
  • ... ... .. .. "1 Rulership" = 2021 squares
  • ... ... ...( "Coven of the World" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ... ... ( "The Unbroken" = 2021 squares )
  • ... ... ... ... ( "Heartstone" = 2021 squares )
  • .
  • "What will I do?" = "What I will do" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "The Start of a Story" = 2021 english-extended
  • ... ... "Know a Witch" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ... "Know Woman" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ... ... ( "Mysterious Doctor" = 2021 english-extended )
  • ... ... ... ... ( "Make it up as you go along" = 2021 english-extended )
Sounds attractive.
  • "The Key of Whimsy" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Tales from the Crypt" = 2021 squares )
"Note that there are Numbers hidden behind the Letters of English" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "The 1.2.3: The very confusing beginning" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa | 1010 primes
  • "The A.B.C: The very confusing beginning" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
The number 2020 is easily constructed by adding 1010 and 1010.
  • "Covid-nineteen" = "Revelation" = 1010 jewish-latin-agrippa
... and thus...
  • "Covid-nineteen Revelation" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "The Hospital" = "To end all disease" = 2021 squares
  • ... ( "Mysterious Doctor" = 2021 english-extended )
  • ... .. ( "The Sacred Places" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. .. ( "The Souls" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. .. .. ( "Carry Light" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. ( "The Alphabet as Code" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. .. ( "People Speaking" = 2021 squares )
  • ... .. .. ( "On the News" = 2021 squares )
New art-tickles:
Apple M1
Mac mini and Apple Silicon M1 review: Not so crazy after all
The M1 is amazingly fast. More importantly, it's a compatibility slam dunk.
  • "It's a compatibility slam dunk" = 1,388 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. "Innuendo" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. .. "Numerical" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. .. ... "Hidden Messages" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ... ... ... ( "Great Spell" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ... ... ... .. ( "The Knowing" = 388 primes )
  • ... ... ... ... ... ... [ "Writings" = 388 primes | 2021 squares ]
  • "More importantly, it's a compatibility slam dunk" = 1,666 primes
Q: ?
"A: Not so crazy after all" = 777 primes ( "A Slam Dunk"= 303 primes | 96 alph | 773 tri )
EDIT 2 - next day *re. 'tales from the crypt' above:
Archeologists in Spain find 400 tombs in ancient Islamic necropolis
This Pandemic Must Be Seen
  • "Fearporn" = 322 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Pandemic Scene" = 322 primes
  • "Coronavirus pandemic must be sin" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
The clique:
  • "Pandemic Scene" = 1,369 squares
  • .. ( "The Mighty" = "Humanity" = 369 primes )
  • .. .. .. ( "The Alphabet Code" = 369 primes )
[Ireland] Government announces nationwide 'no homework day' to thank children for all their hard work throughout pandemic
Mockery: a wordplay on the fact that everyone is working from home.
Homework Day @ DY @ Dye @ Dei @ Die
  • "No Homework, Die" = 911 english-extended
  • .. ( "No Homework" = 1,223 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "The Law" = 223 primes )
... and we already know that...
  • "Irish" = 911squares
... while...
  • "Work Pandemic" = 1,303 trigonal
  • ... "Coronavirus" = 1,303 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. ( "Virus Job" = 2020 squares )
  • .. [ ie. the issue of work must be tied to the virus in 2020 ]
Where is the...
  • "Coronavirus Proof" = 1981 trigonal (?)
  • "What is Coronavirus" = 1981 english-extended (?)
However, 'coronavirus proof' is simply an anagram for a 'carnivorous proof', which is to eat meat and enjoy it, so more specifically (and with definite article), where is ...
  • "The Covid-nineteen proof" = 1,369 jewish-latin-agrippa (?)
  • ... ( "The Alphabet Code" = "Humanity" = 369 primes )
  • ... .. .. [ "The Covid-nineteen Mockery" = 1981 english-extended ]
  • "The proof against covid-nineteen" = 1,617 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Know textbook" = 1,617 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. . ( "Textbook" = 617 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( "The Official Narrative" = 617 primes )
  • "The proof against covid-nineteen" = 1717 english-extended
  • ... .. ( "The Occult" = 1717 squares )
  • ... .. ( "Know the Letters" = 1717 trigonal )
Golden ratio:
  • "Know a Textbook" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. ( "The proof against a covid-nineteen" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. [ "The Debunking" = 1,618 trigonal ]
  • "Coronavirus Religion" = "Carnivorous Religion" = 2020 trigonal
  • ... ( "The Virus: a faith" = "The Virus origin" = 1337 english-extended )
  • ... ... .. ( "Know a Cannibal Religion" = 1337 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. ... ( "A Cannibal Religion" = 337 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • .
  • ... .. ( "The Virus: A Faith" = 1,317 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. ( "The Message" = "The Show" = 317 primes )
  • ... .. .. . ( "Know the Cannibal Religion" = 3,317 squares )
  • ... .. .. .. .. ( "A Great Genocide" = 317 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "Depopulation: let the people eat eachother" = 3107 squares )
  • "Let the people eat each-other" = 1900 trigonal ( "Chaos" = 19 reduced )
  • "Purge them" = 933 trigonal | 357 primes ( 'Matrix Code' = 357 primes )
  • ... ( "The Infection" = 933 trigonal )
  • ... ( "SARS CoV-2" = 933 trigonal )
Otherwise, if they won't dine on eachothers' flesh due to economic collapse, they will...
  • "Know" = "Killer Injection" = 1000 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Know" = "The Security" = 1000 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. ( "The Injection" = 969 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "Business" = 969 trigonal )
  • ... .. .. ( scripted by "Matrix Code" = 969 trigonal )
  • ... ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj3ZOS5wjc8 ) ['Coronavirus Vaccine Trials']
'Covid-19' is not real, but it is perhaps a metaphor for something real.
Certainly it is a means to an end.
  • "Grand Tyrant" = 1337 trigonal | 1,393 english-ext | 475 primes
  • ... ( "King Returns" = 1337 trigonal )
  • ... ( "King's Return" = 1337 trigonal )
  • ... ( "Crown of Pharaoh" = 1337 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • "New Count" = 2021 squares
  • ... ( "Dracula" = "To Heal" = "The Man" = 187 primes )
By fighting the 'Covid-19'-engendered outbreak of allegorical (but practical) tyranny, you are fighting a mythological version of me.
Fear not idealogical battle, for...
  • "You are already dead" = 2001 english-extended
A very rare double, for such a long spell, in two related ciphers, :
  • "The Messiah has been put in power" = 2001 english-extended
  • "The Messiah has been put in power" = 2001 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "A Quantum Entanglement" = 2001 trigonal )
  • ... .. ... ( "King Arthur" = 2001 squares )
What does it mean?
  1. King Arthur has been appropriated to Christ (or vise versa)
  2. The words of the language constitute Logos (ie. Christ, God)
  3. The earthly tyrants are taking God's Word literally.
  4. The numbers in the spells are telling the government what to do. They see themselves as God's Army. Gematria is the original AI.
  5. Just like my interpretations of the spectrum of the alphabet codes reveal intent and desire, biased by my interpretive abilities, so too the 'Powers-that-be' are deriving Agenda from that portion of the gemstone-monolith they are extracting through whatever methodology and philosophy they've developed to do so. And they are in a position to impose, worldwide, the dictat they think they are receiving (see the C.S Lewis novel, That Hideous Strength, for a literary analogue).
  • "Coronavirus Religion" = 2020 trigonal
  • ... ( "Rulership" = 2020 squares )
The tyranny currently enshrouding the world, is a result of Biblical literalism, becoming a very serious stage play.
The scientific priesthood is perhaps interpreting scripture too literally, and you are going to choose whether you are on the side of God ('The Coronavirus Vaccine') or the Devil ('Covidian Coronavirus').
Are you going to let the Dictionary tell you what to do?
Perhaps you should, after all.
But do you understand the Word?
Q: ?
"A: The World Must Know It" = 888 primes
  • "I am the Almighty" = 474 primes
  • .. ( "The Great Emergence" = 474 primes )
  • ... .. ( "Great Pattern" = 474 primes )
  • ... .. .. ( "Numerology" = 474 primes )
Why Aren’t There More Sci-Fi Movies About Dreams?
In an attempt not to call attention the possibility that:
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