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I need to find a dirt-cheap starter PC for my 5-year-old.(coding homework/some gaming)

Forgive my jargon - my husband is the tech person in our family. I just read/write, hence the wall of text. haha
Our son has been obsessed with technology since he was a toddler. He got into a tiny STEM-focused K-8th school this year. Most of his homework is on the computer & he has coding practice weekly. We are insanely proud of him. We decided to give him a starter PC this year for Christmas since he always wants to play PC games and our laptops can't handle them. Shit has gone south recently and has put a kink in our original plans.
Note: This next paragraph is skippable as it's just shit backstory which can explain my husband's actions. Can also be read as '2017 has sucked'.
Last month began with our Husky almost dying from an infection. It set us back a bit, but shit happens. No biggie. A few days into her antibiotics, my husband had two (still) unexplained grand mal seizures that fractured three vertebrae in his spine. He hasn't been back to work yet and is just starting to think about it. He is understandably depressed, but his attitude is making searching complicated.
We can't afford what we originally wanted to spend obviously, but I've seen front page posts about cheap builds in the past. I can pay around 200$ maybe 250/300 if grandparents chip in. I am open to pre-owned items. I just have no idea what I am looking for or where to look beside craigslist/ local facebook groups. Another problem, the money won't be gathered until end of Novembemaybe mid-December. My husband doesn't think it's realistic. I can't tell if this is the 'defeated' attitude he has acquired or fact. Every time I try to talk about it, he shuts me down. It's a bit annoying, but I'm not knowledgeable in this area.
So Reddit, How possible is this budget? Is my husband right? Should I drop it?
Things it would need:
  • Can be updated/upgraded(hopefully the right lingo)
  • It has to be able to play simple kid games. (Minecraft, Scribblenauts, hello neighbor, etc.)
  • Wifi capabilities. I'm honestly not sure how this works, but his homework is online.
Things my son WANTS but are optional.
  • To build it himself w/ dad's help.
  • looks cool (obviously)
As for Accessories, I have an older monitor, keyboard, mouse, and his headphones. Those will work for now.
Thanks in advance,
The lame Mom of a cool kid.
TL: DR - Help me PC Master Race, you're my only hope! I need to find a starter computer for 200$~(max300?). Needs to play some kid games like Minecraft/hello neighboetc.
EDIT: Any info on what to look for would be appreciated. specs or brands - Thanks!
Note: I can see how this could come off as asking for stuff, but please don't offer anything. I wouldn't accept as it could go to other kids. He is a somewhat spoiled only child and is oblivious to our plans. He will be just as excited if he gets it for his birthday in July. Heck, He has asked for the new Mario game for Christmas and will be pumped for that(as will I). I just don't want to give up if it's still possible.
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My son sold my soul by watching YouTube

I saw my son playing with the knobs of our gas stove from the corner of my eye.
“ATT ATT!” I released like a warcry.
He snapped around with wide eyes and quickly returned the knobs to the “off” positions.
“Dude, you can’t fuck with that.” I said flatly, “It’s gas, it’ll kill us.”
“Oh…” he said, avoiding eye contact, “I uh… wanted to learn to make eggs!”
I grunted and shrugged. “In the morning. Leave the oven alone though, dog”
“I’m not a dog, I’m a boy.” he responded matter-of-factly.
A little bit later, the house was quiet. Too quiet. If you have any experience with kids, you know silence is where the devil whispers his deeds.
I casually wondered the house looking for him. The laundry room door hung open, so did the bathroom. Laundry room was empty. He’s got the sink stoppered, filled with a bottle of pinesol and trying to wrestle the cap off of a bottle of bleach.
“Jesus Fucking Christ!” I groaned loudly, startling him enough to literally throw the jug of bleach into the tub with a thud.
He stammered. I interrupted immediately, “Why are you in all this shit today? Don’t mix cleaners. It can kill you. Maybe the whole family.”
He couldn’t find his words as I rinsed the pinesol down the drain.
“Seriously, what’s going on dude?” I asked, hand on his shoulder.
“I just wanted to help clean!” he cried.
“You never want to help clean,” I countered, “What’s going on?”
“I was just doing what the video told me to do!” he sobbed.
“Show me what video.”
I stood behind him as he scrolled through previously watched videos on his tablet. Toy reviews, Let’s Plays, Minecraft music videos. All normal ten year old stuff.
“Maybe it was this one.” he said as he hit play on the third video he’d tried.
Two familiar girls who act like toddlers were making a mess of their parents house appeared on the screen. About a minute into the video one of their faces changed. The eyes grew wide, the pupils over took the irises. Then, her nose pulled up and flattened slightly. Her chin and mouth stretched down into a pointed V and a sickening grin.
“Hi little boy!” the twisted little girl shrieked, “I hope you’re ready for all kinds of fun! The rules are easy! Do what I say, and I don’t visit you at night time. If you win, you’re free, if I win, you belong to me!”
Her soulless eyes stared down the camera. She was the only one left in the frame.
“Rule one!” she announced, “Do. Not. Tell. If you tell anyone about our game, it’s over and I will be there for you when no one’s watching.”
“Rule two!” she continued, “If you fail a task, you will come back for a new one!”
“Finally, rule three!” she was starting to sound like a circus crier for the Insane Clown Posse, “If you show anyone our game, they’re playing, too!”
Adrian broke out into full tears. I took the tablet and tapped the power button before giving him a hug that lifted him off his feet.
“It’s alright man, it’s just a video. A prank.” I reassured him, “But let’s take a break from YouTube for a bit, cool?”
He nodded, wiping snot from his nose. I shared the video to myself and gave him his tablet back. I finished watching it. The girls next instruction was instructions on how to cut your wrist. The “down the street” method.
Then her head tilted curiously. The corners of her mouth turned downward.
“A new player?” she asked. “I hope he told you about me. I love to win.”
As a grown man, I’m ashamed to say that it spooked me. I closed the video and rationalized it away as clever social engineering.
A push notification came. “Onomomon has posted a new video!”
The thumbnail was just the girl from Adrian’s video. I clicked. The same twisted tranformation followed moments into the video.
“You’re in this now, Terry.” she said with a heavy chuckle.
I closed the app.
It popped back up. She wagged a scaly, yellow and black finger at me.
“Oh, no, no, no. You listened. You’re in this. Your first task --”
I powered my phone off before she could answer and flopped my body onto our couch. Her image was already on the TV.
“Challenge one. Hit two children with your car. Failure to complete the ask will be met with swift punishment.”
“What if I don’t?”
She shrugged her narrow shoulders. “Maybe you get a flat tire. Maybe your meal orders are wrong for the rest of your life. Maybe I show Adrian abject terrors that last much longer than his admittedly short life.”
Adrian and I stalked along the streets in my car. Whatever was coercing me into this was bad, but there was some mercy. I spotted two stout looking kids walking down the sidewalk in a no parking zone.
“Hey Adrian, have you seen my gloves? I think they’re on the floor back there.”
My son started digging under the seats from the back seat. I hit the gas, popped the curb and grazed both boys. We were halfway down the street before Adrian popped his head up. I felt bad for hurting the little guys, but Adrian and myself always come first. Challenge complete. No one saw us, we were in the clear.
That evening, a facetime call from my wife popped up on my phone.
That big, shit eating grin and bulging eyes stared back at me.
“You cheated,” she scowled, “But you did complete the task.”
“So leave me the fuck alone.” I barked as I hit the hang up button.
Her image stayed on the screen.
“We have a deal.” she reminded me, before cackling like a lunatic,“Challenge two! The church of Saint Eulalia is having mass right now. Set fire to the inside of the church.”
“The fucking huge church down the street? There’s gotta be hundreds of people in there.”
She tilted her head quizzically. “Additional stipulation. At least one must die.”
“Nope. Fuck it. Come for me, you sick cunt.”
Her long slit of a mouth drooped open. The inside looked sharp, but lacked teeth. Like a bird or maybe a lizard.
“Are you deciding to be the loser?”
“Fuck you.” I smashed my phone on the coffee table in a fit of rage.
I could hear the faint scratches of nails or claws against the front door. I snuck towards the door, grabbing Adrian’s metal little league bat from the umbrella basket. The mail slot shot open and two yellow, scaled and clawed digits poked through. I could see one of her big eyes staring through the slot right at me. She shrieked something that sounded like a hawk caught in wood chipper when I slammed the bat against her talons.
There was no retreat. She shoved the entire hand and arm through the slot. Then the other arm came, and she dug her black talons into the hardwood floor. I took another swing, putting my body behind it. The thin appendages crack and bent back towards the door, but she kept pulling, jamming her forehead against the metal mail slot.
I screamed a scream from the deepest part of me. I slammed the bat into the frail yellow limbs over and over. Her pale forehead kept coming through the slot, the bulging flesh looked like a hard boiled egg. It turned upward and there were those empty eyes. The sockets sank back away from them, the flat nose flared, then her entire head was through.
I dug my heel into the floor and swung as hard as I could and her head slammed back against the door in a flurry of her thin black hair. Once her boney shoulders worked through she was a crumpled ball on my welcome mat. I watched her slowly lift to her feet, her ribs rising and falling heavily under the skin that hung loosely from her frame.
Each vertebrae raised under her skin as she hunched over and let out a throaty croak.
“I’m here for my winnings.” she hissed.
With knees bent and arms tucked like she was going to pounce she started limping and bobbing towards me. She was faster than I anticipated her to be, but I turned and ran, throwing one of my wives decorative tables down in front of her to buy time. I didn’t look back but I could hear the furious clicking of her talons trying desperately to keep up.
A joyous cackle ripped through the hall. I slid into the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me and locked the doorknob, and the old chain at the top of the door. I wedged myself and my outstretched legs between the tub and the door to help keep it shut from the bottom. One of her sharp black talons scraped under door, like a toddler trying to barge in.
“I told you to fuck off.” I yelled as I text my wife to keep Adrian at her sisters for the night.
“I told you I want my winnings,” she snapped, “You and the boy. You both made the agreement, you are both mine.”
She scraped the door slowly so I wouldn’t forget she was there. Occasionally she’d throw her emaciated body against the door with shrieks and howls, but there wasn’t enough to her to do much more than rattle it.
Our little standoff lasted an hour before the scratching stopped. I looked under the door as best I could, and saw no evidence of her out there. As I was getting up to open the door, the window over the bathtub shattered, raining glass down on me and into the tub. I scrambled to my feet, slipping on the broken glass. Her bird like hands grabbing at the window frame and hoisting her horrid face into view. I fumbled the locks and ran for it again, slamming the door behind me.
I made it into my car and screeched off. When the instrument panel loaded there were her vacant eyes, staring back at me.
“OKAY, GOOGLE” I yelled into my car, “Tell me how to stop a demon.”
“Ways to stop a demon. Accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Renounce Satan. Stop being in Satanic rituals.”
She laughed through the car’s speakers.
“OKAY GOOGLE!” I yelled again, “Tell me how to break a demonic pact!”
“You could try giving her what she won.” my phone snarked in her crackly voice.
I took a few hard turns, neglecting my brakes. I skidded to a stop on the sidewalk of The Church of Saint Eulalia. The same place her challenge was trying to send me to burn down.
Both of the heavy wood doors flew open, I could see her heavy breaths from across the church. Every step she took in her awkward gait was labored, like she was pulling boulders behind her. Her eye sockets sunk in further from her eyes, black liquid leaked from her nose as she pulled herself further into the church.
“Help!” I yelled, “Priest, Jesus, God, Mary? Is anyone here?!”
She laughed, spurting blood as she backed me towards a corner. Her right bird-like claw raised high into the air. Bloodlust burned in her eyes. On the down swing I rammed my shoulder into her ribs. Off-balance, she toppled over and her head slid into the baptismal pool.
It dissolved in a few fleeting moments of cursing and convulsing. I pushed the rest of her body in to dispose of the evidence.
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