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The Ride of Terror (Burnout Legends to Dangerous Driving)

(WARNING: tons of words, about 30 minutes of reading. Includes tons of vulgarity. Viewer discretion is advised)
I've returned home... But with what? I mean, I did buy some games last month, so I pretty much can't be bothered to hide 'em from you guys. What I got was an Xbox One game, but with what? Well, let's see...
...Huh!? Burnout 3: Takedown? What is it, man?
"I gotta tell you the truth! Dangerous Driving is terrible! So terrible, it degraded my mental health! Don't open the fucking game case, you idiot!"
Oh, please! You must be overreacting! Besides, you won't know what game it is until I open it! So what was this game with plain white construction paper that I got from a garage sale? Let's see... *opens the game case* Uh... why did you put the disc on the wrong side of how it's usually stored? ...And by that, I mean the readable part of the disc. *takes the game out of the case, and flips it over*
*sees that Dangerous Driving is the game he bought*
"I told you to not open that, and look what happened."
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! ...Ugh... Aw, sheet, bruh!

Wow... After an unfortunate opening sequence, I am going to be talking about the Ride of Terror, which is an extensive rant, from Burnout Legends, to Dangerous Driving. I do enjoy the Burnout games that eventually got lacking, but I still enjoy the classics. Sounds like a drug addiction.
Their debates usually made about when Burnout, as the series starting going to Hell. I mean, making an arcade racing game once a year about speeding through traffic, taking down other drivers, checking traffic, seeing how skilled you are in Maniac mode like every single year isn't easy. The later installments, the games began to get weak with identity, and trying to maintain innovational new features.
While it never really reached the EA standard they set for themselves from the games, they were still pretty great. The ideas were there, but the execution began to slip by the time Paradise came along. Even though I feel Dominator is criminally underrated by some fans, I didn't feel the same for Revenge. Despite where the tipping point has gone, EA tried to go out still swinging with new features every year for better or worse.
...And then they made a bunch of Need For Speed games. ...And then later, they decided to no longer develop Burnout for Alex Ward and his crew.
Poor Criterion lost their best members and passed the Burnout torch onto probably one of the most controversial game companies on the planet, Three Fields Entertainment... who probably faceplanted onto asphalt. Possibly because of some jackass who glued a steering wheel to his feet. Oh, wait! That's the Xbox wireless steering wheel! Whoopsie!
"Papa EA, why'd you push me into track and field? I never wanted to do this!"
"Why can't you just be like your brother, you scrawny little consucky?"
*TFE sobs*
With a gimmick, and a Burnout license in hand, and experiences only in short games such as, uh... Lethal VR. Dangerous Golf. Danger Zone. And uh... Danger Zone 2 in mind.
Three Fields Entertainment set out on their dream to make Bummed-out racing games. Except the warning was already in one of their previous titles: Danger Zone! Persistent Wrecks! They KNEW what fire they were playing with! Hot Shots Golf! Err, excuse me... Got ahead of myself for a moment there.
Frankly, I don't believe anyone expected much from Legends. It's a typical cash grab that is geared heavily towards the handheld based audience. The sad fact is that almost nobody liked it, nor did almost anybody bought it. With full DS/PSP retail price going to the game, don't really blame people's hesitancy on grabbing this.
Most of the modes in this game are identical enough in nature to Burnout 3, such as Burning Lap, where you have to get through a single lap on a track as fast as possible to get the best overall time. Road Rage, where you take down other drivers, and so on. And then an Eliminator mode, where every racer caught in last place after each lap is out of the race.
They essentially stretched these three premises throughout most of the game. They acted like Survival of the Fastest, where you have to have skill in order to win, depending on what mode it is, all the while boosting, drifting, jumping, and knocking other players off the road. And this proved to be quite a task for me due to limited space on the console, and collisions being so underdeveloped in Legends.
The locations, tracks, however you wanna call 'em are reused tracks from both Point of Impact and Takedown. The Special GP was a nuisance. I ended up getting more pissed off during these courses than any other segment. They're so extensive, so drawn-out, and very frustrating to play with F1 indycars.
"I don't know what the fuck's going on..."
"I can't get back up to speed for some ungodly reason..."
"Mad cuz bad."
"This is cultural appropriation!"
*gets slammed off the road* "Help me!"
*hits a Taxi cab* "Sheet!"
"Alex, why'd you do this to me!?"
"I feel like I'm on the Indianapolis 500, I wish I could Takedown my way outta here!"
"I'm the champion! What now, punks?"
"This isn't going to end well..."
"I can't fucking see exactly where I'm going! How much depth does this game have!? Holy shit!"
"This level may as well have been replaced with trucks wrecking me, because I feel like this game is fucking me in the ass hardcore anyways with this stupid lackluster gameplay!"
"They have all this technology, but can't afford better physics or better quality gameplay!"
"You can also play this game with your friends! No? Okay."
"Unlockable Collector and Legend vehicles, I guess! I dunno..."
I hated Legends less than I thought I would, but I still hated it with an unbelievable passion though, so I guess nice job?
Danger Zone 2 went back to a more traditional form of Burnout's crash mode. Gots some pre-selected vehicles like a sedan, coupe, supercar, hypercar, Indycar, some new ones like a semi-truck and a taxi cab... K, den. Need bug fix updates for this game for better experience, by the way. Stoopid. Medal thresholds are fair enough, some of the placements of vehicles and other objects you might find familiar, which absolutely makes you feel a bit of nostalgia that they were going for.
The main problem with DZ2 is the engine it operates on: Unreal Engine 4. I found it pretty UNREAL to use this engine, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you feel like you're on ice, sometimes you have some sort of moon gravity, sometimes you glitch through the rails, no biggie!
Collisions are especially annoying! Reactions when you hit walls are problematic, steering is super mobile, it's just a mess... Also, no support for this game ever since it was released because fuck us, right?
TFE: We love games!
Consumer: Not anymore... Not YOUR kind of games. Your games are cruel. Soulless.
Dangerous Driving rumors circulated, much to the depression of the informed Burnout demographic. Others, BLISSFULLY IGNORANT... IGN articles foreshadowed many bleak things, like having a small amount of vehicles, rehashing parts of tracks, and a new feature I'll go over in a few.
However, they did mention most of this was to simply hearken back to the Burnout 3 days, making decisions to leave out features that came after that game because they thought it was "too wacky" for whatever reason, I really don't know.
From what I've gathered from the E3 showing was that it looked like a clunky, soulless husk of what Burnout games once were. ...at least BEFORE it was actually released. Instead of a slew of new revolutionary features being implemented, they had a few new ones. Keep track of the amount of features, vehicles, tracks, etc. across the series.
So Dangerous Driving has the Persistent Wrecks feature, which means that any wrecks of rivals stay on the track for the rest of the event. Heatwave and Pursuit, only really done by Burnout 2. But you're really not going to keep Traffic Attack from Burnout Revenge? Really? Come on, guys!
They really emphasized on things, like online multiplayer post-launch, an online Ranking system, and so on. Lengthy music playlist, ranging from rock, hip hop, and punk genres from the 2000s and 80s. They also confirmed that there would be no leaderboard support at all of the PC version of Dangerous Driving! YEAH, CONSOLE MASTER RACE!!!
Reactions to the trailers of the game were negative, with people slamming on it harder from looking like a Playstation 2 game and the gameplay looking as mediocre as ever. While I do agree that Dangerous Driving and the Burnout games prior definitely could've looked better, the graphics weren't the reason why it got popular back then. EA and Criterion weren't perfect on them in the classic Burnout games.
They got popular from the fluid gameplay, features, replayability, and dynamic tracks. Three Fields Entertainment's strength came from... their intro screens, I guess?
Allowing Three Fields Entertainment to create another Burnout-related game with the same Unreal Engine 4, it's like letting a monkey take care of your house and leaving books of matches everywhere. And you DEFINITELY know that it's not gonna end well!
A telling sign of a game developer's faith in their product as whether or not they actually release review copies to media outlets. EA or TFE did not. Not to mention, straight-up refusing to release a demo of Dangerous Driving prior to launch, and they said that they'd rather focus on the game development and the final version. This can only mean bad things. I'd rather not spoil it for you, regarding the Burnout fans, so let's get a move on.
Dangerous Driving was martyr'ed with problems the day it was released. A quick patch trying to resolve problems like crashing on the menus. The game was probably warning us before we took the plunge. The game itself crashing, losing all save progress itself, framerate and graphical problems, physics being wonky and the lap counter not working, online capabilities being greatly limited, only being able to connect to one player, if any, 6 players online! Yeah, totally legit...
"Waiting for 1 other driver..."
*30 minutes later*
"Welp, I'm kinda wasting my time here."
Mostly Heatwave, Pursuit, and Eliminator being omitted for multiplayer and included Race and Road Rage being drastically misrepresented and skewed from the original concept. For Race, the objective is to finish before anyone else to win.
Instead of Eliminator being the same format as Burnout Revenge, it acts like Burnout 3. Every racer caught in last place after each lap DISAPPEARS off the track. No one's vehicle explodes before they get there! Nobody gets sent to the fiery pits of Hell after getting absolutely incinerated, crushed, humiliated, knowing they have inferior driving game and skill compared to your almighty self!
*ahem* So yeah. They definitely missed the mark on staying faithful to the game modes and understanding what made them fun and replayable. How are you not gonna have Time Attack, either!? Burnout 1 had Time Attack, and that game first came out in 2001!
While watching the game gave me good insight, I intended to play the Xbox One version for myself. Some things, you have to go by your lonesome. Some things you need to play for yourself to truly see how low the bar can be set. Examples:
-Action 52
-Superman 64
-Paperboy 64
-Disgaea Infinite
-Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
-Duke Nukem Forever
-Hot Wheels World's Best Driver
-Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
And now, Dangerous Driving!

When I first opened the game case, I noticed that it didn't come with an instruction booklet. Welp, guess I'm going in blind... Remember when the games had the hype as hell intros? The badass rock music with all these flashy shots of the vehicles, takedowns, and wrecks? Well the intro here is so basic and quick, you just jump right into it. It's lukewarm at best, like when you leave a smoking hot cup of coffee on the counter for half an hour.
So when I got to the main menu, immediately my heart sank. I was aware that there wasn't going to be an online mode initially, but there's also no local multiplayer mode, either! Part of what I treasured dearly about my interest of the Burnout series was playing offline with my friends for hours on end. How am I supposed to play with my friends by using an unbalanced vehicle selection with this shit?
Not to mention the Crash mode is also absent, which is the reason why the Danger Zone games exist as individual modes. But the biggest insult of all is that the only DLC vehicle you have is the VIP Sedan. You're only gonna make that a pre-order bonus and not a free DLC later on down the road!? The only reason why I bought this fucking game is when the hero's on a fucking half shell!
Epic Games is more like Epic Fail Games not having leaderboard support! There's even in game controls, so that's great! Loading screen hints, which give you some info on the what's what of the game. It also shows you the vehicles that you usually unlock from progressing through the Career, so that's another thing.
To be real, the people that said it looks like a PlayStation 2 game were wrong. This game, by no means, looks like an up-to-date 2019 game (because it was released in that year). The tracks look especially plain! ...and bizarre.
From my personal experience, I didn't know that they kind of chose the more notable graphical and framerate issues, but... Hey, remember when you had many different variations of the vehicles? Yeah, those were good times.
Hey remember the trailer that makes it look there's still a ton of vehicle variety? Yeah... There isn't.
In all honesty, the older Burnout games didn't have that many of the same cars that had unlockable upgraded versions.
But here, you're just slapping on additional parts on top of these same vehicle models to "differentiate" themselves from each other! It's like they decided to go with the customization style comparable to some old flash car customization game!
Why did they do this? Hell, Burnout Legends had way more variations of cars in the same vehicle class than this! In Dangerous Driving, you can be like a speed demon on wheels!
Not to mention these vehicle models are recycled trash from previous Three Fields games. You also have a fairly limited selection of colors on them altogether! What a ginormous letdown!
I'd like to take a moment to refer to something I call the EA Event Principle. In some instances, they have events that are meant to be challenging. But for some, it's an annoyance. For others, it's a welcome test. In either sense, it's usually not challenging to the point of being impossible. Other events are just plain ridiculous and stupid. However, these aforementioned events are usually fun, so let's talk about it, shall we?
If an event is like 100% Difficult, it has to be 100% Fun in order for it to be an interesting or good event. There are exceptions, but EA adheres to this for the most part.
With that out of the way, let's hop into the Career mode.
Right off the bat, you notice the music is not present, though the game does have a Spotify playlist. Some of it is okay, a few of them are great, other songs are terrible. I feel like the ratio of good songs to bad songs are a bit unbalanced in comparison of the games, but that's just my take really.
"Another one bites the dust! Err, fuck! God damn it!"
It must be said that Dangerous Driving is perhaps the most confused and failed Burnout successor I think we've ever witnessed in all of video game history!
There's a lot of menus, just picking something to play, Burnout 3 style! Vehicle classes such as Sedans, SUVs, Coupes, Supercars, Hypercars, and Formula DDs. These classes you use to advance through the career, so it sorta resembles that of Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge's World Tour modes.
They also have a set number of events in the classes. Every single event has three Medals you can achieve: Bronze, Silver, and Gold while about half of them have a hidden Platinum Medal target, resembling something like DiRT 3. But then you have to take note of some of the game's mechanics. They have oncoming, near misses, boost starts, in-air aftertouch, drifting...
Keep in mind that Three Fields said that they were keeping drifting the same, but instead, opted to change how drifting works! For example, if you perform a drift, you can either press/tap the brake as you're holding the gas and steering, or you can alternate between the gas and brake without holding the gas down, and you can also lower your speed mid-drift as well.
But in Three Fields Entertainmentland, the only way to drift is to hold the gas and steering and press the brake button to perform it, disabling your ability to alternate between the triggers and slowing down DURING your drift!
No way to reliably grind along the guardrails, inability to gain speed by drifting off jumps, and no traffic checking.
Three Fields really must love the practice of taking 1 step forward, and 20 steps backward. Because that's really what they did here! It seems that for the most part, they used Danger Zone 2 as their canvas and just recreated the tracks from the environments, but that's not all! They have the Persistent Wrecks feature: a feature universally panned for causing more difficulty to the races, and being unnecessary!
I believe this feature was only added to make things more "dangerous". That's really the only plausible reason I see this being added!
Take down an opponent driver in a spot, and that driver's wreck is stuck there until the end of the event, occasionally moving because of the dumbass traffic. What they refuse to see is that this makes things unnecessarily difficult! This is like putting a Band-Aid over your shotgun wound and saying, "Yeah, you're probably okay! Go about your day, Little Billy!" The game is still glitchy, and the Persistent Wrecks feature is such a terrible idea!
In the Burnout games, you could reliably ride against the guardrails to help players make a turn if they steered or drifted too late. But in Dangerous Driving, you rebound off the indestructible guardrails! You either need to hit the apex during your drift, or just rely on the high mobile steering.
This reliance on the steering might cause some issues. Not only does it make your lines look super repulsive than some green seafoam shag carpet, if you steer on a tight corner, you're gonna have a bad time! You drift through it, that's fine. Steer through it, and oh, what happens? You crashed into a vehicle that is in the turn! Yes, the traffic is randomly generated and is not scripted! You have to be sure no traffic vehicles are in the turn, so if you want to simply hit the apex or steer through those corners, you're gonna have to be cautious, my friend!
Another thing I enjoyed about the Burnout games was that with each new game release, you're pretty much guaranteed new vehicles. They're always really fun, unique, sometimes a little bit weird, but you're almost guaranteed new cars.
However, for Dangerous Driving, they decided to copy and paste a lot of their vehicles from Danger Zone 2. Alright, I get it, Three Fields... reusing and recycling is good for the environment, but it ain't good for keeping your god-forsaken game franchise alive, okay!?
I'd also like to take a second to talk about traffic collisions. In every Burnout game before Dangerous Driving, You can nick or grind the side of traffic while speeding, and your vehicle would still be going. However, Dangerous Driving plays by the guaranteed crash rule. Did you hear that, everyone? You have to go by that rule! You have to be more careful!
In Dangerous Driving, you can Near Miss the traffic to gain an unusually large amount of boost, but you still need to avoid it. Regardless, it seems that your vehicle wrecks into the traffic no matter how fast or slow you go. This is just retarded! This isn't right! You touch the traffic, you keep going! You don't fucking make it a guaranteed crash, Three Fields! This has been ingrained into my brain for 15 years, now!! What the fuck are you trying to do to me??
Let's head back to the events. Like I mentioned, there are 3 medals the events have, depending on your performance in efficiency: 3rd gives Bronze, 2nd gives Silver, and 1st gives Gold. Some events also have a hidden Platinum Medal target. You need to win the GP to move on to the next vehicle class, somewhat reminiscent of Burnout 3's World Tour events. These events are much more difficult than the ones prior.
The events themselves are a big nuisance and brutal. They're such unformulated, uncreative heaps of slop that by the time you've completed the first vehicle class or two, you've basically seen it all! They'd all probably be 100% Difficult! ALL of them!
Imagine in Burnout Revenge if you're dropped in, and instead of a DJ talking to you the game's like, "Use a Tuned car for Heatwave Just Cause they do better!" That's Dangerous Driving's events for you, except you're doing other shit like Survivals, Pursuits, Heatwaves, and facing off against opponents that are slow as Hell!
You also have your Burning Laps, Road Rages to hunt down other drivers, Races that are boring early on... Is this fucking driving school, man?
"Every crash is counted against you, cunt! Don't do it!"
"Take doen other drivers!"
"Get the best overall time you can!"
"See how far you can go without crashing once!"
This pool of events will last you throughout the entirety of the game. All 9 to 14 of them, depending on the vehicle class. Again, keep in mind that this is less than half the events than Burnout 3: Takedown - a game that was released 15 years prior to Dangerous Driving!
I can appreciate the locations for what they are: representation of a Real Life locations converted into digital format. But even in other games, these types of tracks, other examples being Downtown from Burnout 3: Takedown and Angel Valley from Burnout Revenge, were never my personal favorites. I like tracks with a little bit more flare and beautiful nature to them.
But the locations do foreshadow what follows, though: every single track is too tight and basic to the point of their hindrances. There's nothing that make them pop! Almost no buildings to pass by. It's mostly all just deserts, grasslands, mountains, canyons... basic bitch tracks.
The only exceptions I could think of are the only tracks I play in GPs. The tracks are soulless, dull, have very little quality with the environments, and have almost no buildings to them! No freeways, no crossroads, not a lot of vehicles, either! I mean, no wonder why there's no traffic checking allowed: there's not a lot of vehicles in the tracks!
Point 2 Point Tracks are transitional connections to different locations as you drive through them. The only locations of note are High Dunes Desert and another location I'll talk about very briefly here.
While Cool Water Valley and Dead Rock Canyon aren't masterpieces by any means, at least they didn't recycle track ideas that tried to be origina--
*sees Twin Ferry Lakes in the game*
So we have Twin Ferry Lakes, or as I'd like to call it, Silver Lake 0.5! What we have here is a barebones, stripped down Silver Lake wannabe! They added a few things like a lovely lake, bridge sections that allow drivers to go over the water. All the while, not keeping the off road section to the other portion of the track, the tunnels, and the giant cliff for the 'Gone Fishin' Signature Takedown: they made two identical turns to make up for the loss of those sections!
It just reeks of boredom! Not only are you rehashing major portions of EA inspired tracks, but you're not including notable segments from said tracks and passing it off as original? "Yeah, this is Twin Ferry Lakes, not Silver Lake, because fuck that shit!" Can't just draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa and claim it as your own, you know!
High Dunes Desert: long-ass tracks with the sun in your eyes! Even though Surf Side Island is a conceptual rehash of Burnout 2's Big Surf Shores/Burnout 3's Island Paradise/Burnout Revenge's Sunshine Keys in my eyes, it's still one of the better locations in the game, which isn't really saying much.
Next on my shit list is Eagle Ridge Mountain. Man, THAT location is familiar! Three Fails Entertainment decided to make a mixture of Alpine and White Mountain, turning it into a Frankenstein theme! Two more prominently featured tracks, and way too many Burnout games already!!
"But dude, they're handmade levels!"
Yeah, but how many times are you gonna feature a Grasslands Proving Ground, Dead Rock Canyon, or Surf Side Island before it's no longer handmade?

Surf Side Island
-Burnout 2's Big Surf Shores
-Burnout 3's Island Paradise
-Burnout Revenge's Sunshine Keys
-Burnout Dominator's Ocean Drive
-Burnout Paradise as Palm Bay Heights and Harbor Town
-Dangerous Driving

Grasslands Proving Ground
-Burnout 1's Hillside Pass
-Burnout 3's Vineyard
-Burnout Revenge's Lone Peak
-Dangerous Driving

If you're going going to adopt EA and Criterion levels to the degree that you are, can we at least get something new and fresh please? I wouldn't mind seeing USA Marathon EX again. But what about a revamped Interstate Loop? Burnout 2's Airport Terminal was outstanding! Burnout 2's Palm Bay! Burnout 3's Downtown, Riviera, or Dockside! Literally, any of the Burnout Revenge tracks! Come on, dude!
Lastly is Cool Water Valley, a location I had high hopes for. I initially thought it was going to be a Lakeside Getaway remake, or if not that, I'd at least get a nice area of rivers that I'd enjoy. Well, I was wrong on both counts as well! It's just not fun! In fact, most people found the Hypercar Class Eliminator in this track to be especially infuriating because it'll get littered with Persistent Wrecks quickly! Not only are you driving on ice because of the engine, but you also have the rubberband AI insanity applied to you the whole way through! You also run into the wrecks themselves on subsequent laps! I can't do it anymore!!
This game is an embarrassment! What pisses me off the most is that it's implied that it's continuing off a legendary series! I mean, what's next? Burnout 5!? Burnout Paradise 2!? Burnout and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 3!? Alex Ward's Burnout Game That Completely Loses it's Touch After 10 Years!?
As much shit as I gave Paradise, it had one of the most addicting replayability ever saw! It was fluid, gave the players opportunities to have their own unique style, it played like a true Burnout game, and had it's own charm and personality!
As much as I don't enjoy any of the DJs in the Burnout games, they could've actually added something here that would've breathe some life into the otherwise lifeless game that was Dangerous Driving!

Stryker: Yeah, they put me in the middle of EVERYTHING Burnout on Crash FM!

EA's Burnout games gave so much for being just an arcade racing series. They were my childhood! My passion! My obsession!
You could play the game in an unlimited number of ways. You can perform visually appealing driving lines. Relying on features. You could keep on burning until you're crashed out! You could glitch hunt without the glitches hunting you! And finally, you could speed run it all the same! Whoever else thought that you've played the games every way imaginable, another innovation is formulated! It was such an open series of games that it lent itself well to all these things!
Dangerous Driving didn't lend itself to ANY of that! It was doomed from the very start! It was pretty evident that the developers didn't completely remember what captured us, what drove us to want to keep playing. However, even if they did remember, it was an uphill battle for Three Fields Entertainment, so I find it hard to entirely blame them. They were working on a series that has had it's reputation tainted from awful ports (Burnout Legends), and completely different takes (Burnout Paradise). Some of which, they WERE responsible for.
Using an engine that simply didn't mesh well with the fast paced Burnout 3 style, more so of Revenge or Burnout 2 style. Not to mention, the Xbox One and PS4 versions were released at full retail price. The game is so limited, short, and content lacking for today's standards, that it simply isn't worth $30-40.
Hell, in pails and comparison to Burnout Paradise, it was packed to the brim with content and features! A huge problem I found is that besides the achievements/trophies, once you've gotten all the medals in the Career, you're pretty much finished. You can play with your friends all over the world here and there, but there's really no replay value. You don't get any more vehicles, no music during actual gameplay, no Signature Takedowns, no Crash mode, nothing at all! I would've rather have them take the Danger Zone 2 approach, and then release it at a reduced price.
Although Three Fields did make the mistakes of relying on gimmicks, no longer supporting Danger Zone 2, and failing to accomplish their dream, they did do SOME good things I need to bring up: they gave Vertical Takedowns in a future update, they tried to help resolve the technical issues with the game, gave bug fix patches and tuned the difficulty to make up for the poor reception, and maybe this is just another story of a company making a release faster than it should've been.
Burnout Paradise and its remaster would be the last Burnout game under EA's belt. Dangerous Driving tried to be a faithful recreation of Burnout 3, but missed the mark on what made it great. With this, Alex Ward and his crew are looking to build upon their arcade racing series, but with a sequel in mind and we're left in the dark regarding the lack of information we're getting. With them no longer being affiliated with Criterion and EA no longer caring about the Burnout series... Where could this lead?
Whatever the case, we die-hards will continue to treasure our personal favorite Burnout game.
We will continue to play...
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Burnout Paradise(2008), does anyone still play it?

Burnout Paradise(2008), does anyone still play it?
Hello everyone! I've been wondering, do any of you play OG Burnout Paradise after it died in August 1, 2019? I've been playing it since 2008. What about you? How did you felt when they announced it will happen? I got sad, and bit of upset.
This is what I mean, BTW.
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