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trying to create a subclass system to Smite, first draft

i want to apply League of Legend's class and subclass feature to Smite, so i sat down, had the wiki open on all league classes and subclasses, wrote down a basic note feature to get a small idea to refer back too, wrote down some needed changes, then did a bit of editing and made a first draft of what a class and subclass system of smile would be.

i don't really have much to add other than what i wrote, so im just gonna copy and paste my notes, changes, and a first draft lsit of what each subclass(es) each god in smite would have. it's pretty rough with very bare bones notes of what each role does, so pls take them only at face value and read league's actual subclass system if you want a better idea of what each class does to correct my dumbass in the comments. whenever i put down a (?) it means that i didn't have a complete idea on if this works for the god since i don't usually play them, so i'd like ideas on how to correctly classify them.
here are the notes:
  • Controller - defense casters that oversee the battlefield by protecting and opening up opportunities for their allies
    • Enchanter - amplifies allies and augments them through the battle. Often fragile and relatively low damage
    • Catcher - locking down opponents or parts of the battlefield and create intense zones of threat.
  • Fighter - durable melee focused
    • Juggernaut - dealeoff tank bruiser
    • Diver - more mobile, able to dive into fights and take out high priority targets, not as durable, but capable of taking damage
  • Mage - offensive casters
    • Burst - singles out a target and locks them down with multiple spells being cast one after the other
    • Battlemage (warlocks) - short range, gets into flights, sustain in some form usually
    • Artillery - range and keeping distance
  • Marksman - ranged AD carry
  • Slayer - high mobility, single target dps
    • Assassins - infiltration, high risk high reward, very up close
    • Skirmisher - lack burst, need peel methods, may not have ways to close gaps, situational tools
  • Tanks - high defenses
    • Vanguard - offensive tanks
    • Wardens - defensive tanks that also support allies
  • Specialist - usually a 2ndary subclass that applies to those with unique gameplay unlike anything else in their category or can’t be classified as others in the same class
  • Changes needed
    • Name changes
      • Fighter - warrior
      • Marksman - hunter
      • Slayers - assassins
      • Tanks - guardians
    • Updates
      • Marksman - turned into a class with distinct subclasses
      • Battlemages - open to auto-based magical champions with melee magical mage champions being known as Warlocks (another name for Battlemages, but i felt like a distinction is good)
      • Specialist - have literally so much shifting to the point that i have to add a class and subclass within Specialist just for shifters
  • Applying new subclasses to gods ((?) = unsure)
    • Achilles - DiveDruid
    • Agni - Artillery
    • Ah Muzen Cab - Blaster
    • Ah Puch - Burst
    • Amaterasu - Juggernaut (?)
    • Anhur - Ranger
    • Anubis - Burst
    • Ao Kuang - Warlock/Infiltrator
    • Aphrodite - Enchanter
    • Apollo - Ranger
    • Arachne - Infiltrator
    • Ares - Vanguard (?)
    • Artemis - Blaster
    • Artio - Warden/Druid
    • Athena - Warden (?)
    • Awilix - Skirmisher
    • Baba Yaga - Burst
    • Bacchus - Vanguard
    • Bakasura - Infiltrator
    • Baron Samedi - CatcheBurst (?)
    • Bastet - Skirmisher
    • Bellona - DiveVanguard
    • Cabrakan - Vanguard/Catcher
    • Camazotz - Skirmisher
    • Cerberus - CatcheWarden (?)
    • Cernunnos - RangeDruid
    • Chaac - DiveVanguard
    • Chang’e - Enchanter
    • Chernobog - BlasteSkirmisher
    • Chiron - Blaster
    • Chronos - Battlemage
    • Cthulhu - ???
    • Cu Chulainn - Juggernaut/Wizard
    • Cupid - RangeEnchanter (?)
    • Da Ji - Infiltrator
    • Discordia - Artillery/Catcher
    • Erlang Shen - Diver
    • Fafnir - Vanguard/Wizard
    • Fenrir - Infiltrator (?)
    • Freya - Warlock/Blaster
    • Ganesha - Catcher
    • Geb - Catcher (?)
    • Guan Yu - Diver (?)
    • Hachiman - Ranger
    • Hades - Burst
    • He Bo - Artillery
    • Heimdallr - Ranger
    • Hel - EnchanteBurst/Druid
    • Hera - Artillery/CatcheWarden (?) (somewhere between Catcher and Warden)
    • Hercules - Vanguard
    • Horus - Juggernaut/Warden (?)
    • Hou Yi - Blaster
    • Hun Batz - Skirmisher
    • Isis - Artillery
    • Izanami - RangeSpecialist (?) (boomerangs)
    • Janus - Artillery/Burst
    • Jing Wei - RangeSpecialist (flying)
    • Jormungandr - Vanguard/Specialist (too many special things to count)
    • Kali - Infiltrator
    • Khepri - EnchanteCatcher
    • King Arthor - Juggernaut/Wizard
    • Kukulkan - Artillery
    • Kumbhakarna - Warden
    • Kuzenbo - Vanguard
    • Loki - Infiltrator
    • Medusa - Ranger
    • Mercury - skirmisher (?)
    • Merlin - Burst/Wizard
    • Mulan - Diver (?)
    • Ne Zha - Skirmisher (?)
    • Neith - Blaster
    • Nemesis - Infiltrator
    • Nike - Juggernaut/Warden
    • Nox - Burst/Artillery
    • Nu Wa - Artillery
    • Odin - Vanguard
    • Olorun - Battlemages
    • Osiris - Diver
    • Pele - Skirmisher (?)
    • Persephone - Burst/Specialist (playing farmville mid-game)
    • Poseidon - Warden/Battlemage (?) (what else do you call this kit in this context?)
    • Ra - Artillery/Enchanter
    • Raijin - Burst/Battlemage
    • Rama - Ranger
    • Ratatoskr - Infiltrator
    • Ravana - InfiltratoDiver
    • Scylla - Burst
    • Serqet - Infiltrator
    • Set - SkirmisheSpecialist ( Azir being the League posterboy for Specialist)
    • Skadi - RangeSpecialist (khaldr)
    • Sobek - CatcheVanguard
    • Sol - Battlemage/Artillery
    • Sun Wukong - Diver
    • Susanoo - Infiltrator (?)
    • Sylvanus - Warden/Enchanter
    • Terra - Vanguard/Juggernaut
    • Thanatos - Infiltrator
    • The Morrigan - Burst/Wizard
    • Thor - DiveSkirmisher
    • Thoth - Artillery
    • Tyr - DiveWizard
    • Ullr - RangeBlasteDruid
    • Vamana - Diver
    • Vulcan - Artillery
    • Xbalanque - RangeSkirmisher
    • Xing Tian - Warden/Catcher
    • Yemoja - Burst/Catcher
    • Ymir - CatcheWarden
    • Zeus - Burst/Artillery
    • Zhong Kui - Burst

so the biggest change that i feel both the most and least confident in is the creation of the Hunter and Shifter classes and subclasses. the Hunter class was needed as in League every 'Marksman' was just auto-attack focused with no true subclass developed, and we have so many stance shifters that putting them all in the 'special' pile just felt wrong.

the Hunter class is now all melee auto-range champions (in the broadest stance). it's broken down into the Rangers which use auto-attacks to deal the most damage and usually has abilities that will pause enemies or do something to them to allow for more auto-attacks to be dealt. while Blasters are Hunters that rely on abilities to deal the bulk of their damage and then follows up with basic attacks if needed; there's a clear distinction between hunters like apollo with his 6 attack speed autos and AMC who has to rely on jerking the camera around to land those bees. '

the other big change is putting a subsection of a class withing the special catagory; Shifters. Shifters are gods with stance changes that give them new abilities and a new way of playing. it's divided up between controlled and volatile stance switching; druid and wizard subclasses respectively. the druids are able to switch stances fairly easy without the use of mana or with there being any cooldown between switching stances and they can easily play the entire game without ever switching back. Wizards on the other hand have very distinct stance switches that go beyond the standard switch with forced switching abilities or needing certain conditions to be met to change stances and they have less control over which stance they can be in at a certain time without preparation.

this is a very rough first draft without any distinct or very close look at each classes and mostly just taking league's own system, putting a new coat of paint on it, throwing some random stuff on it, then naming it something else. i'd love feedback, ideas of how to improve each class/subclass (maybe some good definitions) and how correct these subclasses are for the gods.
submitted by Swoobattler to Smite

The Keys to Candy Crush's Success

Candy Crush is the undisputed champion of free-to-play mobile games, earning around $910,385 a day, consistent with Think Gaming, a mobile game analytics blog. The game's success even caused King, the developer behind the sport , to carry off on its IPO until Candy Crush's explosive popularity waned.
Candy Crush isn't exactly a fresh idea -- the sport is essentially Bejeweled with sweets. Smartphone apps are crammed with fresh ideas, but finding how to plug something that works is the secret behind Candy Crush's success. Here is what King did, why it works and the way to form it work for you.
Learn to profit from every level of the freemium ecosystem. The foremost successful trait behind Candy Crush is its appeal to gamers who mobile game developers have termed 'minnows,' 'dolphins' and 'whales.' The 'freemium' model, just in case you do not know, is an app that's liberal to download but gates content behind permanent and temporary in-app purchases. Freemium games are notorious for design that heavily encourages players to spend money, but without the reported 70 percent of advanced Candy Crush players who haven't spent a dime, there is no way the sport would have hit it this big. Every aspect of Candy Crush takes full advantage of players both willing and unwilling to pay their thanks to victory.
Minnows, or users unlikely to form in-app purchases, are valuable to apps like Candy Crush because they supply competition, variety and evangelize the app through social media to other potential customers. A minnow's progress remains visible to their Facebook friends and Candy Crush naturally inspires competition with 'dolphins.' A dolphin spends money, but generally not quite they might on any paid app. Offering a 'starter pack' for your app at a cut cost alongside permanent features to an account is the best thanks to hook dolphins.
The Keys to Candy Crush's Success
This one lets me reevaluate my schedule for the day over my morning tea. I feel I'm sticking with it for a short time .
Whales are the large spenders and sometimes where the freemium model features a chance to spread its wings. The whale wants to win. they need to win so badly that they are willing to spend whatever it takes to urge them there. Candy Crush was designed to be played over a series of short play sessions, but King does nothing to stop players from buying their way back to the sport as repeatedly as necessary through microtransactions.
Try to rethink every level of your app's design from the attitude of the various ways people interact with it. Minnows wish to desire they're getting something that does not slap them within the face with 'subscribe now' buttons, dolphins need something permanent, and whales need how to game the system with their wallets.
Don't obsess over originality, obsess over perfection. within the tech world, originality is tough to return by. If I had a nickel for each beautifully minimalist organizer app I've downloaded on a whim, I'd have enough to shop for the paid version of Any.do, one among my new favorite organizational tools. Candy Crush and Any.do are both rehashed concepts that do not emulate the success of their predecessors, but laser-focus them into something new.
Visit this blog https://www.jackrabbitmobile.com/blog/tips-for-austin-mobile-app-development/
People hate Farmville, a game that basically boiled right down to clicking on stuff then expecting an arbitrary amount of your time to click on stuff again. Crossing the arbitrary waiting of Farmville with the one-more-swipe addictiveness of Bejeweled catapulted Candy Crush into something that nobody had seen before. The simplest thanks to find ideas for your next app is on the highest free/paid lists on any app marketplace.
Let your app integrate itself into the user's routine. Candy Crush's most powerful feature is that the limited number of lives a player has a day . King, a team of masterful manipulators, designed Candy Crush for break-time addiction. rather than letting us binge, losing all of your lives in Candy Crush means you will have to attend to play again until tomorrow.
Also important is that the multi platform functionality behind the app. If you begin a game of Candy Crush on your home PC within the morning, you'll safely devour where you've left off on your iPhone later within the day. People are creatures of habit and investing the time and cash to support a customer dawn to dusk is the best thanks to converting a possible customer into your next evangelist.
Candy Crush has been done before, but it’s never been done this perfectly. The simplest apps are addictive. Understand where your app-based addiction stems from, though, and you will know exactly what your project is missing.
submitted by jackrabbitmobileweb to u/jackrabbitmobileweb

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