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🔴Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (2 players coop) - Master League #1 (Hard)

submitted by babareto1 to konami

The People’s Football Game – a Pro Evolution Soccer 6 review

There are a few reasons why the Libero magazine exists. Games like these are one of those reasons.
There are many reviews written about Pro Evolution Soccer 6 out there on the biggest gaming sites of the internet. Even if you somehow were able to read all of them – I sure haven’t – I bet none of them were able to describe a tenth of the brilliance of this specific Pro Evolution iteration. You can prove this yourself; you can even close the Libero tab on your browser while you do read the others. Go ahead, do it; I know you will be back anyway. Why do I know this? Because all of those reviews were written in 2006, back when the game was released; and there is no way that anyone in 2006 could’ve guessed what PES6 would eventually become. The PES6 all of them talked about bear little resemblance to the football gaming ‘monster’ it eventually developed into. In retrospective, however, we are definitely able to understand its full impact on the virtual football scene and on the history of sports gaming itself, for we have time on our side whereas the others didn’t. So do get in, fasten your seat belts and put on your best game face: you’re in for quite the ride.
Konami celebrates the end of a vastly-successful PS2 era comprised of superb football titles with Pro Evolution Soccer 6, the last ‘newgen-PES’ before the subsequent iteration of consoles was out. Konami wants to ‘go out with a bang’ before embracing a new challenge; yet after what the common football gaming fan had experienced over the previous half-a-decade (even more than that if you count the extraordinary PS1 ISS/PES versions too), the question that was on everyone’s minds was: is it even humanly possible to improve the Pro Evo series – at least on the pitch, where it truly matters? Plus; would it even make any sense to risk the game’s well-earned reputation by changing too much of what the series had built over the previous seasons instead of focusing primarily on providing a much-improved game for the first iteration of the new generation of consoles – employing a strategy seen recently with the release of a ‘PES2021 Season Update’ whilst Konami works on PES2022 away from the spotlight?
The fact is that the previous Pro Evo titles since PES4 didn’t exactly reinvent the footballing wheel themselves; they didn’t need to because their supreme domination over any other football game was unquestionable, and Konami developers found out that it was possible to rely on the winning formula of PES4 as a platform for the 5th and – spoiler alert – also the 6th iteration, merely tweaking the bits that needed tweaking, needing not to carry out any massive revolution. Off the pitch these three games aren’t much different; on the pitch though, otherwise small changes ended up recreating Pro Evo’s football as a totally different beast on each iteration, even if, for example, visually speaking, again, there isn’t much between them. All were bloody great football simulations, yet each had its own unique footballing character: PES4 provided a brand of frenetic yet deep representation of the sport, one able to attract not just the die-hard football fan but the casual player; PES5 on the other hand brought the game to a simulation-minded path with a representation of football that was gruesomely realistic and unapologetically physical – and not at all frenetic this time around. As we’ll find out, PES6 would carve out its own identity too, a testament to the artists’ unmatched vision; but whilst its immediate predecessors relied on their charismatic yet limited depictions of football, PES6 focused on making the game work as a whole even if it had to let go of the series’ footballing charisma to achieve that. This was Konami’s strategy for the farewell to an age that defined football gaming history. Could it work?
As we enter the game’s main menu, a couple of new features present themselves to the audience.
First, the International Challenge mode expands the experience of a regular International Cup mode played with National Teams beyond just the (unlicensed, of course) final tournament: on the International Challenge game mode, one has to take his selected nation through the continental qualifiers and then on an unofficial World Cup; on each matchday, we are asked to call up the group of players that will be disputing that fixture. Most notably, this feature is inspired on the wonderful experiences the World Cup and Euro games created by EA were providing by including for the first time ever not just the top footballing nations in the world, but also the other more obscure ones on each continent; from Andorra to Liechtenstein in Europe, Qatar to Thailand in Asia. All of these nations have real players, though all of them with the usual fake names, as well as well-crafted likenesses – obviously you won’t find any Andorran footballer with a preset face but you can tell the producing team cared about representing these with some accuracy…more than FIFA did anyway -; as for their footballing attributes, I’ve always suspected they’re realistic enough according to what these teams produce on the pitch, though you can’t really tell for sure because, and here’s the only disappointing fact about this very interesting feature, the player can’t play with these teams; they can only be played against. Basically they’re hidden teams which do not appear anywhere else in the game (not even on the game’s Edit mode) and will only be available on the environment of the International Challenge mode. Even after more than a decade since PES6 was released, this remains one of the most elusive issues for modders to fix; so don’t be surprised if you download a PES6 mod with all the bells and whistles yet when you play an IC save, the original hidden teams and their squads remain the same as the original game’s database provided.
The latter of these two new features is the Random Selection Match, a surprisingly attractive innovation that Pro Evo fans around the world did appreciate: so much so that despite being absent from the Pro Evo series after PES6, people kept metaphorically shouting in front of Konami’s headquarters, protesting for Random Selection Match to return to their beloved football game, smashing windows and all that. One decade later and they were finally heard, as PES2018 reintroduced that feature.
In PES6, this mode clearly looks like the evolution of the former All-Star match mode from the late PSOne, early PS2 PES days; whereas that previous mode allowed one to play a game between two teams comprised of the best footballers of both Europe and the Rest of the World, on the Random Selection Match (RSM) there will always be a clash between PES and WE Athletic, yet instead of having to utilize the default All-Star rosters, the game comes up with a randomized selection of footballers from a certain, chosen region of the globe, or from the league you want. Plus, regardless of the group of players selected, you can then tweak both teams as much as you want as well. It’s Serie A vs. English League; Eredivisie vs. Rest of the World, Ligue 1 vs. Africa: it’s whatever you desire. At the time I was astonished to find that this game mode was able to accomplish the unthinkable, which is snatching my attention away from the Master League. I vividly remember how great of a tool the RSM also was when it comes to discovering talent from all around the world, sometimes acquiring those players for my Master League save later on. Sadly, Konami gave up on this very popular feature – the millionth reason that helps explain the series’ decline…? – which only makes PES6 as a retro-PES game all the more uniquely valuable.
PES6 is regretfully a memorable game for the wrong reasons when it comes to a particularity of its database, one that caused a lot of stir back in 2007: the otherwise fake-named Bundesliga from PES4 and PES5 was removed from this PES iteration, even if despite the real player names, the team nomenclatures, crests and kits were all ‘Konamized’; from the Isars to the Westfalens. However, a full fake league comprised of teams (Team A, B, C, etc.) and players (Player001, 002, etc.) whose sole purpose is to serve as cannon fodder for some editing replaced the ‘German League’, curiously containing the exact same eighteen clubs pertaining to the Bundesliga, encouraging the ever-active Pro Evo editing community of the 2000s to get to work and recreate through amateur hands what the professionals were prevented from doing. And so they did…spectacularly. More on that later on…
On the other hand, the Ligue 1 appears fully licensed for the first time ever on a Pro Evo iteration, as well as many National Teams and clubs from the ‘Other Clubs’ section. Konami was taking its first steps on providing a more official-looking simulation, given they had pretty much nailed the actual football played on the pitch. Over the years, this tendency evolved into an obsession that took its toll on the otherwise brilliant football simulation Konami provided, awkwardly so as the licensing part was never a part of Pro Evo’s identity and this series itself was the living proof that such a thing was merely secondary if one’s game provided an interesting, realistic depiction of the sport anyway.
Read the rest of this article here.
submitted by micaac to WEPES

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