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[Table] IAmA: I wrote trojans and made money out of it. AMA

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Date: 2012-12-14
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
What language? (C++ I'm assuming?) Which specific exploits did you most commonly use? Was it just adware? Any logging or other functionality? Lastly, how much did you charge per trojan and how much total did you make? Thanks for doing an AMA! I worked with BASIC, however most of the information was shared trough C/Delphi Sources at the time so I translated lot of that for my language.
Ha ha ha my sides. I can safely say you're a skid(or were), just another copy and paste coder like the guys you see on hackforums. So what? I fully understood what happened in the sources. Anybody used the current methods I just wasn't the first one who discovered them. Do you think "real hackers" have to start with notepad and compiler, never look at any papers or sources and just figure out everything from scratch?
Perhaps you mean visual basic? I'm afraid you'll laugh at me if I tell you which Basic I used. But it didn't really matter, i was comfortable with it. I had pointestructs and most of the commands were done in pure Windows API anyway so it basically came down to the same thing as in C just with a differenct syntax.
Do all porn sites have somesort of malware,virus, etc? Besides that, Kaspersky was always the most feared AV in the scene back then. I don't know about porn sites but I would say it's likely to find malware there.
That's interesting that you mention Kapersky. Whih leads me to ask: we're there any stereotypes of the different anti viruses? Like we're some better than others at finding different threats? Kaspersky always had a pretty good heuristic detection.
Did it ever give you a boner? I jizzed all over my keyboard on a regular basis.
What was the best Trojan virus you made? What sort of features/tasks would it carry out? And lastly, what were the trojans mainly used fowhy did people want them? I made two that were quite popular. One was feature-rich but kind of bloated, the other one had just really basic features (remote commandline - from which you could also do almost anything, but not as user friendly) which had focus on light-weight, stability and better methods of going trough firewalls/autostart/staying undetected - the .exe file that you gave the victim was maybe 12kb unpacked.
Filemanager incl. up/download.
Remote Desktop.
Process manager.
Window manager.
"Fun options": open/close cd-tray, blink lights on the keyboard etc.
Shutdown/reboot pc.
Basically give you as much control as possible.
I don't know what people did with them, some maybe just wanted to play script kiddie others would maybe use it for serious illegal activities.
So... Where can one find something like this? Not really looking into illegal activities, but the fun-options sure sounds fun to use when on skype with friends, just hearing them one after one freak out because their CD-tray is going nuts... They barely have "fun options" anymore. It was more around 2003-2004 in the Optix/Sub7 era when they even used leetspeak in the tools. Most of the tools from back than are outdated now mainly because they use the direct-connection method which doesn't work anymore because everybody uses routers.
How much money did you make roughly and what risks were involved? Was it difficult to receive the money and was there any risks of it being tracked? also proof please. Not much - maybe 300$. I wasn't steling credit card numbers or something like that i barley used them by myself I just wrote them because it fascinated me. I made undetected versions of my trojan for a couple guys that requested it for around 50$ each, I didn't advertise it or anything. I don't think it was very risky, i received the money over internet and they got the files. I can search my old HD for sourcecodes if more people demand proof, but I'm not home before maybe 12 hours, till then take my knowledge as proof.
How much code do you have to change to make it undetectable again after scanners are updated to find it? Depends where the offsets were that the av used to identify my exe. Usually it was not that much, AV companies wanted to prevent false alarms of course.
Even if they were one-off custom made trojans? As in, if you buy it you know no one else will have access to it and therefore the risk of backdoors closing because they are discovered is reduced. Of course there are customs made trojans like Stuxnet, but these are made by governments and are far more complex.
But for the casual user there is no real purpose in completely custom made trojans since the features are almost the same (Filemanager etc.) and only the file you give to the victim has to be undetected. For advanced stuff like Stuxnet (using unknown exploits, specialized for a unique computer systems etc.) there is a market, I'm sure, but I have to admit I would have not been able to code such stuff.
Well I guess the other guy was a big fat phony then. I don't know, maybe there are some stupid rich kids out there willing to pay that much. It highly depends on the software.
I am paranoid that a virus can hack my webcam and watch me fap, it that a possibility? Yes it is.
What are some signs that a perv is watching me through my webcam? Finding yourself on youporn.
Can you teach me how to do this? Learn basic stuff (manipulating files, registry, ...)
Learn network programming.
Do you currently work for an anti-virus company, or the DOD, or something fun like that? Or did your programming skills go elsewhere? Short story: started playing video games. wanted to be a video game programmer. made video games. was fascinated by trojans. tried application programming. made trojans. studied IT. got a casual IT/Programmer job. Lost obsession with computers. Don't do any programming in my freetime anymore. feelsbadman.jpeg.
How much harder is it now? I don't really know since I lost interesst but it's kind of crazy to see what was possible on XP. For example it was possible to start another .exe File directly from the RAM without it even touching the HD (using undocumented WinAPI functions). That means an AV was not able to detect the executed file since it never even was an actual file. I remember running that code on Vista and getting a bluescreen.
Which undocumented WinAPI function is that? I would have to dig out the code and look at it, something starting with "zUnMap.." I guess. However, the real magic was not done with these. The concept was basically to load an existing 32 bit exe-file (for example mspaint.exe) in a suspended state into the ram (you can do this with CreateProcessEx) and then it was overwritten by your file (in the RAM using WriteProcessMemory). Then the entrypoint and various other stuff had to be set correctly and finally the process was resumed.
How exactly did you overwrite a file in the ram? Did you do it by using pointer offsets? If i find the source ill send it to you via pm. its been a couple of years.
Is there a difference between a hacker and a programmer, aside from their intentions? Is it the same skill set, just different applications of said skills? I don't consider myself a hacker. You could call the people who used my trojans as hackers since they broke into other computer systems, but there was not much skill required. When I think of a hacker I think of people using unknown exploits and more advanced stuff to get into a remote system.
Did you ever (then or now) feel bad for what you did? I make it sound like he/she murdered someone, but I chose this phrasing, and I'm sticking with it. Not really.
How did you sell them? People contacted me via email, i made an undetected version, received money, sent files. that's it.
How did people find out about you? I posted my creations on related internet forums that existed back then (mostly "chasenet")
Are these forums still active? Swerat is I guess but its all swedish so I wasnt there around very much.
Why did you do it? Was it a random interest or someone told you about it ? Random interest.
Why did you pursue this career? Was it easy to find a job? Also could you write viruses for linux or mac computers? It wasn't a career, it was a hobby. No, just Windows.
From a few things you have said, it sounds like you mostly wrote trojans that gave people more or less equivalent functionality to having admin access to a PC running a remote desktop-type program. Is this true? As you said, keylogger.
Your trojans had buddy processes, that is, if one process got shut down the buddy process would restart it? Yes. I injected code in the explorer.exe that would watch out for my trojan (which was running inside the browser), on the other side the trojan had code running that would watch out for the code in explorer.exe. If anything was shutdown/deleted the other process would start/rewrite it immediately.
Did you gain anything out of it besides the money? Like are you a programmer right now? I am a programmer now, but not beacause of this. However, I learned pretty much out of it, mostly how windows and av-software works under the surface.
Made money making them or using them? Selling undetected versions.
1) Virus/Trojan author. 2) Weatherman. Where do you live? *edit: when I say 'get in a fight with' I mean 'beat the fuck out of'. Come at me bro!
My questions a bit more personal to you; why? Why did you write Trojans? Do you ever feel guilt or anything? I fortunately have manged to avoid most Trojans but I know people who have had their machines fucked over by them so I dont know why you would own up to this sort of behaviour? Thanks for your time I answered that already. Listen up people, the big difference is: A virus fucks up your computer, its the programmers fault. Behind a trojan sits a human who controlls it and its most likely not the programmer!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't he be able to pack that with useless information to make it seem like a legit .exe? For most of us, a 12kb .exe is hella suspicious, but if it's 300mb not so. You can add as much random bytes as you want on the end of an exe file and it will still work. get a hex editor and try it out.
There's a relatively new exploit going around, in which the trojan straight up encrypts your drive and then gives you a message telling you where you can deposit $500 to get your files back. Pretty wretched shit. Thoughts? Did you never think to do anything directly to users with your trojans? Thats not a trojan it's a virus.
How complicated and what languages are government designed trojans? Like Stuxnet, how much talent went into that? And could trojans have a failsafe so that they don't infect your own stuff? Are there like digitial fingerprints to say, look this came from the USA. Check out the wiki site for stuxnet it should give you a pretty good idea of how much work went into it. No problems with self infection since you have the control tool too. No fingerprints but you can check the ip the trojan is connecting to.
Thanks, but I thought I read reports that Stuxnet infected banks as well? Was that all bunk? Possible. I don't know i haven't written stuxnet.
What could your "customers" use your programs for? Stealing personal information, spam (advertising ie popups,) supercomputing power? Stealing information yes, It had a filemanager, a keylogger, a screencapture and even a webcam viewer - that's all you need. No built-in features for sending spam or advertise.
How do you feel about the ethics side of your hobby? I don't do it anymore, back then I gave a shit. Think of me as you like but If I'm interrested in something I just do it.
I don't really think of you in any way, I'm just curious. Do you have a set of values you operate by in every day life, or do you generally just go with what feels good at the time? Im just a regular guy, no villain. I was interested in security and it was kind of cool to trick out big AV companies, pretty childish i guess but I was teenager.
Do you think AV companies really care about security for home computers? Sure.
Great IAmA dude! Really interesting! My question is what was your main learning tool? Was it just school? No i made that way before I learned programming in school. I started with game programming and learnd it from the internet, some from books.
Did you hack for private people too? -Did you leave the whole "controls" to your customer, or did you get the data for him? -What was the most interesing stuff you found? -How old where you? I just made the tools, didn't use them myself too much. 16-18.
Are you interested in teaching a computer science student some things? I'm thinking about going into computer security and find the topic very interesting. My knowledge is kind of outdated but you can of course ask me.
Any experience with macs? Nope.
A-Priori does have a good point. I realize you're not "in the game" as it were anymore but is there any danger of a Trojan running under the Chrome.exe process type? Basically code can be injected into any process, they just use browsers because they are in almost any case allowed by the firewall (who blocks his standard browser?)
How did you test your code? No problem with testing a trojan, since it does no harm by itself. It does what the client says him to do, even un-infect.
Ever use net devil? That was hands-down the best trojan back in the day... Best trojan in my experience was Bifrost. Really stable and well made, it even had a built-in rootkit.
Was optix from evil eye software? I think I know which trojan that is... it was a good trojan but kind of bloated from what I remember. Yeah that was evil eye software. For it's time it was pretty good.
Well you where interested in security and got money for your hobby. What could be better? why have you stoped and earned so little money? 300/50= 6 copies sold. Luck of customers? Did not wanted to update and continue? Can you name top 3 av that was most recently updated to detect your software? I just lost interest when i got older. It was never my intention to make money out of it I did it just for fun. Avira is pretty fast with updates and it's free, I use it.
Is it even illegal to create trojans assuming you don't use them yourself? I don't know, sorry.
Have you ever considered joining Anonymous/lolzsec? No, they didn't exist in that form when i made that stuff.
If you are comfortable answering this, who employed you? Nobody.
What do you do now? Work in IT and sell weed from time to time? LOL! You're not the McDonald's type that's for sure. Replace "sell" with "smoke" and you got it.
Can you spy a webcam without the light turns on? No since this is a hardware feature of the webcam. Also, usually just one applicaton can use the webcam at a time, but i heard of methods to bypass this.
I've heard that big brand anti-virus companies pay to such viruses and trojans made and circulated. Have you ever had such offer? No i haven't.
As someone who is interested in this materia. How did you teach yourself? Any useful resources here on the internet? Yeah, I learned everything off the internet.
FUUUCKKK YOUUU. Here, have an upvote.
Chrome opens a new process for each tab. True! Nothing to be concerned about.
What's it like being a piece of trash? Stinky.
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Keylogger in HP / Conexant HD Audio Audio Driver

A swiss security auditing company discovered a keylogger in HPs audio driver.
Blog post:
Security Advisory incl. model and OS list:
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