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Partial list of things to watch out for in future shooters (mixed unsorted dump of overwatch (and other?) optimizations ) - re-read 4 updates later

NOV 2019 update:
3 x 38.85 was my potg sensitivity
no crosshair at all (all parameters set to 0 (a few will be 1 or 2 because that's their minimum))
148 fps cap at 144hz
rb on
1600x900 144hz
monitor green dot xhair
and even alt tabbed
after selecting widowmaker in hero selection in quickplay (aka exactly when you should NOT do it)
so there's that
and firefox doing nothing (no videos or complicated webpages) too in background

the crosshairs screwed me up more than any other setting really

because of the performance, not the visibility

This will NOT be formatted nor explained nicely (neither now nor in the future). Technical knowledge may be required (or previous reads of the other posts).

possibility of interpolation (not rotating in uniform(constant) steps for each mouse count (in ow, cs go is fine)

Vert and usually green stock skins are superior
vert>Huntress > Comtesse > Winter > Classic because:
Huntress > comtesse
winter > classic
Huntress > winter
Comtesse > winter
patina > nova
winter > nova
░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓ ►oppacities in general can have weird behaviour: example- crosshairs off yellow 2 3 0 95 65 2 0 ON. If you replace 65 with 50 it will be more responssive. However 60 will be less responssive than 65. It is valid for settings such as those in gameplay tab as well. ░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓ ◄►black > yellow > the rest (most confirmed) in terms of color of crosshairs (performance wise) ░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓░░▓ ►►In general the smaller the size of the crosshair (and the shorter they are, thinner) will result in superior performance. However some values still can behave weirdly (especially when matching odd value sizes with odd value spacings).
►► (to be confirmed on multiple resolutions ) I have noticed that for type Crosshairs if you need to use Spacing you will find 6 feels better than 5 which is better than 4, and sub 4 keeps getting worse
►Overlaying dots with crosshairs or circles in order to make edge thicker (or any reason) can be optimised only with certain combinations of transparencies (not just the values themselves but i believe the combination matters too)
◄►Stock enemy and friend outlines from COLOR BLIND in VIDEO menu are the most responsive.
I think it can be summed up for satisfactory results with the following conclussion: testing every single value in steps of 0.01 is a very valid approach, just be aware that the behavior will change significantly when altering between the consecutive pairs of values provided in the tables (1.66 and 1.67, 2.49 and 2.50 etc). And remember the sniper sensitivity (actual sensitivity when zoomed in) is not visible, you have to calculate it (sens x scope : 100). Add or remove 0.83 from your actual sensitivies (normal for mccree, do the :100 thing for snipers) if you think your aim needs a significant improvement in delay or responsiveness.
Otherwise changes between 0.01 to 0.40 from the values in the tables can be used instead to control if your "aim aid" kicks in either at large swipes (already provided in table) or at short mouse movements as well (examples are 2.70 or 2.20 (notice one is above 2.50, the other under 2.49), or 4.90 (under 4.99) and 5.10 (above 5).
There is no quick solution, only testing for several hours of 30-60 seconds per sensitivity until you find one that effortlessly allows you to aim.
By comparing Original to Huntress (possibly winter works too) in training room you can determine if your sensitivity performs correctly. I randomly told a friend to confirm that Huntress > Classic (superior). He said he got opposite results. I told him to lower his sensitivity by 0.40 (his scope was 70 but doesnt matter much). He now GOT CORRECT RESULTS. P.S. The original value was a positive medium interpolation one - new value was a negative but low interpolation sensitivity (aka what sens x scope resulted).
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/611083455358435408/620009782958489620/unknown.png (interpolation is mandatory due to delays present in the system (from click latency to monitor delay). However current implementation does not allow high sens low dpi users to play properly (only low sens high dpi and low sens low dpi). No system can significantly remove the problem, therefore the new design of sensitivity control becomes obviously needed.)
add a secondary administrator user to your system - see how it feels compared to your main one. It can also be used as a reference for comparisons/benchmarking your own modifications. Be sure to have a single user logged in at a time (local users not online)(use sign out).
testing fps caps during the same round is useful but until the match (and map) ends the difference does not fully "apply"
i tested why 2.14 x 41.39 is superior to both .40 and .38. It turns out .39 has the most reliable pattern
all of the 3 have a generic pattern of 16 15 16 15 16 15 (every 15 counts it interpolates)
all 3 also periodically have a pattern of 16 16 15
funnily enough, .39 has that pattern appearing the least between all 3, which is unintuitive
probably showcases the game's limitations/rounding errors
I assume I have managed to find the actual level at which they occur
(not fully confirmed) mccree i think his green normal skin is the best (it's not the fourth skin)
NFC similar for pharah but her best is thunderbird probably
tested pharah green, white(4th rare skin), ASP and thunderbird
for soldier I think his white one was pretty close but the green was still better...?
gotta hide both fps and system clock (ctrl shift R) on current OW version (halloween 2019 performance UI update) for improved aim
using entry level SSDs and having to wait hours until it finishes its internal work so you don't get weird artifacts while running programs only gives me better reason to not recommend anything below the likes of 860 evo (aka ssd has ram for caching). This was after a download of multiple gigabytes that is (overwatch update specifically)
High Precision Mouse Input - Gameplay tab - Set it to ON (at least I liked it that way, mouse feels more connected to you)
as per easy's recent confirmation, it is sometimes better to try out seemingly unintuitive settings. The most recent example would be him finding out he likes higher dpi on his new lighter mouse instead of lower dpi.
OW can do 400+fps with displaybased if you have actual 400+hz
credit https://forums.blurbusters.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4926
(by the way the website can be quite good for color calibration)
you should see the background pattern
=0=0=0=0=0 0=0=0=
for the same fps caps lower resolutions feel clearly nicer
1920x1080 vs 1600x900
and this was on 50% render scale
display scaling, forced override, no scaling
also halfway confirmed: for 1024x768 16:9 sucks vs 16:10 (but for the likes of 1920x1080 the contrary is true)
poor kid with 8 year old pc was owning us (but he had RTT 25-27 (mine was 63+ in the lobby with him)) (trying his sensitivity didnt help either))
yes some skins can feel like a tradeoff (some have better smoothness, other better responsiveness, others BOTH)
interpolation still a thing (November 2019)
I think for the general public the interpolation discovery can be simplified to the following utility:
if you are in the proximity of and switching between the following pairs of values: 0.8322 0.8323, 1.66 1.67, 2.49 2.50 etc
(and if in sniper scope, calculate Sens X Sniper Sens : 100 and look for THAT value in the list as you compare your tested sensitivities)
you just need to understand that a significant change in your aim will occur
when near the values, if you go from one to the other in the pair = boom, big change
as for the subtle use of them (when looking at values near different pairs (0.83 vs 1.66 or 1.66 vs 7.49) - higher sens = can be more reliable (but you get higher angle skipping). Lower sens = less reliable (but less angle skipping).
also higher sens = can be better for more responssive systems
lower sens = better for delayed systems (like 500hz polling rate or using TVs for monitors (or 2$ mice) or high click latency etc etc etc (or bad monitors (some 240hz can be and are more delayed than good 144hz even if they look sharper and smoother))

Things to test:

is patina>winter for widowmaker (like huntress> comtesse or huntress>classic) or the other way around (or is it a tradeoff)?
is ASP pharah skin (far) more responssive than raindancer
(ASP is the cleopatra kinda with a snake cobra gun)
how is huntress vs odette or vs odille (the green/black crow skin was the best i think) - definitely better or a tradeoff
(this should be enough for now - these can be felt in training room in turns of 30-60 seconds (you test one skin for that long, swap to the next for testing for the same amount of time, then swap back to the first one). Just keep going back and forth)

using yellow crosshair color as reference
(aka you can fall back to it to know what is better and what not)
how are red, teal and light green between one another
in terms of pure responsiveness, not visibility
these can be tested in widow lobbies too, you try one for 30 seconds, then switch to next color, then back to original - beware if someone leaves or joins the testing will have to be redone, that's why trying to get a good idea within 30-60 seconds is important (or you just keep repeating it until you are certain)
3 comparisons:
red and teal
teal and light green
light green and red
226 fps 5.01 sens 75 hz seems hilariously good in training room (there could be better values though), everything performance related off in gameplay tab (especially sliders at minimum), crosshairs yellow 1 3 0 95 20 2 0 ON. recoil compensation off. (mccree tested)
I think the VIGILANTE Mccree (yellow) skin gives you aimbot
more than american or the black version of vigilante or 2nd skin above vigilante (the brown and blue one)
(of course tested with low positive interpolation) - check other posts
(should still be true if interp is low enough)
on > off > on > off and finally on - for reduced buffering. To test if this is a useful temporary fix or not (or if it helps when doing stuff like changing fps caps). I have no idea if the enter button has to be clicked or pressed on the keyboard each time (different effects last I recall).
deleting the brightness contrast gamma entries in the settings ini file for responsiveness
increasing brightness and or gamma in game and or gpu control panel gives lower input lag due to improved pixel response times (or lower the brightness..?????????)

Mini Edit: It is now (as of a few patches ago) possible to use sensitivities under 1 on mccree and other non-snipers. Particularly under 0.83 (or something, read the tables below) will aid people with shaky hands or unstable aim (for any reason) since it employs "percentage-based ignoring of mouse movement input" (particular to the 0-0.83 (aproximate) sensitivity range).

submitted by KGTC to GamingOptimisations

Roadmap, Objectives that must be prioritized

Here is a list which shows explicitly the real potential of H1Z1, but it's a small list compared to what this game could have as ambitions, and that it could reach. H1Z1 and his passionate community both have a huge opportunity to come back very strongly.
Imagine, in a fantastic universe, that we would go back to solid and essential foundations. Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that you would be guaranteed a complete, visible roadmap of absolutely everything that is on the way. Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that the game would be not as much hated by so many people, very upset and angry about the fact that the game isn't what it used to be. Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that we would take again this road... this right direction who has been sadly destroyed.
Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that we would continue what began... Now, it's official. We're going to take again the road to success.


  • It's really necessary to mobilize, align and coordinate efforts of everybody. Time must be profitable to the maximum. We need a complete, visible and transparent roadmap, but also a test server clearly more exploited with surveys, better ways to communicate, etc... In a roadmap, there are content additions gradually over time, there are several phases on it, for example:
    • First objective is mainly to bring back PS3. As the revert progresses, it would be great to let us test at the same time. Then we could give feedback on test server about every adjustments needed until find perfect solutions


Weapons & Movements, mechanics:

  • For weapons:
    • Compared to currently, bullet speed must be decreased and bullet drop increased with a logical, proportional bullet trajectory according to the distance: Here are flagrant comparisons about bullet speed. Currently, there is no more pleasure, no more sensations to make a 2 taps on a (very) long range. We must bring back this mechanic of lead its shots depending to player's distance, bullet speed and drop
    • Bring back old full horizontal AR. That would permit really more sprayability than currently. It's why his efficiency must be adjusted in terms of continuous rate of fire, especially with anti-spray penalty: In addition to have reasonably more spray capacity than currently, while erasing idiot, excessive continuous sprays with anti-spray penalty, we would have a smoother recoil. Anti-spray must be active when rate of fire limit exceeded, so anti-spray must intervene against continuous abusive uses. During it, AR recoil need to kick horizontally and not vertically. Spray can't be overpowered because of bullet speed decreased, bullet drop increased and of the anti-spray penalty. In summary, that would permit more liberty, possibilies, diversity in the meta with better feelings, accessibility, pleasure. So this would at the same time reasonably facilitates to learn recoil, right rate of fire, while establishing a real skill gap by mastering things already said with bullet drop and speed, movements, aiming accuracy, leading your aim, etc...
    • Bring back old AK-47 and erase the possibility to switch between semi and full automatic: AK-47 must not allow two different shooting modes. There must be real choices of weapons when you're looting
    • Keep current shotgun. Bring back old first person shotgun, its old recoil and improve damage consistency
    • Remove hellfire: Here are some explicit reasons and here is a flagrant example of its eccentric and disproportionate power compared to what H1Z1 must be
    • Remove grenade slot: This slot has an immense influence on players build. Everything is centered around the same style of meta, there is no other choices than 2 AR or 2 AK + 1 Shotgun +1 Grenade. It was a huge mistake to add it, it must be removed
    • Bring back all the old weapons sounds: Old AR sounds, old AK sounds, old Shotgun sounds
    • Have the possibility in skins menu to choose between old and current weapons models
    • Decrease drastically damages when helmet breaks. We must hit, as before, 1 helmet + 4 bodyshots to kill: Basically, helmet is a protection. Lose 35 HP when it breaks is really far too much
    • Bring back old bleeding system
    • Make blood splatters more pronounced
  • For mechanics and movements:
    • Increase significantly movements efficiency:
      • Movements efficiency need to be significantly increased. If you did an impressive, unsual performance, you must be rewarded. It's why we must have real movements mechanics that permit us for example to dodge bullets, clutch difficult situations, etc... We must add real interests to use movements, add more impact when we use them during a fight, and be more confident about their capacities
      • We must running faster and have stronger, smoother movements in general
      • It's not normal in any case to be embarrassed, blocked by demesurated movement restrictions, especially when we're looting, or shooting, or trying to outplay somebody who is codrusing, or trying to defend himself on open fields, etc... Anti-ENAS intervention need to be a thing against continuous and abusive ENAS, but its movements restriction must be decreased
    • Erase time to ADs and slightly increase hipfire accuracy: If you're on a close range fight against someone with a shotgun, or in a 1v2, or in an open field against someone behind a car, etc... with AR-15 or AK-47, you need to be helped. This is why erasing time to ADs and slightly increasing hipfire accuracy are both primordial. If you win these types of fights on these conditions, you need to be rewarded because of your performance. It's simply a question of merit and logic
    • Bring back seat swap, but more balanced compared to before: For example by setting a maximum number of seat swaps every 10 seconds, etc...
    • Bring back old animation

Spawn system & Loot distribution:

  • Bring back old RNG spawn system: RNG spawn system is an essential core mechanic, who only need to be improved and not removed. Here are clear explanations
  • Improve loot distribution




Way to progress for all types of players (especially news or casual):

  • Remove Combat Zone game, and instead of it:
    • Add a delimited space in all lobby for train its aim until the game starts:
      • It's something essential for keeping the envy to play and maintain a regular rhythm. In this delimited space, we would be able to choose which weapon to use, with unlimited ammo, and shoot on inoffensive human targets with infinite HP. At least one target would be needed for each distance (5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 75, 100, 150 meters). Some of them would be static (not moving), and others dynamics (moving). Every players don't receive any damages. So those who want to chill in lobby can, and those who want to train their aim can
    • Add a way to create/join a private game for train its aim like on CS:GO:
      • That would be like what has been explained and described just above, but on a private game alone in it
    • We must have a real contrast, difference between important, decisive games and unranked, pratice games. We could give feedback on Test Server about adjustments needed on playability, agreeability, overall effectiveness, etc... until find perfect solutions:
      • Add unranked games: Only unranked games would have a SBMM (Skill-based Matchmaking) system and automatic tips messages for giving to new, casual players all their chances on their side to learn and progress. Both gathered would create by themselves an in-game tutorial (have the possibility to disable tips messages in settings). SBMM system would be based on factors, one of them would be for example level limitations (for example from lvl 1 to 5, from lvl 6 to 10, from lvl 11 to 15, ...). There would be Combat Zone map with 50 players lobby, Z1 and EARLY Z2 maps with 175 players lobby. Player would have the possibility to choose between a first choice, Combat Zone map, and a second choice, Z1/EARLY Z2. Only the second choice, Z1 and EARLY Z2 would be in rotation. In any case, there are solutions for avoiding too long lobby. First choice has only a 50 player lobby and second choice is in rotation, with a lobby having a time limit of 1 or 2 minutes to launch the game. So if player would choose the first choice, he would be sure to have it. But if he would choose the second choice, rotation system would decide itself on which map the player would play between Z1 and early Z2
      • For ranked games: Lock access to players below lvl 15. Disable SBMM system, automatic tips messages. There would be Z1 and EARLY Z2 maps in rotation
  • Add custom crosshair: Here would be for current UI/HUD, and here would be for old environment. Any type of player, especially new or casual, need to feel comfortable, to be certain to exploit all their capacities and have a great, enjoyable time

Motivating reasons to play & Skins:

  • Give real interests to grind levels. Add a prestige system with exclusive rewards: Here are pictures of different prestiges. Here and here are the exclusive rewards. When you would reach lvl 100, you would win automatically a special hoodie « H1Z1 King of the Grind ». You would be able to choose only one reward every time that you reach one new prestige. Prestige system would start from level 100 until lvl 220, so each prestiges are separated by 10 levels. You would be prestige 1 at level 110, prestige 5 at level 150, prestige 12 at level 220
  • Give real interests to grind leaderboards: Create a new rank called « Slayer » only for players above Royalty rank limit. Add end-saison events, with special and huge prices, for those who would be ranked Slayer at the end of season. Make one Showdown at each end of season. Give more rewards at the end of each seasons, for example special skins, emotes, loading screens, xp boosts, skull boosts, etc...
  • Create a new and better skin economic system:
    • Add a battle pass: Here are explanations about how this battle pass system might work. There are currently in-game scary messages transmitting a feeling of last hope, fear, apocalypse and infection. This environment is aggravated by scary, aggressive clowns and snowman head. This atmosphere could easily create a hype with teases on Twitter about a blass pass. There are a lot of creative possibilities: parachutes, cars, emotes, outfits, weapons, loading screens, etc... For example, there are animated weapons with particles additions now on Zodiac and Apocalypse creates
    • Instead of releasing 2 or 3 new skins per week: Update skull store more frequently. Here are a lot of insane skins made by very talented players. Help you of this source of creation from players for skull store. Create a new generation of crates with different weapons visual appearances (unique animated designs, particles, etc...) for each category (legendary, ultra rare, rare, common and uncommon) so that would give more value to old and news skins
  • Improve current skull system, by giving even more the desire to continue playing:
    • Add public skull tournaments by paying with skulls. We could give feedback on Test Server about adjustments needed on playability, visibility, fluidity, beauty, etc... until find perfect solutions: We would be able to participate in public tournaments by paying with a certain number of skulls (set a minimum value, for example: 5000) and by setting a multiplier (set a minimum value, for example: 4), both would be determined by yourself. If you win a tournament, you would receive the amount of skulls that you had bet multiplied by the multiplier that you had set. Size of the multiplier would be proportional to the difficulty. This means that if you would set 1 or 2 as multiplier, nothing would change, everything would be as currently. If you set 3, you would play in a unique game mode called « Capture the Flag» who would BE ONLY AVAILABLE IN THESE PUBLIC SKULL TOURNAMENTS. Everything would be identical as currently, except that capture flags would earn to you points which would be added to the habitual final score. The one with the highest final score would win, would receive the amount of skulls multiplied by the multiplier, and also would earn one part of a complete outfit (one part of it would be given at each win)
    • Here is an example of how improved skull system might work. This new system would emphasize, give more importance to kill
  • Add character customization
  • Add more variety to skull quests, for example:
    • Explore Z1 map and find special items
    • Eliminate 5 players who are using a grenade
    • Eliminate 2 players in less than 8 seconds
    • Eliminate 10 players in Pleasant Valley
    • Heal you 5 times with First Aid Kit
    • Use coagulant 5 times
    • Drive 5 police cars

Lights, appearance, textures & Visibility, fluidity:

  • For visibility, textures and fluidity:
    • Significantly improve visibility and textures. Add moderate shadows around players: Let player exploit all their aim skills without having visibility difficulties
    • Optimize the game in general, especially in cities
  • For lights and appearance:
    • Give a better apocalyptic, survival appearance to cities and forests. If apocalyptic, survival environment would be improved, H1Z1 would ameliorate its identity. We would try on Test Server and give feedback about adjustments needed on playability, visibility, fluidity, beauty, etc... until find perfect solutions:
    • Remove lighting schemes rotation. Why deprive us of some things better than a simple lighting schemes rotation? In terms of immersion, pleasure, wonderful landscapes, less repetition, while keeping a great visibility for comfortable fights whatever the distance:
      • Bring back PS3 time of the day on Live Server and try on Test Server a new system: Time of the day would change continuously as the game progress. For example, we could try from 10 AM to 4 PM with a clear weather. Then, we could give feedback on Test Server about adjustments needed on playability, visibility, fluidity, beauty, etc... until find perfect solutions

Against Streamsnipers & Cheaters:

  • Against Streamsnipers:
    • When a player has been reported and banished for streamhack, obligate him to buy H1Z1 for 5€ to be able to play again
  • Against Cheaters:
    • Add a real anti-cheat
    • When a player has been reported (for teleporting, speed hacking, aimbotting, ghosting, etc...) and ban for cheat, obligate him to buy H1Z1 for 5€ to be able to play again
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u/-AkirA_ - Would love to have something like this! What do you guys think ?
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