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The fuel consumption achieved, and CO2 produced, in real world conditions will depend upon a. Biocides committee backs approval of two active substances used in disinfectants 13/10/2020. Quote #8 Ki{ll}eR$ 2020-07.

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Shiver me Timberline! A trip around Mount Hood

”Where’d ya go?”: Timberline Trail #600
”When did you hike it?”: 19/07/2020 - 21/07/2020
”How long was it?”: 41.4 miles; 10,341 feet of elevation gain.
”How was the weather?”: mid-to-upper 70s* during the day; mid-to-low 40s* overnight. Clouds here and there.
”You think you’re pretty light, huh?”: https://lighterpack.com/118ifv
”Any useful tips?”
  1. The river crossings were fairly easy to cross, even the notorious White River. Although, I did cross most of them in the morning, so they’re probably more difficult during the day. I also don’t mind getting my feet wet; that glacial water sure bites at your toes!
  2. Bugs were intermittent. I brought bug spray, but didn’t use it. I’d assume they’ll only get worse until they die off in the fall.
  3. You’ll find downed trees from time to time all along the trail. None difficult to get around or over.
  4. Snow was patchy, especially on Gnarl Ridge. But, nothing tough or treacherous. 98% of the trail is easy to navigate.
  5. On the topic of snow and navigation, there’s an area at the end of Gnarl Ridge (if you’re headed clockwise) that turned me around. At the last crossing, you’ll notice two separate footpaths. One leads up and over the ridge. It looks like it should be the trail, but it peters out towards a canyon. This is not the trail. The second footpath takes you down and around the ridge instead, remaining lower. In fact, before you cross, take a look to your left, and down a bit. You should spot a cairn. Cross the snow, and make your way towards it. You should then find the actual trail. Hug the rocks if you have to. You can trek the snow down, but be careful. Know your limitations. I found myself at the top of the ridge, scratching my head whilst checking my map wondering how the hell I wound up so far off trail. I had to do a bit of searching, but I found the actual route with the help of a friendly hiker.
”Get on with the report already!”
Day 1 (12 miles) // Day 1 Photos
I arrived at the Lodge around 3:00pm and wondered to myself if I’d find a parking spot had I arrived any later. What an attraction! I could only imagine how many people were on the trail. There were tons of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts alike wandering about. Parents taking their kids to the remaining snow patches to play in, visitors taking the ski lift for whatever reason, and fellow backpackers rounding up their gear, checking and double-checking their routes, looking as eager as I felt to get started.
I began on the PCT fresh, antsy, and full of energy, and kept those levels high all day. Mt. Jefferson tagged along with me to the south which was quite the sight, and the behemoth Mt. Hood loomed over me from the north, watching my every step. Zigzag Canyon was a fun endeavor as I passed flower after flower after flower until I reached a crossing. Be sure to stop for a photo or 10. I got a couple good ones of them and Hood near the end of that section.
The wildflowers are in full-bloom from the get go. Lupines, Paintbrush, and Beargrass to name a few. In fact, I’d never seen such an abundance of Avalanche Lillies in one spot in my entire life. The mountain is just covered in them.
I caught Ramona Falls towards the end of my day and enjoyed dinner there. I’d recommend stopping for a snack and a possible photo opportunity.
Full from a wonderful meal, I hiked on in search of a campsite. Being on the west side of the mountain, I caught a gorgeous, soft sunset. I continued into the night, when the sun had long been set, until I stumbled upon the smell of campfire. I knew I was close to a place to sleep. I found the fire to my right, so I looked left, and found a cozy nook to set up. I fell asleep almost immediately, and enjoyed a wonderful night’s rest.
Day 2 (19 miles) // Day 2 Photos
Boy, what a rollercoaster of a day. It started out awesome, and I had full intentions of finishing the trail that evening. Unfortunately, like most things in life, plans don’t always work out. But, I’ll get to that later.
I woke up around 5:00am, packed my bag, and headed off to the beginning of a long day. A crossing was first on the itinerary. And, after most crossings the trail tends to find itself leading up to clearings where I received expansive views of the rolling hills ahead, Hood behind me, and wildflowers tickling my ankles as I walked by.
I walked by an older man with his two beautiful, friendly golden retrievers. I could have taken them home with me given the chance! We said our hellos, wished each other a wonderful hike, and carried on; Hood watching our passing.
After said clearings, the trail will dive back into lush rainforests covered to the brim with wildflowers. Funny enough, I ran into the same older guy and his dogs (I guess there’s a trail that loops back to the Timberline? I don’t really know.) We stopped and chatted for about an hour or so. I really cherish these moments. The man was in his 60s, PNW-born, and shared a number of incredible stories with me about his younger years hiking the area. He’s hiked sections of the PCT when the Oregon section was dubbed the Oregon Skyline Trail, and the Washington section was called the Cascade Crest Trail. He’s bagged all the western state high points (minus Gannett Peak in WY and Granite Peak in MT). He summited Mt. Hood a number of times, and mentioned that people would gather at the bottom of the mountain, excited to ask him questions about his journey. He’d also hiked the Timberline in the ‘70s when all the crossings had bridges (they’ve since been washed away). He was even gracious enough to share a few spots that have me eager to visit sometime. I could have chatted with him all day. We wrapped up our conversation, said our goodbyes, wished each other well, and went our separate ways.
The trail here finally deviated from the PCT to its own path where it lead me to Elk Meadows and McNeil Point. This may have been my favorite section of the trail, albeit, I’m a sucker for alpine lakes and meadows. But, before I even reached either spot, there’s quite the grand scene. My favorite of the entire trail: St. Helens, Adams, and Rainier all staring back at me in all their majesty. I had to sit back and really soak in the moment (and my feet). I even had the opportunity to shed some clothing and rinse off at a tame crossing. I felt rejuvenated!
There’s a burn area not too long after the meadows, which is where I met a duo who I’d been leap-frogging and chit-chatting with in passing. We hiked together until about a mile from Cloud Cap where they’d planned on camping for the night. We talked about our hiking experiences and aspirations. Come to find out, one of them went to school in my town, and we shared our memories of times spent in the same wilderness areas. What a way to connect.
Before we separated, we’d stopped at a waterfall to camel up and refill our empty water bottles. One of the guys kindly offered an electrolyte supplement called Nuun. I’m always down to try something new, so he gave me a tablet. For those unaware, it’s like Gatorade, can be found at REI, and tastes awful. Triberry my ass. That’s not even a flavor. Come on. Every sip provided a bitter bite, but I kept drinking it, because nothing beats crisp glacial water on a blistering summer day.
We reached the point where it was time to go our separate ways, wished each other a fun trip, and I carried on.
Gnarl Ridge was next, and it’s the very definition of exposed. Don’t forget your sun protection! There are some lingering snow patches to cross; none of which are difficult or treacherous. There is, however, a spot that turned me around. I mentioned it in the “tips” section (#5). Rainier remained at my side until I began my decent.
This is where my day went southbound. My stomach flipped upside down, and I felt incredibly nauseous. Giardia? Maybe. I didn’t know the symptoms, but it was a possibility. I wasn’t treating my water. I thought a little harder. The Nuun? Also a possibility, but I really wasn’t sure. My pace slowed to a crawl. I had to stop periodically, dry heaving, feeling very weak. It was only 5:00pm and I had to make the tough decision to call it early. I wouldn’t be finishing tonight like I’d planned. My appetite was shot. I didn’t even want to think of food. So, promptly, my energy levels plummeted, and I searched for camp. Once the final river of the day was crossed, I vomited into some bushes, and found another sweet nook to ball up in. Maybe sleeping it off would help.
Day 3 (10 miles) // Day 3 Photos
These were the most difficult 10 miles I’ve ever hiked. I woke up at 5:30am still weak. I sloppily threw all my belongings into my bag, threw up again, and staggered onward. I just wanted to get back to the Lodge. I had to stop every 5-10 minutes to recoup. I hadn’t eaten since Gnarl Ridge, and I still couldn’t fathom the thought of it. Around every corner, I looked for bushes to puke into. Then, finally, I chucked the Nuun and experienced the most vile-tasting, bitter aftertaste. It was worse than when I downed it the day prior. Bitter-ass Triberry mixed with the taste of cold-soaked Skurka rice and beans wasn’t how I wanted to start my day.
On the bright side, my stomach was no longer upset, and I can confirm the Nuun was the culprit. However, I still didn’t want to eat, and had 3 miles to go. My tank was running on empty.
Crossing the White River with relative ease, given the circumstances, I caught my first glimpse of a familiar sight: Mt. Jefferson. I was close. Seeing that beautiful mountain provided me a second wind I so-desperately needed. I charged up the final uphill the best I could, stopping to replenish my energy periodically. Then, I saw it. The Lodge was in sight. I was gonna make it. I pushed that final mile and saw the same PCT sign I started at. I slapped that bad boy as hard as I could, threw my arms and trekking pole triumphantly above my head, and found my America the Beautiful card melting on my dashboard.
What a helluva trip!
”So, what gear worked?”
  1. Pa’lante Packs Simple Pack
I absolutely love this pack. It’s comfortable as hell and everything I need is in reach. I’ll never own another pack without a bottom pocket.. excuse me, snack pocket.
  1. ULenchilada Hot Enchilada 30 degree
ulenchilada, is that what you’re calling them, or..? Anywho, Ryan, a wonderful contributor to this community, built me this a couple years ago when I first attempted the AZT. It’s been on every trip since. It’s been at the top of Mt. Whitney. It’s been to the Sawtooths in Idaho. It’s kept me warm and cozy in the backcountry of Washington. It might have been a bit overkill on this trip (I did sleep well though!), but if you can’t tell, I absolutely fucking love this quilt. The quality is outstanding. The down loss is minimal. It’s lofty as hell. The stitching is fantastic. If you’re in the market for a new quilt, talk to him. I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you, Ryan, for building my favorite piece of gear.
  1. Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber 2-Section Flip-Lock Pole
It’s the new pair released earlier this year. I only carried one as I find it important to have one for steep downhills, gauging the depth of rivers, and setting up my shelter if need be. I really like this pole. It’s great for the price and weight. The lock stayed tight and I experienced no slippage. I recommend them. Although, I understand you can only find them on Amazon currently. And, let’s face it, does Jeff Bezos really need any more money?
  1. $20 clip-on sunglasses
I’ve worn glasses all my life and never considered them. Why? Beats me. But, I ran into someone wearing some on the Loowit Trail a couple weeks ago, and knew I had to get a pair myself. Not only are they highly functional and cheap, they are super stylish! I just need to find the pair that flip up now..
”Alright, great! What didn’t work?”
  1. Big Sky DreamSleeper UL
What a disaster. I really loved this pillow before it crapped out on me when I needed it most. The valve no longer seals shut. I used my puffy as a substitute. I hated it.
”Okay, given the same conditions, what would you leave behind next time?”
  1. Cumulus Primelite Pullover
I only used it as a pillow. It wasn’t cold enough to warrant wearing it.
  1. Gloves and beanie
Again, it wasn’t cold enough. Never used them once. I guess my Floridian tolerance for cold has gotten better since living in Washington for a handful of years?
”Let’s wrap it up!”
In conclusion, this was a trip I certainly won’t forget. Plenty of type-one and some type-two experiences. The people I met were wonderful, the trail itself provides with boundless beauty, and I’m looking forward to revisiting again someday. Maybe this fall? We’ll see. And, Nuun sucks.
Thanks for reading!
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Giant List of Academic Sources in Support of Socialism

Hello everybody. I recently compiled a list of academic sources for use in debates, and I decided that it might provoke some interesting discussion if I was to just post the entire list here, and see what you all make of it. Some you may have seen before, others I expect will be new to you. Either way, I hope we can have a productive discussion.
Quality of Life Under Socialism / Economic Performance of Socialism
"Communism is All About Dictatorship!"
  • American Historical Review | Victims of the Soviet Penal System in the Pre-War Years: A First Approach on the Basis of Archival Evidence
    • Study published in the most prestigious historical journal in America, which found that the total amount of gulag prisoners was far lower than previously estimated. Also states that "The frequent assertion that most of the camp prisoners were 'political' also seems not to be true." The study found that between 12% and 33% of camp prisoners were imprisoned for political offenses, with the rest convicted of legitimate crimes. This is corroborated by the following source as well.
  • CIA (Freedom of Information Act) | Report on Soviet Gulags
    • Report from the CIA which found some interesting things about the gulags, including that between 65% and 95% of prisoners (depending on the camp) were imprisoned for genuine crimes (such as theft, murder, rape, etc.) rather than political offenses.
  • Slavic Review (Cambridge University Press) | Fear and Belief in the USSR's "Great Terror": Response to Arrest, 1935-1939
    • An article refuting many common misconceptions about the so-called "Great Terror" under Stalin, demonstrating that the number of people arrested was much lower than commonly supposed. Also discusses the general support of the Soviet people for the socialist government, refuting the notion of a "captive population" put forth by many reactionaries.
  • Slavic Review (Cambridge University Press) | On Desk-Bound Parochialism, Commonsense Perspectives, and Lousy Evidence: A Response to Robert Conquest on the USSR
    • Robert W. Thurston, professor emeritus at Miami University (Ohio), thoroughly debunks the claims of Robert Conquest (and other reactionary historians) on the Stalin-period of the USSR, stating "Stalin, the press, and the Stakhanovite movement all regularly encouraged ordinary people to criticize those in authority." He points out that many arrests in the 1930's were actually late punishments for genuine offenses, such as serving in the White Army during the Civil War. Thuston also puts forth the question "If the citizenry was supposed to be terrorized and stop thinking, why encourage criticism and input from below on a large scale?" He also states that "my evidence suggests that widespread fear did not exist in the case at hand [the Soviet "Great Terror" period]".
  • Yale University Press | Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941
    • Investigates the extent of coercion and force in Stalin's USSR, concluding that "Stalin did not intend to terrorize the country and did not need to rule by fear. Memoirs and interviews with Soviet people indicate that many more believed in Stalin's quest to eliminate internal enemies than were frightened by it." The book also shows that "between 1934 and 1936 police and court practice relaxed significantly. Then a series of events, together with the tense international situation and memories of real enemy activity during the savage Russian Civil War, combined to push leaders and people into a hysterical hunt for perceived 'wreckers.' After late 1938, however, the police and courts became dramatically milder."
      • One of the books more interesting comments, specifically relating to Stalin: "There was never a long period of Stalinism without a serious foreign threat, major internal dislocation, or both, which makes identifying its true nature impossible." One of the more interesting statements from a bourgeois historian on Stalin, acknowledging that the repression of the Stalin period, far from being the casual whim of the man himself, emerged as a mass response to genuine threats.
"Communism Killed _____ Million People!"
"Capitalism Improves Quality of Life!"
  • The Guardian | Bill Gates Says Poverty Is Decreasing. He Couldn't Be More Wrong.
    • Professor Jason Hickel, from the London School of Economics, discusses what he calls the "coerced global proletarianisation" of people across the world, and debunks the common right-wing claim that global poverty is decreasing under capitalism. He cites Harvard economist Lant Pritchitt, who points out that the World Bank statistics on poverty reduction are torn to shreds when one adjusts the poverty line to a realistic standard for human life, and if one does this, then we see that global poverty is increasing, not decreasing, with well over half the global population living in poverty.
  • World Social and Economic Review | Incrementum ad Absurdum: Global Growth, Inequality, and Poverty Eradication in a Carbon-Constrained World
    • Study which found that it would take over 200 years at current rates to eradicate global poverty, assuming an unchanging rate of growth. Most importantly, states that "poverty eradication, even at $1.25-a-day, and especially at a poverty line which better reflects the satisfaction of basic needs, can be reconciled with global carbon constraints only by a major increase in the share of the poorest in global economic growth, far beyond what can realistically be achieved by existing instruments of development policy – that is, by effective measures to reduce global inequality." I.e. Capitalism cannot successfully solve the problem of global poverty.
  • BBC Health | Privatization in Post-Soviet States "Raised Death Rate", Says Lancet Medical Journal
    • A study from the Lancet (perhaps the most prestigious medical journal on Earth) found that "as many as one million working-age men died due to the economic shock of mass privatization policies." Some states got the worst of it, as the study notes "Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were worst affected, with a tripling of unemployment and a 42% increase in male death rates between 1991 and 1994."
  • New Economic School | Mortality and Life Expectancy in Post-Communist Countries
    • Study exploring the huge increase in mortality rates following the restoration of capitalism in Eastern Europe. This is contrasted with Cuba, which had an increase in life expectancy during this time, despite suffering an economic crisis due to the fall of the USSR. This indicates that the health crises were not simply linked to economic turmoil, but rather the restoration of capitalism.
  • The New York Times | Wealth Grows, But Health Care Withers in China
    • Article describing how market reforms in China caused the collapse of the socialist healthcare system, leading to massive health problems among the population.
  • World Health Organization (United Nations) | 6 in 10 People Continue to Lack Access to Safe Sanitation, 3 in 10 Lack Clean Drinking Water at Home
    • Report from the WHO finding that a majority of the world's population continues to lack safe sanitation, while around 30% have no safe drinking water at home. According to the World Bank, it would cost $150 billion to provide free sanitation and clean drinking water to every person on Earth. This is less than 60% of Apple's total revenue last year.
  • Wikisource | Memo PPS23 by George Kennan
    • An internal memo to the U.S. Secretary of State, discussing the post-WWII Marshall Plan, as well as general anti-communist strategy. The memo states that capitalist intervention in the third-world is necessary because communism "has a greater lure for such peoples, and probably greater reality, than anything we could oppose to it." Also contains one of the most blatant imperialist statements ever written: "In the face of this situation we would be better off to dispense now with a number of the concepts which have underlined our thinking with regard to the Far East. [..] We should cease to talk about vague and—for the Far East—unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts."
  • Economic Policy Institute | The Productivity-Pay Gap
    • Demonstrates how wages have failed to rise with productivity for decades, showing how exploitation of workers is growing as capitalism develops further.
"Capitalism is Democratic!"
Atrocities of Capitalism
"Ask Somebody Who Lived Under Communism!"
Studies consistently find that people in most ex-socialist countries feel that life was better under socialism than it is under capitalism:
Many people still remember life before socialism, and remain appreciative for its achievements:
P.S. Yes I know there were sources about Stalin and Mao, please don't call me a tankie.
submitted by flesh_eating_turtle to CapitalismVSocialism

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