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Cracked Cement Basement Floor. Resolve has just been a great experience in the editing, I had one crash and realised that auto save isn't on by default (weird decision) but apart from that it's been so much. The protagonist of the game is the only survivor from Vault 111, which was not far from Boston. Herman Hollerith started building the machines as early as.

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Custom Winners at War Intro: Insight into the Motivation and Creative Process

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/wbm4VHupCAU BTS Photo: https://imgur.com/a/CrIoaQ4
Heads-up! Long post. This is the effect of three weeks in quarantine. #StayAtHome
I understand that not everyone is interested in the Survivor intro, and some fans don’t mind its absence in recent seasons. That’s fair. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you fall under this category, feel free to scroll past this. As a caveat, I’m qualifying that this post is for those who clamor for that iconic intro every season (myself being one of them).
First off, I just want to say that this really started as a passion side project. Initially, I just wanted to edit custom intros for my own personal consumption; I figured it would be a good excuse to practice video production and editing. Plus, anything Survivor-related is a de-stressor for me, so this was something I did occasionally to take a break from the daily grind. But then the finale of Island of the Idols aired and, truth be told, I was still half-expecting them to release an official intro then (even if an earlier statement had been made that they wouldn’t). When they really didn’t, it felt like something was lacking from the Survivor experience as a fan/viewer. Not to take away from the amazing episodes that CBS produce, but the iconic intro is a part of Survivor’s DNA; not having it just feels like deviating from tradition, like there’s an integral part missing. Overall, we still love the show, of course, but it’s that trademark opening billboard every season that makes it a little extra awesome.
Like some of you, I’ve been watching Survivor religiously since season one, not missing a single episode. On this sub there are also enthusiastic new fans who only started watching the more recent seasons. Regardless, it’s a thriving and loyal fan base who only want to celebrate their favorite show in whatever way, shape, or form. On a personal note, quoting Sandra, “Survivor has been nothing but good to me.” Editing these custom intros is my way of paying homage to 20 amazing years of Survivor. Others have creative ways of expressing their love for the show (shout-out to u/Peridiam for his awesome weekly Survivor videos, and to u/BigWendy for her Rubik’s Cube collages), and deciding to publish these humble projects for the fan base is mine. Sharing them allows me to celebrate 40 stellar seasons of reality competition television with the larger Survivor community.
That said - and I know those who edited fan-made intros can attest to this - after weeding through tons of videos and sequences for my custom Winners at War intro, there’s a plethora of quality clips and shots. I’m fairly certain an official intro can be made and released using hours and hours of footage. But if for whatever reason an official one is not released, at least we have these fan-made intros that the community can enjoy.
I truly appreciate all the feedback I’ve been reading about my little passion projects. Ultimately, we all just love Survivor. To me, and a lot of you, this is the greatest show on television, whether an official intro is released or not (though it would be the cherry on top, especially for an epic all-winners season - I’m still holding out for a surprise online release, or for an official intro to be aired during the finale). Surely there are other fans out there who work in media and video production that can do a much better job than my little projects. But for now, this my humble tribute to my all-time favorite show, and I hope sharing this with all of you makes you more excited about this season and the future of this phenomenal franchise.
  • As stated in the YouTube video description, since it’s an epic all-winners season, my objectives were to edit an intro that would honor these 20 legends and pay homage to 20 amazing years of my favorite show. So I figured the best way to do this was to make it feel like a fusion of old school and new school intros (coincidentally, an apparent theme of the season thus far). Since the beginning of the HD seasons (Survivor: Gabon onwards), the intro usually featured two slow motion action shots of the castaway. Older seasons, on the other hand, normally showed one action shot then one photograph (a few, like Neleh of Survivor: Marquesas, were lucky to have two live action shots from this era). For my custom Winners at War intro, the challenge was to shoot video clips of their still photos and juxtapose them with two live action shots - all while making sure that everything was cohesive and not feel too rushed. Since Survivor intros rely heavily on tempo and cues in the theme music, I knew the audio had to be iconic as well.
  • Before Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains aired, I was expecting the theme music of that season to be a mash-up of Vanuatu to Samoa (the way Survivor: All-Stars was a mash-up of the first seven seasons). This didn’t happen, obviously, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to use a mix of those seasons’ theme music for my custom intro. There’s a sense of nostalgia in hearing these familiar sounds, and all the drums and other percussion instruments added more texture to it. It sounded beautifully chaotic, and I felt that this was aligned with the war theme of the season.
  • To be clear, this is a spoiler-free intro. The order in which I edited the winners was essentially random, but for full disclosure as well: (1) I knew I wanted Sandra, Rob, and Parvati in the beginning and at the end, since they’re legendary players and are my all-time favorites (that said, none of them were my pre-season picks to win though). Since Rob’s action shots are intense, I knew it had to sync with the drums from the Survivor: China theme music. So that affected my decision for Dakal to be shown first before Sele. (2) It was supposed to be alternating between men and women, which was followed for Dakal. But, as mentioned above, Rob’s sequence had to be in sync with the China drums, so that had an impact on the order of Sele. Ultimately I just decided to mix up their tribe a little bit.
  • For the still photographs, I shot video clips of them from an area in my backyard, most of the time using a tripod and natural outdoor light. I took screenshots of the winners’ portrait shots from the Winners at War preview and printed each one. Reminiscent of older Survivor intros, I wanted to subject them to fire and water randomly. To be consistent with the war theme, I was actually searching for a miniature wooden cannon replica that I could include in my shots, but I figured they would end up looking tacky (and for that matter, I really couldn’t find a realistic looking one anywhere). I thought the next best thing would be lighting the fuse of the cannon, and that’s how the sparklers idea came about. I think it registers really well on-screen.
  • Fun fact: The color and borders I used in the still photographs actually group the winners into two: (A) Those with white borders and sepia portraits (though not readily noticeable in the final edit since I used a blue-green filter to make the look of the entire intro more consistent) are winners from a season with no returning players. (B) Those with the “Kodak Portra” black border and full color portraits won a season with returning players. There are 10 for each group. I made a layout of all of the winners in Photoshop, enclosed them with the borders, and printed them on high quality photo paper - I found that better grade paper also had better effect when being burned or subjected to water on camera.
  • I’ve read some comments referring to the “crate” used in the still photo clips. As you can see in the Imgur photo, the “crate” is actually just a small wooden box. Since I wanted each winner to be remembered for the season they won in, I imprinted the seasons’ logos and initial tribe names or insignias onto the wooden box. I sanded most of them for a weathered effect. Now the Survivor box is just here in my room and I store random stuff in it.
  • Since Amber and Ethan are from the earliest seasons (Survivor: The Australian Outback and Survivor: Africa respectively), I wanted the treatment of their shots to be different, as a way to honor these OG players. I suspended a metal wire and used a binder clip to fasten their photos, as if literally hanging them out to dry. I propped up the wooden box behind/beside the photos and shot the video clips. While I was subjecting Ethan’s photo to jets of water, I was able to record a video clip of it falling from the metal wire. I immediately thought of LeAnn’s falling photo shot from the Survivor: Vanuatu intro when I was reviewing the clips and I decided to use it in the final edit.
  • If you look closely in Amber and Sophie’s still photo video clips, there are fire ants included in their shots. I happened to see a small colony near the area where I was recording and decided to include them in some clips. Rest assured that none of them were harmed and I left them all in their natural habitat.
  • It took me about two hours to shoot the video clips for all 20 winners, and I found myself having more than 150 short clips to choose from for the final edit.
  • As for the live action shots, all of them were from pre-season previews, interviews, and teasers released online or aired on television to promote the season. I started collecting clips back in mid January and was actively on the lookout for new pre-season content. I would watch each to see if any clips were useable. I made sure to have a good selection of challenge shots and camp life shots to make the intro more dynamic. Towards the end of January, I was able to amass a number of quality clips and was ready to edit them together with those I shot.
  • I like that some of the live action shots I used are nods to the intros of their previous seasons. Two of Rob’s past intro shots were intense action sequences (Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and him shouting in Survivor: All-Stars) and Sophie is also carrying firewood in the Survivor: South Pacific intro. As for Parvati, I’ve always referred to her past intro shots as “awkwardly beautiful” - she is usually in an awkward pose, or something is covering her face (whether stems from a plant or water droplets covering her still photo) - but everything still looks awesome. That explains why I chose the video clip of Parvati’s still photo for this custom intro.
  • I originally intended to use “20 Winners” in the intro, but changed it when I saw promos for the season referring to them as “20 Champions” instead.
  • Overall, it took me about three weeks to complete this passion project - from gathering quality clips, to shooting the still photos, to editing all of them together using Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie. Post production took a couple of days because I was also busy with my day job at the time.
Again, thanks for all your kind words for this custom intro. Much appreciated!
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710 Hours in, Randy finally F'd me up

I've played a lot, but I have never had to abandon a base before. Until now.
I had a really good base going, I had a nuclear reactor meaning I had virtually endless power. I had a solid amount of colonists who all contributed to the well-being of each other, I even had a Jedi Master who was my main combat guy. I had also managed to be environmentally friendly by building mostly using adobe bricks and growing all my food, medicine and cloth. I had a solid hospital and a nice prison meant mostly to help raiders recover before setting them free.
In other words, it was just a matter of time before Randy had enough, and that time came yesterday.

First, a poison ship. No big deal, I deal with them all the time with my Jedi and my Battle Droid DeeBee. We take 'em on, kill off the mechs, everyone is happy, until like three seconds later, a raid consisting of three groups of raiders. And these are many, I don't know how many, but it noticeably slowed down my game. They swarm through my gauntlet of turrets, but one of them, with his dying breath, lobs a grenade, setting off a chain reaction of exploding turrets. It takes out Linnea and Micky, two brave pawns manning the sandbags. My Jedi and Battle Droid are holding their own, manning the breach, trying to hold them off, but they are only two against a horde, and more and more rush past them, setting fire to my very flammable base.
But we drive them off, at long last. I've lost two more colonists, but we set about trying to rebuild. First and foremost, the defenses. In hindsight, it was pointless, because as soon as they got done, the dreaded event happened.

An infestation the likes of which I had never seen, eight hives in my storage room, the only area under a mountain roof. I see this, I look at my remaining colonists: The Jedi, the Battle Droid, Chris the mayor and two children. I know we won't be able to beat these guys, so I set up the Jedi and the Battle Droid to sell their lives dearly while Chris and the kids run for it, grabbing nothing except the colony horses and dog. And just as they leave the compound, the bugs break through. The Jedi and Droid do good work, but they're slowly beaten down until DeeBee, battle droid extraordinaire, goes out in an explosive blaze of glory, wiping out at least 10 bugs in the explosion, and taking my Jedi's leg off. It gives him enough room to breathe, apply his force powers to postpone his death by blood loss and a burst of Force Speed, and then I have him leg it out of the colony and join up with the remaining survivors. For the first time ever, I abandon a base and set out into the rim, settling in a new place and starting up my base with a small wooden house and a rice farm.

There it is, after 710 hours, I finally lost a base. But it has given me a newfound joy in this game, it feels wonderful (from a narrative stand point) to have to start over again with the same crew, a crew with a history together. One thing is for sure, tho. I won't build my base around a mountain now.
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