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Chapter 5/Introducing the Kyte-Sen-Koo: Ghost Warriors of the Wet

Chapter 5
“What are you, a child? Think about it! Hey, Luc, do you figure they’re going to just hand the keys to the O.E.C. to a bunch of guttersnipes like us?” Cato replies to Stokley’s question by tossing another to Lucius with a chuckle.
“Not in this lifetime. I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. You’d have to be a real rube, to believe that,” the strapping older boy replies. “Thank you very much. I’ll take the free ride, the money now, and just as soon be on my merry way.”
Zander chimes in with his best impression of Torpid Tide’s infamous rat-catcher, “Me neither, I don’t think so. You know what ole three-fingered Mingy the Mink used to say, ‘Whenever anything theemth thoo thathtyy.”
“What?” Burdy asks, interrupting the older boys.
“There’s always a trap on the other side ready to slam its teeth shut on whoever’s fool enough to be screwing around in its jaws,” Zander snaps his reply a few inches from Burdy’s face.
And with that, they saunter off satisfied. Lucius, Cato, and Zander, eldest of the potential heirs, all select the path of easy money and an escort to the port of their choosing. Baradta A’tDarab and several faetorians descend with the smirking youths into the depths of the Mother.
The older boys having departed, Burdy, Jem, Puck, and Stokley pester their officiators for any information concerning the Community, the Oroboro Exchange Cartel, and the Commodore while they await Baradta’s return.
“When do I get my own zombie wasp?” Burdy asks, a gleeful smile spreading across his face at the notion. “I can’t wait to have my own zombie wasp so she can eat everyone that’s mean to me and fly me anywhere I wanna go. Weeeeee!” Pointing his index finger in the air, he hops up and down in a corkscrew pattern on the benches next to Jem. Landing on the ground, he reaches out to pat the imaginary creature by his side, whispering something sinister into her ear and giggling at her reply.
“What are you talking about ‘she?’ Anyways, you ain’t getting a zombie wasp, dummy! You’ll be lucky if one of those things doesn’t eat you first, head-first. I hear they like the taste of live brains,” Jem remarks. “Too bad he won’t find a meal waiting inside your head.”
“Huh, why not?” Burdy asks.
“How do you know? Don’t act like you’re some kind of expert all of the sudden just cuz you’ve been to the Pantheon a few times,” Puck croaks from the corner bench, both paws, per usual, stuffed under the opposite armpit. “And besides, zombie wasps are all female, everyone knows that!”
“What do you know, you can’t even find a washrag? Look at ya, you probably have the same dirt from two years ago. What do you think those fleas are your friends?” Jem retorts, pointing a finger at a suspicious spot, prompting Puck to jump up and chase him around the benches.
“Well, well, well, looks like ya’ll got just the right kind of spirit!” Baradta chuckles, surprising the group as he returns sooner than promised. He leads an ancient scribe, swaddled in robes of deep purple. A score of native men trail in their wake.
“I’ve got some very important people for y’all to meet.” Baradta carefully helps the fossilized little scribe into an oversized throne-like chair made from lacquered Bloodwood, almost black in some places and red as a wound in others, depending on where the light strikes.
I can’t decide if that chair is beautiful or needs a bandage.
After situating the elderly scribe in his seat, Baradta turns back around, “There’s an old Oroboro sayin, ‘A man’s only as good as his swarm.’ You won’t know what that means right now. I can tell you this though, every one of ya starts building your swarm today. These legends right here will be the first, but, hopefully, not the last, of yer Kyte-Sen-Koo.”
“Wow!” Burdy swoons.
Baradta allows the boys a few more moments of appreciation before continuing, “The team you leave with will probably save your life many times before you’re ever capable of returning the favor. You should remember that as you struggle to learn their language, adapt to their customs, or think they’re just plain weird and don’t wanna learn what they teach ya. It and they will keep you alive out there in the Wet. And believe me, I speak from experience.”
Primal and obscure designs sprawl over the scalps of two separate clusters of shaved skulls in the back. Their tattoos depict images too complex for the naked eye to discern at a glance, at least from afar. Spiral scarification burns pattern the cheeks of four lurking faces in the front. Two others next to Baradta wear black masks covering the upper third of their heads, without eye-openings; their pale, ivory skin shimmers here and there.
I wouldn’t mind switching into whatever it is they’re wearing. Anything is preferable to this sweat mop.
Their attire leaves little to the imagination, but anything is preferable to the perpetually fetid torture garment Stokley’s had to wear while under contract to Happy Hunter.
“Officiators, I’m going to start calling out names.” Baradta inspects the scroll in his hand. “Je-mer-iah For-te, Jem, get on up here.”
“So, they’re going to be my bodyguards and assassins or something?” Jem asks the moment Baratda has finished speaking, pointing at the group with a sideways smile.
Jem’s officiator begins, “I’ve tried to explain to the young sire--”
“I don’t get it. If we’re the heirs to the Commodore, why do we need protection, and why do we have to learn anything?” Jem interrupts.
“Perhaps it might be easier if I asked what you thought the O.E.C. does here on Perelandreia?” the ancient scribe asks from his throne-like chair.
Is he talking to me? Stolkey wonders, sensing the old man’s gaze. Though his eyes remain unopened and his head faces forward, the old man bores into Stokley’s soul from behind those fossilized lids, each one sealed like the ancient, hidden crypt of a doomed and forgotten heretic.
“Um, I don’t know. Send creatures and other stuff from the island back home, right?” Jem replies with a shake of his head and a shrug of his tiny shoulders, as if the old man asked him the dumbest question imaginable.
“Yes, Jemeriah, the O.E.C. owns and operates an export monopoly over all resources and products originating on Perelandreia, everyone knows that.” The tone he conveys carries a strength of mind which contradicts the frailty of his physical appearance. “But where exactly do you think those products originate and how do you think we acquire them?”
“Well, I don’t know. Don’t ya get em from the island? And what do you mean, ‘acquire them?’ Anyway, ain’t that why you hired all the poachers and sailors and such, to acquire them or whatever?”
“If only it were that simple. No, the fortune seekers to whom you are referring comprise the least skilled of our labor force and work exclusively within the Green Zone. And though it has plenty to profitably occupy their time, the wealth of the Zone doesn’t scratch the surface of what can be found in the Wet. Indeed, we are finding new significant resources from its previously unexplored regions nearly every week.”
Puck showers scorn from the back bench: “Guess those sweet trips to the arena didn’t teach you everything, did they?”
“Shut up, Puck!” Jem yells before resuming his conversation. “Well, if the Wet’s so great, why don’t you send teams out there then?”
“We are sending teams out there. But we can’t send those men. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t survive more than a few days. You see, Perelandreia can be fatal to many from the Seven Semi-Continents who remain for too long, except for a select few. That’s where you boys will come in.”
“Wait, you want us to go all the way…out there?” Jem asks, his hand shaking as he points toward the shore.
“Apparently, Jemeriah, you are as quick as reported. Yes, you’ll be heading into the Great Oceanic Jungle, eventually. Have no fear, your departure will be far from immediate. First, each of you will spend time with your team learning about this place and how our operation works on the ground while you get acclimated to the environment.”
“How are we supposed to survive when everyone else gets sick?”
“That’s an excellent question. The answer has to do with the gifts children, even bastards and orphans, can receive from their ancestors, if they’re lucky enough to have them.”
“Forgive me, Jemeriah, I don’t mean to speak in riddles. Your forbearers possessed an invisible protection against the diseases of the interior which you have also inherited. This makes all of you very special. Because your gift is so rarely found within the peoples of the Seven Semi-Continents, you boys are essential to our work with the nations of Perelandreia. You will help to continue building and maintaining the strong alliance network which facilitates our trading relationships and protects the viability of our long-term existence here.”
“Huh?” Jem queries again.
“Stokley Faruthian,” Baradta announces.
“Right here,” Sclerian answers, stepping forward with Stokley beside him.
“Ah, young Master Faruthian, all the way from Tien-Tay.” As the aged scribe smiles from his seat, the infinite folds of his face summon a genial expression to match his tone.
“That’s right,” Stokley replies, strangely humbled by the old man’s familiarity.
“Master Faruthian, my name is Heliopyron. I am the Apex Officiatus and Keeper of the Cartel’s Cartulary. It has been the responsibility of my department to oversee your education and welfare from before the day you were born. Speaking of that, how was Han-Zen State Home Nine? Did they treat you well, and how about Matron Maggotte?”
“Everyone there hated me, just for breathing and taking up another bed. And Matron Maggotte almost starved me to death when I was six! It would’ve worked too, if I hadn’t started stealing most of my food.”
“Good, very good, Sclerian, make sure you record that. We’ll want to ensure Maggotte gets her bonus this season,” Heliopyron instructs the junior scribe.
“What, you’re going to reward her for trying to starve me?”
“Ah, but she didn’t starve you, did she?” Baradta replies.
“No, but only because I snuck into the kitchens at night while she and her henchman slept and learned to pick the locks, amongst other things.”
“So, ya have her to thank fer teachin ya a bit of craftiness then, do ya?”
“Well, I suppose.”
“I’m sure it may have been painful, lad, but we wouldn’t want our heirs turning into weak-willed, over-indulged, entitled twats who think the world owes em fairness, comfort, and pretty pink pillows made of spider-silk to sleep upon every night, would we?”
By the time Stokley generates a suitable response, Baradta’s bejeweled teeth are already glinting like a hideous rainbow as he and Heliopyron flitter back and forth with Sclerian in Murdesh, one of the island’s native dialects. Stokley has never heard it pass the lips of a competent speaker, though its unique throat ululations are recognizable enough. Professor Pontius, another reason he didn’t starve at State Home Nine, taught him a few words of the melodious language. Even old Pontius, who only possessed those few broken phrases, managed wringing beauty from their tortured employment. The two scribes and the pirate in front of him chirp as if it were their mother-tongue.
Concluding their conversation, Baradta points out four natives, each of whom steps forward as the ancient scribe addresses the youth.
“Stokley Faruthian, this is your Kyte-Sen-Koo. It is true, as Mr. a’Tdarab has said, they will be your swarm. They will also be your shields, your swords, your guides, your teachers, your singers, your bards, your family, and your friends. Although just treatment is its own reward, deal with them fairly and it will return to you tenfold. Each hails from a different clan in the Pi-To-Kai Confederacy whose friendship is essential to the O.E.C.’s interests. Listen closely to their wisdom, their people have survived this place for millennia and know its…er, wonders.”
Four figures assemble in a row facing Stokley. Standing in his chair, Heliopyron flutters his arms in three spirals, in response to which the four natives bow, heads remaining lowered.
“Stokley, this is Kareek. He is of the Bontu, natural diplomats they are. Kareek’s father, Kadik Mo-Ham-Kamree, is First Speaker to Cholom Bassa, the most important of the Bontu Khans. Kareek will be your translator until you become proficient at the various native methods of communication.” Heliopyron’s hand quivers like the leafless limb of an ancient tree as it hovers over Kareek’s fully tattooed head until moving on to the next figure, still bent over in obeisance and awaiting introduction.
Stokley stares at the top of Kareek’s skull, trying to decipher its imagery while his head remains bowed. At the last possible moment a blind widow spider’s iridescent eyes glimmer at him, along with several hundred of her young, from the center of his scalp.
“Here we have Fee-Poy of the Mun. They have among their people the greatest pharmacologists in the known world. For nearly every poison or malady in the Wet, there is an antidote or remedy. They say their gods give certain children Perelandrea’s dark catalogue written into their memory at birth. For what it’s worth, I believe them.” Fee-Poy nods as he raises his head and grants Stokley a look of recognition, his yellow eyes blending into golden skin, a mural of vibrant tattoos depicting jungle scenes canvas the exposed derma of his arms, legs and torso. His shaved head and bare face are bereft of any decoration except for seven tiny obsidian stones embedded below his right eye like a constellation of black stars.
“This is Jebbe, of the Malaresh. His people are the most competent aphid dancers in the world.” A note of whimsy floats in amongst his words, as if he’s summoned the flicker of a fond, bygone memory across eons of time.
“Jebbe’s famous brother, Flyt-Flu-Flee, has captured and broken seventy-two mounts. That’s the most to date that we know of. Pay close attention if he should think you worthy of teaching this valuable skill.” Jebbe nods with a slight grin which the variously sized spiral scarification marks about his cheeks and forehead obscure into a menace.
“And last, but not least, we have Subotai of the Korongal. Of all the nations of the Pi-To-Kai, the Korongal live in the deepest, darkest depths of the Wet, home to a great deal of interesting, valuable, and dangerous creatures. In addition, Subotai is one of the most decorated young hunters of his tribe, having counted coo twenty-two times by the age of fourteen, as his mogo scars attest.” Subotai wears a black, silken mask pulled taut over his eyes and his ivory pale skin shimmers in the twenty-two burgundy striped scars framing the top of his bare chest.
“Now that we’ve introduced the first four, it’s time for you to head to the Sky Stables and meet the last member of your Kyte-Sen-Koo.
“OOOOH, you’re an aphid dancer?” Burdy’s enthusiastic voice trails off as Stokley enters the greater din of the Roost’s multi-tiered operations floor. The murmuring mass of officials and shuffling steps of their clerks create a cacophony of corporate cricketdom which evaporates into a cloud of silence within the moving pocket of his vicinity and recommences with his departure.
What are they all looking at? The unsolicited weight of countless staring faces perches on the edge of his mind and hangs until, passing under the bannister of a purple pagoda, several young men in lavender overcoats catch his discerning eye, or he theirs. A few gawkers point in his direction.
Flying Fleet Jockeys! Too bad none of them looks old enough to be Janissary Draven. Whether carrying important messages for anyone willing to pay, transporting the Imperium’s elite, or hunting down notorious bandits in the badlands, the tales of the Flying Fleet and its legendary jockeys nourished him more than the pilfered bread he stole from Maggotte’s pantry. Stokley, like many spirited children of the Seven Semi-Continents, spent much of his childhood nourishing dreams of running away and enlisting in their ranks.
Another of the recumbent flyboys casts an index finger in his direction, quipping something clever enough it sparks a round of laughter from the group. Subotai sniffs the air in their direction and looses an inhuman, sub-sonic growl, silencing the party of chuckling flyboys. Thus cowed, the jockeys resume their prior conversation in earnest.
Soakley, Soakley, Soakley. The sing-song voices of his adolescent torturers finally shut their mouths. Heat flushes his face and an alien sensation floods his heart, empowering him in a manner he’s only known a few times in the past, and never from a person. Floating across the bustling operations area, forgetting about the countless stares and the strangers from whom they emanate, the first taste of demonstrated personal loyalty intoxicates him.
Glancing down from another raised dais, a party of trade executives and honored guests pauses in its deliberations. One wears an indigo kimono undulating around the legs and sleeves and ornately folded through the torso. Dictated by law throughout the Sacred Sargosian Empire, the Heavenly Robes are the exclusive privilege of the Thirteen Lines, the common term for the various offshoots of the imperial family. As the title suggests, they are a common enough species of aristocrat that even Stokley has seen a few in the streets of Tien-Tay, carried aloft in lacquered liters by gilded slaves.
Leaning into the railing without bothering to conceal his interest in Stokley, whose skill at lip reading few ever anticipate, the bearded noble addresses his party, “This one looks particularly strong. What do we think about him?” A spectrum of jewels adorns each digit of his pointing hand as well as three of those stroking the brass bells in his beard.
“No, no, no, sire, you’re mistaking age for size. Look closer and you’ll see he’s a bit over-ripe. The smart money is on the filthy one. If you’d like my advice, the youngest is the pick of the litter though.” An elderly man wearing the pink and green silk toga of an apex level consortium executive waves over the group.
A younger executive adds his opinion, bright orange toga flapping as he hops outside the range of his slave’s fan, “Yes, well, it takes all kinds I suppose. But, does it even matter anyway? I dare say, tis common knowledge, the Commodore’s not going anywhere any time soon. The old creature will probably outlive us all.”
“That doesn’t mean we can’t have our little side wagers. So, cousins, the same conditions I presume?” the baron asks with a sudden flip of his head, jingling the tiny bells in his beard as Stokley’s group passes under their pagoda.
Unable to read any more of the conversation, his new body men usher Stokley into an alcove in the south-east corner of the Roost. “All right, sire, Kareek and the others will take you up to the Sky Stables where you will meet Chit-Chit, your mahout. He will fly you over to the Father. You can start your preparation there. Normally you’d head up to the stables through a separate lift, but it has been out for the past few hours, so you’ll have to take the catwalk up. It’s not the most comfortable route, I’d be the first to admit. But it’s the only option, so out you go.”
“Aren’t you coming with us?”
“Oh, no, no, no, I shall be joining you in three days after notarizing your documentation and managing its secure departure,” Sclerian replies, shaking his head. “I will be there soon to provide any aid you will need. And, as I said before, ‘I’ve never had a Faruthian fail!’”
“Put this on.” Kareek holds up a harness made from hundreds of inter-woven brown leather straps connected by dozens of brass rings and buckles of various sizes.
“See, like me?” Kareek slaps his hands against his chest and presents the harness again.
Stokley manages the complicated series of straps and hoops with help from Subotai, who steadies him from behind while he slides the harness through each leg. Kareek guides him through the process of fastening the many buckles from his legs through his torso and shoulders.
Grumbling under his breath Kareek shakes his spider-covered skull, creating the illusion that some of the spider babies have switched places. Fee-Poy and Jebbe, delayed by a stubborn wheel embedded in the building’s frame, struggle opening the portal. “Subotai, mayocn ngnjydo cosdigkcym,” Kareek suggests.
The others back away as Subotai steps forward and loosens the device with one hard twist. Pressing inwards, the door slides over the adjacent wall. Corresponding gusts of heavy tropical air displace dozens of loose scrolls, soliciting hostile looks from the underlings who scurry snatching them out of mid-air.
Kareek and Fee-Poy clip their harnesses into Stokley’s belt with carabiners and a few feet of black rope. Fee-Poy positions himself in the rear with Kareek on the other side. Subotai and Jebbe lead. A spool of rope over their right shoulders, clicking into the guide wire they step outside.
“Hold here, no look down.” Kareek pats his own shoulder and steps through the portal.
One hand clutches the safety wire and the other grips his guide’s shoulder. Stokley focuses on Kareek’s back and the bamboo catwalk beneath his feet, trying to ignore the gusts of tropical wind buffeting around him. Controlling his natural tendency towards curiosity, he avoids looking down, concentrating on the multifaceted eye tattoo’d on Kareek’s shoulder as they begin climbing the catwalk.
I wonder which kind of eye that is?
“Inside,” Kareek instructs after an eternity of climbing. Subotai opens the circular iron door and pops inside with Jebbe. Leading Stokley in after the first two, Kareek turns back and unclips their harnesses from the guide wire.
Natural light glares from the opposite end the corridor as if from an open roof and an acrid scent permeates the air. Jebbe slams the door, temporarily igniting a swarm of sandpaper chitters from the stables beyond.
Departing the corridor and taking a few steps inside the main floor of the Sky Stable, a massive shadow eclipses the sunlight, momentarily shrouding the floor in darkness. Barreling through the open roof, a gryphon scarab lands thirty feet above, slamming into the iron framing which gives way, swaying inward. The barbs of the scarab’s lava colored forelimbs hook into the structure as if built for the purpose. A pair of figures emerge from the thorax carriage as the creature perches between floors. The first runs to an adjacent fifteen-foot circular stall door and struggles, rolling it open. The other assists the pilot in unlocking his saddle and dismounting from behind the creature’s head. All three unstrap the wicker carriage from the creature’s thorax, attaching it to another set of hooks, guiding the scarab backwards into its stall in an efficient, well choreographed routine.
“This way, we go up,” Kareek says, leading the group to the opposite side of the floor and up several flights of stairs. At the fourth level, they stalk down the platform, passing three faetorean stable hands. Each patiently paints purple poison on the barbed blade of a ten-foot harpoon, none reciprocates Stokley’s interest.
At the end of the platform Kareek turns around and leans in.
What is he? Hey!
Digging his nose into each of Stokley’s arm pits, Kareek inhales liberally. Twisting his face and shaking his head, he pulls away and coughs, wriggling his right hand to Fee-Poy and the others.
“Wait here. They help,” he says. Turning around, Kareek coughs his way to the last stall and knocks several times.
“Like me.” Fee-Poy taps Stokley’s left shoulder, reaching into one of the many pouches at his side after acquiring the boy’s attention. He pulls out a portion of light green plant material, breaking it in half. A pleasant, piney scent tickles the nostrils as Fee-poy slathers the tattooed skin of his forearm with the slimy leaf, handing the other piece to Stokley, who stares at the oozing plant in wonder. Jebbe and Subotai rub pieces on any patch of his exposed skin they can find, slicing sleeves and trouser legs off at the arm-pits and knees and rubbing it into the boy’s neck and the tops of his ears after finishing with his face.
Waves of hot and cold flush from his skin through his chest and into his head. Every cubic inch of oxygen evacuates his virgin lungs, and voluminous inhalations refill them with air of such purity he might float through the open roof. Perception incorporates a dream-like quality; colors pulsate and expand, light folds around moving objects creating a halo around his foreground. The whimsy of a yawn, slightly drowsy and eminently comfortable, sets in.
This feels amazin—
Fee-Poy’s hands clap together three inches from the boy’s ear, pulling him back to the platform. A further shake of his head refocuses his mind though the world still glows in a new and wonderful manner.
“What is this plant?”
Fosi Nagja.” Fee-Poy nods with a grin.
Fosi Nagja?”
“Ayyye, fosi nagja,” Fee-Poy replies in cheer, handing the boy another leaf and putting a pinch in the back corner of his own cheek, nodding with a generous grin. The process reveals eight inlaid front teeth, the center of each has a piece of turquoise carved in the shape of a different, yet detailed, human head, one of which bears a close resemblance to Fee-Poy himself.
Reluctant to offend this new friend upon whom his life might soon depend, he nibbles a small portion. Less pungent in flavor than expected, the bland taste quickly numbs his mouth.
Fosi nagja, Fee-Poy, maama shuuusi.” Kareek grins as he returns from the stall and procures another sample of Stokley’s scent from arm’s length.
“Take this. Give to Po-Po La-La.” Kareek hands Stokley an eighteen-inch fan-like Fosi Nagja leaf at the stem.
Fee-Poy, Subotai, and Jebbe skip ahead to the stall and open the large door, cheerfully greeting the fellow who emerges from the other side, spinning twice, hopping from foot to foot, waving arms, and laughing in unison at the end, squeaking, popping, and clapping in delight.
A trio of ten-inch antennae-like dreadlocks search the air above Chit-Chit’s head in tiny vibrations. Like the back half of his head, he has shorn his face of hair completely, including his eyebrows, the only other decoration is a pair of scarab shell tattoos on his eyelids.
“This Chit-Chit, he Po-Po La-La’s Mahout.” Chit-Chit bows, his hair antennae attempting different angles of ascent as they reach out to Stokley.
Hopping up after his introduction, Chit-Chit grins and clutches Stokley by the wrist, dragging him to the front of the stall. Pointing to the fan-sized foliage in the boy’s fist, he says, “You give Po-Po La La.”
submitted by cottonwisper to HFY

Chrome OS Dev channel got updated to 85.0.4181.3. Here is what changed!

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Chrome OS Dev Channel got updated yesterday - from 85.0.4176.0 (13302.0.0) to 85.0.4181.3 (13308.0.0). Awesome!!

This is a large update that is rolling out to most Chromebooks - mostly tweaks to the UI along with a few new functionality changes and bug fixes. If you find a mistake, discover something new that's not on this list, or have feedback, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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Featured changes

This section showcases changes I believe to be the most significant to this build of Chrome OS. They make a massive impact to the user experience and may be something to look forward to when upgrading your system to this build. These changes will also be listed in the "Notable changes" section of the post.

  1. Fixed Pixelbook devices getting soft-bricked when updating to the newest Dev channel. Confirmed with various Pixelbook owners that updating to this Dev build does not cause boot-up issues on their Pixelbook.
  2. New feature flag that throttles javascript timers to 1 wake up per minute in the background. Local experiments conducted by Google conclude that throttling javascript timers to 1 wake up per minute can extend battery life from 4 hours and 42 minutes, to 5 hours and 18 minutes, when YouTube is playing in the foreground and 36 tabs are opened in the background.

Notable changes in this build

The following is everything I found with this version of Chrome OS. There may be more things I might've missed. Bullet points in bold are changes I believe are the most significant.

Ambient Mode
  • When Ambient Mode is enabled through chrome://flags/#enable-ambient-mode, your Chromebook’s display will not turn off. Although this is nice for users who want to see their backgrounds, this will drain your battery if left on!
  • Fixed the Ambient clock positioned too close to the “Shut down” and “Sign off” buttons by moving the clock higher up.
  • Removed fancy transition from the Ambient slideshow to the user password.
  • The app scaling feature flag is enabled by default. This shrinks the app icons size when the user exceeds the available space to add an additional app icon in tablet mode. Personally, I wish this app icon resizing also occurs in clamshell mode, but this is a good step in the right direction. For those out of the loop, click here to see what this does.
  • Lockscreen: the view password feature has been removed. As mentioned in the commit, there will be a feature flag to get this feature back.
  • Login screen: fixed a crash when scrolling the mouse wheel on the shelf.
  • The lock screen media controls will hide when closing your Chromebook’s lid or if your device sleeps.
  • Minor UI changes to app paging, which you can switch on by enabling chrome://flags/#enable-launcher-app-paging. This includes increasing the vertical spacing and adding a gradient mask. See the new UI changes by clicking here.
  • Resized tooltip text size in the shelf quick settings bubble to avoid truncation for long labels. This also includes adding a length limit to tooltips used in the status tray.
  • Launcher: new full set of circular file icons (audio, excel, pdf, etc.) in the suggested files area. The suggested files area are the bubbles below the launcher search bar.
  • Fixed app scaling not applying to hidden or extended shelf (shelf that displays on a secondary display) after screen rotates.
  • Fixed a bug that caused app icons size to increase on the shelf or launcher when dragging it with the context menu open.
  • Fixed an oversight in the login screen where the enterprise management disclosure is shown for child accounts due to confusion in the code between “management” and “enterprise management”.
  • App drawer: fixed a sync bug where dragging and dropping an app from one launcher page to another on one device will incorrectly create a new launcher page with another device.
  • Overview mode: right click to access the context menu will be suppressed when right clicking the Virtual desk name.
  • Fixed a regression that caused app icons to get chopped when pinning an app on an overflow shelf.
  • New feature flag that throttles javascript timers to 1 wake up per minute in the background. Local experiments conducted by Google conclude that throttling javascript timers to 1 wake up per minute can extend battery life from 4 hours and 42 minutes, to 5 hours and 18 minutes, when YouTube is playing in the foreground and 36 tabs are opened in the background.
  • Chrome OS Print preview: tweaked the dropdown design. There is a new printer icon next to the printer name with a colored status bubble to indicate the printer status. Also, various fixes to the drop down came with this build of Chrome OS, including fixing labels from overflowing the input field and properly displaying the status underneath the dropdown. Click here to see what the tweaks looks like.
  • Chrome OS Print preview: the print preview will show the printer status of USB printers by informing users that the USB printer is currently connected or disconnected to the device.
  • WebUI Tab strips: new drag animation when dragging tab groups. See ChromeUnboxed's video of how this animation looks like by clicking here.
  • WebUI New Tab page: interactive doodles will now display on themed new tab page.
  • Fixed not being able to drag and drop files when opening the media controls in the Chrome toolbar.
  • Settings: fixed Google illustration in chrome://settings/content/ not scaling when changing width of the window.
Chrome OS Settings
  • Temporarily removed the “Quick Answers” toggle to enable or disable the feature in Assistant settings. For now, use the following feature flag to enable or disable this feature: chrome://flags/#enable-quick-answers.
  • New toggle in Smart inputs under the Language and inputs category that disables emoji suggestions.
  • Search: changed “setup printer” and “install printer” terms to “Add printer”.
  • Search: fixed always showing bluetooth settings (like “Pair”, “unpair”, etc) even if there were no devices to perform those functions.
  • Added “display overscan” to settings search.
  • Fixed the Chrome OS settings search bar being focused when launching a Chrome OS setting from the launcher search.
Family Link
  • The clock format will change on the child’s lock screen depending on what they switch on in the “Use 24-hour clock” preference.
Files app
  • Fixed a bug where saving an HTML file as “single file” incorrectly creates “.html” instead of “mhtml”.
  • The “Save as” dialog will automatically attach file extensions.
  • Added gamepad mappings for ELECOM controllers (JC-U4013SBK and JC-U4113SBK) when they’re in Direct Input (“D”) mode.
Linux (beta)
  • Fixed a bug that causes Linux (beta) to automatically reinstall when rebooting the device on some devices. This update also fixes Linux (Beta) from installing automatically without user consent.
  • Port-forwarding: added error UI to the port forwarding subpage. When you input an invalid port number (e.g. a port number value above the range), Chrome OS will prevent you from adding the port. Also, there will be new notifications to inform users if their port failed to start.
Media app SWA
  • You can now launch multiple files simultaneously with the media app by selecting them with your Chromebook’s files app. Previously, selecting two files in the files app and selecting “Open with Gallery” by right-click would only open one file. This update now allows you to launch multiple files with “Open with Gallery”.
  • When launching a file in a directory, the Media app SWA will asynchronously load every other related file in that directory to speed up file loading.
Print Jobs Management app
  • When a print job notification shows up in Chrome OS, tapping on the notification will open the print jobs management app. For those out of the loop: the print job management app is an experimental app being tested by Google that displays the current and past print jobs sent by your Chromebook. To get this experimental app, enable chrome://flags/#print-job-management-app.
  • Added Google product sans font for “Print jobs”, changed the font weight on texts, and tweaked the overall padding throughout the print job management app.
  • New policy to prevent managed users from deleting their print history. When the restriction is in place, the delete history button will be disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the print management app would not show the ongoing print job when the user signs in.

The Nitty-gritty stuff

This advanced section is a long list of things changed that impacts web developers and enterprise users. There are some nitty-gritty stuff in the full changelog linked below, but this list covers the most important Blink and Chrome changes introduced in this release cycle.

  • Fixed aspect-ratio not handling min/max content contributions correctly.
  • Scroll Unification: implemented page-based scrolling in the compositor. Page based scrolling is used in three situations: PageUp/PageDown keys, Main thread scrollbar scrolling, and wheel when a scroll-by-page setting is enabled.
  • Bluetooth: added getDevices() web feature.
  • Fixed text not automatically scrolling into view until the page’s scroll offset resets to the top with certain links.
  • SVG: fixed animation of stop-color with currentcolor on not working.
  • Viz: fixed page freezing when moving mouse or scrolling page with iframe inside another iframe with href target = blank (needed for asynchronous hit-test event).
  • Fixed SVG CSS not repositioning with percent translate when parent resize
  • Grant permissions to the Imprivata login screen to use chrome.platformKeys and chrome.enterprise.platformkeys (_permission_features.json).
  • The Emoji suggesting feature is disabled by default for enterprise customers. This setting is under a new emoji suggestion policy.

Platform changes

This part of the list covers the most significant platform changes I found in this build, from platform version 13302.0.0 to 13308.0.0. This includes low level changes, including kernel and driver updates and bug fixes. There are a ton more nitty-gritty stuff between these changes that lives outside of chromium/src. Disclaimer: I'm still learning how to read these changes!

ADHD (Audio Daemon)
  • Fixed Chrome OS Chrome casting audio stutters when desktop mirroring.
  • BlueZ: improved Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance by slowing down the scanning interval.
  • Libhandwriting: uprev to 0.0.9, which enables gesture recognition.
  • Octopus: TCPMv2 (USB Type-C Port Manager) is enabled on Octopus boards. Currently, only power delivery 2.0 specifications are enabled due to a bug (Google-er only).
Kernel 4.4
  • Updated kernel to Linux 4.4.228
  • Broadcom Wireless: Fixed connection problems with WPA3 Wi-Fi.
Kernel 4.14
  • Updated kernel to Linux 4.14.185.
  • Broadcom Wireless: Fixed connection problems with WPA3 Wi-Fi.
Kernel 4.19
  • Update kernel to Linux 4.19.129
  • Bluetooth: make sure that bluetooth terminates the link if the user decides to cancel the ongoing pairing process. This should prevent bluetooth devices (e.g. bluetooth keyboard) from retrying to pair again.
  • Scarlet/Dru: reverted change that tells Acer Tab 10 Chromebook touchscreen to report resolution information. This may further fix the “fat fingered” experience when interacting with touch elements (e.g. touching the Omnibox selects the Bookmarks bar).
  • Broadcom Wireless: Fixed connection problems with WPA3 Wi-Fi.
Kernel 5.4
  • Updated kernel to Linux 5.4.48.
  • Bluetooth: make sure that bluetooth terminates the link if the user decides to cancel the ongoing pairing process. This should prevent bluetooth devices (e.g. bluetooth keyboard) from retrying to pair again.
  • Broadcom Wireless: Fixed connection problems with WPA3 Wi-Fi.
  • Terminal: the nassh powerline fonts will be loaded on startup.
  • Eve: Fixed Pixelbook devices getting soft-bricked when updating to the newest Dev channel. Confirmed with various Pixelbook owners that updating to this Dev build does not cause boot-up issues on their Pixelbook. Note: I'm not exactly sure if it was an overlays change. It's possible it was fixed either by a kernel update or a coreboot update.
  • Kukui: initial on-device Assistant support to Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet and the Lenovo Chromebook Duet/Lenovo IdeaPad Duet devices. This brings on-device Google Assistant to your Chromebook, which should significantly speed up Assistant responses to commands like “tell me a joke” or “open Google Play Music”. However, I do not have any of these devices to confirm if this feature works. To test, you’ll need to enable chrome://flags/#enable-on-device-assistant.
  • Atlas: added 24 FPS video range for video conferencing applications on the Pixelbook Go. Since 24FPS is common for video conferencing, your Pixelbook Go will use 24 FPS instead of 30 FPS when conferencing, which improves battery life and performance.
  • Grunt: updated the HP Chromebook 14, HP Chromebook 11, Acer Chromebook 315, Acer Chromebook Spin 311, and Lenovo 14e touchpad firmware.

Things to watch out for

The following list are issues I've ran into in this build. Some of these issues may not apply to your device. Bullet points with asterisks are bugs that will crash Chrome OS. These issues may or may not be new to this build. This list only covers bugs I found that show up without modifying chrome flags.

- Unable to shut down some devices through the power buttons in Chrome OS. The only way to completely shut off your device is holding the physical power button. - Service worker may randomly consume 100% CPU and take all of your system memory before freezing your device. On my Pixel Slate, service worker takes 2.8 GB of memory before freezing my tablet. When this happens, your device will freeze for about 30 seconds until the process dies. - Broken autocorrect on the virtual keyboard. Sometimes it autocorrects the words incorrectly, and sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. - Various cursor bugs, such as cursor corruption, duplicate cursors on the screen, and persistent cursor while in tablet mode. - SafetyNet CTS profile fails. This means some apps like Netflix will not work and will be unlisted from the Google Play Store. - Broken video playback on some devices. There are users reporting that videos (example: 480p YouTube videos) do not play properly with it (black screen). If you run into this problem, disable chrome://flags/#chromeos-video-decoder. *- Clicking on links in Android apps (i.e. Telegram app) and closing their custom Chrome windows crashes Chrome OS. Workaround is to use Overview Mode to close the window, but it's a 50/50 coin flip. 

Click here to see the full official changelog by Google (no platform logs, sorry!). Enjoy, and happy updating!
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